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    How The Millionaires Made Their Millions


    Think of money as points that you get for creating something considered valuable by society. The more valuable the product or service you create the more points (money) you will get. You can give those points to others in order to receive something valuable from them. How are you controlling the flow of points in your life? Now consider what value is. In anthropological terms, value is something that enhances the survival chances of the person who receives it. Human activity is directed toward procreation. Humans get an education, go to work, and mate with their significant other and raise kids that will continue the cycle. A frigerator is valued because it helps store and maintain the freshness of foods, a technology which improves a family's survival fitness. A person will value a television or a computer because it keeps them entertained (entertainment fosters creative mental development), knowledgeable (in regards to the news and technological advances that could further enhance their survival fitness). That which does not have value is something which reduces one's ability to survive and procreate. Thus, criminals, disease, disasters, faulty products, and other negative things are not valued by society. That which gives life is valued, that which takes away life is the opposite of value. So, think about how you can improve the lives of others. What product or service can you create that will enhance their ability to live longer, be entertained, or more knowledgeable. All of these benefits build upon each other. The greater the spectrum of benefits that you can provide to others the more value you create and the more money you will earn. The world is hungry for value. Do you have a talent, skill, or knowledge set that can help others. Everyone is good at something. Make the decision to unleash the totality of your valuable services upon society and watch large sums of money flow into your life. Keep in mind that most wealthy people have at least some form of college education. Of course there are many people with minimal schooling who have succeeded, but additional education has a correlation with increased levels of wealth. The world is a very complex place where the person who knows many of the angles is likely to be more successful than the person who does not. Many wealth individuals posses a high level of honesty and integrity. After all, if one is not honest in his business dealings then he will soon lose business and seriously hurt his chances of making a profit in the future. The more honest you are in your dealings with others the better you have a chance of succeeding in the marketplace. Wealthy people value wealth. People attract to themselves that which they think is good and repel that which they think is bad. Most wealthy people do not view money as being sinful or taboo. They see money as a tool which they can use to help themselves and others. Most wealthy people understand money. They study books on investing, saving, and creating wealth. The more they learn about money handling skills the more money they are likely to create , invest, and safeguard the future. Most self made millionaires have a desire to create value in the world. They know that the more people they help the more money they will receive in return. They know the ultimate principle that one gets back from society what one gives.


    How To Exercise To Lose 10 Pounds


    You decide to lose 10 pounds. Before you do anything else, think about your preferences. Do you jog at 6 a. m. every morning, even when the 30 degree weather turns your nose into frost? Or, do you shudder at the thought of getting up early and prefer to wrap yourself in a down comforter? Your preferences towards exercise determine what you should do to lose weight. Let’s say you spend most of your leisure time sitting on the couch, reading a murder mystery. While you may not call yourself a “coach potato,” you do classify as an inactive person. Simply realizing this fact puts you one step forward to losing 10 pounds. The next step involves deciding how to exercise, which is part of any good weight loss plan. Sure, going to the gym may be the first option that comes to your mind, but you have more choices. You may breathe a sigh of relief after reading the last line, since the gym may not be comfortable or convenient for you. Other options to get more exercise can require more creativity, but the process is worth the extra effort. For instance, do you drive to the farmer’s market every weekend? Assuming it's not too far, you might consider getting a cart and walking the distance — a few blocks of walking makes a difference. Other alternatives have to do with work. Maybe you park close to the building. As a substitute, you can park further away to give yourself a mini workout before you reach the office. Then, at lunchtime, go for a sight seeing walk around the neighborhood, perhaps taking a colleague along. At home, you can continue finding convenient ways to exercise. Do you zap a frozen dinner in the microwave and then sit down to do nothing? As a replacement you can cook a wholesome, delicious meal and get some exercise in the process running around preparing it. And don’t forget about involving your family in exercise as well. Find an indoor playing center, with a playground and various activities. Or, shoot hoops in the backyard with your kids or by yourself. If you don’t want to miss a football game on television, tape the game or listen in on the radio. Since television can be a huge obstacle to exercise, here’s another way to work around this problem. The next time you decide to watch a video or a television program, don’t sit down. Instead, get up and do aerobics while you watch. Depending on your preferences, you may want to get a home gym, with an exercise bicycle, treadmill, boxing gear, or an abdominal exerciser. These options give you the ability to workout in the privacy of your home. But, choose equipment that you will actually use. It comes down to making changes in your lifestyle that you can handle and sticking with this routine. Soon, the “exercise” will become second nature for you, making you 10 pounds lighter and happier. You might even have enough extra energy for that morning jog.


