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    9.2 of 10 on the basis of 1971 Review.






    Commercial Kitchen Appliances The Ge Monogram Collection


    Commercial Kitchen Appliances: The GE Monogram Collection When it comes to commercial kitchen appliances, General Electric (GE) is no stranger to manufacturing top of the line products and accessories. They have made a variety of machines for use in a kitchen household, from refrigerators and freezers to dishwashers and venting systems. GE commercial kitchen appliances are good quality and fairly priced. These products are widely available on the consumer market too, so you most likely have one of these brand name machines in your kitchen right now. Maybe your needs haven't been satisfied by these ordinary looking machines though. Even with your spiffy new dishwasher or convection oven, it might feel as if you're missing something. Perhaps that element you're lacking is just a simple visual appeal, and one way this can be improved upon is with the type of appliances you purchase. If you're looking to improve the appearance of your kitchen, explore the special collection of the GE commercial kitchen Monogram appliances. The Monogram Collection specializes in giving your household a unique flavor. The Monogram commercial GE kitchen appliances present a wide selection of choices that allows you to add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen. All of the Monogram appliances are built to be shown off your friends and family. Not only that, but as these are top of the line machines, the appliances will work quicker and more efficiently than a conventional model. The microwave oven, for example, uses high intense halogen lights that heats food faster than a normal oven. Whether it's a built in side by side refrigerator or a countertop microwave oven, the commercial kitchen appliances that the GE Monogram line has to offer are endless. If you need a place to store and chill your beverages, you can take a look at the special bar refrigerator or the wine reserve. Or, you can glance over the slick looking professional ranges to really give your kitchen the shine and performance it deserves. Even though the commercial kitchen appliances in the GE Monogram line are stylish on their own, GE gives you the option to customize your products to give it the look and feel that you want. For example, you can apply a black or white acrylic panel kit to your refrigerator, or even use a custom handle if you so desire. Even a microwave oven can be customized to use a black, white or stainless steel kit. The GE Monogram line doesn't stop with commercial kitchen appliances either. The Monogram products also extend to outdoor cooking grills. Whether your needs require a portable cart or a stationary grill, either would be a great addition to your backyard. You can also customize these just like the other products if you so choose. All in all, the GE Monogram collection may be just what you need to achieve that special look that you're going for. For people who desire this level of customization, the Monogram appliances can help aid you in building the kitchen you've always dreamed of. Explore the collection for yourself and see what suits your needs.


