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    Having A Poker Chip Set How To Tell A Real Player


    So you’ve recently gotten into the Texas holdem rage, and have been playing poker every night with your buddies. Up to now, the only things that you’ve been playing with are cards and pennies. You’ve just decided that you want to up the stakes a bit. What you are going to eventually have to do is invest in a poker chip set. Now, there are different type of poker chip sets to fit every player, every budget and every style. If you are new to playing or have always played with the cheap o discs from your local discount store, get yourself invited to games with guys who play with real chips. This will allow you to feel the chips, see if you like the feel and the weight of them. It will help you out on buying the right poker chip set for yourself. First, you have to decide how many chips and how many colors you have to buy. A good rule of thumb is that if you are just starting out, it is best to buy five hundred chips for your first poker chip set. You can’t just buy 500 red chips or 500 black chips; you need to have different denominations or different chips to represent different units of money. If you normally play with lower bets, you might need a color for five cents, one for ten cents and one for a quarter, and perhaps even a 50 cent and dollar chip. That’s already five denominations, so you need five colors of chips. The more players you have, the more money is going to be changed, and you are going to need more denominations. The number of chips is also dependent on how many players you have. If it is only you and three buddies, you can probably get away with 300 chips in your new poker chip set; however, if you are going to have six or seven buddies, you are going to need closer to 500 chips. It’s recommended that you start off with a standard poker chip set of 500 chips in five to seven different colors. The vast majority of these chips are going to be two or three of these colors, and the rest will be a smaller quantity of the higher bet chips. So you need to figure out how many of each chip will suit your needs. One way to do this is to keep track of the chips you use in your next poker game. How many times do you have to keep changing in, and how much time is wasted by re banking? So now that you’ve decided that your new poker chip set is going to be a five colored, five hundred chip set, you are going to have to do a little research on the material for the chips. If you can spend whatever you want, go with the best right off the bat. Buy clay chips. This is what the professionals use, and what is used in the casinos all over the world. These chips are very durable, and with proper care can last a lifetime. The advantages to this type of poker chip set are that they look great and play great. If you don’t have an unlimited budget, you may want to consider a composite poker chip set. These are clay chips with some sort of insert in them (usually plastic, resin or metal). One of the advantages to these chips is that they are virtually unbreakable. But a disadvantage is that the color can wear off after many, many years of play. If your budget is even lower, you can always get a resin poker chip set. A lot of resin chips are designed to replicate clay. These also come in nearly any style and color to suit your style and playing needs. Ok, so you have just bought your first poker chip set. The final thing for you to do is to protect your new investment, so make sure to budget in a poker chip set case. Follow this advice, and you can use your new poker chip set for years and years to come.


    How To Protect Your Files From A Computer Virus


    How safe is your computer? Could you be in danger of getting a virus on your system? Just how real is the danger? What steps should you take if any? While visiting with a one of my students, I became aware that her anti virus software was over seventeen months old and had never been updated. Upon informing her that she should update her anti virus software regularly, she was totally surprised. Furthermore she had no concept how essential this was to ensure her system's safety. Therefore I thought it wise to write about some of the precautions you should take to avoid becoming infected with a computer virus. While there are many 'virus' hoaxes, and please do not pass any of these hoaxes on as these may actually contain viruses, computer viruses do pose a very real danger. Therefore I've listed a few preventative measures that you should take to ensure computer safety. 1. Do install an anti virus software program and update it often as there are new viruses discovered everyday. I update my anti virus database daily. At least weekly should be a goal. If you are not updating perpetually, it is like having an insurance policy and never paying the premiums. In no time at all it would be worthless. 2. Be wary of email from strangers. Never open an email with an attachment from a source that is unknown or suspicious. Virus containing emails can be very persuasive in the subject line. Do not let your curiosity be aroused. I prefer an anti virus program that has the ability to check all email sent and received. If you update it often, this should keep you safe, although nothing is 100% secure. There are good programs that offer a free version for personal use. These programs generally allow continual updates. Some may require that you register again at the end of year, but the software and updates will still be free. Two such programs are: AVG anti virus, Free edition grisoft. com Free avast! 4 Home Edition avast. com/eng/avast_4_home. html For more options and reviews on programs you can do a search on google for free anti virus. 3. Do exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet. Be sure to download from well known and reputable sources. Ascertain that your anti virus software is set to scan files while you are downloading. I have that feature enabled in my anti virus program and it scans all files when I am in the process of downloading, and it has on occasion prevented me from downloading a file that was infected or posed a potential danger. These programs work so take advantage of the security your anti virus will provide by using all of the safety features. 4. New viruses creep upon a daily basis. It is important to back up your important files regularly. CD’s and DVD’s hold a large amount of information. Take advantage of this and store your valuable information and computer programs on these removable disks. In the event that a virus should ever invade your system and your files become corrupted you will be able to replace them with your backup copies. 5. Lastly apply the little rule, 'When in doubt do without'. If you are uncertain, whether it is with an unknown source in your email or a web site that offers a download, then best not to take a chance. No email message or free software is worth the damage to your computer files and the time and expense of repairing your PC. Do not be fooled, computer viruses do affect everyone. The Internet offers us an array of software, services, entertainment and education that is beneficial. There is no reason to fear the web, it can be safe and secure. Yet it would be unrealistic to assume that there is no danger of computer viruses. There are unscrupulous persons who desire to do you harm. By observing these few guidelines you can minimize any threat of a virus attacking your computer.