    The Benefits Of Extended Wear Contact Lenses


    There exists a significant segment of the population that has avoided wearing contact lenses. These people believe that contact lenses are inconvenient, uncomfortable, possibly even unsafe and expensive. In reality, a person who harbors these types of reservations about contact lenses might want to give serious consideration to the purchase of extended wear contact lenses. There are a number of definite benefits to be realized through the purchase and use of extended wear contact lenses. First of all, extended wear contact lenses are very convenient even more convenient than more traditional types of contact lenses. On some level, when it comes to extended wear contact lenses, a person really just has to keep the product clean, put them in their eyes and be off. The amount of time that a person needs to devote to caring for extended wear contact lenses is not great. Second, in the vast majority of instances, consumers who utilize extended wear contact lenses find them to be very comfortable. For the most part, people who wear extended wear conctact lenses completely forget that they have anything in their eyes. Third, extended wear contact lenses are safe. Provided a consumer takes the time to maintain his or her contact lenses appropriately, these products and not harmful in any fashion. When used correctly, extended wear contact lenses do not harm a wearer. Of course, it is very important for a consumer to make certain that he or she schedules regular appointments with his or her eye care professional. Regular checkups and eye examinations are important. Finally, in this day and age, it is relatively easy to locate and purchase extended wear contact lenses for a very reasonable price. These products are relatively inexpensive. Both in the brick and mortar world and on the Internet, consumers generally are able to find extended wear contact lenses and related products at competitive prices. In other words, you do not need to break the bank to obtain a set of extended wear contact lenses. If you are looking for reliable, safe, convenient and reasonably priced eye sight solutions, take the time to examine whether or not extended wear contact lenses might be the perfect choice for you. By taking the time to consider your eye wear alternatives including extended wear contact lenses you will be in a position to obtain the type of product that best meets your needs both now and into the future.


    Children In Need 24


    children in need We all have our pet charities that we love, and we find time to give them what we can in the way of help and donations. One popular type of charity is one that helps children in need. Children are innocent, and often born into situations that are not the best, but their parents do what they can. This means that the kindness of strangers can mean the difference between starving and having a good meal, or may mean that Christmas is a happy time instead of filled with disappointment. Most are touched by children in need because they know the child did nothing to get themselves into their predicament. They can’t help how they were born, or who they were born to. Not all parents are bad, some just have bad luck, and they do the best they can with what they have. Sometimes, that is just not enough. Children in need are always grateful, and perhaps that is why so many support those causes as well. Most communities have many programs for children, and they make up the majority of charities that most give to each year. One popular charity for kids in need is Toys For Tots. Each year, stores and volunteers collect unopened toys to give to children in need in the immediate area. I always try to buy some stuff to throw in the box. No child should be without presents during the holidays, and this is one that always touches me. It might not be as important as putting food on the table, but giving a child joy is something that should be special to everyone. They are always so grateful, even when they have little to be grateful for. When checking out other charities for children in need, do a little research. If it is a well known charity, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Your money, however, is best spent going to a charity that does not take a lot off the top for administrative purposes. Some money has to go to this, but it should not be a lot of it. If you aren’t happy with the percentages, you are free to give your money to someone else. There are plenty of children in need out there, and plenty of charities that will help them. You can feel free to find the right one so you know the money is going where it should be going.


