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    How To Get The Right Neck Tie At The Right Price


    : If you want to gift neck tie to your loved ones and you are confused as how to shop for the right tie at the right price then here are some cool tips that will make your work easier. When you go for buying a neck tie remember that 1. An expensive neck tie is always better than low quality neck tie because spending a little more will give you a better value for your money. The reason is that a high quality tie shall match even a less than great quality suit but a low quality tie shall damage the overall look of high end suit. 2. Check for the material of the neck tie because the best neck ties are made up of 100% silk and you need to feel the fabric to know exactly what you are getting for what you are paying. If you don’t recognize pure silk then you can find a salesperson you can rely on to help you find out the same.

    3. A good tie is cut exactly to a 45 degree angle and you can test this by holding the tie out in front of you while you grip the narrow end and if this makes right it should not twist. 4. Quality ties are resilient and easily retain their shape. You can test this by gently tugging at both the ends of the tie to check if it returns to its original shape. 5. Next you should check how the tie hangs by holding it up at the midpoint and if it doesn’t hangs straight then the outer fabric may be bound tightly for the lining and this is not the right tie. 6. You need to judge the right tie for your outfit and try it on the same type of shirt you plan to wear it with and also assess the length and width of the neck tie. Visit our recommended website tying neck tie. info for more information.


    Bwt Best Travel Accessories


    Checking accessories that you need in traveling So, finally you have found the time for your deserving break. You have already planned what to do on the big trip. Everything seems to be prepared. But what happens when you forget your favorite digicam and you only discovered it when you’re already nearing the point of your destination? Why does it happen that every time you go out of town, you always forget an item or accessory that you only remember after you left the house? If you are lucky, you usually forget small things like a toothbrush, where you can buy one in the nearest store. But what happens if you forget, for example, your digicam? Or how about your raincoat in a rainy season? How about the travel supplies you usually forget? If you’re lucky, it’s a simple accessory like a toothbrush, which any hotel will have in their gift shop. But what if you forgot a more important product, for example, a rain coat? Or a backpack you’ll be using for a hiking trip? What are all the travel accessories you need? When going on trips, whether it is big or small, check out if you have a complete set of your travel accessories. What accessories should I bring? Among the most obvious are: Suitcases Travel clothing Toiletries Travel appliances (electric razor, travel alarm, hairdryer) These, however, are just the basic accessories. You will see that the more you travel, the more you need things other than suitcases, toiletries, and travel clothing and appliances. For example, did you think that you should have brought a small nice neck pillow in a long train ride or flight? Or, what if you get bruised from a hiking trip, do you have a first aid kit close at hand? Here are some accessories that you might want to bring when you take your next trip: Binoculars Music player Mini flashlight Camera Clothing steamer Mini umbrella Luggage rack Door alarm First aid kit It would not be surprising that you might have additional options to this list, or you might have a list entirely different from the list above. And when you check out stores and Internet sites that sell travel accessories, you would learn that there are many products out there that you thought you never needed but turned out to be the contrary!


