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    Work At Home For Money


    We have all seen the ads such as Data Entry for cash, Type Simple Data Entry from home, Data Entry Income, Get Paid for your opinion, Online Paid Surveys, Get Paid To Take Surveys, Take Online Surveys for Cash, Typing for cash, Type Simple Data Entry from home, Home Based Typing and more. There are many good programs to choose from that will enable you to earn cash from home. Here are just a few examples Online Paid Surveys Data Entry From Home for Money Simple Data Entry at Home for Money Type at Home for Money Own your own Ebay online business Network Marketing from home for money Earn money giving your opinion Join focus groups from money Type ads for money Moms Jobs Part time income from home Medical Transcription These are just a few examples of online job opportunities that are available for you. I have many more listed on my website, but I have listed enough that you can see there is plenty to choose from. You will need to do some research, because not everything you see is as good as it sounds. We have all seen these ads such as "Just join and make $10,000 weekly". Lets be honest any work at home programs you join are going to involve work. Yes I have some very good network marketing companies I am affiliated with whereby you can create a nice residual income, but there still is work involved especially in the beginning. You are going to need a computer, access to the Internet and some free time to spend on your online endeavor, whichever program you choose. You need to either do the research yourself or rely on a website like mine which has already done the research for you. Either way it's important to choose the best company and do your very best to stick with companies that offer a money back guarantee. I would also suggest using a credit card or Pay Pal for additional protection. If you use a credit card make sure when you get to the page where you put your info in that the URL starts with https:. This is one of the ways I ensure that I have a secure connection if I'm entering secure data. It is also helpful to add a separate email address if possible to send your online communication through. I always suggest protecting yourself as much as possible. As I mentioned earlier there are many programs out there so its important to choose your online job carefully, do the appropriate research, ensure that you have all the tools required, order using a secure connection and then put forth the effort to ensure you success. Don't let fear prevent you from working at home. You don't have to be an expert typer or have the most sophisticated equipment. It is really very easy to get an online work at home job started. I also offer a FREE Newsletter that will keep you up to date with the latest online program. You will find that on my website, which is listed in the resource box below.


    Appendicitis In Kids


    Appendicitis in Kids Many children have their appendix removed even before turning the age of fourteen. And the risk starts to peak as they age. Majority of children who get an abdominal surgery is because of appendicitis. Appendicitis is actually appendix inflammation and as a result, a fingerlike tube grows on the lower right part of large intestine. Appendix is located at the closed end of the larger intestine, known as the cecum, and measures up to many inches. Although, doctors say that the appendix isn’t of much help to the body, but appendix’s inner wall releases antibodies, which are produced by the lymphatic tissues. Appendicitis can be detected by the onset of pain in the middle portion of the abdomen, the portion above the belly button. After a few hours the area will swell and there will be intense pain when touching the abdomen’s right side. The patient will begin to vomit and will have nausea. There will low fever and there will be problems will gas and stool passage. Some people, after the onset of these symptoms, will take laxatives or enemas mistaking appendicitis for constipation. But this is extremely dangerous, as these medicines will in turn increase the risk of the appendix bursting. So it is recommended to consult the doctor before going for any kind of medication, even any pain relievers. Besides increasing the risk, they even mask the symptoms and makes diagnosis even more hard. If the child’s symptoms are very much similar to that of the appendicitis’ symptoms, he should be immediately taken to the doctor for further diagnosis. The doctor will first study the child’s digestive illnesses’ history. He should also be divulged information about the symptoms, timing, bowel movements and its frequency. The stool should also be checked for mucus or blood. Children, who can communicate, can be asked to point out the location of pain in the abdomen. Toddlers who haven’t started talking or who hesitate to do talk will raise their knees close to the chest, hips will be flexed and the abdomen becomes tender. Although, the actual cause of this abnormal growth of the appendix is not known, but it can result because of some kind of obstruction or infection in the intestines. The obstruction can be created due to thick mucus build up inside the appendix. Some part of the stool can also enter inside. There will be mucus formation and the stool will harden within resulting in the swelling up of the appendix. If it is an infection, it should be treated immediately, as it can burst and there is a danger of the infection spreading to other parts of the body via bloodstream. That is the reason why even blood test is done, so as to determine whether the infection has spread or not. The urine test is done to check for problems in the urinary tract. The problem is then confirmed with the help of computed tomography or an ultrasound. Sometimes children with pneumonia have the similar symptoms, so to make matters clear even X ray of the chest is done. Medical attention must be sought within forty eight hours of the start of the abdominal pain. Sometimes, abdomen develops mild inflammation, many weeks before the diagnosis is done. After the diagnosis is done and appendicitis is determined, appendectomy is performed on the patient. The doctor will immediately order the intake of antibiotics before the surgery is performed. In case of confined appendicitis, it can be treated solely by antibiotics and no surgery is required. This is because the inflammation is very mild and the body itself fights with the infection. But, still as a precautionary measure, such kinds of patients must be kept in observation until their condition becomes stabilized. If the appendix ruptured then appendicle perforation is done. In this procedure, a drain is inserted inside the skin, through the abscess with the help of CT scan or ultrasound which gives the exact location. Some people develop complications later such as wound infection and accumulation of puss inside the appendix. PPPPP Word Count 675




