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    Cheap And Fast Software


    Cheap and Fast Software An Introduction to Shareware Visit any computer store today and you'll find what seems like miles and miles of software on sale. Certainly enticing buys, there are a few problems with buying software off the shelves. On the shelf, software otherwise known as "commercial software" can be expensive, and incompatible, and outdated when compared to what's available online. Fortunately, there's an alternative to commercial software and although it isn't new, it's one of the most under exploited opportunities in the computer industry. We're talking about shareware software that you can try before buying. Shareware has a long history and was rather popular in the days where BBS (bulletin board systems) reigned the online industry. It hasn't gone anywhere, but its competition with commercial software is fierce so fierce that it tends to fall on the back burner among new computer users. This is unfortunate because shareware has so many advantages over commercial software. One of those advantages is its cost. On the whole, shareware is generally cheaper than commercial software. But don't misinterpret the cost. With shareware, cheap does not equal low quality and there are plenty of examples that prove shareware often outperforms the quality of commercial software time and time again. How much savings are we talking about? You could purchase a quality word processor, spreadsheet, database program, or system utility anywhere from a mere $15 to under a hundred. This is almost unheard of in stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Egghead, yet the shareware programs offered within this price range rival even Microsoft's Office suite. Another advantage that shareware has over commercial software is its compatibility. We're not saying that shareware is compatible with all operating systems. What we're saying is that since we can try shareware before paying for it, we can determine if the software is completely compatible with our systems first. In other words, we can discover whether the software performs the way we want them to and should anyone try to do the same with commercial software, they'll be in for a big disappointment. Commercial software policy doesn't even allow for returns, let alone "borrowing" them to try them. The last advantage that shareware has over commercial software (but certainly not the least) is its applicability. Plain and simple, shareware is the best bet when you want to keep on top of the latest release of a particular program. Sure, computer stores do their best to keep their inventory up to date, but when you can download version 5.6042 of a shareware program as opposed to buying a commercial 3.0 version from the local computer shop, there's just no comparison. Which brings up our next point. Just where does one get shareware? Shareware is all over the Internet and it's really hard not to bump into it. The most popular places to find shareware is within thousands of download libraries, however the companies (and even independent programmers behind shareware) are increasingly offering shareware from their own websites. A simple Google or Yahoo search for a particular type of program will yield all sorts of results that point you toward items that you can try before you buy. Be aware however, that because shareware is not commercial software, you may not experience a full program the way you would if you bought the software out of a box. Shareware may or may not be limited meaning that some functions may not be available to you until the program is paid for. These limitations are often small and don't interfere with the way its full version operations. They're really just implemented as a way to prompt payment. Remember that shareware is not freeware. You shouldn't try to use shareware as commercial software without paying for it. About the only thing that's similar between shareware and commercial software is the way in which they may be bought. With a credit card, you can be the new owner of your own software within minutes. PPPPP Word count 662


    Brazil Nuts


    Brazil Nuts Brazil nuts are very large sized nuts that come in dark brown or black shells. While the namesake does come from the fact that they are often grown in Brazil, they are found in other locations as well. They include Columbia and Peru but they are also shipped to locations all over the world. The biggest amount of Brazil nuts actually comes from Bolivia. They grow on trees that are found in rainforests then picked from them. It may be unbelievable but some of the trees in these rainforests are up to 1,000 years old. The trees are pollinated by bees in order for the nuts to grow. It takes more than a year, about 14 months for them to be ready to be harvested. More than 20,000 tons of them are harvested and then shipped around the world annually. In addition to being a delicious and healthy snack, Brazil nuts are used for various other things. The oil from the nuts can be used to make paint, as a lubricant, and as an ingredient in various types of cosmetics. The Brazil nut is hard to miss while in the shell though as it is the largest of the nuts that a person can choose from. Some individuals have been afraid to eat Brazil nuts due to myths about them being dangerous. They do contain traces of both barium and radium but the amount is so low that a person won’t become ill from eating them, even if they eat a large number of them on a regular basis. Some researchers believe that eating Brazil nuts on a regular basis can help a person prevent various types of cancers. This includes prostate cancer for men. This is due to the high amount of selenium found in them. You only need to consume two Brazil nuts each day to get enough selenium to fight of such ailments. Due to the work involved in harvesting them and the cost of importing, Brazil nuts can be expensive. Yet they are a great snack to treat yourself to and they are good for you as well. Make sure you have a good quality nut cracker on hand as well to help you penetrate the thick shells.


