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    Scent Sational Gifts That Show Mom How Much You Care


    It can be a challenge deciding on a gift that personifies all of your mom's best qualities. Is she loving, feminine, unique, fun, sporty? There are many different types of moms but fortunately, there's a gift for each of them and many of the best feature fragrance. Here are a few perfumed gift giving suggestions designed to please: • Scents Make Sense Perfume is always a scent sational gift giving idea and there are as many types of fragrance as there are moms. Whether her favorite is a classic, designer or hard to find perfume, most moms love receiving fragrance. • Layer Fragrances A fragrance gift set is an even better option because it offers greater versatility, often including additional items such as body lotion, shower gel or even purse travel size bottles. That way mom can layer fragrance for a harmonious marriage of scents. • Bring The Spa To Her Spa treatments are a great but pricey gift. You can, however, give mom a spa experience without going into debt. Give mom luxurious spa products that she can use at home to create her own spa experience. A really popular line of spa skin care products, Sedona Valley Spa, was developed with beneficial ingredients, such as Desert Flower extract, Prickly Pear Cactus, Yucca and Agave, that are found in Sedona, Ariz. These products are designed for easy, at home use to renew body, mind and spirit. Such spa products are sold exclusively at Perfumania and are an accessible indulgence. • Don't Forget The Classics The classic Mother's Day gifts are also much appreciated. Make mom breakfast in bed and serve it on a tray with fragrant flowers. Give her a steaming cup of herbal tea and run her a bath filled with fragrant bubbles. There's nothing like a leisurely morning to get her special day off to a good start. A great place to look for bubbles, fragrance and spa products is Perfumania. If you can't decide what to get mom, the 250 store chain offers its own gift card.


    Manifest An Avalanche Of Money With This Technique


    You can easily manifest money very quickly and do so in droves if only you will allow yourself to literally expand. There are secrets to nature and reality that can easily explode your ability to manifest if applied correctly with understanding. Again and again these techniques have yield outstanding results. The science to manifesting large amounts of money is so amazingly exact that two people in business could be selling the same product and one does exceedingly well while the other fails miserably. Its not the product of the service that makes one rich, its something far greater yet quite simple. People who do not succeed at manifesting money or those who doubt that money can come quickly are themselves blocked. Those who are wealthy have a strong dynamic energy that literally expands far beyond their present body, home or even their community. Not only can they see beyond their present conditions their own personal energy influences in mass proportions. Their energy is so powerful that they don’t need to go out or struggle in order to influence. Manifesting money is about expanding mentally, physically and spiritually. Can you supply a service to the millions of people on planet earth who are in need of it? If someone in your town has that need could it be that there are also millions of people around the glob who would eagerly pay you for that service? As you can see your mind must expand in order to create in large quantities. The universe is abundant and if you are unable to see abundance all around you then you are blocked and no matter how great your service or your wish to manifest more money is you simply wont. The fastest way to manifest something is to move beyond that thing. Become bigger than the thing you wish to manifest. You gain power and dominance over anything that you can go beyond. When you go beyond money it no longer has control over you and you dominate where it goes and how it comes. It seems like a simple concept but few people are able to remove themselves from beneath the spell of money. They remain cowardly beneath their wish for more money not realizing that whatever they place above themselves will always dominate their lives. Choose the goal which you wish to manifest then imagine yourself moving beyond it as if the goal is like a grain of sand. Then, see that goal in the grand scheme of the planet and realize all the incredible possibilities that can allow your money goal to become real. There are miracles and magic to manifesting if you go outside of your immediate box.


