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    Hair Loss Are You Suffering From Alopecia Aerata


    Hair loss is a common problem. But most of the people who suffer hair loss never understand why their hair is falling. It is a mystery for most of us. Because of not understanding, we try many therapies including different diets and natural formulations. But most of the times, we find no improvement. That is very disappointing and we accept the fact of hair loss and stop trying. This need not be done. Once we understand all the possible reasons of hair loss, we can surely find out what is happening to us and take an informed decision. Alopecia aerata is one of common causes of hair loss. Let us find out about that. Hair loss what is alopecia aerata? Alopecia aerata is an autoimmune disease. In this disease the body attacks the hair follicles and kills them. The body begins to think that hair follicles are foreign objects and wants to remove them. Why it does that is a mystery. Hair loss pattern in alopecia aerata You may begin losing hair in coin size patches. Sometimes the loss will stop after a patch or two and re grow there after some months. Sometimes the loss continues and you may lose all the hair. This hair may come back after some months. No body can predict about how you will lose hair and when you will get it again. If you have a family member who suffers from a autoimmune disease such as Atopic dermatitis, hay fever etc. your probability of getting alopecia aerata increases. There is no way to stop this hair loss. Only treatment can be done to get the hair back sooner. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


    Tips For Planning A Successful Corporate Party


    Whether or not the company you work for offers yearly celebrations, there comes a time in every business when get togethers arise. Sometimes, the occasion calls for the popping of champagne, while others include a simple spread of cheese and crackers. Depending on the event that needs planning, corporate parties have the potential to become rather entertaining moments that create everlasting memories when organized in the proper manner. Regardless if this is your first time planning a corporate party, there are plenty of tips to follow and things to learn along the way. Below are a few to keep in mind: 1) Knowing the budget allotted for a corporate party is rather important, which allows a planner to make the proper arrangements that better serve the theme of the event. When you don’t have a clue as to the amount of money that you can spend on a get together, the decisions you make for the event may not be as realistic as they can or should be. 2) Since you’ve been working in the office for a decent amount of time (to have the responsibility of planning a corporate party), you should already have an idea about what type of things that your fellow co workers enjoy. Planning the kind of activities that will get employees involved during the party makes the event more enjoyable for all. For instance, a silly office group may appreciate “Pin the Tail on the Boss” while others may enjoy a friendly round of charades. 3) Food and drink is what keeps a party going. When guests are hungry and thirsty, they are less likely to stay or feel satisfied. Depending on the type of corporate party you are planning, you may or may not have to employ the services of a caterer, which will cost much more than homemade punch, cookies, and finger foods. Some offices have saved money and added variety to a party by having each guest bring a contribution to the party. This way a variety of tastes can be explored and satisfied. 4) Depending on the crowd, food and drink might not be enough to entertain the masses, but music is a nice distraction that keeps many in the groove. Music not only calms the mood, but also provides the chance for guests to “cut a rug” and “work up a sweat.” Since many different personalities will attend the event, you should plan on bringing a variety of CDs with slow, medium, and fast beats and tempos. When it comes time to iron out the details of a corporate party, you may also want to ask yourself a few questions, such as: What time and date will be convenient for all employees? Will the corporate party be financed or sponsored? What will be the theme of the party? Will any volunteers be needed? Should alcoholic drinks be included in the planning of the party?


