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    Migraine Headaches Is Relief Without Drugs Possible


    Natural treatment methods for migraine headaches are usually harmless and also cheaper than traditional pain medications. Sure, it's possible you could experience a negative reaction or even increase your headache pain because of a natural treatment, but the odds are far less than with pain relieving medications. People are different from each other. A natural treatment that might relieve one person's migraine headaches may not relieve someone else's. But on the same measure, just because one migraine headache treatment does not work for one person does not mean it won't work for you. There are many effective alternatives to taking medication when it comes to relieving migraine headaches. One of these alternative methods may be just what you have been looking for. Chiropractic adjustments, or chiropractic manipulations, are a very popular natural treatment method for headache relief. Patients with migraine headaches have been visiting chiropractors for over 100 years, and with very good results. Studies have shown that over 80% of headache patients find relief with chiropractic care. Plus, chiropractic treatment has been shown to be extremely safe. Spinal problems do cause headaches and by correcting these spinal problems many headache sufferers find welcome relief. Biofeedback is another form of treatment that is safe and can be effective in eliminating pain. Biofeedback is a training program designed to help a person develop the ability to control their autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. Functions that are normally automatic can be controlled voluntarily. This technique makes it possible for a person to control their own heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and of course, the relaxation of their tense muscles. Stress can cause tension, which can lead to muscle tightness (muscle tension) and cause headaches. By relaxing these tense muscles, especially in the neck, it is possible to relieve the tension causing the migraine headaches. With biofeedback, once the technique is learned there is no longer any need for the biofeedback equipment. The patient with migraine headaches can now produce the desired effect at any. They can control certain bodily functions, such as muscle relaxation, which can help reduce and relieve their migraine headaches. Most people are unaware that too much salt can cause headaches. And by simply lessening the salt intake headaches can sometimes be prevented. Food allergies or sensitivities can also cause migraine headaches. Certain foods such as cheese, alcohol, monosodium glutamate (a food additive), nuts, beans, caffeine, chocolate and onions can cause migraines. Foods that cause headaches are called “triggers.” People who experience migraine headaches because of food sensitivities can eliminate their pain by simply eliminating the foods causing the pain. However, it’s not always easy to discover which foods are the culprits. One way is to keep a food diary. Get a small notebook, with each page representing one day. On each daily page make three columns. The first column will contain the hours in the day. The second column will be a list of the foods eaten that day. And the third column will list the symptoms that you experience. As an example, if you had eggs and toast for breakfast at 8 AM you would write “eggs and toast” in the food column that corresponds with 8 AM. Make a note of everything that is eaten on this list and at what time they were eaten. When you eventually experience a migraine headache you write “migraine headache” or “headache” down in the symptoms column at the time it began. For example, if one of your headaches begins at 2 PM you will write “headache” in the symptoms column for 2 PM. It may take a few weeks or even a few months, but after experiencing a few migraine headaches, with the help of the food diary, you will be able to tell which foods cause headaches. Over time, by figuring out which ingredients in these foods are causing your pain, you will be able to eliminate these ingredients and relieve some pain. Another very common cause of tension headaches and migraine headaches is just plain stress. People who experience tension can get headaches from their increased tension. Relieving tension can often relieve migraine headaches. Tension can be relieved in many ways such as with biofeedback training (as explained above), taking a warm bath or shower, lying down and resting in a quiet dark room, putting something cold on the back of the neck (at the base of the skull) or having someone massage your neck muscles and possibly your temporal region to help relieve your tension and muscle spasms. Regular exercise can also, over time, reduce tension. These are just a few of the many natural treatment methods that are available to migraine headache patients. They are all considered safe and are effective for many people. If you have headaches it may be beneficial to try some of these treatments or search out others on your own. But as always it is a good idea to talk with your doctor before attempting to treat yourself for a health problem.