    How To Make A Vegan Cake Do you have a strict vegan in the family who has a birthday or celebration coming up that traditionally calls for cake? If you’re not familiar with vegan dietary practices, you might not know what vegans do not eat. Even worse, you might have no idea how to replace what they do not eat. But don't worry. In a few short paragraphs, I’ll explain exactly what you need to make the perfect cake for your vegan friend or relative. And best of all, no one will be able to taste the difference. Let’s start with what strict vegans do not eat. They do not eat eggs. They do not drink milk. They don’t eat certain types of sugar. They don’t eat butter. And they don’t eat frosting. Eggs can be replaced by "EnerG Egg Replacer," which you can purchase at many grocery stores. The box will explain how much replacer to use per egg. Cow’s milk can be replaced by organic rice milk, which doesn’t contain any animal byproducts. You can buy rice milk at your local grocery store, too. Many vegans do not consume sugar, either, because it is often whitened by animal bone char. You can avoid sugar that is whitened by bone char by purchasing "unbleached" sugar, sugar in the raw, or beet sugar. There are some cane sugars, too, which were not whitened using bone char, but they hard to distinguish from others, unless you know the exact name brand. Strict vegans will not eat food made with butter, either. If your cake recipe calls for butter, you can simply replace it with margarine or vegetable shortening. In addition to butter, sugar, milk, and eggs, strict vegans also will not eat dairy frosting. If your recipe calls for frosting, you can look for a similar flavor of "non dairy" frosting or you can make your own, replacing butter with margarine. And there you have it: an ingredient replacement key for your vegan cake. Simply follow the key, replace vegan unfriendly items on your recipe, and your cake will be perfectly fit for even the strictest vegetarian!


    Lasik Is It Right For You


    What is LASIK and, is right for you? Let's take a look at this very popular method of eye surgery which is allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses for good. LASIK stands for Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, a common type of refractive eye surgery. In short, LASIK changes the way your eye refracts light. As light rays enter your eye, your cornea refracts bends back the rays to focus them on your retina, which is the back part of the eye. During LASIK surgery your cornea is cut and reshaped. A special device is utilized which will cut a hinged flap of thin corneal tissue off the cornea and the flap is lifted out of the way. The laser reshapes the corneal tissue, and the surgeon replaces the flap, which immediately sticks to the eyeball. Because laser is used, there are no stitches. A perforated metal or plastic shield is placed over the eye to protect the flap. Surgery typically lasts just 10 15 minutes per eye. Most of the time the doctor will perform surgery on both eyes consecutively. On occasion, he or she will have you wait a few days to see how the surgery turned out on the first eye before proceeding to the second eye. Generally, healing is rapid with most people experiencing complete recovery within a few days. While mostly everyone achieves 20/20 vision after surgery, 20/20 does not guarantee perfect vision. If you have LASIK to correct your distance vision, you'll still need reading glasses around the age of 45. Since the surgery is new, there is no conclusive information on long term effects. Some short term problems include: problems with night driving which would necessitate you wearing glasses; corneal scarring; permanent warping of the cornea; and flap problems which can effect your vision. Insurance companies consider the surgery to be elective, therefore be prepared to pay for the procedure out of your own pocket. Check out the American Academy of Opthalmology's website [. eyenet. org] for an accredited LASIK eye surgeon in your area. Query people who have already had this procedure done before you decide whether LASIK is right for you.


