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    Honda Sneak Peek The Fit


    : Credit Honda with not giving up easily in what will certainly become a big fight: the sub $15,000 price range category of new automobiles. Currently, only a stripped down Civic competes in this area and I mean stripped: no a/c, basic tranny, no radio! With Toyota's Scion brand catching on Honda is looking to fight back. A tiny car now on sale in Japan may soon find its way to a dealership in your neighborhood helping to turn the tide for the revered automaker. So, why the big push in this "cheap" category? Chiefly because automakers know that if young and first time buyers have a very good experience with their entry level cars then more than likely they will stay with the brand as their lives change, i. e., get married, start a family, make more money, etc. This practice has been in place for years, although not as widely emphasized by all manufacturers and to their detriment. Honda's long time low price leader has always been the Civic. Introduced to the North American market in 1971, the Civic was the original Honda for the western hemisphere and has been a value leader in its class for some time. However, like the Toyota Corolla, the Civic has been gradually creeping up market becoming better equipped and more expensive. At least Toyota slipped in a new entry level car a few years back, the Echo, but Honda has been without one. In addition, Toyota launched an all new brand, Scion, in 2003 to capture a bigger chunk of the youth market. So far, Scion has been a runaway success story. Enter the Fit. Say, what?! Yes, a tiny Scion like car sporting a 1.5L engine is already navigating Japanese streets.

    Unfortunately, the name isn't catchy and likely will have to be changed once the car is imported to the US and Canada. Let's just say that some of the names that rhyme with Fit are not exactly favorable. At least it isn't as obvious as Daewoo's Charade a car that really lived up to its name!

    We don't know a lot yet about the Fit other than to say that Honda knows that they need to respond to Toyota and soon. Honda doesn't appear willing to create a separate brand to take on Scion, but a car in the class of the Fit will help Honda capture a bigger chunk of the all important youth market. With styling cues reportedly similar to the Scion xA, the "Fit" will likely be fitted into the bottom of the Honda line up. Paired with the Element, both vehicles will be perceived as true Scion fighters.

    At least Honda hopes that you do.


    4 Tips To Build A Successful Portfolio


    Walking through the financial maze of stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be quite a challenge. American Century Investments offers the following tips to give you the know how on building a profitable portfolio. * Know your goals. Consider how much money you'll need for your children's education or your retirement. Whatever your vision for the future might be, set your goals and develop a concrete plan for meeting them. * Define your investment time horizon. If you're not planning on retiring anytime soon, you might want to have a portfolio that includes more long term investments. If retirement is just around the corner, consider a more conservative approach. * Determine your risk tolerance. Figure out your risk comfort level and compare that with what you can afford. In general, the longer you have to invest, the bigger risk you can take. * Consult a professional. In order to avoid financial pitfalls later on, it is often wise to seek professional guidance when putting together a portfolio. "Recent research shows that investors continue to grapple with some of the most basic investment concepts, suggesting a greater need for financial advice and guidance," said Doug Lockwood, a certified financial planner. To help investors meet their financial goals, American Century Investments has developed On Plan Investing, a program designed to help investors build and maintain diversified investment portfolios at no additional cost. Combining educational tools, advice, market insight and investment products, On Plan Investing helps investors develop a personal investment strategy, whether they are new to investing, seeking guidance but still want control over their investment mix, need help positioning their portfolios with a long term perspective or need help understanding how the markets work.