    The Martialarm Introduction To Hapkido


    Hapkido practitioner becomes well versed in many kicks, punches, and blocks. From Aiki Jujitsu (the predecessor of Aikido) it gets most of its grappling techniques. Hence, the Hapkido practitioner spends an equated volume of time learning techniques such as throws and joint locks. The advantage of studying Hapkido versus studying one striking style and one grappling style is that the practitioner learns to use the two approaches to flatter one another. For example, a Hapkido artist would use a punch to disrupt her training partner while a challenging throw is set up. Conversely, a Hapkido performer can turn around or off balance his opponent to decrease their knack to defend against a kick. Along these same lines, the Hapkido performer learns to counter in the opposite manner of an strike, hence mystifying the foe. As such, linear attacks are countered with a roundish technique and spherical attacks are countered with a linear technique. Hapkido artists furthermore become skilled at vital targets and pressure points in order to immobilise their attacker as fast as imaginable. Hapkido Very similar to traditional Hapkido, this contemporary version uses Muay Thai striking techniques as a replacement of getting its strikes. Hapkido is a brand of self defense that employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and other strikes. Hapkido practitioners learn to counter the techniques of other martial arts as well as common "unskilled" attacks. There is also a range of traditional weapons including short stick, cane, rope, sword and staff which adjust in emphasis depending on the particular tradition examined. Albeit hapkido consist of both long and close range fighting techniques, the objective of most engagements is to get near for a close punch, lock, or throw. Hapkido emphasizes spherical motion, non resisting movements, and ownership of the adversary. Practitioners seek to get advantage by the use of footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength. On the "hard soft" scale of martial arts, hapkido stands everyplace in the center, employing "soft" techniques similar to jujitsu and aikido as well as "hard" techniques reminiscent of taekwondo and tangsoodo. Even the "hard" techniques, though, emphasize spherical rather than linear movements. Hapkido is an eclectic martial art, and different hapkido schools emphasize varied techniques. Then again, some core techniques are found in each school (kwan), and all techniques should follow the three principles of hapkido: Right Hapkido tactics include using footwork and a series of kicks and hand strikes to bridge the distance with an foe. Afterward to instantaneously control the balance of the rival (naturally by manipulating the head and neck), for a take down or to isolate a wrist or arm and apply a joint twisting throw, depending upon the situation; Hapkido is a comprehensive system and as the rival's balance has been taken, there are a myriad of techniques to disable and overcome the foe. Hapkido endeavors to be a absolutely comprehensive fighting style and as such strives to keep away from narrow specialization in any particular variety of technique or range of fighting. It maintains a wide range of tactics for striking, standing jointlocks, throwing techniques (both pure and joint manipulating throws) and pinning techniques. some classes as well incorporate tactics for ground fighting notwithstanding these tactics readily tend to be focused upon escaping, controlling, striking and gouging tactics over submissions and emphasizing the capability to take one's feet and situational awareness over pins. Like most martial arts, hapkido employs a great number of punches and hand strikes, as well as elbow strikes. A distinctive example of hapkido hand techniques is "live hand" punch that focuses energy to the baek hwa hyul in the hand, causing energy strikes and internal strikes. The hand strikes are readily used to weaken the training partner ahead of joint locking and throwing, and additionally as finishing techniques. Hand striking in hapkido (unless in competition) is not localized to punches and open hand striking; some significance is given to striking with talons at the throat and eyes; pulling at the foe's genitals is also covered in established training. in order to recall hand strikes more easily in an emotionally charged situation, beginning students are taught usual, effective routines of blocks and counterattacks called Makko Chigi, which results to more compound techniques as the student becomes familiar with them. A good deal of of hapkido's joint control techniques are cited to be derived largely From aikijujutsu. They are taught additionally to aikido techniques, but in general the circles are lesser and the techniques are applied in a more linear fashion. Hapkido's joint manipulation techniques attack both large joints (such as the elbow, shoulder, neck, back, knee, and hip) and small joints (such as wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, jaw) Wristlocks Hapkido is well accepted for its use of a wide variety of wristlocks. These techniques are believed to have been derived From Daito ryu aikijujutsu even though their manner of performance is not always alike to that of the parent art. Still many of the tactics found in hapkido are quite similar to those of Daito ryu and of aikido which was derived From that art. These involve such tactics as the supinating wristlock, pronating wristlock, internal rotational wristlock and the utilizing of pressure points on the wrist and are ordinary to many types of Japanese jujutsu, Chinese qin na and even 'catch as catch can' brawling. Elbowlocks Even if well recognized for its wristlocking techniques hapkido has an equally wide range of tactics which centre upon the manipulation of the elbow joint (see armlocks). The first self defense technique typically taught in many hapkido schools is the knifehand elbow press. This technique is thought to be derived From Daito ryu's ippondori, a development of disarming and destroying the elbow joint of a sword wielding foe. Hapkido classically introduces this technique off a wrist grabbing strike where the defender makes a roundish movement with his hands to free themselves From their foe's grasp and applies a pronating wristlock while cutting down upon the elbow joint with their forearm, taking their rival down to the ground where an elbow lock is administered with one's hand or knee to immobolize the attacker in a pin. Interestingly both Daito ryu and aikido opt for to use handpressure on the elbow during the technique rather than using the forearm as a 'hand blade', cutting the into elbow joint, in the hapkido manner. Hapkido training can be realized in any city in the world and I encourage you to visit out martial arts directory of Hapkido to find a school near you!


