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    8.7 of 10 on the basis of 1842 Review.






    The Best And Worst Days To Market Online


    If you are in a sales position where you are soliciting a product or service, there is some advice that might be helpful when speaking to other businesses. There are times during a year that are good times and other times that might not be so good. As I always state in any advice I give, every market is different, so this is more of a generalized theory than anything else. Rather than get wordy and lengthy in my explanation and reasoning, I’ll give best and worst times: Best Times for B2B selling: * The months of January and February. (First of year numbers start over) * Between the dates of the 10th through 25th of any month except December. (Meat of month less bills) * Between the 5th and 20th of December. (moves up a bit due to holidays) * The last week in December. (Some companies like to dump excess funds to escape taxes) * First of January, April, July & October (Typically first of each quarter for quarterly companies) Worst Times for B2B selling: * Any holiday period. (companies may be closed) * The week leading up to the tax deadlines. (business owners stressed and sometimes facing big bills) * The last week in December. (This is either hit or miss. While it can be the best, it can also be the worst) * The end of March, June, September & December. (End of quarter for quarterly companies) * Weekends. (This one is obvious, but Saturday and Sunday are probably the worst) Again, these are generalized timeframes for business to business selling. If it’s business to customer, it’s a completely different ballgame because weekends are great for customers, along with holidays. You should always try to sell 365 days a year in some fashion, but put more emphasis towards the prime, or best selling times.


    The Nocturnal Obstruction


    Everyone experiences muscle cramps from time to time due to intense pain and an inability to use the affected leg muscles. It can occur at the front of the thigh (quadriceps), back of the thigh (hamstrings) and the lower legs or calves (gastrocnemius). A cramp can last from a few seconds to 15 minutes or longer, and can possibly recur several times before it goes away. But have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night with a sudden painful cramp in your leg? Is it so painful that it can even make you cry? This condition is referred to as night leg cramps. Night leg cramps are contractions of the leg muscles, usually in the back of the lower leg or calf. They usually occur just as you're about to fall asleep, or when you are about to wake up. When this happens, the leg muscles remain painfully tight and contracted. Experts say that the exact cause of night leg cramps is unknown but they believe that it may be due to the body's abnormal processing of electrolytes. Electrolytes such as salt and minerals are essential elements and chemical substances that your body needs for basic muscle functions. Other factors include inadequate stretching and muscle fatigue. Calcium deficiency is also one of the common causes of leg cramps at night especially among women. If you are post menopausal, trying to lose weight, or don't consume enough calcium, you are susceptible to night leg cramps. To alleviate leg cramps, experts advise the increase calcium consumption. This can also prevent other problems associated with calcium deficiency like osteoporosis. When taken regularly, calcium supplements may help relieve the pain caused by leg cramps. Other causes of night leg cramps are prolonged sitting, pregnancy, diabetes, decreased potassium levels, neuromuscular disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, and alcohol use. Certain medications, such as albuterol, niacin, diuretics, and some calcium channel blockers and antipsychotic medications can also cause night leg cramps. Partially obstructed flow of blood to the legs and abnormal mineral or hormone levels can also be the causes for painful muscle cramps at night. If a person suffers from night leg cramps, there are some ways to make this annoying condition go away: · Apply a cold pack on the affected muscle to ease the pain. · Massage the affected muscle, to loosen the tension in the leg. · Try walking on the affected leg to stretch the muscles and get blood to circulate. · Straighten the leg and flex the foot towards your knee until the muscles stretch. · Take a hot bath to relax the muscles. To help prevent night leg cramps, it will help if a person drinks plenty of fluids during the day; stretches the calf muscles through wall push ups; applies a heating pad for ten minutes before going to sleep; and consumes adequate potassium as part of the daily diet. Quinine is the only drug that has been shown to be effective in treating night leg cramps. However, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stopped the over the counter sale of this drug because of drug safety concerns. The FDA is looking into the reported side effects of the drug that include the possibility of causing birth defects and miscarriages. According to reports, Quinine also causes headache, disturbed vision, chest pain, asthma, ringing in the ears, and side effects. Although these have not been clinically proven to reduce the regularity of attacks, doctors may prescribe muscle relaxants, Benadryl, or vitamin E to help ease leg cramps. However, current research shows that Vitamin B 12 and Gabapentin are the most effective treatments. If a person is frequently suffering from leg cramps at night, it is still best to consult a doctor to get rid of this nocturnal problem that's creeping and twitching our legs and disturbs people from a good night's sleep.


