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    9.7 of 10 on the basis of 1787 Review.






    Mother S Day Card Observation


    This Mother's Day season opened my eyes to something I never really paid attention to before. It had nothing to do with crowded restaurants, picked over pastries at the grocery store, or the piles of advertisments claiming to be the perfect Mother's day gift. This really had nothing to do with the day to speak of. I noticed something interesting about myself. I suck at personalizing greeting cards. For whatever reason, I have always thought it necessary to add my own little message at the bottom of a card. Not because I don't think the good people at American Greetings do an adequate job capturing the moment on embossed cardboard, but because I want to make the card, you know, even more special. So, armed with a pen and a fairly strong grasp of the english language, I prepared to add special messages for my mother and my wifes cards. Time passed, first just a few minutes, then hours. I just couldn't think of anything to say that the card didn't already cover. Everyone knows that if you plagerize a saying from the same card you are giving, you are in a whole new category of unorginal. For fear of being unoriginal, I kept at it. More time passed. To make things worse, I was trying to fill out this card while Rhonda (my wife) was still in the house. So, when I heard her coming by, I would quickly hide the card. Two times I snuck into the bathroom, locked the door, and pretended to do my business. (Note: Nothing adds fuel to the fire of incompetency than pretending to take a dump while trying to write something sincere in a card.) After two go arounds with this, I realized that sitting on the toilet and using the sink as my desk was not the environment for crafting a beautiful message to the mother of my children. I finally put pen to paper. After hours of struggling with writer's block and easing my wife's mind (who thought I had diarrhea), I hammered out this personalized message in her Mother's Day card. "Have a great day!" Swish!


    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Dvd Review


    Nominated for 19 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes, including Best TV Series Drama, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman experienced the rare double victory of audience loyalty and widespread critical acclaim. Premiering in mid season (January 1993), the hour long CBS original series illustrated American frontier life like few other shows before it. Like the smash hit Little House On The Prairie, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman vividly portrays the hardship, struggle, and community kinship endemic to the era. One of the first Western themed shows to cast a female doctor (as the star of the show nonetheless), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman enjoyed a successful five year run, marked by two highly touted made for TV movies… Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman follows the exploits of Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, a female doctor living in 19th Century America when that sort of thing was unheard of. Working for years as an assistant in her father's New England medical practice, the death of her father prompts Dr. Mike to answer a want ad for a doctor in the thriving American frontier town of Colorado Springs. When she arrives, the town is taken aback, having expected she was a man. But Dr. Mike quickly endears herself with the townsfolk and expands her family by adopting three orphan children Matthew (Chad Allen), Colleen (Erika Flores/Jessica Bowman), and Brian (Shawn Toovey). As the show progresses, she eventually marries local Byron Sully (Joe Lando), and the final seasons focus on the lives of their nuclear family. Sporting an assorted cast of loveable, and sometimes eccentric, characters, the town is never short of excitement or drama… The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which the audience learns the saga of Dr. Michaela Quinn, a female doctor who loses her medical practice along with death of her father (in whose footsteps she followed). The lack of job opportunities prompts her to leave her Boston home to answer a job posting in the Colorado territory. Once there, she befriends Charlotte Cooper, who soon dies from a rattle snake bite, leaving her three children in Dr. Mike's care… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Running Ghost" in which Sully is left partially paralyzed following a run in with buffalo hunters hired to clear a path for a new railroad line, and "Portraits" in which the entire town must pull together in an effort to take a picture of the town so that it can be seen by David Watkins, a diabetic Civil War photographer, before he goes blind… Below is a list of episodes included on the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Season 1) DVD: Episode xx (Pilot) Air Date: 01 01 1993 Episode 1 (Epidemic) Air Date: 01 02 1993 Episode 2 (Visitor) Air Date: 01 09 1993 Episode 3 (Law of the Land) Air Date: 01 16 1993 Episode 4 (The Healing) Air Date: 01 23 1993 Episode 5 (Father's Day) Air Date: 01 30 1993 Episode 6 (Bad Water) Air Date: 02 06 1993 Episode 7 (Great American Medicine Show) Air Date: 02 13 1993 Episode 8 (The Cowboy's Lullaby) Air Date: 02 20 1993 Episode 9 (Running Ghost) Air Date: 02 27 1993 Episode 10 (The Prisoner) Air Date: 03 13 1993 Episode 11 (Happy Birthday) Air Date: 03 27 1993 Episode 12 (Rite of Passage) Air Date: 04 10 1993 Episode 13 (Heroes) Air Date: 05 01 1993 Episode 14 (The Operation) Air Date: 05 08 1993 Episode 15 (The Secret) Air Date: 05 15 1993 Episode 16 (Portraits) Air Date: 05 22 1993


