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    Pool Tournament Eve And Can T Sleep


    The title Pool Tournament Eve above would be more accurate if it said day instead of eve. As I type this article, 4:36 in the morning, March 1, 2008, I should be sleeping. Tomorrow is the annual Dr Cue Tournament here in Pueblo Colorado. Billiards is pretty popular here in Pueblo. This tournament is the largest held here. Players come from all over the State of Colorado and sometimes a few other states. We have 2 BCA (Billiards Congress of America) National Champions residing here in Pueblo along with many other players who shoot lights out. Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman) puts on a trick shot exhibition the night before the tournament. I attended this show last night where I payed my entry fee of $40 and watched Tom put on a great show as usual. The pool hall where this tournament is played is about 15 minutes from my house. I made it home by 10:30 PM and finally fell asleep around 11:30. Right on nice job. Get some rest before the tournament. Not. My eyes popped open around five till two and I have not been able to get back to sleep. Thursday night wasn’t much better because I only slept about 4 hours. I am hoping that writing this post gets me tired. I will be bringing my lap top to this tournament and plan to report on the event between my matches. I will also be bringing my video camera which is also a pretty cool digital camera. This should make for some cool reporting and hopefully some interesting and exciting content. Between a couple of brain freeze attacks and and watching some billiards on my DVR another half hour has gone by. It is now 5 in the morning and I must be present in the pool hall by 10:00 AM. Ouch. Don’t they know that pool players are not early risers by nature? Well maybe my plan is working. I just experienced a yawning attack. I think I will attempt to get about 3 or 4 more hours sleep time in before the big Dr Cue Pool Tournament today. That’s it for now. To Your Run Out Success, Ted


    How Is Your Page Going To Stand Out


    Web content includes, among other things: text, images, sounds, videos and animations. More broadly, it’s all the ‘stuff’ in your site, weblog, discussion board, e commerce site, etc. Documents, data, applications, e services, images, audio and video files, personal Web pages, archived e mail messages, and more. Adding valuable content to your site should encompass more than an hour or so culling information from several different sources and slapping it on your site. There is an abundance of free content on the Internet for your use, but that’s the problem. It’s free; and abundant. Everyone is using it. You should have a strategy. First figure out what your site’s content will be and your site’s content sources. If your content is not original, it is your responsibility to ensure that you follow all applicable laws when developing your site content. If you didn’t create your content and are unsure of its source, find out. If it’s not clear that you have explicit permission to use it, don’t use it until you know that you legally can. Check the terms of use and policies of your resources to ensure you use content properly. Last, but certainly not least, you must determine who is going to maintain your site. You can do it yourself, which may involve considerable time and effort. You may choose to pay someone else to do it, which cut down on your time and effort but increase your costs. Whatever your strategy is, write it down and revise it as necessary. A significant portion of your web content should be original, and contain value added content. For example, a blogger spends a couple of hours writing a blog post on some current topic, and thousands of others do so as well on the same topic. This blogger, however, did her homework. She went beyond the incremental knowledge on this subject that many of her peers had, and took the time to create specific, in depth content. This in depth content takes much longer to create, but it will truly set her site apart from a lot of the lesser experts on her topic. Occasionally, a single unique phrase within a paragraph can increase conversion rates. Thorough content's added value can hold your audience’s attention, raise feedback, increase subscriptions and revenue, and increase your sites popularity. Good website content will not only be interesting to the initial reader, but frequently recommended to other by that reader. Since you couldn’t possibly know everything about your online audience, try to vary your content. While your content should certainly be timely, a portion of it should be ‘static’ meaning good content that need not be immediately be updated or changed significantly. This will save you time and money, yet still provide your audience with substance. If your content is somewhat controversial, use this to your advantage. Give your online audience a place on your site to sound off by leaving comments, suggestions, or even hold their own discussions. If you’re not a great writer or researcher, there are options for you as well. Free reprint articles, private label articles, and ghostwriters can all help you with your content for a fee. Ultimately, deciding what content to offer and how to incorporate it should be your decision. Your great, innovative place on the web is like building a home. It takes some planning, preparation, and time. There is no quick, easy way. Once the content foundation is laid, it is value added, and reaches its audience it’s not likely to fail.