    Relaxation Right At Home


    Everyone is entitled to a good, relaxing weekend after five whole days of nothing but work and school assignments. Each family member wants and deserves a weekend of pure relaxation. Too often, people take out of town trips and vacations to unwind. Not too many people know that there are endless possibilities of doing stress relief activities right inside their very home. Of course, these stress relieving activities may vary depending on each of the family member's unique personality, preference, and lifestyle. For parents, it is double the stress since they have to go to work, do their job, and at the same time manage their home. Managing a home is not that easy since these parents have to deal with their children and schoolwork, daily family meals, bills to pay, cleaning, and basically maintaining their home for good and healthy living. Since the only time they spend with their family is on weekends, there are limitless possibilities in pursuing relaxation right at home. Starting with women, they have a lot of stress relief techniques in mind when it comes to simple relaxation. From going to the spa and having a whole body massage, to simple aromatherapy for relaxing their senses these are only some of the things that many tired, stressed women miss out on. Some women want to give and make their family happy through the simple act of baking cookies or a yummy chocolate cake for the kids. By seeing her loved ones happy, this would make her heart smile and makes the day worthwhile. Going on with the family man, he has his own way of relaxing, depending on his personality and his interests. For some, carpentry or woodwork can be an amazing source of stress relief, since they get to work on a home project that will make both him and his wife happy. Another would be cars. This is a total giveaway for men, since cars have this certain impact on their masculinity. Whether fixing or restoring it, this can be a good reward after all the work that they have put on it. If the family man is not the “Mr. Fix it” type, they could opt for a trip somewhere with the family. Going outdoors by camping, swimming, or just a simple picnic by the park would lessen the thoughts of work and focus more on family relations. Simply's all about family bonding. Of course, during such special family moments, everybody would feel more relaxed and also have fun at the same time. For the children, it is especially crucial to have them exposed to creative activities in order to keep their creative juices flowing. From video games to boardgames, to backyard activities such as baseball, basketball, swimming, to the very fun trampoline, these kids can surely have fun and learn at the same time. Of course, watching TV is like breathing air for them, so for the parents, they have to at least monitor what their children are watching and make sure that what they watch is fun and educational. Relaxation for the family is not as hard as it seems, for they only have to know what their interests are, and how to have fun at the same time. Relaxation time can also mean family bonding time, since weekends are the only whole days they spend with each other. By just being together and having a great time, this is relaxation in itself.


    Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategy


    A good link exchange strategy is not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can make them. It's all about picking and choosing quality exchanges in order to. 1. Help increase traffic to your site 2. Help more of your directory pages get listed in search engines 3. Increase the Page Rank of your website. When I'm asked what's the best affordable method to get a website noticed, I recommend Reciprocal Link Exchanges. I compare a good Link Exchange Strategy to that of Sowing and growing seeds. Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, provide nutrients to grow, maintain daily, and watch them grow. Prepare the soil. Your website must first be ready to market, do not initiate a link exchange with your site under construction. Ensure it is ready for visitors before you begin to request link exchanges. Plant the seeds Have an organized directory setup, linked from your main page, accessible to search engines and easy for your link partners to find. Remember quality link exchange is mutually beneficial, ensure you maintain the True Reciprocal Link principals in place when requesting and exchanging links. Water the seedlings Surf the net, in search for quality sites to exchange links with. Quality Counts, I will exchange links with a new quality content site with PR 0 but not with a that is just loaded with unnecessary links affiliate links and a PR4. Quality Counts, in the long run that site that is maintaining their website, will increase their PR, and depending on how their rank their link exchanges, you have a good chance to be on a page with a good PR. So never prejudge the potential of a new site. Maintain Daily Spend a little time each day to exchange a link or two. It's not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can build your directory. It's about selecting quality websites, holding the True Reciprocal Link principals in order to make it a valuable exchange for you. Watch it Grow Slowly, over the next few weeks, and months, you'll notice more traffic, you'll notice other webmasters finding your site and requesting exchanges with you, and you'll notice an increase in your PR. All this doesn't happen overnight, consistency counts. Try to take time every day to make a few quality link exchanges and you'll see how this will benefit your site in a few months. Slow and steady wins the race! © truereciprocallink. com