    Learn Jamorama With Ben Edwards


    Music has always been seen as a way to heal the spirit. Ever since the first tune was discovered, people from every corner of the world enjoy listening to various kinds of music and playing all sorts of instruments. Music is found in every culture on Earth and it is something truly amazing. Learning how to play any music instrument requires an extraordinary amount of dedication and persistence. The proper age to start learning is when you are young but there are always opportunities for older people. The Internet has come up with various music guides, for people interested in various musical instruments. When we think about music, we somehow light up. Each of us has a favorite song, singer or composer. We are all connected by the power of musical tunes and we especially appreciate people who know how to play music instruments. Of all the tools out there, the guitar is one of the most attractive and there are many people who desire to find all about its secrets. It is important to learn to play guitar step by step. This is why there are plenty of websites offering one the opportunity to discover how to play guitar. The ability to understand the guitar is something that is incredible and there are not many people in the world who master such skills. If you are interested in websites that allow you to learn to play guitar, then you should know that there are plenty of choices online. Still, you ought to make a careful research in order to decide which one is the best for you. The website that presents all the information in an explicit style and that has all the basics for you to start is perfect. It is vital to comprehend how to play guitar the proper way and with plenty of exercise. Going online in order to learn to play guitar is a smart decision. The Internet is at the top when it comes to various subjects, including tutorials for music instruments, such as guitars. You get to find out all kinds of information and after a considerable time of practice, you will become what is known as an experienced player. There are lots of people who want to study how to play guitar. They consider the Internet a useful resource when it comes to such matters, as it can teach them all about guitar positions (sitting or standing), hand guitar positions, the proper way to play and the inside secrets of chord charts. Moreover, for advanced guitarists it holds precious information about guitar strumming, guitar tablature, scales and timing. All these notions require some time to get accustomed to but in the end they are worth being known. The guitar lessons offered online are made for different levels and it is important to determine if they are helpful or not. You do not want to spend your time for nothing; the guitar is an astonishing instrument and it can create magical tunes if used the right way. The online guides, made by true professionals, are quite easy to follow and they can help you learn to play guitar in a short period of time. The significant part is to keep your eyes wide open on the basic terms and abide by the guidelines. Mastering the awesome musical instrument called guitar is not something everybody can do. The skills required are special and the amount of work is out of the ordinary. The Internet can surely help by providing various guitar guides, you just have to find the one suitable for you and realize how to play guitar. When the guitar was created, there was no knowing how much it will evolve. Today, it is one of the most used instruments in the world and every day more and more people learn how to use it. Is this amazing or what?


    Entertainment Insurance For The Creative Soul


    Are you one of those creative people who would rather starve than be caught working a nine to five desk job? One who is bursting with imagination and needs an outlet for ideas? One who wants to, or already does, work in the entertainment industry, whether it is the business of filmmaking or producing Broadway shows? If so, you need to consider purchasing entertainment insurance. Entertainment insurance can be compared to the workplace insurance available to standard, nine to five jobs. Entertainment insurance can cover liability issues, as well as damages to or theft of the equipment you, your staff, and your cast use for your entertainment performances. Entertainment insurance can act as worker’s compensation should you, your staff, or your cast become injured on the job, and entertainment insurance can even help cover the cost of production if the injury or illness of you, your staff, or your cast delays further production for a certain amount of time. You can also purchase additional entertainment insurance that goes beyond just covering you, your staff, and your cast, as well as your equipment and production costs. You can purchase entertainment insurance to cover the cost of injuries and/or damages to audience members and/or their belongings caused by your performance, as well. Most entertainment insurance policies last only for a specific amount of time, and that amount of time is usually the beginning, the during, and sometimes the ending of your performance. When you purchase entertainment insurance, you need to let your insurance agent know how long the entertainment policy must last. If you fail to do this, your entertainment insurance policy may run out before it’s time, and if an accident occurs, you’re stuck with no entertainment insurance. Yes, there are many differences between the world of entertainment employment and the world of nine to five jobs; however, protecting your workplace, your employees, yourself, and your customers by purchasing insurance is definitely not one of those differences.


