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    Timeshare Buying Scams


    Do you feel excited when thinking about buying a timeshare. Are you thinking about all the wonderful places that you can go on vacation? Going to vacation spots that can be secluded and quiet. How about sitting by the pool, looking at the mountain scenery. Thinking of seeing the wonders of nature. Take care. There can be trouble ahead. You want all the best but you may not receive everything that you are entitled to. And you could end up having to pay more money then you wanted to and not get what you deserve. Listen to this... I was minding my own business when one day I was run over by the timeshare express. And what did that express cost me how about $10,000. You would think for 10 grand I would have gotten exactly what I wanted not so. When you go to a timeshare presentation all you are thinking about is the free weekend and a few gifts. Don't make that mistake!! The timeshare industry is growing faster then ever. They are selling more units and grossing more money. So if you want to own a timeshare then do not go to a presentation with your eyes shut. I am sure you did not wake up one morning and find yourself at a timeshare presentation. How did you get there? Most people receive a wonderfully exciting invitation in the mail. And you think...I am going to get a free weekend... No strings attached. Listen to this figure. You may not believe this, but up to 25% of people just like you, who hear a presentation, buy a timeshare. Don't say it can't happen to you! Because you just may end up paying over $10,000 for that weekend and some free gifts. And remember, the money is not free. Either you have to take it from savings of let the timeshare people finance the purchase. And what do you think the interest rate is going to be... How about 17%. Timeshare salesman are better then used car salesman. Not only are they better at getting you to buy, but they have you captured for several hours. And during that time they are telling you about features of the plan that sound great. Except for the fact that most of it is not true. Do not be fooled!! You cannot exchange a studio in the off season in the middle of nowhere for a two bedroom beach front in Hawaii. Not going to happen. You can own a timeshare for significantly less then what is being forced on you at the presentation. Remember this...The salesman makes a commission on each sale that they make. Sometimes up to 40% of the purchase price. You are paying for their lifestyle. All of the above can be summed up in two words be careful. Critique everything that is being told to you. Don't be shy and ask questions. Read and re read everything that you sign. Education is the best friend that you have. Never assume you know enough being properly educated can save you over $10,000.


    Common Umbrella Blunders


    How many times have you been caught in the rain and had no place to duck in out of a downpour? By the time you reach your destination, all you can think about is how you might still be dry if you had brought an umbrella. Worse still are those times when you do bring an umbrella and the wind is so strong it collapses your little piece of sanctuary and you get wet anyway. Although seemingly low tech in this age of wireless this and that, the umbrella is still the most practical way of keeping dry when you simply must get somewhere—no matter the weather. Here are some common blunders to avoid when shopping for an umbrella. When possible, you want to actually open your umbrella up before buying. One of the common blunders people make is buy an umbrella without looking at the stitching. With cheaper models, it is possible to see light coming through little pinholes because the material is cheaper. The stitching itself should be taut and held firmly against the ribs. Pinholes and loose stitching will lead to leaks every time. A quality umbrella should be impervious to water from above so it needs quality material and taut stitching. An umbrella collapses in high wind situations due to cheap or poorly crafted ribs. Thin ribs made out of substandard metals will not stand up to the stresses of Mother Nature for very long. An umbrella that cannot handle winds of up to at least 35 mph is not worth having. The ribs should be thick and slide smoothly along the shaft. Well made ribs crafted from quality materials will glide up and down the shaft and then lock into place. The locking mechanism on a quality umbrella should also be thick, made from quality material, and have a high tension spring able to withstand the stresses of high wind situations. To test the quality of the ribs, try hitting your hand against the ribs in order to stimulate the blunt forces caused by high wind gusts. If the umbrella collapses or even seems flimsy when striking it, move on to the next model. Finally, an umbrella handle needs to be sturdy and made from quality materials as well. Umbrella handles made from plastic tend to crack and deteriorate quickly. While these will be cheaper, it is important to remember that an umbrella lies dormant in a closet for most of the year. Plastic handles tend to dry out because the petroleum in them evaporates quickly. Umbrella handles made from wood or hard rubber evaporate at a much slower rate and therefore last much longer. Buying an umbrella isn’t a difficult thing and there are only a few points to keep in mind: Look for quality material; taut stitching; quality, well made ribs that glide along shaft and won’t collapse if you hit them; and lastly, handles made from wood or hard rubber. Keeping these simple points in mind when buying your next umbrella may help ensure you stay dry for many years to come!