    Cheap Car Insurance For Teens How To Keep The Rates Down


    The teenager shopping for car insurance is at a decided disadvantage. Car insurance rates are based on age and driving experience as well as driving record. The best way for teenage drivers to work their way into better rates is stay on their parents policy in order to gain driving experience and a driving record. There is a good chance that after three years and a clean driving record that a preferred policy from the parent’s insurance company can then be issued on the teen drivers that want to have their own car and pay for their own insurance. There are numerous discounts for the young driver today. Drivers training education is the most common discount. The drivers training course normally consist of 30 hours of driving with an authorized instructor along with 6 hours of classroom work. Some companies give discounts for good students that carry a 3.0 grade point average in high school or college. There is also a resident student discount available by some insurance companies. The student has to live over 100 miles away from home to receive this discount. Age Rating Tiers – Most insurance companies have age rating tiers on young drivers. The ages from 16 to 21 is one tier and the rates are the highest in this time period. The next age tier begins at age 21 and ends at age 25. The rates drop significantly at age 21 and again at age 25. Vehicles Make a Difference – The younger the driver the higher the rate. The rates are very high for young drivers on newer vehicles that require collision and comprehensive coverage. Older vehicles that only require liability coverage as a minimum state requirement is one way to cut costs for the teen driver. Utility vehicles like pick up trucks receive a small discount and the teen driver can take advantage of that discount also. The teen driver needs to stay away from high performance vehicles and sports cars because the rates will be very high and these cars may not qualify for standard car insurance.


    Online Mortgage Quote Why You May Not Be Getting The Best Rate


    While shopping online for online mortgage quote can be great in terms of saving time and convenience, it won’t necessarily get you the best deals available. What you save depends to a great extent on the way you negotiate with lenders for the online mortgage quote. Like with any negotiation, you get the upper hand when you are knowledgeable about how the industry works. One of the main precautions to take on when looking for online mortgage quotes is to ensure that the brokers you deal with represent several different lending institutes and therefore can offer you a good variety of options. Beware of brokers who are merely lender agents in disguise. If a broker represents only one bank or lender, there is a great likelihood that you will not be offered the online mortgage quote that is most suitable for your needs. In devising consumer protection laws for online mortgage quotes and increasing convenience, states have ultimately ended up having an adverse impact on competition, apart from making online mortgage costs higher than necessary. Explaining The Costs Most states do not require online mortgage businesses to have a brick and mortar presence. However about one third of all states make this a mandatory requirement. Due to this, the expenses increase. Laws of this nature have prevented mortgage brokers from being exclusively online and offering much lower rates. It is mostly the existing brick and mortar mortgage brokers who are the blame for the laws in a bid to minimize competition. The laws have also led to a multi state licensing system due to which national mortgage firms with a presence in all states get an unfair online advantage over the competition. These companies don’t have to put in money into costly infrastructure apart from enjoying lower transaction costs and can therefore offer lower rates to consumers. The Bottom Line The reality is that the online companies who face compulsion to bear the costs of renting offices, employing a workforce and infrastructure and equipment which they would otherwise not require, choose to avoid doing business in that particular state altogether. The end result is that it is the consumer who is eventually at a disadvantage. Their options are limited further for sources of capital and the competition among lenders is also less intense.