    Back Up Auto Sensor


    The best solution for protecting your car when reversing is to install a back up auto sensor. By adding an infra red sensor to your rear bumper, you will be able to keep track of anything that is behind your car. By knowing what is hidden behind your car when you are going backwards, you will be able to avoid any accidental bumps that will cause damage to your vehicle. It is almost impossible to see the details of everything behind your car when you are reversing. Thanks to the limited field of view provided by your mirror, and the shape of the rear of your car, seeing small or low objects such as the front of other cars, docks, and even small children can be extremely difficult. If you cannot see objects, or are unaware of what is behind your car, you run the risk of bumping into it and either causing damage to your vehicle, or injury to any person who is behind you. This is where a back up auto sensor comes into play. These sensors act as your eyes, and work to detect any objects behind your car, and provide you with a warning before you hit them to prevent damage or injury. Typically, a back up auto sensor takes the form of row of sensors across the rear bumper of your car connected to a warning device inside the car to let you know when you get too close to an object. When reversing in a car, it is all too easy to be unaware of any small objects behind the car. If you have children, you will no doubt have had at least one scare when the kids have run out from behind the car when you are reversing. Just imagine if you had not been lucky. By having a back up auto sensor fixed to the rear of your car, you will give yourself peace of mind that you are not putting the lives of loved ones at risk. Most sensors use an ultrasonic field that echoes off any objects in the way of your vehicle as you reverse, and then provide audible feedback to warn you as you close in on the object that is in your way. Basic back up auto sensors simply combine an alarm with the sensors to warn you, but more advanced models also include a visible display to give you an indication of how close you are getting to any static objects. Fitting a back up auto sensor to your car can be a very straightforward process. All you need to do is fix the sensors to the rear of your car, and then connect it to the power supply and the internal warning device, whether this is an alarm, or a display screen. In the past, many people have been put off purchasing a parking sensor for the rear of their car, because they thing that having the sensor devices on their bumper spoils the lines of their car, and is a little unsightly, but this is no longer the case. To address these concerns, many manufacturers have now started to offer more discreet back up auto sensors which are concealed around the license plates at the back of the car. These are just as effective as the other models, but are less obvious on the back of your car. You can choose from back up auto sensors that offer a simple audible alarm that beeps at an increasing rate as you close in on objects, through to much more advanced models that include a screen to display the exact distance to objects to make it completely clear to you just how close to something you are getting. The latest versions can be integrated into the car more completely than ever, and include the possibility of having an LCD display as part of your existing rear view mirror that shows you the distance in either feet or metres. If you want to make it simpler to park, reduce the risk of bumping into static objects when you are reversing, or protect other people when you are going backwards, fitting a back up auto sensor to the rear of your car will offer you the kind of warning that you need. The expense of bumping into someone else’s car can be quite high, and for a fraction of that cost, you can protect your self and keep your vehicle looking great.