    Tea Comparing Ceylon Green Teas To Indian Green Teas


    Most of the world’s green tea is produced in China and Japan. In fact, China is where green tea originated. Centuries ago, before other tea processing methods were developed, tea harvesters simply dried tea leaves in the sun before storing them, and this is how green tea was born. It gained favor quickly in this part of the world. Even after black tea processing began, it didn’t outsell green tea. Today, green tea is still a very popular beverage choice. In Asia, green tea is still by far more commonly consumed than other tea varieties, and most of the green tea we drink in the Western world is produced in China or Japan. However, we should not discount Sri Lanka and India when it comes to green tea. Both countries produce very good green tea with very distinct flavors. Green teas from Sri Lanka and India are not as common as Asian green teas, and, in fact, many people don’t even realize that these countries produce green teas. However, one taste of Ceylon or Indian green teas and you’ll likely want more. Sri Lanka Ceylon teas are grown in Sri Lanka. Tea is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka, over an area of about four thousand square miles. Ceylon green teas have a full body and are somewhat pungent with a nutty or malty flavor. Ceylon green teas have a very bright and bold flavor. The leaves are darker before brewing and brew a darker liquor, that is richer than most Asian green teas. Most Ceylon green teas are named using the same system as Chinese teas, with leaf shapes like gunpowder, etc. Today, Ceylon is considered a fairly minor green tea producer. However, as the demand for green tea grows, it’s likely that more green tea will be produced in Sri Lanka. For those who are accustomed to Chinese and Japanese green teas, Ceylon tea may be a surprise because its flavor is so different. India India produces two varieties of green tea, Assam and Darjeeling. Both of these teas have distinct flavors and qualities and both are gaining popularity. Assam teas are grown in the northeast part of India, along the border to Burma. Other than China, this region of India produces the most black tea in the world each year, at more than 1,500,000 pounds per year. Assam green tea is fairly new to the market, but is gaining market quickly. Assam green tea is typically medium bodied tea that is very flavorful. Like Assam black teas, Assam greens are malty and have definite notes of honey flavor. Typically an Assam green tea will brew up with no bitterness whatsoever, making it a good choice for novice green tea drinkers. Black Assam teas are used more often in blends than as single teas, but Assam greens are not as often blended. Darjeeling green teas are grown at altitudes of 4,000 10,000 feet above sea level, where it is cool and there is almost always a mist. It is the altitude at which Darjeeling is grown, the cool mist and the perfect drainage of the soil here that produces a tea with a distinctively muscadine flavor. Many people describe Darjeeling as being a very relaxing tea. Darjeeling black teas are highly prized by the British and are considered to be one of their favorite afternoon teas. In fact, it was the British who began the first tea colonies in India, in order to compete with Asian tea production. The Darjeeling region of India has become synonymous with tea production. In fact, many tourists take a ride up the Himalayan railway to Darjeeling just to take a peek at the beautiful tea gardens that can be found there. Darjeeling is one of the biggest tea producing regions in the world, but only a small percentage of the tea produced there is green tea. Darjeeling green tea is very different from teas grown anywhere else in the world. It is milder than black Darjeeling tea and has a flowery bouquet. Darjeeling green tea is a very nice combination of the grassy flavor of a traditional green, but with the Muscat flavor that characterizes all Darjeeling teas. When brewed it is a much paler tea than Darjeeling black tea, with an amber color and a fragrant aroma. Because both India and Sri Lanka are rather new to green tea production and produce far less green tea than Asia, you may have some difficulty finding Ceylon and Indian green teas. However, they are gaining popularity and will become easier to find. Today, there are a handful of tea purveyors in the United States that carry these varieties of green tea. If you’ve been unsatisfied with the flavor of Asian green teas, you may have come to the conclusion that you’re simply not a green tea drinker. However, before you give up on green tea, which is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink, give Ceylon or Indian green teas a try. They may be a bit hard to find, but when you do, they are certainly worth the trouble.