    Martin Luther King, Jr


    Martin Luther King, Jr. When you sit back and take in the phenomenal achievements of black history, it is natural to be moved to admiration by some of the great figures of black history including Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver and many more. But one name stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is the name Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s legacy of change and his call for the end of racism and segregation in American society is without question the voice that has moved America as no other has done. For while many have showed tremendous leadership, Dr. King clearly demonstrated a vision for the future of America in which black and white worked, lived, played and worshipped together as one society not two. The honor and reverence all American’s have for Martin Luther King, Jr. is evident in how honored his name has become since his tragic death at the assassins hand in 1968. All around this nation, virtually every U. S. city has named a major road after the great civil rights leader. He singularly has a U. S. holiday named after him, an honor usually reserved for presidents. He has been honored on the U. S. stamp and no school child gets through his or her elementary education without knowing the key phrases from Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. Dr. King’s career in civil rights is inseparable from the early struggles of the civil rights movement from the late fifties going forward. Our images of him walking side by side with his people unifying them behind his leadership and facing tremendous hatred and racial bigotry to take a stand in America to say without compromise that racism would not stand in this country any more. Those images of Dr. King working and marching with others who shared his courage to step out and make a change for the better are indelible on the American consciousness. For Dr. King was not a leader who sent his messages from the safety and comfort of a far away office. No, he was there, in the midst of his people, marching on Washington arm in arm with the everyday men and women of this country who banded together to fight the evils of racism. It took tremendous courage for Dr. King to take to the streets with his people like he did and it was a risk that eventually cost him his life. But his courage inspired thousands to be courageous too and be one people, one brotherhood who would no longer allow racism to be the rule of law in America. Dr. King’s famous speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on a hot August 28, 1963 has become so central to our American heritage that it is quoted with reverence by scholars, students and all people seeking their own inspiration from this great man. This speech ranks with Kennedy’s inaugural speech and the Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as words that have inspired this nation as none other have been able to do. It is impossible not to get goose bumps reading these key phrases from that historic speech. * I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.'" * "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." * "Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring—when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children—black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics—will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" When reading Dr. King’s prophetic words to us all, his ideas become our ideas and we all become challenged to make his dream come to life. And that is what is truly the definition of a great leader. PPPPP 721


    Selecting Right Types Of Air Purifiers


    For sufferers of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases, indoor air pollution in the form of dander, dust and pollen particles can be a real irritant. Purifying the house along with proper indoor ventilation and filtration system is essential for a healthy home atmosphere. Keeping your house clean of dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other airborne particulate matters will help to reduce the irritation and other respiratory difficulties. Air purifiers, filters and heap filters are beneficial to control and reduce the exposure to indoor allergens. There are several health authorities that recognize the types of filtration systems that are beneficial in reducing the amount of airborne particulates. The Mayo clinic recommends an air particle filter for household ventilation systems. The American lung association recommends using a heap air filter purifier for the bedrooms of asthma sufferers. Ionic filters and heap filters have been recognized by the Asthma and allergy foundation of America (AAFA) and the British Allergy Foundation. Selecting the right type of air purifier for your home is the most important task. The air we breathe plays a dominant part in our health. While selecting air purifier, we need to look at dependable and reliable technology. The best way to test air is to test it inside the submarine! The submarine needs to be purified and the technology used must be the best system that is proven, tested and reliable. An air purifier with the technology that can capture and destroy bacteria, viruses and mold, and capture irritating cooking odors, harmful chemical fumes, unwanted pet odors, second hand cigarette smoke and other indoor air pollutants such as dust and pollen; is the best of the lot that can deep clean the air you inhale. It is not necessary to be an allergy sufferer to enjoy the benefits of an air purifier. Air purifier is essential to remove dust, cigarette smoke and other allergens. There are different models available for home and office use. The HEPA and electrostatic air purifiers use activated carbon and sometimes UV purification. It removes 99.97% of all dust and pollen particulates that pass through the filter. Depending on the design of your hoe, your economic constraints and the level of allergies that your family members possess, There are different types of air purifiers that will work for you.