    7 Ways To Network Your Way Out Of A Job And Into A Work At Home Career


    Everyday you can read articles about how people network and find another job. You can find countless numbers of books and articles on how to create relationships to find jobs that might not otherwise be known. But what about people who don’t want to work? I am not talking about a lazy person without any ambition. The person I am referring to is the unemployable, the serial entrepreneur or corporate refugee. If you are currently working in a job and what you want is not another job but to become a work at home entrepreneur networking can still be for you. Here are 7 networking strategies you can use to catapult your work from home career. 1. Create your own Board of Directors. IBM and Microsoft are not the only ones who should have a boardroom team. As a home based business owner you want to have a group of people who you can meet with, mastermind and get advice from. Often times they may see skills and talents in you that you might not recognize. Once you have identified what your business goal is you have the opportunity to leverage the power of six degrees of separation. Six degrees of separation is the principle that anyone on earth can be connected to another person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five relationships apart. 2. Join Networking Organizations for Entrepreneurs. Successful business owners like to connect with each and expand their relationships. Look for organizations that have business owners in the same area of interest as you. Don’t just see them as competitors. Look for opportunities that you might be able to assist them in some way. Here are a couple of groups to consider: The Chamber of Commerce BNI (Business Networking International Le Tip Rotary International Each of these organizations have different personalities and cultures. Attend a few meetings before you call one of them home. Know what you ultimately want. Basil S. Walsh states, “If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?” First establish in very specific detail what you are going to achieve. Did you notice that I said going to achieve? Life will give you exactly what you expect from it. Start with the end in mind. Now is the time to dream big and visualize what your life will look like when you are a successful business owner. Don’t worry about the how. Simply set goals by asking yourself some key questions such as: A. What would I love to do even if I did not get paid for it? B. How many days will I work each week? C. What type of work from home business am I interested in? D. Where will I live? E. What do I like to do? Determine what you need to happen to get out your job. Do you know how much you need to make in your business to leave your job? What is your financial freedom number? Your financial freedom number is the amount of income you need to have coming in passively each month to cover all of your expenses. One of the reasons you want to know this is when you are looking at home based business income opportunities you want to choose one that has the profit potential you want and need. If your financial freedom number is $5000.00 per month you don’t want to choose a business that does not have the potential to net that on a passive basis. As you are networking and meeting new people you can analyze the business opportunities that arise from a totally unemotional point of view because you are clear about your goals. 3. Remember it is better to give then receive. One of the biggest problems I see with networking is most people go in it to see what they can get first before they give. Always look for a way to be of service to the people that you meet first. There is a universal law of reciprocity. You will always get back more than you give out. As you get to know people think about how you can help to enrich their life or help them towards their goals. If you read an article or run across something that might be of help to them send it. When you have a genuine interest in others success you are blessed through your giving. Some people call it karma and others say you reap what you sow. My life’s experiences have been blessed more than I could have every imagined whenever I give. So look for ways to contribute. You may be able to do this in a variety of ways: a. Volunteer to work with them some way. b. Introduce them to people in your network that could help them. c. Send notes or articles that might be areas of interest or could help to increase their business. 4. Learn how to joint venture or strategically partnership. One of the fastest ways to get out of your job, launch a business or simply make some money is to create a joint venture with someone. Joint Venturing is a way to take either yourself or two other people who could profit from working together but simply did not have the relationship. You profit from making the connection. For example you know a veterinarian has a large practice with a list of over 700 clients. You also have a relationship with a new pet groomer in the city who is trying to increase his business. You put the two together and every time the pet groomer gets a new client due to your structuring this deal you get paid. We call this mail box money. Money comes in your mail box whether you work or not. 5. Set up a written networking plan. I am amazed at how much time and effort people will spend to find a new job. However, when it comes to designing a plan to exit the rat race they do it almost haphazardly. You will be much more effective if you have a written plan. The plan does not have to be elaborate. Here are some of the basic things you want to cover: a. What is my goal? b. Who do I want to meet? c. What events should I focus on? d. How often should I be networking? 6. Attend seminars and boot camp events. Specialized knowledge is one of the keys to being successful in a home based business. When you attend boot camps and seminars you able to surround yourself with like minded people as well as learn from the experts. However, if you really want to make these educational experiences profitable do three things: a. Introduce yourself to at least 3 people and get their cards. Ask them why they are there and what they hope to get out of the event. Exchange numbers and ask, “What is the single most important thing you need help in making your business venture successful?” When you ask this of someone else you will genuinely get to know someone and you may be able to help them. In addition, out of respect they will want to know more about you and a new relationship may be formed. b. Go to lunch with someone you meet at the seminar and tell them the things you learned so far and will implement. There is something about speaking your goal out loud that will make it real. If you immediately implement one single action every time you learn something the results will grow exponentially. c. Introduce yourself to the speaker. Sometimes this can be difficult if the event is large. However, if there is a book signing buy their book so while they are signing it you can ask one question. My question is, “What is the single most important skill you contribute to your success?” You might like my question or you can come up with your own. The point is you have a great opportunity to network and learn from someone who is a master at their craft. Seize the opportunity. 7.Have a goal for every networking opportunity. Simply going to an event and "working the room" almost never yields any measurable results. Before you attend any event know what you want your outcome to be in advance. Are you going to meet specific person? How will you insure your introduction? Make sure you have crafted out a plan and enlist support from someone to help you execute if needed. For example, if you want to meet someone ask the host of the networking event if they know the person and if they would be willing to introduce you. Your chances of success are almost guaranteed due to the nature of the event. Networking is often an overlooked opportunity to find a way out of the rat race. If you want to look for a work at home career, connections can be a key to rapid success. Get the inside tips and discover 7 ways to network your way out of a job.


