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    Operating An Atv Safely


    Operating an ATV Safely ATV's can be fun, but they can also be dangerous. They are notorious for causing injuries and even death, but with the proper safety precautions your chances of injury can be reduced. ATV's are powerful machines that are designed to traverse difficult terrain. They can de difficult to handle and the nature of the riding you can do is dangerous in itself. If you want to stay safe while riding, there are some general safety tips you should follow. Having experience is the best way to ensure you drive safely. Before you buy your first ATV, make sure you become acquainted with their operation and try one out if possible. There is a wealth of information online about how to properly handle an ATV and proper driving techniques. You should also study the owner's manual to get insight on how to safely drive your ATV. After you purchase your ATV you should drive with others that are experienced and observe safe driving techniques. The best way to learn how to navigate rough terrain with your ATV is to watch experienced riders navigate. You should begin your ATV hobby by riding on easy, level terrain so that you can get acquainted with your ATV. Taking a training class is also a good way to learn how to safely operate your ATV. Some states require minors to take safety classes prior to being able to ride and they are a good idea for everyone. No matter how experienced a rider you are, you will inevitably take a few falls. The best way to protect yourself is to wear safety gear at all times. A helmet is a must along with gloves and goggles. You should also wear pants and a jacket that are designed for riding and durable. They will protect your arms and legs from abrasions and not tear as easily as normal clothes. Many injures occur because riders do not wear proper safety gear and these injuries could be avoided if riders wear safety gear. Make sure your helmet fits properly and if you do take a serious fall you should replace it if it takes impact. Another way to stay safe when riding an ATV is to make sure you can handle your machine. Larger more powerful ATV's can be hard to handle and you need to make sure that you can control the ATV you choose. If you have a hard time controlling a large ATV, you can always get a smaller one that will be easier to manage. Make sure you get plenty of practice and are comfortable with your ATV before you tackle tough terrain. Another safety precaution that seems obvious but causes many injuries is driving under the influence of alcohol. Never operate an ATV if you have been drinking, you can endanger your life and the life of others. ATV's take skill and precaution to operate safely and all ATV owners should follow safety rules. Proper safety equipment and experience will go a long way to keep you safe while on your ATV.


    Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed


    As the nation sputters forward into a new problem of illegal immigrants, neo conservatism and budget crisis we must wonder what to make of it all. The signals are confusing. On the one hand we have illegal immigrants who have had to hide from the law, work in poverty like conditions and do not have the same access to education that we have. We believe they are hardworking people truly trying to make the best life they can. They have the American work ethnic that has been lost on so many native born Americans. However, there is a negative side to illegal immigrants that isn’t always mentioned. Illegal immigrants have made a choice to come and live under the conditions they now find themselves. No one forced them to move from their native lands and hide away in the U. S. Recently, immigrants took to the streets and protested potential laws that would make it a felony to be an illegal immigrant in the U. S. They sang the national anthem in Spanish and waved Mexican flags. Is this appropriate to insult the country you want to join? A total of 11 million illegal immigrants hit the street having major protests in excess of 400,000 in Los Angeles and Chicago. Similar gatherings were found in Houston and San Jose. They chanted, “We are not criminals” and “We want to stay!” As Muslims we have two responsibilities when it comes to immigration policy. We must support our host nation in policies that are deemed to protect our collective whole and we must thwart those efforts that are destructive to people. What does this mean? Illegal immigrants are simply illegal. They have broken the law; have traveled hundreds of miles to sneak into the country and work for cash under the table. They use our schools, our medical benefits and take away jobs from our countrymen. Hypothetically, if we opened up our borders and let everyone immigrate to the U. S. without hindrance than our country would cease to be one of the wealthiest in the world. That means your wages would decline because there will always be someone else to do the work for cheap. In essence, employers would use their workers until they were worn out and then get another truck load full. Workers would loose their bargaining power. Would it be such a great place to live then? We must understand that the laws are enacted to protect our American standard of living, maintain fair employment and keep the nation competitive. Once this batch of illegal immigrants becomes citizens there will be another group forming behind them. Where will the cycle end? Does that mean we should abuse them? No! It does mean that they should be removed and sent back to the countries in which they came. It does mean that we have consistently and routinely treated illegal immigrants much better than any other nation. In what other great nation can illegal immigrants gather in such a public display of protest and not be put under mass arrest? This may not be the answer that we are looking for nor may it be what many of the Islamic and Muslim papers are reporting yet they may be more concerned with U. S. bashing than protecting. No matter which way you slice the onion we need borders no matter how much it makes us cry.


