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    Four Credit Repair Tips


    You should take a good look at your credit reports at least once a year. This is the document that will have all of your personal and financial information on it. You will have to be aware of all the information so that you can change the mistakes or the wrong information that is on it. There are ways to fight these mistakes and you can repair your credit when you do this. Credit Repair Tip #1 Change what you can Figure out what you can change about your credit report. Think about the different ways that you can turn your bad credit scores into good ones. Are you paying your bills on time, do you have too much debt, what are you going to do about it? If you are willing to make the changes that are needed, you will have a better chance at improving your credit. Credit Repair Tip #2 Create and follow a bill payment system Figure out a good bill paying system and stick to it. You should make a record of all your bills and when they need to be paid. As you pay them you can check them off. This will help you keep track of what you paid, and what still needs paid. You will be paying them on time and this will help to eliminate your debt in all categories. Credit Repair Tip #3 Get help if you need it You can ask for help with your credit repair when you need it. There are debt counseling programs that are designed to help you with your debt. These debt solutions are going to improve your way of life as well. They can teach you how to use your credit wisely and to make good decisions. These decisions will affect your life and make your credit report improve as well. Credit Repair Tip #4 Earn extra money to pay down debts If you have anything that you can sell off, it may be the time to do it. You can use the money that you get from the items that you sell to pay off credit debt. This is a great way to decrease your debt with money that you earn free and clear. You should try to do this as often as you can.


    The Basics Of Rose Gardens


    : There are two main classes of roses: Bush roses and climbing roses. These two classifications are based entirely on tendencies of growth. Bush roses grow from 1 foot to 6 feet in height and require no support. Climbing roses produce long canes each year and must be provided with some type of support. Bush Roses Bush roses include many types grouped according to flowering habit, winter hardiness, and other traits. These types are hybrid teas, floribundas. polyanthas, hybrid perpetuals, shrubs, old fashioned, tree or standard, and miniature. Hybrid Teas: Hybrid teas are more widely grown and more popular than all other types of roses combined. They are the so called monthly or everblooming roses, and are the ones grown in beds in rose gardens and by florists under glass. In fact, when the word "rose" is used, it generally suggests a hybrid tea variety. Most hybrid teas are winterhardy in the milder sections of the country, but varieties differ in cold resistance. In sections where winters are severe, practically all varieties need some protection. Floribundas: Floribunda roses bear their flowers in clusters, and the individual blooms of many closely resemble hybrid teas. They are increasing in popularity, especially for bed plantings where large numbers of flowers are wanted. As a rule floribunda varieties are hardy: they will tolerate more neglect than any other type of rose with the possible exception of some of the shrub species. While some are fine for cutting, they will not replace hybrid teas for this purpose. Polyanthas: Polyantha roses are distinguished from the floribundas by their smaller flowers, which are borne in large clusters. They are closely related to many of the climbing roses, having flower clusters very similar to them in form and size of individual florets. The polyanthas are hardy and may be grown in many sections where hybrid teas are difficult to grow. Their chief use is in bed plantings or in borders with other perennials. They are excellent for mass plantings. Hybrid Perpetuals: Hybrid perpetuals are the June roses of grandmother's garden. Their flowers are large. Generally they lack the refinement of hybrid teas. As their name indicates, they are considered as ever blooming types, although most of them do not bear continuously through the growing season as do hybrid teas. They usually develop large, vigorous bushes if given good cultural care and proper pruning. They are very hardy and stand low winter temperatures without protection. Shrub Roses: Shrub roses are actually a miscellaneous group of wild species, hybrids, and varieties that develop an open bush type of growth that is useful in general landscape work. They are hardy in all sections of the country. While their flowers do not equal in size or form those of other types of roses, many bear very attractive seed pods in the fall. They have very fine foliage and some are quite useful for hedges or screen plantings. Visit Merchants Passage for garden decor and accessories and Garden Gnomes