    Better Software Foundations


    I visited the ruins of a Roman settlement, the other day that was set in a lovely valley in the middle of an island. The setting was idyllic, sheltered from the winds and not too far from the main market town, it seemed an ideal spot to farm and bring up a family. Its history was thoughtfully provided on signs around the ruins of a substantial dwelling, which had been expanded in Roman times to include a hot and cold bathroom and mosaic floors. All of this was very attractive and a considerable investment for the landowner. But the settlement was abandoned, and it occurred to me that there had to be a good reason since it was clear that someone had put a lot of effort and finance into their dream. I wondered if Vikings, who were known to be active in this area after the Romans left, had attacked it but there were no signs of charred brick work or the aftermath of battle. Looking around another sign revealed the problem. There had been more than one attempt to settle the area, but the land formed a natural point of drainage for the hills around, and successive buildings had each eventually succumbed to subsidence. I was left in no doubt that the buildings were of a good quality and that the builders were competent at construction, but clearly it had taken a few generations to work out that this was not a suitable site for construction. If we really wanted to settle this place now we would drive piles deep into the ground to overcome the subsidence. The point that this drove into my mind was that of developing software. It is all too often the case that Software development organizations and their customers make the same mistakes over again. If the foundations are shaky then there is no point in building, but with a little forethought someone will could solve the problem and provide a safe way of delivering a good foundation. The biggest mistake that organizations make is to rush to cut code before they understand the problem they are solving. That doesn't mean you have to be complacent and that sitting around in a few meetings will solve all your problems. What should be done is: Ring fence what you know. Ring fence what you don't know. Make sure you are developing the right product. Build the software that you know will not change. Check that what you are building is what is wanted. Often the customer just doesn't know exactly what they want, so you need to involve them in the development process. The earlier they get to know the product then the more likely they are to buy into the solution. Having said all of that.. Code should be built where it enhances the understanding of the problem both to the customer and the developer.