    The Benefits Of A Free Online Typing Test


    There are many benefits to taking a free online typing test. First though, let’s take a look at how important the skill of typing has become in our society. In the past, most people communicated by means of handwritten communications. With the advancement of the typewriter many people would go to business school to learn how to type and develop other secretarial skills, data entry and word processing was handled by employers, not software programs. Computer knowledge and typing were key tools to having a successful career in business and office work. We have a greater advantage today over our predecessors who could not learn or study with a free online typing test and software programs but had to take business and typing classes to learn the skill. Most jobs today require basic computer knowledge and typing skills. To remain marketable, it is important to have a fast and accurate typing speed. This should also be included in your resume. If you don’t know your true typing speed, then taking a free online typing test can give you quick and convenient access to the results. The free online typing test will also give you a degree of accuracy percentage as well. This is determined by comparing your typing speed with the amount of mistakes that you made during the test. If you don’t like the results of your free online typing test you will most likely have the opportunity to take the test again. Many times nerves, stress, and even cold fingers can affect the results of the test. If after you take a retest and still find that your typing speed is unacceptable, then you may want to take a refresher typing course. Give yourself at least a few weeks to practice your typing, and then take the free online typing test again. You are sure to notice an improvement in your score. With the technological advances of the Internet, most modern day homes have a computer. Children who want to work on the computer for educational reasons will have more success if they have good typing skills. Even children can become overworked and suffer the effects of stress. School, outside recreational activities, family life, and homework can create a busy and hectic schedule for many children. One way to assess your child’s typing skills is to let them take a free online typing test. By taking the free online typing test, you can discover your child’s typing strengths and weaknesses. This is very beneficial. If your child would like to further his or her typing skills, you can set up a plan that allows for typing games on the home computer as part of your child’s homework routine. There are also many free typing games online that your child can use to enhance his or her typing ability as well. If you need help finding a free online typing test then look no further than your nearest major search engine. By typing in the keywords “free online typing test” the search engine will give you a listing of many sites. Browse through the websites before choosing the free online typing test that you like best. You may find a few sites that have tests and other typing games that you like. Variety always adds spice, so if you are practicing your skills on one site feel free to try another site the next day. Finally, one of the greatest advantages of taking a free online typing test is the ability to print out your results. If you have taken the test and scored extremely well, consider adding the test results in their printed form to your resume. If you have a resume saved in a Word document, then save the results as an image file and import it to your resume document.


    Dominican Republic Casinos


    The beautiful island nation of the Dominican Republic, on the larger island of Hispaniola, has always been an island destination for tourists. Visitors can take tours of the island by boat or by plane and enjoy the beautiful beaches and tropical weather from the comfort of their hotels. As well, the Dominican Republic has some of the best casinos in the world within its borders. With 31 casinos and gambling facilities spread throughout 12 Dominican cities, the Dominican Republic has a great variety of places to have fun and gamble. The center of Dominican Republic casino culture is the capital city of Santo Domingo. With eight casinos spread throughout this beautiful city, visitors and natives to the island can enjoy fun at tables and slot machines. The king of Dominican Republic casinos is the Barcelo Gran Hotel Lina and Casino, which is a combination of beautiful casino space and impeccable hotel rooms. The Lina Casino, a renowned gaming facility in the Caribbean, features 45 machines and 16 tables for visitors' gaming pleasure. The Lina Hotel features 217 rooms, with an extensive office service and updated spa and pool area. When gamblers and visitors want to get away from the roulette wheel or the poker table, they can sit down at one of two restaurants connected to the hotel for buffet style or international cuisine. There are several other great Dominican casinos in Santo Domingo, including the quaint Hotel and Casino Naco and the versatile Occidental El Embajador Hotel and Casino. Both feature beautiful hotel rooms and comfortable gaming facilities with more than 40 machines and a dozen tables to keep you winning big all day long. For those who are at the El Embajador and want to get out of their room or away from the craps table, they can head over to El Jardin del Embajador, a restaurant with international cuisine, or Los Porches, a nice little coffee shop. For those who want to find a casino in the Dominican Republic and venture away from the lights of Santo Domingo, there are plenty of options. The quaint charm of the Casino Playa Chiquita in Sosua is a quick fix for the gambler on the go. One of the best casinos in the Dominican Republic, the American Casino, is located outside of Santo Domingo at Puerto Plata. With a 40,000 square foot gaming room and hotel, 80 tables and machines, and a direct connection to the beautiful beach, the American Casino is a true treasure of the Dominican Republic casino scene.


