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    Why Does The Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery Change


    As far as the cost of LASIK eye surgery is concerned, the only worldwide standard is that prices are quoted per eye. However, the cost depends on several factors and varies from one provider to another. A strong reason behind such a variation is that different providers perform different levels of pre operative testing. A thorough pre operative examination can avoid LASIK complications, and hence it’s imperative to determine if appropriate pre operative testing is included in the quoted price. The cost of equipment used for pre operative testing and surgery also varies, and this reflects in the overall procedure fee. Computer controlled scanners to determine the exact shape of the cornea, eye tracking device, tear film analysis, the laser used to make incisions, and all other pertinent equipment vary in cost from one medical center to another. A few unscrupulous practitioners may advertise their services at a discounted price. Don’t be fooled if an ad says, “LASIK for $500 per eye”. The truth is that not all patients are eligible for a discounted price. A particular patient may require an extensive refractive surgery in the first place, or frequent follow ups after the surgery. Furthermore, it is typically the case that a discounted price does not include the essential pre operative testing. Hence, make sure what features are being offered for the quoted price. Cases have been reported where medical institutes have been found guilty of misrepresenting the actual cost of LASIK eye surgery. As the popularity for LASIK eye surgery rises, so does the incurred cost. A leading refractive industry newsletter reported that the average cost for LASIK eye surgery in the second quarter of 2005 was 1,965 USD. The study was based on a comprehensive research of various medical facilities, ranging from regional practitioners to nationwide networks. Most insurance companies do not cover LASIK eye surgery, since they consider it as a cosmetic procedure. People are tempted to choose a surgeon that offers a discounted price. But that may be an act of foolishness. The smarter thing is to choose the best surgeon available who has experience of this procedure. There is no point risking your vision for the sake of a petty few dollars. If in doubt you should seek further information.


    Otension Headaches The Most Common Headache


    Headache is a very common health problem. It is often associated with pain in the head, which includes the eyes and the ears, the area behind the head and the upper part of the neck. Oftentimes it occurs without a specific cause as well. There are many kinds of headaches, which are classified according to the location of the pain and the symptoms it brings. According to the International Headache Society there are more than 150 types of headaches. But the most common of them all is tension headache, which according to specialists represents about 60 percent of all headaches. Even though this kind of headache is rampant, a lot of people don't really understand this kind of health condition. These headaches according to specialists are caused by muscle contraction in the head area. Tension headache is said to be caused by bad posture, long hours of sitting or driving, incorrect sleeping habits because of the stress it brings to the head area. Other factors that contribute to tension headaches are emotional stress and depression. This illness normally disappears when the period of stress is over. Usually a headache starts in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. Because of this illness work related absences occur, sleepless nights are encountered, and irritability therefore follows. There are times that people are hospitalized because of headaches. Which means that severe and frequent headaches can be very costly. Over 40 percent of Americans experience headaches. And of course a lot of them often complain of the pain and discomfort it brings. None of us want to have a headache that would last for hours or even for a day sometime. Sudden attacks of headaches are sometimes inevitable and may occur several times a day. People with headaches also limited to join activities in work, family and leisure. Because of this growing health problem, specialists have developed drugs to treat this problem. A scientific breakthrough that combines of acetaminophen and butalbital are developed by specialists to treat this kind of headache. Acetaminophen acts as a pain reliever and also reduces fever. Butalbital on the other hand is a kind of drug that slows down the nervous system and reduces the contractile force in the muscle that causes headaches. If you decided to use this medicine, there are certain precautions to be taken. Make sure to tell your doctor if you have unusual allergic reaction to butalbital or acetaminophen. Pregnant and breast feeding women are not encouraged to take this drug because of the unknown effects it may cause to the unborn baby or infant. Do not take this medication without informing your doctor about your pregnancy. The opinion of your doctor is very important in order for you to make a better decision regarding this drug.