    Tips In Choosing The Best Dog Breeders


    Dog breeders could be found anywhere. However, buying the best looking puppy in the pet store does not necessarily guarantee that you bought a pet with a top breed. What are the different types of breeders? Which of them provide the best dog breeds? 1) Look for reputable breeders. Well known breeders know specific details about their specialized breed. They examine genetic diseases that are known to have physical and emotional impact on that breed, perform veterinary maintenance and sustain breeding records. A breeder of good reputation will provide you with both the good and bad points about the breed you prefer. They offer useful advice and assistance to new dog owners. You could spot a reputable breeder when they grant quality for the dogs they personally own. They would let you experience the kind of care they give the dogs and allow you to see where the dogs live. Most outstanding breeders are not out to make money. They provide a written health guarantee with all the dogs they sell. Majority of the reputable dog breeders belong to local or national breed organizations and clubs. 2) Avoid backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet shops. * Backyard Breeders. These people have limited education about the breed standards. Commonly, backyard breeders do not maintain a regular check up on the dog’s diseases and genetic makeup. Usually, these people breed to make money and allows the dogs to leave without screening the present home of the dog. * Puppy Mills. This is a term commonly used to describe a business that produces large quantities of dogs. Majority of the puppies born and trained in puppy mills do not usually follow a regular veterinary care and appropriate feeding they need. Puppy mills do not sell directly to the public. They only allow sale to pet shops, brokers and dog auctions. There is no generic breed testing executed in puppy mills. The dogs born here have not been adequately socialized and trained. Most of the puppies are sold in large numbers at the age of 3 to 4 weeks that could later give the dogs emotional and health problems. * Pet shops. Many pet shops grant guarantees. However, these guarantees last for only a year while majority of genetic diseases found in dogs materialize when the animal is over a year old. Most pet shops buy their dogs from puppy mills at a very young age for a cheap price. Young puppies that are not suitably socialized could cause behavior problems and poor health. Finding the best dog breeder means your pet could last a longer life. Find a reputable breeder now and spare yourself from possible heartache.