    Does Health Really Matter If You Re Fit


    Surprisingly, if you're anything like me, you really don't know. Why not? Well, it's likely because we get so caught up in trying to build the perfect body, we forget to measure our health. "So in truth, in the process of building a better body, we regrettably may forget all about our health." In other words, we're so busy training harder and harder to achieve the coveted six pack set of abs, and we're working even harder running on a treadmill every morning to peel off those layers of stubborn fat from our bellies... So in truth, in the process of building a better body, we regrettably may forget all about our health. Interestingly, many people believe that health is a byproduct of living a life full of physical fitness. That health is attained in the pursuit of building a better body. So I thought too. You may remember (from a previous, "Truth Matters" Editor's Letter of mine, where I revealed one of my life's biggest "Ah ha moments")... I confessed to using anabolic steroids. I'm not proud of it. But, I want to be honest because in all good friendships, you need to show your warts if you want to strengthen the relationship. Anyway, at the time, while to any ordinary passerby I must have appeared—on the outside—to be super healthy, I was actually killing myself on the inside. Day by day, the substances I was using were damaging my health. It wasn't until years later that I had an epiphany which would turn me on to the constant pursuit of building the best body my genetics would allow, and later, would help me discover my purpose: devoting the rest of my life to teaching others how to do the same. During this time, however, I learned something profound: in life, we either move toward health or closer to death. Sadly, in my experience, I see most people choose to wait until the later nearly happens—like a heart attack hits, an ulcer strikes, or a bout of cancer erupts—before they put their lives in order and get on the "health kick" bandwagon. (Sometimes, unfortunately, they wait until it's too late though!) "...we 'think' we are healthy, but in fact, there's a good chance we are not that healthy after all." The truth is, there is no in between. Yet, that's where most of us live. Right smack dab in the middle. In other words, we "think" we are healthy, but in fact, there's a good chance we are not that healthy after all. Make no mistake. Health is hard to measure. Think about it. That's why it's so hard for most people to take a multivitamin. You take it. You don't necessarily feel healthier the next day. Or the next. Or a month later for that matter. So, you stop taking it. On the other hand, when you take a fat loss pill, or a creatine based supplement, if it's a quality product, after about a week or two, you see noticeable results. You can measure it. That's why we so easily fall in love with developing our physiques and yet can lose sight of the level of our health. I have to admit, up until about four years ago—when my wife and I had our first child—I thought I was relatively healthy. So I wasn't overly obsessed about my health. At 30 years young, working out with weights regularly, eating smart, nutritious foods, I "felt" pretty healthy. Little did I know how much abuse those anabolic agents, which I had taken over ten years ago, would have poisoned my health. Then I attended a seminar in Denver, Colorado, where I was first introduced to Michael F. Roizen, a preventive gerontologist from the University of Chicago. I was invited by some fellow entrepreneurs who, like me, worked long, stressful hours during the week, didn't always get the proper amount of sleep every night, and wanted to hear what Dr. Roizen had to say about the subject of health. What was really intriguing was, unlike what I assumed I would learn that day... I came away with more than just how healthy (or unhealthy) I really was: I learned something entirely new... something he called our "Real Age." You see, Dr. Roizen has developed a scientific practice around his theory of Real Age. Basically, he's compiled a way to determine your biological age, which may, for better or worse in many cases, be a lot different than your chronological age—your calendar days. During the seminar, I learned that Dr. Roizen had spent the last nine years compiling a list of over 100 health related factors. Among them, tobacco and alcohol use, diet, prescription and over the counter drug use, your parent's health, even pet ownership and the highest educational level you've completed. He then diligently reviewed thousands upon thousands of scientific studies concerning various lifestyle, psychological, and health related issues and weaved all of these factors into a questionnaire to determine your "Real Age." Depending on how well you take care of yourself, your Real Age might be years younger—or older—than the calendar indicates. "Dr. Roizen's objective is to help you identify how healthy, or unhealthy, you really are—despite what you may think of yourself—and then offer up sound advice on how to correct it."The questionnaire is rather arduous. It takes up to 45 to complete. But, in my humble opinion, it's well worth the investment in time. And make no mistake about it, my friend, if you've taken your health for granted, be prepared for a shock. After you complete the questionnaire, Dr. Roizen then explains how to follow a personalized "age reduction plan" using a range of methods, from quick fixes (like wearing a helmet while bicycling) to moderately easy changes (avoid overexposure to the sun and radon exposure), all the way to the most difficult changes (reduce the stress in your life). You may be surprised to discover there's no earth shattering advice from him, by any means. The advice is practical and seems almost common sense. What I found most interesting, though, was discovering what my biological age was, versus my chronological age. Needless to say, Dr. Roizen's objective is to help you identify how healthy, or unhealthy, you really are—despite what you may think of yourself—and then offer up sound advice on how to correct it. In fact, he then shows you how to knock 10 to 20 years off the stated biological age, depending on how far you exceed it. You can take the Real Age test for free, online. To calculate your Real Age, by taking the patented Real Age test, simply click here. Once you know your Real Age, you'll receive personalized recommendations, health information, and solutions to help make your Real Age younger. By the way, it may startle you to find out that the first time I took the Real Age test, my biological age revealed a 48 year old man. (Remember, I just turned 34 in August.) To say I was disappointed in myself would be an understatement. Just imagine. As someone who has, for over 15 years, taught and made a conscience effort to live by the fundamental truths of residing in a strong, healthy body… I was devastated. However taken back I was at the time, instead of blaming it solely on my chemically abusive younger years and accepting it as my punishment, I chose to use this upsetting news to provide me with the motivation to start making fundamental changes in my life. Believe it or not, little changes were all that was required. wearing a bike helmet (which I always thought was for wimps), whenever I went on bikes rides on my mountain bike. I started taking CO Q10 supplements, daily, for my heart (which I always ignored because I told myself that was only for "health nuts"), despite the fact that both my grandfathers had heart attacks at an early age. Again, like I said. Little, "healthy minded" things. "Making better choices not only adds years to life but, as Dr. Roizen indicates, it also slows your speed of aging now. The choices you have made until now not only affect your life expectancy but also your Real Age."These little things, as they added up, started to make a significant difference in my biological age. In fact, over the course of the last three years, I'm proud to say my Real Age is now below my chronological age. I'm 30 in Real Age. Think about it. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?! Making better choices not only adds years to life but, as Dr. Roizen indicates, it also slows your speed of aging now. The choices you have made until now not only affect your life expectancy but also your Real Age. So, does your devotion to physical fitness and the aesthetics of your physique define your level of health? I'm sure you'd like to think so. But, besides regular visits to your primary physician for annual "check ups," how sure are you about your overall health? Wouldn't you like to know? Finding balance between fitness and health is the hallmark of living in a strong, healthy body... and living your absolute best life!