    Quick Decisions On The Best Loan Rates Do They Exist


    With the explosion of online financial services and the uptake of more people being willing to use them, loan applications ‘in principle’ can often be reached in a matter of a few minutes and, these days, borrowers can complete an online application form just as quickly and this can be done 24/7, 365 days of the year even from the comfort of your own home. The term ‘in principle’ basically means that when an application is submitted, this immediately gets automatically cross checked with the credit reference agencies which can then also automatically trigger a response back to the lender whose systems can then, in turn, inform a prospective borrower whether or not their application has been agreed ‘in principle’. With many brokers offering to compare the best loan rates on the market, a customer now has very fast access to the optimum deals available. It is often the speed of the process which can determine whether or not a lender can secure the business which means that, once a prospective borrower has an agreement ‘in principle’, he/she can stop shopping around for alternative deals. Obviously, paperwork, be that in written form or online, will have to be completed before the loan agreement can be properly formalised but the technology does speed the whole process up which results in the borrower getting the money into their account far more quickly. The actual speed of the ‘quick’ decision will also depend on the type of loan a borrower requires. Secured loans – those usually available to homeowners and which are secured against the equitable value of the home – usually mean that the decision ‘in principle’ can be reached more quickly. However, they usually take a little longer to arrange, in terms of having the money in the bank, as more facts and figures will be required in terms of the asset (usually your home) you are using as collateral. With an unsecured loan, the process of getting the money into your bank is far quicker as lenders will generally be able to gather the information they need, in terms of your ability to repay the loan, from information which they receive back from the credit reference agencies about your credit history and, therefore, their calculated assessment of your ‘risk’ in terms of your ability to repay the loan.


    Debt Management Manage Finance Manage Life


    “The most efficient way to produce anything is to bring together under one management as many as possible of the activities needed to turn out the product.” We often indulge in uncontrolled expenses and spending beyond our means i. e.; spending more than you earn results in mounting debts. At times of severe financial crisis, Debt Management helps you to manage your funds and also protects you from the humiliation of debt struck conditions. The process involving the use of several techniques to curb the amount of debts is known as debt management Some of the techniques of debt management are listed below: 1. Create an accurate assessment of your debt situation. Make a list of all your debts. Be sure and include the amounts, interest rates, and expirations dates. So that you have a clear picture of what you owe and what you own. 2. Make a budget: Making a budget helps keep from increasing your debt, while you're trying to pay it down. Be specific and detailed in your budgeting. Stick to your budget, and you won't get further in debt if you only spend what you have. 3. Pay off the debts one by one. Maintain minimum payments to the rest of the debts, but pick the debt with the highest interest rate, and send extra payments to pay it off. That would help to ease the pressure 4. Consider debt consolidation: it is a personal loan that is employed to settle the debts. For the purpose of ease in settlement, all debts taken from several lenders are consolidated. You may also consider debt restructuring and refinancing. 5. If necessary, get help. You may choose a credit counseling service, or debt counseling and debt help service to help with each step of your debt solution. Debt management is open to all. Good credit people, bad credit people or people with bankruptcy. Debt management by managing debts of a debtor can help in improving his credit score. debt management will essentially involve keeping ones finances under control, taking the right debt from the right lender, never missing any installments, avoiding any late fees and if needed, consolidating the debt in the most efficient way. Debt management, as is clearly visible has a very wide scope. Borrowers need to keep their eyes open, particularly on the debt elimination techniques like debt consolidation loans. Debt counseling too need not be taken lightly, since they also can backfire at times when incorrect tips are implemented. There is no magic wand as far as recovering from debt is concerned. It takes time, it can be a struggle but it will be worth it in the end