    Achieve Your Goals By Applying And Not Buying


    Recently, I read a comment by Ken Reno that people lose large amounts of money when they keep "buying but never applying" internet products and services. What are the solutions to this problem? Incidentally, the solutions may well apply to offline as well as online activities since many people, whether they use the internet or not, are too lazy or lacking in confidence to read and apply the information they buy even though it is about their favorite activities. I am an expert at buying and not applying. Buying is easy and getting into credit card debt as a result is also easy. I am a real sucker for a good sales letter. It opens up vistas of hope and easy money. It is easy to buy but not so easy to read and apply the info you have bought. Within 24 hours, along comes another sales letter or email glowing with enthusiasm and excitement. My enthusiasm for a course lasts for a day or two till the next compelling email arrives! I have about Ј20,000 worth of internet courses and seminar DVD's in my spare room which I haven't even opened. I have hundreds of resell products on my computer that I haven't yet attempted to sell. All the money I have spent is a mere drop in the ocean if I actually use what I have bought. If I make a million from it, it will be one of the best investments I could have made. But if I don't read and apply what I have available, I will have wasted every penny. The question then becomes how to start applying instead of buying. If you are in the same boat as me, it is probably best to start with the most recent courses and the most recent saleable products since the internet changes so quickly. Just grab any recent info product you have bought and read one or two pages from it and then apply one of the suggestions you have read about. This will at least make you feel better about the money you have spent! Why don't I and other internet junkies open the packages and read and apply the wisdom and knowledge that doubtless exists in there? There are several reasons. We may already be entranced by the next fashionable course or product. The solution may be to avoid reading any emails or advertisements which are likely to contain an irresistible offer. We may not believe deep down that the course we have bought will help us. There is only one way to find out. Read it or listen to it or watch it bit by bit every day and try out one suggestion a day. Even trying out one suggestion a week would be an improvement! We may believe that the course is a good one but have doubts about our ability to follow its teachings. Ability grows as you attempt what is difficult. It also grows when you start believing in yourself. Shakespeare summed up the problem centuries ago: "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." More recently, Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote: "Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs." If you still lack belief or lack skills which can take a long time to learn, get help. I pay a web designer whose brain seems to work better than mine! I see him once or twice a week at my house for two hour sessions at a time. This way, I can watch what he is doing and fire as many questions at him as I want. If you can't find a local expert, study the video tutorials which are easily and cheaply available on the net. Don't just download them. Watch them! We may have too much going on in our lives and need to focus on fewer goals. We may need to train up other people to take over some part of our lives. I enjoy teaching my martial arts students but I have several instructors who could stand in for me and who would enjoy doing so for a time, at least, while I focus on my other projects. As I have said, most of the above advice applies to off line as well as online activities. Don't buy unless you apply. If you pay for lessons in line dancing, show up at all the lessons. Don't forget to practice in between the lessons. Again, I find myself lacking in the way I approach offline activities as well as online ones. I have bought about fifty cookery books and not even applied one of the recipes. I have been put off by the huge number of ingredients they involve and possibly an early experience in the boy scouts when I ruined the Sunday lunch by dropping the roast beef on a grassy slope. You can imagine what happened to the roast beef! What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup? It is easy to roast beef! In my case, both are difficult! I usually fall back on spaghetti bolognaise which I learned to cook many years ago. My brother, on the other hand, has bought far fewer books but actually follows the recipes. He now has a reputation as an excellent cook. I once took guitar lessons with a top flamenco guitar player. I was disappointed when he refused to teach me anything new until I practiced and memorized what he had already taught me. I avoided doing the homework he set me but still wanted to learn something new. In the end, I cancelled the lessons but now realize that he was right. He knew the importance of applying and using what you have already learned. That is why he was a great flamenco guitarist and all I could do was strum a few flamenco rhythms. If you buy a book, read it and do your homework by applying what you learn. Only about 90% of people actually read the first chapter of a book. Only about 1% actually finish reading a book. Of course, don't feel guilty if you don't complete a book that is not worth reading but at least find out if it is worthy of your attention by reading one or two chapters. Believe in your own ability to carry out the plans and systems you read about. Ignore the voices from childhood and school days which tell you that you can't do something. You won't know until you have tried and tried not just once or twice but consistently for several months at least. If you are having problems in achieving any of your goals, don't give up. Get help from someone who has achieved that goal. They probably experienced the same problems as you somewhere along the line. Do some buying but, unlike me, make sure you do plenty of applying before you start buying something else! I am planning on taking my own advice. Today, I actually started reading an info product on advertising by Brett McFall. I not only read about two key advertising skills, I actually applied both of them on two of my websites. There is hope for me yet. So then, believe in yourself and in the author of the info product enough to read and apply the ideas in it. See what happens. Don't be put off by past experiences or by critics who belittle your abilities. Ignore your own self criticism which is often the most unjustified of all. Don't keep buying new info or paying for more lessons until you have applied what you have already learned. If necessary, cut down on some of your projects so that you can concentrate on the most important. Buy and apply. Buy and apply by starting to take action to achieve your goals. Don't buy any more products or services until you have studied and applied at least some part of them in either your online or offline activities. You will then begin to achieve your goals and avoid wasting your money.


