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    The Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver Certification Course


    Once the basic open water scuba diving certification has been successfully completed by new divers, there should be some consideration to taking the next training level up which is the advanced open water course. Prior to that, it is probably a good idea to get some more experience as a new scuba diver right after the basic certification by doing several easy beginner level dives to further sharpen the basic skills and to appreciate the new underwater world. This can be easily done with a week of scuba diving at a destination where there are plenty of easier dive sites such as the Florida Keys. There’s no rush to do the more difficult dives for now. Although it is quite possible to do deeper and more advance level dives as one gets more experience in diving without taking another course, it is much more ideal to get introduced to more difficult dives with an instructor. Deep dives, night dives, drift dives and dive sites with moderate currents can be too challenging for new divers. Even though many advanced dives are very exciting and rewarding, doing them without proper training can be dangerous. There’s no such thing as getting too much education and training in scuba diving. The advanced scuba diver course was designed to help divers get the proper training for advanced dives as well as developing further skills including underwater navigation, safety, search and recovery. The advanced open water is also a very fun course to take. It does require some reading with a manual that will be supplied by the dive instructor but unlike the basic open water certification course, no written exam is required. The advanced course is mostly practical as it consists of several open water dives with a dive instructor over two days. Each open water dive during the advanced course will feature different types of dive skills. One will work on improving navigation while another will involve a deep dive. Other dives may include diving on wrecks, night diving and some basic rescue techniques. All major scuba diving training certification agencies such as NAUI, PADI and SSI will have an advanced scuba diver course. All dive schools and operators that have scuba training will have the advanced course available. At many dive destinations, some dive operators will insist upon a minimum of advanced open water certification in order to take charter dive trips which involve higher level dive sites. For example, the deeper shipwreck dives of the Spiegel Grove, Duane and the Bibb located off Key Largo all require advanced or higher certification cards before the local dive operators will allow divers on those particular dives.


    What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan All About


    What Is Debt? Debt is the bills that are left over at the end up the month after you have made payments on everything you can afford. Do you still owe 2 months on the electric bill and a few thousand dollars on a few different credit cards? Add all your outstanding bills up and you will have the amount of your debt. What Is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation is one of the methods that you can choose to help free yourself from the debt that seems to grow every month. By working with a financial service or a financial counselor, you can come up with a plan for debt consolidation that fits your personal situation. Debt consolidation plans usually consist of the following: * Combining all your bills into one bill. * Negotiating with your creditors to come up with a more manageable number. * Dropping tax payments. * Creating a definitive, financial plan for the next 3 5 years that will allow you to live within a budget and leave you debt free. What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan? A debt consolidation loan is one type of personal loan available to you. Its goal is to cover the total amount of all your bills put together. This loan will let you pay off every company you owe and save you a ton of money in late fees and over limit fees, as well as save you from having possessions repossessed or utilities turned off. Your interest rates, too, will decrease because you have only one creditor to pay every month – the lender of your debt consolidation loan. Secured Debt Consolidation Loan When you take a out a secure debt consolidation loan, it means that you have to promise a security to cover the bill if you can't pay it back. This usually means that you have to be able to put your house up as collateral or something of equal value. Remember: if you can't pay back your loan, your lender can take your collateral. Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan No security or collateral is needed for an unsecured debt consolidation loan. The key to being approved for a debt consolidation loan of this nature is your credit report and credit score. Even with bad credit, you may still qualify for an unsecured debt consolidation loan, but it will usually be at a much higher rate of interest. No matter how you choose to free yourself from debt, eliminating as much of it as quickly as possible is the key to finding your financial freedom.