    How To Identify Stress And Anxiety


    Every human being is an emotional being. The levels of emotions may be high or low. But when that level is disturbed, you have stress and anxiety. The dividing line between these two negative tendencies is very thin. Your anxiety may be due to stress or your stress may be due to anxiety. Every stress and anxiety has a root cause to it. And the symptoms are the by products of such causes. The first symptom of stress is that you are not a normal person, when you are seized with it. Your face will indicate what you are! They say the face is the mirror of the man. Your emotions will be disturbed and it will show up on your face. You have a feeling that is difficult to explain. You have only questions, with no definite answers. If there are answers, they are multiple answers. You see several options before you, you see several paths before you, but unable to decide which one is yours. The worry and uncertainty of the failure haunts you. You are totally confused. All these are stress symptoms. Further, with the feeling of anxiety your self esteem is hurt and motivation is punctured. You feel that you have come to a dead end. It is a state of uneasiness that you are unable to explain with convincing reasons. You are a split personality. Your emotions are not responding to your reason. You begin to come to haphazard conclusions. Most importantly, you don't understand why you feel what you feel. The way you feel. You are facing some grim experiences and your attitude turns cynical. You feel that the human beings are ignoble. You feel that the whole world is ignoble! To walk to your freedom from the levels of stress of anxiety, you need to walk from darkness to light, from the secret den to the open sun. The fire brand personality within you has to bloom. There is nothing wrong in the situations around you. Everything is happening the way it should! At the moment you may feel that it is working to your disadvantage. Your present confusion is due to your wrong perception of matters, not due to the reality of the issue involved. You are unnecessarily seeing the serpent in the rope, due the surrounding darkness. When the light is thrown in that area, you see that it a piece of lifeless rope! What could be the root causes of symptoms of your stress and anxiety? Whenever you make compromises with your deep core values and your present disposition, your harmony is disturbed. Similarly, when you are worried about your future, future of your children due to economic or social circumstances it makes you anxious. The right attitude is to live life in its trials, tribulations duty and beauty. God has created you for a purpose, try your best to fulfill it, without any motivated fear! Destroy the negative feelings, before they sprout!


    Travel To Italy And Experience Europe


    If you want to experience Europe, you need to travel to Italy. No other country on earth offers the depth, breadth, and scope of Italy. For lovers of art, history, architecture, or music Italy is unsurpassable. From the Ancient Roman Empire to the Medieval Tuscan fortress towns and the Venetian Republic, Italy's incredible historical diversity has come together to produce a country so incredible, so remarkable, so beautiful as to leave the visitor with an unquenchable desire to return again and again. The legacy of the Renaissance and its masterpieces of art, music, and architecture have left such a tangible mark on the Italian soul one can barely help being swept along in the tide of culture. If you're a lover of nature, there are majestic mountains, crystal seas, rolling hills, fertile plains, sweeping cliffs, and magical lagoons, you need to travel to Italy. Travel to Italy – The Cities to See Milan is rivaled only by Paris as the fashion capital of the world and is shopping at its best. Rome has been the heart of Italy from the time of the Romans through today; to walk its streets is to walk in the footsteps of Emperors and Popes. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and its presence reverberates through the old cobbled streets and beautiful churches. Venice the most unique and romantic city in the world, stands timeless and beautiful in the midst of the Adriatic, a magnificent creation highlighting man at his most artistic. Finally the majestic and striking natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a place to relax, soak in the tremendous natural beauty, dine on the world's favorite cuisine at its finest, and experience that special joy of being that is uniquely Italian. No matter what you're seeking, it awaits you when you travel Italy and visit its cities. The Weather When you travel to Italy, it's important to know that despite its geographical position at the center of the temperate zone, Italy has rather variable climatic characteristics. This is due to the presence of the Mediterranean, whose warm waters mitigate thermal extremes, and the Alpine arc, which forms a barrier against the cold north winds. Furthermore, when you travel Italy, remember that Italy is subject to both wet and moderate atmospheric currents from the Atlantic Ocean and dry and cold ones from Eastern Europe. The Apennine chain too, confronting the wet winds from the Tyrrhenian, causes considerable climatic differences between the opposite sides of the peninsula. The differences in temperature between the winter and summer months are more marked in the northern regions than in the south and along the coasts. The mean temperatures for the month of January in the Po Plain fluctuate around zero, while in the Alpine valleys the thermometer can drop to 20є and snow can remain on the ground for many weeks. In the southern regions, instead, the mean temperatures for January remain around 10є, with the exception of the inland mountainous zones. Mean summer temperatures throughout all Italy rise to 24є 25є for July, only being lower in the highest zones. Rainfall distribution also varies considerably, due to the influence of both mountains and prevailing winds. The highest quantities are registered in the Alpine arc (over 3,000 mm pa in the Lepontine and Julian Alps) and on the Apennines (over 3,000 mm pa in the Apuan Alps). The plains, however, including that of the Po, receive scarce precipitation. Generally it is less than 800 900 mm pa but in the southern regions (Tavoliere and southern Sicily) it falls below 600 mm pa. The great internal Alpine valleys and the coastal plains of the Tyrrhenian (Maremma) and Sardinia also receive little rain. Altogether, six large climatic regions can be distinguished, mainly characterized by mountain influence. So as you can see, when you travel to Italy, there is much to experience. The culture, history, and beauty of Italy make Italy a top European travel destination.