    The Declaration Of Independence


    The Declaration of Independence If you had to think of one document other than the Bible that people can most easily quote almost without thinking about it, that one document would be the Declaration of Independence. The comparison to the Bible is apt. Not that the Declaration of Independence is holy in a religious sense of the word. But it has a place of reverence in the hearts of the American people and in the history of the founding of this great nation. While not the first words of the Declaration of Independence, these stirring words have that kind of prophetic power that anyone who hears them in immediately inspired by the beauty, the poetry and the deep truths that were so beautifully expressed in that historic document. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This one statement from that famous declaration so beautifully demonstrates some core principles that show why this document has such a deep impact on the American mind and heart. The statement that the truths in this document were indeed truths is a profound statement in its own right. The Declaration of Independence does that suggest that what is being declared in those pages are theories, possibilities, even political ideology. These are truths which puts them on the same value as statements of values as often taught in a religious setting. Truths are eternal values and values that are not changed by circumstances, by whomever or whatever is handling the government of the land or by the whim of lawmakers. These truths exist above those temporal earthly ideas and live on that plain of the eternal. “Self evident” is a powerful phrase and it reflects on the founder’s belief in what was called natural law. Natural law is the belief system that there are laws that are part of our natural state of existence and that they cannot be taken away (inalienable). These laws are our rights as creations of the almighty and any government system must recognize these laws because they are above government. It is a basic belief system of the American system that ALL people are entitled to these rights and that they cannot be taken away. The mention of a creator in the declaration of independence is very important because there are those who would maintain that the separation of church and state tells us that the government is at heart a secular institution. Clearly the founders did not lay the foundation of our country on that groundwork. They saw the inheritance we as Americans have in our rights and freedoms to be part of our legacy from God and as such, above the government and something the government must back off and leave alone as well as prettiest and defend. The Declaration of Independence is truly an amazing document especially when you consider the “primitive” state of the nation when it was written by Thomas Jefferson and signed on July 2, 1776 to become the backbone of our American system of government. It became an often referenced and quoted document, even becoming a part of President Lincoln’s famous inaugural speech when he said with such deep conviction… Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Because these words are such a deep part of our American heritage, American history and the American spirit, they are often a crucial center part of any study of history in the schools in this country. That is why school children in every state are so familiar with these words. But it would do us all well to take some time once a year or so and take our copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it either as a private moment of reflection nor with our families. What a wonderful fourth of July tradition that would make. Then as you watch the fireworks celebrating the birth of the country and its independence, you will have those words fresh in your heart to remind you that it was our creator that gave us our freedoms and independence and nobody has the right to ever take them away. PPPPP 734


    The Right Lure


    Fishing lures are used to bait fish. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you will need the right lure. Fish generally bite a lure because they are hungry, they are protecting their territory, or they simply want to know what it is. Since lures can vary in size, you should keep in mind that not all fish will be attracted to one lure. You should have several sizes on hand so you can trade off when you need to. If you have fished in an area before, then you may have a good idea about which lures will attract the fish and which won't. But if you are fishing in a new area, you may need to try a few fishing lures before finding one that works. Fishing lures are attached to fishing poles and are needed for both deep sea fishing and shallow water fishing. Smaller fish are attracted to smaller lures, while larger fish may need a larger lure to peek their interest. You can buy lures at tackle shops or order them online. If you are not used to using a lure, you can buy a kit that contains several sizes. Many times it's not the lure that you are using, it's how you use it. Placing it in the water is not enough. You need to move it around in order to attract the fish. Many fishermen have questions about the color lure they should use when fishing. The answer depends on where you will be fishing, If you are fishing in grassy areas, then a green or yellow lure will probably not be seen by too many fish. Use a red lure or a multi colored lure in these areas. If you fishing in the ocean, then a neutral lure may be enough to catch some fish. Because you may lose some lures while fishing, you should always carry some extras in your tackle box. Fishing lures can be made of various materials including plastic, metal, or wood. The material will determine how heavy the lure is and if you will need to add weight to it when trying to reach fish that are bottom dwellers. Buying a tackle box that has different sized weight, floaters, and fishing line is important to have on any fishing trip. Since you cannot predict the water level, the amount of debris, or the weather conditions overall, you should be prepared to fish under different circumstances. While many people have a favorite lure, others rely on different lures that can be used at different times. As you become a better fisherman, you will learn which lures are the best to use with different varieties of fish.