    Credit Card Applications Online


    Are you looking for a new credit card? If so, the World Wide Web is the best place to begin your search. Filling out credit card applications online is faster, easier, and more secure than ever before. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you apply with an online credit card application. A Wide Selection You probably get many credit card offers in the mail. While this may seem convenient, the information you receive is limited. You only learn what one particular card has to offer. You could miss your chance to apply for a credit card that truly fits your needs. The Internet gives you access to a wide variety of credit card applications. Whether you are looking for low interest rates, cash back programs, free miles or other rewards, you will be able to find it online. If you have poor credit, search for “bad credit credit cards” and you will find many that are made for your situation. If your credit history is solid, add the words “good” or “excellent” to your search. Convenience When you apply online for a credit card, you’ll find a vast assortment of options right at your fingertips. You can search for a card application any time, day or night, that is convenient for you. The terms and conditions of each card are also available online. When you apply online, you will often be able to find out if you are approved for the card within a matter of minutes or even seconds. This saves you the time of sending in an application through the mail and waiting for weeks to find out if you have been approved. Once you have been approved, the card will be sent to you in the mail. Choosing a Card Before you fill out a credit card application online, think about what type of credit card you need. If you plan on carrying a balance from month to month, you might look for a card with a low interest rate. If rewards are what you’re after, you have plenty of options to choose from, including airline miles, gift certificates, gas rebates, cash back, and more. You’ll also want to look into the annual fee and interest rate. Many cards come with introductory offers, such as 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. Some lenders offer a fixed interest rate, while others include a variable one. You will want to think about these factors, and possibly others, as you decide on a credit card. The online application process is simple. Be ready to provide basic information, including your date of birth, social security number and home address. Some credit card applications also request information regarding your housing situation, income level and employment status. When you have filled out the credit card application online, hit “send” to submit it. You will most likely receive a confirmation e mail regarding your application. You’ll find out soon whether or not you have been approved. Once your card arrives in the mail, you can begin using it right away. With the Internet, applying online for a credit card has never been easier. Start the process today. You’ll soon enjoy the benefits of your new card.


    Tca Skin Peel Cost Effective Way To Treat Acne


    Acne, pimples, sunspots, age spots, wrinkles and other blemishes are skin conditions that plague people the world over. The global beauty industry already makes billions of dollars every year as women everywhere embark on quests to preserve (or achieve) a youthful, glowing appearance. Responding to this need, dermatologists, and other specialists continue to look for the best and safest possible treatments and formulations to combat skin ailments, the most common of which is acne. Apart from the services offered at skin clinics, many creams, gels and ointments that claim to treat acne, diminish sun or age spots and enhance skin elasticity are widely available in the market. There are scrubs, cleansers, masks, over the counter skin medicine and skin peel formulations, all offered at various price ranges. Most can be bought at department stores or drugstores, but the fact is that very few of these so called “miracle” products actually work. And the latest medical research has shown that what does work as a proven treatment for acne, are skin peels. Plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Leiberman explains: “Unlike other techniques, TCA skin peels get to the root of the problem with acne, resulting in tremendously effective results leaving the patient with noticeably fresher, smoother skin and great texture…without the acne! ” The TCA peel, or trichloroacetic acid skin peel, is recommended by many doctors and skin specialists as it is a medium strength treatment that is among the safest, most effective, as well as easiest to use. It sloughs off layers of dull dead skin that may cover up the source of acne. It also enhances the blood flow and circulation in the skin, promoting skin cell rejuvenation and the build up of skin strengthening collagen and elastin. Conventional skin peel treatments that involve suction type dermabrasion can cause further damage, as it can bruise the skin and break some small blood vessels. Those who wish to treat their acne and other skin problems with TCA can control the strength of the treatment by starting off with a weak solution and gradually working their way up to more concentrated mixtures as needed. TCA can be mixed with other previously prepared creams such as Obagi or applied directly. It is important to remember that TCA skin peels should not exceed more than 20 minutes on one’s skin. The time limit generally depends on the strength or concentration of the mixture and the type of skin. Because of the chemical content, doctors recommend applying a neutralizer, such as a simple mixture of baking soda and water, to calm and stabilize the skin after the TCA peel is applied. Users should wait about six months before applying another treatment. TCA peels are great for treating acne and less expensive than clinic or spa based treatments. Websites such as . bestskinpeel. com offer this effective product at a fraction of the price one would normally pay per session or treatment at salons and spas. The set offered by this particular website is priced at under $30.00 and includes one ounce of medical grade 50% concentrate TCA skin peel (good enough for about 30 treatments) as easy to follow instructions by a licensed practitioner. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can do this treatment at home? Apart from the 50% concentrate, many suppliers also offer as low as an 8% concentrate TCA skin peel for users with more sensitive skin.


