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    Music Business Past Vs. Present


    In the past, the music business was controlled by the major record labels. The record labels controlled everything in an artist’s career from start to finish. The record label would control and artist image, airplay, access to audits, likeness, royalty rate, success and everything in between while under the record label contract. When the artist career was over, the artist often didn’t have anything to show for their hard work and creativity. Back in the day, the record label would finance artist’s project up front in the form of an advance. The advance usually amounted to a loan which the artist had to repay. The record label would finance the recording, distribution and promotion of the artist project and then “recoup” the money after the project started selling. Although it seems fair on the surface, the record label would charge the artist for much more than what the record label provided. The record label would not only bill the artist for the things mentioned above, but they would deduct artist royalties for damaged goods, record club discounts and a wealth of other expenses. In addition the record label would take these deductions from the artists’ gross earnings. Although the record label would allow an artist to audit the record company’s books, many artists didn’t conduct any audits. Artists were generally afraid of angering the record labels by asking the record labels to show the expenses and deductions in writing. This justifiable fear kept artist’s in their place – under the record labels’ control. Today with digital technology, the power is shifting into the hands of the artist There’s a new trend in the music business that has record labels sweating in the boardroom. This new trend is called “Do It Yourself” (D. I.Y.). With Digital Technology anyone can start a record label and have a personal studio on their computer. There are a number of free or (very inexpensive) studio recording software applications that allow an artist to record and distribute their own material without the help or control of any other record label. An artist can easily promote and sell their CD’s and MP3’s online at thousands of internet sites. In addition there are many new web hosting services that allow an artist to have a website dedicated to promoting their and selling their music to the growing online community. There are hundreds of artists making a living selling their music online. Think about it, if you sold 20,000 CD’s online at $10, you’d earn $200,000. If you sold 20,000 for a record label you’d be in debt and you’d face the risk of being dropped from the record label. By recording, distributing, promoting and selling your music yourself, you control your destiny. Today an artist can control their expenses, track their deductions and not live in fear of any record company. Today the power is in the artist hand of the artist’s.


    Kitchen Remodeling In Home Improvement Projects


    There are many decisions to be made when planning a kitchen remodelling project. The process and choices available can seem overwhelming. The best place to start is by setting a budget. How much can you afford to spend? Decide what is needed most and where you can compromise to stay within the budget. Remodeling: Cabinets and Flooring Many people begin planning for home improvement with the kitchen cabinets. They are not just for storing food and drinks, but are a major style element in the room. They are often the focal point of the kitchen. The cabinets are a major expense in a remodelling project. They are often about half the budget. Prices vary considerably according to the type, style and material used in the cabinets. Whether they are stock, semi custom or custom designed cabinetry will also have an effect on the price. The first step is to choose the style and color you want in new cabinets. Consider the style of your home. Cabinetry is available to fit traditional, country, contemporary or modern dйcor. Once you have chosen the style, you will need to decide on the layout of the room. Are you happy with the current layout, or do you want something more functional. Consider any features you want in the cabinets, such as pull out shelves, wine racks or other storage options. There are many styles of hardware. The handles you choose should fit the overall dйcor of the room. When selecting flooring, it’s important to choose based on both aesthetics and function. This is a high traffic area in most homes and you will want a durable floor for everyday use. Of course, you also want it to match the overall design of the room. Consider the price as well as the quality. Ceramic or vinyl tiles are very common and both are affordable. Vinyl is the least expensive choice. Hardwood or stone flooring are more expensive alternatives, but add beauty. Hardwood is functional, but requires more maintenance than other types. Stone is very durable and long lasting. Darker grout with stone or ceramic tile is good for resisting stains. Kitchen Remodeling: Countertops and Fixtures Countertops should match the style of both the cabinets and the floor. They are priced according to the material used. Granite, slate or marble are durable, but also expensive. Corian is another durable solid surface that is very popular right now. Consider the function of the counter and how it will be used. Sinks are generally not expensive, but it depends on the material. Sinks are available in a variety of materials and prices. Stainless steel and porcelain are the most commonly used materials for kitchen sinks. Cast iron with enamel is durable, but can chip and scratch easily. Faucets also vary in price and style. Look for fixtures that match the dйcor of the kitchen.