    Go Hiking


    Hiking is an outdoor sport that requires no equipment. It's one of the least expensive sports you can engage in. It's basically walking, conducted in a natural setting. Some hiking is goal oriented, with a specific distance or destination in mind, while other hikes take the form of rambling, with no particular goal other than exercise and enjoyment. Hiking can be a social experience. You can join hiking groups and clubs to meet people with similar interests. Many singles organizations, in fact, run hikes as a form of low stress get together. Other people consider hiking to be a peaceful and solitary activity. Keep in mind these different approaches to hiking when you are on the trail. Observe hiking etiquette whenever you are on a hike. Many hikers prefer peace and quiet, so if you are in a group, avoid shouting your conversations. Many hikers also enjoy seeing wild animals, and loud conversation and loud music are sure ways to scare animals away. Remember that you are in a natural setting and behave accordingly. Hiking etiquette requires that a group stick to the pace of the slowest hiker so that no one is left behind. The easiest way to do this is to put slow hikers up front. If you find the pace of your group too slow, just choose a different group to hike with the next time. If you cause a low hanging branch to brush back, it is proper hiking etiquette to hold the branch for the next person so that it will not snap into their faces. However, it is also proper etiquette to maintain enough distance between yourself and the person in front of you so that they will not have to worry about hurting you with branches. Right of way on hikes is different than the rules of the road for walking and driving. People heading uphill have the right of way on a narrow trail over people going downhill. Smaller groups of hikers have the right of way over larger groups.


    Choosing A Web Hosting Company


    It used to be that choosing a web hosting company for your small business web site was a difficult and confusing exercise. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today you can do an online search for web hosting companies and be presented with a fantastic selection of cheap hosting packages, all of them offering a wide range of features. Choosing among all the alternatives still takes a bit of research. Many people focus on impressive technical specs available bandwidth, storage capacity, number of email addresses, and so on. But the truth is, web hosting has gotten very inexpensive. You can now get cheap web hosting for as low as $1.95 per month that includes many of the features you find in much more expensive plans. So how do you go about choosing a hosting company? Here are some suggestions. **Determine what you need If you have a bit of web experience, choosing a host can be fairly simple, but if you are without experience, then it might be a good idea to discuss your requirements with a friend, business colleague, or a consultant. There are also lots of good articles available online that can help. Or you might try contacting the support or sales staff of the different hosting companies on your short list. Tell them what you want to do and ask for their recommendations. Then compare notes after talking to three or four different companies. Bandwidth, and storage capacity requirements may seem critical, but in fact, it is more important to find out if you can upgrade your service if and when you need more capacity. Every reputable hosting company is prepared to sell you more services when you need them, so don't make this the determining factor in your search. Determine what "extras" you need. These could include extra space for storing lots of photos. Or you may want database support so you can run a blog, a photo gallery, a forum, e commerce software, or any number of other add on programs. **The Basics to look for in a web host * 24/7 Live Support by e mail and Live Chat There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get quick response from the technical people at your hosting company. Every reputable host has 24/7/365 support by email. Many now have 24/7 Live Chat as well. * The ability to easily upgrade your hosting plan As your business grows you may need to upgrade your plan. This should be a simple, transparent process that does not involve any downtime. * A web based control panel You need this to add or modify email accounts, work with databases, change site configuration, and do basic editing of files. * 24/7 FTP access You will want to make changes to your site at unpredictable times, so you will need FTP access to the site at all times. * Web based e mail Your colleagues and employees will want to pick up their email from anywhere, not just from their primary computer. Webmail is the easiest way to give that feature. **Extras to take you beyond the basic business web site 1. Shared space or dedicated server As your online business activity increases your web site will have more traffic, and may require more space. That is when you may think you should move from shared space where your site is hosted on the same server as potentially hundreds of other sites to dedicated space, where your site has its own dedicated server. Since making this move can be very expensive, it is something you should discuss with your host provider. They may have an intermediate solution with a limited number of sites per server. For example, some business packages (see below) limit the number of sites per physical server processor to 50. This gives you something much closer to a dedicated server, with a huge monthly data transfer rate, but without the high cost. 2. e_Commerce capability Shopping carts let you display your products to customers and allow them to purchase items online. Some hosts provide free shopping cart systems with integrated payment "gateways", that let you get your online store up and running for minimal cost. 3. Other Extras Some hosting packages include free scripts such as blog software, content management systems, forums, picture galleries and much more. One of the best free packages is called Fantastico. It contains more than 40 free programs, each of which can be quickly installed from within the site Control Panel. Choose a web hosting company you can grow with Price and features are important, but they are only part of the story. Find a web hosting company that has a solid track record, offers reliable, technically advanced services, and gives you room to grow in the future.