    Mounu Island Vavau Tonga


    A Romantic Honeymoon Package like no other could be Mounu Island Vavau Tonga. A South Pacific Honeymoon is very special, and Mounu is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Tonga. It is small, only a 6.5 acre coral atoll, surrounded by shimmering white sand that your feet sink into and turquoise sea that is so clear you can see the fish, and a climate that means warm balmy nights almost all year round. Your romantic honeymoon package can help the environment as well because Mounu has been set up as an Eco Resort. Mounu Island Resort consists of four fales, which are scattered around the atoll, each with its own private beach, and there is a Honeymoon suite, all with great verandas, and very comfortably furnished. Don’t worry about the composting toilets, they work extremely well, in fact better than some toilets on mainland deluxe hotels!! Try to go in high season, between July and September, because of the absolute delight of whale watching, even swimming with the humpback whales, even just off the beach before breakfast!! What kind of romantic honeymoon package would that make!! The meals are a delight, well cooked, well presented, and more than enough to eat, using local fresh fruits, home made breads, and of course wonderfully fresh fish, not forgetting the baked coconut. Their crayfish pasta dish is worth the trip alone. The freshest Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Coral Trout, Snapper and Lobster all feature on the menu. Breakfasts are superb, and often made to order, either full English or crepes. There is plenty to do on Mounu Island on your South Pacific Island vacation, what with swimming, fishing, snorkelling, whale watching, or just reading one of the library books and relaxing to the sound of the sea, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is worth giving a special mention to the snorkelling, which is absolutely superb only a few feet from the beach. It is like being in a gigantic tropical fish tank, with colours the like of which you are unlikely to see again. This isn’t the place for the party animal who needs all the 5 star comforts and service, but it makes a perfect romantic honeymoon package, with the beach, the sea, no noise, no crowds. Having said that the owners are well worth taking the time to get to know and chat to, because it will make your evenings a lot of fun, just listening to them, and their tales of Tongan life. All in all, Mounu Island has everything for the perfect romantic honeymoon package, a South Pacific Island Vacation with a difference, and just as ideal for the stressed out executive. Go for it. For other South Pacific Hideaways go to worldwidevacationspots. com/categories/Pacific Ocean Hideways/


    Quickly And Easily Blow Up Their Bank Accounts Explode Their Traffic


    Brand New SEO Software Has Web Hosts Everywhere SCREAMING... "Cut The Bandwidth...Quick!" Uncover The Brutally Effective SEO Software That "Average Joes and Janes" Are Using To Quickly and Easily Blow Up Their Bank Accounts, Explode Their Traffic, and Triple Their Sales With Little Or No Extra Work... Version 4.0 Just Released! From: Brad Callen Indianapolis, IN Saturday, September 15, 2007 Dear Traffic Seeker, It's become the 'secret weapon' of choice these days... ...And anyone can have it! You see...what you're about to discover is far more than the latest software. It's a piece of cutting edge technology powered by the cries of regular people just like you and me who were sick and tired of being kicked around the internet by their competition and the "big" SEO firms. I say "big" because after I released this software to the world, a whole lot of things have changed online because... Big SEO Firms Have Lost Their Iron Grip! They no longer control the masses they no longer control YOU. ...Because this incredible software has empowered the average person, any person, including take command and control your internet traffic with just a few clicks of your mouse! Imagine this 'secret weapon' at your fingertips helping YOU get to the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN much quicker than any other way, and here's undeniable video proof... It defies belief, but this could be YOUR reality sooner than you think cos... This Secret Weapon Is The Missing Link! Perhaps the skeptic in you is violently protesting... "Brad, cut the crap. There's no way my checks and sales reports are gonna look like yours!" I feel ya. It seems like only yesterday when I felt like throwing in the towel because my checks just wouldn't get any bigger no matter how much harder I tried! Trying Is NOT The Answer... I've walked a mile in your shoes before, so I know exactly how downright frustrating it is to 'try' and keep 'trying'. Fact: The key to HUGE checks and windfalls of profit is really MORE traffic! Think about it... Having all the traffic you want allows you to make all the profits you want. It'll make marketing your products and services seem almost effortless you'll know exactly how and who to promote your products to… you'll be able to beat every other internet marketer out there at their own game without having to resort to shady programs or having to compete to be noticed and sevilyalci. bryxen1.hop. clickbank. net