    Why Yogyakarta


    Yogyakarta (also Jogjakarta in pre 1972 spelling or Jogja) is a city and province on the island of Java, Indonesia. It is the only province in Indonesia that is still formally governed by a precolonial Sultanate, the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The city is known as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows. It is also famous as a center for Indonesian higher education. The official name of the Yogyakarta province is Special Region of Yogyakarta. Haunted by spiralling population, economic and political problems, the most populous island in South East Asia is a land of contrasts with an uncertain future. Java is an island of striking natural beauty, rich in cultural history. But it's getting harder to recognise it. At Yogyakarta's center is the kraton, or Sultan's palace. Surrounding the kraton is a densely populated residential neighborhood that occupies land that was formerly the Sultan's sole domain; evidence of this former use remains in the form of old walls and the ruined Water Castle (Tamansari), built in 1758 as a pleasure garden. No longer used by the sultan, the garden had been largely abandoned, and was used for housing by palace employees and descendants. Reconstruction efforts began in 2004, and an effort to renew the neighborhood around the kraton has begun. The site is a developing tourist attraction. The Ramayana ballet is worth attending even if you're not a fan of traditional Asian stage performances. 20,000rp gets you a 90 minute show with a talented dance troupe and full gamelan orchestra. It's a casual, well organised atmosphere and you can meet the performers and even dance with them on the stage! The Cirebon Restaurant, also on Jalan Malioboro attracts a steady stream of locals and foreigners with its (mainly) vegetarian specialties and convivial atmosphere all at good prices. Honestly, there are no other cities in Indonesia that have equally popular different names like this one. And, frankly speaking, none of the hundreds of names of areas in this country have been abbreviated in so many ways by its name like Yogyakarta. On the streets, people including government officials and university students prefer to call this sultanate province Yogya or Jogja, despite its official name Yogyakarta.


    Purchasing Property And Building In Skopelos Island Greece


    It is said that Skopelos is the greenest of all the many islands of Greece and once you have spent some time exploring this magical place it is a difficult claim to deny. With five million pines, fifty thousand olive trees and only five thousand inhabitants it is a place where the natural world dominates and the heat of the beaches is fringed by the cool of the forests. There are also many broad leaf trees to be seen with sweet chestnuts, walnuts and oak trees and the island has been famous for the production of plums which were dried in the many plum ovens that create one of the many architectural features seen throughout Skopelos. Only in recent years people from outside Greece been purchasing property here and in general the Greek people are fairly new to the concept of selling property at all! In previous generations houses were usually kept within the family and if the family couldn't maintain their properties they often became ruins. This was accentuated by both rural depopulation and the world Diaspora of the Greek people and though this situation as provided an opportunity to purchase some wonderful pieces of property today it has also left us with a situation where people are often not versed in the trading and pricing of houses and land. To give an overview of the price range, however, is useful to those who are looking for property in Skopelos and we can say that a house in Skopelos Town can be as little as 40,000euro, an average of 150,000euro for something that can be lived in straight away, or up to 300,000euro for something special (and big) and of course as nearly all properties on the island are fairly unique any variation of the above can occur and there very special residences which appear vary rarely which fetch prices up to 900,000euro! Similarly land for building varies greatly by location, aspect, view and amenities and can be from 40,000euro to 100,000euro for a plot for one house on average and then for larger plots any multiples of the above. There are no restrictions on citizens of EU countries buying property anywhere in Greece. Some restrictions apply to non EU citizens buying property in areas designated as “border areas”. Non EU citizens should apply to the Local Prefectural Authorities if they want to buy property in certain parts of Northern Greece, Crete, Rhodes, the Dodecanese islands or islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. (This does not apply to Skopelos island.) The transfer of property ownership is always executed in the form of a notarial deed. When the actual agreement is drawn up by the notary and signed by the contracting parties two lawyers are present one on behalf of the seller and one on behalf of the buyer. Your lawyer is there to ensure that you are not cheated, that the title deeds are without impediment, and to determine the objective taxable value of the property. Before the actual sales agreement is signed, your lawyer will conduct a thorough search of the archives at the Land Registry office to make sure that there is no impediment or obstacle to the transfer of ownership and that the title deeds are in order. This does not take long and it will soon be time for you to sign the sales agreement/contract at the office of the notary. The deposit It is normal to deposit 10% of the agreed purchase price when the preliminary agreement is made. You may lose your deposit if you change your mind. If the seller changes his mind, he is obliged to return your deposit to you. Written preliminary agreements may be dispensed with if the property is not of very high value or if it is obvious that the transfer of ownership will be completed in a relatively short time. Where a preliminary agreement is drawn up, it states who the parties to the agreement are, what the property is, what price has been agreed how the money will change hands. It also includes any other conditions agreed upon. The notary will want to see that all the necessary documents (tax, deeds etc.) are in order before drawing up the sales agreement /contract. The deposit commits both buyer and seller. One of the differences between purchasing property in Greece and purchasing property in other countries is that most buyers have ready money; there is no chain involved, so it does not take long for the transfer of ownership to be completed. You should have at least enough money for the deposit ready to hand. You would not like to miss a good opportunity because you were too slow with the deposit. The deposit also reduces the likelihood of the seller accepting a better offer. It is wise, easy and quick to open a bank account in Greece. If the search at the Land Registry office reveals an impediment, your deposit will be returned. If the seller simply changes his mind, he must return the deposit plus 100% in compensation. If the buyer changes his mind he forfeits the deposit. In effect, the deposit binds both buyer and seller to their word. You will have to pay a one off purchase tax. The amount payable is calculated on the basis of the "assessed value" of the property. The assessed value is lower than the actual market value. The tax due is 9% to 11% of the assessed value. Planning permission Planning permission is a matter of course if your piece of land is within the confines of a village, town or city. If your piece of land is not within the confines of a village, town or city, but is within the area covered by town planning, you will be granted permission to build on it provided it measures 2,000m 2, and borders with a municipal road. If your land is not within the confines of a village, town or city, and is not within the area covered by town planning, you will be granted permission to build on it if it measures 4,000m 2 or more, provided it is not within a forested area, and no restrictions are imposed by the Department of Archaeology. Only fully qualified, registered architects or engineers are allowed to apply for building permits. The cost is approx. 4% 5% of the estimated cost of the building. Municipal taxes and duties are incorporated in electricity bills. The amount added to your two monthly bill is negligible and includes a compulsory television license.