    Foreclosed Home Listing


    Everyone wants to save on real estate. The problem is, many people simply don't know how, or where to actually find those elusive savings. When you're buying on the open market, it can be truly difficult to come across unusually good deals. You might be able to win a home with a lower bid through a real estate agent, but if you're really looking for savings that will create lots of initial savings and maximum potential investment value, you have to consider the market for foreclosure listings. These incredible resources are the homebuyer's key to finding deals on great homes that can provide savings of as much as 50% off your initial purchase. A foreclosed home listing is like a guide to a property that is available for purchase through a lender sale. They come about when a homeowner defaults on their home mortgage loan. After a default, the lender will have to sell the home and use the proceeds to cover the remaining debt owed by the homeowner. But the opportunity for buyers to win these homes for discount prices manifests in the sale or auction itself, where lenders often undersell properties. Since they only need to collect an unpaid portion of the original loan amount provided, they can sell the home for less than its full value and still make back all the money they need. Attending these sales provides you with one of the best chances to find discounts you'd never find anywhere else, on perfectly good properties of all kinds! While you don't find these sorts of listings every day, one of the best ways to get your hands on lots of them is to hire a foreclosure listings service, and when it comes to quality, effectiveness and efficiency, there's no better business around than ForeclosureConnections. com. We provide more than 500,000 properties currently available in our nationwide list of bargain homes, and there are new availabilities added all the time! It's easy to search for the exact property you need, whether that's homes for single families or commercial seized properties to expand your business. We'll teach you how to get the best properties available too, and from all kinds of different lenders. We'll show you how to buy federal homes for sale, government homes, and we can even help you find a local bank foreclosure listing that can be extremely profitable. So sign up with the experts today and get more than just listings. Get the professional advice and backup you need to make extremely successful real estate investments, with ForeclosureConnections. com!


    Mlb To Disappear From Terrestrial Radio


    MLB to Disappear from Terrestrial Radio? The changes that took place in the way MLB games were broadcast on television made many think that the same will happen to radio soon enough. Today, local television stations only broadcast 23% of the MLB games. Also, 7 of the major league team games are only available on cable, an exclusivity factor that seems to work well for them. In an interview to WSJ, Edison Media Research's President Larry Rosin declared that "it is probably inevitable that baseball radio broadcasts will go to a 100% subscription model...

    It will happen because there's too much money in it not to do it." This is an interesting perspective for the two main digital satellite radio providers, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius. This potential development sounds excellent for XM especially, as they would hold the exclusive rights to all major league baseball games.

    Of course, that would be an important step forward for XM, as the MLB generates huge interest in the US, and it would mean that another building block has been added to the development of satellite radio. MLB Radio and XM Radio MLB also has its own subscription paid online radio channel, and if the same thing happens to radio as it did to television they would definitely enjoy the situation. Since experts in the communication field consider that satellite radio is still in its infancy, the trend of moving broadcasts of such games to a subscription paid environment would take digital radio broadcasting to the next level of development. The earnings from XM Radio and MLB Radio are split between the 30 MLB teams, but they are divided equally. This means that the MLB team’s interests would be high and the economical and financial factors could speed up the process of making MLB games exclusive to satellite radio. The statistics we have today tell an interesting story: presently around 23% of XM subscribers have signed up to receive the MLB transmission, so there is a lot of potential for growth. Terrestrial radio can already start to feel the danger of loosing MLB broadcasts to satellite radio as this revenue driven model is more attractive for the MLB teams. Implications of such a transfer As with anything that reaches such a controversial topic, the opinions are shared among experts and the general public. Some people are convinced that this whole movement is nothing more than a bubble of soap. Baseball is mostly a TV favorite and although there is still a lot of interest in MLB radio broadcasts, most people will not feel the transfer to digital radio as a major change. Although radio was the initial growing medium for baseball, television is king today, and they say that the transfer from terrestrial radio to satellite radio is not something that will have a significant impact. Other opinions say that “MLB would loose more audience then it would gain from the exclusive fees”. Since the format of the terrestrial radio stations is more flexible it also allows them to broadcast more games than broadcast TV. The same people say that “the MLB would alienate a lot of local fans if they took baseball off AM radio”. For other people, there is another comparison to be made – that between the impact this would have on MLB and the impact it had on NFL, where a similar process has already started. The Sirius NFL broadcasts brought the company some new listeners, but the changes were not extreme and since NFL is more popular than MLB, some expect the same trend to be followed in MLBs case as well. Of course, there are voices that say this change would have a significant impact on the way baseball is perceived. Since watching a game on TV can take away a few hours, many prefer to listen to the game on radio while they are doing something else. This is especially true during summer months, when many prefer to spend time in the yard or on the porch, not inside the room in front of a TV set. Of course, comparisons between the various major sport types in the US can be made from many perspectives, but most will agree that baseball is a game that can be followed on radio. For now, al the signs point at a transfer of broadcasts from terrestrial radio towards satellite radio, but this may change depending on the response companies and MLB receive from the public. PPPPP (word count 745)