    The Process Of Conveyance With Fsbo Properties


    If you have chosen to sell your home yourself, or purchase a home via FSBO, then conveyance is a process that you might want to educate yourself on. Conveyance is the actual process whereby a home is transferred from the old owner to the new owner. By the process of conveyance, the buyer of the home will eventually, after the contracts are complete; have clear and authentic title to the property in question. This is a process that under normal circumstances is seen to by the involved realtors and a number of attorneys and other legal professionals, including the mortgage lender. While the actual act of conveyance has different elements depending on the State that the property is in, the basics of the process is much the same. At this time it is usually the representatives of both the buyer, seller and mortgage company that meet to exchange the deeds to the property. Of course, in a FSBO situation, this could very well be done by the actual buyer and seller. However, the deeds to the property are only the beginning of the documentation that must be dealt with during the conveyance. Other critical matters such as title insurance, promissory notes, pro rata property taxes and any other legal or financial documents concerning the sale of the home must be dealt with by the appropriate parties. With an FSBO sale, its a good idea to get some help in these matters if you have never dealt with them before as they have a definite bearing on the outcome of the sale. A lot of the time, the mortgage company can offer you assistance or refer you to people who can assist with the paperwork. This is especially true if you are working with a mortgage company that specializes in FSBO funding. The legal implications of errors in this process are worth the time and effort needed to ensure that every step of the process is seen to with exacting detail.


    1 Secret Poker Strategy


    If you have ever played poker before you know that you can obviously see all the players around you since you play in a circle (unless you’re playing online poker). You just figured out the most important part of poker. You may be thinking that that’s impossible. You probably think that the most important part is the cards; what cards you get how to use them, ECT... These are very important, you are correct, but it all starts with your ability to use your body language to your advantage. The cards are going to be relatively the same for all the players. Luck usually doesn’t factor in well in poker since everyone has the same chance to get the same cards. In case luck begins to play a large role in your game then what can you does? A player always has 4 basic choices; you can check, bet or call, raise, or fold. If you are not getting good cards you can always fold right? This is not always a good idea. You may be leaving large amounts of money on the table in the long run after a few initial folds. Sure you seemingly get away with losing less but you give up the chance to even try. Bluffing is the art of misguidance. You want them to think you have a bad hand one second and the next a great hand with all the best cards that are sure to win you the pot. How do you accomplish such a thing? Simply with your body language this can be done. If you have good cards act happy. You may not want them to know that you have good cards but it’s a way to change there thinking; now every time you act "happy" they will think you have good cards and may fold. If you have bad cards and you act happy they might fold because now they are afraid. What you want to do is create a complicated pattern of sad, happy, indifferent, ecstatic, angry, ECT. Actions for certain hands. You want to throw them off but try and lure them into a safe zone where they think they understand your bluffing pattern and then hit them with the reality. As long as they are trying to keep up with whatever pattern you have, you will have them all under your control. In one game of poker tournament I was playing in I decided to create very complex poker faces. They where not good they where not bad. I scrunched my face, grabbed my lip and scratched my leg; I did the craziest thing that nobody understood. They had no idea what my faces meant so they assumed that when I didn’t raise that my cards where not good and they would raise and raise. When it came time to show, guess who took home the pot. The moral of this little story is that you have to be creative. This is step two of poker (after learning the basics and learning them by heart), body language is very important. If you are known as a newbie and you come in they will expect you to show your cards loud and clear through your body language. You can mislead and kill your competition with a good poker face.