    Techniques In House Training Your Dog


    When scolding your dog for doing the toilet on the carpet remember that we were once young and did not use the proper toilet either. Your dog needs to be house trained, and this can be done in a few easy steps, but over a long period. Dog house training may be one of the hardest training techniques as it is the one that requires the most attentiveness and work. You have to be able to read your dog's body signals, as he cannot tell you when he needs the toilet. Many people make the mistake of assuming that their dog will bark when he needs the go, sometimes they are lucky to find a dog that will but believe me there are many out there who don't and accidents are found all over the house! Dog house training requires a few simple steps, but as I said but they are time consuming ones. Firstly I would recommend putting newspaper in front of the door, that way if you see him doing an accident in the house you can quickly life him there and he will realize that if he needs to go and your not there to let him he has to do it on paper. The next thing you need to know when dog house training is most dogs when they need the toilet will start to get restless and stat sniffing around, this is when you pick them up and take them outside, when they are really young you should take him outside at least once every hour. When you take them outside you can say things like “do the toilet” or “do your business” or whatever command you want to use for this training session. Once they have done the toilet you must give them lots of affection outside straight away (of course it's best to wait until they are done) They will soon come to realize that outside is the place to do the toilet and will after some time start asking to go out. There are hundreds of books available on dog house training all of which use different techniques and routines. No dog is going to know straight away that outside is the place to do the toilet, they have to learn and you have to teach them (unless you don't mind accidents all over the place) Oh and don't forget to scoop!!


    Home Office Furniture Can Make You Work More


    If you have been planning on 'creating' your own home office, probability is that you have come to the realization that you need to buy some home office furniture. However, what you may not be familiar with is what types of home office furniture pieces are vital for your home office. There is no doubt that there are a number of different things which are necessary for any home office in order to make positive that the work that you do here actually gets completed in an efficient manner. Considerable Points While Making A Home Office Furniture: When you are choosing office furniture, you will want to pay for that which is ergonomically proper. For instance, you will want a chair that you can sit in that allows you to blissfully rest your feet on the floor. You will also want a desk that is at a good height that does not origin you to bend or reach to gain access to your keyboard, if you have a computer. While choosing office furniture, cost is always a deliberation. However, once again you should not concession your comfort for cost. For instance, if you purchase a chair because it is low priced and you find it scratchy, you will ultimately find yourself spending supplementary money for a new and comfortable chair. Wooden furniture is more suitable for homes, hotels and small offices, but it isn’t feasible to use wooden furniture for a huge office, because of the cost, availability and maintenance. Wood Work Solves All The Problems Of Organizing: If you have a lot of paperwork that requires organizing, a file cabinet is a must. Common types are metal cabinets, but wood is also used for a more lasting addition to the office. Shelves are also a first class idea for organizing books, binders, etc. Strong plastic shelves can be purchased at most department stores, as can wooden shelves. One of the most common questions comes to ones mind is from where should i get it, local amass? Or trip online how much comparatively cheaper would this be than that? Should I own them or get them on rent? Will it go well with my office surroundings the working conditions? Some great places to find home office furniture are at a vendor a hotel that is undergoing overhaul, the bug market, an office that is in the process of remodeling and replacing furniture, a furniture hire store, etc. You can get some fantastic bargains from businesses that are in the midst of replacing their old furniture with something new. Offer to purchase a desk or office chair and see if they are enthusiastic to offer a great deal. Otherwise, shop retail or furniture stores during a sale weekend. For more info see i homeofficefurniture. com/Home_Office_Store on products and services. Your home office should be designed carefully, as the right paraphernalia and office furniture will not only save you time and attempt, but money, too. Old or tiresome office furniture results in a cluttered workspace, loss of productivity and can eventually lead to back or wrist pain.