    You Re On A New Lake...What Lure Do You Choose


    You're On A New Lake...What lure do you choose? How To Choose Your Lure...........It's Not Just Luck Have you ever went fishing and fished for hours or the whole day without even a hit? So, what is the next step, why of course, it to start going through your tackle boxes and start throwing everything you can find. That is the big mistake, odds are you will get the same result as you've had the rest of the day..Nothing! So What Do You Use? Well, you could try a larger size bait. Instead of using the 4 6 inch worm you have been using, try a 8 10 inch worm. Why? Because it falls slower and stubborn bass prefer a slower falling bait. Of course, you must take into consideration a few other things as well; the water temperature, the natural prey in the lake such as baitfish and craws, the time of year and the structure. In clear water try a light colored lure, in early spring try smaller lures and as summer gets closer then try a larger lure. When shady or windy try spinnerbaits or crankbaits. If the sun is shining then the bass will be close to cover so try a worm or jig. If the water you're fishing is muddy try a bigger lure and fish more shallow water. If the fish aren't biting in shallow water then fish a little deeper where the fish aren't effected by the weather as much. Try these lures to start with: a crankbait, a spinnerbait and a plastic worm.


    Information About Chromium Supplments


    Chromium supplements An essential trace mineral, chromium is needed for the growth and health of the body. Among other things, it is needed for the breakdown of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Chromium has become the most popular mineral supplement in America, after calcium. It is also one of the most controversial. Chromium offers a mixed bag of good and bad effects. In the positive light, it was reported that chromium supplements would help burn fat and lower blood sugar levels. Chromium supplements are also supposed to build muscle mass, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. A recent study shows that chromium seems to have a mild cholesterol lowering effect. Further research may prove that chromium is helpful in lowering triglyceride levels, while raising the HDL (good) levels. However over dosage may lead to complications and chromium supplements are best used under medical supervision. Chromium may help to: Control diabetes: In people with type 2 diabetes, the pancreas tries to regulate blood sugar levels by secreting insulin. A molecule called “Glucose Tolerance Factor” (GTF) increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. The GTF molecule contains chromium. Therefore, chromium supplements may help normalize blood sugar levels. Several clinical tests have proven that diabetics who were on chromium supplements were able to reduce their dosage of medication. The effects of chromium are enhanced when taken with niacin (vitamin B3). Studies have also revealed that chromium may have a stabilizing effect on people with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), thus doing away with symptoms like headache, nausea, fatigue, and irritability. Assist weight loss: Chromium picolinate assists people with obesity to lose weight. It helps to improve body composition by increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. But studies reveal mixed results because people using chromium supplements lose just about the same amount of weight as people using placebos. It is possible that when combined with a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise program, chromium supplements may aid weight loss. Prevent heart disease: Chromium may help raise the HDL (‘good’) cholesterol and lower the LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol levels. There is no proof regarding this and a good diet program combined with exercise can accomplish the same thing. Chromium is naturally available in the food we eat, and most people who eat a healthy diet do not need chromium supplements. But supplements (not just of chromium) become indispensable in a high fat diet that depends on over refined ingredients. Therefore some people develop a chromium deficiency, and in such cases, chromium supplements are necessary. Chromium comes in the form of a capsule, softgel or tablet. While there is no recommended dosage for chromium, 50 to 200 mcg taken on a daily basis is adequate for adults. Most basic vitamin mineral combinations have enough chromium to prevent a deficiency. The body seems capable of absorbing all forms of chromium equally well. For optimal absorption, it is better to combine chromium with vitamin C. Taking antacids may impair absorption of this mineral. Excessive amounts of chromium may lead to a deficiency in zinc. While there have been no indications regarding side effects, over dosage may lead to kidney failure. A woman who was on a 1,000 mcg daily dosage developed kidney failure after a few months. Long term and high dose chromium supplements may damage the body. Chromium picolinate may cause a chromosomal damage that leads to cancer. Diabetics must consult with a doctor before taking chromium supplements. Chromium picolinate also alters certain brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Therefore people with any behavioral disorder should consult a doctor before taking chromium supplements. Chromium may have unknown effects on pregnant or lactating women.