    What Do Those Interview Questions Really Mean


    You have just been through a grueling interview. The questions were tough and some just seemed off the wall and some were rather innocent. What was the interviewer really looking for? What did s/he mean by those questions? Well, you can be certain that if you were interviewed by a seasoned interviewer, each and every question had a very distinct purpose. Listed below are some common and not so common questions with the potential purpose of the question. Common questions and what the interviewer is really looking for: Question: Tell me about yourself? Answer: The interviewer is looking for you to talk about yourself and to reveal anything that s/he might not otherwise be able to ask. For example, do you have kids? Married? Hobbies? Interests? Single parent? Let's say the job involves shift work, the need to be at work at 7:00 every day or the flexibility to be on call? Candidates with children are perceived to have more problems getting to work on time, miss more work because of children illnesses, school functions, etc. Is this fair? No. Is this a reality for some hiring managers? Absolutely. So what to do. Talk specifically about previous work, your desire to work, etc. The only exception would be if you know for a fact you and the hiring manager have something in common that you can use to build interest with him/her and that you would be a great fit. Question: Tell me about the most difficult person you had to deal with? Answer: The interviewer could care less about the most difficult person you had to deal with. What s/he is fishing for here is your ability to get along with people. Do not answer this one too quickly. Answering quickly suggests you have had to deal with a log of difficulty people which really suggests that you are the difficult one. A better approach might be to tell the interviewer that you get along with everybody and that you do not have problems with difficult people. Assuming that that statement is true, expand on your ability to pull diverse groups of people together to complete a project Question: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Answer: While the obvious answer would seem to be “this job”, you might also talk about your desire to take the next step thereby giving the interviewer the thought that you are an achiever and willing to work hard. It always amazes me how many people that I have interviewed are stumped by this question or answer it saying a surfing job. Question: Tell me what you liked about your last job and what you disliked Answer: Here is another one to be careful on. Do not go on about all the things you disliked. It leads the interview to think you do not like anything. Even if your last job was really, really bad, focus on the positive aspects of the job such as the things you learned, the exposure it gave you, etc. If you talk more about what you disliked, chances are you will say you dislike something that may be a critical part of the job you are applying for. Question: Tell me about your favorite and least favorite manager Answer: Again, this is a tricky question. If you begin to talk about the things you dislike about your previous manager, the hiring manager will believe you have a problem with authority. Focus on the things you have learned from previous managers. Also talk about how you and a previous manager disagreed on an approach and how you worked the issue out. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, an experienced interviewing has a reason for each and every question. While the question may seem innocent enough, how you answer it could decide whether you get the job or not. Always to remember to focus on the positive aspect of your past. Focusing on the negative will give the impression that you are a negative person and probably not the best fit for the position.


    Artisan Crafts Are Special


    Artisan crafts are made by skilled manual workers. An artisan is also known as a craftsman, who uses tools, and very rarely, machinery, in a special way to produce a handmade article. During the Middle Ages, in Europe, craftsman organized into guilds, which were associations of master artisans. These guilds were granted charters by local authorities. To become an artisan in a guild, a person worked as an unpaid apprentice under a master artisan. If the apprentice completed the training, he became a paid journeyman, but to become a master artisan, he had to produce a masterpiece that met the standards of the guild. Artisans have been using their hands and imaginations for many centuries. Some artisan jewelry dates back as far as 7000 BC, when gold and copper began to be used for adornment. Artisans were the dominant producers of goods before the industrial revolution, and to this day, the most beautiful pottery, furniture, jewelry, tapestries and glass ware is made by artisans. Consider the master artisan glass blowers in Venice and the artisan tapestry weavers in France. In some remote villages in Italy and Peru, the whole village depends on the income from the work of their artisans. Hand made artisan jewelry is prized, especially if it represents a particular culture. Italian cameos are made by artisans, and Native American artisans produce some very beautiful turquoise pieces. Other artisan crafts include cameos, rugs, woven baskets and wood carvings, such as those made by African tribal artisans.