    The Tax Policy Charade


    : Tax policy discussions are meant to do what? Arrive at a rational policy, or garner votes. I think it is the latter. What is lost in all the debate over tax increases versus tax cuts, is science. Contrary to what most people may think, there is some scientific study of taxation. Applying The Laffer Curve To Tax Policy Invented by Arthur Laffer, the Laffer curve shows the relationship between tax rates and tax revenue collected. It demonstrates a simple principle that very few people understand, but one that is crucial to proper governance. It is the idea that as you raise taxes, you reach some point where actual revenues collected begin to drop. This is perfectly logical, and you can understand it at the extremes. If the government took 95% of your income in taxes after the first $10,000, would you work much after that? Do they get any more taxes if you don't work more? No. More money will actually be collected if they take a lower percentage, right? Now add to this the fact that every dollar the government takes can't be invested into new businesses or the expansion of existing businesses. New business investment means new income, and therefore more taxes. This isn't hypothetical you can't invest what has been taken away from you. A friend of mine put off hiring employees and expanding his business for a long time because of a state business tax that would dramatically increase his taxes if he hired help. That was a truly perverse tax policy, but any raising of taxes has to at some point cause a lowering of profits to the point where less is actually collected in taxes. There obviously has to be a point of diminishing returns. Where is it? The science isn't that exact yet, but the principle is clear. The top of the curve seems to be somewhere around 15% to 25% as a total tax burden (federal, state and local). What this means is that if tax rates go higher than that 15% to 25%, the curve goes down; the government actually collects less money. This isn't a republican or democratic issue. When Kennedy lowered tax rates and when Reagan did so (from a high of 70%!), tax revenues soared. The fact that under Reagan the government spent even faster than the rising revenues is another issue, but the lesson was clear: the Laffer Curve is an accurate description of tax rates and tax revenue. In other words even if a political party or a society wants all sorts of social welfare programs, they have to realize that there is an ideal rate of taxation to get the most money to pay for these programs. Tax more heavily, and you get less, not more. This is the reality, whether people like it or not. The Politics Of Tax Policy Quite often, people don't like this reality, and politics trumps science. For example, wealthy people are often taxed at rates that have them spending more time looking for loopholes than ways to make more taxable income. This lowers production, and so lowers the potential taxes collected. If your friends don't get it when you explain this, point out that 20% of a million is more than 50% of three hundred thousand, so production matters not just higher tax rates. What happens if we recognize this? Will a politician explain that the government can collect more taxes from the wealthy if the rates are lowered? When they try, they lose votes. Long term there is real hope, because the principle is actually easy to understand. Short term it is politically difficult to say you want to lower taxes on the wealthy to a scientifically determined rate of greatest efficiency. Many people want to believe that the rich can be taxed enough to pay for anything we want. The reality is that if most of the income of the wealthy was taken it would fund government for only a few weeks. There are more middle class than wealthy people, and more total income there, so that is where most taxes have to come from. Voter's don't know this or don't like this, and politicians tell them what they want to hear. Hence the tax policy charade.


    Water Parks Make A Great Summer Family Outing


    Quality family fun is what every parent looks for. And what better way to spend a relaxing day with your family then near the water. That’s why water parks make a great summer family outing. Water parks have plenty of entertainment to offer including all kinds of water rides, arcades, outdoor games like miniature golf and go carts, and good food. All you need to do is show up to discover the excitement that awaits you. There are slides for all levels and ages including water pools for the very youngest family members. So whether you like a real challenge or prefer a ride that’s relaxing, it’s there. The larger parks have intertwined looping tube slides which are a blast; some starting 6 stories above the park and ending with a splash landing. There are a variety of tubes to choose from, so if 6 stories is too high you can play on one of the smaller ones. And who says a water park is all about the slides? These days wakeboard and knee ski are growing water sports that many water parks are now offering. The courses are usually about Ѕ mile long and you can test your skills. Levels start at beginner and go right up to expert. And, if you aren’t ready to give it a try you can watch. It’s a great spectator sport too! If you prefer to partner up with your buddy, there are usually some great two person water rides to check out. The inner tubes are one of the most fun. Or why not take a ride down a twisting turning slide reaching maximum speeds as you drop from an elevated shoot. If that’s not your style why not try the Black Hole or the equivalent offered by most parks. Here you’ll jump into a raft and take an exhilarating journey down a twisting tunnel of darkness – whoo eee fun with a capital F! And if you’re lucky enough to visit Orlando’s Wet and Wild, be sure to check out The Blast which will have you screaming for more as you get soaked to the core in this stimulating ride complete with sound effects. You’ll twist and turn your way down through waterspouts and burst through pipes. What a ride! If you can’t get to Orlando don’t worry. Other water parks are offering similar rides. When you need a rest from the water you can soak up some rays on the side. Grab a chair or relax on your beach towel. And then why not take the family for a game of miniature golf? Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious burger and order of fries with a nice cold drink. And the day won’t be complete without an ice cream. Water parks offer a full day of fun and relaxation for the entire family. So why not get out and enjoy it? You won’t be sorry!