    Is Being An Ethical Episcopalian Enough


    Once a month I take my children to a food pantry to do volunteer work. On this particular Sunday we were stocking shelves with a group of Episcopalian Youth. I knew this because each of them was wearing an Episcopal shield lapel pin. Seeing these kids really lifted my spirits. Usually it’s adults who work in the food pantry and that can become pretty boring for my kids. Now they had the opportunity to work with students their own age. While separating out cans from boxed goods, my son Drew entered into a very interesting conversation with a young man, Henry, who appeared to be about 16 years old. Drew and Henry became fast friends and worked together throughout the morning. When we were finished with our work, we got in the car and on the ride home, he started to share bits and pieces of his morning conversation with Henry. “You know, Henry is not so sure if he believes in God,” my son informed me. This information kind of caught me off balance. “Isn’t Henry a member of the Episcopal Youth Group that came to volunteer at the food pantry?” I asked confused. “Yup, he said, “but that really has nothing to do with his volunteering. He does it because he thinks its the right way to do things, he says he does it because he feels it’s the right thing to do. Now, I believe that part of being a good Episcopalian is being a good person, no question. But that’s not the whole ball of wax! There are Christians who claim to be ethical people but who would not necessarily consider themselves to be “religious.” So my question is, what is their source for “goodness?” What does an ethical Episcopalian use as the litmus test for good, if not the scriptures? If goodness is defined by the individual, then it follows that morality can also be defined by the individual and that’s dangerous. That can lead us down that slippery slope where what “I” think becomes sacred. Henrys’ discussion with my son ended up being a real opportunity for our family. It allowed us to explore our own concerns and perceptions on the importance of an ethical framework that’s God based. Imagine how much infinitely deeper Henry’s acts of kindness would be if he were sensitized to not only the physical results of his being a good Samaritan, but the spiritual ramifications as well.


    Freezone. Com Offers Xbox 360 For 100


    Freezone. com is pleased to announce that they will be offering Xboxes, normally $400, at a 75% discount as of June 15th, 2007. As a special promotional offer for its sponsors, . freezone. com will, for a limited time, be offering Xboxes for $100 to individuals who participate in promotions from the sponsor's website. With a variety of large sponsors like Blockbuster Online, Best Buy, Disney and Home Depot in addition to everyday merchants all offering special reduced prices and offers, it's even easier to complete and get the most popular game console on the market at a reduced price. There are over three pages with different offers to choose from, many being special pricing and/or free trials, so customers won't have any problem finding products they'd like to try or entertain. Those offers that do require purchases are, on average, discounted around 30% bringing rare savings to consumers through this limited time offer. Rather than spending money to convince viewers to visit sponsors' pages, . freezone. com has compiled them all in a neat set of pages for viewers' easy access. Offers change daily, so viewers can check back daily if they want to do some of the first offers they see, but want to have different ones to finish. "Sponsors are joining at such a fast rate, we are in the process of creating a new sleek website that will have a lot more functionality (Web 2.0), we are exciting about re launching later in the year!" says Valli Kosuru of Free Zone. Following the style American Express, they are designed to provide great deals on a variety of products in the context of many incentivized promotions. Unlike American Express, consumers do not have to purchase each time, making the process faster and easier to complete. Free Zone is in beta now on . freezonerewards. com which offers a choice between several different major electronic gadgets or other products absolutely free, the xbox 360 being one of them. Many customers would prefer to have to fill out fewer offers and get the final product at a discount rather than free of charge. It is the company's hope that offering the xbox in this way will accommodate those who'd rather not go through the loyalty and rewards program and . freezone. com.


    Saliva Drug Test 16


    Whenever we think of drug tests, we commonly think of blood or urine samples. However, a saliva drug test is a useful tool that employers and organization leaders can use. These tests are crucial to ensure safety for staff and members of various organizations. Basically, the saliva drug test is a tool designed to find certain substances. These substances may interfere with the individual’s ability to complete his job or operate machinery.