    Should We Be Aware Of Pay Day Loans


    Customers at the grocery store all recommend pay day loans as the easy solution for a lack of funds. Could pay day loans be the answer consumers with low bank accounts have been looking for? Is there any harm in using these services? Aren't they better than using credit cards? Paying a bill with borrowed money is better than receiving bad credit marks because of not paying the bill. This is understandable. However, some financial institutions are willing to make the occasional exception if contacted about the situation. Or there may be a small fee, but not a credit report made. Consider the true cost before making a decision. Compare the cost of using a pay day (or cash advance) loan to the fees charged for taking a cash advance on your own credit card. Can family help? Often those who are forced to use pay day loans are not able to repay the loan by the next pay check and that can lead to a cycle of debt and stress. How about the cost? According to several sources, including a consumer report by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) state that usual the usual APR is between 350 650% with some as high as 780%. A loan of $100 ranges in cost between $15 $30. If the loan is not repaid by the pay date then it can be renewed with another fee due at each renewal. A loan of $100 can cost $60 in fees after 3 renewals. It seems that those who use pay day loans do not benefit and there seems to be more harm than good. Based on the warnings issued by federal and consumer organizations it is clear that using pay day loans or cash advances from these businesses can often lead to more debt and problems. Some sites were reported to automatically roll over the loan and only withdraw the renewal fee on the pay date. Other sites surveyed by the CFA required customers to agree in contract to not participate in class action suits or to file for bankruptcy. If you are having debt problems it is recommended to seek no or low cost credit counseling from a local non profit organization. These organizations can help with reducing current interest charges and lowering monthly payments. If the problem is budget, you should look to a financial planner who can help you to manage the money you do have and avoid using credit at all.


    Make Your Own Work Schedule Make Money Online


    Some where along the line we would all like to have the freedom to work at our own pace and to make time for hobbies and other valuable interests that we want to keep alive. Here is a way to do all this, just make money online and work from home. No flexibility working at a full time job Your kids have exams and you need to sit down with their studies, but there is an important conference coming up and there is no way you can take off now. You are obviously in a dilemma and do not know which to make your priority. Don’t you wish you could just sit back and help your kids? Well there is a way to do just that, you can make money online. Or your sister is visiting you and you haven’t seen her for years, but you have exhausted all your leave and cannot dare to apply for more. Your spouse has been offered a wonderful opportunity in another town, but will it be possible for you to relocate and find a job for yourself there? You do not want to be on call 5 days a week at your job, with only the weekend to catch up with your issues at home, so what the other option you have is to work from home to make money online. You have realized a creative streak in you and would like to explore the possibility of changing your profession, but how do you go about it? Well you will have the freedom and the flexibility to do all this and much more if you opt to make money online. No more waiting for the next lot of leave to come up, you need not miss out on any of the things you want to do. There are various options for work online and you do not have to be without a “job” at all. The more your work the more you can earn You have been slogging and working yourself to the bone but you do not see that raise coming. You begin to wonder whether you should tackle the boss for a raise in a subtle way or look for another more lucrative job. You need have none of these qualms if you make money online. You hold the rights to what you want to earn in your own hands and can make as much money as you want to by opting to make money online. The more you work the more you can earn, and if you want to take a break there is no problem. Set your heart on a snazzy car – but how do you make that extra buck Now that you have set your heart on a snazzy new car and you just have to have it. You do not mind working harder to make the extra cash but there just does not seem to be a way to do it. You have a regular job, but the options to work overtime or make some extra money are very remote. Well you need not worry about this anymore you can make money online. Without giving up your regular job you can work outside office hours and earn that extra amount. Are you wondering where to find this dream opportunity, well you just have to make money online.