    Setting Up An Art Affiliate Site Part 2


    Step 4 Choose a Domain Name This sounds like an easy step, but you may soon find it can be surprisingly difficult. As mentioned before the majority of your traffic will hopefully come from search engines. To rank well in search engines one of the key factors is to obtain a domain name that includes one or more of your keywords. This can be a real problem because YourKeywords. com is most likely already registered. You can start by going to a domain registrar such as Go Daddy and enter the domain you want on the homepage. If it's not registered already you can register it. If someone else has already registered it you will receive a list of suggestions of available domain names or and go back and try another domain. Depending on the term you chose you may or may not find a domain you want by doing this. The second method I'd recommend is a domain name suggestion tool such as Name Boy. This tool will let you enter your keywords and come up with a large number of suggestions for domains based on those keywords. It will also show you which of those domains are still available. I used this tool to register the sample site TropicalArt. org. I normally do not register. org sites, and if this was a site I was seriously looking putting the effort into making profitable instead of a simple example I would make every effort to obtain tropicalart. com. For this example it will do though. Finally if you just can't find an acceptable domain using the first two methods you can buy one that is already registered from someone else. This can be much more expensive than the first two options but in some cases it makes sense to do. The two main sites for doing this are Sedo and Afternic. These sites work as a trusted third party to coordinate the sale and transaction between the buyer and seller, and collect a percentage of the sale from the seller for performing this service (much like EBay). I used these services to obtain this domain name, ArtAffiliate. com. Step 5 Build Your Website This is a very important step and unfortunately one I can't explain in enough detail in this section. For those of you who are already experienced web developers, you have most likely already decided how you are going to develop your site and can move on to the next section. The rest of this section is for those who do not have any experience in this area. You're going to need to make a choice at this point to do it yourself or hire someone else. Do it Yourself If you choose to do it yourself and have no previous web development experience then you're best bet will be to develop a static site. This means you will manually be creating pages for each product you wish to sell and listing them on your site. It will also require maintenance to make sure you keep the prices up to date and add and remove products as needed. There are several tools available for doing this and you can just search Google to find them, but most likely you already have one on your computer, Microsoft FrontPage. It is included with Microsoft Office and is a great tool for beginners. Hire Somebody Else This may sound like it would be way to expensive for some people, but you'll if you are reasonable about the requirements it's really not that bad and will definitely save you a lot of time of having to manually add products. The biggest benefit is instead of manually creating a page for each product, all the products can be loaded into a database and the pages generated dynamically. Periodically a new datafeed can be downloaded from the affiliate program website and you'll instantly have the updated prices and current list of products. So how do you find someone? You may already know someone who does web development, that will be willing to create a site for you for free or cheap. If so great! But developing the average art affiliate website will take about 15 20 hours worth of work and you may not be so lucky to find a volunteer. On top of that software development is typically a fairly high paying job so hiring someone locally to do it can cost a pretty penny. The method I would suggest is going to a third party website that pairs developers with clients such as RentACoder. com. RentACoder and sites like it allow clients to list the requirements for their project and developers to bid on the project. You will be able to get your project done for a much better rate here because it's typically individuals doing the work instead of companies and there is competition from overseas developers keeping the prices down. It's very important that you be thorough on what exactly your requirements are. You also need to keep the requirements reasonable in order to keep the price down. Everything you ask for will add hours and cost to the project so if you don't really need it, don't ask for it. To give you a rule of thumb on what you should expect to pay, a no frills site such as the example Tropical Art should cost you somewhere around $300. Step 6 Find a Host You are going to need a place to host your website. Your ISP may provide some web hosting space but typically this is a very small amount, so you're most likely going to need to find a web host. The first factor to consider when finding a web host is if they support the technology your website uses. For example if your site was created using FrontPage, ASP or ASP. NET you will need a windows host. For static html, php or Java you can go with a Windows or Unix host. If you site requires a database such as MS SQL or MySql you'll need to make sure the host supports that as well. There are several other factors such as price, bandwidth, reliability, etc that you'll need to consider as well. You can simply search Google for "web hosts" and compare the results to get an idea of what's available. I'd personally recommend StartLogic or PowWeb. Step 7 Optimize for Search Engines It's important that search engines know what your site is about. You want to emphasis the keywords you selected earlier to make sure they know that is the primary subject of your site. To do this you need to make sure those keywords are included as part of the title on every page. Every page should have a different title though. Notice how on Tropical Art the title on each page is different but includes "tropical art" as part of the title. You should do something similar. You also should provide alternate text for all of your images. This not only helps search engines know what the site is about but also helps people with software to assist with vision disabilities to navigate your site. You're keywords should also be contained within parts of the body text on your site, at least on the home page and preferably on sub pages. Just be careful not to overdue it, your page is made for human readers and should be designed as such. Search engines will detect over stuffing of keywords and rank your site lower as a result. It is also very helpful to have static urls such as /1234/subject. htm instead of urls with query string parameters such as /subject. php? subjectId=1234 . You can use url rewriting to accomplish this with a dynamic site. It's also beneficial to place keywords in the url. There are many other on site optimizations you can perform. I recommend visiting High Rankings for more advice. Also keep in mind that your primary phrase isn't the only term you should target. If you have a subpage about a more specific topic, optimize that page for that topic not your main one. For example the page about the artist Carl Aagaard is optimized for his name instead of the more generic term "Tropical Art".


    Mp3 Downloads Bringing Benefits To Everyone


    With the availability of broadband Internet reaching all time heights, it has never been easier to access the wealth of free MP3 music that is on tap and online. Many bands allow their music to be distributed on the net because of the massive potential audience they can reach using this medium. A wealth of bands even use their own websites to post demos, b sides and interviews, any material, in fact, that they hope prospective fans might find interesting, and get them hooked on their sound. Any new band will go to almost any lengths to get their music heard and the Internet offers many straightforward ways to do this. Many new bands post information about themselves and their music at . myspace. com where visitors can either stream or download music. The mini sites offered here are customizable and the quantity of space available very generous. These sites thus allow personal connections to develop between bands and the fans that follow them. The up and coming band called ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’, for example, recently previewed their new album exclusively at . myspace. com allowing their fans to hear the material before it hit stores. To date, this exclusive arrangement has lured tens of thousands of people to check out the band’s own site, offering them unprecedented publicity for free. While this arrangement would seem advantageous to both musician and listener, some bands find the notion to be anathema, assuming that it will mean lost sales and ultimately, lost profits. Many more established bands have been slow to create their own music sharing sites, while others have fought to have file sharing using peer to peer networks stopped altogether. And yet the notion that online music sharing will exert a negative impact on CD sales seems to hold little water, as British band ‘Artic Monkeys’ recently displayed. The band made available on their website all their material and instead of losing out on CD sales, their debut album quickly became the fastest selling debut album of all time. It seems that the ability to download MP3 benefits all concerned, both band and fan alike. So may the spirit of sharing long continue, so that everyone can continue to enjoy the fruits of the musicians’ labor.