    Why You Should Choose Debt Consolidation


    : If debt is currently an issue in your life, debt consolidation really can save you from the stress of bills, debt collectors, and the nagging thoughts of foreclosure or even bankruptcy. Debt consolidation can drastically change your life within weeks, months, or years depending on your current debt situation. Consolidating your debts will allow you to live with peace of mind that you are taking care of your financial obligations while continuing to live a happy life.Debt consolidation is taking all of your bills and fitting them into one monthly payment. Fitting all your bills into one payment also means one interest rate, which will limit the amount you pay out every month, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Debt consolidation also makes paying off multiple debts easier because the monthly payments can be lowered when you take away insane interest rates. The average debtor pays more interest every month than they do on the actual principal balance of their debt! Eliminating the sky high interest rates is a good start to getting your debts paid, without going completely broke.Many people assume when they can’t pay the bills it’s time to just throw up their hands and consider drastic actions such as foreclosure, repossession and bankruptcy. While there are some extreme cases where bankruptcy would be the best option, foreclosure is almost always avoidable as is repossession. Banks, car dealerships, mortgage companies, and creditors don’t like to have to take back property or write off your debts, they would rather work with you on debt consolidation so that they can get back what they are owed and you can go on your way with your credit still in tact. Bankruptcy, repossession, and foreclosure are not easy outs when it comes to debts; in fact, they are choices that will continue to affect you for a long, long time. Consider debt consolidation before making any hasty decisions.Debt consolidation on your own can be tricky, or downright impossible depending on your credit situation. Luckily, there are debt consolidation companies waiting to help people who are in over their head, just like you! Debt consolidation companies will take your credit report and any unreported debts that you can give them and work out a payment plan for you. These debt consolidation companies often contact each company and strike a deal to lower or get rid of the interest and even split the balance of the amount due. Obviously, lowering or getting rid of interest and part of each debt will limit what you spend each month, enabling you to actually pay the bill.What’s the catch with this type of debt consolidation? Well, there really isn’t one. Yes, this is a business and the consolidator does make money because while he takes away the interest that each company is charging, he will charge you interest or a percentage of what you owe. Doesn’t seem fair? It is! It works out better for you, because even though you are still paying interest it’s just one interest payment for all the debts you currently hold. So, instead of paying twenty seven percent to ten companies you’ll pay twenty percent to one company. So, you go from having multiple payments and interest rates to just one payment for all the bills and one interest rate. It works! If you follow the plan, and make your monthly payments debt consolidation will soon have your credit report looking much better than it does right now.You may think that you have so much debt you cannot possibly afford to repay even on a debt consolidation plan. You’d be surprised what these companies can get done on your behalf. And, if your debt is that outstanding you can work through the process slowly, a few debts at a time. There is nothing wrong with the process taking a while, as long as you keep up with the process and intend to actually pay off your debts. Getting your credit where it should be does take time, but it’s worth it. Your credit is your buying power, and each payment you make gets you closer to having more of it.Worried that the companies you are dealing with won’t work with a debt consolidation company? You’d be surprised. Yes, the companies will loose a little bit of money compared to if you showed up with cash to repay the debt tomorrow, but in the long run it’s better for them to take a debt consolidation deal than not. Most companies figure they’d rather get a portion of your debt back and settle the deal than not get anything back at all. Getting seventy five percent of your debt back is more reasonable to them than to keep paying debt collectors to contact you and try to get the money back. All in all, any money is worth striking a deal over, and that is why a debt consolidation company can really get you where you need to be. They are professionals and they know how to get companies to agree to their terms.Debt consolidation companies will usually work with you to get your debts paid off within a reasonable monthly payment. Each month you’ll make just one payment, reducing the time and stress of paying the bill, and each month you’ll be a step closer to financial freedom. Paying off your debts, through debt consolidation or otherwise will take a weight off your back that you may not even realize is there. No one wants to have unpaid debts, but sometimes life gets in the way and it happens. It happens to the best of us. But, don’t be too proud to consolidate those debts and get back on the right track. Open up your local phone book, or get online and find a debt consolidation service in your area. Contact a debt consolidator not with shame, but with pride, because you are stepping up to do the right thing.