    Free Digital Scrapbooking Themes


    If you are a digital scrapbooking beginner, you probably have many questions. You like the idea of digital scrapbooking, but you don’t want to sink a lot of money into it until you know whether it will be rewarding. Definition of Digital Scrapbooking Digital scrapbooking is the act of creating images, photos, journaling, and extra “touches” to preserve your memories in digital instead of physical form. Scrapbooking software is available free on the Internet, or you can use a standard Microsoft Word program. Digital Scrapbooking Themes Scrapbooking looks most professional when the entire publication has a theme. A digital scrapbooking theme helps you focus on one style, rather than have each page different. Once you have a central theme, you can set themes for individual pages. These should follow the main theme, but in smaller pieces. For example, an main vacation theme might have page themes of transportation, hotel, beach, restaurants, and activities. You can get free digital scrapbooking themes for both overall and individual pages. Free Digital Scrapbooking Theme Kits Free digital scrapbooking themes are available in kits at several Internet websites. You might combine similar themes, or use the elements for your own theme. For example, downloading two or three free digital scrapbooking theme kits that are focused on sports would give you elements to complete several coordinated, but different pages in a sports themed work. DIY Digital Scrapbooking Themes Your status as a digital scrapbooking beginner does not mean you cannot approach digital scrapbooking themes as do it yourself projects. If you are willing to invest a little creativity, you will find an abundance of free digital scrapbooking themes on the Internet. One website gives the digital scrapbooking beginner many hints in their descriptions of themes for sale. Consider three of them. 1. Memories of school days will be placed on backgrounds specifically designed for school. Stop and think. What kind of background fits the description? Imagine back to school advertising. Pencils, books, backpacks, apples, desks, and alphabets spring to mind. With very little work, you can create your own backgrounds for free digital scrapbooking themes on school days. Picture a page with a faded school building background. A large school bus sits in front of the building. A child’s kindergarten photo fills one window. Friends’ photos fill two more windows. A note about the first day of school is “tacked” to the page with a small, bright backpack graphic. Another page theme might begin with a background of alphabet letters or “spelling words” written in script and arranged at angles. Great for showing off a perfect spelling test, or photos of the spelling bee. The same letters, or bright trophies, could be added as embellishments. In a matter of moments, you have two free digital scrapbooking themes for school memories. Each is do it yourself. Each fits the mood you are trying to create. 2. A 50th wedding anniversary scrapbook might have a nostalgic, antique theme. Close your eyes and picture antique things. Imagine an antique store or a trunk of old clothing and faded letters. Lavender, satin ribbons, old lace, and antiqued paper come to mind. With imagination, you can create your own backgrounds for free digital scrapbooking themes on old memories. A large photograph of a county fair, faded and antiqued, would make a great background page for photos of the dating couple and a ticket stub or two. Cotton candy or carousel horse embellishments could spice up the page. If it’s a 2 page spread, a piece of an old love letter can be the journaling. Colorful photo mats in candy striping will carry out the couple’s happy feelings. A second page theme might be antique cars, a faded background of vehicle graphics setting the stage for photos of the couple’s first car, or every car they ever owned. On a third page, clipart or photos of ornate mirrors could be repeated on a faded background. A single, enlarged mirror frame could frame the main wedding photo. Smaller mirrors, lace and ribbon elements could complete the theme. With a few minutes of thought, you have three free digital scrapbooking themes for your 50th wedding anniversary scrapbook. 3. If you want a digital scrapbook cowboy hat theme, begin by thinking of symbols you connect with that idea. Your background might be rodeo scenes, a desert, or the colors of the outdoors. You might make a page that looks like the inside of a stable. Hang rope on a board in the stable, and set a pair of cowboy boots on the floor. Scatter straw at the bottom. Then add your photos, tacked in place with small cowboy hat graphics. Be sure one photo shows the subject in a cowboy hat. Add rope letters to spell out a caption such as “Ride ‘em, Cowboy!” A “scrap” of torn paper with the date, name, and a comment would be appropriate journaling so that future generations can fully appreciate the occasion. You have just given yourself another free digital scrapbooking theme. Gleaning Digital Scrapbooking Themes Another source of free digital scrapbooking themes is the website postings of those who are eager to share their own work. These are easily found by doing an online search. If you have a basic theme in mind, you can often glean themes for individual pages from the examples offered. Scrapbook stores and magazines offer many themes, some digital. If you are creative, you can adapt non digital themes with a little practice. Final Tips on Digital Scrapbooking Themes Wherever you get your digital scrapbooking themes, keep in mind that backgrounds should always complement the colors in the photographs that will go on each page. Journaling adds great interest. If you don’t know what to write, think: who, what, where, when, why, and how. “Elements” are extra decorative objects added to the page. Scrapbook Bytes offers many free, downloadable elements.