    Maid Of Honer Planning The Bridal Shower And Beyond


    Many women have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls. A bride to be may have clear ideas of how she would like every detail of her wedding to be like. While it is important to know exactly what you want, it’s also important to realize that planning a wedding is a major responsibility and that it’s entirely too stressful for the bride to take care of every detail herself. Many brides have a difficult time relinquishing any responsibilities involved with planning her wedding for fear of losing control but it’s really in her best interests to learn to delegate responsibilities. The maid of honor, parents of the bride, parents of the groom and even the groom are probably all eager and willing to help out with the wedding plans and it is important to let them do so. The key to delegating responsibilities is to entrust others to take control of areas that you may not be especially particular about. For example the favors are a very important part of the wedding and the bride most likely wants to shop for and choose the favors herself. Hosting the bridal shower and the bachelorette party are two of the main responsibilities of the maid of honor. Since the maid of honor is probably one of the bride’s closest friends it stands to reason that the maid of honor is the ideal candidate to host these two gatherings. It is the maid of honor who will know best what type of party the bride is looking forward to, what she will enjoy and what types of gifts are most appropriate for the bride’s taste. The bridal shower and bachelorette party are also typically parts of the wedding preparations that the bride does not have any direct control over but she usually does not stress about these activities because she has faith that her maid of honor will hold her best interests in mind when planning these parties. The maid of honor also plays a large role in choosing dresses for the wedding. The maid of honor typically chooses her own dress for the wedding from a selection provided by the bride. Once the color and style of the maid of honor’s dress has been established, the maid of honor works closely with the bride to choose a style and color of dress for the bridesmaids that will look good on each of the bridesmaids and also complement the maid of honor’s dress. The maid of honor also plays a role in assisting the bride in choosing her own wedding dress. While there may be many other friends and relatives who shop with the bride for her dress, it is the opinion of the maid of honor that is generally most valued by the bride. The wedding day is a very busy day for a maid of honor. Although she has supported the bride throughout the planning process, her most important responsibilities take place on the actual wedding day. Besides simply walking down the aisle and standing on the altar beside her friend the most important roles that the maid of honor plays is to keep the bride calm and to handle and problems that may arise. Very few weddings actually go exactly as planned and it is the maid of honor’s job to make sure that small setbacks do not unnerve the bride. The maid of honor should also have a stash of emergency supplies on hand such as extra stockings, lipstick in the shade the bride is wearing, tissues, safety pins and hair pins. All of these items can come in handy if the bride has any trouble with her attire, hair or makeup. The maid of honor plays the important role of ensuring that the bride is looking her best even after hours of dancing and talking to friends and family members. Perhaps the most significant role that the maid of honor plays is to be a friend to the bride. The planning and preparations and the actual wedding itself can be very stressful and emotional for the bride. The one thing that the bride needs more than anything else at this time is someone to talk to who will understand her concerns and give her practical advice and this is the most important job of the maid of honor. The maid of honor plays a much more important role than just walking down the aisle before the bride and holding her flowers during the ceremony. Throughout the planning the maid of honor is involved every step of the way from choosing a dress and location to helping to wrap favors and set up for the reception. As the bride’s best friend the most important role the maid of honor can play is to be supportive and understanding of the bride.


