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    Guide To The Right Credit Card


    It’s everywhere you want to be. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. Don’t leave home without it. Credit cards are everywhere – and their slogans make it clear. In the past decade, more and more companies have jumped on the credit card bandwagon to provide ‘affinity’ credit cards, branded credit cards and credit cards that offer rewards for their use. You can get cash back, cash donated to your favorite charity, cash in on your credit spending with airline miles and tanks full of gas and more. There are credit cards for those with bad credit, poor credit, no credit and outstanding credit. There are credit cards with low fees, no fees, variable fees and fixed rates. There are even credit cards that aren’t credit cards. With all the bits of plastic floating around, how do you choose the right credit card? Let’s take a look at the various reasons that people give for having credit cards and see which kind of credit card is right for you. I like to keep a record of what I spend If your only reason for having a credit card – or your major reason – is because it’s very easy to keep records of your spending, then your best choice is a charge card like American Express. Charge cards allow you to purchase items and pay for them later – as long as you pay off the entire balance each month. Because of that, American Express tends to be the card of choice for businesses and employee spending accounts. As long as the bill gets paid each month, there’s no finance charge. You pay an annual fee and get a full, clear record of your spending for tax purposes. I can pay for it next month. – or I don’t like to carry cash Charge card again. As long as you’re able to pay your balance off each month, a charge card is the least expensive choice for credit. I want it now, but I can’t pay for it all at once The card you want is a credit card like MasterCard or Visa. Credit cards allow you to make larger purchases that you couldn’t pay for right now, and pay it off a little at a time over the next several months or years. Essentially, a credit card is a pre approved line of credit. The credit card company sets a spending limit, and as long as your balance stays below that limit and you pay at least the minimum amount they tell you each month, you can use it to make purchases for which you’ll pay over time. I like to make the most of my money Many credit cards come with special ‘incentives’ to get you to use them. The most common are ‘cash back’ incentives. For every purchase you make, you’ll be credited a percentage – usually 1 2%. Most often, the credit card company will mail you a check for the amount you’ve earned periodically. You can get a 1 2% discount on anything you buy – but it’s offset by the credit card fees and interest that you’ll be charged. I have no credit at all, and need to establish some Look for a credit card with a low spending limit and a low interest rate. Use it carefully, and be sure to make at the very least the minimum payment every month. I have poor credit and need to start rebuilding it Secured credit cards are one of the best ways to rebuild your credit. You deposit a specified amount into a ‘security deposit’ a bank account with the financial institution that issues your credit card. That amount is usually 100 150% of the amount of your spending limit. If you want $100 worth of credit, you deposit $150, for example. That money remains in your account. You use your credit card just like a regular credit card, and make your payments on time. If you miss a payment, or default on the card, the bank can draw it from your security deposit.