    Bwdfs Creating Your Own Furniture With Quality Materials To


    How to Save a Lot by Creating Your Own Furniture with Quality Materials Money is definitely getting hard to come by. While some people may be getting richer, the greater majority are still striving hard to make a living. In these times it is wise to be economical and practical. There are parts of people’s expenditure that can really be budgeted such as leisure, but there are things that are hard to be stingy about such food and shelter. Another thing that is hard to be thrifty about is furniture. Furniture proves to be important fixtures in a household. They are always at home but are usually left unnoticed. However, when they are gone, life becomes harder. How hard would it be to survive without a bed to sleep on, table to eat on, a closet to put clothes in, or even just a chair to sit on? Money spent on furniture takes up a great part of one’s budget since it is very important to purchase furniture that can last long and function well. Thus for some, it is quite hard to tighten their budgets when it comes to furniture. Fortunately, one can still be thrifty even with regards to furniture. A good way of being able to save is by creating your own furniture with quality materials. This task may seem to be very hard especially for those who do not have experience with carpentry. However, with today’s DIY (do it yourself) trends, it is very possible, and perhaps the most practical thing to do. Not to mention it is worthwhile and can be fun. Additionally it can help build one’s sense of achievement. When creating your own furniture, it is important to use quality materials. While oftentimes the good materials may cost higher than the ones with poor condition, you may save more in the long run. If you use cheap materials, they might not be durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. You might end of replacing your furniture more often, and thus adding up to the cost. So it is still best to get materials that are of high quality. After all, the difference between the cheap and the good materials may not be that great. A lot of hardware supplies stores now provide amateur carpenters with a wide array of materials for creating one’s own furniture. There are also many guides published about simple furniture making. To save money when getting furniture, you simply have to be resourceful and hardworking. Indeed it is possible to save money by creating your own furniture. Who knows, you might even be able to make a living out of it after some time.


    Save The Planet Hug A Clam


    It has become obvious to all but the most unrelentingly stubborn apologists for the oil industry that we now stand at a pivotal moment in the history of our planet. As much fun as it would be to make fun of Al Gore's pretentious drawl and expanding bald spot, none of us can afford to ignore his clarion call for global change. With humankind's carbon footprint leaving a catastrophic impact upon Mother Earth, it is the sacred responsibility of every citizen to make a change for the better. We can all agree on that much, but the next question is a lot thornier: How exactly do you start? As in so many vital areas of life, when confronted by a monumental task it is beneficial to start with something small. In other words, begin by taking a "micro" view of your "macro" problem. Numerous studies have indicated that the more we are taught to respect and even love the tiniest creatures, the deeper connection we will feel to the planet at large. So if you're looking to address climate change in your own way, you might want to start by picking up a copy of Fables From the Mud by Erik Quisling. This book, simple in structure yet profound in implication, illuminates the plight of Earth's smallest inhabitants in a style that will make you laugh even as your empathy expands. The first thing you are apt to notice about Fables is the fluid interchange between illustrations and text. This book has been designed with such a graceful simplicity that you could easily read it cover to cover in a single sitting. Indeed, once you've gotten a sense of its sharp humor and cerebral charms, you may be tempted to consume the whole thing while in the middle of a crowded book store. Try to avoid this temptation, as you will find Fables to be a veritable banquet of philosophical speculation and belly laughs. How in God's name, you may be wondering, can one book offer such seemingly incongruous rewards? The answer to that question is the secret of Quisling's triumph. He has crafted three distinct but thematically connected tales, focusing on some of the Earth's least respected inhabitants: a clam, an ant, and an earthworm. Against all expectation, Quisling turns these lowly invertebrates into heroes of truly epic scale. By infusing so much ambiguous life and recognizably human foibles into its three pack of protagonists, Fables allows readers to understand these creatures as reflections of ourselves. Laughable as the clam's frustration with the emptiness of his existence might seem, is our own periodic despair any less ridiculous? It all comes down to a matter of perspective, which seems to be one of Quisling's primary lessons. After reading this timeless book, you may find yourself thinking twice before stepping on the next ant you see crossing the sidewalk. He's a guest on this ailing planet, just like you. And for all you know, he might be in the middle of an heroic struggle worthy of mention in a book Fables From the Mud.