    How To Manage Directory Submissions


    : 'More than 80% of the traffic comes from the top ten search engines'. You have probably read this statement many times and it's true at least for the majority of websites. So how about web directories? Is submitting your site to them a waste of time? Even if directories usually don't deliver a lot of traffic they contribute inbound links to your site increasing its link popularity a very important factor used by search engines to rank websites. When someone queries a search engine using a keyword relevant to your site, higher is your site link popularity higher are its chances to come up near the top of the results. Submitting your site to web directories will help you increase its visibility and attract more traffic from search engines. However you need an overall strategy to successfully manage your directory submissions or you will only lose your time and energies. Is your site ready? You should never forget that directories don't exist to give away free links. Their purpose is to provide their visitors with good quality sites. If you want some chances to get listed you need a well designed web site containing useful and original content or offering useful services. Your site must also be complete without broken links or links to 'under construction' pages. Other things that can cause a rejection of your submission are: too many ads (especially pop ups and pop unders), automatic redirections to another domain, having the same exact content of other sites (example: the 'self replicated' sites some companies provide to their affiliates). Preparing your listing details Open your favorite text editor and write down the following informations: 1) your web site URL. 2) your website Title. Some directories accept only the official site name as title, others allow some descriptive keywords, but in general stuffing a lot of keywords in your title is not acceptable. Write 2 3 different titles in compliance with these different rules. 3) your website description. Write what your site is about in a couple of sentences. Avoid superlatives, exclamation marks, excessive hype and generally everything that makes your description sound like an ad. Description should be written in third person. Avoid expressions like 'we offer', 'we are ...'. 4) a set of search keywords related to your site. Separate the keywords with commas, then write down the same set of keywords this time separated by spaces. Some directories require the first format, others the second one. 5) your full name and email address. Once you have done save the document. By copying and pasting these informations into the submissions forms you will save time and avoid errors. Or you can utilize Clipboard Magic. This free software allows you to save multiple rows of data and load them into the Windows Clipboard simply with a click of the mouse. It's really useful when you need to fill in many online forms with the same informations. Finding web directories The next step is finding directories where you can submit your site. You can use top directories to find minor and specialized directories DMOZ Yahoo Spend some time to determine how each directory is organized and find the most appropriate category for your site. Submitting to the wrong category usually causes a rejection of your submission. Compile a list of all directories where you have submitted your site indicating the date of your submission. Verifying the results Not all directories send you an email when your site is listed. You should periodically visit your list of directories and make a search for your site title or url. Flag all directories where you find your site. If your site has not been listed after about 2 months from the date of your first submission you can try to submit it again. My advice is to not resubmit more frequently. You can also contact the directory owner and ask about the status of your submission, but if you don't receive a reply, don't insist. There may be many reasons why a directory doesn't list your site, simply accept the fact that not all submissions are successful. Submitting your site to web directories is an essential part of your website promotion strategy. It's a time consuming task, but with the right planning you will be able to manage it successfully.


    The Scooter Your Number One Transport Companion


    The word scooter refers to a motorcycle that has a step through frame where its rider sits without having to straddle any part of the engine. Another difference between the scooter and the motorcycle is the wheel size. Motorcycles have large wheels and average scooters have wheels that are between 8 and 14 inches in diameter. In scooters the engine is usually located underneath the seat and they use a continuously variable transmission that transfers the power to the rear wheel. The first scooters were Vespa’s and these models originated in Italy. These scooters had a manual transmission with a gear shift and clutch built into the handlebars. This can still be found in some of the retro model scooters that are available today. Scooters always include a front leg shield and a flat floorboard where the rider’s feet are placed. Storage space is normally located under the seat although in some scooters it can be built into the front leg shield. Scooters use smaller sized engines and these can range from between 30cc and 250cc. Scooters under 49cc are classified as mopeds. Some of the most common manufacturers of scooters are Honda and Yamaha. In recent years there has been a trend to introduce large scooters. These scooters have engines that are from 250cc to 650cc and include models such as the Honda Fusion and the Yamaha Aprilia. These more power scooters also have fully automatic transmission systems, which is preferrable amongst a lot of people. In many countries around the world and especially in Europe and Asia, scooters are a very popular means of urban transport. This is mainly due to their size, weight, and the ease of parking and avoiding city traffic. Scooters are also very economical to run and maintain especially with the rising cost of fuel today.


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