    How To Find Out If Your Diet Is Healthy Enough


    Everyone wants to eat a healthier diet, but it can sometimes be difficult to know if your diet is healthy enough. There are a number of factors that go into creating a healthy diet, and it is important to evaluate the current state of your diet before embarking on a plan for healthier eating. There are several questions you should ask yourself when evaluating the healthiness (or lack thereof) of your current eating plan! Do I eat a wide variety of foods? Variety is one of the most important hallmarks of a healthy diet, since no one food contains all the nutrients needed by the human body. It is important to eat foods from all the major food groups, including grains and breads, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meats, beans and nuts. If you find yourself avoiding some food groups, such as vegetables for instance, it may be time to look for a healthier diet. Do I recognize the importance of cereals, breads and other grain products? Eating a wide variety of grain based products is important to a healthy diet. Grains and cereals contain a large number of important nutrients, including high levels of dietary fiber. It is important to choose whole grain products as often as possible, since whole grain products like wheat bread contain more nutrients than more refined white bread and similar products. When eating cereal, it is a good idea to choose whole grain varieties, or those that are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Do I eat lots of fruits and vegetables? Many people do not eat sufficient servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Most experts recommend eating between 5 and 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, roughly equivalent to 2 cups of fruit and 2 Ѕ cups of vegetables. When shopping for vegetables and fruits, it is important to choose a good variety of dark green, dark red, orange and yellow varieties. That is because different colored fruits and vegetables contain a variety of different nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A and beta carotene. Do I eat a good breakfast every morning? Breakfast, or the absence of it, is often a good indicator of the state of your diet. If you rush out of the house every morning and grab a donut at the local convenience store, chances are your diet can use some work. A healthy breakfast provides a foundation for the rest of the day, helps you avoid cravings and provides much needed nutrition. Do I choose low fat foods over higher fat alternatives? This is also an important question to ask yourself. Low fat alternatives are available for a variety of products, including milk, cheese, meats and more. One part of following a healthy, low fat diet is avoiding prepared foods whenever possible, since prepared foods tend to have higher amounts of fat and sodium than fresh foods. It is also important to control the amount of fat that is added at the table. Adding things like butter, sour cream and heavy sauces is a sure way to ruin an otherwise healthy meal. Even healthy foods like salads can be sabotaged by the addition of high fat salad dressings. Try using lower fat alternatives like flavored vinegars instead. Do I drink plenty of water? Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water is important to maintaining a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Water is important to maintaining optimal levels of health. If you think you need more water, try substituting water for less healthy beverages like soda and coffee. Am I able to maintain my optimal body weight? Gaining weight without trying to is often a sign of a poor diet. Following a healthy diet, and getting plenty of regular exercise, is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. Do I limit the amount of salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine in my diet? While all of these elements are fine in moderation, excessive amounts of any of these four can indicate a serious problem with your diet. It is important to limit the amount of unhealthy elements in any diet.


    Things To Know About Abused Cats


    Things To Know About Abused Cats Cats that have been abused can appear severely maimed and damaged all over their exterior. Some may appear to be in perfect shape on the outside, although all of the damage they sustained may be internal or emotional. Even though physical damage is bad, emotional damage is much tougher to fix. Cats who have physical abuse will still answer to a soft touch and soft voice, as long as they know that the abuse has come to an end. When you have a cat that has been emotionally abused, you’ll need to wait until the cat comes to you. You’ll need to use patience, as the cat will be confused and not know if you plan to hurt him or not. If you take your time and let him know that you are nothing to fear, he will eventually come to you. When he starts to come to you, you can let him sniff you and pet him. After a while, he will learn that he can trust you and he will come to you when you call him. Yelling, raising your voice, or using disciplinary tools such as flyswatters or water guns the wrong way can lead to emotional damage. If you continue to use the wrong means of discipline on an emotionally damaged cat, the cat can become mean or lethargic. When a cat turns mean, it’s not always a bad thing. Meaner cats are easier to reach, as they still care a bit about what happens to them – while lethargic cats could really care less. Cats that have become lethargic won’t play, take treats, or respond to anything you say to them. With a lethargic cat, the ideal way to get him to respond is to bring in a companion cat. Over time, a lethargic cat will eventually look for attention, normally a scratch or a pat. When this happens, you should always use a soft voice and snuggle with him. Never raise your voice at this point, and make sure you let the cat know that his behavior is a lot better. You should make slow movements around a lethargic cat, as he is still quite traumatic. Once he is coming around and letting you touch him again, he is getting back to his normal self. Keep in mind that it may take some time, which is to be expected with this type of situation. If your cat starts to get upset again or if you raise your voice, he will hide again. If you continue to use a soft voice and have patience, your cat will eventually get past this. If you get a cat that is lethargic, you should prepare yourself for a long and very intensive healing period. Angry or mean cats on the other hand, will either fight and scratch with you, or simply run away from you. With mean cats, the best thing to do is use gentle treatment with a soft voice. You can never try to raise your voice or use strict discipline, as it will only make the cat meaner. Never attempt to trap the cat either, as trapping it will only make the cat react. If you take your time and let the cat know that you are there for him, he will eventually calm down. Abused cats are truly a sad thing, although they are out there. Abused cats can be a sad thing to see indeed, especially those that were physically abused. Abused cats need a loving home and a loving owner who will give them the type of lifestyle they deserve. Always remember that if you are dealing with an abused cat – you should always be as gentle as you possibly can. PPPPP (word count 618)


    Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction


    Gratitude or appreciation of what we already have is necessary to attract things we want. Every day when you wake up try to be thankful. Think about the good things in your live you should be thankful for. Appreciate your job (even if you don’t like it). Feel gratitude for a place to live. If you have some food, some friends or anything else you can find to appreciate, appreciate it. A lot of people don’t have enough even basic things like food, water and their own place to live. It’s natural that you want more, that you want to improve your standard of life, but first you need to feel gratitude for what you already have. If you start your day with feelings of gratitude you will feel good and you can keep that feeling all day. But you should also write down something like this: “I am so happy and grateful that…” and then write what you would like to have. For example: “I am very happy and grateful that I make $1 million per year; that I have wonderful and loving wife…etc.” Use the present tense, visualize the things you want, be grateful for them, and think about them as already yours. When you achieve them, you can add new things to your list. When you write about money, start first with amount you believe is possible and then increase the amount when you got the amount you’d written down. Be specific. When you start doing as described above, at first you might feel strange that you are using present tense for the things you want to have in the future, but it’s important to train your mind and force your mind to think about them in present tense. After some time of playing such “mental ping pong” your mind will obey and will help you to achieve the things you want.


    Feel The Gold Rush With Gold Coins


    A lot of people find collecting gold coins as not only an incredibly interesting hobby but a fairly lucrative one as well! Over time, your collection will accure value and parts of it can be sold if you desire. This way, you will have additional income for yourself later in life in addition to a fantastic collection of valuable coins. 1. Face To Face: Coin Collectors Know Best The internet is home to a lot of gold coin dealers wherein you can meet all sorts of people from all over the world who are into both buying and selling gold coins. Of course, it is a rather convenient venue for you to be able to do your transactions. You must be extremely conscious, however, when it comes to dealing with other gold coin collectors that you will meet through the internet. While there are some real gold coin enthusiasts in the internet, there are also those people who are posing as gold coin collectors and are just looking to rip you off. 2. Why Gold Coins? The history of gold coins dates as far back as 2,700 years ago. The first gold coins in the world were issued in Lydia around 640 B. C. certain internet websites will provide you with a lot of information about the history of gold coins. As money, gold coins have been a convenient way for people to do their transactions. Gold was only used for coins that were considered of a higher value. As gold is not the most common ore, it became impractical for gold to be used in the common coin systems of all major countries. This means a collection of gold coins is extremely rare due to the fact that gold coins are no longer being produced. 3. Gold Coins For Investment Gold is sensible investment: all major countries use reserves of gold (such as Fort Knox) to maintain their national worth A highly convenient investment Physical gold is extremely stable in value 4. Commemorative Coins When it comes to the commemorative gold coins, since gold is deemed as a highly valuable kind of metal, it is an obvious choice when it comes to making or producing special commemorative coins. In the past, there are sets of gold coins that were just issued to mark coronations as well as other important state events. A lot of financial reserves that are being held by banks are in the form of gold coins. Gold coins are a desired form of a reserved asset since gold coins are not really used for circulation anymore. 5. About Collectors There are a lot of various gold coin sellers, buyers as well as collectors who are waiting to bid on the best kind of gold coins in the market most especially in the internet. For most gold coins that can be bought as well as sold at prices that are closely related to their intrinsic gold content. The most popular bullion gold coins are the krugerrands as well as the sovereigns. For most gold coin collectors, there are the highly coveted rare gold coins and a lot of gold coin collectors are interested in these rare gold coins that they will offer high bids just to be able to get their hands on these. A lot of people who are looking for things to collect are in real treat if ever they try out collecting gold coins most especially because gold coins can be bought in highly excellent and may be in even mint condition for only a relatively low premium over the gold coin’s gold content. Also, since the coin is made from gold, it is highly unlikely that it will tarnish or even discolor. If you are looking into collecting gold coins, first research the various gold coins that are available in the market today. Find out how much they are really worth due to their gold content, and then factor in any additional value to the coin for being rare. Always be on the lookout for fake coins, and have coins appraised by a gold coin expert to avoid large differences in price.


