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    Benefits Of Owning An Mp3 Player


    When you look around nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to find 1 0r 2 in a group of 10 without a gadget. This is not about mobile phones, but gadgets e. g. mp3 player, iPod and other what have yous. MP3 players for one have not just become a fad, but a must have for almost all that have a passion for music or those who just love listening to their all time favorites over and over again. Way back, it was all about walkman. Who would forget those portable silver or black rectangular thingies where cassette tapes are played? Today, it’s all about convenience, the smaller, the better. With the rapid advancement of technology, gadget companies like Apple came out with music players that no longer need CDs or cassette tapes. The Apple iPod sold like hotcakes when it first came out and it still is highly in demand in the market. Both the nano and the shuffle are tiny that they would fit any one’s pocket. Prices also vary on the memory and number of songs that can be stored. Apple also tied up with Bose to come out with the Sounddock Digital Music System. It plays music directly from the iPod and charges the device while playing, ensuring an uninterrupted music sequence. Another basic portable is Creative’s MuVo. It has a 128 Mb memory and only weighs an ounce. Talk about light. Unlike other MP3 players, all the settings for this one are done on the PC since it has no display. The only options on the device are fast forward, repeat and rewind. Bill Gates didn’t want to be left behind of course. Microsoft came out with its Zune MP3 player in 2006. Wearable just like the other players, it has a 30 GB built in hard disk drive and comes with a big bright video screen that works either in portrait or landscape mode. Aside from Zune to Zune wireless sharing, the player can also automatically import most music, videos and pictures from iTunes and Windows media player. Zune is one of the new MP3 players released in the market. A flash MP3 player on the other hand is the type that doesn’t need a wire or a wireless interface to be able to store music. The unit itself is directly inserted to a USB port, just like data flash disks. The first of this kind is the iRiver iFP 195T, which was also the first one to have a 512 onboard memory. To those who have yet to get their MP3 players, a lot of MP3 player reviews are can be found in the web. Said reviews include images, specifications and a list of mp3 player accessories and headphones. Some sites even have their own top 5 MP3 player list. MP3 players have made life easier for music lovers. Gone are the days when one has to spend for expensive CDs and carry those bulky music buddies in a bag. These players have definitely changed the course of music appreciation and music gadgets.


    Easy Auto Buying


    If you have ever sent through a financial meeting in a car dealership to determine whether you qualify for your new purchase or not, you can attest to the fact that it can quickly drain the fun out of the car buying experience. The process of buying a car should be fun for the car buyer, however, the prospect of having the financing, looming over their shoulder the entire time makes this impossible. Almost all car buyers are weary of automobile dealerships, because of their prior experiences in having the salesman or finance managers try to add in auto financing options in terms that aren't necessary, and serve only the car dealership. However with the implementation of blank checks from automobile lenders, automobile purchasing just got a little easier. The process is simple enough. The borrower applies for a loan with a maximum amount on line before ever stepping foot in the dealership. Approval is quick and easy in the car buyer is overnighter at check. Upon receipt of their blank check, the car buyer can then go and test drive automobiles within the price range and select the one that best fits their wants and needs. Instead of haggling with the salesman, the managers, or the finance manager all the car buyer has to do is select the car of their choice at the price that they wish and fill out the blank check. Whatever price that they fill out on the blank check is the price of their loan.


    Taking Political Discussions Seriously


    Politics seems to be the hot topic of discussion these days, and many innocent conversations turn into screaming matches with neither party being able to get a word in edgewise. It is well known that the country is divided on many political topics, and people seem to feel stronger about certain issues than ever before. Many people engage in political discussions for the express purpose of changing another person’s mind, but often tempers flare and no one leaves the conversation having learned anything. There is a difference in taking a political discussion seriously and simply having a heated argument with someone. The general definition of the word discussion is to exchange ideas. Quite often so called political discussions couldn’t be further from this definition. When people feel very strongly about a subject they often refuse to see another person’s point of view, let alone listen to them. If you feel that someone you know could learn something from you about politics keep in mind you could probably learn something from them as well. To take a political discussion seriously you must be willing to listen, not only speak. Understand that part of what makes up a person’s feelings and opinions is their experiences. Since you certainly haven’t had the same experiences as someone else you can’t expect to see eye to eye on everything. Discussions require each party to allow the other to speak in turn and have a chance to say their piece. When engaging in a political discussion with someone who holds differing opinions, be prepared to learn if you expect them to. No one likes to be told they are wrong, and if you really want someone to see where you’re coming from you need to pay them the same respect. Name calling and general rudeness will get you nowhere, and your civil political discussion will soon turn into an argument. Always keep your cool during a discussion. If you aren’t willing to listen to the other person, then perhaps you shouldn’t bother trying to engage them. Starting discussions simply to rile the other party or insult them is both juvenile and lacks any constructive purpose. The other party probably feels as strongly about certain issues as you do, so don’t expect them to concede to your points right away. A good political discussion may have no outcome other than an opportunity to understand someone else’s view points and why they hold them. It is important to engage in civil political discussions, even if you feel you’re not getting anywhere in terms of changing someone else’s mind. We all live in this country together, and no matter what party is currently in power and it is important to be sympathetic to all our fellow country people.