    Choosing A Photography School(2)


    Choosing A Photography School There are many places you can learn photography, but what is the right place for you? Sure there are online schools and courses, but they won’t give you the hands on information you need. You need other students and the teacher’s eye to become a better photographer. The online classes do have their uses for instance giving you the basic information to study. It can be difficult to choose the right school. Some require recommendation while others are apart of colleges. The information you wish to glean from a photography class will make part of the decision for you. For instance in a college setting that does not specialize in photography will offer the basic levels, but may not offer you an internship with a professional photographer in your field. If you are looking for photography as a hobby these basic level classes will often give you the information you need to produce pictures you can be proud of. Specialized schools as with any others will allow for more information on a specific topic. Most specialized schools will allow you to work with a professional to learn the specifics of your profession as well as expand your knowledge. This helps you learn quicker and learn more about the techniques used in photography while having hands on experience. The best way to choose a photography school is to decide what you want from your photography. Once you have decided that you can move on to finding out how to apply. Some photography schools are part of a studio and allow for anyone to sign up for a class. Other schools require you to attend a college or university first for basic photography and intern before you go on to the specialized school. Searching online will lead you to the schools available in your area and across the country. You will be able to find the application as well as descriptions of every class they offer. The sites will also list the qualifications you have to attend the school and what classes you will need to take to become a photographer. Although the experience you receive from a classroom is better, online classes teach you what you need to know. Some classes that you will need to will be in lighting, composition, and other basics. Depending on your field you will then need to branch out in studying ways to capture the subject. Like portrait photography you will need to understand angles, light, balances, and how to elicit the reactions you need from the subject. Digital photography is the new way to take photographs and there are a few different techniques to learn from the older manual cameras. Photography schools can help you become more adapt at taking photographs. You may decide you need a little help to step up from being the point and shoot type to a more complicated camera or you might decide there is a career for you. There are many types of schools for you and online sources will help you find it. Online photography classes can be helpful for you learning techniques, but you will still want other people to help you find your eye for art. If you have worked with manual cameras in the past chances are you will want to take a digital photography course when you switch. To touch on one more type of school we need to delve into underwater photography. Most colleges and other photography schools associated with studios do not specialize in underwater photography. It is often best to seek out a dive school for a basic course. You might decide to delve further and find an underwater photography school. Underwater photography has always been a unique and interesting hobby or profession. Seeing the results of your work is like nothing else one can imagine. When you look at the color and the amazing views, you will understand underwater photography more. PPPPP Word Count 652




    Hobbies and interests – is there a place for them on your resume? There are two types of resumes: chronological and functional. As its name implies, a chronological resume is one that lists your experience and education in order, starting with the most recent jobs or achievements. This type of resume is sometimes also referred to as reverse chronological resume, because the order of the listing starts with your current employment. Functional resumes focus on your qualifications, not your career timeline.

    This style of the resume highlights what skills you have, rather than where and when you acquired or utilize them. In other words, instead of listing your experiences by your job titles, your resume will contained sections titled by your skills such as verbal and written communication, customer satisfaction, project management, etc. The functional resume style is recommended for college students seeking internships or their first jobs out of college, for those with no professional experience, those who have not worked for some time, or for career changers. This resume style allows you to reference your hobbies and interests in a way that apply to your career objective only; listing hobbies and interests outside of your career objective is not recommended as it doesn’t promote you as a professional in any way. Any time you are composing a resume, it is important to keep in mind your career objective. You want to present yourself in a best possible light to your potential employer. Thus, the information on your resume has to answer one question: Why are you the best candidate for the job? The biggest mistake people make on their resumes is including information that is not related to their professional experience. Facts pertaining to your volunteer positions, community work, interests and hobbies that disclose your race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or any personal descriptors that do not directly impact your professional performance must be excluded from your resume. The functional resume does not require you to list names or organizations you have worked or volunteered for; thus, you can list the experience you have acquired there without potentially disclosing any demographic information. Additionally, don’t create a separate section on your resume for hobbies and interests. This is typically seen as amateur, and gives your resume less credibility. Listing hobbies and interests as they apply to the position you are applying for should be done under specific functional sections. For example, if you are seeking a position in graphic design, and have samples of work that you have done as a hobby, indicate this fact on your resume or in your cover letter. If your hobbies are related to the type of work you are seeking utilize them to your advantage. If you have read books or completed seminars at the community center that are applicable to your job, make a mention of them. Any employer will welcome the opportunity to have you demonstrate the qualifications that make you a perfect candidate for the job. As a final step, have a friend review your resume, or if you are a college student, seek assistance from a career center at your school. Having another person review your resume will help uncover any items that may raise questions about your experience or education, as well as address if the inclusion of your hobbies and interests works to support your career objective. Perfecting your resume will assure that you show your potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job.