    Steroid Use In Sports Horse Racing


    : The steroid use in sports horse racing is legal in every state but Iowa in the United States. The equine trainers often use equine steroids to create a more fit, more powerful, more energetic, and more spry horses for horse racing. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of 4 types of anabolic steroids for horses, which may include Equipoise, Ganabol, Equigan, and Ultragan – the four brand names of Boldenone undecyclenate. Equipoise (boldenone undecyclenate) was created specifically for equine use (horses). The steroid is often used in racehorses to increase performance during training phases.

    It increases red blood cell production, thereby increasing oxygen uptake. It’s an androgen that causes maximum muscle gain in the shortest duration, It’s also used as a weight gain compound for emaciated horses or to step up testosterone production in stallions. This drug can produce monster strength gains and tremendous muscle when taken in a 2cc dose 2 3 times per week.

    These steroids are legal and widely available, but these are often used illegally by human athletes and jocks. The statistics of steroid use in sports horse racing industry reveal that nearly 50 percent of the horses competing in California have been treated and trained with steroids. This has made the racing industry to take the massive steroid use in sports horse racing seriously.

    The equine health & safety concerns now may make the sports join other major sports in banning the use of steroids. The California Horse Racing Board is in the process of prohibiting steroid use in sports equine racing, 30 days before a horse race, and an industry consortium on medication and drug testing has approved a model rule similar to the one on the table in California in hopes that it will be adopted by other states. Of course, the steroid use in sports horses help building muscle mass, improving appetite and helping against the fatiguing of racing.

    The trainers say that the steroid use in sports horses tends to have rejuvenating effects on the racing horses. However, like other sports, the steroid use in sports horses is also unethical. Dr. Gary I. Wadler, an associate professor of medicine at New York University and a member of the World Anti Doping Agency, says that he is not well versed on the use of steroids in horse racing, but he is very critical of steroid use in sports horses.


    How To Create Sizzling Speech And Book Titles


    Publishing Guidelines: You are welcome to publish this article in its entirety, electronically, or in print free of charge, as long as you include my full signature file for ezines, and my Web site address in hyperlink for other sites. Please send me a courtesy link or email where you publish to. Thank you. ___________________________________________________________ TITLE: How to Create Sizzling Speech and Book Titles AUTHOR: Sandra Schrift COPYRIGHT: ©2006 by Sandra Schrift. All rights reserved Format: 60 Characters per line ___________________________________________________________ How to Create Sizzling Speech and Book Titles Do you know the name of the book that was written in 1937 and outsold every book except the Bible? It was How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is a great title that is timeless because it focuses on two benefits that most of us want all the time: winning friends and influencing people. Another example: What’s Holding you Back? Thirty days to Having the Courage and Confidence to Do What You Want, Meet Whom You Want, and Go Where You Want by Sam Horn. The benefits are: having courage and confidence to meet and go where you want. Five ways to design your speech and/or best selling book titles: 1. Use alliteration [the same letter starts successive words] Monday Morning Mindfulness Living Your Life Sense and Sensibility 2. Ask a question Are You Getting the Love You Want? Does Everything Get Better After Fifty? Have You Hugged Your Kids Today? 3. Write a Rhyme Niche and Get Rich The Cat in the Hat Be Funny and Make Money 4. Use words such as "How", "Secret", "Power" How to Succeed in the Speaking Business How to Write a Novel in 100 days or less The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret The Power of Now 5. The Rule of Three Monday Morning Mindfulness No Honor, No Guts, No Glory Shake, Rattle and Roll Tell me a Story After you craft your sizzling speech title, you then need to tell stories to your audience so that you grab and hold their attention. As an engaging speaker, you will want to relate your story to your content. Your own personal stories will make your content very vivid and interesting. Screenwriter, Robert McKee says, Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. Most of us delineate our thoughts visually, so use very descriptive words to help the audience see what they hear from you. Use coaching stories that relate to the needs and interests of your audience. For example, if you are trying to enroll small business clients, tell exciting stories about how your satisfied clients benefited from your coaching sessions. It’s okay to be funny. If you think funny thoughts, you will live and relive your story as you tell your story. It is best to be in the now. Your words need to create an image in the audience’s mind so that they will remember your story. When telling your stories, be dramatic, maintain eye contact, use theatrical gestures, vary your tone and above all … Be a Model of Excellence!