    Online Business Work From Home Entrepreneur


    Do you remember when you first heard of Ebay. Online auction place. Who thought back then it would end up being so big and so many people would be using this auction site. Most of us are aware that you can auction off just about anything on Ebay. People are making serious money selling products online at Ebay. It is also a great resource to find those hard to find items. Have you checked into the many possibilities on the web to making some serious cash? There are so many ways to work from home and run your own business. You can buy products wholesale and setup your own internet store. If you do not want to stock items you can find companies that will drop ship your products for you. There are even programs you can buy online that are a complete system that shows you how to do this. Did you ever think you could get your own business up and running for roughly under $100 dollars? You can make money selling ebooks, writing articles for websites, creating websites... There are so many ways to make money on the internet today. It just takes a little research and then time on your part to really learn the best ways to promote your idea and become knowledgeable about all the different ways to advertise online. Do you have what it takes to become an aspiring entrepreneur to start and manage a home based Internet Business? Do you have the Entrepreneur Bug? Seems with the growth of the World Wide Web more people are becoming entrepreneurs. Just what is an Entrepreneur? There are many definitions the most simple is a person who owns, operates, and takes the risk of starting a business venture. An entrepreneur can also be known as an inventor. Do you need to invent a product to be an ruthless entrepreneur? Absolutely not, just take an already existing product or idea and create a business and profit from it. Organize a business venture and assume the risks for it. Come up with your own niche to get clients, close deals and start making some serious money. What ever you decide to get involved with you should make sure you really know your product inside and out. What are you waiting for? Start brainstorming today and make your dream of being independently wealthy a reality.


    San Jose Schools Programs And Projects


    San Josй Schools are members of a large urban school district serving about 32,000 students from kindergarten through grade twelve. San Jose Schools represent the eleventh largest urban school district in California, with thirty one elementary schools, seven middle schools, and seven high schools. The student population is 31% Anglo, 49% Hispanic, 13% Asian, 3% Black and 4% other minority. The district’s web page states the following Vision Statement: “San Jose Schools [are] learning communit[ies] that inspire students to be the best they can be, equipping them with world class skills, a commitment to lifelong learning, active citizenship in a diverse society, and respect for self and others.” Service Projects: San Jose Schools students learn about service projects through a partnership with Youth Re:Action Corps ( yrcorps. org), a high school based program to educate young people about local, national and international issues, empower them to create plans for social change, and invest financially in their visions of a better world. Awards: On May 27, 2007, San Jose Schools announced that the Capitol Expressway Auto Dealers Charitable Foundation donated $50,000 to 12 elementary schools and supports 38 third grade classroom libraries. San Jose Schools Superintendent Don Iglesias, stated, “We are very grateful…for their generosity and commitment to education displayed by their…donation. Literacy is the key to successful learning for our students.” New Program: One San Jose Schools high school, Leland High School, has instituted the "Every 15 Minutes" program. This is an anti DUI program which emphasizes good decision making for high school juniors and seniors. The program has two phases; phase one is a simulated accident scene and phase two is a funeral that includes guest speakers who have lost loved ones in alcohol related collisions. The program brings the San Jose Schools students as close as possible to losing a loved one, and brings home the reality of an alcohol related collision. Just For the Kids: Another new program that San Jose Schools are participating in is the Just For The Kids program. This helps schools and communities compare their schools to similar schools in the state. Parents and educators can access the Just For The Kids web page at jftk ca. org. The data is free and gives easy to understand data on every public school in California, including San Jose Schools. The information is designed to help schools and communities raise student achievement. Opportunity: On Monday, April 2nd the non profit California Dictionary Project, in conjunction with San Jose Schools and 100 volunteers from the community, will distribute dictionaries to all 3rd grade San Jose Schools students. Founded in 2002, the California Dictionary Project has distributed more than 75,000 dictionaries to kids who attend San Jose Schools. School Choice: Giving families a choice in what school their children attend is all the rage these days. San Jose Schools meet this demand with magnet programs. The Magnet Schools Assistance Program in San Jose Schools funds six school sites for the 2004 2007 school years. Excellent Bilingual Education: Two San Jose Schools Olinder and Grant Elementary recently received the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Seal of Excellence Award. This award honors exemplary bilingual education programs.