    Llc Faq


    LLC's: They don't have to be so confusing! The limited liability company, or LLC, is a new concept for businesspeople in the United States. Internationally, LLC's are fairly common. However, investors, employees, and lawmakers aren't always quick to warm up to such a structure in America. Let's clear up some of the misunderstandings and confusion about LLC's and hopefully we can figure out what an LLC is all about in the process! Here are frequently asked questions about the topic; chances are you've stumbled upon the same ones in your own thought process. How does an LLC differ from a corporation? LLC's resemble partnerships or sole proprietorships in that they feature advantageous pass through taxation. Economically, they make a lot more sense! But they also have the benefit of limited liability for their members, just like a corporation. Basically: the LLC is not a separate entity from its owners but its owners are still protected from personal liability. No double taxation and no liability – LLC's are hybrids of a partnership and a corporation. If LLC's are so great, why would you not structure your business in such a way? Simply put – LLC's are like the new neighbors; a lot of people don't trust them. Shareholders aren't as eager to invest in them. Members get confused about what LLC means for them (they aren't forced by the state to be organized in any standard way). More importantly, in many states, an LLC becomes almost a corporation by default. Franchise taxes and other restrictions haunt many LLC's because lawmakers aren't as willing to give them more freedom and tax benefits than typical corporations. Do you need more than one owner to form an LLC? Nope – you only need one member! Is it hard to form an LLC? It's quite easy to form an LLC. In most states, you simply have to fill out an “articles of organization” form and pay a fee. If you already own a partnership or sole proprietorship, it's easy to switch over to an LLC. Some states have further requirements, however, and you'll want to research this on your own. Can an LLC be taxed like a corporation? If you so choose, the LLC can be taxed as if it were a corporation. This benefits LLC owners who want to keep more of their profits. Is an LLC in Texas the same as an LLC in Maryland? Not at all. LLC's in some states will thrive, while in other states, they might die. Local laws regarding LLC's, especially when it comes to the issues of taxes, are highly variable. As the years pass, LLC's might become more and more appealing. The reverse situation could occur, however, if legislatures only become more and more restrictive and consequently make the LLC structure meaningless, as all its advantages will be offset by fees and regulations. However, if shareholders and businesspeople can wise up to the benefits of LLC's, they'll probably just grow in popularity. You've taken a step in the right direction by reading this article. Your next step will be toward a corporation or an LLC; it's a very personal decision that depends entirely on the unique character of or your company and your state's laws.


    Accurate Bathroom Scales 16


    People who spend a great deal of time and energy on maintaining a certain body weight should consider purchasing accurate bathroom scales for their homes. These items come in two major types from which to choose. In order to pick one that is right for you, consider the following information.

    Basically, the accurate bathroom scales come in a large spectrum when it comes to price range. You can find a really good product for a very reasonable price if you look hard enough. Some people prefer to invest a little more to insure that they receive the best product on the market but this might not be necessary when it comes to accurate bathroom scales. One type of weighing scale that you might want to avoid if you have major weight issues is the standard mechanical type.

    I discovered the hazards of this older version while I was expecting my first child. I thought that the inexpensive version was among the accurate bathroom scales on the market but I soon discovered that I was sorely mistaken.

    Being a weight conscious individual I made sure that I followed a pretty good diet but I really had trouble exercising. This usually spells disaster for me when it comes to packing on the pounds.

    When I stepped on what I thought was one of the more accurate bathroom scales available I found that I gained a mere five pound in a month. This didn’t seem quite right because I felt as if I gained much more than that but I argued that the scales don’t lie. Sometimes the older mechanical weight scales do. When I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office I was stunned to find that I had gained almost fifteen pounds instead of five. I argued that the nurse must have written the figure wrong because I had invested in one of the most accurate bathroom scales available. Unfortunately, the scale wasn’t so accurate.