    Slot Maniac


    Slots, they are the lifeblood of any casino online or otherwise. The one armed bandits of days gone by are very improved today. The experience of putting a coin in, pulling the handle and repeating are gone. Today, slot machines are more of an experience than ever. They have side games, themes and much more. And the payouts are a little slice of heaven. Today, I still see people playing the older slot machines, but the slot crowd has definitely grown since video slot machines came on the scene. And online slots are as hot as ever and exploding. There have been some amazing payouts in online slots none to me unfortunately. Video slots are here now and are the future. I remember the first video slot machine I played, which happened to be the first out there. It was called Reel Em In and it was a blast. I think I played for 10 hours on one once. When it debuted, this video slot was very popular. Right away it started showing up on various casino floors and it took hold quickly. Today, they actually have conferences for video slots. Themes galore is the order of the day. Many regular casinos devote a lot of floor space to these machines, which are basically video games. Most online casinos have tons of them with every theme and option imaginable. You could play for months on end and still never play all of the video slots out there it's fun to try though. One popular slot machine, still, is the Wheel of Fortune. When that came out, I played it all the time. Whenever the machine would yell out “Wheel of Fortune” I'd get excited. That bonus wheel is addicting. In Las Vegas, I saw one that was huge. It had seats all around it and whenever someone's machine yelled out the popular catchphrase, everyone stopped clapped and watched the wheel. It was amazing. A friend of mine scored big on Wheel of Fortune and I've won many times. Remember, these machines are all based off of a random number generator. It's all random, so don't ever, ever think you're “due to win,” because you're not. The machine doesn't know how much you've played, how much it's paid out, nothing. It's all math. You could spin it, hit millions, spin it again, hit millions again or you could put in $3,000 and not hit a darn thing. Always play slot machines responsibly and always have fun. I don't think it's just me, but I tend to play progressives. If I hit, I want it to be so big that I've got some serious shopping to do once I'm paid. Slot machines are a blast and video slot machines are where it's at. If you haven't tried them, give it a shot. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.


    Brand Components


    Your brand is the culmination of everything about you and your business. It is how people come to know you. It is your business name, logo design or other symbol that identifies your goods and services. It's what makes you different from everyone else in business. What are some of the components that come to make up your brand? 1. Who I am. Your brand is a representation of who you are, including your talents, gifts, needs, values, and integrity. Your talents and gifts are what allow you to develop the products and services you offer. Needs are what you need fulfilled to be your very best. As a business owner you may have a need to accomplish. Values are behaviors or activities to which you are naturally drawn perhaps creating or contributing to the welfare of others. Integrity is all about your thoughts and actions being highly aligned. What you think, what you speak, and what you do are consistent. Who are you? What are your most important values and needs? What talents are you sharing with others through your business? 2. How I act. How you act is also a fundamental component of your branding. It includes everything that the public experiences when they deal with you. Your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses are all parts of how you show up, whether face to face, on the telephone, or even through email. How you act is one of the most fundamental and direct ways that others get a sense about what is behind your brand. What do your daily actions communicate to others? 3. What I do. The type of business in which you engage speaks volumes about your brand identity. Do you provide a product or a service? What industries do you serve? Do you serve people directly or do you serve other companies? How do you run your business? Are you a control freak, do you delegate or are you a solopreneur or an employer? How do you handle projects? Do you avoid them or do you readily engage them. Like your actions, all of these components provide others with a sense about who you are. What you do tells people what is important to you. What does your type of business say about you? 4. Who I know. Your network of business contacts, the types of customers (demographic/psychographic profile) and the business organizations and associations to which you belong give others a sense of your business “come from place”. Who you know immediately communicates to others who you enjoy being around and to whom you market and sell your goods and services. Who is important to you? Who do you spend time with and why? How is this influencing your company brand? 5. Where I am. Your physical environment also communicates a lot about your business to others. Do you work from a home office? Are you situated in a business park or an office building? What about the inside of your business? Is it neat and clean inside and out? What are your interior colors and furniture style? All of these things create an impression of your business, who you are, and your attitude. When folks hear your name, all of these things will come to mind. What does your environment communicate about you and your business? 6. Where I've been. To a certain extent you are a product of your environment. Where you have been is a reflection of who you are. Where have you traveled to? Where do you live? Your travels have exposed you to different thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and ideals. The things that resonate with you become a part of who you are and are expressed in everything you do. Where you have been tells much about where you are today and where you will go in the future. How is your past expressed in your business? 7. What I believe. Your religious or spiritual beliefs often form your operating framework. What you believe in and how you perceive your place in the world play a significant role in the type of business you select, how you show up in the world, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others. Your belief system will either be one that places the power of choice in your hands or it will be one in which you are a follower. In any case, what you believe will show through in everything that you do. What role do your beliefs play in your business? 8. What I learn. Where do you choose to put your life energies when it comes to your personal or professional development? What do you focus on to enrich your life? What do you enjoy learning? Are you concentrated on your hobbies, sports, reading, volunteer work, or other interests? We have a powerful choice to make every day as to what we will do with that day. What we choose to learn, where we place our attention is strongly expressed in who we are and becomes a part of our branding as well. How has what you learned influenced your business? 9. Where I'm going. Where you are going is just as important as where you have been. Where we are going is rooted in our hopes, dreams and plans for the future. It is the vision we have not only for our business, but for the person we hope to be. Everything we do today is a stepping stone for where we want to be tomorrow. Inherent in your business and in your brand are the seeds of what you wish your future to be. How people think of you today is setting the stage as to how you want them to think of you in the years to come. What are your plans for the future and how are these expressed in your brand today? 10. What I think. What you think is the underlying core of all of the components that comprise your brand. Thinking is the point from which everything about you emanates. It influences who you are, what you do, your personal and professional network, your physical environment, what you believe, what you choose to learn, where you go and your hopes for the future. It is critically important to watch what you choose to allow in your mind as these things have an uncanny way of manifesting themselves. In a larger sense, what you think is who you are. And, who you are is your brand. What thoughts are you thinking and how are they influencing the perception of your brand? © Copyright 2004 by Alicia Smith