    Common elements include the following: Cocaine and amphetamines are drugs commonly taken to energize the individual. The saliva drug test can detect these substances. A person who takes this type of substance may appear agitated and disoriented. Opiates and cannabinoids are quite different but they still interfere with the individual’s ability to function normally. These substances can be found with a saliva test as well. The individual who takes these types of drugs may seem sleepy and a little out of sorts. Phencyclidine is also known as PCP. This element can be found with a saliva drug test, too. This drug may cause hallucinations and the user may be disoriented for several hours after taking a small dose of this substance. Any of these substances can wreak havoc on an individual’s ability to function safely in a normal environment. Considering the cost of healthcare and workman’s compensation, many employers choose to have their employees tested for drugs if there is an accident at work. This is a prudent choice. Employees agree ahead of time that if there are any drugs found in their systems they will be ineligible for compensation. A saliva drug test may be the prime choice for employers who have this kind of policy. There are a few reasons that this type of drug testing is superior to other methods. First and foremost, the saliva drug test is the least intrusive. The last thing an injured person wants to do is provide a urine sample or a blood sample at the physician’s office. The saliva drug test is quick, simple and painless. The saliva drug test is also better at determining recent use of a substance. Blood and urine tests detect substances that may have been in the person’s system a few days ago. The saliva drug test is useful in determining direct use within a few minutes. Drug testing whether it is random or specific to a certain event, is very common today. Choosing an approach that is reliable and unobtrusive is an excellent approach to dealing with this task. The saliva drug test is the ideal approach for many organizations.


    8 Steps To Effective Christian Leadership


    1) Probably the most important thing you can do as a Christian leader is to clean up your act if there is anything in your life, moral or ethical, which would not stand up to scrutiny if the entire world found out you must eliminate it immediately. Do not give anyone an occasion to think that you are a hypocrite. 2) Be sure that every decision you make is honest and ethical. You cannot effectively lead, as a Christian or not, when your decisions and actions are not above board, fair, and honest. 3) As a Christian leader, commit to telling the truth no matter what. As a Christian leader, when you lie or tell half truths, people tend to feel that your entire faith is a sham. In fact, if you are habitually lying and telling half truths, your faith may indeed be a sham. 4) Learn everything you can about the tasks at hand, even if it means working in the trenches for awhile. No one likes to be led by someone who has never done what they are doing. This doesn’t mean you have to become an expert, just participate in the menial work long enough to understand the frustrating aspects of the work. Another benefit to this is, when you have actually done the work, you can more effectively brainstorm solutions to challenges when they arise. 5) Lead by example. Do you expect your employees or secretaries to arrive on time for work, and dressed well? Then you must do the same. Sometimes it is so easy to think that you have earned the right to come in whenever you feel like it, or to return from lunch whenever you wish. Sure, you may have earned the right, but you gain far more by setting the example for performance. Do you expect others to work overtime when a project is behind projections? Then you must be willing to do the same. 6) Although you may feel you have earned the right to delegate away all the work, continue to be involved in productive tasks. By doing some of the work, not only do you gain the respect of your employees, but also you keep in touch with the flow of things. As a leader, it is easy to become disengaged from the actual productive segment of your business, and resultantly make decisions that look good on paper and sound good around the boardroom table, but are actually worthless when the rubber hits the road. 7) Constantly reevaluate your own performance. Often, you may spend so much time correcting the actions of others and solving crises you didn’t create, that you develop a sense that others aren’t as capable as you. Consequently, you may not recognize when you are falling into bad habits that also need to be corrected. Be the first to recognize and correct your own short fallings. 8) Avoid pride. Once in a position of leadership, especially if you are good at what you do, it is easy to begin to feel that you are invincible. Once that occurs, you become vulnerable to pride, and may make decisions you would frown on if your subordinates made the same decisions. Maintain full responsibility for your actions, and keep them above board at all times. Bonus Step: 9) Learn to manage your time. When you are in a position of leadership and find yourself delegating away most of the time consuming tasks, it is easy to lose control of your time. Again, when your employees see you wasting your time, they will tend to do the same.