    The Soccer Jersey A Matter Of Identity


    Nothing identifies the game as much as the soccer jerseys. The jersey is probably the most important part of the uniform. It doesn’t matter if it's a club or national team; the soccer jersey is typical and unique of the game. One can tell if a person is using a soccer jersey from miles away, and it is used not only by soccer fans but also because a lot of the jerseys have nice designs and lines to them, which allows people to wear them in practically any occasion. The soccer jersey has suffered a lot of changes over the years. In the beginning, the jerseys were made mostly out of cotton and were relatively thick in comparison to the modern ones. This was a disadvantage because when the players used to sweat the shirt would get heavier and stick to the body. Old day soccer jerseys were quite simple as far as design goes, usually white or dark and had polo like collars to them with laces or buttons. Some people don’t know this, but the famous Brazilian yellow shirt we see today wasn’t always yellow. In fact, it was white with blue collars. This uniform was used until the famous defeat to Uruguay in 1950. As the years went by, the soccer uniform developed together with the textile industry. Another reason is because the game became more and more popular and more and more competitive. There was a point where the soccer jersey wasn't cotton anymore and started to be made with synthetic material. This made the jersey much lighter than the cotton ones and doesn't stick to the body as much as the cotton ones. Together with the material change, design changes were being made, especially the colors. Most jerseys still had polo like collars. The more modern soccer jerseys are made with special dry technology material that doesn’t get wet and doesn't stick to the player's body. Nowadays, clubs and National teams use the soccer jersey for marketing strategies, with the name or logo of big companies on the shirt. Soccer fans in general buy a lot of soccer jerseys, especially the jersey with the club they support and their national team. Selling jerseys with the name of famous soccer players brings the sales up quite a lot, especially when these players are well wanted by the fans. It is very common to see jerseys with names like Ronaldinho, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Henry, Deco, Kakб and so many other famous players who are popular with the fans who support the teams they play for but also by soccer fans in general. The national soccer teams are also quite responsible for the selling of jerseys, especially the Brazilian, Argentine, German, Italian, English and French jerseys. The soccer jersey manufacturers use a lot of marketing to sell their products and even come out with special edition jerseys and other marketing campaigns. A soccer jersey isn't only a jersey, but it's an identity. It's the love of a fan towards the team he supports, it's like a second skin to some people.