    How To Easily Reach The G Spot


    : The G spot, or Grafenberg spot, is certainly the most popular topic, with the penis size, on websites discussing sex issues, male and female health. This spot was named after Ernst Granfeberg, the famous German gynecologist who first described it in 1950, in his paper The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm. Grafenberg was a German born doctor (Adelebsen 1881 – New York 1957), of Jewish confession. Arrested by the Nazis in 1937, he escaped in 1940 with the help of friends of the International Society of Sexology, and emigrated to California. Before trying to reach this spot, we must know where it is located. The g spot is something like a female prostate located between the pubic bone and the cervix on the top side of vagina. The g spot is a part of the urethral sponge, a tissue playing a great role during arousal : if correctly stimulated, this area can be very pleasurable, and lead to orgasm during sexual intercourse. Note that other women could also feel the urge to urinate when this spot is stimulated. Indeed, this urethral tissue or sponge is like a cushion against the pubic bone and the vagina wall, surrounding the urethra. Mainly made of erectile tissue, filled with blood during arousal, it has a compressing effect on the urethra, preventing urination during sex. This tissue also contains the Skene’s glands, able to produce the famous female ejaculation (usually a fluid of clear color) men are so curious about. Other scientists think the g spot is not really a physical spot, but more probably the clitoris deepest nerves passing through the urethral tissue and connecting with the spinal column. An important point is that the fluid produced by the Skene’s glands during orgasm passes through urethra (as urine does) but must not be considered as urine or as an effect of urinary incontinence. This clear colored fluid is similar to what is produced by the prostate and that is why we can speak about female ejaculation. The structure of this important tissue also varies during time and after the age of 30, occurring changes make the g spot easier to reach. This is why women after 30 will be more than probably experiencing the best of their sexual life and pleasures. But how can men reach this so mysterious spot ? In fact, 3 methods can be applied in order to reach this spot. These methods can be found in sex advices guides on the web. 1.For men having an upward curved penis, the missionary position is the best, because that kind of penis will exert greater pressure on the front wall of the vagina. 2.For men having a downward curved penis, or an uncurved penis, doggy style position is probably more suitable because of the pressure exerted against the front wall by the downward curved penis. 3.With the fingers or the tongue : you must push down on the clitoris and arce the tongue or fingers upwards. Note that fingers or tongue must be at least 1 – 3 inches inside the vagina…since the exact distance greatly varies from a person to another... Good luck. Science has now answered lots of questions concerning this mysterious female area, but female orgasm is and remains a complex phenomenon wherein g spot plays an important role. Harry Lloyd writes articles for Top Sex Guides , a site providing male sexuality advices.