    New Airport Boost For Andorra


    Once a poor European country with no real economy, Andorra has been transformed in the past forty years to a vibrant independent State, sought after by the wealthy for her tax haven status, and skiers for her ski runs that match the best in Europe for facilities and ski holidays infrastructure. The one drawback that Andorra has had is the distance from a major airport, two and a half hours drive to Barcelona in Spain or Toulouse in France, with some ski holidays starting with a night in one of the hotels in Barcelona before setting off for Andorra. But that is set to change with agreement for an aiport to be built just fifteen minutes drive from the Spanish / Andorra border. As well as the extra ski tourists the new airport will impact Andorra as a tax haven. Andorra and the more famous Monaco are Europe's leading tax havens, with residents enjoying the benefit of no income tax. Property prices in Andorra are less than a third of the price of Monaco's. Commenting on the new airport, Andorra estate agents who specialise in Andorra property for sale thinks that the prices of Andorra properties will rise. 'At the moment Monaco has the advantage of being ten minutes away from an international airport by helicopter, while Andorra is over two hours. With that advantage gone we anticipate more people considering a tax haven will consider Andorra, with a resulting appreciation in property prices.' Property in Andorra has risen an average of ten per cent a year in recent years, with three streams of buyers the local market, buyers for ski holiday homes who are often on a Crystal Ski holiday and like Andorra enough to buy a holiday home, plus those looking for a tax haven. The airport is to be located in Seu d'Urgell, and the first flights are anticipated to be in 2010 or 2011, with a runway of 4,500 feet not long enough for some medium range aircraft, and it is likely that most commercial airlines using the airport will be 60 to 80 seaters, plus private jets much favoured by the wealthy who might now consider Andorra as a viable tax haven. Hotels In Barcelona As well as being welcomed by the property business in Andorra, a new airport has been greeted enthusiastically by the skiing industry. The country has upgraded facilities in recent years, and often competes as a top ski destination in Europe, with well known ski companies like Crystal Ski operating holidays for the British market. In recent years the number of tourists for the Andorra ski holiday season has topped ten million visitors, and the ski industry is an important part of the country's economy, with the government investing in new infrastructure to help tempt visitors back for skiing for repeat visits. But last year was the worst season for decades as the snow, which normally falls from end October, didn't arrive until mid March, and the first drop in the number of ski holidays in Andorra being sold by British and other European travel agents dropped from the previous ski season for some years. The new airport cutting travelling time from the UK, one of the Andorra ski holiday's main markets, could boost the occupancy levels of Andorra hotels significantly. 'When people are considering a ski holiday in Andorra', comment one travel guide, 'At the moment to reach Soldeu, one of Andorra top ski villages, it's two and a half hours from Barcelona to the capital la Vella, and then another twenty minutes on top of that nearly a three hour trip after a flight. Cutting down resort arrival time from three to one hour will be enough to influence some people's decision on where to visit.' Recent investment by the government has reached several million Euros designed to keep the country in line with other European winter destinations, and intended to make Andorra a natural choice for the ski and snowboard fraternity, the addition of an airport close to her border could help ensure that. All that is needed now is a good level of snow in the years to come.


    Web Site Copywriter In The 21st Century


    The process of keywords search is well known. However large the company can be, whatever industry it operates in there are usually some persons at the company who can perform this task. However, once the keyword search has been performed one should start working these keywords phrases into the text of your web site. The person who performs this task is a web site copywriter. Apart from being creative and have an aptitude fro producing appealing, memorable and attracting content the professional web site copywriter should be able to write the text in easy to read, convincing and action driven style. He should also be able to perform thorough web site analysis and understand how the web site maintained by you should be changed or adjusted in order to get higher conversion rates. But even if he has these qualities it may not be enough. It today’s highly competitive and ever changing online world it is indispensable for him to understand current marketing trend, what customers want to purchase as well as what expectations they have. Apart from this he must also analyze marketing and advertising strategy of the main competitors of the company and propose effective adjustments in the content of the web site to countervail them. If you are hiring experienced web site copywriter it is advisable to look through his portfolio in order to get an insight into his experience. Experienced web site copywriter who has already provided some copywriting service should indicate what type of copywriting he has been working on and what results he has achieved. Moreover he must also understand modern marketing techniques such as writing press releases and writing article. The web site copywriter should always keep himself abreast of the latest changes in marketing in order to produce high quality content. If the web site copywriter you intend to hire matches the above mentioned criteria, than he will be able to bring high results for your company.