    Writer Market 03


    I began my writing career at the age of 12. Okay, so you caught me. I wasn't exactly getting paid back then for my witty banter and sarcastic diatribes. However, I was doing what every determined writer should do, and that's honing my skills. Writing, like every other field is about hard work. You have to practice and learn more in order to get better and hopefully succeed. This goes without saying.

    It's a process we learn at a very young age and it applies to everything we do. Now, what about the writer market? This is an ever changing business. Take the Internet for example. The web has completely revolutionized writing as we once knew it. It's no longer about scribbling on notepads and punching away at typewriter keys.

    These days it's all about software and Internet access. I had a professor in college, who told me something rather discouraging. He was teaching a writing course, and one day he just blurted it out. "There are two ways you can make money as a writer now days; one is by writing fiction and the other is films.

    " This was such a bleak statement. Could it be true? What about journalists, poets and those who live to craft short stories?

    Well, I spoke with the professor after class, and he explained this statement with a bit more detail. He was basically saying that the short story and poetry folks are a thing of the past. And that these days it's all about fiction novels and films.

    These are the writers that make the big bucks. I have to admit, this sounded like reality. Anyway, one thing we did not discuss in that writing course is the online writer market.

    This is pretty massive now days. If you have a computer and Internet access, the online writer market is something you should consider.

    Of course that is, if you're searching for a career in writing. The web can introduce you to a number of freelance writing gigs. I am sometimes flabbergasted at how much writing goes straight to cyberspace.

    Imagine all the articles and medical essays available online. It's a gargantuan business. Like any career field, the writer market can be discouraging and difficult at times.

    There is a lot of competition, but what field lacks competition? It's the same regardless of your specialty.

    One thing I can say is if you search the contemporary writer market for jobs, you will find some. Acquiring the gig is up to you.


    The Struggle To Create A Powerful Crm System


    Almost every business owner is aware of the importance of an effective customer relationship management system in the modern marketplace. But still there is a struggle to create a powerful CRM system that works and is affordable. Marketing departments fully understand how important a good CRM system is and that is must include pertinent customer information such as email, phone, and web info. Sales departments also fully understand the importance of quality CRM software to build a strong customer database. However the message of how important a CRM system that unifies all departments seems to get lost. You would assume that CRM experts or IT personal would be quick to point this out however many don’t assuming that the business owner knows this. You might be surprised at just how many poor CRM software choices are made because business owners either don’t understand what it is that is needed for a successful CRM system or are trying to keep costs down. Surprisingly it is common for the companies that can most afford it to spend a great deal of money on their CRM software systems. For example recently I had some dealings with a nation wide cellular company that had been promoting several packages and bonuses to encourage. My first bill arrives about 45 days after I had signed up and to my surprise I had not received the promised free minutes and activation. When I called no one at the company was familiar with the discount package that I had been offered in an effort to steal clients from another cell provider. Because of their very poor CRM system not only did not all staff know what packages had been offered they also didn’t know which customers had taken those offers. This is a company that makes over a billion dollars in sales every year and they are running a pathetic example of a CRM yet they could afford the very best which would be beneficial to customer and staff. This scenario isn’t that unusual. Customer Relationship Management Software is a powerful tool that offers all kinds of tools. Costs can range from just a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. And although you might be a bit shy about the initial costs the long term benefits and increased profits are certainly something to talk about. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that the larger companies have a lot to learn and that the smaller companies are much quicker to react to market demands and invest in products that will improve customer service, keep adequate potential customer and existing customer records, and to provide information to help their business grow and prosper, and increase profits. Your CRM software should provide all departments with the information they need. Sales departments will want history of sales and inquiries as well as solutions. Marketing departments will be interested in the type of products that are selling and how much of each product. Accounting departments will be interested in profits and in accounts receivables. And management will be interested in seeing everything about their company. Although there is a bit of a struggle to create a powerful CRM system that’s affordable and provides the needed business tools and information. The right CRM software is the most powerful tool your business can have in this modern day era.