    It Was A Christmas Miracle


    So there we were, awkwardly staring at one another in utter disbelief that nobody could figure it out. It was a week before Christmas, and all through the house, your narrator was fuming….I could smash my mouse! We were trying to put up our Christmas tree, and we weren’t having much luck. Bah Humbug!! My family and I went out early that morning to find the perfect tree. I filled up a thermos with hot apple cider, and got the kids ready to go. The three of them got on our big old sleigh, and my husband and I took turns pulling them through the bush. We live out in the country, and we have this majestic forest on the back of our land. Every year we go out together and find the perfect tree, and the children each have a hand in cutting it down. It has become a wonderful family tradition. We returned home and had some lunch while the tree thawed out, and then I gathered the boxes of decorations from the basement. We finally got the tree into the stand, and started stringing the lights. My husband suggested that we test the lights first, but I didn’t see the point. I strung all of the lights, plugged them in, and nothing happened. He didn’t even bother to say "I told you so"! I decided to remove the lights from the tree, and swore that I would find the bulb that was causing us so much trouble. I spent the next hour or so changing and replacing each and every bulb on the string. I plugged them back in, and nothing happened. I was fast becoming the Scrooge! By this time my husband was playing on the computer, and the kids were having a snowball fight in the yard. I decided it was time for some Egg Nog. When I returned, my husband was examining each of the bulbs. He told me that the circuit was being broken somehow, and that in time he would figure it out. Five minutes later, the lights were aglow! In his hand, he held one little bulb. Apparently the bulbs that we use today have their standard filament, but they also have a secondary shunt wire that maintains the circuit if the filament burns out. As it turns out, the shunt wire in this one little bulb was defective. A short while later we were all sipping hot cocoa under our beautiful sparkling tree. To me, it was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!


    Choosing Good Quality Travel Luggage


    Would you like to find out what those in the know have to say about my appreciation towards using travel luggage Samsonite brand? The information in the article below comes from my own experience about using this brand for a while and I just want to share with you all. The information about this brand presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about interest to use buy it or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes. The following article is not the promotional of product at all but I just would like to share good experience and I want you to have the same. It can be said that in the travel luggage market today, consumers get the most advantage from the market competitiveness. Many of travel luggage providers launched massive of product designs and colors as well as ranges of price which you can afford. Some of you may have perception that this brand is always expensive but in fact they have a variety of prices which affordable in the same time they remain to have good quality as always. Apart from affordable price, the quality of this product is recognized widely of its durable material and light weight. I can guarantee that you will fell that the one you bought is never expensive if compare to its quality. For someone who may have a little money to support expensive travel luggage. I also encourage you to invest with this brand. Comparing to buy only one best quality even though it is a bit expensive, but imagine that if you buy other brand every time you want to travel due to the lower quality than Samsonite. Frankly speaking, you may have to spend even more money than buying god quality one, so you should take this into account. Therefore, an effective price compare between brands is really needed in order to help you choosing travel luggage that has good quality and affordable price. Apart from designs and colours that you may choose for your personal need, you have to consider other factor such as resistance to scratch, pressure and chemicals. This is because you may have seen how your travel luggage is transferred and care in the airport, especially if they are treated by airline staffs or even yourself. Therefore, it is compulsory that you have to bring all kind of factors to consider when you have to choose travel luggage, not only design and colours. The considerable time that one good quality luggage should last is about 3 4 years, but it can be sure that Samsonite can give you longer usage than that. Due to its world wide reputation, Samsonite is one of the top brands of travel and other kind of luggage with great customer support. Not only good quality luggage you will get from its product but also excellent customer service, especially after sale service. The company has warranty for every single luggage that they sell so you can make sire that you will get maximum customer service as well as good quality of products. Once you have got some of my appreciation towards using this brand, you begin to realize that there's more benefits than you think. The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you'll be glad you took the time to learn more about it.


    Pet Services Why We Need Them


    If you were to sit down and make a list of all the pet services available to pet owners, it would take you an eternity. If you have an issue concerning your pet, no matter what kind of animal you have, chances are, there is someone close by to help you with a solution, so there is no need to worry yourself. Pet services, in general, can mean a lot of things to different people. There are also different services depending on the genre of pet you have. Typically, the more popular the type of pet, the more services you will find to help you with your concerns. Most providers of pet services are pet lovers, and they are doing what they do with the inerest of the animal in mind. Unfortunately, sometimes the need for pet services arises due to a bad situation, such as a lost pet or an abused pet, and they neeed to be rescued. Animal rescue and animal shelters are among the most important of them all, and are there to help control the population of stray animals, and ultimately to save lives. It's a shame that most of these types of pet services are non profit organizations, because they often cannot hold on to these animals for ever. If you are looking to get a pet, this is where you will find animals that are up for adoption. Some of the animals have been abandoned, lost or abused, and they really need someone to take them in and take care of them. As we stated earlier, rescue shelters are just one variation of pet services there to help with pet concerns. Maybe you need someone to take your dog for a walk, or you need to learn how to groom your pet, or your parrot needs medical help. Other examples of pet services can include providers of pet insurance, dog training, pet boarding for when you are out of town, or even breeders. If you need to know more about pet services, or you are seeking pet advice, this is a great place to start. We have put forth this resource to help people with their pet needs, and we hope that you have found it useful.