    Crystal Repair


    From chandeliers, to figurines, to household accents, to plates, to wine glasses, to office items, trophies, and favors, crystals have long been a way of life and are represented many households. The demand for crystals and their use is widespread because they not only add elegance to one's lifestyle but are available in abundant varieties. However, these fine pieces are also exceptionally delicate and fragile items. One slip and the dollars spent for it can be lost. However, it is often possible to repair crystal pieces and return it to it's original appeal and resplendency. Many crystal repair companies exist these days. One such company is Crystal Restoration. Owner, Terry Merritt, is among a handful of people in the US who are experts in the art of restoring chipped or broken crystal. Today, after over twenty years, Terry Merritt’s business of giving new life to fine crystal that has been broken or damaged is considered one of the best in the country. He uses a resurfacing process which involves grinding away chips, rebeveling the rim and shining with a diamond compound. If the chip is less than ј inch deep, then the piece can be restored to full value. Crystal pieces that are broken can be bonded together using an ultraviolet acrylic bonding agent. However, broken crystals cannot be restored to full value but can be repaired for use. Murano Glass Repair is another crystal repair company that repairs chipped glass and crystal cups, goblets, bowls, and pitchers. They have been engraving and repairing china, crystal, chandeliers, and Venetian mirrors since they came to the US thirty five years ago. Nason, the expert of the crystal repair business says much can be done to recoup glass or crystal items. He has succesfully made cracks disappear and re created missing pieces with colors and finishes that mimics the original.


    Don T Make These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


    If you’re new to affiliate marketing, or if you’ve been doing it awhile but you aren’t making any money, you might be making one of these big mistakes in your business. What follows are three of the biggest mistakes I see affiliates making as I cruise the net, and some solutions for creating a better website that converts more visitors into paying customers. The first big mistake many affiliates make is building an amateurish or downright ugly website. There are design principles that you must follow when you build your website to achieve success in affiliate marketing. There are also plenty of tools to help you create a professional looking site. When a visitor arrives at your site, you have only a few seconds to create interest in your site and to build credibility and rapport. First impressions are vitally important! Your banner must be of professional quality and must be simple and to the point. The name of your website and what you say in your banner must tell the visitor exactly what your website is about upon first glance. Too many graphics is a bad thing. Your site should be simple text for the most part. Keep your site simple, easy to read, clean and uncluttered. That means having margins, easy to read fonts, and easy on the eye colors. White backgrounds with black type are best. Eliminate all the gaudy colors, wild graphics, and blinking lights. Use only one or two colored fonts. Your goal is create credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness with your visitor. Think conservatively. Other ways to create credibility and rapport is to put a photo of yourself near the top of your page. Be sure to display your email address and contact details prominently. Just below your banner should be your headline in large type. This headline is the most important part of your webpage. It must be interesting and bold and draw the visitor into your site. You must compel the reader to continue reading! Your headline should address the needs of your visitor or provide a solution to your visitor’s problem. Finally, do not overwhelm your customer with choices. Design your navigation so that the visitor has no more than five links to choose from. You do not want to confuse your potential customer. A confused mind simply won’t make a purchase. More often than not, the confused visitor will exit your website in search of an easier and clearer solution to their need or problem. Your navigation should be placed in the same place on every webpage to make it easier for your visitor. Keep your visitor happy! The happy mood is the buying mood. What’s more, a customer that is happy to have found you and the products you have provided will more likely return again to your website. The next big mistake I see being made by so many affiliates is their failure to capture their visitor’s name and email address. This is vital to the success of your online business. It’s amazing how many websites just try to sell products. I guess a lot of people who are new to affiliate marketing have not yet learned that most people have to see a product as many as seven times before they actually buy it. Getting visitors to your site takes time and money, and maybe one in a hundred will buy your product. What about the other 99 visitors? Don’t let them get away from you! Get their name and email address. Then continue to market to them. After they get to know and trust you, they will buy from you again and again. Your customer list is the most important asset in your business. You will make more money on the back end than you will on the front end of your affiliate marketing business. Be sure to use an opt in form and capture your visitor’s name and email address! One good practice is to put an opt in form on every page of your website; another is to offer some kind of freebie product that’s related to your offer to bribe the visitor to opt in. The third big mistake I see affiliate marketers guilty of, not just newbies, is selling to their customers. Your job as an affiliate is not to sell, it’s to PRE sell. It’s the merchant's job to write killer copy to convert the visitors you send them into paying customers. I see lots of affiliates who swipe copy from merchant sales pages with the result that their webpage resembles a sales letter. This is the wrong approach to affiliate marketing salesmanship. It turns people off. People don’t want to be sold to, and people don’t like reading advertising. Pre selling is all about sharing your personal experience with a product. This is why you had better actually buy the product before you try to recommend it. You should relate your own feelings about the product and what it has done for you. Explain why you like it. Do not try to sell the product! Instead of hyping a product the way sales letter pages do, you should describe to your visitor the product’s benefits. Make a bulleted and detailed list of how you have used the product successfully. What it has actually done for you. Personalize your recommendation. Then casually offer the link to the product.