    Checks Out At Check Out


    As businesses providing services and goods that can be purchased online, ask yourselves this question: am I doing everything I can to enable my visitors to buy my products? Are you offering them a complete range of payment options? Or are you, like some many online businesses, making the mistake of assuming everyone has a valid credit or debit card? They don't. In fact, over 11% of the population of the United States doesn't have a credit or debit card and, of course, millions more are maxed out at any one time. Do you really want to ignore 30 million plus potential customers? No? Didn't think so. The solution is to offer check payments to customers. With the increased availability of online check solutions for all sizes of business, problems normally associated with accepting checks such as delays in receiving payment, bad checks and the additional banking time are largely a thing of the past. ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE CHECK PROCESSING A complete online check processing service will include check verification, so you can determine whether an account is overdrawn or closed before dispatching goods; the ability to accept checks by fax and phone as well as online; fast, automated transfer of funds from the customers account to yours and even electronic check recovery. As well as increasing the number of potential customers, there are other advantages of such a solution for any online business. These include : Eliminates "the check is in the mail" syndrome. Allows faster access to funds than waiting for check payment by mail. Reduces labor costs associated with physical check processing. Cheaper than accepting credit cards and lower risk of credit card charge backs. Saves on expensive invoicing and mailing costs. CHOOSING AN ONLINE CHECK PROCESSOR There are a number of companies offering third party online check processing services, many of whom also provide integration with your current shopping cart. The smaller online business would be well advised to choose a service that takes a small percentage of the value of each check with no monthly minimum number of transactions. On the other hand, companies dealing with larger check values may find that a transaction processor offering a flat fee per check is a better option. Whichever option you choose, online check processing can both increase your customer base and streamline your current billing processes. It maybe time you asked your customers to get their checks out at checkout.


    Bwp Parasaling Supply


    Supply Yourself with the Proper Parasailing Gear You may be a beginner an expert, an enthusiast or a freak, parasailing stores have the equipment you need. These parasail package include canopy, harness and towline. There’s also a carry bag as well as a manual. Normally, parasailing season begins in November and goes through April. It is popular because of its risky yet adventurous appeal, spiced up with the risky devilish side. To try parasailing, there are no previous parasailing experiences required. You can just step up on the launch area along the beach and seek the assistance of the ground crew in attaching the gear and parachute on you. Another parasailing supply is the parasailing boat. Boats cruise along the water and the parasailor is oriented on how he can make the most out of this rare life experience by standing off the platform and deploying the parasail that is connected to the harness. The boat is there to serve as the take off area as well as the landing area when the parasailor decides to end his flight. But it’s also the option of the parasailor whether he would like to dip into the water or not. The important thing to remember is that one should always enjoy the view and relax when parasailing. Parasailing is a unique experience. There are no experience requirements, there is also no fitness qualification. The parasailor just has to be confident when in the water and should be older than 10 years old. It is a general rule though that parasailors aged 10 to 14 fly with adults. This is the parasailing supply that must be brought or worn: 1. Clothes that are suitable for the day’s weather. Absolutely no skirts or dresses because you'll obviously be in the air. White or light colored pants may be worn but they will get dirty. 2. If you choose to dip into the water, wear a swimsuit and bring a change of clothes. 3. Your footwear must be a pair that can get wet. 4. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. 5. If you want to document the experience, bring a waterproof camera. Just make sure that the parasailing crew with you are professionals and have all the equipment you need in taking off, landing as well as first aid kit if needed. Now all that is left for you is to take in the breathtaking scenery.