    Free Internet Entertainment


    With the advent of the Internet and the mushrooming of various sites, entrepreneurs operating in small and specialized niches have found a means of survival. There are many sites that offer various products and services, which could not have been found so easily earlier. Also with efficient search engines like Google, finding appropriate sites for anything that one needs has become extremely easy. Entertainment is one such area that has seen a boom, aided and abetted by the Internet. There is no need to buy music and movie videos these days since many of the same movies and videos are available free of cost. Free movie downloads have become extremely popular these days. One of the best aspects of these free downloads is that once the download is complete one can be assured of a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment. Free movie downloads are not replete with advertisements which disrupt the flow of a gripping thriller at the peak of the plot. These free movie downloads can be saved and be viewed anywhere and at anytime on your PC, iPod or MP3 player. There is no need to wait patiently for the airing time for the movie on television or wait in long queues to collect tickets in a theatre. To watch a free movie download one needs to have either the Windows Media Player or Rhapsody and Realplayer or the Apple Quicktime. These are names of software that allow anyone to view free movie downloads at the click of a button. A popular new video compression technology that has been developed by DivX Inc allows users to play free movie downloads easily while preserving the quality of the picture and sound. It offers the same image quality as DVD’s and saves up to 90% of the space required. The plethora of free movie download sites that are available allows easy access to anyone. Some sites differentiate themselves by offering specialized movies like turnerclassicmovies. com that provides downloads and background information on classic movies. Some, like the atomfilms. com specialize in funny free movie downloads like parodies and others like the subservientchicken. com allow you to create your own movie. With the popularity of the free movie downloads, many associated sites have also formed a niche. Sites like tunefind. com will enable you to find any music or songs appearing in movies from a comprehensive collection. Movie scripts can be read at theinternetmoviescriptdatabase. com and bloopers, continuity goofs and anachronism can be located at moviemistakes. com. Most of the free movie downloads sites that you may come across like emol. org/movies, unlimitedmoviedownloads. com, movieadvanced. com, cinemanow. com and many others may be legal and genuinely free. But this is not true for all. Some sites allow for downloads of movies which are not in the public domain and therefore flout the US copyright laws. And then some claim to be free but charge a registration fee or a fee per download. Some may even have hidden viruses that may get downloaded to your PC. So be careful while using the option of free movie downloads and exercise caution!