    21 Viral Marketing Using Forums


    Viral Marketing using Forums There are different types of forums, beyond the obvious topical types, of “marketing” or “special interest”, etc. “Marketing” and “special interest” are two types of what are commonly referred to as “open forums”. There are, however, business and professional forums, which do not operate under the same rules and, more often than not, disallow any and all types of advertising or self promotion. Forums that have been created to support the membership of a particular program are especially adamant on this topic and often demand that all members refrain from all types if advertising on their sites. Still, even with all these hurdles, it is possible to successfully advertise in forums. In all cases a pre requisite for success is developing a good reputation and a good relationship and maintaining both. So, while it is true that this a form of free advertising, it does require a certain amount of investment as far as time and energy are concerned, not to mention subtly and finesse. To successfully market on any forum, the first requirement is to take a personal interest in the main topic of the forum. That means visiting it on a regular basis and developing a good relationship with the members and the moderators. It, also, means taking an active roll in the conversations and being willing to help others. Of course, it goes without saying that it means abiding by any and all rules that exist. In this way, one can develop a reputation, and business will just naturally develop because humans tend to work with people they trust. Since the main purpose of a forum is the exchange of information and/or ideas, marketers must respect that objective and abide by it. Marketing forums, where everyone there has something to advertise and sell, usually have even more stringent rules. [Insert Your Resource Box Here] 303 words


    Skiing In Scotland


    Skiing In Scotland Scotland may be the home of golf, but it's also a great place for skiing enthusiasts. With numerous world class resorts, and such a depth of history and culture, Scotland is a great place to visit on your vacation, regardless of your interests and hobbies. When you think of Scotland, you might think of kilts, and rural mountaintops and sheep, but if you actually get to know the place, you'll find it is both beautiful, with its bustling, classy cities, ensuring you're going to have an enjoyable vacation wherever you go in the country. One of the most famous Scottish ski resorts is Aviemore. A classy, traditional ski resort, Aviemore is located within the Scottish Highlands, and is the ski resort of choice for many across the world. Loved for its friendly atmosphere and great skiing, Aviemore is more than well equipped to give you a great time. It's bars and restaurants are simply first class, offering wholesome food and drink to keep you well refreshed. Additionally, it's holiday village feeling enhances its friendly, relaxed ambience, and makes you feel a million miles from home whilst still comfortable. Alternatively, there are some more ski resorts in the Scottish Highlands which are particularly good value for money. It is important to watch out, though, given that some resorts cater for the top end of the market, and you could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. As long as you do your homework before you leave, you should fin the resort that is perfect to cater for your needs, and your wallet. One thing to watch out for before you arrive in Scotland is to change your currency into Sterling Pounds. Your best option is to go to your local travel agents, or your local currency conversion centre before setting off. That way, you will be sure of exactly what you are getting for your money. It is a good idea to be wary of the commission, and the exchange rate you are being offered, and it can sometimes be quite tricky to get your head around the numbers. Make sure you work everything out before hand, and shop around so that you don't get wripped off. For excellent deals on Scotland, why not go online? Additionally, there you will find a great deal of information on what to do in Scotland, and information on the depth and variety of Ski Resorts. If you choose not to go to a ski resort, but rather a city, and you want to cram in some top quality, affordable skiing during your trip, you are also in luck. There are loads of dry ski slopes in and around the cities, like at Polmont for example, which is located midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, which is ideal for some quick and cheap skiing. Additionally, there are several indoor artificial snow ski slopes which you can visit. These innovative inventions are used to help train national level skiers, and are also open to the public at certain times, so why not pop along during your visit? Why not consider Scotland? With so many excellent deals on skiing package tours at the moment, you'll definitely be glad you did, and you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable, fun holiday in this picturesque, ski enthusiast's heaven. PPPPP Word Count 553


    Essay Service
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