    Do You Have An Abusive Boyfriend


    Statistics show that 1 out of 3 teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship. Most cases involve one partner trying to maintain power and control over the other through some kind of abuse. Most victims of Dating violence are young women who are also at higher risk for serious injury. Women ages 16 to 24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate violence nearly 1 out of 50 women.(Bureau of Justice Special Report: Intimate Partner Violence, May 2001) Teen dating violence often is hidden because teenagers are inexperienced, want independence from their parents. and they are pressured by peers to begin dating at an early age. Some young men may believe they have the right to "control" you or they think they will lose "respect" if they are attentive and supportive toward their girlfriends. Are you at fault? You might think you are the one who is causing the problem. You may think that his jealousy and abusiveness means he really loves you so much he can't control himself. You might think because you have friends that are also being abused that this is normal or you may think you can change him. You would be wrong on any of those counts and statistics prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. If your boyfriend is abusive now, he will not get better, he will get worse until one day he hurts you really bad or even kills you. It's that serious. Ask yourself these questions; If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions about the boy you are dating then you are in danger of having a serious problem. If several of these are yes, get a new boyfriend. Is he using alcohol or drugs? Does he have extreme mood swings? Happy one minute and angry the next? Is he extremely jealous? Does he get into fights with other boys who pay you attention? Does he use force during an argument or during intimacy? Does he blame others or make excuses about his problems? Is he verbally abusive to you? (yelling all the time, putting you down, calling you stupid, threatening you?) Does he treat his mother with disrespect or is he mean to her? Do former girlfriends say he abused them? Does he try to control you or tell you what to do, who you can see, where you can go all the time? Does he try to keep you away from your family or try to make you dependent on him, telling you that he knows what is best for you and your family is always wrong? I repeat if even two of those things is true, you need to break it off and get as far away from him as possible, because these are all signs of someone who abuses or will abuse women.