    Is Speaking In Tongues A Prayer Language


    Many pentecostal churches teach that speaking in tongues is a heavenly language, the “tongues of angels”. Is this what the Bible shows? Where does this teaching originate from? The Greek words used in the New Testament for tongues, when used in relation to speaking, simply meant “language”. The Greek “glossa” means “tongue, language,” and the verb “laleo” means “to speak”, producing the word “glossolalia”. This always refered to an earthly or known language. There is only one verse in the Bible that mentions the tongues of angels. It is 1 Corinthians 13:1(KJV) “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal”. Is Paul really saying that he speaks in the tongues of angels? This verse needs to be viewed in context and also in relation to the translation from the Greek. The word that has been translated to “though” when translated and used in over 95% of all other places in the New Testament, has been more correctly translated to “if”. Other Versions of the Bible do translate this correctly to “if I spoke in the tongues men and angels”. Regardless of this mistranslation, merely reading the following verses clearly reveal that Paul is speaking rhetorically, as had he been speaking literally he would be boasting that he understood all mysteries and knew everything, which we know is not the case. These verses read 1 Corinthians 13:2 3 “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing”. Paul is emphatically expressing his desire that the people should demonstrate love, generosity and charity, the important fruits of the spirit, because without these everything else becomes void. He is showing that love is the most important characteristic that God’s people need to express in all aspects of their lives and their ministries. He is not saying that he really can speak in the tongues of angels and has all knowledge. Isn’t speaking in tongues used to edify ourselves? It should be noted that all of the gifts of the spirit that God gave were related to building up the church. Evangelism, prophesying, teaching, preaching and speaking in tongues to reach the surrounding nations and rest of the world with the gospel message were all gifts to edify the church. Paul writes 1 Corinthians 14:4 “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church”. Many preachers use this verse to prove that we should speak in tongues to edify ourselves and build up our faith. Is this what Paul is really saying? If we again look at this verse in context it can be seen that Paul is in fact rebuking the church at Corinth for their misuse of the gift of speaking in tongues, and telling them that it is of no use whatsoever if they speak in tongues and no one around them understands them. He says that prophesying is far more important, as that will build up the church. 1 Corinthians 14:5 7 “I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying. Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine? And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?” He continues on to say that they may as well be speaking into the air. 1 Corinthians 14:9 “So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air”. These words are far removed from encouraging them to edify themselves? The whole purpose of his message was to encourage them to stop being self centered and work on doing things that would build up the church. The Bible makes it clear that speaking in tongues was for the purpose of witnessing to people in their own languages that they could understand and not speaking where noone knew the meaning of the words being spoken. 1 Corinthians 14:11 12 “Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me. Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church”. All Bible references are from the King James Version.


    Official College Rankings A Students Best Friend


    Each year, the United States News and World report issues college rankings. These ranking lists are the most popular and are the officially recognized university rankings for all American colleges and universities. These college rankings are divided into multiple sections: National Universities • Top Schools (public and private) • Top Public Schools • Most Diverse Liberal Arts Colleges • Top Schools (public and private) • Top Public Schools • Most Diverse Best Values • National Universities • Liberal Arts Colleges Within each of these categories the colleges have been assessed by location, value, subject and school type to produce the final college rankings. These are often used by potential students and their parents to ascertain which of the colleges they most wish to apply for. The college rankings may seem simplified but they do give a good starting point in the overwhelming process of searching for the perfect college. To produce the college rankings each school is assigned to one of the above groups. The National Universities group for 2005 includes 248 American universities (162 public and 86 private) that offer a wide range of undergraduate majors as well as master's and doctoral degrees. Within each category the data on up to 15 indicators of academic quality are gathered from each school and tabulated to form the final college rankings for the National Universities. It is worth noting that specialty schools and those with enrolments below 200 are not included in the college rankings. The Liberal Arts Colleges section of the college rankings include 215 liberal arts colleges that emphasize undergraduate education and award at least 50 percent of their degrees in the liberal arts. Most of these colleges included in the college rankings are private institutions. The final section of the college rankings produced by the U. S. News is the Best Value category. The particular formula used to determine which schools offer the best value relates a school's academic quality that is judged by its position in the overall college rankings to the net cost of attendance for a student who receives the average level of financial aid. Obviously, the higher the quality of the program and the lower the cost, the better the deal and the higher up the best value college rankings a school will appear. The limitation to the best value college rankings is that the U. S. News only takes the schools that are placed in the top half of the full college rankings to assess with this formula. However, these college rankings do provide a good reference for the value of money of the more academically strong colleges.