    Christmas Article 7


    7. Christmas Around the World Christmas in the Birthplaces of Traditions Bethlehem, Germany and England Christmas as celebrated today is a culmination of centuries of traditions that are religious and secular and which came from different countries around the world. It is interesting therefore to look at some of the general ways in which Christmas is celebrated in these countries. The traditions examined for each country will be examples of some of the things that are unique to that country and which are done today, or which were once done by people in those countries. To begin, it is symbolic to look at the town of Bethlehem, which is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. The Church of the Nativity is located in Bethlehem and at Christmas it is decorated with a lot of flags and other Christmas decorations. A very large crowd usually gathers at The Church of the Nativity on Christmas Eve to see a dramatic parade procession of horsemen, led by police who are mounted on Arabian horses. Following the police in the procession is a lone horseman who carries a cross, followed by churchmen and government officials. Members of the procession solemnly enter the doors of The Church of the Nativity and place an ancient effigy of Jesus in the church. A silver star located deep in an underground cave like section of the church marks the site where Jesus was born. A star is also set atop a pole in the town's square. In Bethlehem, homes of Christians usually have a cross over the door and a manger scene is usually set up inside the house. In Germany, home of the Christmas tree tradition, the Christmas tree is not seen until Christmas Eve. The tree is usually kept in a special room, or elsewhere, and decorated in secret with lights, ornaments, tinsels, angels, candies, nuts and cookies. It is then lighted, the presents placed underneath and then shown to the delight of Children on Christmas Eve. In Germany, Dec. 6 is known as St. Nicholas Day when Santa visits the homes of boys and girls. On the day before, Dec. 5, children leave a shoe or boot outside or by the fireplace for Santa Claus. If they were good, he places gifts and candies inside the shoe. But if they were naughty, children will find twigs or a rod in their shoe. Dinner on Christmas Day includes roast goose, long loaves of bread filled with raisins, nuts and dried fruits. Other sweet delicacies are also enjoyed. Many traditions in England are similar to those in the United States because such traditions originated in England and were brought to the United States by immigrants. The tradition of sending Christmas greeting cards started in England and is still popular at Christmas, as well as the tradition of neighborhood caroling on Christmas Eve. Children also hang stockings on Christmas Eve in anticipation of Santa Claus filling them with Christmas gifts or treats. The holly, ivy and mistletoe are also used a lot in Christmas decorations. In England, the traditional Christmas Dinner is roast turkey, goose or chicken with stuffing, vegetables and roast potatoes. Dessert consists of the British or Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. A rich, fruit filled Christmas cake may also be enjoyed later in the day. A tradition of pulling Christmas crackers also goes with the serving of food on Christmas Day. A cracker is a paper tube that contains a party hat, riddle, toy or trinket, and is brightly colored and twisted at both ends. It gives out a crack as the contents pop out when it is pulled at each end. Also on Christmas afternoon, the Queen broadcasts a Christmas message to the nation, which is heard on radio and television. The day after Christmas is also a holiday that is known as Boxing Day.


    Lifetime Relationships


    : Do you realize relationships begin shortly after birth and are ongoing ways of life for every person on the planet? An important part of life depends on how we develop our relationships with others. Perhaps, if we consider examples of this development, a better understanding will enable us to think more clearly before we interact with others. Examples: 1. At birth we acknowledge a relationship with our mothers 2. Growing up, we build friendships with family members 3. In school, relationships with peers and teachers are normal 4. Most begin their dating relationships along the way 5. Searching for first employment, relationships must be formed 6. To market products, relationships are tried, tested, used Most sports require close relationships to build a winning team. How far would the space programs have gotten without close working relationships? Would we marry without an excellent relationship with our partner? As people mature in life, many relate an emptiness that is often difficult to understand or comprehend if a relationship has not been established with our creator. This personal relationship will fill a void that no other can fill. This is the most important relationship of all in every life, for complete fulfillment and joy. The purpose for these examples are to enhance our willingness and desire to work on developing meaning in our lives, our families, and our businesses to become better persons and better marketers with positive relationship building goals. A few very important traits in relationships are integrity or honesty, trust, and a willingness to open ourselves to others and be examined. Have you ever seen failure? Perhaps it was caused by the lack of trust or integrity in another. Can relationship building with other persons prevent failure? Would your business become more successful with many great relationships? Think on these statements and make the adjustments in your life that you feel may improve your disposition. These basic groundwork ideas on relationships are written to jog thinking and perhaps increase your business skills until they direct you to where success in business is inevitable and joy in your work becomes a normal lifestyle. You may find varied articles on relationship building on our article directory website SubmitYourNewArticle. com, along with articles you can possibly use for your business. Many times along the path of life, failures occur. It is good news to recognize and know the importance of earning good relationships during these trials and to be well prepared for the needed improvements.

    Expect the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes, is a great buffer for the many trials that happen in life. Great relationships developed over a lifetime, yield great rewards!