    How To Cross Time Zones Without Jet Lag


    Imagine counting down the days towards a great trip that took careful planning and saving only to step off the plane and want to sleep for three days. Or landing in Dubai and going straight to a meeting where all the participants are discussing very important deals, only to be falling asleep at the conference table. Jet lag is a common drawback to long distance travel; symptoms include exhaustion, dry skin, dehydration, muscle tension and time confusion. Here, associates from Marriott International many of whom spend more than half their time traveling offer their advice on how to fight the fatigue that comes with crossing time zones: 1. Don't drink alcohol before or during the flight. Alcohol adds to the dehydration and fatigue. 2. Drink a significant amount of water during the flight and upon landing. Water will cut down on the dehydration and can also help with muscle fatigue. 3. As soon as you step on the plane, set your watch for the time that matches that of your destination and sleep according to the location to which you are flying. Thus, if getting on a plane in the afternoon while it is late at night in the city you are flying to, then it's time to sleep. 4. While sleeping on the plane, sleep as long as possible to create a "nighttime" sleep experience. Use earplugs and light reducing eye covers if needed. 5. Elevate your feet as much as possible during your flight. 6. Upon arrival, a shower will help refresh and revitalize you. Then, adhere to the local time and try to avoid napping. 7. Try to stay up as late as possible on the first night. If your schedule will require many late nights, try to stay up until at least midnight. 8. Expect the second day to be the most difficult. Remain on schedule at the time of your destination. Request a wake up call, or set an alarm, for the morning and begin the second day. 9. Try a spa treatment for muscle fatigue and dehydrated skin. 10. If possible, try to spend an hour in sunlight and fresh air on the first day; this will help to reset your body's internal clock to local time. Marriott International, Inc. (NYSE:MAR) is a leading lodging company with nearly 2,800 lodging properties in the United States and 66 other countries and territories.


    So Where Has Your Search Engine Been Today


    Visit Google, Yahoo, MSN or one of the lesser search engines, and you get a few million results for just about any search term. Despite this impressive depth of results, most users consider only a few of the WebPages being pointed to. A lot of research indicates that most searchers exit search engine result pages to visit one of the top three results. That raises the question: What about the remaining million plus results? Are they all worthless in the labyrinth of the Internet? Or are they snared by the constraints of the algorithms that search engines use. Surely there can be better results than the ones dished out to us. WE NEED A SEARCH ENGINE TO SEARCH SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS! Based on the above premise, I set out on a mission to simplify search engine results. But, try as I might, I could not find an automated method to simplify search engine results. I think that is logical, otherwise these multi billion dollar behemoths would have done so themselves. So, I thought: What is that one thing that I can do which the Googles and Yahoos of the world cannot do. And the quick answer was: I can use human / personal discretion in choosing search results. This would bypass the legion of search engine optimizers who keep building link popularity to rise up in search pages. CAN HUMAN SELECTED SEARCH RESULTS BEAT ALGORITHM SELECTED SEARCH RESULTS? Tough to say, but you can look for yourself. Compare the Google results for Hair Removal ( google. com/search? hl=en&q=Hair+Removal) and my selected results for Hair Removal ( human search engine. com/6.html). There is some overlap, but the results that I display are a result of my personal visit to the listed pages. CONCLUSIONS As search engines become better and faster, there is a need for a human touch to search results. In this constant struggle between spammy (scammy?) search engine optimizers and search engine engineers, the searcher can be the victim.


    Online Arcade Vs. Offline Arcade


    Anyone who has ever been on the internet should at least have basic knowledge of arcade websites. The idea behind them is really simple. There are a lot of bored people in the world. If you’re bored, you want to play something fun. Therefore, you go to a website that has free games to play so you can waste a little time. A free online arcade is a good choice for a little entertainment during your hours of boredom. There are many benefits to using an online arcade for your recreation time. The first is rather obvious. An online arcade is free. You can’t do much better than playing games for free. Just look at the current state of most other games. If you go to a traditional arcade, you are going to end up paying a lot of money. They will literally nickel and dime you until you’re digging that last quarter out of your pocket to beat the next level. It’s a good rush, until you realize that you somehow spent 20 dollars and have almost nothing to show for it. The same could be said about normal video games. You will either need a special gaming console or an advanced computer to play many of the new releases. Unless you just have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, you should probably look for a cheaper alternative. An online arcade should do just that. The games may not have the best graphics or story. They are what they are. They’re nice, little games that are fun to play without draining a lot of your computer’s resources. Cost isn’t the only big benefit to playing games in an online arcade. Unfortunately, there are few video games currently available that are truly just pick up and play games. Most video games will require a large time commitment that just isn’t practical for all of your gaming sessions. There are times when you will just want to pick up a quick arcade game that you can beat in 10 or 20 minutes. Not every game needs to be an in depth role playing experience which will last for 80 hours. Quick gratification can be very nice. Although, flash arcades shouldn’t be completely stereotyped as having a bunch of little flash games for quick sessions. Many websites offer ways to save your game files so that you can pick it up the next day and finish. This is especially important since it allows for these sites to offer more advanced games that are still accessible to the arcade player. Specifically, there are many little role playing games designed to be played in little sessions over the course of a week or a month. This way, you will receive the best of both worlds in your arcade experience. You can have a game with a good story and real character development, which is still accessible for those few minutes at the end of your break. As you can see, anyone should be able to easily fit a little online arcade time into their day. Once you find a good site, you will be able to have some good times with just a few mouse clicks.