    Design Of An Apartment Space Color Style. Part1


    In order to create a harmonious, convenient interior in one's own apartment, firstly, it is necessary "to plan" a living space on paper. As experience shows, drawing up of a design project is better to divide into a number of stages, taking into account some general rules at that. Organization of space is both the most complex, and the most interesting stage where an inventor and a designer should awake within you. And the less the metric area of an apartment is, the more actively the inventor's idea should work. For example, if there are small rooms in an apartment, it is not necessary to block them up with wardrobes it is better to move all the wardrobes to the corridor or the hall, and use mirrors and local lighting in addition to the basic one more actively in the rooms. While planning the living space of your apartment or house, it is necessary to arm with a pencil and paper and make up a detailed plan with the exact sizes of rooms, door and window apertures, height of walls, etc, otherwise, a bought sofa or a chest of drawers can simply not blend in the space intended for it. The next stage is a color solution. It is necessary to take this question just as serious. Skillfully using a color scale in decoration of the dwelling, it is possible to achieve a good psychological effect, positively influencing on a condition and mood of visitors and members of the household. Paints bear certain energy color can comfort, stimulate, inspire and even heal. Before making a final decision as to the color, pay attention, what cardinal point the windows are oriented at:: if to the north it is recommended to use a color scale in warm color tones, if to the south then cold ones. The next stage determination of style, texture and light. Generally, in design of interiors elements of a rather a large number of "historical" styles are used. It can be the baroque, rococo, classics, pseudo Gothic, the Victorian style, the modernist style, art deco, constructivism, minimalism, hi tech and, finally, eclecticism. It is clear, that the baroque, rococo, pseudo Gothic are appropriate for country houses or spacious apartments with high ceilings. The baroque and rococo are characterized by wide and volumetric floristic stucco moldings, painted ceilings, gilt details of decor, fabric wall papers, a marble mosaic of floors, armchairs and sofas fitted with silk, a refined color scale which is characterized not by "basic" colors rather than their complex tones. Creating a "Gothic" interior, it will be correct to upholster walls with oak panels with carved slats and decorate one of the walls with a Gobelin tapestry displaying a stage from hunting or, say, a performance of troubadours. A table in the "Gothic style" should be rough and primitive, a bed in the same vein, with a baldachin and carved columns. But the most important thing here is a free, through and dashing space, elevating force of emptiness which is spiritualized by stained glass windows. For those keen on the English classical style, The Victorian interior a mix of classicism, Roman motives, gothic styles, rococo, the empire style, Oriental arabesques and Asian exotic will be very interesting. The English feeling of measure has allowed to consolidate all this variety which is shown in subtleties of semitones and color scores. In such a house a spacious hall looks as a "high grade" room with a monumental carved table, a mirror in a carved frame, a large chest of drawers pier glass table, a striking long case clock, a sprawling hat tree with iron hooks, "a cell" for umbrellas and newspapers. Walls are planked with panels from either mahogany or oak, and the ceiling is decorated with a floristic stucco molding. A visiting card of a Victorian house is a drawing room with its sofas and armchairs and a dominant rococo. Onto the fireplace porcelain vases and decorative dishes are usually placed, walls are decorated with pictures, family photos, diplomas and letters. The most poetical and fairytale interior style is the modernist style.