    What Else Can You Do With A Communication Degree


    : The ability to communicate effectively is often cited as the skill rated number one for career advancement across all professions. Unless you leave alone in an island which is disconnected from the rest of the world, else you will need to communicate with other people either on personal stuffs or on the business needs. If you are a working individual or a businessman, a good skill in communication and the success of using communication techniques are keys to ensure the success of your career advancement. Everybody knows the important of communication, but what else can you do with a communication degree? Career Opportunities There are many potential career opportunities available for those people with communication studies degrees. Among the communication careers are business, sales, human relations, customer service, social services, management, public relations, advertising, media, fund raising, law, politics, consulting, and publishing. According to the U. S. Department of Labor, nine of the possible career paths mentioned above will be the biggest generators of new jobs over the next ten years. It may surprise you to discover exactly who holds a communication degree. There are many success people who have both studied in the discipline and received degrees in communication. To name a few, David Boreanaz, actor on the T. V. series Angel, holds a communication degree; Evan Bayh, Indiana Senator studied debate and other communication related courses at Indiana University; successful broadcast journalists who hold degrees in communication include network news anchor, Connie Chung, shock jock radio personality, Howard Stern, and television news host, Bob Costas. The communication qualities such as listening, speaking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, reasoning, self esteem, sociability, self management, integrity, and honesty are the major skills which you will gain from a communication degree. According to the Department of Labor states, the above skills are among the most important qualities for high job performance and these are the key elements of success in almost all job professions.

    Communication Degrees Are Available Online Seeing the high market demands and the need of communication skills in all professions, there are many universities offer communication as one of their major degrees. And online communication degree has also make available for those busy individual who want to enhance their communication skills for career advancement. If you are in the category of "busy people" who want to pursue communication degree, you may consider online universities such as AIU Online, University of Phoenix Online, Capella Universities, DeVry University Online and Ellis College. These prestige online universities offer communication degrees with a few specialization areas, you could choose the one that best suit your needs; and pursue your communication degree online while continue with your current lifestyle and career. Summary Communication studies majors and minors find opportunities in the positions mentioned above and in many other types of positions and industries. The writing and communication skills gained in communication studies, prepares you for future employment in almost any field of interest.


    Important Information For Soma


    When thinking of what to take when there is pain and discomfort from previous injuries? Look no further. Soma is a prescription medication used for treating pain and discomfort from injuries in the muscles. When sprains, sprains, and spasms occur, Soma helps. This medication is usually used together with physical therapy, rest, and other treatments (like anti inflammatory medications), and not to be taken by itself. Also known as Carisoprodol, this medication is called a centrally acting muscle relaxant, and works on the body's nerves to relieve pain around the muscle area. This medication may also relieve pain by relaxing or calming one's nervous system. Take Soma as directed by your physician. This is to be taken orally with or without food, around four times a day or as prescribed by your physician. Similar to any other medications, the dosage for Soma is based on one's current medical condition and his/her response to treatment. Physicians only direct a patient in taking this medication for their current injury, and saving this drug for future use is a strict NO. Always follow your doctor's directions on when to reduce the dose, taking it less often, or to fully stop the medication. Though this might occur in very rare instances, this medication can result in abnormal drug seeking behavior, meaning that it can be habit forming or addictive. Never increase the prescribed dose, and do not take it frequently or use for a longer time than needed. By following the physicians' advice on when to stop the medication, this will help in lessening the chances of becoming addicted. When using Soma, certain side effects can occur, but on rare cases only. This includes dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, unusual fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, and face flushing. If in case any of these effects become serious or if it persists call your physician immediately. Note that this medication has been prescribed by your physician only because he or she has judged that Soma may benefit you more than the risk of side effects. Patients who are using this medication do not have any serious side effects, so asking your physician more about this medication can truly help. There are times when Soma may cause a rare but often serious reaction that usually happens within minutes or hours during your first dose. If an idiosyncratic reaction occurs, seek immediate medical attention. Stop taking Soma when you experience extreme weakness, shaky or unsteady movements, inability to move either arms of feet, joint pain, vision changes, widened pupils, mood/mental changes such as agitation, restlessness, confusion, or unexplained mood swings. Serious allergic reaction when taking Soma includes rashes, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. In case this happens, ask for medical help. All side effects stated here may not be complete, so if anything questionable happens during the use of Soma, contact your physician immediately. Taking Soma can be easy, only if one takes this medication seriously and use it properly. Addiction can be possible if you take Soma more than prescribed by your physician. Be reminded also of its side effects, and try to weigh in what Soma can do for you, against the risk that it might bring.