    Which Is Better Whistler Or Blackcomb


    Whistler Blackcomb is renowned as North America’s leading ski resort. The two mountains rise up majestically from the valley, with over a vertical mile up to the peak. So imagine you only have a single day to ski. Which mountain do you choose? Each has their advocates. Some people will always head for the Whistler Village Gondola or the Creekside gondola, both of which head up Whistler Mountain, and others head unerringly for the Excalibur gondola or the Wizard chair, the main gateways to Blackcomb. So what are the differences? What kind of skiers choose one over the other? Is there any real difference between the two mountains? Which conditions favour Whistler over Blackcomb, and vice versa? Powder days (for experts) If the weather gods have blessed the day with fresh powder, there is little question that Whistler is the mountain of choice for expert skiers. Two words explain why: Peak Chair. The Peak Chair on Whistler gives access to an immense variety of off piste runs to cater for all levels of powder skier. (If you are at the very high end, you can head for Air Jordan, a terrifying leap off a cliff which involves a 50 foot descent to a intermediate landing point only 60 foot square, after which you have to take off again and descend another 40 feet to the soft snow below. Fluff your first landing and you are looking at several months in hospital…if you are lucky.) There is no lift on Blackcomb to compare to the powder terrain opened up by the Peak Chair. Powder days (for the rest of us) Less accomplished skiers in the powder head for the Blackcomb Glacier on powder days. This is an enormous bowl where you can still find fresh tracks two or three hours after the lift has opened. Whilst the over ambitious can easily do themselves a lot of damage in the many couloirs and cliffs off the Peak Chair, they can’t come to too much harm on the Blackcomb Glacier. Stormy days When the weather is stormy and winds of 70km/hour are battering the high alpine, it is likely that the uppermost lifts are closed. Almost certainly the Glacier Chair and Seventh Heaven on Blackcomb will be shut, as well as the T bars on the Horstmann Glacier. You’ll probably find that Crystal Chair is also closed. This leaves most of the interesting terrain in Blackcomb inaccessible. However on Whistler, even if the Peak Chair and the Harmony Chair are closed, you still have the Village gondola (which has the added bonus in a storm of offering a sheltered ride all the way to the top), the Garbanzo Chair, Big Red and the Emerald Express. These lifts will remain open in any conditions that you want to be up on the mountain at all in. Garbanzo in particular gives access to many tree sheltered runs which can be great in a storm. Sunny days Most of both Whistler and Blackcomb is faces north or west, and receives the sun only obliquely. This is one reason why the snow lasts a long time. However, on a cold but sunny day (and most sunny days are cold in the Whistler winter), you want the sun full on to soften up the piste and to keep you warmer as well. At these times you want to be on Seventh Heaven, the only major south facing slope in Whistler. Tree skiing Both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are well covered with trees in the bottom two thirds of the skiable terrain. However Whistler has the edge in terms of the sheer area of skiable treed terrain. Runs like Club 21 and Sidecut on Whistler are similar to Bark Sandwich on Blackcomb, but the tree runs off the Peak Chair are incomparable. Lunch days If you are one of the people for whom ski runs are short intervals between lengthy doses of cafй cognac, and for whom lunch is the central part of the day, Whistler has little to offer, and you will probably spend more time on Blackcomb. None of the restaurants in Whistler has much atmosphere, whereas Blackcomb has a couple that are passable: Christine’s in the Rendezvous and the Crystal Hut. So each mountain has its supporters, and each mountain is better for certain conditions and certain types of skier. Just make sure you try them both when you come.