    Online Migraine Headaches Is Relief Without Drugs Possible
    Signs Your Kitchen Needs To Be Remodeled


    Signs Your Kitchen Needs to Be Remodeled Are you a homeowner? If so, how long have you lived in your home? Whether you have only lived in your home three months, three years, or even thirty years, there may come a time when you want a change. We often associate change with buying a new home, but there is a way that you make a change without having to make another large purchase. If you are looking for a change, when it comes to your home, you way want to think about remodeling your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are many homeowners who wonder why they should even bother. If you are one of those homeowners, you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the most common signs that you need or could benefit from having your kitchen remodeled. If any of the scenarios, mentioned down below, applies to you in, anyway, it may be time for you to start your next home improvement project; a kitchen remodeling project. Perhaps, the most obvious sign that you need to remodel your kitchen is if it is falling apart in anyway. To many homeowners, falling apart means different things, but, in essence, it means if your kitchen appears as if it is in extremely poor quality. If you notice holes in your walls or ceiling, kitchen cabinets that are not properly working, kitchen counters that have large gashes in them, or bumps in your kitchen floor tiles, it may be time to remodel your kitchen. When a kitchen has something wrong with it, you should not only be concerned with the appearance of it, but also the safety. That is why it is important that you, at least, fix any problems in your kitchen, even if you don’t plan on doing a large remodeling project. As previously mentioned, another one the many signs that you may need to have your kitchen remodeled is if you need a change. As much as many homeowners love their homes, it can get quite boring to look at the same thing, every single day. A kitchen remodeling project is the best way to spice up your life, as well as your home. If you do not have the time, the expertise, or the money needed to remodel your whole kitchen, you may want to just focus on a particular part of it, such as your cabinets and so on. Money is another sign that you may want or need to remodel your kitchen. Choosing to remodel your kitchen isn’t just a big decision, it is an expensive one. Although many homeowners need to have their kitchens remodeled, there are many who cannot afford to do so. If you have the money, you are urged to remodel your kitchen when you have the chance, especially if your kitchen is currently in bad shape. Whether you recently came into some money or saved with the hopes of being able to afford a kitchen remodeling project, you should get started while you still have the chance. Unfortunately, money is sometimes hard to hang on to. That is why if your intention was to remodel your kitchen, make sure that you stick to your originally intention; you can benefit a number of ways from doing so. Even though the above mentioned points may apply to you, you may still be wondering whether or not you should really remodel your kitchen. Perhaps, it is best that you take time to think about your decision. The decision to remodel your kitchen is a large one; it is one that shouldn’t be made on an impulse. PPPPP Word Count 602


    Online Signs Your Kitchen Needs To Be Remodeled
    3 Positive Steps To Discover The Purpose Of Life


    In this article we will discuss the concept of life and its underlying principle. We will be going through a step by step procedure, exploring your feelings and options, and by the end of this article, you should have a fairly solid tool you could immediately employ in your life, to give it a meaningful direction. There are three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life: Understanding the principle of choice Creating your underlying principle Aligning your life with the underlying principle Understanding the principle of choice Norman Vincent Peale has this to say about the power of choice. “The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It is an actual fact, that if you have been groping under unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous, instead. And, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. The whole trend and the quality of anyone’s life is determined by the choice that are made”. Choosing is the most important activity of your mind, because by making a choice, you are proclaiming your desires to your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind get to know your desires, it is going to do anything to manifest them in your life. The choices you make in your life become your goal. And, if you are sincere in pursuing them, there is no reason why you should not accomplish them. Indecision, on the other hand, not only creates frustration and anxiety, but can also confuse the subconscious mind about what you want. But it is important that the choices you make are made by you, in accordance with your true desires, purposes and aptitude. A lot us of let others make choices for us, or make our choices according to what we think is ‘correct’, even if that means that we go against our wishes. What is right for someone is may not be right for you, and the way to know this is listening to what your heart says. So, begin with, make a list of things which interests you; things which you have always enjoyed, which makes you feel better, which inspires you to surge ahead, no matter what obstacles you face. Do you like doing something creative, or something artistic? Do you enjoy nature, do you like the sea? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you get pleasure out of making a difference in other people’s life? What ever it is that interests you, go ahead and make a list under the following headlines: Things you love to do: ______________________________________ What is it that you love in this thing and why? How you could do this for money, and make a living out of it? __________________ __________________ Creating Your Underlying Principle: The next step is to examine the list you just made and find out if there is any recurring them. Maybe, it is the contribution that keeps coming up, or an effect to seek or give love, or helping your parents cope with old age. Whatever it is try to identify the central them of the things you love to do, and try to put it in a short and precise statement. This will be your ‘Mission Statement’. It may even be a quote by a famous person, or a philosophy that has influenced you. Of course, as you grow up, this statement could evolve, but its soul will remain the same. Now, write down your Mission Statement. Aligning your LIFE with the Underlying Principle: The final step in this journey is to map your path to your ultimate purpose. Make the little changes in your lifestyle that would accommodate this principle in your life. LIVE this principle each and every day. It might take a few days, but you will certainly feel the difference in your enthusiasm for life. If you realize that you love being amidst nature, plan out your holiday. Maybe an outing with your children could be enough to recoup with your energy. On the other hand, you might even want to change your job, or start a new business, that is more in line with your mission. Remember – “Do what you love, and money will follow”.