    Monitoring Your Child S Computer For Their Safety


    What websites did your child visit this week? Did any of those websites contain porn, illegal content, or content that you would not allow your child to be exposed to? What did your child receive in their email this week? Did someone from Bulgaria, Russia, or Thailand send them pornography? How about someone who lives even closer to you? What did they send your child? Did anyone approach your child about sex in an Internet chat room this week? Did someone invite them to run away from home or to secretly meet with them offline? Was your child approached through his or her Instant Messenger about sex this week? You don't know? You hope not? You think that if it happened they would have told you about it? Or do you just think that none of that can happen to your child because you have some sort of content filter installed? As a parent you have to be proactive. If you did not know the answers to those questions I mentioned above then your child is at risk of being taken advantage of by a child sex predator. No, I am not just being an alarmist. I am not chicken little and the sky is not falling. However children are falling prey to online sex predators far too often. Besides that, they are being exposed to pornography, inappropriate content, and even illegal content. If that does not concern you it should. If your child is trading in pirated music, movies, and software, you can be sued for thousands of dollars. Do you really think saying, "You should not do that" is enough if there is a song or a movie they really want and they know you will never find out about it? Child sex predators online are very, very smart. Smarter than your child. They can chat with your child for months gathering bits and pieces of personal information they can use to stalk or kidnap your child. Spammers send out porn to every email address they can get. Is your child's email address among them. Is your child being sent pornography by email? Does it concern you that they might? And whom are they talking to in that chatroom or on their instant messenger? Is it a friend they met online or someone who is out to do them harm? Do you need for something to happen before you do anything about it? I am CEO of a missing children organization called the Kidsearch Network and have had to go out and search for more than 80 missing children. We have found a lot of them safe and sound, but we have also been on cases that turned out to be a homicide by a child abductor. Believe me when I tell you this. You do not want to wait until something happens before you do something to make sure your child is safe online. The software is not expensive nor is it complicated to use, so you have no excuse as a parent for not knowing the answers to the questions I have asked you in this article. Our organization has no affiliation with the companies that provide this software. We make no money by promoting the use of the computer monitoring software. We just want your child to be safe. You can even try it out for free. Go to onlinesafetyshield. com for more information. It even tells you by email or by your cellphone whenever your child views inappropriate content. You control what websites your child cannot visit. You monitor their email for when inappropriate content is there. If you monitor your child’s computer, the next time I ask those questions, you will be able to say yes.


    An Introduction To Internet Tv


    You use the Internet and, of course, you watch television, but have you ever tried Internet television? Most people are unaware of one of the more recent developments in interactive Internet use. This new technology brings all the benefits of the Internet and television together to create your own personalised viewing experience. In simple terms Internet television means that you can watch TV straight from your laptop or desktop PC. Internet TV allows you to you maximize the use of your computer and your Internet connection. I expect you have probably thought that there must be more you could do with your personal computer or laptop. You know that typing the occasional letter, transferring your MP3 collection to your iPod or playing the odd game or two online is hardly making use of its full potential. Now you can explore a trusted method of entertainment with access to unlimited viewing and you don't even have to stop your usual computer activities. If you are someone who can’t get enough of watching programs on television, think about how Internet television will open up new options for free viewing. You can catch up with current news stories, watch real time sports action, keep up to date with stock market movements or enjoy a little light comedy. You are provided with a wide variety of entertainment possibilities that continues to grow, gaining in popularity every day. At the time of writing, FIFA World Cup 2006 is just around the corner and, for many, Internet TV will provide access to free live football streams. Viewers will be able to keep up with the latest action from all the international football games involving teams including Brazil, Argentina, France, England and many more. Japan's third largest TV broadcaster, Tokyo Broadcasting System, has recently announced plans to air World Cup programmes over the Internet and on mobile phones. If you use the Internet for any kind of research (even if it's only helping the kids with their homework), you no longer have to view what you find in the usual format of text and pictures. Now you can see this information through streams of live or pre recorded video enabling you to see details that simply wouldn't be visible in a series of pictures. 5 Features of Internet Television: 1. Stations are available internationally. Currently over 150 countries have Internet access so you can rest assured that your country has at least one Internet TV station you can watch. 2. No additional hardware is required. In the past, watching television on your computer would require the fitting of a PC TV card but this is no longer necessary. Improvements in the telecommunications industry have made broadband connections more widely available and cheaper than ever before allowing more and more people to view high quality streaming media on their computer. 3. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch. A minimum connection speed of 56K is recommended and watching at this speed should give you a reasonable picture. Higher connection speeds will improve the picture quality (dependant on the server capabilities) and the fastest connections can enable you to view programmes in DVD quality. 4. New channels are added all the time. Major players in the Internet industry have recently started showing significant interest in this rapidly expanding market. Google is developing Google TV and has signed up American channel UPN and is in talks with the BBC in the UK to provide content. AOL is launching IN2TV which will show thousands of hours of programmes from Warner Brothers across 6 different channels and Yahoo has plans to show Internet TV in Japan which could lead to a worldwide service if successful. 5. Personalize your experience. Normal televisions have fixed channels which depend on the local stations or the cable operators. Internet television gives you the opportunity to bookmark your favorite stations so you can get back to them quickly without having to flick through everything else available. There is usually the option of viewing in either full screen mode or in a smaller window enabling you to get on with other things on your computer while watching. You too can enjoy all the benefits of Internet television. The world really is at your fingertips now you have discovered this new, hassle free way of watching TV.