    Earn Extra Income From Online Auctions


    There are many people who are looking to earn extra money from home. It is a great feeling to be able to bring home more cash without the commute to work and also have the ability to spend more time with your family. The positive aspects of this type of work often far outweigh any negative ones. During the holidays, there are more people that are looking for ways to earn a little extra money. Yet, many are hesitant to leave their homes to do so. Many may try to earn money online by getting involved in online auctions or starting their own websites. Online auctions seem to be successful in earning people extra cash. You can start by looking around your house for items that you no longer need or want and you can list these items on auction sites. Not everything you sell will be valuable to someone else. You can find out what is selling best by searching for an item related to the one you are trying to sell on the auction site. You will be able to see the number of bids and how much people are willing to pay for the item. If you take the time to research the product you are selling, you will learn what an appropriate starting bid should be as well as learn how to write a captivating description that will help sell your item. The more detail you can provide about the item, the more likely you will be to find a potential bidder. You also want to specify who will pay for the shipping costs upfront to avoid any confusion. If you do not have any items lying around your house, you could always visit a flea market or make your way to the nearest garage sale. Small local auctions also can provide more merchandise for you to see at auction.


    How To Find A Private Investigator In New Zealand


    In order to be a private investigator in New Zealand you must first apply for a license. If you have any prior issues with the law it is not going to work in your favor because any member of the parliament or the police academy, can object to your application within one month of you applying. This eliminates a lot of fraudulent claims of being a private eye as well as removing any shady characters. There is a suitability process that a potential private investigator in New Zealand is subject to and this is based on a number of qualifications. One of the top qualifications is that based on your personal character, fitness as well as financial position. This is generally seen as a public interest at this stage due to the very nature of the job. If the applicant has had a previously held license and had it revoked for any reason, the application will be thrown out. That goes without saying that if you have any convictions within the past five years of applying for a license, you will not be granted. Any person applying to be a private investigator in New Zealand that has displayed dishonesty in those past five years, imprisonment or a questionable background will also lead to your application being denied. Licenses are only issued in a specific time period each year and are generally from April – March. Included in this process, is that you must advertise in a medium such a newspaper that you will be applying for a license. The advertisement must be approved by the New Zealand Registrar and has to be advertised two times with a two week window of not more than 14 days. As with some professions such as welding or an electrician where you can exercise the option to work under the supervision of a licensed tradesman, the private investigator in New Zealand does not have that option. Any person who wishes to work with, work for, or independently as a private investigator must seek approval from the Registrar of Private Investigators and Security Guards. Although this may seem like a lengthy and painstakingly long and tedious process, it is imperative to the government that the private investigator in New Zealand is an honest and upstanding citizen. This should ensure you of the quality of work you will receive when hiring a private investigator in New Zealand.


    Do You Need To Improve Credit Scores Count


    To improve your credit score, you have to take steps to improve the rating that the credit bureaus give you on your credit report. The score is the grade they give so that merchants know whether or not you a good risk for them to lend money or allow you to have a credit account. If you have a low credit score, then you know you have to improve. Credit scores will determine whether or not you get a loan for a new house or a new car. If you need to improve credit scores there are ways. There are recognised ways to improve credit scores and once you do improve your credit score you will qualify for more loans – sometimes more than you want. If you are in the market for a loan, it is a wise decision to review your credit score at least six months prior to submitting the application. This way if your score is low, you have an opportunity to improve your credit rating for at least six months before the lender does a credit check on you. The credit score that shows up on your credit report tells creditors about your repayment habits. If you really want to improve your credit score, you need to know that score. If you find mistakes in your credit report, then you have to take steps to get them corrected in order to improve your credit rating. You will have to contact the credit bureau to find out the process involved in correcting any inaccuracies you find. Although this is one of the ways to improve credit scores, it only works if there are legitimate mistakes and you can prove it. If you notice that you have been late making your payments or you have missed some entirely, one of the ways to improve credit scores and improve your credit rating is to start paying your bills on time. If you have any outstanding payments, you should also take steps to bring the accounts up to date. This will go a long way to helping your improve your credit score. If you have all your credit cards maxed to the limit, this will also reflect badly in giving you a low credit score. If you want to improve credit scores, start paying on your credit cards and try not to use them. When your balance starts to go down, your credit score will start to rise. One idea for helping you improve your credit score is to cut up your credit cards so you can’t use them. Also, one of the ways to improve credit scores is to try to pay more than the minimum amount. This speaks volumes when it comes to your credit score. There are some ways to improve credit scores. You just need to know how to do it.


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