    Is Race Horse Betting On The Internet Worth It


    Placing a horse race bet online is one of the most popular ways in which people bet these days. This is because race horse betting on the internet is by far the most convenient way to bet in this day and age. After all, who wants to stand around waiting in line, rushing to get their bet in when they could easily just sit back and place a horse race bet online? Why Race Horse betting on the Internet is Worthwhile Race horse betting on the Internet has many advantages. The first is that by placing a horse race bet online you get to see how much you could get back if your bet came in. This is extremely handy because sometimes there is a slight confusion between how much you have won at your local bookmakers because you worked it out higher in your head. At least race horse betting on the Internet lets you see exactly how much you are owed if anything. Another advantage to placing a horse race bet online is the fact that it is so convenient. When you go to the bookmakers, you have to study the form in papers, write down a list of horses you want to bet on, pay, keep the slip and then hand it in if you win. With race horse betting on the Internet, all you have to do is click a few buttons and if you win you get paid automatically. So many people lose their betting slips and that is what makes race horse betting on the Internet definitely worthwhile. How Readily Available is Race Horse Betting on the Internet? Race horse betting on the Internet is definitely readily available. There are so many online bookmakers and whilst some are more popular than others, they all encourage placing a horse race bet online. There are different deals to be had and some online bookmakers offer you free bets in return for placing a horse race bet online. Race horse betting on the Internet is big business and if online bookmakers can encourage placing a horse race bet online they will. The only thing that you really have to worry about when look for race horse betting on the Internet, is which sites are clearer than others. You do not want to join a site which does not state things properly. So for that reason it is sometimes better to stick to well known bookmakers when placing a horse race bet online.


    How To Train Your Memory By Playing Scrabble


    Scrabble, besides being a game that needs skills in strategy, it also calls for good memory to win the game. Therefore, this word game can be used to help improve one's memory. As you know very well, the key to the achieving of high points in this game is by forming words that contain a specified letter, such as "q" or "z". To train your memory, try to remember the words contain the letter. As tips, to make it easier, try to associate the word with something, such as your experience, friend, favorite movie, etc. For example, to remember the word 'quiescent', you can associate it with one of your friend, who is quite by nature. Another technique, which is my favourite to remember a list, is by combining the words together. For example, to remember some words which begin with 'z', try to memorize this sentence: "The zany zebra in the zoo runs zigzag zealously and meets zookeper, zoologist and zoombie." Notice that by combining them, at least you have memorized eight words that contain 'z' letter. You can apply those techniques to remember things in your daily life. A research showed that memory can also be improved by doing light activities that stimulate thinking power. The examples of such activities include playing scrabble. Scrabble, as you know, needs a right strategy to win. Besides having to think about your next move, you also have to think to block up your opponent's move. Concentrate better so your memory will improve more. Happy playing this exciting game...


    Payday Loans A Smart Way To Solve Financial Emergencies


    When feel you’re self in heavy weigh of financial emergencies. Payday loans are the solution of your financial emergences. You can get up to $2500 with in few hours of applying with payday loans. Have you ever been captured by the unexpected expense, as buy something special for your dear one or medical bill? Suppose if these types of financial problems capture you then how will you arrange for the cash? How do you manage it? Some of you have credit cards and remains, what will they do? Do you have friends to borrow from? Most of us don’t like to do that – and most friends don’t like that, either. So what do you do? Don’t mind you can get payday loans and when you will search on net you will find a number of lenders or companies, who provide payday loans with easy and fast process. Payday loans are the way of get amount up to $2500. Borrowers call payday loans by different names as cash advance loans quick loans etc. Although payday loans are short term loans, the interest rates are higher than other types of loans. You can say payday loans short term loans with high interest rates. You can get payday loans for various purposes like pay your unexpected medical bills, car repairing, buy some big gifts for your dear, or to plan dream vacations. You can also use payday loans in small remodeling of your house. If you are interested to get payday loan then you will find a lot of advantage of payday loans as: You won’t have to go through the hassle of a credit check. You can apply in person, on the phone or on the Internet. The process takes less than 20 minutes. The loan proceeds are automatically deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. There are lots of lenders or payday loans provider companies, who are ready to provide you payday loans with in few minutes after applying. These companies are in business to “help” those in dire financial need. Remember if you are interested to get loans then it has to be repaid by you. So before getting any type of loans you must carefully read the terms and conditions of the loans care fully. Payday loans are different from other types of loans so there are lots of lenders or companies of payday loans. After a search you can find the right lender or companies for your self. If you get PAYDAY LOANS today, your financial problems will start to become short right now.