    Giving Non Toy Christmas Gifts For Kids


    Perhaps one of the happiest days in a kid’s life is December 25. Not only are they on vacation at that date, they will also be receiving different kinds of gifts from virtually everyone. Christmas season is in fact the most anticipated day of the year, more so than their birthdays. With so many people already giving them toys, it is sometimes already a clichй to be giving them toys again. But with their minds anticipating toys as Christmas gifts, it is often hard to find a non toy gift that a kid will truly appreciate. Below are some non toy gifts that kids will (hopefully) appreciate. 1. Educational computer programs This is one avenue where they can have fun while learning. What is more, they will be able to hone their skills on the keyboard and in manipulating the various commands in the computer. There are actually a lot of titles to choose from. There are Disney games that are really educational. Puzzle games such as Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy are also great in developing the vocabulary and the knowledge in current events. Another game that is really popular among the kids is Where in the world is Carmen San Diego. It combines detective work with travel and current events as well as math and word games. a definite plus to any kid’s video game collection. 2. Craft packs Another toy that is not really a toy is craft packs that are often available in craft stores and in toy shops. Craft packs allow kids to explore their artistic and creative side as well as fill their time with a worthwhile and productive exercise. There are different kinds of crafts to choose from. Just make sure that the craft that you have chosen is appropriate to the age of the kid. Remember that some craft activities require them to make use of sharp objects so be very careful in giving them gifts that may potentially be dangerous for them. 3. A trip to the museum or to the zoo One way to ensure fun and learning without giving them another toy is to give them a day in a favorite place where they can have fun. A trip to the zoo or to the Science Centrum is a great Christmas gift for a kid. Of course, take into consideration their interests. If it’s in the Arts, you can accompany them to an art gallery or if Science is their thing to the NASA museum.