    Secrets To Making Money Online With Your List Funnel


    There is a great potential in product funnels as used in mailing lists to earn you money. But they have to be set up correctly something most of the advice I've gathered from articles on the web don't do. Let's cover some basics. 3 4% of the people you contact (or opt in) will buy anything you put in front of them so the bigger your list, the more income you will make. 80% of your total income will come from 20% of your public more or less. (And this means 64% comes from 4%, 51% comes from .3% at least on paper.) As people don't find things to be of value, they will drop off/opt out. With a poor conversion factor, you will probably wind up with 50% or more of your list being that 3 4% and so this will skew your data. High opt outs, few purchases will give you a steady income as long as you keep creating new products for these "buy anything" public. You are then in maintain mode for this small niche and your income is pegged. You want to be able to scale your income and keep increasing it, plus freeing your time to find new niches not just new stuff to sell old customers. Conversion is the key. You have to take that 80% of your public and convert them to buyers if not big buyers, you want them to move up your funnel as fast as possible. There are a couple of solutions to this: [Note that the below is new theory based on study of brick and mortar sales functions but what works in the real world converts over to the virtual simply.] 1) Make your funnel look like an upside down champagne glass (the old fashioned wide at the top, thin stem and then flattening out to a base as wide as the top an hourglass that was sat on, more or less). What you don't want is to have a shape like a grain silo straight sides up and down with only one path to the top, take it or leave it. Think champagne glassses for the expensive varieties of that beverage you can celebrate with. You want to have lots of introductory services so that they can take cheap or free courses one after the other, while you continue to build relationships with them plying them with various surveys until you know where they personally are coming from/looking for and also you have a better idea where your beginning list participants are at. Many don't buy right off, so give them more to do which builds trust so they will. The top of your upside down champagne glass funnel is wide again but for those who have made it right on up with their Paypal account open to you at every offer. You have to keep them buying, so have a lot of new material up there, which they can use and benefit from. This doesn't just mean selling them more hours of personal coaching which is expensive for you as well. New webinars on your latest research on a reserved seat basis is probably a more likely ticket. 2) Make people an affiliate at every level. This builds your community and allows participation. As well, you can offer rewards to top performing affiliates, so that they work for you just to earn those top rewards (which other people buy outright). Regular training webinars at an affordable price also will keep them working for you. This is also a way for these people to get more exposure to your solutions and makes them more able to afford your higher end services. Now an interesting organizational point comes up. You are going to not just "segment" your list as some articles have pointed out, but you are going to have to subdivide it, stratify it, and then segment those stratas and divisions. Let's clarify those terms: Division part of the list by product line. You have an autoresponder service which should give you virtually unlimited email series. Set up your service so that you are servicing each different product line as itself. Example: I have a list for people interested in self help books and products. Another division would be the list of affiliates selling my self help products. Affiliates wouldn't be excluded from taking services they should be encouraged but regular public wouldn't know what's in the affiliate division, unless they signed up for it. Now, in the self help area, I have general self help and a section just based on the Law of Attraction. These people can go back and forth through all the lower level ecourses I offer (and I am planning about 5 or more, in addition to special reports, MP3's, etc.) Afterall, they are part of the self help division, if not (yet) self help affiliates. Example: Suppose I start a blook on earning money through Internet marketing. This is a completely different division to self help. Even the affiliate program is completely different. Now they could actually subscribe to my self help division, but generally I wouldn't offer it in my email series except perhaps at the very top end. What this does is to enable you to have multiple income sources from the Internet, using the same autoresponder service for each source but being able to keep them straight from each other. Note that each ecourse is its own series, as might be each special report. But at the end of each ecourse is the option to sign up for another ecourse which continues until they buy something, where they are bumped upstairs. Your subscribers move seamlessly from segment to segment until they "graduate" to the next higher level through buying a higher priced service. Not to be cruel, they are able to complete their current ecourse, but ecourses after that will have a different set of emails, thought the material will be the same. This opens up Stratas. Once a person has bought something, you want to sell them the next gradient material although they might jump for your top dollar item right off the bat, so you have to craft these carefully. Example: person on a free ecourse buys your $47 item. Now you are going to work on getting them to buy your $147 or $197 item but you can occasionally offer them a glimpse at webinars or personal coaching, just to tantalize them. If they don't buy, then get them in for another round of services at that level. More ecourses, with emails that offer them more $47 $197 items of the same value are in order. As they trust you to deliver, they'll order from you. And the freebies you give out at this level (which are not widely available) are all valued at $47 or more. Once they buy a $147 or greater level item, they are bumped upstairs to another strata. On that level, the freebies are proportionately greater in value, and they are being offered your $297 item. They may start racking up their credit cards at this point if not, give them another high value service. At the top strata, you can give them everything you have to offer for sale, since they trust you inplicitly with delivering high quality items routinely. At this point, you also should have a sales record of them, as well as what courses they have taken so you can personally suggest some items to them based on their experience. You now have developed a one on one relationship and can easily move into the per hour coaching. Enough of these and you can reserve a suite of rooms and a meeting hall in some exotic locale so that they can all meet you in person and get their questions answered personally. A workshop which they foot the bill for. With the whole system in place, I can now talk to you about Segments. On the intro strata, the people who didn't buy right off got another intro service. Each intro service is a segment. On the next strata up, they could take more courses (segments), but the emails were tailored to their new status as a paid customer. Here they go again from segment to segment until they buy the next higher course. As you test and tweak your squeeze pages, you will be able to move them rapidly up to the highest levels where you can have them buy anything and everything. Your conversion rates will be much higher and your efficiency at turning newbies into trusting supporters will be high. Why do I say to make affiliates at every strata/level? Because they can give their own testimonials about how your product has helped them change their own lives. If you set up your autoresponder properly, you can allow them to email that segment of your list with appropriate offers or create a new segment just for joint ventures (and be able to shut it down if you have too many opt outs happening from confusing cross sales). But good affiliates can open up trusted lines with individuals on your funnel and help them take their next higher step as the affiliate gets paid all the way. The logical solution for Affiliates is to offer them personally segmented lists, available to them and to you only in this way, they have a guaranteed percentage of all their sales to these individuals. Yes, this would get complicated real fast but around this time you are making so much income that you hire a person to chart this all out (and who is paid a percentage of the total gross, so constantly works to keep it efficient and come up with new ideas). The above was based on studies of a multi national organization and interviews with top sales personell on every level as well as their immediate managers through the course of several years. What autoresponders do is allow you to have a multi national sales force for your particular niche products but automate them instead of having to deal with the massive HR headaches and meet that regular payroll. Start small and when you get past your first couple million in income, you can then contract someone to keep your ball rolling for your freeing you to find more niches to invest your time in... Now these are just notes at this point, a lot has to be fleshed out and tested. But I thought to break this to you early as I continue my research into this field.