    Aikido Everyday In Life


    Aikido in Everyday Life The modern martial art from Japan called Aikido is often referred to as the "art of peace" because it espouses a quick peaceful end to any form of aggression. In the practice place of Aikido, usually called dojo, students will be able to learn about flexibility and adaptation. Both of these are results of a relaxed manner that Aikido students strive to embody. The reason why being relaxed and calm is taught in Aikido practice is because at the heart of its principles of spirituality and philosophy, Aikido masters and instructors believe that the ki or ch'i or energy can only truly flow in its complete potential energy when one is relaxed. It is in this relaxed state that ki flows freely and smoothly. This philosophy that ki is a force that is very strong and fundamental. It is believed to be superior to muscle and physical strength, which sometimes hinders the ki. In fact, in Aikido, instead of muscle and strength building, flexibility and endurance is part of the Aikido martial art training. Now, it said that to be able to truly harness the power of the ki, it must be allowed to flow. It can only flow properly within us when we are in a relaxed state. The relaxed state cannot be built like muscles through exercise. A spiritual journey must be taken upon by an Aikido student to be able to achieve the state of calm and peace that is vital in combat. In constant defense and fear, we tend to be too busy to concentrate and are easily distracted. Aikido stresses this fact and so it teaches its students to remain calm in the face of an assault. Remaining calm puts an advantage over the assailant because you will not be caught of guard and unaware and therefore will not be toppled over or thrown. More advanced techniques teach students not only to fall properly, but also to be able to rebound and plant a counter attack as one rises from a fall. Beyond combat and the dojo however, Aikido masters and instructors cultivate the development of spirituality and character within Aikido students so that they can apply Aikido principles everyday in life. True understanding of Aikido simultaneously promotes better performance in practice combats as well as in performance in everyday life. Aikido everyday in life is akin to having an unshakable peace and calm that enables you to have the strength needed to withstand even the toughest of life's challenges. Remember that Aikido teaches students about flexibility, adaptability, calm and clarity. All these are useful tools in dealing with life, so say Aikido practitioners. Some Aikido martial artists tend to relate Aikido combat principles to everyday life like work, play and personal relationships. This results in a true oneness in the practice of Aikido everyday in life. In Aikido training, there is such a thing as uke and nage. One cannot exist without the other. Uke makes an assault on nage and consequently is the receiver of the Aikido technique which nage uses to neutralize uke's attack energy with. In training using uke and nage, one will be able to get better in Aikido techniques by learning from each other and gaining each others strengths and battling each others weaknesses together. If this is something that you want to cultivate in your life then Aikido everyday in life is something that you might want to take up and learn.


    Paintball Ghillie Suits


    Making a paintball ghillie suit follows many of the same steps as a normal ghillie suit. You must assemble it according to your surrounding and you must also make sure it blends. Nowadays many folk have decided to forgo the building of a good paintball ghillie suit in favor of pre manufactured suits already covered in grass, leaves, and other twigs. The problem with this is that many of these will not match, and much of the added foliage is artificial, meaning it wouldn’t match even if you drug it behind a truck through the Paintball Park itself. The best paintballing arenas are those in wooded areas that allow for easy camouflage and hiding. Such forest settings will always have an abundance of leaves and twigs, along with dead grasses, mosses, and other things to adorn your paintball ghillie suit. The right paintball ghillie suit is usually assembled beforehand and will have much of the groundwork laid. Even if you go to a different park it can be blended in through some simple steps of just adding local leaves, dirt, and mosses to it. You could take a ghillie suit from the red dirt of Oklahoma to the dirt in California and still remain invisible all you need to do is get it wet, drag it through the dirt, and then replace any missing patches with local foliage. The paintball ghillie suit that your enemy wears may be just as good so be careful to look for any unusual patterns. Sometimes something will seem a little too green, or too brown. Watch it for movement. If you watch long enough you’re bound to see a slight up and down with each breath and then you will know your enemies paintball ghillie suit. Also, when you are hunting for targets, and you have your suit in a superior condition, you can sneak up on those who are using poorly made paintball ghillie suits such as those made from artificial foliage. Blast them away without revealing your position; and you will have a chance to get another without moving. Paintball ghillie suits can become filthy, dirty, and smelly. That is a good thing, because you want your suit to smell like dirt, but if the odor becomes too strong you may consider wetting it down and freshening the dirt, or even using manure to hide the other smells. In all likelihood though, smell from it may actually hide your own, and your paintball ghillie suit becomes another kind of mask for you a scent mask. Paintball ghillie suits can also hide items for you in pouches, or in other secret locations. Some people even make paintball gun paintball ghillie suits, so their gun is just as undetectable as they are, and they will remain unseen. Just remember, when you’re putting together your paintball ghillie suit, you need to make sure it matches; you need to make sure it is hidden from sight and from smell, and you need to make sure you don’t have any missing patches. The ghillie suit you use in paintball can determine the outcome of the game itself.


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