    The Four Great Seasons


    There is nothing like experiencing the variety of the seasons. There are unique things to see and do no matter what the time of year. Any of the seasons can be great if people seek to enjoy everything the seasons have to offer. Most people have a love hate relationship with winter. It is by far the coldest of the seasons, giving many people a reason to despise it. Winter can be one of the most fun and beautiful times of the year if people know how to enjoy winter activities. For people in many parts of the world, winter means snow. If you happen to live in an area that has many months of snow you can enjoy many months worth of ways to enjoy the it. Find someplace to learn to ski or snowboard or try to ice skate at a local outdoor rink. Some will prefer to enjoy the snow and cold by ice fishing on a loca lake that has been taken over by ice. Whatever you prefer, commit to making the most of the cold winter months at it will be spring before you know it. Spring is perhaps the most beautiful of the four seasons. The snow melts, the gray skies turn blue, the trees and flowers begin to bloom after a dormant winter, and people who shied away from winter come out and enjoy the weather. Children enjoy warmer recesses during school and adults enjoy walks in the park on their lunch breaks. Baseball games happen in local parks and gardens begin to be planted. Spring can be just as enjoyable as any of the seaons. Summer. Just the word brings a smile of excitement to the faces of most school aged children. It is the greatest of all the seasons for those who prefer not being in a classroom each day. Summer means freedom, friends, and hour after hour of outside fun. Woods get explored, lakes are swam in and elaborate tree forts are made. Bicycles can be ridden and neighborhood games of all kinds begin. For adults, summer can mean looking forward to more family time, enjoying weekends at a cabin or even taking an extended family trip. However it is spent, summer is usually a favorite among the seasons for most people. Feelings are mixed as summer turns to autumn, the last of the four yearly seasons. Children are torn between their desires to continue enjoying the magic that is summer and their excitement about beginning a new school year. Many adults look upon autumn with fondess. It feels like a new beginning. Days become cooler and the bright greens of summer become the beautiful rainbow of fall colors. Autumn is a time to enjoy long walks in a park or a cool evening on your front porch swing. The four seasons are all great. There are fun things to do and great memories to be made no matter what the time of year. The seasons provide variety and endless amounts of fun for people of all ages.


    Crime Victim Know Your Rights


    The chances are good that the person sitting next to you may have been a victim of a crime. Statistics indicate that 8 out of 12 Americans will become victims of a crime at least once in their lifetime. Most people think of violent crimes rape, assault, robbery when they think of victims. But not all victims experience crimes of violence. According to the Office for Victims of Crime, frauds, identity theft and financial schemes victimize millions of Americans each year. Consumers fall prey to phony investment scams, get rich quick schemes, foreign lotteries, telemarketing fraud, Internet scams and identity theft every day. Millions of hard earned dollars and life savings of victims line the pockets of scammers, who have no regard for their victims or the damage they've done to their lives. Last year, 10 million Americans became victims of identity theft, according to the Better Business Bureau, with a loss of over $50 billion. Insurance frauds cost the average family $400 $700 per year in higher insurance premiums. And fraudsters in the multibillion dollar telemarketing industry target older Americans, with an estimated loss of over $500 million. Victims often feel helpless in the aftermath of a crime. They feel alone and isolated by the crime and many are financially devastated. If you or someone you know or love does become a victim of a financial crime or any other type of crime, there are countless professionals and volunteers who stand ready to help cope with the consequences of the crime, to offer support, and to provide guidance that can help victims better understand their options. The good news is that there are laws ready to protect victims. The Federal Crime Victims' Bill of Rights was created to give victims a proper place in the criminal justice system, ensure they have the opportunity to be heard and provide assistance to further their recovery process. Most states also have victims' rights laws for cases handled in the local criminal justice system.


    Offshoring American Jobs A Problem For Some A Boon For Others


    Points to remember when considering a vendor for offshoring American jobs As with the transfer of any job role and functions, the nature of offshoring (migrating services to a remote location and external services provider to avail a competitive advantage) is also fraught with a certain risk level that comes steadily on the heels of obvious values. A foreign based business owner thus, needs to be aware of potential risks associated with offshoring American jobs (e. g. experience of the vendor, proven level of expertise and reliability, ability to transform business model planning to high level management and optimization, disaster management and security technology of the best grade etc.) to avail best quality services from an overseas vendor. Business owners keen on offshoring American jobs to developing nations are thus advised to research their chosen vendor and visit them at least once to check out infrastructure, technology and workforce capabilities, besides doing a thorough value and risk assessment. Pick a vendor based on his knowledge of offshore outsourcing techniques and strategies and how well he can translate your business objectives into a definite, customized business delivery model, not simply the cost cuts he offers. If possible, a foreign business owner considering offshoring American jobs should participate in at least one lead group workshop conducted by the vendor to outline the professional talents of his team and work with him to ensure the service provider has the ability to analyze and develop given recommendations into concrete deliverables. The chosen service provider should combine a number of desirable traits, including complete consultancy and management services support for offshoring American jobs across varied industries and levels, ensure smooth and strategic integration of internal resources with exact evaluation of offshoring process’s viability, guide client on the prioritization of offshorable activities and help select the perfect offshoring model for his business. Shoot an email to . eupath. com and learn from the leaders themselves!