    Stained Glass A 2 Z And Why Creativity Heals


    I found this article recently that resonates my feelings about stained glass and creativity. Connecting with your Creative Soul by Ami McKay Many of us have lives filled with deadlines and daily routines. Tapping into our creative energies is often the last thing on our minds. Perhaps you think that you don’t have a creative side, perhaps your wild sense of imagination left with your childhood, perhaps you don’t even realize what’s truly within you just waiting to be set free. Why choose a creative path? Fostering your sense of creativity can give you feelings of freedom, delight and passion. It can help you see your life in a new light and help you to tackle situations that you thought were hopeless. When you express yourself through creative action you find gifts such as: happiness, self worth, healing, and inner joy. Don’t let society’s picture of the ‘artist as virtuoso’ scare you into not trying. Self expression comes in many forms and in varying degrees of ability. We all have a creative artist within. Whether or not you choose to call on these amazing gifts is up to you! Some examples of Creative Endeavors 1. Music hath charms… (Reminds me of my sweet Spanish Guitar) How many of us like to sing in the shower or in the car during rush hour traffic? You can take this idea a step further and use music as a way to find creativity. In this age of CD’s, we have access to any type of music we desire. Try experimenting by listening to various types of music. Find out what soothes your soul, what gives you energy, which music sets your thoughts free. Keep pen and paper nearby and write down any thoughts that come from this experience. Before long, you may find yourself writing an essay of inspiration or simply dancing around your living room with abandon. When my son was four, I started hearing music from his bedroom after I had tucked him in. I was curious as to where this sweet music was coming from and peeked in to see what was going on. I discovered that he had started his own evening ritual. He was singing the events of his day to himself. With great passion he would sing of his disappointments, accomplishments and joys. I’ll admit that I have since tried this myself and found it to be one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had. 2. Art of Expression You don’t have to have a professional set of oil paints or be schooled at the finest art institute to express your artistic soul. I’m talking about art that comes from the very depths of your being and isn’t meant to be pleasing to anyone else but you. ‘Dharma Art’ is a kind of artistic practice where you begin to gather things from your surrounding environment and rearrange them in a creative and artistic way. There are no rules, just simply collect what you find interesting and then create something new. An easy way to experiment with this idea is to make a collage from magazine clippings. Take an hour and create a collage that truly reflects your passions in life. Incorporate favorite quotes and sayings that inspire you. Who knows, one day you may be gluing old clock parts to a worn out straw hat as a personal commentary on time. An old college roommate of mine recently sent me a small mixed media painting as a token of friendship and thanks. Here is what the enclosed note said: "this is what I did the night I talked with you on the phone. You were inspiring. To me, it looks like something a teenager would do but it reflects how I feel these days…whatever that means." It meant the world to me! Creativity helps us unlock our inner selves, but it also needs to be shared.