    How To Finance Your Small Business


    If you have a great business idea or plan, or you would like to expand your existing business, don’t let a lack of funds stop you in your tracks. There is a wide variety of financing available for small businesses. Let’s take a look at the financing opportunities that small business entrepreneurs can take advantage of. While the financing sources comprise diverse institutions, such as banks, government sources, venture capitalist and “angel” investors, it is useful to look at what all lenders, regardless of category, want when they loan money or invest in a business enterprise. When you seek money for an already existing business, lenders will be interested to know about the history of your business; whether it has a track record of good management and good performance. Lenders will be keen to know whether you have the ability to repay a loan and will look at your present cash flow to see whether it is sufficient to enable you to meet your current obligations as well as to take on extra debt. Your credit history will also be under scrutiny. A good credit history will help you to get a loan. If you have had problems in the past, it is best to bring these to the attention of the lender yourself and explain how you have turned the situation around. You can also bolster your chances of getting a loan by putting up collateral. This reduces the risk for the bank in case you default. And finally, if you can show that your own personal money is invested in your enterprise then lenders will have more confidence in the proposition. Many small business loans are turned down due to poorly presented proposals, inadequate collateral, insufficient cash flow and a lack of management experience. These are the general points that lenders and investors are interested in, now let’s look at the main sources for small business financing. 1. Traditional Lenders: Banks, credit unions, and finance companies are the main source of loans to small businesses. Many of these institutions have a small business department and are experienced in handling small business loans. The most logical place to start is with the institution which handles your business and personal banking. You should do your best to get to know the manager and personnel at the bank. So don’t try to save time at the ATM! Being friendly with the bank staff will not guarantee you a loan but it will make it easier for you to make your loan presentation. 2. Government Sources, the Small Business Administration (SBA): The programs of the SBA work in conjunction with the traditional lenders, as they are mostly loan guarantee programs that reduce the risk to lenders in case of default. Some of the popular SBA programs are as follows a. The 7(a) loan guarantee program: This program helps businesses which lack sufficient collateral, by providing repayment guarantees ranging from 75 85% depending on the size of the loan. b. The SBA LowDoc loan program: There is only one form to fill out for these loans and approval time is rapid (within 36 hours from when the SBA receives the applications. These loans are only for amounts up to $15,000 but they can be used for start up businesses. c. The SBAExpress loan program: This is another quick procedure loan guarantee program, but it covers loans up to $250,000. The SBA guarantees 50% of these loans, and interest rates in this program may be higher than in the other SBA programs d. Microloans: These are loans for amounts up to $35,000 which are made by non profit community based organizations. 3. Venture Capitalists: These are typically firms that are seeking investment opportunities in companies with a high profit potential. Usually when you take money from a Venture Capitalist firm it means that you have to give up some ownership and control to the investors. If you are thinking of going in this direction, then it is imperative to investigate the VC firm, and make sure that it has good references. 4. Angel Investors: These are individual investors who are looking for good opportunities in a wide variety of businesses. You don’t have to be a high tech company to attract these funds. Angels have smaller sums to invest than venture capitalists, and their investments range from $100,000 to $1 Million. There are a good number of angel investors in the U. S. and Canada, with at least 170 investment groups or angel networks spread around both countries. You can find the angels by making a search on the Internet, looking for angel associations in your particular area of business. You can also inquire with your local small business librarian, the chamber of commerce, your local SCORE office and with other non competitive businesses. As you can see from this brief survey, the money for small businesses is out there. Prepare your proposal carefully, and approach the institutions or individuals that best match your needs and capacity.