    The unit was pretty old and it did have a crack. Part of the problem was my hopeful interpretation of the numbers as well. After the embarrassing incident at the doctor’s office I decided to shop for accurate bathroom scales that fall into the second category: electronic.

    I found the perfect item and I never misread the numbers. They are as plain as day. If your weight fluctuates, you might want to choose an electronic scale. You get a precise reading every time with no room for human error. These are the most accurate bathroom scales on the market, in my opinion.


    Difficulties And Dyslexia


    Dyslexia is a language based disorder that is characterized by difficulty with decoding single words. This difficulty is normally a reflection of the individuals inability to properly phonological process words. It is important to note that dyslexia has nothing to do with any sort of visual impairment, and that they can severly hamper an individual's ability to read. Dyslexia includes the inability to: Name letters Read words and/or sentences Recognize words directly (even if the individual can sound them out) The different forms of dyslexia are most likely directly related to the different brain regions that are affect; most theories focus on the non primary area that are located in the frontal lobe and temporal lobe of the brain. Dyslexia symptoms vary greatly on the area of the brain that is affected but any symptoms that lead to complications with the above listed inabilities are to be taken seriously. Originally Dyslexia was defined as "a difficulty with reading and writing that could not be explained by general intelligence". One general way to test for dyslexia is to compare the reading and writing abilities of an individual in relation to their general intelligence and then taking that data and comparing it with a general population. For a last quick note, there is a growing list of notable people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. To name a few: Orlando Bloom(actor), Tom Cruise(actor), Walt Disney(producer), Albert Einstein(scientist), and even the gorgeous actresss Salma Hayek. Take a look at what these individuals have accomplished and don't let dyslexia hold you down!


    Steps In Choosing The Best Health Plans


    Choosing a health plan which is the best could be a confusing experience. Although there is no one “best” plans, there are various plans accessible today in market that would be better than others for you and your family’s health insurance needs. In simple terms, however, rather that mere giving you the answers, the best thing we could do is to make sure you are ready with the right questions. The following questions could help you and your family to take intellectual decisions on choosing the best from various options available regarding health care. There are three major things to be considered, each with their own exclusive set of questions. By considering the questions thoroughly, you would arrive at the right plan for you and your family 1.How affordable is the cost of health care? • How much would it cost me on a monthly basis? • Should I try to insure only major medical expenses or cover most of my medical expenses? • Can I afford a policy that at least cares for my children? • Are there deductibles I should pay before the insurance begins to help cover my costs? • After I have met the deductible, what part of my costs is actually paid by the plan? • If I use doctors outside a plan's complex, how much more would I pay to get care? • How frequently do I visit the doctor and how much do I have to pay at each visit? 2.Do the integrated services match my needs (access of care)? • What doctors, hospitals, and additional medical providers are parts of the plan? • Are there sufficient kinds of doctors I want to see? • Where would I go for care? Are these places near where I work or live? • Do I require getting permission before I see a medical specialist? • Are there any limits to how much I should pay in case of a major illness? • Does the plan cover up the expenses of delivering a baby? 3.Have people had good results when covered by a specific plan (quality of care)? • How do self governing government organizations rate the different plans? • What do my friends say about their understanding with a specific plan? • What does my doctor say about their knowledge with a specific plan?