    The Jeremy Mcgrath Invitational


    The Jeremy McGrath Invitational Jeremy McGrath is a well known supercross rider. In fact, his name is known by those who are not even fans of the sport. Throughout his career, he has achieved a number of victories. In addition to victories, he has also set a number of records. Unfortunately, the time has come where Jeremy McGrath has decided that he would no longer like to actively compete in supercross motorcycle racing, even part time, like he did in the past. However, before he ends his career, he will be racing at one last event event. This event is one that bares his name and symbolizes the success that he had achieved over the years; that event is the Jeremy McGrath Invitational. The Jeremy McGrath Invitational is set to take place October 6th and October 7th of 2006. The two day event will be held in Carson, California. In fact, it will be held at the Home Depot Center, which is located on the California State University Campus. Although it would be best to see this event live in person, due to its location, you may be unable to. If this is the case, you will find that you should be presented with a number of different chances to watch the invitational. One of those times being October 22nd 2006 on NBC. If you are wondering why the Jeremy McGrath Invitational is worth seeing live or worth watching on television, you are not alone. To supercross motorcycle racing fans, this can easily be considered the event of the year, but others wonder what is so great about it. The answer, honestly, is everything. The Jeremy McGrath Invitational is unlike many traditional supercross motorcycle racing events. The first being that the invitational is taking place during the sport’s off season. One of the reasons for this is that it allows the top names in supercross racing, from all around the world, attend the event. As previously mentioned, some of the biggest names in supercross racing are being invited to participate in this event. These names include, but are in no way limited to, Chad Reed, Jeremy McGrath, James Stewart, and Ricky Carmichael. Not only will it give these riders the opportunity to showcase their skills and enjoy the sport that they love, in the off season, they will also be able to win a large amount of money. The purse, otherwise known as the event payout, totals $500,000. That $500,000 is the largest purse ever recorded in a supercross motorcycle racing event. The racing surface, also referred to as the supercross track, will be one of the best ever created. It is being designed by Jeremy McGrath and a professional track builder, Randy Mennenga. Essentially, this means that the track will be top of the line and, perhaps, the best that the sport has ever seen. On that track, head to head races will occur, as well as the main events for each night. The main events, like most other supercross racing main events, will showcase the racing abilities of twenty drivers; the twenty that were invited to the event. According to the website of the Jeremy McGrath Invitational, the champion will be crowned based on the performances given on both days. If you are lucky enough to attend this event, you will enjoy the racing, as well as the other features that are offered. Like many other racing events, pit passes will be offered. With a pit pass, you may not only get to meet your favorite rider, but you could also see, up close and personal, what goes on behind the scenes. In the pit area, you will find the racing teams working to get their team and equipment geared up for the main event. This feature is a must see experience for all supercross motorcycle racing fans, especially if you have never had the opportunity to do so in the past. In addition to supercross motorcycle racing, the Jeremy McGrath Invitational, is also giving professional freestyle rides the opportunity to showoff their stuff. It has been noted, that these demonstrations will take place in between the main racing events. So, in addition to heart pounding racing, you can also see a number of neat tricks and stunts. This is amazing considering that everything is happening all with one event, the Jeremy McGrath Invitational. PPPPP Word Count 717


    Why You Should Refinance Your Credit Card


    Getting the Right Rate Can Save YOU Thousands A credit card debt can be like the worst sort of trap. Like a wound that won’t heal, a monthly minimum payment – with ceaseless regularity and endless strain on your budget – leaves your account. It’s to pay for the Christmas shopping, or the last July 4th party, or your holiday two years ago. You don’t know; frankly you care less – you just want to see it gone. But when your next statement arrives, the hole your minimum payment should have burned in your debt is no smaller – the sore remains unclosed. Is this situation familiar? Is it you? If it is, you’ve not heard the worst of it yet. The way that credit card companies exist and thrive is by exploiting your debt burden. They’ll lend and lend and lend, until you get to the point that the most you can pay back each month is the minimum payment – usually around 2.5 per cent of the balance. The problem with this is that they hit you with a load of interest, sometimes amounting to 2 per cent of the balance. If only one half of a per cent is being paid back it doesn’t take much math to figure out the amount of time it could take you to pay back your debts. In fact, if you’re paying repayment insurance, in some instances you can pay back less than the amount of debt accumulating. It’s a horrible, self perpetuating cycle of hemorrhaging money, but the good news is twofold. First off, you’re not alone. Thousands upon thousands of decent, hard working Americans are in this position through no fault of their own but necessity and the demands of modern living. Secondly, if you’re stuck in this horrible cycle of bleeding money, the chances are that it can be at least partially redressed. Many Americans have – and still do – unwittingly signed up to credit card deals that are uncompetitive, over priced and unnecessarily expensive. What many don’t realize, is that simply because you have pledged allegiance to a particular credit card company doesn’t mean to say that you are stuck with them for life. There’s a way out that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year and help you pay off your debt burden more quickly. Transferring the balance of your credit card to another one is a way of paying off your existing debt with a new credit card that you take on at a cheaper rate. In many cases this can be set at 0 per cent for a period of a number of months, before reverting to a higher rate. By switching to such a card – and then another at the end of the interest free term, and maybe even another after that, it gives you a clear run at reducing your debt, without it spiraling ever further upwards. Even if you’re still only paying 2.5 per cent off the balance a month, far better to do that than knocking off one half of a per cent, or less. By bundling up the old expensive credit card debt, getting rid of it, then paying back the new credit card at a lower rate, you can save countless dollars each month. You can save even more money by paying a bit more each month, thus clearing the debt in a shorter time. By doing this you’ll free up more dollars further down the line enabling you to spend them on something really nice. Unfortunately, 0% deals are not always available to all customers. If you’ve got a credit rating that’s in some way below scratch, it is probably unlikely that a 0% credit card will be made available to you. It’s a sad fact of finance that the best deals seem to always be available for those who need them the least. That said, there are a number of other excellent credit cards on the market through which you can save many dollars. Even if a balance transfer rate is as high as 10 or 12 per cent, if you’re paying upwards of 20 per cent on your existing deal then you’re clearly going to save a stack of money – even if it’s not as much as you might have liked. If you’re concerned about how much you’re paying each month on your credit card repayment it certainly pays to check out your existing interest rates and compare them to some of the balance transfer rates available at competitors: it’s almost a certainty that you’ll save yourself more than a few dollars. Even if you’re not worried about your existing credit card deal, it’s worth checking out the market to see if you can get a better deal. Complacency doesn’t pay, but a bit of awareness can save you a lot.