    What Is An Air Ambulance


    What is an Air Ambulance? An air ambulance is an aircraft specifically used for the treatment of a patient who has been seriously injured or is critically ill. An air ambulance is primarily used in emergency situations where transport of the patient by standard land ambulance would not be timely or safe. Another instance where an air ambulance may be used is when a patient must be transported from one location to another and standard, conventional air travel is not feasible. An air ambulance is looked at as an operating room in the air, or a flying critical care unit.

    Each air ambulance is specially staffed with an experienced flight crew that is highly trained to fly medical missions. On board the air ambulance aircraft you will find trained pilots and flight crew, as well as, medical staff that can safely care for critically ill or injured patients. The medical staff may be a nurse trained and experienced in CCU care, a qualified doctor capable of treating severe trauma injuries, or a specialized team of doctors and nurses that meet the specific needs of the patient.

    Each air ambulance carries with it specialized medical tools and equipment that can handle nearly any emergency that may arise. Some examples of standard equipment found on an air ambulance includes ventilators, ECG equipment, CPR equipment, stretcher, medication, and other important tools that enable the crew to care for the patient. The medical equipment is properly cleaned and tested before each and every flight.

    The standards patients expect from their doctor, ER or ICU are carried out inside and onboard the air ambulance. The plane may vary dramatically depending on its designated mission. Some air ambulances are helicopters. Such aircraft are typically used to transport patients from the scene of an accident to a local hospital in the nearest big city that is equipped to handle the injuries.

    Choppers are air ambulances that can be used to retrieve patients from remote areas where conventional ambulances are unable to reach. In other instances, small prop planes or jets are the preferred aircraft for longer trips.

    Jets are the best aircraft for trips over distances of 500 miles, because such planes allow for less fuel stops and speedier travel times. Like an ambulance on the ground, the goal of an air ambulance is to get the patient to the destination as safely and speedily as possible.

    Jets are capable of flying at higher altitudes which allow for the greatest comfort and speed. Patients who may need the use of an air ambulance require constant medical monitoring. Some patients may include cardiac patients, respiratory patients, NICU situations, patients with multiple IV drips, or critical trauma patients. Any patient with any illness or injury that the doctor deems unsafe to fly by conventional means will be able to get a doctor's permission to fly in an air ambulance to the desired destination unless very specific medical reasons exist to avoid such methods of transportation.

    Frequently, travel by air ambulance is deemed safe and can truly save lives.


    The Essentials Of Event Planning Easy Steps That Secure Success


    If you've ever planned or hosted an event you know how overwhelming it can be. Attending to every small detail can leave you wishing the party was over before it even began. This is even more magnified if you are overseeing a large event such as a wedding or a dinner party for business associates. Something always seems to go wrong and it leaves the person in charge of event planning carrying the burden of the blame. There are steps you can take to guarantee that the party will be a roaring success. One of those steps is to hire an event planner. If you really do feel as though all the small details are too much for you, you might consider hiring someone who specializes in event planning. There are many reputable companies who can offer you their services for a fee. All you do is explain the event to them, including your preferences when you wish to have the event, the theme of it and the menu and they handle the rest. The onus of the work is on them, and with their experience they can create exactly the type of gathering that you envision. If finances are a concern and you can't afford the luxury of a professional event planning service, there are things that you can do that will help your event run as smoothly as possible. Here are a few ideas: Keep an ongoing list. Plan your event by writing down everything you need to do. As you complete those tasks, stroke them off the list and add new ones as needed. Choose a theme that is appropriate for all guests. It might be difficult for some people to rent or purchase special outfits for a theme party, so try and make it something that is accesible and affordable for every guest. Send out invitations or call with your invitation well in advance. Life is busy for many people and giving them sufficient notice will enable them to handle any arrangements they need to make, such as child care. Choose a menu that isn't too exotic. Although many people welcome new tastes, it's often more appropriate to offer menu items that all guests are familiar with, this way they won't be concerned about possible food allergies or digestive conflicts, if they know exactly what they are eating consists of. Enjoy the event. Often the host becomes so overburdened with party details that he or she neglects their own enjoyment. Plan the event so you will have free time during it to mingle with your guests. Event planning can be a tedious task, but with proper organization the work involved in planning the party or event can be well worth it. Getting together with family, friends or business associates in a social setting, is a great way to connect and communicate. With some attention to details before, the party can be a huge and often very fun success.