    Online Survey Paid Or Free


    Let me begin this article by saying it is possible to complete an online survey and get paid for your opinion. It is a fact that thousands of work from home entrepreneurs are getting paid big time for completing surveys, participating in focus groups, and even to preview movie trailers! Why would companies pay you for giving your opinion? Because they need your opinion as part of their market research to determine which products to sell and to what markets. It also helps them to improve their products to existing markets in order to improve their profit margin. Now believe you me, the companies that pay you to complete an online survey are already making money, they just understand that doing a survey to find out what people like or dislike can make them even more profitable. Here is where you and I come in; we fill out the online survey and get paid, we're happy and the company providing the survey gets the information they need. Win Win! Don't you love it! (Especially the we get paid part) The question now is how do I access these surveys and begin to make money? In order to receive offers to do an online survey or to participate in an online focus group you must be signed up and have a profile with each company. If you fit the right profile you will receive offers from them in your email. There are hundreds of companies available but how do you find them, and how can you be sure you are not wasting your time? You must sign up with a service that will provide you with access to these companies or you will be spinning your wheels. You have 2 basic alternatives: 1. Free Online Paid Survey Websites There are plenty of these sites available on the web that can be located by doing a google search. The problem with many of these sites is that they provide you with access to a database of companies that may or may not be updated. Furthermore they usually come with little or no support and guidance on how to maximize your profitability; after all you get what you pay for. 2. Online Survey Websites (fee based) These sites charge a fee to access their compiled database of online survey companies. This is usually a one time fee of 30 35 dollars that covers access to a compiled and updated database, tips and or tutorials on how to turn your online survey venture into a profitable home business, and bonuses that are usually worth more than the access fee! One of the top sites I have found providing this service can be found here at the below address: singlesource4ebooks. com/online survey. htm They even provide you with an instant $25.00 survey upon joining their site just to get you started! I highly recommend you take a look at what they have to offer. So there you have it, one mans opinion. Now you can do your own due diligence and check out which method will best benefit you most. One thing is for sure; online surveys can be a profitable home business that will provide a very nice part time or full time income. Here's to our success. Vincent Adams is a home business entrepreneur who specializes in creative programs for building online wealth. He started the blog, online survey. blogspot. com to provide information and tips on profiting from online surveys. He can be contacted through his survey blog or at [email protected] com


    The Back Breaking Truth About Osteoporosis


    Osteoporosis is a disease that is common in women. Approximately ten million American, eight million women and two million men, are affected by this condition. What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition that features loss of the bone’s normal density. It leads to abnormally porous bone that is more compressible like a sponge, than dense like a brick. This disease weakens the bones and increases risks of having fractures. Even a minor fall or injury may cause the bone to get a fracture. A lot of factors may contribute to having Osteoporosis. As we age, our body starts producing lesser calcium, causing natural degeneration of the bone. Certain medications may contribute to a loss of bone density. And also having a certain bone condition called Osteopenia, which is low bone mass, increases the risk of having Osteoporosis. How would I know if I have Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a silent disease, it has no specific symptom. Its only main consequence is an increased risk of getting bone fractures. Osteoporotic fractures happen in places a normal person would not normally break bones, they are called fragility fractures. These typically occur in the vertebral column, the hip and the wrist. Some symptoms of fragility fractures in the vertebral column, also called vertebral collapse, are acute back pain and spinal cord compression. The pain is caused by compressed nerves. Multiple vertebral fractures may lead to a stooped posture, loss of height, and chronic pain which causes reduced mobility. How is Osteoporosis treated? There are several treatments available for people with Osteoporosis. However, medical health professionals emphasized the importance of a change of lifestyle in order to prevent the disease from developing. Lifestyle change. This includes integrating exercise into your schedule and quitting cigarette smoking. Exercise does not do anything to increase bone density, it does, however, improve your sense of balance and strengthen muscles to help prevent you from falls. Cigarette smoking, on the other hand, decreases bone mass. For pre menopausal women, cigarette smoking decreases estrogen level, thereby decreasing bone mass. Medications. There are now medications available in the market that helps in stopping bone loss, some medications help increase bone strength, and some help increase bone formation. Nutrition. Eating foods rich in calcium will help supplement the loss calcium in the bones. Vitamin D and protein, although good for muscle strength, have been proven to increase the risk of getting fractures. It is not advisable to eat foods with high protein or Vitamin D content. How can I prevent getting Osteoporosis? The best way to fight Osteoporosis is to not get it in the first place. This condition is easily preventable by means of living a healthy lifestyle, exercise and proper diet. Performing exercise at an early age may help achieve higher peak bone mass and good muscle strength. Having enough exercise helps delay bone degeneration and decreases chances of acquiring Osteoporosis even at the later years of your life. A well balanced diet with sufficient calcium and vitamin D for the bones and muscles will also help decrease the risk of getting Osteoporosis. Being health conscious at an early age helps, so don’t wait until you’re old to start taking care of your bones. They are, after all, holding you up and supporting you.