    Online 3 Positive Steps To Discover The Purpose Of Life
    Tying Fly Fishing Flies The Frankenstein Fly


    You can buy flies for fly fishing, but you’ll want to tie your own at some point. Undoubtedly, your first fly will be the Frankenstein Fly. Of Flies… There is a particular fly for every fish, location and situation. There are basic flies like the Woolly Bugger and millions of exotic ones. You can buy thousands of them, but it will set you back a pretty penny. So, it’s time to tie your own. The first step in the fly process is getting some educated advice at the bookstore. You’ll need to browse the fishing section for the hundreds of books on the subject. You’ll see books like “Flies for Idiots”, “Be One With The Fly”, “I Fly, You Fly, We All Fly” and other mythical titles. Pick the one that seems tailored to your needs, buy your tools and supplies and head home. One of the first flies most people try to tie is the Woolly Bugger. It can be used for most situations and seems fairly simple to tie. Since this is your first time, you’ll actually be tying the Frankenstein Fly whether you realize it or not. This is true regardless of the specific fly you try to tie. With the Woolly Bugger, you’ll use a jam knot, a fluffy piece of marabou, lead wire and so on. You’ll follow the directions in detail. You’ll wind. You’ll strip fuzz. You’ll wrap like you’ve never wrapped before. In the end, you will have followed every step in agonizing detail. As you finish the last step, whip finishing your fly, you’ll step back to admire the best Woolly Bugger. At this point, you’ll look at the book and your masterpiece. Then you’ll jump on the Internet and pull up pictures of Woolly Bugger flies. Then the neighborhood will shake with a piercing scream. Yes, you’ve created something that faintly looks like a Woolly Bugger, but strikingly like Frankenstein. Congratulations, you’ve tied a Frankenstein Fly. Welcome to the league of mad tie scientists. Have Faith Tying flies is definitely an art. You will almost never get it right the first time. Don’t be discouraged. Keep at it. Who knows, maybe the fish will find your Frankenstein Fly to be a tasty treat.


    Online Tying Fly Fishing Flies The Frankenstein Fly
    Next Day Loans


    If you are a UK resident looking for the right loan for your needs, you need not look far. Two of the most important things when applying for a loan are researching all the possible options and actually applying for the loan. Imagine not having to leave the comforts of your home to do these things! With NextDayLoans, you can find all the information you need about just every kind of loan you can imagine. The best part of it is that there is no need to leave your chair. NextDayLoans aims to arm UK residents with the proper information and knowledge they need before obtaining any kind of loan. NextDayLoans provides numerous articles that will help you choose the right type of loan for you. More than that, you can find reviews and data regarding some of the best loan providers in the UK. NextDayLoans also provides links to the most reliable and reputable loan providers you can find in the UK today. With NextDayLoans, you can rest assured that the choices presented to you are trustworthy and represent the best deals out there. Your options are not limited with NextDayLoans. You can find information on traditional banks, building societies, online lenders, and other financial institutions. Furthermore, if you are already experience financial problems due to debts, you can find help within NextDayLoans' website. Different organizations that give aid to UK residents are featured and tips on managing your finances are provided. If advice is what you need, NextDayLoans can help you with that. All you need to do is look up information on agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureaux and you will get all the help you need. Are the numerous financial terms confusing you and making your head spin? Check the loan glossary that NextDayLoans has made available. It will explain terms and acronyms in simple words that the average person can understand. Have you been turned down for a credit application and you feel that you need to know more about credit scores and reports? NextDayLoans will help you understand the ins and outs of credit scoring. You can even access links to further resources to help you get your credit report. NextDayLoans is your newest guide to cheapest, fastest, and most reliable loans available in the market today. Whether you prefer your local bank, building society, or online loan providers, NextDayLoans will help you make wise decisions. Information is more than a commodity. It can serve as your tool in finding the best deal for you. So why not start your journey with NextDayLoans. You don't even have to get up and about. Let your fingers do the work for you!