    Day Care Germs An Unavoidable Pest


    Day Care Germs An Unavoidable Pest Germs are everywhere. And day care germs abound. They are too small to see but we know they are there. Children can spread germs without ever getting sick themselves. They can catch colds, ear infections, diarrhea and worse. More severe illnesses like chicken pox, impetigo and hepatitis are also spread by germs. Toys are a vehicle for day care germs, so are unwashed hands of a caregiver after diaper change or blowing a child's runny nose. Runny noses don't always mean a child is sick, but the child can also be carrying something right under your nose so to speak, and you won't know it for several days until your symptoms start showing. So how can you cut back on day care germs and minimize your child's sick days Every child gets sick eventually with the average cold, but chances of spreading it to the other day care children and the sick child's family can be greatly reduced by following a few simple rules. Always keep up to date with your child's immunizations. Schools will not enroll children in kindergarten without the immunization records filled out by the family physician. The same requirements must be met for daycare enrollment as well. Keep copies of your child's immunization records and have them ready to give to the daycare provider. You can request information on the other children enrolled in the daycare facility as well. All children enrolled in any daycare facility your child is going to should be immunized. You should always have a backup plan for days when your child is sick and cannot attend daycare. Even if you suspect your child is catching something, he should be kept at home. The other daycare mothers will appreciate your compliance with this and they should follow suit. But there are times when some parents ignore the customary considerations surrounding children attending public environments and send their children off to daycare sick anyway. At home, frequent hand washing can greatly reduce the chances of passing the illness on the rest of the family. As a general rule, washing your hands after coming in contact with your child is a good idea. One never knows if they are contagious with something and keeping your hands free of daycare germs, as well as any surfaces that the child may come in contact with, is good prevention. Door handles, eating utensils, toys, and plastic items such as beginner baby books should all be kept sanitized. Toddlers should be taught right from the start to cover their mouth when they cough and proper toileting and cleanliness is a must. Stepstools in front of bathroom sinks enable children to wash their hands like big kids and colorful child oriented soap dispensers add to the fun. Children build immunities by being sick and then getting well. Daycare germs can speed up the process that would otherwise take place in the first years of school, even babies start building immunities by contact with other children. So a child who has never been in daycare and hasn't been sick very much will be thrown in a preschool that abounds with germs and his immunities begin to build but at the expense of lost school days. So whether parents like it or not, daycare germs do have their place in a growing child's life.