    Credit Card Merchant Account Services


    Did you know that credit card merchant account services could possibly multiply your sales receipts within a matter of weeks or months? Of course, other factors will play a role in the overall success of this strategy, but many company owners claim that the simple step of accepting credit card payments increased their income dramatically in a relatively short amount of time. That is why you need to know more about the benefits of credit card merchant services. Basically, the premise of using credit card merchant account services works like this. You find a trusted lender with experience in merchant accounts. You might even want to check with customers at some of the lending institutions to see if they are satisfied with their merchant account services. You also can find online testimonials, although these may be biased when situated at the Websites of various lenders. You could visit chat rooms devoted to topics like this one that are sure to be discussed among entrepreneurs or start up business owners. After getting objective feedback on several possible lenders, you can choose the one that seems like the best bet for your company. It is a simple process to apply for credit card merchant account services. After reducing your possible underwriters to three or four after searching the Internet or checking with colleagues, it then becomes a matter of comparing and contrasting benefits with fees. Some companies are so well known that they can afford to charge more for their merchant account services. Others have recently added this option, so they might reduce, avoid, or omit certain fees in order to get your business. However, you may have to pay these fees after the first year or another type of trial period. Read all the terms carefully so that you understand how the account works, how much it costs, and what the potential glitches might be. Contact the lender with any questions or uncertainties before applying for an account. Then, when approved, you should feel confident that you have made a good investment. Obtaining credit card merchant account services will let you accept credit card payments from your customers in a variety of ways. If you own or operate a store, for example, they can pay onsite with a credit card processor that you can plug into a wall outlet. But if you deliver goods or services to homes or businesses, you may want to take along a wireless credit card processor. Depending on how your customers like to pay and the level of involvement you want to pursue, you can add a pager and an e check or debit processor right away or later on, depending on equipment cost and your need. Being approved for a merchant services account will help you expand the way you do business. Many consumers prefer to pay by credit card, so accepting payments via this method will attract that segment of buyers and increase your volume of sales. Soon your profit margins should increase as well. Start thinking now about adding credit card merchant account services to your business.


    Fha Secured Loans


    : In 1965 the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was formed. Within HUD operates the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which has the primary responsibility for administering the government home loan insurance program. This program allows a first time home buyer who might otherwise not qualify for a home loan to obtain one because the risk is removed from the lender by FHA who insures the loan for the lender. The most popular FHA home loan program for a first time home buyer is by far is the 203(b). This is your standard fixed rate loan for 1 4 family owner occupied houses and only requires a minimum of 3% from the borrower. This loan also permits 100% of their money needed to close to be a gift from a relative, non profit organization, or government agency. The main advantage to a FHA home loan is that the credit criteria for a first time borrower are not as strict as Conventional Loans sold to Fannie Mae (FNMA) or Freddie Mac (FHLMC). Someone who may have had a few credit problems or no traditional credit should not have a problem obtaining FHA financing.

    Also, FHA home loans are assumable, allowing a person to take over the mortgage without the additional cost of obtaining a new loan. In addition, the seller or lender must pay for part of the "traditional" closing costs (called non allowable costs) while a borrower's allowable costs can partially be wrapped into the loan. The monthly mortgage insurance premium is cheaper for an FHA loan verses a conventional loan with 3% down. Finally, FHA loans may may require less income to qualify as they will exceed the Conventional debt ratios of 28/36% as their standard is 29/41%. To learn more about debt ratios, please see the income section.

    Many people make the mistake and assume that FHA loans are only available for first time home buyers. This is not true. FHA loans are available to anyone, whether your first or fifth home and can be used to purchase a home or refinance a home. If refinancing a home the current loan DOES NOT have to be an FHA loan.