    Rose Oil A Gift From The Flowers Of Love


    Ah, Wonderful Rose Oil If there's an aroma that more individuals find deeply moving than any other, it is the oil of rose. The scent is divinely sweet, rich, and deeply floral exclusive to the extract of history's most revered flower. Though the rose is renown for it's fragrance, the flower actually contains very little aromatic oil by weight. Some 60,000 roses are needed to distill a single ounce of oil, or about 60 roses PER DROP, a fact which brings the seemly high cost of rose oil into perspective. The Flower of Love The hardy nature of the thorny rose bush and the flower's magnificent beauty make it a horticulturalist's dream. The genus Rosa has some 150 species spread around the globe, being cultivated in your grandmother's backyard garden, in vast fields in Bulgaria's Valley of Roses, and everywhere in between. Roses have somewhat of a unique past, peppered with interesting stories and extravagant displays of affection. The flower's association with devotion was perhaps most wonderfully expressed during the Roman empire, with banquet halls being carpeted with petals. Cleopatra once received her beloved Marc Antony in a room literally knee deep in rose petals – how's that for greeting? Roses are the unrivaled symbol of love, given dear ones through the ages as an affirmation of true affection. It's no wonder the flower's oil has great healing properties, both physically and emotionally, for the human heart. Rose's health Benefits With it's considerable therapeutic and aesthetic value, the 'queen of the flowers' had a special place in medicine and perfumery in the ancient civilizations of Persia, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. The modern healing tradition of the extract of rose began in the 17 th century with the writings of English physician Nicholas Culpeper. The herbalist described the use of red roses to strengthen the heart, it's cooling and astringent actions, and its effect on headaches and tired eyes. Perhaps inspiring it's use as a beauty tonic 'par excellence', he went on to suggest it's use as a remedy for a variety of skin complaints. In aromatherapy, the psychological effects are wondrous for those with a broken heart, or other emotional wounds. Rose oil calms and supports the heart center, inspiring a sense of happiness and well being. When rejection or loss has injured one's ability to love and nurture, either themselves or those around them, rose oil can bring sweet and gentle comfort and allow an emotional 're opening'. Use in Aromatherapy It is the Bulgarian Damask rose, or Rosa Damacena, most often used in aromatherapy. The oil of this 36 petaled beauty is available in two forms: the 'otto', or true essential oil, and the 'absolute'. Harvest of the flowers occurs in the early morning, before the sun's rays has warmed away the aroma. Rose otto is made in a two step steam distillation process; the first distillation yields an essential oil and a large amount of 'rose water'. The water is again distilled, producing an oil which is combined with that from the first distillation. The absolute is made with a different process entirely. Similar in a way to 'effleurage' (the pressing of petals in fat to produce an extract), the flowers are processed in a solvent, with a wax like 'concrete' being produced. Through a second extraction of the concrete, rose absolute is yielded. This method is significantly more efficient than steam distillation, producing nearly 7 pounds of oil per 10,000 pounds of roses (distillation yields 1 pound oil per 10,000 pounds of roses), with a corresponding lower cost. Does one produce a better oil? There is certainly debate; while some argue that traces of solvent are likely to exist in the absolute, others claim the heat of distillation does not result in a true representation of the flower. And as with either method, the quality and effect of the oil varies greatly with the experience and care of the manufacturer – the answer truly lies with the individual and the application. Using Rose Oil Oil of rose can be utilized in a number of ways; it is very gentle, being suitable for use on the skin 'neat', in massage oil, and in a bath, as well as in a diffuser. As a perfume, the absolute can be worn directly on the skin – it's 'tenacious' quality will have the aroma slowly released for many hours. For therapeutic use for the emotions, a dilution of 10% of otto or absolute in jojoba oil is often used, being massaged into the heart area – a diffuser is very effective for this purpose as well. The absolute or otto can also be added in small amounts to any skin cream, though using a home made natural recipe is often the nicest. Rose water, or hydrosol, the water resulting from the distillation process of rose otto, can also be used directly on the skin, with it's mild astringent and toning properties. A rose and lavender facial cream can be made using the following recipe: Melt Ѕ ounce of beeswax in 4 ounces of jojoba using a double boiler. Add 3 ounces of distilled water in a thin stream while stirring vigorously with a wire whisk. Remove from heat and continue stirring while adding 20 drops of rose oil (absolute or otto) and 15 drops of lavender. Allow to cool, then enjoy this wonderful homemade cream for sensitive skin. There are, of course, many ways to enjoy rose oil's benefits. It is revered on many levels, from its pure aesthetic aromatic beauty, to its physiological healing and emotional uplifting. True rose oil, with its great depth and sweetness, is easily appreciated by almost all who experience this natural wonder.


    Families To Receive Free Child Id Kits At Sept. 3 Event


    A shopping trip this Labor Day weekend will help equip parents with important child safety resources. On Saturday, Sept. 3, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m., Wal Mart stores nationwide, along with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Ross Products, will host the first ever "Smart Parent ... Safe Baby" event. Families will receive a free child ID kit that includes leading DNA technology and a placeholder for an updated child photo. "We've been a long time partner with Wal Mart and are always grateful for their efforts to educate parents about child safety and wellness," said Ernie Allen, president and chief executive officer of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. "Being prepared and discussing prevention tips with children are the keys to keeping kids safer." The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides the following tips to help parents and guardians practice good safety measures. * Keep an up to date, good quality photograph of your child in case of an emergency. * Never let young children go places alone. Be clear about the places and homes that they are allowed to visit. * Know where your children are and whom they are with at all times. * Never leave your children unattended in an automobile, whether it's running or not. * Talk openly to your children about safety. Turn an outing to a mall or park into a "teachable moment." Safety and wellness tips also will be provided at the event from Similac Advance, PediaSure, Ensure Healthy Mom, Fisher Price, General Mills, Nestle and Procter & Gamble, all of which support Wal Mart's child safety efforts.