    Security And Your Garage Door Opener Remote


    You'd be right to be concerned about security with your wireless garage door opener and remote. An intruder can gain access to your garage contents, or even your home if you don't follow some simple security steps. Different radio frequencies are used for communication between the remote and the opener. Tiny switches known as dip switches are used to adjust the frequency used between the two. It is a wise idea to reconfigure the dip switch settings to make sure your garage more secure. A dip switch is a small block of plastic about the size of a dice cut in half. They are usually colored blue or red with 8 to 10 tiny white switch levers positioned up or down. Only when the up / down switch patterns match on both devices will your garage door opener remote control be able to communicate with the opener unit. By adjusting the switch pattern, you are changing the radio frequency used to communicate between the two. You should be able to easily locate the dip switch on the opener and on the remote control clicker. But to get access to the dip switch on the remote you might need to open it up if the dip switch isn't found in the battery compartment. Remove the screws holding the remote together, or carefully pry it apart if there are no screws. Once you have access to the dip switch on the remote, scramble the switch positions, and then match the positions on the openers dip switch block. It does not matter what the pattern looks like, so long as its a random pattern that would be difficult for someone to guess. If you have trouble getting the remote to work after doing this, verify that the dip switch patterns are the same on both units. Then check the remote battery is in good condition, and as usual, make sure the opener has power, and operates normally using the control panel inside your garage. You might have to read the manual if all else fails. If you are thinking of getting a new garage door opener or have already gotten one, then you will want to change settings, just to make sure everyone is honest. Don't forget, your installer or anyone working with him knows your frequency switch settings unless you change them. So go ahead and mix up the switch pattern settings and test that it works. Even if you are a garage door opener installation do it yourself type, you'll want to make the same changes. Don't just stay with the factory default settings. If you did, then anyone could just drive down your street with a compatible remote until he finds a door that opens and gives access to your home. Make sure that's not you. This advise also applies to anyone buying or renting a new home too. Just like you might change the lock to guarantee there are no spare keys floating around that could compromise your home security. You have no way of knowing how many previous residence there might have been. And you wouldn't want someone to just walk right into your garage or home.


    Got Voice Mail


    "There's not anybody who really cares about using voice messaging the way I envisioned it." According to Gordon Matthews, the inventor of voice mail, he never anticipated that his automated message system would be used to confuse and frustrate business callers. He didn't foresee how many ways businesses could devise to misuse his system. When asked what aggravates them most about modern phone communication the majority of people will say that it is voice mail. Pressed for details, they explain that it is the automated answering process that companies use to screen and direct calls that bugs them, not the basic messaging taking function. Companies are spending large sums of money to antagonize their customers and it only seems to get worse. When a person needs help with a problem and can't reach another human, the situation deteriorates rapidly. Using the numbers on your touch tone pad is fine when you want to verify your bank balance, pay a bill or have a dry newspaper delivered; but when your pipes are backing up, your new computer just crashed, or a tree just fell on your brand new SUV, call processing may not be the answer. There are advantages to an automated system. It saves money in salaries and benefits. It prevents old fashioned phone tag by allowing people to leave detailed messages in their own voice with clear and correct information. Voice mail crosses all time zones so people can leave and retrieve messages at their convenience. The disadvantages are that people can hide behind voice mail, often the prompts are confusing, working through the menu can be more time consuming than speaking to a "live" person, and some people just don't like talking to machines. If your company uses an automated system to process calls make sure it provides the best customer service by following these suggestions: 1. Keep your greeting short and sweet. (No one cares that your menu options have changed. They only want to know what options they have now.) 2. List your menu options according to popular usage. 3. Tell callers how to reach another human early in the process. 4. Think twice before using voice mail for customer service issues. 5. Survey your customers from time to time to see how they feel about your voice mail system. 6. Try calling your own system occasionally and find out first hand what your customers are experiencing. Voice mail can be either an incredible asset to your business or an incredible pain for your customers. Don't force innocent people to spend their valuable time in your voice mail jail. (c) 2006, Lydia Ramsey. All rights reserved. Reprint rights granted so long as article and by line are published intact and with all links made live.


    Cheap Hotels In London 24


    When traveling anywhere other than close to home, you don’t know what you are getting. Unless you have been to a particular place before, and have stayed in a certain hotel, you can never tell what you are getting until you get there. There are some things that you can rely on, and some things that you cannot. Many Americans love to travel to London, and with good reason, but you do have to make sure the cheap hotels in London that you choose are really what you think you are getting. Now that there are sites like hotels.

    com online, you have a few options for checking out your cheap hotels in London before you arrive. If you have found a great price on a hotel that looks really good, you can always see if you can find it on a site like this. You can find information on that particular hotel, and you can see pictures in many cases. If you can’t find a listing for your cheap hotels in London, you can try to search for the exact name of the hotels of your choosing to see if you can find any user reviews to read before you book a room.