    Benefits Of Current 30 Year Mortgage Rates


    Despite some “softening” of the housing market in recent months, there are still a number of compelling reasons to take advantage of current 30 year mortgage rates with a new home loan. Whether you are a first time buyer or considering refinancing or applying for a home equity loan, you can reap major benefits like a low fixed rate, affordable monthly payments, and access to cash from your home’s equity. With some online research, you could find a dream loan that will save you money and help you achieve your immediate – and long term – goals. Comparing current 30 year mortgage rates online is easier than you’d think. Several services provide a matching feature, so that you can receive rate quotes or offers from interested lenders within a few minutes of making your request. Since these lenders are competing for your business, you can evaluate the rates you’re offered and select the loan that truly fits your budget and your needs. When applying for a new home purchase loan, important considerations include the amount of your living expenses, debt payments, and other monthly obligations. Selecting a fixed rate from current 30 year mortgage rates could provide stability and predictability, as your payments would not change, even if interest rates fluctuate. Refinancing your existing mortgage presents a unique opportunity for homeowners. Not only can you trade an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) for a low fixed rate, but you can also use cash out refinancing at current 30 year mortgage rates to get money from the equity you’ve built in your home. By borrowing more than your mortgage balance, you’ll receive money that could be used to pay off higher interest balances, take a dream vacation, or to launch your own business. Finally, a home equity or line of credit (HELOC) loan is another low hassle source of cash from your home’s equity. At current 30 year mortgage rates, the amount of your home equity loan can be distributed in a single lump sum, or, in the case of a HELOC, be accessed much as you would use a credit card to receive cash and make purchases. Many homeowners use their home equity loans to consolidate debt into one low payment, which improves cash flow dramatically. With such a high demand for home loans, mortgage lenders find themselves competing not just to offer the lowest current 30 year mortgage rates, but also to extend flexible loan options to borrowers who may have been turned down by other institutions. For example, a couple with so called “problem credit” might be able to qualify for refinancing at a low fixed rate. The new loan can help them solve immediate financial requirements and rebuild their credit, in the process. To gain a better sense of the loan options available to you, take a few minutes to compare offers online. The process has been streamlined to facilitate matching you with lenders who can provide appropriate, personalized loan solutions.