    Build Monuments To Your Future


    : On my recent trip to Cambodia I was blessed to spend three days exploring the ruins collectively known as Angkor Wat. We experienced sunrise and sunset, as well as the noonday heat, in this magnificent complex of temples, many built more than 900 years ago. Relics of Past Splendor These shrines were created with stones carried from far away; many were built without mortar, and all were built without modern technology. Yet the structures have withstood the ravages not only of time and weather, but also of mankind. Over the centuries temple figures sacred to one religion (Buddhism) have been removed or destroyed by followers of another religion (Hinduism), only to be replaced by the original worshipers (Buddhists). Just as destructive were souvenir hunters who have taken pieces from the carvings and sold them to collectors and museums. Lastly, bullet holes and bomb damage mar many of the temple walls — a legacy of the Khmer Rouge.Like the pyramids in Egypt and the Mayan ruins in Central America, Angkor Wat is the relic of an ancient civilization that was far advanced for its time. Today many of the Angkor Wat temples are still in daily use. I saw monks and worshipers kneeling in the temples, burning incense and praying. Truly a profound experience. Emblems of Today's Squalor In contrast, on my last evening in Cambodia, I took a boat ride through Chong Khneas, a floating fishing village. This loose collection of more than 700 families of fishermen and a complete support community live on boats and travel Tonlй Sap Lake following the fish and the rainy season. To reach the floating village we drove through the town of Siem Reap and several smaller villages. The further from Siem Reap we traveled, the more primitive living conditions became. Homes went from cinder block and concrete structures to wooden houses to one room bamboo shacks supported on spindly bamboo poles to protect them from flooding. I would have been afraid to roll over in my sleep in these houses, much less raise a family or ride out a monsoon in one. Electricity was nonexistent, and the only running water was the stream we were following to the lake. The only nod to the 21st century was televisions, running on car batteries and prominently displayed in the glassless windows. The floating village consisted of hundreds of boats, some no bigger than 20 feet by 6 feet. Entire families lived on each boat. Cages suspended underneath the boat served as impromptu fish farms. The back of the boat held a primitive outhouse. Children bathed in the lake while old women cleaned fish or cooked noodles in water dipped from the same source. The lake served not only a source of food and of cooking and drinking water, but as a bathtub and septic system as well. Here the ubiquitous televisions, and the outboard motors used to power the fishing boats onto the lake each evening, were the only lifestyle changes in the last 200 years. The floating village and the bamboo shacks were light years below the standard of living enjoyed by the Cambodians who designed and lived in the temple complex at Angor Wat 900 years ago. All of those past splendors seem lost today. The Lessons of Forgetfulness What caused such an advanced civilization to revert to a shadow of its former self? And what lesson can we learn from this study in contrasts? To paraphrase George Santayana's famous line, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to forget it." Somehow the people of that floating village have forgotten the grandeur of Cambodia's past. They have lost touch with the creativity and spirit that made Angkor Wat possible. Instead of moving forward, they either stayed the same or moved backwards — and perhaps that amounts to the same thing. Once we cease to learn, build, create and stretch, we not only stop gaining or growing, we allow the rest of the world to pass us by. This is the equivalent of moving backwards. We must ask ourselves each day, "Am I moving forward or simply standing still?" In our lives and at our work we all know people who refuse to change with the times. To our computer savvy children watching us struggle to retrieve our email, we may look like slow moving dinosaurs. We cannot afford the luxury of standing still. To do so allows the world to move past us. More importantly from a business standpoint, it allows our competition to move easily past us. Do you risk becoming a relic of the past or a dinosaur whose fate is extinction? If you have any amount of doubt coursing through your veins, commit today to education, growth and constant improvement, both personal and professional. And know that if up until now you've been a bit lax, you're never too old or too young to make this commitment to yourself. The lesson I learned in Cambodia is that I want to be the one who builds monuments for the future — not the one who wonders how the monuments of the past were built.