    You can also begin your search for cheap hotels in London on any of these sites, or you can use many of the travel discount sites to see what comes up. You may find some really great prices on some really amazing rooms, but you may have to pay up front when you find them. Most of the deals on these sites are only valid if you book right away, and then pay. When you do this, you do run the risk of getting a bad room, so make sure you look up any cheap hotels in London you find before you book, even if the price is a bit higher when you go back after checking them out. If you really don’t trust your own instincts when it comes to finding quality but cheap hotels in London, talk with your local travel agent about how to find the best places at the best prices, and even have them book a package for you that will save you money. Research is always a great idea when you see a price that seems almost too good to be true. Though not all cheap hotels in London will be straight out of the National Lampoon’s European Vacation movie, you may find there are a few of them out there. Take your time so you can avoid them.


    Bwp Loading Film


    Load a film fast and good So just how do you do it? Loading film on a manual camera is basically easy. All you need is plenty of concentration and focus and you are on your way to shooting the pictures you want and need. The following are basic steps and tips on loading film on a manual camera. First things first, it is best that the film you are loading is the type that is perfectly suited for your camera. Determine the brand that works best for you as well as on your equipment. Try to search through and research the types of film you have seen developed. Do you like how they came out using that specific brand? If not, try to look at other types until you find the pictures that are colorful and that fits your taste. Believe it or not, there are many different films to choose from. The most popular is Kodak, of course, as well as Fuji. There is also a type of film that provides black and white picture shots. The camera films available also have a range that offer a slow speed. There is an ISO film speed that is in the 100 while there is also a fast film speed of 400. An ISO film that has a speed of 100 basically offers a picture that whould best be taken outdoors rather than indoors. Outdoor shots using this type of film are well lighted and bright. However, indoor shots that are taken on an ISO 100 film will turn out dark and blurry without the appropriate lighting and flash system. Also, an ISO 100 film when used to take shots where movement takes place, will basically not turn out good. Pictures taken using such a film will also appear blurry. Meanwhile, an ISO 400 film offers the best option and shots whether outdoors, indoors, static shots, wide angle shots, or moving shots. An ISO 400 shot provides clear pictures. Get ready to lock and load Depending on the speed of the film you choose, set the ISO of your camera on the type of film speed you are loading. This could be done by adjusting the speed dial of your camera. Usually, this function is located on the left of the camera’s top. However, in some models, particularly Canon, the film speed adjustment is located on the right. After adjusting, pull the tab of the film out of the film canister to about three inches. Then, open the camera’s back via pressing a release button located usually on the camera’s right side. For other types of camera, this release could be found and pressed at the camera’s left side. Place the film on the available space on the left part of the camera’s inside. Don't forget to place the film with the side that is flat facing you. Later, the film should be pulled across the inside of the camera’s length in order to reach the right side of the camera’s spool. This is where the tab of the film is to be inserted into this spool and be winded manually, specifically counter clockwise or until this same film wraps itself around the spool. Spooling a film on a camera that is automatic is a lot easier. You just close the camera’s back and press a small button, and viola, the camera spools the film by itself. When the film has been loaded and spooled, close the camera’s back and let the film advance until the counter on the camera’s top reads 1. In other cameras, the counter could read the actual number of shots still available on the film. Get ready to shoot and shoot and shoot Now that the camera has been loaded with film, it is time to get ready and take those award winning shots. In manual cameras, it is best that the film be advanced immediately after a shot is taken. In automatic cameras, the film advances by itself. However, be it a manual camera or an automatic, it is important that you check whether the film is advancing or not – or if you have advanced the film or not. If you fail to check, you might be shooting to your heart’s content and the pictures may not turn out the way you want.