    Get Smart About Business Credit Cards Tips From A Pro


    The first thrill about starting a new enterprise is seeing the name of your creation on a business card. You want to hand them out to everyone you see — friends, family, the kid who bags your groceries. Soon after you’ve registered your trade name, the credit card offers start cluttering your mailbox. It’s flattering at first. You imagine going out to dinner, grabbing the check, and saying, “it’s okay, it’s on the company.” So you fill out one or two “pre approved” applications and, like your business card, can’t wait to use this little symbol of acknowledgement. A corporate card tells people you’ve arrived. You’re a legitimate business. But it can also spell trouble. The purpose of a business credit card is to have the convenience of charging legitimate business expenses. You avoid using a personal credit card and submitting receipts for reimbursement. You have the ability of making online and telephone purchases to expedite shipment. The revolving account helps you plan your cash flow. The statements provide a detailed accounting record. Used wisely, a business credit card provides these important benefits and is essential to building your corporate credit profile. Demonstrating reasonable usage and maintaining a good payment history not only allows you to gain more credit, but also helps you negotiate better interest rates on loans, lines of credit, and other revolving accounts. In fact, using a credit card properly is better than paying cash because lenders want to see a credit profile with positive activity. One small business owner had been vigilant about paying cash for all his purchases to avoid having monthly bills. He had had some personal credit issues in the past and was determined to avoid a recurrence. He felt great about keeping his costs under control. When the owner applied for a business loan at the local bank, he was advised that the black marks on his profile were minor. The biggest problem was that he had no recent credit history. So, he got a credit card, budgeted a monthly allowance for the payment, and made small purchases to establish reports on his credit profile. A business credit account is clearly valuable for a lot of functions. What it isn’t is a license to spend without regard to the consequences. Just because you’re not writing a check doesn’t mean you haven’t spent corporate cash. By following some basic guidelines, you can manage your corporate credit card account so you reap the rewards instead of paying the price. * Get credit from your own bank. Once you establish a business banking relationship with a local financial institution, continue to grow that relationship by applying for your business credit card at the same place. The more business you do with this bank, the more they get to know you. The comfort level increases the likelihood that they will consider your request for funding when the time arises. Show loyalty to them and it will be repaid in kind. * Read the fine print. Many credit card companies shout out low introductory rates. The key word here is “introductory.” After the honeymoon period is over, the rate can shoot up above the interest you’re paying on your current card. There might be hidden fees that can rack up the bottom line on your monthly statement. Look for an annual fee, the first sign that this card is going to cost you money. If you have to pay for the privilege of having the card, chances are you don’t need it. There are various other features that you do want: overdraft protection, 24 hour customer service, and detailed account reports for your business. In the long run, these services are far more important business benefits than frequent flyer miles or discounts on rental cars that are often accompanied by numerous restrictions of their own. * Find a card and stick with it. With all the offers of lower interest rates and appealing incentives, you might be tempted to switch your account from one issuer to another. Unless you are dissatisfied with your credit card company, stay put. Card hopping shows up on your credit profile and will likely be unimpressive to a prospective lender. Use your valuable time to manage your business instead of pitting one credit card company against another. * Do not mix business with pleasure. A business credit card is intended for business purchases only. In the event of an IRS audit —†and they do occur via random selection — questionable expenses will raise suspicion. * You don’t need a deck of cards. You shouldn’t require more than one or two major credit cards for your business. The more credit cards you accumulate, the higher your debt potential. You charge a hundred dollars at the office supply store, then charge computer equipment with another account, and maybe pay for gas, meals, and a nice little antique table for your conference room on your corporate bank card. There’s still room on each card, so you’re okay. But when the monthly bills come, the totals come as a surprise. You can only make a minimum payment so the finance charges will start to kick in. By keeping track of the expenses as you make them you won’t heap up a debt that puts a stranglehold on your accounts payables. Whenever you take that card out of your wallet, ask yourself if the purchase is necessary and valid for the company. * A credit card is not a loan. The account should not be viewed as a source of funding when cash flow is tight. The interest rates and transaction fees are too high! Avoid taking advantage of the cash advance option. If you are resorting to borrowing from your credit card, chances are you’re not going to be able to pay the bill when it comes due. * Limit the number of users. A company credit card is as much a demonstration of trust as it is a convenience for the user. The bookkeeping for multiple cards can be a nightmare, however. Before applying for a card, make sure you can get itemized reports for each card so your frustrated bookkeeper doesn’t have to chase down people to identify charges. To avoid excesses, specify to the employee how much and what type of charges will be acceptable. Review the monthly statements to verify that the cards are being use appropriately. A business credit card is an essential tool to manage your finances and get the items you need on a timely basis. In order to take full advantage of the benefits, choose your credit card company wisely, making sure you understand the services and the limitations. Be clear about how the card will be used. Credit cards follow a basic law of physics: for every action (a purchase) there is an equal and opposite reaction (a bill). By getting proactive about the company credit card, you can keep your finances in balance, boost your credit profile, and enjoy a terrific convenience.