    Online Next Day Loans
    Why Do So Many Home Based Businesses Fail


    Have you tried running your own home based business before? If you have, you are probably aware that a large percentage of home based businesses fail within a year's time. For many entrepreneurs, it's much sooner. At the same time, you probably know that the average successful home based business entrepreneur makes more money than the average employee. How do the successful entrepreneurs do it? Why are they the minority? Well, the answer is quite simple. Each and every business model requires selling. Do you personally enjoy selling? If the answer is No, then you're not alone. Just ask 20 people on any busy street if they enjoy sales. 18 or 19 will tell you No. The fact is, most people dislike the sales process. This is quite natural, and there is absolutely no reason to feel inadequate if you want to own your own home based business, but hate sales. Now think about this: Apparently you do not dislike sales people. And you know why? Because you and I normally buy stuff. We buy lots of stuff. Each and every item that we purchase requires a sales transaction. Now if you recently purchased cable TV service, you had to interact with a professional sales person. Did you dislike the cable TV representative? Of course not! The cable TV representative had a valuable service that you were willing and able to purchase. That is one of the reasons your transaction went so smoothly. But there is more to it than that. It is not a coincidence that the cable TV sales representative made you feel good about your decision to purchase. The most successful sales people and sales organizations spend lots of time and money on self improvement, because they know that their personal development is directly proportionate to their sales success. Just ask any highly successful sales professional what or who they turn to for personal development, imitate them, and you will have opened your mind to an entire new way of thinking. Make it a routine to take in personal development material on a daily basis, apply it to your home based business. The odds are that you will join the elite minority that succeed in a home based business. Now that we know that selling is OK, do you feel like becoming a professional sales person to support your home based business? If not, that's OK. You can do the next best thing. In fact, this particular 'thing' may be a superior model for you to follow: Hire your own professional sales staff. Now if you're thinking 'Wow, that's a great idea' then you are probably familiar with the concept of leverage. Leverage in business means, very simply, that you get someone or something else to duplicate your efforts. Take your cable TV provider for example. The board of directors is smart enough to hire talented sales people to speak with potential customers. They feel great about the business, passionate about their products, but they still hire professionals to close the sales. So there is your formula for success in a home based business. Become a sales professional, or hire your own professional sales staff. It has worked in every capitalist civilization in the past, and there's absolutely no reason that it wouldn't work for you.


    Online Why Do So Many Home Based Businesses Fail
    Ways To Stop Blushing


    If you're looking for ways top stop blushing, you could spend a lifetime trying the next temporary solution, the latest green tinted make up or some kind of foul home remedy that ends up gathering dust in the cupboard. In reality, there is but a few genuine ways to stop blushing for good. In fact. the only way to stop blushing or at best to calm in down to a comfortable level of control is to reprogram our minds and subconscious thoughts. Before we reach that stage, we first need to change our outlook on everyday things in life in order to truly stop the mental negativity that causes and triggers blushing in the first place. I'd like to explain how we can understand how other people might perceive our blushing, simply by understanding how we would act if the tables were turned... As a child, when we see something we are not familiar with such as a scary looking dog or a road with cars rushing past, we stare and retract from them. As an adult, these reactions become less as we experience more. However, we still have this natural instinctive reaction to things we are not too familiar with. So, when we see someone who blushes excessively or appears extremely shy, we tend to react just as we did as that young child we stare and retract ourselves. On the other hand, some people react in different ways such as laughter, criticising or questioning. These alternative reactions can be equally hard for those who suffer from shyness and blushing due to these reactions being the very cause of shyness and blushing in the first place. Most of us however, take a little time to adjust to something new or less ordinary but, just as the child did, we become accustomed to such things in other people and move on. So, knowing that by our very nature, other people's reactions and thoughts are only temporary... becomes easier to accept our initial shyness and blushing behaviours. Once everyone else has moved on after becoming accustomed to your uniqueness, you should also move on with them. It is impossible to venture throughout this wonderful world if you continue to let a pre occupation about your skin tone or personality hold you back. All it tales is a little paddle in the big wide world to make many people realize that life is not so much about themselves but about others. If we all became so obsessed with ourselves the world would be a boring place to live in. Furthermore, it is vital to understand that friendships and respect are gained from listening, helping and involving yourself in others. People are attracted to others who show interest and provide benefits in their own lives. So whether or not you are prone to blushing, you will always have the ability to be a great friend, have great friends and achieve whatever you desire with a little dedication and hard work. So look outward in life, in order to feel better inward. Shift the focus of your personal problems to that of helping others with theirs, and you will soon notice the shyness and blushing fading away like an old painting.