    The greatest disadvantage of FHA home loans is that FHA limits the loan size that a borrower can borrower Please see the link for FHA Loan Limits in your area. Others may try and convince you that the FHA upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is a disadvantage.

    However this amount makes just a very small increase in the borrower's month payment and is partially refundable. See the section on MIP refunds for more information. There are several notable FHA home loan programs available as characterized below.


    Alcoholism What Should I Know About It


    What is alcoholism? Alcoholism is a disease that affects the part of the brain that controls your feelings, the way you make decisions, and the way you act. People with alcoholism cannot control how much they drink. What causes alcoholism? Nobody knows what causes alcoholism. People with parents who have alcoholism have a greater chance of getting the disease. Alcoholism may be related to the things we learn when we are growing up. Alcoholism is not caused by a lack of will power or moral values. How can I tell if I have alcoholism? It is not easy to tell if you have alcoholism. You might drink socially at first, but over time the drinking can get out of control. Your family, friends, or doctor might notice it before you do. You might drink to help yourself go to sleep or deal with stress and anxiety. Over time, you need to drink more to feel the same way. As the drinking gets worse, you may have some of the following: * Stomach ulcers * Liver disease * Mood problems, such as depression and irritability * Trouble sleeping * Problems with family and friends * Problems at work. You might have alcoholism if you have tried to quit drinking but were not able to stop. Alcoholism can make you do things you wouldn't do if you were sober. Some of these things can hurt other people, even the people you love. Where can I get help for alcoholism? Your doctor can help you find the right treatment program. You also can check with your health insurance company. Some insurance plans cover alcohol treatment only at certain places. If you have been a heavy drinker for a long time, do not stop drinking suddenly. This can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. What is withdrawal? When you stop drinking, your body might find it hard with no alcohol. You might have some uncomfortable feelings. That is called withdrawal. You might feel anxious and confused or have trouble sleeping. If you get "the shakes" when you don't drink, or if you feel like you need to have a drink early in the day, you might need to take medicine when you stop drinking to help with the withdrawal. This is called detoxification (say:dee tox uh fuh kay shun, or "detox," for short). How can my doctor tell if I need detoxification? Your doctor will ask you questions to see if you need to take medicine to stop drinking. It is important to be honest with your doctor about how much you drink and the kinds of drugs you take. Can detoxification be done at home? Yes, but only with close supervision from your doctor. You will need to have another person at home to help you take your medicine. If you have serious withdrawal symptoms or other medical problems, you might have to go to a hospital for detoxification. Tell your doctor if you had a seizure or got delirious when you tried to stop drinking before. What happens after detoxification? Detoxification is not enough to treat alcoholism. You should have counseling before and after detoxification. Counseling will help keep you from drinking again. What about Alcoholics Anonymous? Alcoholics Anonymous, or "A. A.," is a free support group for people with alcoholism. The people in A. A. help each other stay sober. Most communities have A. A. meetings, and most alcohol treatment programs tell their patients to go to these meetings. Where can I get more information? Your doctor This information provides a general overview and may not apply to everyone. Talk to your family doctor to find out if this information applies to you and to get more information on this subject.