    Family Vacation On A Budget


    A family vacation is an exciting event that can help you release the stress of the entire year. You can spend time relaxing as well as spend quality time with your family. Your children will love the adventure and will have memories that they will never forget. A family vacation can be expensive however. Instead of skipping out on a family vacation altogether because of the price, you might want to just consider using these tips to make the trip affordable. The first thing you will want to do is pre plan. The best trips are those that you know won’t cost you more than you bring. Look for hotel discounts when you book early. Try traveling right before or right after the peak seasons. The weather will still be great and the prices will be much lower than in the peak seasons. Another thing you can consider is your food costs. Many family hotels will offer plans that allow your children to eat free. If you have quite a large family, this can save you a bundle. Choose a hotel with several restaurants to choose from and you will always stay full and within your budget. If you can’t find the room in your budget for a hotel room, consider taking the kids camping for a week. This can be a wonderful way to spend time in nature and with each other. Camping can be a blast for children. Teens don’t usually like it as much, but you and your family will build memories for a lifetime. As you can see, a family vacation can fall within your budget if you plan ahead. It is when you jump in the car without a plan that things tend to get expensive. Planning will save you thousands of dollars and allow you to have the best time possible on your budget.


    How To Control Your Life Insurance Premiums


    If you have a family or other dependants who rely on you for financial support, a simple life insurance policy can provide real peace of mind and a financial safety net for those left behind should you die within the policy term. Many people assume that life insurance is just too expensive to bother with. In fact, when you know what cover you need and how to compare the market, it’s not that difficult to find affordable life cover. Apply just some of the tips below and you could cut your premiums by up to 40%. Decide what you need before you shop Shopping around is crucial to getting a good deal but when you know what you want it’s easier to find. The same applies to shopping for life insurance. With so many insurers and policy options, the only way to make sense of it all is to do your home work or take advice from an insurance expert. Whichever route you take, once you’re certain you can filter out much of the market and compare like with like to reveal the best deals. Consider term insurance Term Life Insurance is much cheaper than other types of cover such as Whole Life Insurance, simply because the policy doesn’t last as long. In some situations it can be more appropriate to save the money and get term insurance anyway. This is particularly true if you’re recently married or plan to start a family. This is often is a time when it’s difficult to afford life insurance, but you can get all the protection of whole life insurance at a much reduced rate, simply by choosing a fixed term that coincides with a period of risk. For example, buying a policy for family protection that lasts until your children are eighteen or twenty one. Use a discount broker If you know what cover you need, using a discount life insurance broker can save you time and money. Discount brokers can compare multiple big name insurers and provide policies below their standard premium rates by sacrificing some or all of their commissions. There’s no real disadvantage to using a broker, however you may have to do some extra research, as they won’t generally provide you with any advice. Get it while you’re young Life insurance is cheaper when you’re young, because your risk of dying is lower, and therefore the risk of insuring you is also lower. Save some money in the long run by buying a policy in your twenties or thirties rather than waiting till your forties or fifties. Stay healthy Applying for life insurance usually means declaring your health history and lifestyle which may result in a medical examination. The results of that examination will play a big role in determining how much your insurance costs. Cut your premiums by staying fit and healthy, and quitting if you’re a smoker. On average a smoker pays twice as much for life insurance as a non smoker does, making a huge difference in the amount you pay over the term of a policy. Pay premiums annually You can save around 15% on your life insurance premiums simply by paying annually instead of monthly. Remember to review Once you buy life insurance, don’t assume that the policy you get in your twenties will still meet your needs by the time you’re in your forties. Your insurance needs change when you get married or start a family, when you pay off your mortgage, when your children become financially independent—and yet again when you retire. Reviewing your policy every three years or so will ensure that it continues to meet your needs and provide value for money.