    Machine Embroidery Designs Enhance Wearables Crafts


    Has the machine embroidery bug bitten you yet? Do you want to get into machine embroidery, but just don’t know where to start? Do you wonder if the investment is worth it? About four years ago, I purchased my first embroidery machine, and I have been hooked to the art ever since. I’ve slowly built a library of designs and I’ve learned how to hoop, stabilize, and choose the right thread! I started by researching the vast array of embroidery machines available, many of which also do standard sewing. Machines are priced anywhere from $400 up to many thousands. Search the Internet or go to your local Sew Vac or fabric store for a demonstration! Choose a machine based upon how much embroidery you want to do and what your budget will allow. To tell the truth, I felt weird about using machine embroidery at first. I wanted to be the designer and I didn’t want to depend upon someone else’s creativity to make my work look beautiful. Then, I discovered that I had lots of choices and I couldn’t resist the designs that are available. I found quilt embroideries that you can use to quilt blocks in the hoop and get better results than using free motion or a long arm machine. I found all sorts of vintage looks in redwork, bluework, and even lace that you embroider right on a dissolvable stabilizer in the thread color that matches your project best. Of course there are many modern detailed designs in every theme from babies and kids to holidays and weddings. Embroidery designs are “digitized” from artwork. While most sites sell artwork that can be picked up by many digitizers, some sites selling machine embroidery files such as SWAK Embroidery and You Can Make This also have designs from original hand drawn art. This means that those designs can only be purchased from those sites and therefore, you won’t see them just anywhere. One great thing about embroidery designs is that they have a color palette selected for you in advance, but you can also adjust the colors to your specifications by choosing from color families and tones. Filled designs are those made up of all embroidered stitches. Appliquй designs allow you to choose fun fabrics to add your own artistic expression to the finished product. If you make some cute cropped pants, but need a matching shirt, find an appliquй design for a tee shirt and use the fabric from the pants in the appliquй to add just the right matching touch. Some designs are really versatile in that a change of thread color can make the design work for any occasion. Take a balloon design and use thread in your child’s favorite colors. Makes realistic looking oak leaves in any color palette from spring yellows and greens to fall reds, browns, and oranges. Change the colors in a cute cheerleader design or collegiate alphabet to match your school colors. Even merge two designs or add lettering to a design to make it yours, using your embroidery machine or digitizing software. Is it worth the investment? Definitely! What could be better than to be able to make a professional looking embroidery design either on ready to wear or hand sewn clothing, quilts, or other projects. Even create a business for yourself by creating embroidered items for others!


    Truth About Drugs Without Prescription


    Online internet pharmacies are fast gaining popularity. It is just one among the millions of virtual shops that one can find over the Internet. A CNN news article says that there are now about 100 million websites in the internet with around 48 million of those sites considered as active or updated on a regular basis. These websites contain a wide range of topics and practically covers the entire spectrum of human knowledge and experience. In the United States alone, there are at least 54 million different websites that would be impossible for an average person to visit during one's lifetime. Some of the most frequently visited sites include Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, and Wikipedia which are categorized as search engines, social networking sites, or knowledge databases. What is now a topic of hot debate about internet pharmacies is: “Is it safe?” No doubt, this new concept of online ordering and purchase of medicines has empowered patients and other people who need health care products. These internet based drugstores saves a lot of time, effort, and in some cases, even money compared to the traditional way of physically going to a local pharmacy. Another benefit of going to such sites is that they also offer legal drugs without prescription. Unlike the traditional style of consulting a doctor, getting a prescription for the medication, and then buying it from a local drugstore patients can now go online and even chat with a doctor using a web camera. The consultation can be done through the Internet. After the online doctor makes his prescription, the local pharmacy would be immediately notified so that it can send the medicines you need or prepare them for pick up. These websites that sell medicines offer services like free shipping and handling for the medications, provided that the consumer orders from them using their crdit card. This transaction is done with just a few clicks on the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard with no hassle, no stress in working with schedules, and no other questions. Online purchases of medicine are good in several respects. As mentioned it earlier, it saves time and effort. However, the online shopper or patient who wants to buy medicines using the Internet should also be very careful. Taking responsibility for knowing product uses, dosage, and getting prior approval from the doctor is a must for every patient who intends to get medicines from online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies also require the patient to provide personal and medical information prior to completion of the transaction. This is the safeguard against possible abuse of drugs or misinformation about the uses or effects of a drug. It is also the primary means through which the internet pharmacy assesses the need of a patient for a certain product. The ability to purchase drugs without prescription normally applies to over the counter medicines or for prescription items that only need to be refilled. That means, a customer already has an existing account with an online pharmacy.