    Wedding Dress Perfection Petite Or Pleasantly Plump


    The biggest challenge for any bride to be is making the right decision when choosing her wedding dress besides that of choosing the ideal partner she wants to spend the rest of her life with. This is where the bride gets to live her dream of being princess for the day. So what are we waiting for lets go make your dream come true. Brides to be need to consider the comfort level when buying the wedding dress. If the dress causes you extreme discomfort; then expect all dances at the reception be that of a waltz, heaven forbid should you take to the floor to do the hippy hippy shake. Keep in mind that if the dress is tight it can hamper your circulation causing you to faint. Plans for the wedding dress usually start months before the set date, well in advance in some cases. What you have to remember once you have chosen the gown you have to stick with your diet, no piling on the pounds only to lose them with more expense incurred where the wedding dress has to be altererd. Styles of wedding dress/gown selections can be chosen personally from a bridal shop. Magazines are also a good choice for making your selection and for gathering some useful tips on wedding plans An important factor that has to be addressed is body types. Petite to pleasantly plump figure shapes will definitely need to be taken into consideration when making that decision in what will or will not suit your frame. Either way regardless of size the right choice will have you looking beautiful on the day. To find the perfect wedding dress is to be prepared to make a day of it where the trying of many will be in abundance. Vera Wang is one of the famous names in the world of weddings. VW is noted for the detailing put into her gowns along with luxurious craftsmanship, also an additional bonus of personal hand beading. Famous stars like Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson line up in the wedding queue, not forgetting Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman. If your budget allows then go all out for a designer dress. Other options for the pocket which says go easy on the pennies. In addition to the more traditional bridal shops, check out discount stores, charity shops, even going online at eBay is another fine option recommended and far less expensive. Common sense prevails when buying the perfect wedding dress online, because of the way the purchase is to be handled, it is a good chance that you only get to see the dress by photo so be sure to check measurements and be specific when asking details on the condition of the dress. Another important factor is to double check on the person selling before going ahead with any transaction involving money. If it is a traditional wedding theme that you have in mind for the wedding then go for a vintage dress. Vintage dresses intend to discolour so check this out before making a purchase. Remember vintage represents old so check for wear or tear. Vintage dress fabrics dating back to the 1900 and earlier have a tendency to deteriorate. Setting your heart on a specific design only to find that it is not available due to age or over your budget limit then make enquiries for a reproduction of the chosen wedding dress you had in mind. You can find many stores that focus particularly on reproduction dresses where designed wedding gowns on specific themes or periods of time hang in dozens on rails waiting to be snapped up. Dreams do come true if you make them happen. Well girls what are you waiting for your dream theme is just waiting to happen.


    Top Secrets Of Profitable Email Lists Revealed


    Building a good email list of customers or partners forms is the integral part of doing business in long term. All websites cannot make it to the top of the search results of major search engines. Building a mailing list of interested customers can evade many of the ill effects of not getting to the top of search listings. With a little effort you can collect the email addresses of potential customers. But to build a good mailing list, you need to give something before you get the email addresses. You can offer free tips related to the products you sell or careful advices regarding the service you give. Offering a free e book with useful information is also a good method of building a business mailing list. With the stringent laws to fight the big enemy called spam, business houses need to take extreme care that the emails they send out don’t fall to the category of spam mails. You need to implement good measures for careful email list management. With each email you send out, you need to provide an ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘opt out’ option. This is mandatory by the rule of the land. Managing a business mailing list is always going to be a tough task. Updating, omissions, categorization of the list is necessary. While building an email list or mailing list, the categorization based on location, products and the income stream of the potential customers is important. New enterprises always shall take time to develop a profitable mailing list. While maintaining a mailing list, it is always necessary to send only targeted mails according to the preferences and interests of the receivers. If you use the mailing list only to promote your products, chances are higher that the receivers will opt out of your business mailing list. Mailing list management is also about sending out useful tips and information that is important for the receiver. Building a long mailing list from which you can reap profits is a time consuming task. You need to do some search engine optimization works so that your website appears in front of the interested users while they make a search. Give a solid reason for the visitors to sign up for your periodic newsletter. Make the suggestion that you regularly come up with useful suggestions, tips and techniques related to their field of interest. The spending capacity of the individuals, geographic location, preferences of making online purchases etc need to be assessed to gauge the efficiency of your mailing list. Giving enough stress to building a strong email list through which you can promote your products or affiliate products somehow minimizes your dependency on costly pay per click advertising to attract traffic to your site. All the receivers may not make a purchase every time you send out an offer. You can also go without a minimum number of sales if you maintain a strong mailing list of qualified customers. Copyright © 2006 Andreas Obermueller