    Carhartt High Visibility Work Wear Something For Everyone


    As a working class man or woman, you can understand the importance of having the best protection on and off the worksite. You have a copious number of options when off the worksite, but sometimes, the options are limited for the worksite. When it rains, when it snows, when it is dark outside, or simply “just because”, you will find it is necessary to be seen. Carhartt high visibility work wear makes it easy to be seen because of protective reflection built right into the work wear and accessories. You trust Carhartt because this fine work wear designer has a reputation for providing more of the good stuff to you and your working experience. That is why when you need to be seen, this one work wear designer will insure you get the exposure you need. No, you are not trying to be flashy or extravagant; you are simply trying to let others see you so you do not come to unnecessary harm. When you trust this working man’s designer, you get so many options that there is definitely an options out there for you. Carhartt Enhanced Visibility Baseball Cap Baseball caps have been a staple for many worksites for decades. These baseball caps can be specialized with company mottos, logos, or even a personal saying of your own preference. These exceptional baseball caps are designed with special materials making them reflective, and often, this simple reflection is enough to save your life. When was the last time anyone has said, “My baseball cap saved my life!” This is what you get when you trust these high visibility additions to your wardrobe. Carhartt Enhanced Visibility Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Tee shirts are the bread and butter of the working class man or woman. Tee shirts are comfortable, easy to care for, and not too expensive. You can add the benefits of a tee shirt with your need for high visibility with this exceptional tee. You get more because this is one work wear designer offering you more for less. How much is your safety worth to you? These wonderful tees are also great for bicyclists and runners who run in the hours where oncoming traffic cannot easily see you. Ah, the beauty of a tee that offers more! Carhartt Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt These are a wonderful addition for anyone needing to be seen – well, seen in less than perfect visibility conditions. Everyone loves a good pullover sweater. They are warm, easy to wear, and easy to clean. When you add in the added benefit of being high visibility, you have the perfect addition to your wardrobe whether you work in adverse weather or jog at night. These are as comfortable as they are versatile – so much in something so simplistic. You trust Carhartt for all your safety needs because there is no other work wear designer with a reputation for excellence and superiority like this company. This company has been around for a good many years which means they have had time to get it right. That is why when people demand the best in their high visibility apparel, they trust this company to give them more.




    Quick Tips For Finding New Prospects


    : Convert leads into clients and boost your sales By Claire McLennan A major part of keeping profitable and growing your business is maintaining a focus on business development. Even when you've got the right mix of work, clients and employees you should be looking for new sales leads. Establish a process that ensures your existing customers don't get neglected while you manage new business opportunities in a cost and time effective manner. 1. Generate sales leads. Identify the types of companies you want to work with and a realistic number of companies you want to target over a given period of time.

    For example: An accountant with experience in the marketing industry might decide to target five opportunities per month focussed on marketing consultancies. Finding potential clients and identifying new opportunities can be done through networking events, tenders listed in newspapers and industry magazines and headlines in newspapers about new projects and industry seminars.

    Keep an eye on your industry and stay aware of new developments. Track the companies you approach in a database (you could use Microsoft Office Excel or Access). Tracking should cover the obvious things — company contact details — as well as details of what was discussed, potential work, actions and more. 2. Qualify the leads.

    Once you have companies identified, review it to ensure they are realistic opportunities. Some areas to think about include:

    • Do you have the right contacts to get started?
    • Do you have the right services to offer them?
    • How can their website help you understand them better?
    • Do you have any conflicts of interest in pursuing this company?
    • Does this client have growth potential or would it be a quick job?
    • Who makes the decisions? How can you reach them?
    3. Raise your business profile. By raising your company profile (no matter how small you are) you'll be able to generate new business with less effort. As a leader in the industry, new business will come to you. There are many ways to raise your profile; you could try sponsoring events, adverts and gaining media coverage. The size, location and target market of your business will dictate the medium to use and the areas to cover. 4. Show them what you're made of. Start to reach your qualified opportunities by showcasing your company's products. Send them a brochure or a copy of any newsletters you produce and invite them to join; show off examples of your work; highlight relevant media articles. However, if you're using e mail, avoid being overly intrusive or they may regard it as spam. Develop standard template letters in Word to send to potential clients to accompany your credentials/brochures. Link to your database (Excel, Access or Outlook) when merging the letters and envelopes to ensure you don't have to re enter details. There is no specified time for this courting, so be patient. It could be six months before anything comes to fruition. 5. Set a meeting time. So you're in the door. Now you need to sell yourself. Tailor the meeting to suit the way you operate as a business. It could be a formal PowerPoint presentation or a discussion over coffee. You may have no choice for the style of the meeting but make sure you are comfortable and well prepared. During the meeting be sure to demonstrate the knowledge you have developed in the previous stages. 6. Follow up. You've presented your capabilities and ideas. Don't stop there. Follow up is essential. This is a major part of the process and should be taken as seriously as the other steps. You'll probably be able to build on ideas from the meeting, or you might find an interesting/relevant article or statistics you could send to re open discussion. Even if you don't have anything to send, thank them for the opportunity.
    How To Apply For A Job Online