    7 Great Reasons To Dance


    7 Great Reasons to Dance When it comes to dance there are plenty of wonderful reasons that people elect to dance. The fact remains that far too few of us manage to incorporate dance into our lives nearly as much as we should. There are many wonderful reasons to dance and they do not all require copious amounts of alcohol and someone with a video camera poised for America's Funniest Home Videos greatness. Below I will suggest 7 great reasons to incorporate dance into your life as often as possible. I hope that you will take some of these to heart and find a few reasons of your own to dance more often. Love There are few greater reasons to dance than to show your love for your partner. You do not have to limit your dancing to your wedding night or an evening out with friends. All you need to dance with the one you love is some good music and a little bit of floor space. Dance while you prepare dinner, wash dishes, or just because it's raining outside. But dance with the one you love and do it often to keep those flames burning. Joy We always hear people talking about dancing for joy but how often do we really see that happen? What a shame it is that we actually take so few opportunities to dance in our society. Dancing is an outward expression of joy that is almost always infectious. Share your joy with the world and you just might find they will dance along with you. Even if they do not, you should at least be secure in the fact that at this moment in time you are much happier than they are. Fun When is the last time you've danced? Was it fun? I have found very few people (well other than young boys) who did not have any fun while dancing. The truth of the matter is that dancing is fun. Whether you are line dancing or trying the Tango it is great fun to dance. Flirting What a wonderful way to flirt dancing can be! If you haven't tried it with the one you love, there is no time like the present to do so. Find some great fun and flirty music and dance for the one you love. If you're really lucky, you might even convince them to join in. To Make Your Children Laugh Really, there is no better reason on the earth than this to dance. My kids love to see me dance the moves that were popular back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and share their more modern moves with me. It's a great way to enjoy your children before they decide your evil or during those rare moments when you may be on the verge of neutral in their opinions. Fitness While dancing does a lot to lighten the mood and raise your spirits it can also help your heart in other ways as well. Dancing is a great way to get up and moving that doesn't feel as though it is really exercise. This means that you can help your heart by dancing a little while every day. The longer you dance, the better you will feel and the healthier your heart will become. Meet New People If you decide to take lessons for dancing, you will find that you have the ability to meet a bunch of great new people. Dancing is a great way that many people are discovering to have fun and stay fit. This means that more and more people are joining local dance classes for these very reasons. You might develop some lifelong friendships through your dance lessons that you would have missed out on otherwise. Of course there are many more reasons that different people take up dance. In fact, you may find an all together different reason to take up dance for yourself. Whatever your reason you decide to dance, do it often and have fun in the process. PPPPP 670