    Why Overcoming Objections Can Lose The Sale


    : "Objections" or "Concerns" The problem is, that's where you often lose them, because reacting to "objections" almost inevitably lets prospects pigeonhole you as "salesperson". Think about it for a moment. When prospects raise an objection and you cleverly dismiss it, what often happens? They come up with even more objections. When you dismiss those, they may suddenly remember that they have another appointment, or that they have to make an important call. Or they may agree to your offer…and then a day or two later you get a message that they're not going to go forward after all. That's probably the most demoralizing outcome of all, because you thought you "had" that sale, and they've reneged on you. What's happening here? It's about sales pressure. When you're so focused on making the sale that you counter a prospect's objections, you're pressuring them. It's that simple. I'd like to share with you a different perspective on how to view objections. Objections aren't roadblocks, red flags, or stop signs. They're an opportunity to learn more about your prospect's truth so you and they can decide whether the solution you're offering can solve their problem or issue. In fact, we should probably stop using the term "objections" entirely and start talking about "concerns," because that's what objections really are. But for you to be able to look at objections this way, you have to let go of the traditional goal of selling, which is to make the sale. When we adopt the mindset that objections are another way to learn about a prospect's truth, we stop panicking and falling into the trap of pressuring them that chases them away. When we respond to objections in a way that invites them to share more about their situation with us, we sustain and enhance the relationship of mutual trust and openness we've shared so far. When we don't fall into the traditional "I've got to rescue this sale" reaction, we free ourselves to continue the process of discovering whether we can help solve a problem. Here's another advantage of reframing how you view objections they give you another opportunity to learn whether your prospect is a match for what you have to offer. When you stop trying to overcome objections and just listen, you may hear that there really is a problem around whether your product or service is a fit for them. In that case, you and they can talk further, or you may decide it would be best to wish them well and move on. This means that you can make better use of your time. "This all sounds great," you're probably thinking. "But how do I actually do it?" Common "Objections" Here are some specifics about how you can respond to 3 common "objections" in ways that avoid introducing sales pressure and open the conversation to more exploration of your prospect's truth. "Your price is too high." Traditional sales approaches tell you to defend your pricing or to deny that it's too high. Consider this response instead: "You are right, it can be perceived as high, especially if you haven't had a chance to experience the solution yet. The last thing I want to do is have you feel any pressure from me, that I'm trying to persuade you otherwise. Maybe it might help if we took a look at the core issues this should solve for you and then identify what the return will be. That might provide you with a broader perspective on the pricing, would you be open to that?" By inviting the other person to tell you more, instead of challenging or denying how they view things, you're validating their viewpoint and reopening the conversation around the idea of why they feel the price is high. By not trying to counter the "objection," you allow the dialogue to move back to a discussion that centers around whether you're a good match for each other. "Why should I go with you?" Traditional sales approaches to tell us to defend our company and our solution and to try to persuade prospects as to why we're better. Instead, consider saying something along these line, in a relaxed, low key way: (Gentle pause.) "I'm not quite convinced you should yet, not until you're completely comfortable with the reasons why this solution might be best for you. The last thing I want to do is put pressure on you by trying to convince you to do something you may or may not want to do. Would it make sense for us to take a look at the actual issues you want to solve and then see if we are a fit?" Here again, you're not creating sales pressure by defending your solution. You're simply communicating that you're focused solely on helping them to solve their problem. "We don't have the budget for that." Again, traditional sales approaches focus on overcoming this kind of objection by showing prospects why they should choose your solution. Think about saying this instead, in a very calm, relaxed voice: "That's not a problem. (Gentle pause.) Quite a few of our clients originally had not allocated a budget for this, mostly because they hadn't become aware of all their options. Would you be open to a different perspective on how this could impact your business and provide you with a solid return?" When prospects express a concern and you reply in a very calm, relaxed voice, "That's not a problem," you're validating whatever they said as having truth. "That's not a problem" immediately defuses any tension and allows you both to continue your dialogue. You're not jumping frantically into defending your product or service you're simply suggesting that it might make sense to continue your conversation to see if there really is a justification for solving a problem they might have. One More Advantage… Here's one more benefit you're likely to experience if you start thinking about concerns rather than objections: less stress. Sherri put it well when she called me back the other day: "Ari, I have to tell you how much more effortless and relaxed my sales conversations have been since I started thinking about 'concerns' instead of 'objections.' It's made a huge difference. I can almost see prospects breathe a sigh of relief when they raise a concern and I respond to them with a gentle 'That's not a problem,' and they realize I'm not trying to deny their concerns or steamroller them." If you consider a different mindset that looks at "objections" as "concerns," you too may find that they can turn into gateways instead of roadblocks.


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