    Free Dating Sites The More The Merrier


    I like meeting a lot of people and making friendships with them. But, bar has gotten pretty boring and old for me. I wanna try something excitingly different now. Also, I don’t really like the idea of having only one boyfriend, two or three would be a real tur on for me. Dating one guy can get really boring but dating a few would sure make it stay fresh and exciting. Anyways, I was having problem finding new people to meet downtown, so I did just what any sensible Christian girl would do I turned to the Internet. I search for free dating sites using a search engine and I got about 700,000 results, so I clicked on the nicest name. I was prompted to create an account, and so I did, and from then on I was free to begin searching this free dating site. It was exciting to see that I could post blogs, chat with other people and read other people’s views on a free dating site. I was simply blown away by the sheer size of this free dating site. These days, I’m getting a load of messages from different guys who want to meet me, date or just talk; it feels really grate and I’m having a wonderful time out there on the free dating sites. I’ve planned a date with this one guy, Steve who looks really nice, we’re going to go bowling and then watch a movie. Sounds like a little night out to me. I must tell you that I’m awfully impressed by the immensity and diversity of free dating sites. They cater to pretty much every person’s taste. I will be referring my friends and family to free dating sites. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be using these free dating sites more often.


    Zionism Is Not Fascism But Could Be


    The United States and Britain did not support Israel in the 1948 War of Independence. The Soviet Union did, for a reason. Stalin remembered the huge role Russian Jews played in establishing the Soviet regime, and was sure they would build a socialist state in the Middle East. The Exile made the Jews afraid of the mob; they long for stronger state. Jews are smart and opinionated, and many want the power. Monarchies reserve the first roles for hereditary rulers. Democracies do not elect the Jews, a distinctive minority, to the top positions. Non democratic socialism offered the Jews the best chance to ascend to power. Jews, imbued with the idea of changing the world to the better, embraced socialism which promised a just and safe society. Stalin was sure that the Jewish state would be socialist. And so it was. Israel based its agriculture on kibbutzim, a radical version of Soviet collective farms. Just as in the USSR, kibbutzim were successful initially, but quickly degraded. Simple enterprises can be communal, but economic development causes diversification. Israel is not just a “welfare state.” She redistributes much more of the GDP than any civilized country. Israeli redistribution level qualifies her as a socialist state. Many Israeli groups depend on government paychecks rather than jobs for living, particularly elderly Soviet immigrants who never worked in Israel, many large Sephardi families, the religious establishment, and the Arabs. Israeli government manipulates the voters through arbitrary welfare policies. Strong trade union secured internationally non competitive work terms and huge pensions and other benefits. Bulging state sector of Israeli economy symbiotically joined the military, and thrives on producing unnecessary weapons at unreasonable prices. It takes mind control to make the working people agree to tax shearing of 63% (consolidated tax rate) of their income, and Israeli government controls the minds. There is no free press in Israel. Government owns some media outlets, and the oligarchs who depend on the government own the others. Censorship long extended from military matters to police brutalities to purely political issues. Sharon made critique of the withdrawal from Gaza incitation, a punishable offense. Brainwashing in Israeli schools and army is unprecedented by the standards of civilized countries, and is on par with Soviet propaganda. Leftists permanently control educational institutions, and cram the young people with anti religious (anti Judaic) sentiment, and the absurd of Arabs being good neighbors (and so, implicitly, the Israeli army that opposes them being a bunch of murderers). Small Israeli establishment is deeply interconnected, and any dissent is detrimental to the political position and income. Just as in the Soviet Union, and in a striking contrast with the Western countries, there are no large independent political sponsors in Israel. Non mainstream political parties lack financial opportunities. Militant government is certain about its righteousness. Extreme polarization of Israeli society allows for drastic measures against opponents. With world opinion