    Getting Your Bachelor S Degree


    A bachelor's degree is the traditional 4 year degree awarded by undergraduate colleges and universities. Though it generally requires at least four years to complete, students often find that 5 years is more realistic. Online Bachelor Degrees are a great way to earn an online degree when you cannot attend a traditional campus based bachelor degree program, or are looking to complete your coursework in a shorter time. The two most common classes of bachelor's degrees awarded by schools are the Bachelor of Science degree or B. S. degree, and the Bachelor of Arts degree, or B. A. Most institutions of higher learning offer both the B. A. and the B. S. degrees. Most students enrolling in college pursue a bachelor's degree. The Bachelor of Arts is awarded for broad and liberal education in humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences. The Bachelor of Science is awarded for directed curricula that highlight critical thinking and the understanding of sciences and social sciences. B. S. degrees usually require students to take a majority of their in the sciences, namely life sciences, physical sciences, or the mathematical sciences. All students pursuing a bachelor's degree need to declare a major by the completion of their second year. Undergraduates must complete a required number of courses of class credits within their major area to earn their bachelors degree and graduate. There is other course work that needs to be completed in related areas to meet the certain requirements to receive a bachelor's degree. Additionally, students will have to complete a number of courses outside their majors. Individuals holding a bachelor's degree earn substantially more than those who don't. Adults with a bachelor's degree earn over a million dollars more in their lifetime on average than people without a degree. In the workplace today, more employers require applicants to posses an accredited bachelor degree.


    Bwdfs Custom Made Furniture To Save


    How to Save with Custom made Furniture People love having things personalized for them. People like having their names engraved in pens, key chains, iPods, and many other personal belongings. There is sheer joy in the sense of uniqueness that is brought about by having your affects custom made for you. This goes true with furniture, which play very important roles in one’s life. People use furniture practically every moment they are at home and thus it is quite delightful to have such properties made especially for oneself. However not all people have furniture custom made. The common notion is that items that are personalized cost more than generic items. This could be very true since with custom made objects, extra attention is needed to add those personal touches that make them unique. But it might be surprising to know that this is not always the case. Did you know that you can save money by getting custom made furniture? Here is how. When having a piece of furniture custom made by a carpenter or other professionals, you have the option to dictate not only how the furniture would look like, but also how the furniture would function. This way you can ask to have multi functional furniture. The table you just made well also serve as storage by just adding a drawer or two underneath. Your bed can have some compartments to keep your linens. You can have different combinations of functions in just one piece of furniture, and this would save you a lot since you would no longer need to buy two or even three separate pieces of fixtures. Usually, custom made furniture are well built. Since it is personally handcrafted, you can be sure that it is carefully made. You may also be able to pick the materials used for creating your furniture. This way, you can be sure that your furniture would last long, eliminating the need to keep on buying furniture every time one gets broken. When getting a custom made furniture it is important to choose a good carpenter. You should be able to see the other pieces of furniture that the carpenter has made to see how well he or she works. It is also important to choose materials of good quality. Since there are many parties that offer custom made furniture, it is wise to study all of them carefully, comparing everything to make sure you get the best deals. Having custom made furniture can be fun and rewarding. It can also be economical too.