    Emergency File Recovery With Undelete Wizard


    Recovering deleted files has to be easy, and it is when you use Windows Recycle Bin. But what if you've emptied the Recycle Bin? Or even worse, what if the Recycle Bin has never been enabled on your system? Undelete Wizard is the ultimate answer! Undelete Wizard by wizardrecovery. com recovers erased files, pictures and documents. Wait a second. Aren't pictures and documents just different kinds of files? They definitely are, but here goes the best part: Undelete Wizard recognizes your values and priorities, and implements a set of special algorithms to locate the deleted Office documents, digital pictures and ZIP and RAR archives on the surface of your hard disk even if all traces of them are gone long ago! Restore deleted files and recover deleted Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, email messages, ZIP and RAR archives, digital pictures and all other types of files with Undelete Wizard! Empty Recycle Bin or no Recycle Bin are not an issue for Undelete Wizard to recover deleted files. The deleted file recovery wizard thoroughly investigates the file system in order to locate the recently deleted files, and scans the entire surface of a disk that contains the deleted files. The unique pattern matching technology identifies the beginning and end of documents, images and archives by performing the same type of signature analysis as implemented in anti virus products. The pattern matching technology for file recovery can often recover files, pictures, archives and documents that were erased ages ago. But what would you do if the recovered file is corrupted? The deleted files on a hard disk are essentially free space that can be claimed by any program to write a new file over it. Quite often only a few blocks of original data are overwritten, and the rest remains intact on the disk. You wouldn't be able to view a picture with a missing block or two. Microsoft Word would not open a corrupted document. But even then you are not left without options! Undelete Wizard recovers corrupted documents and digital pictures so that you can still open them with no problem. Undelete Wizard implements a number of advanced file recovery algorithms, yet using them is extremely simple. What you get is a straightforward step by step file recovery wizard that guides you through the file recovery process by asking simple questions like "What disk were your files on?" or "Do you remember the exact location of the deleted file?" By integrating sophisticated technology with ease of use, Undelete Wizard is a sure bet on the crowded deleted file recovery market. To convince you to try this product, rest assured that it stands to its promises: thanks to the built in live preview feature, Undelete Wizard displays you the contents of the deleted document, archive or digital image before you pay for a license. If you can see a preview, you'll be able to recover that file for sure! Don't wait! Get your evaluation copy for absolutely free from wizardrecovery. com/


    Pace Edwards Roll Top Tonneau Cover Review


    There are a lot of these particular tonneau cover on the road, saving gas and protecting cargo from the weather and not to mention keeping your cargo out of sight out of mind. It is classed as a hard top retractable tonneau cover. It seems to be a pickup truck owner’s favorite. After unlocking the Pace Edwards Roll Top tonneau cover it retracts automatically enabling you to gain access to your full truck bed. This cover is manufactured to give a nice smooth flush mount look. The padded polymer looks and feels like leather but lasts longer. The one piece padded polymer is laminated to heavy gauge aluminum panels. This way you get a soft feel but a hard tonneau cover. All the aluminum trim is smooth and has scratch resistant powder – coat finish. This tonneau cover is custom designed to fit your particular make, model and year. The design structure will not freeze or collapse with snow. Like most retractable tonneau covers, water is channeled to the canister and out through drain tubes to help keep your truck bed dry. It retracts automatically and can be closed with one hand from either side of the truck bed. They say this tonneau cover installs in less than one hour. In my opinion in most cases I would say it takes a little longer. The cover is backed by a 1 year warranty. They say that the cover is pretty water tight but you may get a little water in a very hard rain storm but installing the gasket kit for the tailgate may help. In most cases the tonneau cover kept the truck bed dry. Some may complain that there is no pull strap or handle just a key turn lock at the back end. Some also complain about the lock itself. It seems it may be kind of cheap. One good thing though, it is just a standard cabinet lock and easy to replace. There does seem to be a problem getting the lock to align. I would suggest two people to install this cover as it may help with alignment issues. It seems if you live on dusty roads or spend a lot of time on them you may encounter problems with the tracks clogging up. All in all these are minor problems and still most people love their Pace Edwards Roll – Top tonneau cover. I am sure you would enjoy it just as much.