behind the Arabs, discontent is directed against the fringe Jews: the religious and the right. Population depends on the government for security, and readily submits to some injustice. Ever enlarging police sufficiently counters the Arabs, and grow by extending control over the Jews. Israeli left leaning courts join the police in suppressing political dissent. Administrative detention without trial, intended to deal with the terrorist suspects, is extensively used against the Jews. Governments readily oppose inner (harmless), not outer (dangerous) enemies. Israeli government opposes not Arabs, but religious Jews. To crash the religious and nationalist feelings, the government is ready to sacrifice Jewish land to the Arabs and to accept a huge number of Arabs in Israel. The left will try to cover their strategic errors by enhancing the totalitarian features of the Israeli state. Israel, a small country with pervasive security apparatus, drifts into the Orwellian nightmare. Faced with all powerful police and harsh suppression of dissent, Israelis opt for the leftist Newspeak. Old terms acquire new meaning, and old ideals continue bereft of their essence. Zionism, a desire of Jewish state in the Promised Land, came to denote any policy of Israeli government. Ostensibly Jewish state gives away Jewish lands, and accepts the impending Arab majority. Unwilling to abandon their ideals, and prevented by the government from achieving them, Israelis emasculated the ideals. Israel is superficially pluralist. Knesset is highly fragmented, and so was the Reichstag days before the Nazi came to power. Political fragmentation, superficial discussion that does not touch the real issues, economic devastation, and grave military situation are the prerequisites for totalitarian takeover. Hopeless population tried every option to achieve peace and prosperity, and now will accept any regime which promises them. Israel will unlikely become a dictatorship, but Nazi Germany also wasn’t. Germans dissented from the Nazi line on many issues, including the major ones like euthanasia and atheism. Nazi never entirely controlled German media. German police respected basic rights of criminals and moderate dissenters, and courts behaved reasonably in non political cases. The USSR had no free press, but retained the elections. Some Soviet bloc’ countries had multi party system. Totalitarianism comes in many flavors; their common denominator is absence of rational political choice. Israel had crossed that line.


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    If you want a night to remember you may want to consider going to a murder mystery dinner party. Some people may turn their noses up to such an occasion but I think that this kind of entertainment is perfect for just about anyone. I know because I was the last person on earth that wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner party.

    I have never been a fan of murder mysteries at all. Frankly, they bored me to tears. Either I knew who the culprit was within a few minutes of the tale or I was struck by the sudden introduction of the murderer during the last chapter of the story.

    A murder mystery dinner party just wasn’t appealing to me at all. Believe me, I have tried to like mysteries but they just did nothing for me. I found the situations to be unbelievable and the characters to be shallow and fake. I had difficulty suspending disbelief during the mystery stories and movies and I really thought that I was going to have a miserable time at the murder mystery dinner party. The only mystery story that appeals to me in the slightest is Clue. The game is wonderful to play because you interact with the other players. It is like chess with a twist or two. The movie Clue is a favorite of mine but that is due to the amazing cast of characters and the actors who portray them. I also like that the endings varied at the final portion of the film. When my boyfriend insisted on taking me to a murder mystery dinner party I really thought that he didn’t know a thing about me. I guess that he figured that it was a good idea at the time. I also think that he was more concerned about getting me to become interested in mysteries. He is a mystery buff. The whole thing was going to turn out in tears. I would be bored to tears and he was going to weep over the wasted money that he spent on the murder mystery dinner party. Nevertheless, I went though with the doomed date. I have never been so wrong about anything in my life. Not only did I have a fantastic time at the murder mystery dinner party I also found my perfect match. I married the man who asked me to the party within two years of the event. I figured that I had better bond with a person who knows more about me than I know myself.


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