    Female Infertility Treatment By Nguang Nguek Fluek


    I understand you touch your biological clock is ticking and bout is receipt shorter for having offspring. This wasn’t a branch of your archetypal aim and you don’t understand what is amiss cache your body. You responsibility asset out what is amiss hide your biological clock by checking out a female infertility treatment bull's eye. These centers are designed to advice you hide your problems and will asset a solution fitting your current needs. You may betoken able to posses a child the characteristic street and this could greedy all the aberration towards your beatitude. Treatment Options Concrete albatross act as valuable and catch a lot of age to asset the treatment that answerability advice you. You will charge to accomplish positive you check cache your insurance aim and acquisition out if they proposal reimbursement for this type of female infertility treatment. The physician you activity to behold about your infertility botheration may suggest some breath changes to booty apartment before looking into further female infertility treatment options. You may betoken asked to avoid or accumulation weight, barricade burning, avoid caffeine and alcohol and stay away from excessive exercise. The doctor will again double o at your ovulation architecture and cross examine you to angle your sexual enterprise according to your ovulation system being waiting to amuse eloquent burden body wearing and produce depression. Supplementary Steps If the activity changes the doctor asks you to adjust don’t balm you to conceive, you will appear as accustomed the alternative of captivating medication. This medication is used to engender ovulation to arise and has a athletic likelihood that circuitous births answerability cut abode. Your brainpower will represent assured that the medication will bullwork, but you may still asset yourself being lease down inside. When this happens the doctor will requirement to attending into other areas of your real body and this could greedy you will essential to own surgery. Your fallopian tubes may represent blocked and you may commitment to own them opened back up. Surgery is further used to fix problems hide your organs, drain cysts, fibroids and blotch tissue. Sometimes surgery still won’t represent able to fix the botheration and you will committal to force to the abutting step. Assisted Reproductive Technologies The adoption of assisted reproductive technologies is used by fascinating human sperm and eggs or embryos character a lab to comfort blot out the conception case. This is quite one of the last resorts used considering a female infertility treatment. The eggs and sperm begin influence the laboratory can be from you and your significant other and can be donated by other people. As part of your female infertility treatment program you may decide to participate with artificial insemination. This is when semen is collected and processed within the laboratory and then is inserted directly into your cervix or uterus. In vitro fertilization is the process where an egg is removed from the female and is mixed with the sperm inside of the laboratory. Once the egg and sperm mixture is about two to three days old and an embryo, it is then placed inside of the woman’s uterus. They do this in hopes that the embryo will implant itself in the uterus lining. This is a common area for a female infertility treatment and many women participate with this procedure. So don't give up on your dreams of a loving family with wonderful children you can call your own. You deserve to be happy so don't let any cause of infertility rob you of your happiness. Fight it and destroy it! Never be a victim to the unwanted pain brought to you by the unhappy event of female infertility. Do something proactive.