    The Decorative Deerhound


    THE DECORATIVE DEERHOUND. The Deerhound is one of the most decorative of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether it be amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open hearth in the fitful light of the log fire that flickers on polished armour and tarnished tapestry; out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills. Grace and majesty are in his every movement and attitude, and even to the most prosaic mind there is about him the inseparable glamour of feudal romance and poetry.

    From remote days the Scottish nobles cherished their strains of Deerhound, seeking glorious sport in the Highland forests. The red deer belonged by inexorable law to the kings of Scotland, and great drives, which often lasted for several days, were made to round up the herds into given neighbourhoods for the pleasure of the court, as in the reign of Queen Mary. But the organised coursing of deer by courtiers ceased during the Stuart troubles, and was left in the hands of retainers, who thus replenished their chief's larder.

    Head: The head should be broadest at the ears, tapering slightly to the eyes, with the muzzle tapering more decidedly to the nose. The muzzle should be pointed, but the teeth and lips level. The head should be long, the skull flat rather than round, with a very slight rise over the eyes, but with nothing approaching a stop. The skull should be coated with moderately long hair which is softer than the rest of the coat. The nose should be black (though in some blue fawns the colour is blue) and slightly aquiline. In the lighter coloured dogs a black muzzle is preferred. There should be a good moustache of rather silky hair, and a fair beard. Ears: The ears should be set on high, and, in repose, folded back like the Greyhound's, though raised above the head in excitement without losing the fold, and even, in some cases, semi erect. The ear should be soft, glossy, and like a mouse's coat to the touch, and the smaller it is the better. It should have no long coat or long fringe, but there is often a silky, silvery coat on the body of the ear and the tip. Whatever the general colour, the ears should be black or dark coloured. Neck and shoulders: The neck should be long that is, of the length that befits the Greyhound character of the dog. The nape of the neck should be very prominent where the head is set on, and the throat should be clean cut at the angle and prominent. The shoulders should be well sloped, the blades well back, with not too much width between them. Stern: Stern should be tolerably long, tapering, and reaching to within 1 1/2 inches of the ground, and about 1 1/2 inches below the hocks. When the dog is still, dropped perfectly straight down, or curved. When in motion it should be curved when excited, in no case to be lifted out of the line of the back. It should be well covered with hair, on the inside thick and wiry, underside longer. Eyes: The eyes should be dark: generally they are dark brown or hazel. The eye is moderately full with a soft look in repose, but a keen, far away gaze when the dog is roused. The rims of the eyelids should be black. Body: The body and general formation is that of a Greyhound of larger size and bone. Chest deep rather than broad, but not too narrow and flat sided. The loin well arched and drooping to the tail. Legs and feet: The legs should be broad and flat, a good broad forearm and elbow being desirable. Fore legs, of course, as straight as possible. Feet close and compact, with well arched toes. The hind quarters drooping, and as broad and powerful as possible, the hips being set wide apart. The hind legs should be well bent at the stifle, with great length from the hip to the hock, which should be broad and flat. Coat: The hair on the body, neck, and quarters should be harsh and wiry, and about 3 inches or 4 inches long; that on the head, breast, and belly is much softer. There should be a slight hairy fringe on the inside of the fore and hind legs, but nothing approaching to the feathering of a Collie. The Deerhound should be a shaggy dog, but not over coated. Colour: Colour is much a matter of fancy. But there is no manner of doubt that the dark blue grey is the most preferred. Next come the darker and lighter greys or brindles, the darkest being generally preferred. Yellow and sandy red or red fawn, especially with black points i. e., ears and muzzle are also in equal estimation. Height: From 28 inches to 30 inches, or even more if there be symmetry without coarseness, which, however, is rare. Height of bitches: From 26 inches upwards. There can be no objection to a bitch being large, unless she is too coarse, as even at her greatest height she does not approach that of the dog, and, therefore, could not well be too big for work, as over big dogs are.