    Celebrate Vinyl Record Day


    When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph on August 12, 1877, little did he know just how much influence his “Talking Machine” would have, not only in the music industry, but in pop culture as well. Records are a part of the music of the ages and it is up to us as individuals and retailers, not only to enjoy our favorite recordings, but to preserve them as well; thus Vinyl Record Day was born. Vinyl Record Day ( VinylRecordDay. org) is celebrated on August 12th (or the first Saturday following the 12th) and was conceived and brought to the forefront by vinyl enthusiast and vinyl record historian Gary Freiberg. I spoke with Gary about the meaning of Vinyl Record Day and how we can help to as individuals and what retailers can do to help preserve this timeless medium and international treasure. “Vinyl Record Day is about celebrating vinyl records and the public should take notice of this special day. Invite friends and family over for a barbeque, maybe form a block party and play records, think records and talk about records and what they mean to each of us individually and culturally,” explained Gary. Gary went into further detail, "Whatever the feel good aspects of Vinyl Record Day are, a retailer will ask how will this help my bottom line? Vinyl Record Day can get free publicity, it puts a good face on a business within their community and is a reason to have something special at the location: a parking lot sale, entertainment, store specials are great examples. I would hope the industry would become more involved with Vinyl Record Day so that, not only are the goals of Vinyl Record Day spread, but that people trying to make all or part of their living with vinyl could be part of an industry and not scattered individuals. We need to have a cohesive national impact as the milk industry did with their "Got Milk" campaign. I truly believe that Internet and traditional brick store owners could benefit financially, and in the case of brick store owners, in their communities by being part of Vinyl Record Day. Another important goal of Vinyl Record Day is to preserve the cultural influences, the recordings and the cover art. We also hope to increase awareness that economics prevents companies from transferring everything on to compact discs.” A very dynamic and immensely important point Gary talked about is that only 5% of our musical history has been transferred to cd, so it is our responsibility to preserve this medium. Maybe your grandfather, sibling or cousin released a record and, although it may have not made the “top ten,” it is our music and some of these wonderful recordings cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, I own a vinyl copy of a Spiro Agnew speech and one of our most revered presidents John F. Kennedy has released several recordings, as have other influential and historical figures. Additionally, Vinyl Record Day is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate the public and encourage all of us to preserve these international audio treasures. It is also a marketing opportunity for any vinyl record retailer. “Vinyl Record Day is focused on educating the public that this timeless medium is in our hands, don’t leave the preservation of vinyl to fate. Vinyl records represent historical audio documents and just as we preserve historical literature, we are the custodians of this audio history. Vinyl Record Day is more than one day a year set aside for celebration, it is also for the industry itself,” acknowledged Gary. " We also discussed past celebrations, from the inaugural Vinyl Record Day in San Luis County, California and the international support and attention that Vinyl Record Day receives as well. “Vinyl Record Day hopes to continue to educate the public on why and how to care for a record collection because these collections are not only a part of who we are individually, but to assure that future generations will not lose a vital link in recorded history,” related Gary. As an avid vinyl record collector, I truly enjoyed my conversation with Gary, who is very passionate about the cause. Vinyl Record Day is a nonprofit organization that needs the help of all of us, consumers, collectors, musicians, retailers as well as the record companies. So, as you celebrate Vinyl Record Day this August, think about the history, preservation of the format and enjoyment you receive when listening to your favorite records. For more information and how you can help as an individual, please visit the website, VinylRecordDay. org and let Gary know that you endorse all of his efforts. (You may even donate your record collection to Vinyl Record Day and you can receive full value as a tax write off. Vinyl Record Day needs money to promote, not only Vinyl Record Day, but can help retailers in their own business endeavors)


