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    Black Shoes 14


    When you ask a woman if she has a pair of black shoes, she’ll probably tell you that she has several. Unlike men, women can have many styles of the same color shoe. For most men, they own one pair of black shoes, and they only wear them during a special occasion.

    The type of footwear that a man wears really depends on several factors. The first is what he does for a living. If a man has a job that requires him to dress in corporate wear everyday he’s going to invest in a more expensive pair of black shoes than a man who only dons a suit every once in a while.

    Some men find a loafer more appealing than a traditional shoe with a shoelace. For a more casual look black shoes in the form of loafers are perfect.

    They simply slip on and off and can be worn from a business meeting to the grocery store. A new and really trendy look is runners in black.

    These are new to the shoe scene but have already become popular with both teenagers and adult men. One of the reasons that black shoes made for sports are so appealing is that you no longer have to fret over every dust mark left on the surface. With white tennis shoes this can be a big problem, especially if you’re out on the basketball court or running along the beach.

    One fashion area where many men falter is the color of socks they choose. If you go to the men’s department at your local clothing store you’ll probably notice only two colors, there are white sport socks and black socks. The white ones should really be worn when a man is wearing a casual light colored shoe. This is usually the white sport shoes that many men choose for both working out and just everyday wear.

    Black shoes should always be paired with black shoes. They are also appropriate for wearing with a navy shoe. Most of us have come in contact with a man with no sense of fashion at some point. You’ll usually spot him by his attire which might consist of black socks with sandals.

    This is a funny look to the rest of us but it’s embarrassing to the man and whoever he is with. If you ever plan on giving the man in your life footwear for a gift, remember the sock rule.

    With black shoes, give him black socks and he’ll most certainly take the hint and always wear them together.


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