    Online Ways To Stop Blushing
    Improve Certain Health Conditions With An Herbal Natural Remedy


    If you're battling certain health conditions or need to lose weight, there are herbal cures for almost any need. As healthcare costs rise each year, more and more people are seeking help from herbs and herb supplements. Why? Natural herbal supplements will often help you to feel better without sacrificing the health of other parts of the body. Herbs can help your body repair itself using the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. With a natural weight loss supplement such as Hoodia, you can lose weight without having to pay high costs for prescription diet pills. With unique natural health products such as Provillus, you can combat hair loss naturally. There are also herbal remedies for high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, bowel irregularities, colon cleansing, and kicking the smoking habit. What is an Herbal Natural Remedy? An herbal natural remedy is a cure or remedy for certain ailments that uses natural substances or herbs. Though some herbs are mixed with other chemicals, they are usually most effective in their natural, pure form without any additives. Unlike prescription medicines, herbal products are gathered from nature plants, trees, or flowers. Natural herbal supplements are dietary supplements that consist of herbs, either in a blend of herbs or as a stand alone herb. Herbal supplements come from plants or parts of plants and are used for flavor, scent, and therapeutic purposes. Find Herbs that Best Fit Your Health Needs Before rushing to the nearest health store or pharmacy to grab all the herbs you can, you should first do some research to find out which herbs are best for your needs. There are hundreds of natural health products on the market. You should sift through these to find herbal supplements that work well with one another and with your body. First, determine the pressing needs of your body. What does it need right now? Do you need to lose weight, quit smoking, lower or raise blood sugar levels, improve a heart condition, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones, or decrease skin rashes? Some herbs will help one condition, but not another. Each has its own purpose, so you should first determine your health needs. Next, check with your physician. If you have any health conditions at all, ask your doctor if there are any herbal supplements you should avoid. Better yet, tell your doctor which herbs you plan on using and ask if those are a good choice for you. Lastly, choose a good product and dependable company. There are many scams out there (especially online) in which companies will claim to be selling an herbal supplement, but their product will not actually contain the herb. Sometimes, herbs are mixed with chemicals that can lessen the herb's effectiveness. You can use herb information found on the Internet to check out companies and their products to see if they are legitimate. Beware of extremely low pricing or free sample offerings. Recommended Natural Supplements Finding an herbal natural remedy is easier than ever as long as you beware of false claims. A popular natural weight loss product is Hoodia, which is available in pill form or liquid form. For stress relief, there's Relagen. For hair loss prevention, many are choosing Provillus. If you need to improve thyroid health, there's Thyromine. For hemorrhoids, Venapro is popular. Nicocure can help you quit smoking. HGH gives you energy. Bowtrol offers bowel relief. Malatrol is a natural sleep aid. The list goes on and on, and there are herbal cures for almost any condition! Use the tips above to choose an herbal natural remedy that's right for you. Your good health may depend on it!


    Online Improve Certain Health Conditions With An Herbal Natural Remedy
    Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 80


    Absolute equality, that which means a perfect balance of all the struggling forces in all the planes, can never be in this world. Before you attain that state, the world will have become quite unfit for any kind of life, and no one will be there. We find, therefore, that all these ideas of the millennium and of absolute equality are not only impossible but also that, if we try to carry them out, they will lead us surely enough to the day of destruction. What makes the difference between man and man? It is largely the difference in the brain. Nowadays no one but a lunatic will say that we are all born with the same brain power. We come into the world with unequal endowments; we come as greater men or as lesser men, and there is no getting away from that prenatally determined condition. The American Indians were in this country for thousands of years, and a few handfuls of your ancestors came to their land. What difference they have caused in the appearance of the country! Why did not the Indians make improvements and build cities, if all were equal? With your ancestors a different sort of brain power came into the land, different bundles of past impressions came, and they worked out and manifested themselves. Absolute non differentiation is death. So long as this world lasts, differentiation there will and must be, and the millennium of perfect equality will come only when a cycle of creation comes to its end. Before that, equality cannot be. Yet this idea of realizing the millennium is a great motive power. Just as inequality is necessary for creation itself, so the struggle to limit it is also necessary. If there were no struggle to become free and get back to God, there would be no creation either. It is the difference between these two forces that determines the nature of the motives of men. There will always be these motives to work, some tending towards bondage and others towards freedom. To get more information visit : spiritual simplicity. com