    Affiliate Marketing 297


    Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the revenue sharing between online advertisers (and merchants) and online salespeople. Compensation and pay is based on performance measures, normally in the form of clicks, sales, and registrations. The advertisers and merchants are normally referred to as affiliate merchants, and publishers or sales people are known as affiliates. The many benefits of affiliate marketing include the potential for making lots of money. You can automate a lot of the advertising process and receive payment only for desired results, which includes sales, registrations, and clicks. Even though most merchants will assume some level of risk with fraud, there is still a level of risk involved. Once you know what you're doing with affiliate marketing, you'll be on top well before you know it. Affiliate marketing has been a contributor to the rise of many companies online, including Amazon. com. Amazon. com was one of the first adopters of affiliate marketing, and now has thousands of affiliate relationships. When it comes to making money, affiliate marketing is in a league of it's own. You don't have to worry about bosses breathing down your neck, and you are in control of everything you do with your company and your website. Affiliate marketing also gives you the chance to stand behind products you know and love, be offering links and banners to them on your personal website. You'll receive money for each product purchased that you represent, which is reason enough to participate. If you've been looking for extra money, affiliate marketing is the way to go. You can stick with one merchant or go with as many as you need for your business. Affilate marketing on the internet is truly becoming more and more popular making now the time for you to get your foot in the door. (word count 297) PPPPP


    Fade Your Tattoo But Carefully


    The word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian word tattau; meaning, to mark. It has been around for ages. Tattoos have been found on Ice Age remains and Egyptian mummies. More than 20 million Americans have one or more tattoos. Just as the demand for getting tattoos has increased, so has the demand for having the tattoos removed or faded. A survey by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery found that around 50 percent of the people who get tattoos eventually regret having them. And look for ways either to fade their tattoos or have them removed altogether. Tattoos were meant to be permanent, so removing or fading them was difficult until now. However, with the recent advances in technology, laser therapy has become the preferred method for removal of tattoos. The Q switched ruby laser is considered the first preference for most of the tattoos, except for red ink, which is best treated with an Nd: YAG laser. Some people prefer laser treatment for tattoo fading rather than complete removal, as fading tattoos is less painful and less expensive. Procedure of laser tattoo removal Laser works by emitting short but intense pulses of light that pass through the epidermis and get absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The laser energy breaks the ink pigment into tiny particles which are then easily removed by the body’s immune system a few weeks or months after the laser treatment. The amount of time and the number of laser treatments require to remove the tattoo depends on several factors such as: • The color of the ink is a big factor in determining how many laser treatments you require. Black and blue colored tattoos get removed easily whereas green and yellow pigments are the hard to remove. • Professional tattoos are harder to remove as compared to street tattoos as professional tattoo makers use better quality ink and equipment. • It is tougher to remove a new tattoo rather an older one as the pigment in the new tattoo is likely to be denser • Size of the tattoo • How deep the ink is injected • Location of the tattoo and • The individual's ability to heal If you're going to get your tattoo removed or faded through laser procedures, remember to do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions. Question you must have answers to before you go in for the treatment: Cost of the Treatment Prices for laser removal depend upon the size of the tattoo, type of inks used etc. The bigger the area; the higher the charge. Fix up an appointment with the removal practitioner or the dermatologist and get the estimate. Pain Involved Fortunately laser removal or fading is relatively painless procedure. But still the amount of pain felt will depend on the type of tattoo, the level of treatment and your own tolerance level. Some people feel more pain than others. The truth is that you will only know how painful it is until you try it. Chances of Side effects Normally the area blisters after the treatment. The skin returns to normal within 4 to 6 weeks. The possibilities of side effects are few but it may include hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation, infection or a little chance of permanent scarring. Get all your doubts cleared before going for the treatment. Number of Treatments If you think that one fine day you would go in to the clinic, and walk out the very same day tattoo free, then you are dreaming in vain. It takes a number of sittings for tattoo fading or removal. Generally the number of treatments depends upon the depth, color and the composition of the ink. Relation between Tattoo Removal and Breastfeeding Mothers There is no evidence suggesting that tattoo fading or cover up tattoo affects breastfeeding in any way. The body filters the ink particles via the white blood cells and mothers are unlikely to face problems if they follow the recommended aftercare procedures. But if there are concerns about a tattoo, then the mother should consult the dermatologist or her physician for proper advice. View detail at: . rethinkyourink. ca/tattoofading. htm


    Hunting Safety


    Hunting has survived the modernization of civilization. In fact, it has flourished into one of the most popular pastimes and hobbies in the world. Unfortunately, one of the world's favourite past times can also be one of its most dangerous. Every hunter should know some basic things before heading out into the fields. The most important aspect of hunting concerns how to walk and carry a gun. It is important to make sure that the muzzle always points away from the hunter and any companions.