    Seattle Supersonics A History


    On December 20, 1966, Los Angeles businessmen Sam Schulman and Eugene V. Klein and a group of minority partners were awarded the NBA franchise for the city of Seattle. Schulman would serve as the active partner and head of team operations. Named the SuperSonics, they were Seattle's first professional sports franchise. Beginning play in October of 1967, the SuperSonics were coached by Al Bianchi and featured All Star guard Walt Hazzard and All Rookie Team members Bob Rule and Al Tucker. The expansion team stumbled to a 23–59 record, and Hazzard was traded to the Atlanta Hawks before the start of the next season for future Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens. Wilkens brought a strong all around game to the SuperSonics, averaging 22.4 points per game, 8.2 assists per game, and 6.2 rebounds per game for Seattle in the 1968–69 season. Rule, meanwhile, improved on his rookie statistics with 24.0 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. The SuperSonics, however, only won 30 games and Bianchi was replaced by Wilkens as coach during the off season. Wilkens and Rule both represented Seattle in the 1970 NBA All Star Game, and Wilkens led the NBA in assists during the 1969–70 season. Early in the 1970–71 season, however, Rule tore his achilles tendon and was lost for the rest of the year. Wilkens was named the 1971 All Star Game MVP, but the big news of the season came when owner Sam Schulman managed to land ABA Rookie of the Year and MVP Spencer Haywood following a lengthy court battle. The following season, the SuperSonics went on to record their first winning season at 47–35. The team, led by player coach Wilkens and All NBA forward Haywood, held a 46–27 mark on March 3, but late season injuries to starters Haywood, Dick Snyder, and Don Smith contributed to the team losing eight of its final nine games — otherwise, the 1972 team might very well have become the franchise's first playoff team. The following season, Wilkens was dealt to Cleveland in a highly unpopular trade, and without his leadership the Supersonics fell to a 26–56 record. One of the few bright spots of the season was Haywood's second consecutive All NBA First Team selection, as he averaged a SuperSonics record 29.2 points per game and collected 12.9 rebounds per game. The legendary Bill Russell was hired as the head coach in the following year, and in 1975 he coached the SuperSonics to the playoffs for the first time. The team, which starred Haywood, guards Fred Brown and Slick Watts, and rookie center Tommy Burleson, defeated the Detroit Pistons in a three game mini series before falling to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors in six games. The next season, the SuperSonics traded Haywood to New York forcing the remaining players to pick up the offensive slack. Guard Fred Brown, now in his fifth season, was selected to the 1976 NBA All Star Game and finished fifth in the league in scoring average and free throw percentage. Burleson's game continued to strengthen, while Watts led the NBA in both assists and steals and was named to the All NBA Defensive First Team. The SuperSonics again made the playoffs, but lost to the Phoenix Suns in six games in spite of strong performances from both Brown (28.5 ppg) and Burleson (20.8 ppg) during the series. Russell left the SuperSonics after the 1976–77 season, and under new coach Bob Hopkins the team started the season dismally at 5–17. Lenny Wilkens was brought back to replace Hopkins, and the team's fortunes immediately turned around. The SuperSonics won 11 of their first 12 games under Wilkens, finished the season at 47–35, won the Western Conference title, and actually led the Washington Bullets three games to two before losing in seven games in the 1978 NBA Finals. Other than the loss of center Marvin Webster to New York, the SuperSonics roster stayed largely intact during the off season, and in the 1978–79 season they went on to win their first division title. In the playoffs, the Supersonics defeated the Phoenix Suns in a tough seven game conference final series to set up a rematch with the Washington Bullets in the finals. This time, the Bullets lost to the SuperSonics in five games to give Seattle its first, and so far only, NBA title. The championship team roster included the powerful backcourt tandem of Gus Williams and Finals MVP Dennis Johnson, second year All Star center Jack Sikma, forwards John Johnson and Lonnie Shelton, and key reserves Fred Brown and Paul Silas. The 1979–80 season saw the SuperSonics finish second in the Pacific Division to the Los Angeles Lakers with a strong 56–26 record. Fred Brown won the NBA's first three point shooting percentage title, Jack Sikma played in the second of his seven career All Star Games for Seattle, Gus Williams and Dennis Johnson were both named to the All NBA Second Team, and Johnson was also named to the All NBA First Defensive Team for the second consecutive year. The SuperSonics made it to the Western Conference Finals for the third straight season, but lost to the Lakers in five games. It was the last time that the backcourt of Williams and Johnson would play together in SuperSonics uniforms, as Johnson was traded to the Phoenix Suns before the start of the 1980–81 season and Williams sat out the year due to a contract dispute. As a result, the SuperSonics fell to last place in the Pacific Division with a 34–48 mark. Williams returned for the 1981–82 season, and Seattle managed respectable 52–30 and 48–34 records during the next two years. In October of 1983, original team owner Sam Schulman sold the SuperSonics to Barry Ackerley, initiating a period of decline and mediocrity for the franchise. 1984 saw Fred Brown retire after playing 13 productive seasons, all with Seattle. His career reflected much of the SuperSonics' history to that time, having been on the same team roster as Rule and Wilkens during his rookie season, playing a key role on Seattle's first playoff teams, and being the team's important sixth man during the championship series years. In recognition of his many contributions to the team, Brown's number was retired in 1986. Lenny Wilkens left the organization following the 1984–85 season, and when Jack Sikma was traded after the 1985–86 season, the last remaining tie to the SuperSonics' championship team (aside from trainer Frank Furtado) had been severed. Among the few SuperSonics highlights of second half of the 1980s were Tom Chambers' All Star Game MVP award in 1987, Seattle's surprise appearance in the 1987 Western Conference Finals, and the performance of the power trio of Chambers, Xavier McDaniel, and Dale Ellis. In 1987–88, the three players each averaged over 20 points per game with Ellis at 25.8 ppg, McDaniel at 21.4, and Chambers at 20.4. In the 1988–89 season, with Chambers traded to Phoenix, Ellis improved to his scoring average to 27.5 points per game and finished second in the league in three point percentage. The SuperSonics finished with a 47–35 record, and made it to the second round of the 1989 playoffs.