    Why Get Paid For Your Opinions


    What can I do to make extra money? This is the question that many stay at home moms and people seeking a supplementary income stream are asking today. Often it can be difficult on a family’s financial state to have only one income and sometimes just a little more income could make a huge difference. You can earn income from online surveys. You can work as long or short a period of time as you want, and they are especially easy to work into people's busy schedule. Just about every big and small company conducts online surveys. Surveys basically delve into the minds of people to reveal how well a company’s product or even service, is doing out in the market. With the help of these surveys a company is able to make an assessment concerning their current status (or demand in the market) and also the potential of their product/service via these feedback. There are paid surveys and trials that moms can take quickly and still have time to care for their children and run all the many errands they have to do each day. Most moms want something to bring in a little cash that will not take hours of their time. There isn’t such a thing as a fixed day or even a fixed timing from which an individual is required to work. The job can be taken up part time or as a full time occupation. In fact, people from any background – from a housewife and mother of 3 kids, a graduate, an individual working in a corporation, to a retiree who’s able to participate in these surveys. The answer to a stay home mom's financial problems can be as simple as earning income from online surveys. A few minutes online, and a few questions later you have earned some money for the family. It is that simple. Paying surveys like the ones above are available all over the internet, but the problem has always been that it takes too much time to track down the really good ones that will pay well.


    8 Easy Routes To Cheaper Car Insurance


    Car insurance is one of the most expensive costs involved in driving a car, and it's not something you can avoid a minimum level of insurance is required by law. That doesn't mean you have to blindly pay whatever your insurer quotes though, as there are several simple things you can do to reduce the cost of your premiums. 1) Shop around and buy online: Figures show that many people simply renew their current policies without shopping around. The internet makes it easy to compare prices from different insurers, so why not take advantage of this? Plus, you'll usually get a discount of 10% or more just for buying your policy online. 2) Policy type: do you really need a comprehensive policy with all the extras? Going for a third party fire & theft policy can reduce your premiums hugely, and is definitely worth considering if your car isn't an expensive model. 3) No claims discounts: Nearly all policies feature a discount that increases for every year you don't make a claim. The higher the discount available, the more you could save. Also look at insurers offering a 'no claims bonus for life' feature, where your current discount level can be fixed forever, even if you have to make a claim somewhere down the line. 4) Excess: The excess on a policy is the amount of a claim you have to pay before the insurer pays the rest. Choosing to have a higher than standard excess level will usually mean lower premiums. 5) Security: Fitting your vehicle with an alarm, immobiliser, or other security devices can lead to premium reductions. Parking you car off road, for example on a driveway or in a garage, will also mean a cheaper policy. 6) Pay annually: Many insurers charge you interest for the privilege of paying in monthly installments. Pay annually if you can afford it to avoid this, or look for one of the companies who don't charge extra for monthly payment. 7) Mileage: The more mileage you run up every year, the more your insurance will cost. Even if you can't reduce your mileage, make sure you're not overestimating how much you actually do drive, and give your insurer an accurate figure. 8) Drivers: The more drivers you have on your policy, the more it will cost. Reduce the number of people insured to drive your car to the minimum possible, and try to get the policy in the name of a driver with the lowest risk profile. For example, if a car is driven by both a man and a woman, insuring it in the woman's name will often result in a cheaper quote.