    Adapting To The Office Culture


    Being the new guy is bad enough, but adjusting to the new environment in the company is quite another topic. Studies have shown that this is one of the highest stress situations for a person to be in. To fight the high stress that can arise from starting a new job, a new employee needs to adapt. In order to adapt, there are many things you can do to help ease the transition. 1. Get A Tour One of the absolute best things you can do is get a tour. Learn to adapt to the office culture, at least during the first few months. You can only influence your co workers later on, after youve won them. Focus on the job and giving your best performance. Once you have made your competence known to your co workers, you can then suggest changes. Your co workers are likely to be more receptive by then. 2. Newcomer Tips Review policies and rules even if you are just changing positions within the company. Rules and policies can vary greatly from position to position and department to department. Familiarize yourself with your new job. Know and understand what your new job responsibilities are. If you have any questions about your responsibilities, review your employment contract, employee handbook and job description. If you are still confused, speak with your supervisor. Pay attention to details. Even if you are rushed, always read the fine print. Because you are new, you might be unaware of something that is standard practice. Mistakes are not going to be the end of your employment. Everyone makes mistakes when they are new to a position. Make your supervisor aware of any mistakes immediately, as clean up is simple when the mistake is still fresh. When you are new to a position, you will likely receive criticisms. Do not be afraid of constructive criticisms or take them personally. Use those constructive criticisms to improve your work and make yourself a better employee. 3. Fitting In Is Easy After youve done all this, it should be much easier to fit in and start to get to know your fellow co workers. If you have adapted successfully, your co workers and superiors will respect your opinions and take them into consideration. Also, it never hurts to be prepared.


    Haskayne School Of Business University Of Calgary


    Located in the City of Calgary, the University of Calgary is one of the cream of the crop institutions in Canada. In an almost 40 years of establishment, it has been successful in developing different knowledge and abilities fundamental in order to enhance the professional and personal lives of its students, and have molded around 100,000 graduates. The land area of the campus is 213 hectares and is composed of 17 faculties, over 30 research institutes and centers, and a total of 53 departments. The teaching faculty has about 1,917 full time employees. The university is considered as the fourth biggest employer of the city of Calgary with about 2500 full time labor force employed. There are over 28,000 students enrolled in the university in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. This student population includes about 900 international students from about 87 countries around the world. The university is a part of the 17 Networks of Centres of Excellence which is a nationwide approach to study and development intended to develop the economy of Canada as well as enhance the standard of life for Canadians. Situated in the University of Calgary, the Haskayne School of Business offers an education that lasts for a life time and builds a strong foundation of a successful profession. The school develops not only the skills on analysis and technical development but as well as the strong foundation of efficient, practical and technical skills. Doing such will enable students to understand interdependence which will also enable them to know how to be an effective leader. The MBA Program of Haskayne trains students to develop their ability to make decisions as well as to act on it. The Haskayne MBA has 10 cores, 2 integrative and 8 electives. The elecetives can be taken in other business schools provided that it is approved by the MBA office. The MBA Programs offers a day time full time, evening time part time, thesis based, and combined degrees. The students under the day time full time MBA Program can finish their schooling for a total of two years. Students can also choose a specialization in their first year or they can opt to select a combined degree with another faculty. For the evening time part time, it can be finished in a span of 3 years. This allows students to still work while studying since the class schedule for this program are every Tuesdays and Thursdays and starts at 6 pm and ends at 10 pm. Some weekend classes are also scheduled. The thesis based MBA program is open to exceptional students that are inclined with research. For the combined degree, the Haskayne MBA Program ties up with the University of Calgary’s faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Social Work.


    Planning A Successful Wedding 101


    If you’ve already found your soul mate, gotten engaged, and remained happy since then, you’ve accomplished what many people simply can’t do. But you still have one big challenge: planning a successful wedding. Planning a successful, organized wedding is a big task in itself, so it is absolutely essential that you do things right the first time around otherwise you risk catastrophe when the day of the wedding arrives. First off, you need to make some lists to organize your schedule. The guests list, the suppliers list, receptions, photographers, bands, and churches. Most important, choose a date as soon as possible, and set a budget. After you’ve organized everything, you need to choose a restaurant for the celebration, and a church for the ceremony. Then you choose god parents, the bridesmaids, the flower girls and the ring bearer, and the best man. The most important thing to remember is to get a marriage license! Spend as much time as you need to choose the rings, the gowns, veils, and other accessories. You should choose the invitations carefully, because they give the first hint about what guests can expect from your wedding. Find a business which specializes in decorations, and they will be willing to help you create your ideal atmosphere at the church and reception. Be sure to check the reception menu and order your perfect cake. The photos and videos taken at the wedding are very important. Look at your photographer’s portfolio, so that you can feel fully confident in his/her work. Your wedding is supposed to be a happy and joyful time. Not stressful. The music you choose can make or break the atmosphere. You might not be able to make everyone happy, but diversity will certainly help things. The opening dance you should practice with your mate, since you will be watched by everyone in the room.