    The Six Sigma Leadership Advantage


    Since you are reading this article you have at least heard of Sig Sigma. For some, it may sound like a fraternity, but it is a business philosophy for success. You may already have a business philosophy that is driving your bottom line, but if you aren't as successful as you want to be, Six Sigma may be able to help. When you read about this concept you will find a variety of definitions from the very technical to the very short. The idea is to find a definition that helps you embrace the whole concept. One of the reasons businesses are turning to Six Sigma is because it is a flexible system; it can help you improve business leadership and performance. You can use it with managers and with all employees. Many businesses like Six Sigma because it builds on business philosophies and management ideas they already have studied, but it doesn’t' stop at just thinking about management; it moves people into action. It helps you build new structures for your business to help you sustain success. Although it may sound like the next trend or "miracle" in business, you will find that it is more about moving your business forward. If you are looking for better ways to serve your customers, Six Sigma can help you examine the process and design marketing and other strategies to create balance in the organization. In a sense, Six Sigma is a new concept but it is also based on common management principles. The foundation of Six Sigma is six themes that help management move forward. These themes are broken down so that each person in an organization can collaborate and focus to constantly move toward improvement. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with leadership and whether Six Sigma will do the job for you. Your organization will undoubtedly have many uses for Six Sigma and it is a powerful program. However, a challenge may come to you when you want to implement it because the program only works if everyone in the organization is willing to actually do what is required. So, a good idea is to get organized and develop your people to head the process. There are several key ways that you can make sure Six Sigma gets implemented well and it starts with your top leaders. Because this is a business concept it is very important to help your organization find a reason to use the process. Your managers must take the time to pull together an idea of why your business needs Six Sigma. A business that has a clear vision of why they need this particular process will get other on board easier. This is also something that everyone, including your top manager, must be ready to do. When you use Six Sigma the organization is going to be in the midst of change constantly and change isn't always easy. A good idea to get everyone focused, is to use a marketing plan that encompasses the vision. Many organizations will include a slogan that is intended to move you forward that all your people can use. This can get things started and have everyone on a positive level. It can also be seen as an inspiring message. Once you get everyone ready to embark upon the journey of Six Sigma it's time to assign various roles. If you use the process it will tell you exactly what to do in developing these roles and who should be a part of the decision making. Once these roles and responsibilities are in place then you are ready to start the process. How you start the process will depend on how much time you want to put into the implementation. Although many businesses are easier to change in crisis, this may not be the right time to start Six Sigma. Instead, if you want to use this program effectively, it is best to take a look at your customers and focus on their needs. When you are working in this mode, it will automatically create change. Six Sigma can be implemented on your own or through the use of a consultant. Many businesses use consultants that are skilled in this area because it takes away the learning curve for implementation. Now, you just have to get started.


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