    In an increasingly online marketplace, applying for jobs often means sending your resume and cover letter electronically. Some companies have online application forms right on their Websites. Here, you can choose the job you wish to apply for, plug your work experience, skills, and education into online fields, then submit this information with a single click of a button. Online application forms differ from another and will require different information. For example, some companies ask that you "copy and paste" your resume and cover letter into two fields. Others ask that applicants fill in multiple fields such as "work experience," "education," etc. Still others ask that you do both submit your resume and cover letter, and fill in fields that require the same employment related information. Whatever type of online application form a company might have, be sure that all your information is posted in one field or another. Don't be afraid to repeat information, especially if the form requests a resume and a separate breakdown of your work history. Your information will be automatically uploaded into an online database, where hiring managers will likely scout for keywords. The more times your keywords come up, the better. While some companies especially large ones have online application forms, many others simply ask candidates to e mail their application materials to the appropriate person or to a general employment address like "[email protected] com." Here, caution is warranted. Be sure to send your resume and cover letter exactly as the hiring manager requests. Some employers prefer that the resume and cover letter be attached as separate documents (usually in a Text Only format or as Microsoft Word documents). Other employers want the cover letter to be in the body of an e mail, but the resume to be attached separately. Still others prefer that both the resume and the cover letter be pasted into the body of an e mail. For the latter, be sure that your documents are easy to read. Resumes, which have a rather complicated format, often look messy when they are transplanted into the body of an e mail. Says recruiter Beth Camp: "If you e mail a resume, it has to look as good as a written resume. I would advise sending a resume both as an attachment and in the body of your e mail." This is a good way to sidestep a possible formatting fiasco. Another way is to send your resume and cover letter electronically, then to send hard copies as well. Some jobseekers opt to purchase domain names and to create their own Websites for the purpose of putting their resumes (and other application materials) online. The advantage of formatting your resume using HTML and making it a static Web page is that anyone can see your resume in its proper format simply by visiting your Website. Thus, instead of mailing or e mailing your resume every time you want someone to see it, you can simply give the interested parties the right web address and they can find it for themselves. An added bonus of having your resume on a Web page is that you may attract the interest of recruiters and employers whom you hadn't even considered. To make downloading your resume easier, you may want to include on your Website copies of your resume in PDF (portable document format) and Microsoft Word files. Unfortunately, there are downsides to putting your resume on a Website. One downside is that your information becomes accessible to everyone, even unwanted visitors. For this reason, you should never disclose your home address, social security number, or any other personal information. Another downside is that not all hiring managers will go out of their way to visit your Website. Even if your resume is only a click away, many hiring managers would nevertheless prefer that you mail or e mail it. In terms of how you send your application materials, it would be unwise to go against the explicit wishes of an employer. For example, don't send an attachment when copy and pasting is requested. Some companies shun attachments because they fear getting a virus, or because they don't have compatible software, or because they simply don't want to be bothered with the extra step of opening a document. When assembling your application materials and putting them into an e mail, don't fill in the "to" field until you are finished. It's all too easy to accidentally send a half finished e mail to a company, thus eliminating your chances of making a decent first impression, and most likely, of getting an interview. If you were asked to copy and paste your resume and cover letter, be sure to scan the final outcome at least once for formatting problems, then to use a spell checker a final time. If you are attaching your documents, be absolutely sure you are attaching the right versions (i. e., the company tailored and updated versions) to the employer. Also, be sure that they are labeled in a professional way. One jobseeker laments his decision to save different versions of his resume under headings like "Resume for Strategic Sourcing Jobs." Says the jobseeker: "I was applying for three different types of positions. But I didn't want every prospective employer to know that. By labeling my outgoing resumes the way I did, I pretty much broadcasted the fact that I didn't have a clear career direction." Probably the best strategy for saving your resume is to do so under your name only (example: Simone Piette resume) or under your name and the name of the company (example: Greenfield resume from Simone Piette). Be sure to say in your e mail what you have attached, and also, what software you've used. For example, you might say in the body of your e mail: "Please see my attached resume in Microsoft Word version 2002." Before a hiring manager even opens your e mail, she should know exactly who you are and which job you are applying for. In the "Subject" line, write your name, the position name (and job number, if listed), and the contents of your application (example, "Simone Piette resume and cover letter for Executive Assistant Position"). If you've been referred to a position by another person, be sure to "cc" (carbon copy) or "bcc" (blind carbon copy) your reference when you apply. That is, add that person's e mail to the "cc" or "bcc" field, which will enable that person to receive an exact copy of the e mail you're sending to the hiring manager. The reason you want to "cc" or "bcc" your referrer is because you want to keep him in the loop. After all, if someone has offered to help you, he should know what stage you're at in the application process. (Note: Some e mail programs don't offer "cc" or "bcc" fields, in which case you'll want to e mail your reference separately.) Finally, be sure to save a copy of your outgoing e mail in your "Sent Mail" folder, just in case the e mail doesn't go through and you need to send it again.