    Convection Vs. Conventional Ovens... What S The Difference


    If you are in the market for a new oven and you’ve already begun shopping for one, you’ve probably noticed that there are a few different types. Two of the most popular oven types are conventional and convection, and many newer ovens have the option of cooking food in either fashion depending on the set mode. The difference in these two types of ovens is the way in which the heat in the oven is dispersed during the cooking process. Convection ovens A convection oven uses a fan which is usually located on the back side of the oven. The purpose of the fan is to force the heated air inside of the oven and circulate it around the item being cooked. The heated air is constantly pushed over and around the food, and therefore a convection oven cooks food much faster than a conventional oven. Not only does a convection oven cook food more quickly than a conventional oven, but it can also thoroughly cook food at lower temperatures. The average amount of time saved when cooking with a convection oven is about 20 percent of the food’s normal cooking time. The temperature a convection oven uses to cook food is also about 20 percent lower than a recipe’s suggested cooking temperature. Typically, convection ovens are known for their popularity in the restaurant industry as well as in commercial cooking facilities. However, it is becoming more popular for individuals to own convection ovens in their homes… or at least a conventional oven that can switch to a convection mode upon request. Convection ovens are speedier and more efficient than conventional ovens, and therefore may be more expensive. However, professional chefs from around the world swear by them and rely on them for delicious tasting food. Also, since the air circulation in a convention oven is the same throughout, food will cook at the same rate no matter where it is placed in the oven… on the top or bottom rack or near the front or back. Conventional Ovens Traditionally, most personal residences in the United States come equipped with a modern conventional ovens. These are the most common types of household ovens, and are used every day by men and women to cook all sorts of meals, desserts, breads, and many other types of food. Conventional ovens are similar to convection ovens in that they both cook food using heat. They both have the ability to use either gas or electricity, depending on the hook up in a home. Some may have the versatility to use either gas or electricity simply depending on what is plugged in to them, and some are made to be either gas specific or electricity specific. The most obvious difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven is the fact that in a conventional oven, air is not forced throughout the oven on a constant basis with the aid of a fan, as it is in a convection oven. In a conventional oven, the heat circulation in the oven can become blocked by pots and pans inside of the oven. The blocking of the heat can cause uneven cooking. Uneven cooking is especially noticeable when both the bottom and top racks in the oven are being used at the same time. The items on top will cook faster because heat rises to the tops of conventional ovens and when there is a lot in the oven, the heat gets trapped there. There are pros and cons to both conventional and convection ovens. Conventional ovens have been serving people for years and years and food has been cooked successfully in them for many decades. Convection ovens have many followers and fans, but these types of ovens can be hard to get used to… especially for novice cooks.


    Nourishment For Web Growth


    : Web Design Delhi company e fuzion keep the layout of the website as simple as possible without creating undue distractions in the form of ads that pop up every time the user is browsing on your website. It always tries to give the website a more customer friendly experience by designing a simple user interface. It is vital to communicate effectively with your customer; this can be made possible only with a good website design. Web Design Delhi Company always tries to use such designs which are more customer friendly and avoid using technical terms as far as possible.

    Web Design Delhi company e fuzion makes sure that the web sites are able to put across your ideas and suggestions along with the message in such a manner that it gets across to the customer. Thus, your website design must be able to create more acquaintance about your company and its products.

    Content is the king, eye catching visual images, self explanatory web pages. Web Design Delhi Company e fuzion keep web site with good design, its design as simple as possible.

    It also provide good communication medium, these are the five popular principles of making a marvelous web site. Like products, websites have to be easy to use as well as attractive.

    So, once you have completed your web design, it’s vital to get real people to test it. Larger websites often do user testing with wire framing of their early web design jobs. A web design frame is a very simple prototype of a web page showing the basic layout without any of the colors or images that will end up showing the final web design picture.

    Testing how people use wire frames is an excellent way of identifying any usability problems in the web design early on rather than waiting until the website has been launched. Once you have sketched your ideas and decided which ones to try out, you are ready to open your web design program. Web Design Delhi company e fuzion is the web design programmer in which many web designers use to create the graphics for their websites. Basically, you draw your website with the help of a web design program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro before coding it with CSS, HTML or PHP and other computer languages.


    Essay Service
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