    Penalty Shoot Outs How To Be Sure Of Scoring


    The cup final whistle blows. It’s one each. Extra time is played but nobody scores. The referee signals a penalty shoot out. Now 5 men from each side have to step up and put the ball into the net just once. It’s something they can do in their sleep but at least one of them is going to miss. How is it possible that hugely talented and highly paid stars can miss the vital shot that will bring them glory? This is a dilemma that men and women have experienced for centuries. When writing about the pressures of winning an archery contest, the 3rd century BC Taoist writer Chuang Tzu said that, when we focus on the prize and not the job, we lose the edge to our skill. He said: “An archer shooting for a clay vessel shoots effortlessly, his skill unimpeded. If the prize is changed to an ornament, his hands begin to shake. If it is changed to gold, he squints as if he were going blind. His abilities do not deteriorate, but his belief in them does, as he allows the supposed value of an external reward to cloud his vision.” Of course, football stars and champion archers aren’t the only ones affected by the prizes of winning. It’s well known that the most vulnerable moment in any business negotiation is just before the end, when, perhaps after a long and difficult process, one side sees the prize of an agreement within their reach and relaxes their guard by mentally throwing themselves over the finishing line. As an Indian proverb puts it: “Beware the tiger at the end of the fight.” That’s the moment when, appearing to walk away but sensing his opponent relax, the tiger turns round and makes his strike. In a negotiation, one of the cleverest ploys that an experienced negotiator can use is the Salami trick. This is when an important concession is refused during the negotiation, but conceded at the end, bit by bit, because the less experienced negotiator relaxes his or her guard. It’s like a salami sausage being given away one slice at a time, until before you know where you are, the whole sausage is gone. The reason why we fail at the last moment in all these tests is because we become distracted. In short, we lose focus. When we focus on the task at hand, all our attention is directed on it. We let go of haunting memories from the past and tempting thoughts about the future. We open ourselves to what is happening here and now. The word “focus” comes directly from the Latin word “focus” meaning a hearth or fire. In pre electricity days, the fire was in the center of the home. Those lucky enough to have an open fire in their homes today know that moment when on a winter’s evening you can just stare into a roaring log fire or onto the glowing embers and lose yourself in your dreams. In actual fact, there are two kinds of focus: hard and soft. Hard focus is the same as concentration or tunnel vision when all you are aware of is what’s in front of you, like a 100 metre athlete looking down his track to the exclusion of everything else. There are two ways to get into a state of hard focus. One is to be physically still. The other is to remove all the distractions. Once you blot out everything around you, hard focus is what’s left. Soft focus has a different quality. It’s also known as single minded immersion, zero point arousal, and free flow thinking. Instead of focusing your thoughts onto your objective in a laser like way, you expand your awareness in a dream like way to include your whole environment. You tune in to time and place. You even become aware of yourself in a disassociated way. A good soft focus exercise is to imagine yourself as a blue feather floating on the wind. There is no destination, no time, no obstacles. You are aware of yourself and enlarge into the sense of freedom and possibilities. It’s that moment when time stands still and has no more meaning, when hours pass like minutes and minutes like hours. It’s what Daniel Coleman calls “flow”: a state of forgetfulness, the opposite of rumination and worry. Instead of being lost in nervous pre occupation, people in flow are so absorbed in the task at hand that they lose all self consciousness, dropping the small pre occupations – health, bills, even doing well – of daily life. And that’s the secret of focus: doing the job for the sake of it, not for what it leads to. In their book “Thank God It’s Monday”, Charles Cameron and Suzanne Ellusor describe seeing a Zen monk sweeping snow from the steps of a temple in the middle of a snowstorm. The more it snowed, the more he swept. The monk did not expect to clear the steps of snow or beat the storm. He didn’t expect anything. The simplicity of his actions was enough to make it worth doing, process rather than end result, being rather than completion. This is what they call “zenning” and it’s at the heart of all success. There are really only two ways you can fail in any venture. One is to give up. The other is to try too hard. If you’re at the last hurdle, the final straight, or about to take the final shot in a tied game, you simply have to learn to slow down, let go and trust in yourself. That’s when you’ll discover all the energies opening up to you and success will surely be yours.