    Hoodia Gordonii Is A Powerful Weight Loss Supplement


    Hoodia is a word that is quickly becoming a household name. Thanks to diet crazes that have continued to sweep America for the past few years, hoodia is a name that is quickly associating itself with "quick results" and "get slim fast" due to its apparently amazing ability to act as an appetite suppressant. Simply put, hoodia is now being used as a weapon to combat the war with obesity that is plaguing America. But really, what is hoodia? Hoodia, or hoodia gordonii, is a plant that looks somewhat like a cactucs and originates from the Kalahari desert in southern Africa. Traditionally, the plant has been used to locals during long trips in the desert to help keep their appetites at bay. Hoodia is an entirely natural substance, not a drug, and was introduced in the form of supplements in the US just recently in 2004. It quickly caught on and has since earned a name for itself due to its ability to act as a strong appetite suppressant. For a bigger picture on what the plant is and how word about it came out, one must look back thousands of years. The Bushmen of southern Africa have been using this plant for thousands of years and only recently, in the 60's in fact, the first research was done into hoodia and its apparently amazing powers. Thirty years later, laboratories in Africa finally were able to isolate the compound which reduces appetite and named it P57. From there, tests were done and it was shown that those who took P57 consumed over 1,000 calories less per day, leading to great weight loss results. In the past few years, hoodia has received a lot of media coverage and interest in the product has peaked. In 2004, the first hoodia supplements were released in the US with great results. However, there are plenty of problems surrounding hoodia, mainly in the form of counterfeit products. Due to the mass demand for hoodia, there are countless numbers of companies selling fake products and making billions. This frenzy has created numerous problems but the demand for the product only continues to grow. Needless to say, if you are interested in using a hoodia product to assist in your weight loss program, it is only too important to look into all the details before buying anything. Check around on this site to find reliable companies with real hoodia products and also do background checks on all companies to ensure that they are selling the real deal. Many companies are looking to make a quick buck and are more than willing to rip you off with a fake product. Be patient, be careful, and do your research to ensure that you receive genuine hoodia and enjoy all the benefits of a slimmer waistline!


    Should We Have Urine Testing For Welfare Applicants


    Like a lot of folks in the United States, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test, which I have no problem with. And the main reason I have no problem with a drug test is because I have nothing to hide. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who are doing drugs and never have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check, because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sit on their butt. Could you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? A 1999 Michigan law called for a pilot program of random substance abuse testing in at least three counties. Drug testing started at the beginning of October in Alpena, Presque Isle, and Berrien counties and a designated area of Western Wayne County, including some of Detroit's west side neighborhoods. All the new applicants for that area had to provide a urine sample to officials or give up their right to any government aid. In addition, any applicants already in the system had to submit to random testing. A class action lawsuit was filed by the Michigan chapter of the ACLU two days prior to schedule testing. The suit charges that the program violates the constitutional rights of welfare recipients. Two Michigan mothers and a Detroit organization (The Westside Mothers) were named in the suit. The organization focuses on representing hundreds of welfare recipients and their families. Kary Moss, executive director of the ACLU in Michigan says, "The Fourth Amendment guarantees that no individual in this country can be subjected to a search by the government unless there is reasonable suspicion that they have committed some crime, welfare recipients may be poor, but that's not a crime not yet, anyway." I have spoken to a number of people in person and on forums about their thoughts and the ones that oppose this have the same stance, that it is unconstitutional. In my opinion, it seems that I am not pushing random drug test onto any random citizen. The welfare recipient chooses to get help from the government. So just like submitting paperwork, you must submit a urine sample. Another stance people talk about is false positives. Well if they claim false positive, then do a hair follicle test. If urine test are unconstitutional, then scrap the whole welfare program. Let your voice be heard on Political Majority. com.


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