    Getting The Most From Ebay


    EBay is an online institution. It is home to many internet businesses and a great way to get into the internet business world. EBay works for many reasons and it can really help a person develop or maintain a business. Knowing how to use EBay is an important part of making it work for you and your business. EBay is an online auction site. However, you can also sell things for set prices on EBay, so it is also like an online marketplace. Almost everyone, even people who have never frequented the internet, know of EBay. It is just that big of a company. By taking EBay’s success and using it to your advantage, you can really give your internet business a boost. It really does not matter what you sell because it is pretty much guaranteed that you can sell it on EBay. You do not need to abandon all thoughts of maintaining your own website, though. You still need your business website. What you do is link your website to your ads on EBay. This way you can list a few of your popular items on EBay and then lead people to your website for the rest of your products. Basically, you can use EBay as a way to advertise for a small cost. You are getting all the traffic EBay brings in right to your door. It is so much easier then trying to get your website listed as number one on a search engine and you may even find that more people actually buy things from you when they come from EBay. That is because they are already in the shopping mood. EBay is a great tool for you to use in your internet business. While many people simply make a business out of selling on EBay, to get the most benefit you should maintain your businesses website, too and use EBay as an additional marketplace.


    How To Avoid Key Online Business Mistakes


    Do you have an online business that is not performing as well as you would like it to? If so, you could be making one or more of the following online business mistakes. Let’s look at each one and ways they can be avoided or rectified. + Being too caught up in the hype and excitement of getting rich quickly. This can be a very discouraging mistake. The lure of easy money and instant riches leads to hasty actions and poorly thought out strategies for success. When success is not instant, discouragement sets in and the business person quits or moves onto another venture without learning from their experience. To avoid this mistake, you need to stand back from the hype and excitement and realise that the only way to get rich on the internet is to work hard. Study successful web sites and internet business models to see what they are doing that works. Then consider how you can use this knowledge in your own business. + Impatience for success (or not knowing how success is achieved) A key factor causing online business failure is being impatient for success. This usually means that the business owner does not know how success is achieved within the business they are in. Due to impatience, research is not conducted and time and money is spent on fruitless activities. In each business, there is a process involved in making money. In simplest terms, you need a continuing supply of prospects, a product or service they are prepared to buy at a price they are willing to pay, a way of providing this product or service in a timely and satisfying manner to the client, and to be able to run your business process at a profit. Make sure you know your business and how money is made. Then concentrate on the activities that will give you the greatest success. + Failing to determine who your target market is This takes one of two forms: "everyone will want to buy what I am offering" or "I know they are out there somewhere – I hope they will find me". In either case, the end result is ineffective promotion and advertising of the business. Significant time and money is wasted on promotion that does not reach the potential customers. In every business, a profile can be developed of the likely people who will buy the product or service. When you understand the best targets of your offer, you are then in a strong position to concentrate your marketing efforts on reaching them. This will be more profitable than trying to market to the whole world! + Going for the "big bang" instead of testing This can be described best as rolling out a full advertising campaign without having tested the see whether the ad works. The ad variables have not been identified and tested. The result again is usually significant disappointment with the results and wasted time and money. Always test and fine tune your efforts. To jump into a major marketing campaign with a significant budget without testing is a sure fire way to financial disaster. Test and be sure. Change ad headlines, wordings, offers, etc., until you know you have your best chance of success. Test everything – including the target market your ad or campaign is aimed at. + SPAM! Don’t get caught up in the lure of easy money through sending millions of emails to people who did not request them. The normal thinking in this process is that if 1% of people respond to my offer then I’ll be very rich. However, your ISP will close you down, denying you access to the internet, your web site and email is bombed, and you are published as a spammer and people are discouraged from doing business with you. This is not the way that a professional conducts business. A professional is in business for the long run and is keen to develop relationships with prospects and clients. SPAM will NOT enable you to achieve long term business success. + Conclusion Always remember that long term business success requires hard work, an ethical and professional approach, knowledge of your market, a success system that works, and flexibility to test and change and grow. To be successful online is no different. Master the basics of online marketing and you will see your business grow for long term business success!


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