    Hello From Sicily Goodbye Taormina Hello Milazzo


    My last day in Taormina had started: I woke up at daybreak to pack my suitcase since later today I would be relocating from Taormina to the city of Milazzo. I enjoyed my final breakfast on the gorgeous terrace of Hotel Villa Nettuno, the place that had been my home for the last seven nights. Pictures of yesterday’s hike up Mount Etna flashed to my mind. The view over the Ionian Sea continued to fascinate me and I hope that one day I will make it back to beautiful Taormina. My last day of classes had started and our strict yet witty language teacher Carlo continued to teach us the intricacies of Italian pronouns and adverbial phrases of time and place. His colleague Simona took over at 11:40 for our communications exercise and we started to listen to a recording of a real life Italian call in show where a person called into a radio station to talk to two psychiatrists to discuss fears and phobias. Each equipped with headsets, we listened to the recording twice and recounted what we had understood. Then we embarked on an unscripted discussion of our own fears and phobias. In addition, Simona had prepared cardboard cards with questions. Each one of us got to pick from the stack of cards and we got to choose who we were going to ask the question we had picked. This provided another great opportunity to talk and apply our Italian language skills. An animated philosophical discussion ensued and everyone had a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. After taking pictures with my class mates and our teachers, I dropped by the office to say goodbye to Alessandro and his team. The entire crew at the Babilonia Language School had been extremely helpful over the past week of my stay, I had indeed picked up my Italian skills (and was officially at Intermediate level now), and I had thoroughly enjoyed all our various excursions: from our hike to Castelmola Friday a week ago, to our archeological and cultural excursion to Siracusa, to our walking tour of Taormina, my glimpses at Babilonia’s cooking and pottery decorating classes, our hiking excursion to Mount Etna and various dinners and social events, the last seven days had been packed full of exciting activities and opportunities for learning and forging new friendships. I sincerely thanked Alessandro and his team and hoped to come back some time in the future. Together with two of my new found friends, Jill from the UK, and Connie from Switzerland we went for a little walk and decided to have lunch at a local restaurant called Panoramic Bella Blu which is located on Via Pirandello right next to the cable car station that connects hill top Taormina with beach front Mazzaro. We enjoyed a nice late lunch with a stunning view over the Mediterranean, and about an hour later I had to say goodbye. I had double checked at the bus station when my bus would come to take me to the railway station at Taormina – Giardini Naxos so I would be able to make the trek to my next destination: Milazzo. Before departing I went back to Hotel Villa Nettuno to quickly download my photos and take a few more shots of the beautiful garden that is part of the Sciglio family’s estate. At the top of the garden is the so called “Tempietto” (“little temple”), a temple shaped lookout point with benches and a sweeping view over the Ionian Sea and part of Taormina. I took a few quick photos with Vincenzo Sciglio, the patriarch of the family, and two of my German Babilonia co students and at 5:30 pm I sadly said goodbye. Vincenzo promised that when I come here next time he will take me to the family’s country retreat where they make home made wine. He said he produces the grape juice for the wine by stomping on the grapes with his bare feet. Well, next time I come to Taormina I definitely want to see that. Although my departure was a little sad, my next adventure was already waiting: tomorrow I would embark on a one week sailing trip around the gorgeous Eolian Islands with a different language school called Laboratorio Linguistico, based in Milazzo. After a 10 minute bus ride, I arrived at the Taormina Giardini Naxos train station and had to wait for about 45 minutes before my train showed up. The commuter train that arrived was a beautiful sleek and modern train and I grabbed a seat in the corner. A few rambunctious teenagers were playing loud music, singing and ribbing each other. Obviously teenagers will be teenagers, no matter where you go… A local gentleman sat down across from me and introduced himself: Giorgio works as a security guard at Taormina’s Greek Theatre and enjoys his job. He told me about his family: his wife stays at home with their three children while he is the sole income earner. His job gives him sufficient income to look after his family and he said he keeps his expenses low. The family only has one car and he still drives around all year on his 30 year old Vespa. Giorgio also commented that a few years ago Trenitalia, the Italian government owned railway system, invested in new commuter trains. Giorgio smiled when he said that the remainder of the rolling stock is pretty much “museum quality”. He also mentioned that the strange spring weather that we had been having (a fair amount of rain, fog, overcast skies), is rather unusual. Normally at this time of year the weather is clear and sunny. He summed up his feelings by saying that for the last three years or so the climate has been strange. A side effect of global warming maybe? After Giorgio left about a half hour into the train ride I had a chance to reflect on the 8 days that I had already passed in Italy, and the new adventures that were still to come. I was starting to feel a bit apprehensive about the sailing trip that was supposed to start tomorrow. I was wondering about sea sickness, the small confined space on a sailboat and I was praying to God that I was going to have good shipmates. On a small sailboat even one really strange character can make the trip unpleasant for the rest of the group. Another part of me was really looking forward to the experience, and my anticipation was growing. After changing trains in Messina I arrived just shortly after 9 pm at my destination for today: Milazzo, headquarters of the Laboratorio Linguistico Language School, and the embarkation point for my sailing trip tomorrow. Francesca, the wife of the school’s co owner, graciously came by to pick me up from the train station and took me to my home for the night: a fully equipped 5 bedroom apartment right above the school’s offices. Francesca took me into my room which I was going to share for one night with my new travel partner: Claudia, a Lufthansa flight attendant from Germany, was also going to go on the sailing trip with me tomorrow. While Claudia was sleeping I headed out for a very late dinner. It was already about 10:30 pm before I found a local restaurant two streets over. I had a delicious Insalata Cappriciosa and at a price of 3 Euros the salad was less than half the going rate of the restaurants in Taormina which had charged about 7 or 8 Euros for a salad. I realized very quickly that tourists in Taormina are paying a premium rate for everything and that Milazzo was definitely more affordable terrain. Back at the apartment I downloaded my photos and briefly met two of the other teachers at Laboratorio Linguistico: Jean Claude from Ireland, who teaches English at the school, and Francesco (Franco) Pozza, an Italian teacher and co owner of the school. I found out that we would be gathering outside the school tomorrow morning at 9:30 am to meet Francesco Di Santi, the other co owner of Laboratorio Linguistico, and our skipper for the week. I felt into bed exhausted, wondering what the next week was going to hold. I was excited – looking forward to my first sailing trip.


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