    Ezines Can Still Pack A Punch


    In the 1980’s many newspapers were developing their copy using a cut and paste technique. Obviously this was an improvement over typeset, but still time consuming. As desktop publishing came to prominence newspapers began to be developed on a computer and sent electronically to have a film made of the copy for print. Darkrooms were replaced as digital cameras gained wide acceptance. Now virtually all the functions of a newspaper (except for some of the interviews and photos) can be accomplished while sitting in front of a computer. This change in function also allowed thousands of home based publishing businesses to develop using the same software and contracting with the local or regional newspaper to print their publication. In this story of falling dominos some home based publishers opted for either an online ezine that operated in tandem with the print version or in other cases it was established in place of a print edition. These early endeavors into online print helped establish the marketing form of ezine publications. These online electronic magazines generally provide a topic specific magazine that draws from multiple sources to complete a publication that can be of great interest to a niche market. This method of marketing draws on list building activities as well as trust marketing. Beyond getting individuals to visit the business site ezines are also designed to be so informative that visitors find a growing sense of trust in the information and products that you supply. Ezines can be archived and indexed for easy referral when new members sign up. This means that they can then access any of the topic specific ezines you have published in the past to gain even further value from their membership. Businesses can subscribe to services that provide essential statistics on their ezine. They can learn the number of visitors; track how many visitors drop by on an hour by hour basis and other valuable data that can help them gauge the success of the ezine. Ezines can provide a boost to traditional online business as well as affiliate revenue programs. If you can keep the idea that visitors to your ezine are interested in a specific topic, and then keep the ezine focused on that topic, you are more likely to not only develop an ezine that will be read, but also one that will be referred to and shared over and over again. The growth of ezines has been offset a bit by the introduction of business blogs, but the core idea remains. In both scenarios it is the goal to develop material that is aimed at helping customers understand your product, it’s uses and how the product may best fit their needs. Ezines generally appeal to those who like a news format while business blogs appeal to those who want something a bit less formal, updated more often and only deals with a single subject at a time. The ultimate goal in marketing is information sharing. Ezines makes the sharing of information a bit easier simply because it can be made available quickly and to a list that has already expressed an interest in the information you want to share.


    A Fun Teddy Bear Party Some Simple Steps


    A fun teddy bear party is not a difficult thing to pull of with a little creativity and some things that you can find round your house! Here are some quick ideas for making the party "beary" fun! Invitation ideas Buy some inexpensive rubber stamps with bear images and let your little one make homemade invitations. Or cut a piece of cardstock into the shape of a bear and write your invitation on that. Free clipart can be found for this purpose in many places on the Internet. Make sure you include the request for all the guests to bring their own bear to the teddy bear party too! Decoration ideas When kids think of bears they usually think of honey and bees, so a big hit for decorations is LOTS of yellow and black balloons and streamers. If possible have various teddy bears all around the room as well to tie in the theme. Menu ideas When you're hosting a teddy bear party even your menu should be centered on teddy. Here is a cute way to turn Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches into a beary fun treat! Spread your peanut butter and jelly onto eight whole wheat hamburger buns. Now here's where the fun begins. Cut four of the eight buns in half. On a large tray or covered cookie sheet, arrange the buns into a shape of a teddy bear. For the tummy, put one whole bun and surround that with 4 half buns. Another whole bun becomes the head/face, with two half buns on the topsides of the head for the ears. Two whole buns become the legs and the final two half buns turn out off of the body to make arms. Garnish the face/head bun with raisin eyes and a strawberry slice mouth and you've got a bear! Use a separate tray for additional sandwiches and watch for all the smiles! Mix some honey and yogurt together for a great dip for cut fruit and your menu is complete! Bear Party Activities and craft ideas Crafts with a bear theme abound but here are some quick ideas for your teddy bear party. Make a paper bear chain (paper dolls) that the kids can color and decorate. Use paper plates to make paper bear masks. Bead a bear collar (necklace). Take a picture with all the kids and their own bears and decorate a simple scrapbook page to honor the occasion. Decorate teddy bear cookies with colored icing and various decorations. Bear Party Game ideas Pin the honey pot on the teddy bear if you have an artist in the family, draw a large teddy bear on poster board and cut out honey pots. Blindfold each child individually and see if they can put the honey pot into the teddy bear's hand. Hot Teddy Bear like hot potato only pass the teddy bear to the music. When the music stops, the person with the teddy bear is out. Toss the honey pot draw a large bear head with an open mouth on poster board and lay it on the floor. Using yellow beanbags as the "honey" each child throws the bag to see if it will land in the bear's mouth. Take home gift ideas Purchase yellow lunch bags (available at party stores) and decorate with bee stickers. Fill with gummy bears, teddy grahams, miniature stuffed teddy bears and fun bear jewelry. Or if you want to go all out, hire a stuffed animal party planner to come and have each child make their own stuffed animal as part of the party.