    Just Like Heaven Dvd Review


    One of the hidden gems of 2005, Just Like Heaven was overshadowed by the usual commercial blockbusters and Academy Award nominees. But this cute little film is the very embodiment of the movie going experience. Fitting easily into the “chick flick” genre, Just Like Heaven isn’t a sappy, drawn out love story filled with clichйs and over the top dialogue. It’s actually funny and likeable enough to appeal to males as well as females. Mark Waters, director of such films as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, minted himself a successful film during the casting stage when he picked the perfect combination of onscreen talent to illustrate his story. The chemistry between Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon makes this film a lot more interesting than it would otherwise be with a lesser combination of talent… Just Like Heaven begins by following the life of Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon), a workaholic staff doctor in a San Francisco hospital. Driven to achieve, Masterson excels in her career, but only at the expense of her personal life. Taking on extra shifts in an effort to get promoted, she continually misses lunch and dinner appointments with her sister Abby (Dina Spybey). On the night she gets her long awaited promotion, Elizabeth is en route to her sister’s house for a dinner party when her car is smashed head on by a tractor trailer. Meanwhile, David Abbott (Mark Ruffalo) moves into a new apartment in the aftermath of his wife’s tragic death. Although his best friend Jack (Donal Logue) tells him it’s time to move on, David can’t seem to get over her passing. Late one night as he guzzles beer on the couch, he’s confronted by Elizabeth who is angry to see him camping out in her apartment. Mark insists that the apartment is his, and the two soon discover that Elizabeth is a ghost. As their confrontational relationship grows into friendship, Mark and Elizabeth work together to find out what really happened to her. The result is a series of often hilarious mishaps such as when Mark reluctantly saves a dying man’s life using Elizabeth’s vast medical knowledge. Searching for some answers to Elizabeth’s strange condition, David visits a bookstore specializing in paranormal occurrences where he meets up with a clerk named Darryl (Jon Heder) who is endowed with unworldly wisdom. Darryl provides a few clues as to the origin and intentions of the spirit haunting Mark and his guidance leads Mark to the discovery of a shocking truth – Elizabeth is still alive. Dependent on life support for the past six months, she hasn’t shown any signs of recovery. Her sister Abby, struggling to make the right decision, comes to the conclusion that Elizabeth would want to have the plug pulled. But Elizabeth, who originally felt she would not want to remain on life support, feels very much alive, and she wants to stay that way. Now, Mark and Elizabeth must work together if she has any chance of survival… Veteran screenplay writers Peter Tolan and Leslie Dixon collaborate well together in creating a well integrated plotline with interesting dialogue. An unorthodox love story, Just Like Heaven showcases Mark Ruffalo’s growing appeal as a leading man. Much like Tom Hanks, his everyman look exudes a rare charisma on the big screen. Similar to his standout role in 13 Going On 30 (where he stole the show from Jennifer Garner), the film highlights his likeability among both male and female audiences. But the role would be less of a breakout performance if it weren’t for the outstanding chemistry between the actor and his co star. As she exhibited with her recent Oscar winning performance, Reese Witherspoon is no slouch herself. Overall, these types of films do little for me, but Just Like Heaven earns my highest recommendation…


    Easy Ways To Lose Weight


    When you such chronic obesity problems as we have in our society, it is tempting to think that losing weight must be incredibly difficult. Clearly, for some, it is, but for the vast majority a combination of the right techniques and a bit of effort will yield consistent results. Small changes, applied consistently over the long term, will have far reaching benefits. Here are some useful pointers. Easy Way 1 Take care over your diet. So much of our eating comes from formed habits, which may not be healthy. One small adjustment, such as drinking a diet drink or water instead of a calorie laden sugar based drink will have lasting effects. Eating whole food bread or pasta is another easy change to make. Most people could cut their food portions down by as much as a third without noticing any effect. Consistency is the key, and if you can stick to these simple changes, you will see some clear results. Easy Way 2 Make sure you analyse food labels properly. Take a lot more care when you do your shopping, because not everything is as you would expect it to be. Just because a food item is of a certain type doesn't necessarily mean it is healthy. Not all food which is labelled as a “healthy option”, really is one, and virtually any processed food will be too high in salt. Getting to know acceptable quantities, and comparing food items, will help you avoid dishonestly marketed products. Easy Way 3 So many people with a weight problem think in terms of dieting, when really that can only be a short term answer at best. Too many people overdo the idea of dieting, starving the body of a regular supply of nutrient in a misguided quest for over hasty weight loss. What you need to do is set a realistic plan for a new, sustainable lifestyle based on sound nutritional principles. Do this, and the dieting will take care of itself. Easy Way 4 Try to take regular exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator may burn more calories, but it will take more time, and it is unlikely you will maintain the discipline. If you make your packed lunch with healthy ingredients, you can take a walk while you are eating it, exercising and eating healthily without expending any extra time. This is far more likely to be sustainable than any system which involves severe inconvenience. For most of us, attaining and maintaining optimum weight is not as hard as we like to think it is. The sound advice in this article will put you on the right road. Click the links below to discover some great resources.


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