    How To Understand Sterling Silver British Hallmarks


    : The British hallmarking standard on silver is very high, just from looking at the hallmark you can decipher what date the item was made, who the maker was and in which town it was hallmarked. This enables us to date pieces going right back to the 16th century. You can find more information on hallmarking at the Annabel Chaffer website.

    1. Manufacturers mark (example)
    2. Fineness (parts/thousand)
    3. Assay Office Mark (London)
    4. Date Mark (1999)
    5. Pictorial Symbol
    British Sterling Silver Hallmarks are also your guarantee of the purity of silver (higher than 92.5% purity).This is not the case in other countries where the silver content can be lower or in some instances nonexistent. Since the end of the 12th Century there has been strict control of items made from silver in England. Each piece of silver produced in the UK is required by law to be sent to an Assay Office for hallmarking. If you buy a piece of British hallmarked silver you are guaranteed a quality item and an unique gift, which will hold its value and become an investment for the future. See this example of a unique gift of a silver perfume atomizers made by an English silversmith at the Annabel Chaffer website. Silver pieces make unique gifts which are often perceived as heirlooms. This benefits the giver as they are then in the thoughts of the recipient. The History of Hallmarks Hallmarking represents one of the earliest forms of consumer protection. A hallmark is a series of marks applied to gold, silver and platinum articles. It indicates that the article has been independently tested at an Assay Office and guarantees that it conforms to the legal standards of precious metal content, known as the fineness. In 1238 Henry III ordered that all goldsmiths and silversmiths must have their wares assayed (from the French "assai", to test) and conform to certain standards. The Act of Edward I, 1300, decreed that all gold and silver work should be, 'Of the sterling allay or better, at the pleasure of him to whom the work belongeth'. By 1363 every gold or silver smith had to stamp each piece of work with their personal mark to show that they had met the set standards. In 1478 year marks were introduced to further protect consumers. The Customs Act of 1842 stated that all silver imports to the UK were to be assayed and marked in a UK assay office, backdated to 1800. Since the end of the 12th Century there has been strict control of items made from silver in England. This is still regulated and controlled by the Goldsmiths Hall in London to this very day. Each piece of silver produced in the UK is required by law to be sent to an Assay Office for assaying. If the required legal standards are met the silversmith's marks are then stamped onto the article. The Leopard's Head is the mark of the London Assay Office and has been in continuous use since 1300, when the Wardens of the Company were given responsibility for marking gold and silver wares, which passed assay, with the King's mark of the Leopard's Head. Still based in the Goldsmiths' Hall, and using the most up to date technology, the London Assay Office hallmarks several million articles every year. It is also the Secretariat of the Association of European Assay Offices. Hallmarking is now carried out under the statutory jurisdiction of the Hallmarking Act 1973. The Act also established the British Hallmarking Council. The Council has various powers and duties regarding hallmarking, which include ensuring adequate assaying and hallmarking facilities in the UK. For further information visit the annabel chaffer website.


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