    The Power Of Media


    The media is responsible for both reflecting values of a society and creating new ones to a good extent. 'The pen is mightier than the sword' goes an old proverb. It has been proved over and over again since the advent of writing and development of media. Media today consists of books, television, movies, music, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers etc. Each of them have evolved as a powerful medium in their own right. Values lie at the core of the society. They evolve and become a part of the society over the years. Both tradition and modernization contribute to the development of values. Values change over time. What was considered taboo 20 years back is a way of life today. Thats how media tends to develop the world. Media is far reaching. Hollywood stars have mass fan following in countries and places about which even the stars won't have heard about. With the internet as goes the cliche the world has become a smaller place. You can know anything about everything on the net, such is its power and reach. It reflects what people really are and what they really think. No hypocrisy here. The United States has always been a fore runner, be it movies, fashion or music. What the US does is followed by the rest. Jeans and fast food, original products of the US are now as familiar to a Chinese as to an Indian. The newly developing nations adopted values and traditions created by the west. TV shows are now telecast all over, thanks to satellites. So the American way of life is copied in Japan. So do these people lose their original tradition and values. To an extent, yes but mostly the case is the original values are retained while newer values and trends keep on enhancing the culture. So slowly a new way of life develops no wonder parents often say, 'this wasn't the case in our time'. Books reflect the mind of an intellectual. They give a deep insight to the way a person thinks. Books are very effective media to spread thoughts and values. Since a book is read, shared and preserved over the years unlike a TV show. Talking of TV shows, they have created new milestones. The show 'Who wants to be a millionaire' revived the age old human greed for wealth and popularity. Now everyone wanted to be instant millionaires. Hard work who wants to do it. Blockbuster reality shows like Survivor and Temptation Island drove home the same points. Whatever the people pretend to be their basic cravings have and will remain the same. And this was true for everyone everywhere. New values weren't created, maybe brought out of the closet again. But greed and lust shown in these shows reflect the common man on the streets. Music and Internet are considered perfect media for spreading one's own beliefs, values etc. Rock stars have masses emulating them. Wearing T shirts worshipping satan is a part of the rock culture. But many of these same people do go to church on sundays. Talking less about the internet is better. Instead moving on to magazines and newspapers. They print to earn. So scandals are moneyspinners for them and not a challenge of morals and righteousness for the society. It is bad when these media take a biased opinion on an issue and publicise the same. Its the commoners who take a wrong side because of wrong ethics. Media makes or breaks people, events, anything. Values get created, diffused in the society. Something thats a way of life for one man becomes a new value for another, thanks to media.


    Graphing Calculator 04


    Nowadays, graphing calculators are no big deal, but when I was going to school, they seemed like the cutting edge in high tech. I get a TI 82 graphing calculator in high school, and I have to say that it was one of the neatest toys I have ever seen. Stuff that seemed impossible before – difficult calculus problems – was easy to do on the calculator.

    Of course, you could not always solve them completely – not in the traditional method – but you could get intercepts and other values for your lines. A lot of classrooms discourage calculator graphing.

    There are basic two ways of looking at graphic calculators. In one approach, it is all about technology. The graphing calculator makes mathematics easier to do. If you can get the right answer, that is what is important.

    Therefore, you can use any high tech tools that are useful to do it. My math teacher, however, was from the old school. He kind of frowned on the use of a graphing calculator. Although he allowed us to do it, we had to show all our work.

    The numerical value that we got from the calculator graphing was not what was important – it was solving things for x. In spite of this approach, the graphing calculator still came in handy. You see, although it couldn't me give me the answer all the time, and it certainly couldn't give me the work, it could show me if I was on the right track and give me the right representation. Often, if I was confused and unsure of what way to do the problem, plugging it into the graphing calculator was the only way to really get my mind around it. By the time I was done with that, I would always know if my approach was wrong or right. If it was wrong, I could usually correct it and figure out what to do based on the answer I was looking for. Another great thing about graphing calculators is that a lot of them store most of the useful formulas for advanced mathematics. Teachers have different views of these. Some of them think that, as long as you can plug in the formula, it is okay. Other ones want you to be able to remember the formula without the aid of a graphing calculator. Depending on the teacher, you may or may not be able to use a particular scientific calculator on the tests. Even if you can't, however, you can still use it during homework. After all, who is going to stop you?


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