    There are many ways to do this. One option is the side carry, which is effectively carrying the gun with one hand and tucking the stock between the elbow and the body. It is not recommended to use the side carry when the hunter is walking through dense brush or with other companions walking in front, however.

    Another option is the ready carry. With the ready carry, the gun is held with two hands and the muzzle is pointed upwards and towards the front of the hunter.

    The trigger finger should be rested on the proper guard. The sling carry involves both hands of the hunter being free. A sling is used to carry the gun over the hunter's shoulder, giving clear range for the hunter to move however he or she wants.

    Others prefer the shoulder carry method of carrying a gun. Using this technique involves the muzzle of the gun resting skyward. It is probably not a good idea to use this technique of carrying a gun with companions behind. Finally, the trail carry involves the gun held at a point between the action and the trigger.

    If someone is walking ahead of the hunter, it is not a good idea to use the trail carry because the muzzle is pointing down but forward. Once the hunter has established a safe and comfortable way to carry his or her weapon, it is very important to plan next what to do when encountering the game. Before encountering the target, all hunters should establish a “zone of fire” where each will shoot and track when game appears.

    It is very important that one hunter never encroach on another’s zone. When hunting from a boat, there are general safety precautions that should be considered.

    First, make sure the weapon to be used by the hunter who will be sitting in the bow of the boat is unloaded. His or her gun must be placed facing the bow. The next hunter places his or her unloaded gun in the stern with its muzzle pointing to the rear. Hunters should always remember to anchor the boat before shooting and to fire in opposite directions. To keep their skills sharp, hunters often practise on ranges.

    These controlled shooting areas also have a set of commands geared for the safe enjoyment of all the participants. If a hunter says, “the range is hot”, for example, it means that the range is open for shooting and that there are no live objects, such as people, on the range.

    If a hunter says, “cease fire”, it means to stop all firing immediately. Another command on the firing range is “ready”. This is the last precaution taken by shooters before the “range is hot” command. Each shooter repeats the phrase “ready” from right to left to ensure the firing line is clear and safe.

    PPPPP Word count 561


    Stance And Swing 6 Tips For Better Golf


    The perfect stroke is that elusive thing we all strive for, asleep in our beds at night with a smile on our faces as we dream of that drive going straight and true down the middle of the fairway or that putt dropping in to the cup at the end of its smooth 50 yard run. Unfortunately reality bites when we get to the tee and make our shot, those niggling worries start in the back of out minds, are my feet too far apart, is my eye on the ball, is my chin too far in is my back swing too shallow, this indecision and doubt might be throwing you off your game, so take a little time and read through these tips to improving your swing and stance, if you do not learn anything at least you now know you were doing the right things all along and that doubt can be lifted and replaced by the dream stroke you always had inside of you. 1. Is your stance too narrow? A narrow stance can cause balance problems for a golfer, it also causes an unstable base and this can lead to more balance problems and so the vicious cycle continues. To solve the problem of poor balance you should take a slightly wider stance should be used, your toes should be slightly splayed out. The lead foot should be splayed out around 30 degrees, make these adjustments and you break the cycle, your base is stabilised and your balance restored. 2. When the club addresses the ball are your hands too close to your body? This can limit the arc of the club and can cause it to be too narrow, to improve your arc you should reach a little more this produces a wider arc and improves distance. 3. Avoid swaying during the back swing, if you have a tendency to sway backwards this can seriously impair your swing, this is because you are not turning about your pivot point and the weight becomes too much for your rear leg, you should feel free to move your weight to your rear leg but only to the inside, you should concentrate more on turning than swaying to solve this problem. 4. One thing that will loose you power when you are playing golf is keeping your club too close to your body on take away, the way to correct this problem and get that power back is to extend your arms away from your body, like you were going to hand your club to somebody on your right had side, you must maintain your balance throughout. 5. To get a wider arc and more power you need to ensure that your right elbow stays out from your body, too many golfers keep the elbow too close into their body and this causes a loss of power and severely limits your game. 6. Concentrate on not moving your weight on to your front foot during the back swing, this can cause a reverse pivot, that will lead to a loss of power, you must ensure that you move your weight to your back leg but not so much that you risk a loss of balance.


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