    The Tale Of The Humble Popcorn


    Corn pollen more than 80,000 years old was found in Mexico. Proper popcorn was known in China, Sumatra, and India for at least 5000 years. Popped popcorn and kernels 5600 years old were discovered in the "Bat Cave" in New Mexico in 1948 1950. Popcorn kernels ready to pop were unearthed in ancient Peruvian tombs. In a cave is southern Utah, fluffy, fresh looking, white popcorn was dated to 1000 years ago. Popcorn was used by the Aztecs and Indians as a decorative motif in headdresses, necklaces, and ornaments on statues of divinities. In the 16th century, both Hernando Cortes (in Mexico) and Christopher Columbus (in the West Indies) described these unusual uses of the snack. Father Bernardino de Sahagun (1499 1590), a Franciscan priest with deep interest in Mexican culture, described a ritual in honor of the Aztec gods of fisheries: "They scattered before him parched corn, called momochitl, a kind of corn which bursts when parched and discloses its contents and makes itself look like a very white flower; they said these were hailstones given to the god of water." French explorers in the early 17th century reported that the Iroquois Indians in the Great Lakes region drank popcorn beer and ate popcorn soup. In either 1621, or in 1630, popcorn was brought as a gift by the Indian Quadequina, brother of Chief Massasoit of the Wampanoag tribe, to the colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts at their first Thanksgiving dinner in the new land. This may be an apocryphal story but, in any case, it would not have been popcorn as we know it today. An oiled ear was held on a stick over an open fire and the popped kernels would be chewed off. Popcorn later served as a morning cereal, eaten with cream or milk. The colonists called it "popped corn", "parching corn", or "rice corn". Most of the world's popcorn ("prairie gold") is produced in Nebraska, Iowa and Indiana, in the United States. The kernel is a seed containing a plant embryo and its soft, starchy food. The seed is protected by a hard shell. Heating the kernel converts water held in the seed into pressurized steam which causes the kernel to pop and the starch to expand to 40 times its original size.


    Refinance Mortgage Lenders Should You Use An Online Lender


    Choosing the right refi lender is crucial when refinancing your mortgage. Some homebuyers make a hasty decision and accept the first offered received. Furthermore, some choose to refinance with their current lender without exploring other options. Being a savvy shopper can save your thousands on a mortgage loan. Moreover, shopping for a lender online is easy and will present several refi options. Convenience of Online Shopping Many consumers have taken advantage of online shopping. Included among the list of top online products are mortgage and refinance loans. Shopping for a refi lender online is convenient. Without the internet, those in the market for a refi lender would have to contact local lenders individually to complete a loan application. However, the internet gives you the opportunity to explore different refi loan companies outside your local area. Mortgage and refi lenders across the country advertise their services online and include applications on their website. Hence, you can shop for a mortgage loan using your home computer. Online refi lenders offer instant approvals. Once you accept their offer, the loan company will send a signing agent to your home to finalize the loan. Getting Multiple Offers from Various Lenders Additionally, applying for a refi loan online lets you obtain multiple offers within seconds. When applying for any sort of loan, it is important to compare and contrast different offers. The majority of loan experts recommend obtaining quotes from at least four different lenders. Contacting individual lenders for quotes is time consuming. Instead, apply for a loan through an online mortgage broker. Online mortgage brokers make applying for a refi loan online worthwhile. Brokers offer a unique service that is practical and timely. To begin, you submit a quote request through the broker site. Applicants must include accurate information pertaining to their income, employment history, loan amount, and credit status. Credit reports are not reviewed when requesting quotes. Thus, it is vital for applicants to check their free credit report before submitting information, and supply an accurate credit rating. Once the broker receives stated information, they will match applicants with suitable loans. Regardless of credit, mortgage brokers have the ability to locate loans for all people.


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