    The Spectacular Growth Of Rural Tourism In Andalucia


    After the traditional mass tourist destinations in Spain, like the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca started to become saturated and the impact of the increasing degradation of their natural setting caused by the spectacular urban and demographic growth of the small towns located along the Mediterranean coastline became clearer, many travellers started to look for alternative destinations. Soon the rural inland areas of the traditional destinations like Malaga, Almeria or Alicante started to receive an increasing number of inquiries for places to stay, at first from the foreign travellers followed by the local Spanish tourists due to the economical boom of the Spanish economy. The changes in the tourist industry, the popularity and accessibility of the internet and the proliferation of low cost carriers offering cheap flights from all European countries to many destinations in Spain have changed the habits on the mature European travel market. People do no longer want to be limited by the products offered in tour operator catalogues. They want to decide for themselves and prefer and individual holiday rather than a tour operator package. Many tourists no longer look for traditional sun and beach holidays or the famous Spanish nightlife but want to enjoy complementary activities like cultural visits, sightseeing or sports activities like of activities horse riding, walking, cycling, canoeing, rafting, etc. The modern traveller does not want to feel like a mass tourist any longer, he prefers to experience the real Spain. Visitors want to visit attractive rural regions with splendid natural settings which have not been degradated due to the presence of thousands of visitors every year. Therefore the demand for rural accommodations has undergone a spectacular increase in Spain. The national market, although very seasonal, has the biggest market share, followed by travellers from Germany and Great Britain in the south and French citizens who, due to the closeness, prefer the northern part of Spain. Andalucнa, lying at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain and a popular destination for people who want to enjoy the most beautiful spots of the Spanish countryside, as well as the traditional ways of life. Areas with spectacular mountain views, green valleys with orchards of orange trees, wild olive and cork woods, badlands and spectacular wed lands make Andalucнa the preferred destination for rural tourism in Spain. Apart from the natural resources of Andalucнa its Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters with irregular rainfall is a prime factor for its popularity with rural tourists. It is not hard for modern travellers to find a suitable rural accommodation in Andalucнa. Pretty country houses can be found in almost any province; Granada, Almeria, Cadiz, or Malaga to name just a few. In the Ronda Mountains it is not difficult to find a lovely cottage or farmhouse and the Axarquia, on the eastern part of Malaga, is an ideal destination for people looking for a villa of finca with a pool. For nature lovers there is Jaen with some of the most beautiful Natural Parks from Spain and in Granada you have the possibility of sleeping in “casas cueva” (caves – cave houses) which is a unique experience due to the constant temperature all year round of the accommodation and the absence of noise.


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