    Accepting Change


    I lost my water bottle. Change was bound to happen after that. I know it is really no big deal as it’s just a little thing – but I really liked that water bottle! It fit perfectly in the cup holder of my car, it had an easy to open lid, a spill guard that made it easy to drink out of and it was decorated with some cool stickers that really spoke about me that I’d acquired over the 3 years I had used it. I drink a lot of water and I carried it with me everywhere. My water bottle was very personalized and I was quite attached to it. Of course it also didn’t help that I only very rarely lose things. I can probably count on one hand the number of significant items I’ve lost in the last 5 years. Though not highly materialistic I am usually quite attentive to my material possessions and do not misplace them often. So I was a little confused and a little disturbed when I realized my water bottle, a very important part of my life, was missing. Change is an interesting process. Psychologically speaking it goes like this: Pre contemplation, Contemplation, Determination, Action, and Maintenance. But it’s more than just a process of decision making and taking action. Change is an emotional journey. PRECONTEMPLATION At first I kind of stumbled around for a couple of days thinking it would just “show up” somewhere. I back tracked my path since the last time I knew I had it and checked in with the places I had been (at least 6.) One person even had a recollection of seeing it there at some point but it was still nowhere to be found. I pined about it for days! I was struggling with letting go of my attachments to this old water bottle. I was feeling lost, sad, disappointed and, well, thirsty. I was going through an emotional process of understanding and release – not sure whether I could make it and not sure I was willing to accept the loss of the water bottle yet. CONTEMPLATION Finally though, after almost 2 weeks, I came to grips with the fact that it was lost and not coming back. Surely I had left it in a coffee shop somewhere and without my name or number on it someone had very likely picked it up and taken it home with them. I realized that holding out hope that the old water bottle would magically reappear was resisting the truth of reality. It was time to accept that I needed a new water bottle. I almost felt like I was grieving the loss of one of my most important possessions. The process of grief is long and challenging as well. Pile that on top of the emotions of change and I felt like I was spinning. I know this seems like I am making a mountain out of a mole hill but change can be difficult for me – which is ironic given my life and profession. So often my life is a constant vortex of shift and change and evaluation and growth as I navigate my personal and professional world. I am constantly supporting others in the process of change and growth and discovery. I often can’t help but reflect that change into my own life and that’s not even to mention the areas I’m doing my own change and growth work on a continual basis. As a result I work hard at building stability in my life in other ways and sometimes that is accomplished with the little details and the tangible objects. So letting go of the lost water bottle represented a big challenge for me. DETERMINATION When I finally accepted that it was time to purchase a new water bottle a very subtle shift occurred for me. I realized that there was an opportunity here. My old water bottle was made of plastic that scientists say have health concerns. I had known this for a while but wasn’t quite ready to let go of it. What I realized was that there was an opportunity to make a new and healthier choice. Not only had I made the decision to accept the change but I’d taken a step up to move forward in the process of change with new ideas, new information and a new sense of ownership. This was perhaps the most important part of the change process for me. Change can be as simple as making a simple choice between two rather irrelevant options or it can be as complex as shifting behavior patterns or beliefs. In this critical stage of change is an opportunity to make critical shifts. The stage of determination is where we can have the largest impact on our lives. Whenever the opportunity for small change arises we also often have an opportunity to make a large shift in the direction of our choices. Think of it in terms of navigating a plane. At the start of a long flight a directional difference of just a few degrees can result in a final destination hundreds of miles apart! The ways we choose to engage shift along with change can make the difference between health and happiness in the long run – or not! I chose to make the shift to health and happiness this time. ACTION So I did some research and determined what I wanted. A quick trip to the outdoor store and I had exactly what I was looking for – a large, metal, wide mouthed new water bottle! Emotionally I had reached a place of empowerment. I knew what I wanted and I had acquired it. When I bought the new water bottle I felt really good about the choice I’d made. But my process of accepting change wasn’t over yet. MAINTENANCE After just a few days of using the bottle I realized just how clean it was compared to my 3 year old plastic bottle and how much cleaner it was then my other old easy plastic straw water bottle that I used when I was at home. I have been a big water drinker for many years but recently I have had trouble drinking as much water as I was used to largely, I think, due to the taste transfer in the bottles I had been using. So I started using the metal water bottle all the time. Once I switched over my water consumption started to dramatically increase and I felt healthier and more hydrated than I had in months. That was entirely unexpected. EMOTIONAL SHIFT A little thing like a different water bottle was affecting my health. A simple choice to switch from a plastic to a metal was having a deep impact on my life. What I began to realize was that while my focus is often on large changes such as healing old relationships, changing my behavior emotional patterns, career shifts, understanding new and powerful differences in using language, etc. I almost never focus on the little details of how my daily life happens. It’s almost as if I’m so acclimated to big change that the little change somehow gets lost in the mix. The truth for me was that sometimes the most subtle thing in my life can be one of the most important. Maintaining my health is strongly linked to how much water I drink. So although it might seem like something really little it in fact has a huge impact on all of my life. The healthier I am the more active I am. The more active I am the happier I am. The happier I am the more I attract the activities and people I want in my life. So something as simple as how much water I drink could affect my overall happiness if it produced a significant enough change in my body – just like navigating a plane. Understanding the difference between little and big changes, how challenging or important they were and how they affected me made all the difference. What had seemed like it might be a mountain out of a mole hill was actually a small volcano. Sometimes it is the little things that make for big changes an I had found one of them!


    15 Waiting To Meet Ms. Perfect


    Waiting to Meet Ms. Perfect? It must be really tough. Do you think you are just a victim of bad luck and that’s the reason Ms. Perfect hasn’t appeared in your life yet? Or have you decided that maybe Ms. Perfect only exists on movie screens and not out here in the real world? BINGO! You’ve got it. She doesn’t exist anywhere except in your imagination and on movie screens.

    The truth of the matter is that the reason Ms. Perfect hasn't appeared has nothing to do with your luck, good or bad, but everything to do with you and the fact that you are busy looking for a person that doesn't exist! You can't date with your eyes closed and some impossible dream in your head. You'll get so caught up in this whole exercise of dating that you forget to look for the qualities you seek! You haven't met the person of your dreams because you aren't looking for the things that will make them close enough to perfect for you. You are so confident that every woman you have met could not give you what you wanted. But what was it that you wanted in the first place? Once you are sure of what you want, you will know exactly what to look for in your woman. What are the qualities that you feel are necessary in a person? What are the attributes you are willing to make a compromise on? Have you thought about all these? Remember, that nobody on this earth is perfect. Everybody has faults…some are bigger faults than other faults. Some are faults you can overlook and some are faults that you couldn’t overlook on your best day and if she was the most beautiful, most sexy woman on the planet. When you meet a woman, remember, however hard you try to impress others, you cannot control their thought processes. Instead, it’s far better to concentrate on your needs and desires, and how much of what you need would be fulfilled if you dated this woman.


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