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    All you need to know about RSS What does RSS mean? RSS may mean three different things. The original RSS (RDF Site Summary RSS 0.9) was developed by Dan Libby for Netscape. After a couple of months, they produced a simpler and easier to use version called Rich Site Summary or RSS 0.91. But they later lost interest, leaving it without an owner. As more and more users were using RSS, Winer made an adapted version of RSS 0.91 for Userland, claiming it as his own. Later in 2005, Microsoft developed Really Simple Syndication in relation to its Simple Sharing Extensions. What is RSS? RSS is a XML file format for syndicating content and news in the web. It is usually used by websites that constantly need to update their content regularly such as news websites (CNN, BBC and Reuters) and weblogs. Since it essentially gives one’s webpage more traffic, it is now more widely used in marketing, web publications and virus reports. Today, large and small websites alike are usually RSS enabled. For example, you’re an avid fan of baseball and you want to share something recent about one of the players. Other than content, you can also attach multimedia files, like videos or pictures. By using RSS feeds, other Internet users subscribed to RSS enabled sites can read your “headline” for free. They can also track for changes and updates using news aggregators, which will be discussed later on. How does RSS work? To be able to use RSS, you first have to download a software (content management system), by which XML format can be read. The title and, excerpt of the article, and a link to the full article are shown. Other than just text, you can also insert multimedia files in RSS feeds like pictures, videos, mp3s and others. Broadcatching, picturecasting, photocasting, and podcasting are some features you can incorporate into your feed, but will not be discussed in this article. For users to access a RSS feed, they need to use an aggregator or a feed reader. An aggregator searches for updates on RSS enabled webpages then displays it. It can either be a standalone program or a web browser extension, depending on your operating system. Search engines for web content broadcasted over RSS feed are also available such as Plazoo and Feedster. How can I make an RSS feed? It is definitely easier to make an RSS feed if you know HTML. If not, you could sign up for a blog (there are hundreds out there), some of which automatically creates RSS. If you’re using a personal webpage building system, you need to understand more about RSS. Making an RSS feed from scratch is relatively easy. A RSS feed should always contain an “item”, whichever version of RSS you might use. If you wrote about a recent event in your city or a book review, the contents of this article can form an item. An item is essentially composed of three things: a title, its description, and link (where they can find your webpage). In choosing a title and description, use something that will describe the web content best. Although it will be easier for you, it doesn’t follow that the title tag of your webpage and the item title are the same. An item will look like HTML tags. First, you need to put an opening channel tag that defines it as an XML file. Then, label the tag as an item by putting after the channel tag. After this, you can now insert the three essentials of your item: , <description>, and <link>. Just like HTML, we need to close the tag by writing </channel> and </rss> at the bottom. An RSS feed that contains multiple tags looks like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <item> <title>Anne Rice’s Belinda: A Book Review If you haven’t read any Anne Rice books yet, you will be greeted with shocking romantic relationships forming between unlikely characters… allaboutbookreviews. com/belinda Harry Potter IV: Darker with More Deaths The recently released Harry Potter installation has proved dark for its younger readers… allaboutbookreviews. com/harrypotterandthehalfbloodprince Now, if you’re still having a hard time understanding these tags, look for HTML tags tutorial to further grasp the concept. Have fun!


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    California is one of the must visit places at the moment for so many reasons. You can experience so much from just one place that it is impossible to get bored. However, you will not have experienced California properly until you go on a wine tour. Certain areas of the American state are all about the wine and this is most definitely the case in Napa Valley. Those looking for something different may still want to go on a wine tour, but something like the California wine tours for bikes. You can easily ride from winery to winery in Napa Valley because there are over three hundred within a relatively small area. You can visit several within a short space of time. California wine tours for bikes may therefore be worth a go! California wine tours for bikes have a distinct beauty about them. Not only are you riding through the most beautiful countryside in the United States and will be blown away by the stunning landscape, you will also be able to access some of the best wineries in the world. There are some huge vineyards that would take all day to walk around but there are several other little treasures dotted all over the place that you can quite easily visit within the space of a day. Small family businesses often provide some of the best wines and you can truly experience the wine culture in California. Discovering these little gems would be a result of the California wine tours for bikes! The weather in California is perfect for California wine tours for bikes. The blue skies are present for most of the year and make the bike ride an absolute joy. As an extra bonus for those going on California wine tours for bikes, there are lanes on public highways especially for bikes so you can get from winery to winery without risking your life! You can arrange your own California wine tours for bikes or go with one of many companies that actually provide them as par for the course. There are many of these, but they are matched in number by bike hire places in the Napa Valley. You can hire a bike for the day or book onto California wine tours for bikes that last for a specific amount of hours with likeminded people. California wine tours for bikes may also be offered as a vacation package with meals and accommodation thrown in. These are fantastic because you spend all week or weekend going around wineries experiencing the win and the atmosphere with people that may become friends! California wine tours for bikes should be a part of your vacation there. The California wine tour is a must for anyone interested in wine and visiting California. There are many wineries open to the public so it may be worth just taking a few days to explore as many of them as you can. I guarantee that you will not be bored when you get there!


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