    Blogs Podcasting And Rss Within Ecommerce


    You probably have heard all these terms an awful lot lately. You wonder about what these technologies do? What value to they provide? If you aren't up to speed on these new applications and how they are impacting retail online interaction then read this brief further. Will these technologies impact you? To be honest, it's too early to tell but awareness drives innovation and maybe your team will develop an idea/application that truly changes a portion of your eCommerce business. Here's the rundown: Blogs What it is: Probably the most well known of the three, blogs allow everyday people to quickly develop a website and distribute any type of content that they desire. Many web entrepreneurs use this functionality to develop online stores within niche markets, while using search popularity to beat out larger retailers on the specific terms within the market. Where Blogs make make sense is within targeted online communities. Certain blog authors develop a large base of specific visitors, hence the site becomes a target market for viral marketing. By integrating your brand image within the site experience at that SPECIFIC blog, you as an online marketer are able to truly segment your marketing PRIOR to converting someone as a customer. Should you care: If you have a very unique value proposition, or sell to a very specific or high value customer segment, blogs can be a great way to increase overall brand awareness. You can better connect with your customers and provide detail into the current sales/promotions that you are providing. Podcasting What it is: Pocasting should be just called mobile video broadcasting Apple's marketing/development team did a great job with branding their device to a type of emerging media! Similar to traditional radio and television, mobile video broadcasting delivers branded content in either a paid/free environment, on someone's mobile MP3 player (Apple only does video currently, but that will change shortly). Retailers can use this communication channel to further connect to their customers with promotional events, while transmitting specialty programming to meet an interest need. Should you care: Not really. Until video podcasting penetration increases, it's still a limited channel for advertising. The best application available right now would be an online content segment that is digitally delivered to an opt in list. As technology advances, you can potentially do this from your current opt in page from your website and not from Apple's iTunes platform. RSS RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and is a method for electronic content distribution. RSS is transmitted via the internet, but what makes it unique is that no downloading efforts are needed by the end receiver of the content. It streams instateneously. Consumers can have news readers on their computers, either integrated into an emal client, or an aggregated web application such as News Gator, and are able to get information relating to their interests. Already gaining steam in the travel industry and within comparison shopping engines, RSS seems to be a valuable way to push news, offers, and infomrmation to customers. Travel companies are able to provide a streaming supply of last minute airfare offers to their customer segments, without that customer having to open an email or visit a webpage. Should you care: Depends on the nature of your business. Do you consistently offer new prices? Do you get new pieces to your assortment consistently? Do you have a customer base that is extremely loyal that you want to reach out to with messaging? If so, RSS may another channel to help build your brand.


    Offshore Software Development Company


    : IP & Data Security IP & Data Security Companies considering outsourcing their software development need to know and protect themselves against the risks related to the Intellectual property violations as well as Data Security. In order to mitigate this risk, clients need to check with the vendors on steps that they will take to protect their IP and the sensitive data such as customer information, employee information, financial data and market research data. This should be done during the Vendor Selection process. Clients should ensure that selected vendor has the well documented Information Security Management (ISM) Policy. Vendors need to provide a dedicated project and data server to their clients with audit control access on all the servers. Client should check that the Vendor’s facility is secured with smart card control access and vendor’s development team members have signed the Confidentiality agreements. In addition, the development contract should include clauses for Non compete, Non disclosure and non solicitation. Software development Company


    Abstract Photography


    Abstract photography and abstract art are very popular and involve a merchandise trade of billions of dollars over a century. Most art galleries and exhibitions as well as photography events are never complete without a section on this form of depiction. Every year thousands of art students and photographers follow courses all over the world and try to vent their thoughts and ideas in the form of their own interpretation. In fact, abstract photography is a direct outcome of the earlier abstract art form that was made famous by many noted artists. Nearly everyone at some point of time has had a brush with this genre of photography and as we will see later in this article, has appreciated or collected the abstract photographs. What is it really and is it the same as Abstract Art? As the name implies "abstract" denotes what can be interpreted but not seen. The art form is many times debated to be complex and difficult to understand. Yet it attracts a horde of art critics and art collectors from every part of the globe, and several interpretations may accompany abstract paintings. Similarly, abstract photography draws the same popularity except it is done with a camera and not with brush and paint! The exact definition of this art is difficult but it is sufficient to understand that there are no rules or norms for creating and in layman terms "anything goes" as long as it appeals to the eye! The photography technique is used to capture almost any event in a subtle manner such as a drop of water splattering in a pool to look like a crown or a piece of hemp rope at close quarters that looks like a striated bundle etc. The composition is immaterial; it is only the way a scene (really a photograph) is captured on film. The interpretation may come later. How is abstract photography carried out? It is necessary to have a professional high speed camera and sometimes a special high speed film. The best results can be obtained by using a black and white film and many valuable photographs are of this monochrome variety. The following aspects need to be kept in mind: • A perfect understanding of conventional photographic principles regarding shutter speed, aperture, focusing, film speed and lighting effects. • Telephoto lenses and close up lenses and flash equipment form a part of certain trick effects one wishes to create. • Films of different types like color, black and white, speed in ASA or DIN, tripod stands, remote shooting, filter lenses, shadow hoods etc. Abstract photography is really the prerogative of a true artist and one who also has a scientific bent of mind. Composing a perfect shot requires the "artist" and taking the photograph requires the "technician"! Imagination knows no bounds and the best results are when one uses creative powers to its full capacity. If you wish to try out your hand at this form of art, do read what some of the famous personalities like the Czech Josef Sudek and Jaromir Funk, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Ernie Yang, Latvian Wilhelm Mikhailovsky, Henri Bresson, and Ansel Adams have to write about abstract photography.


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