    Online Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 80
    Home Interior Painting 101


    : A new coat of paint can refresh and revitalize any room in your house. Paint is also a very cost effective way to change the look of a room. The best part about interior painting is that almost anyone can do it—all you need is the right material and a little bit of knowledge. Painting Supplies Your supply needs will vary depending upon the room that you are painting and the type of paint that you are using, but here is a basic list to get you started: • Paint. After you choose a color, you will also need to choose a finish. The finish determines how shiny the paint will be. Choices include flat, eggshell, satin, semi gloss, and gloss. Flat finish is hard to wipe clean and should only be used in low traffic areas that will not attract dirt. Satin, eggshell, and semi gloss finishes are easy to wipe clean and can be used almost anywhere.

    Gloss finish is very shiny and is best reserved for small areas such as trim or molding. • Paint Applicators. Paint rollers and brushes are necessities. A good paint roller can paint an entire room.

    Choose one that has a fair amount of nap to it the thicker the better. When it comes to brushes, everyone has their own individual preference. A small angle brush works well for trim and corners.

    A three inch flat brush or a paint pad will work well for the places that a paint roller can not reach. • Miscellaneous Supplies. In addition to paint and paint applicators, you may also need drop cloths, cleaning rags, paint trays, spackling, sandpaper, and a putty knife (if your walls are damaged and need repair), and a ladder or stepladder. The ladder will need to be sturdy and stable to support your movements. Try choosing a ladder with a wide base or a flared bottom like on a Little Giant Ladder.

    Painting Tips When painting, the most important thing you can do is take your time. If you move too fast, things could get sloppy. Also important, is the prep work. Your painting project will go much smoother if you are properly prepared prior to painting. Here are some tips that can help: • Make sure that you have everything you need by organizing all of your supplies before you start painting. • Protect your furniture from paint splatters by moving it or covering it up. • Use low tack masking tape to tape off baseboards and trim. Remove the tape before the paint dries. • Paint the walls before painting trim or woodwork. • Do not apply a second coat of paint until the first coat has dried.


    Online Home Interior Painting 101
    France At 200 Kph Of Grandmothers Lyon And Rain


    In my teens, I traveled to France with my mother, father and grandmother for a month of sightseeing with a rental car. Michael Schumacher and Formula 1 have nothing on my father and our Opel rental car. American fathers have an interesting if somewhat aggravating habit on trips. Yes, I am talking about the desire to see everything there is to see. This was particularly problematic in France, which has a gazillion things to see. For some reason, my memory is a blur! I’ll have to refer back to my Nomad Travel Journal, but here we go… Churches. Big churches. Small churches. Church ruins. New churches. For three days, my grandmother had insisted we stop at every church we passed. She is just about the greatest grandmother a kid could hope for, but she had been a grade school teacher for forty years and there was just no disobeying. Did I mention we looked at churches? We pulled into Lyon as the third day turned to evening. It was raining. We were tired and grumpy. After a minor argument, we pulled up in front of an older hotel with vacancies and checked in. Family arrangements being what they were, my parents had one room while my grandmother and I shared a second. We all agreed to take a nap and meet a little later. As I lay on my bed, I watched the rain come down hard on the windows. I also admired the old, intricate wood structure that was our hotel. I dozed off and was awaken a few hours later by my grandmother. “The door is stuck!” she told me. Grumbling, I walked over to the door and gave it a yank. Then I gave it another yank. Like a bad comedy, I put one leg up on the wall and yanked again. Alas, the wood seemed to have swollen and jammed the door shut. I couldn’t budge it. At this point, my grandmother made a passing comment about the two years of French I had taking in high school and pointed to the phone. Dutifully, I called down to the lobby and chaos ensued. Somehow, we had lost the key, so I couldn’t tell them what room we were in. It just got worse. What is the French word for “door?” Don’t know? Neither did I nor do I now. All I could say to the person at the front desk is, “We are stuck!” To top matters off, I also started yelling my last name, Chapo, thinking they would at least come investigate. After being hung up on twice, it occurred to me that the pronunciation of my last name means “hat” in French. Yes, I was yelling, “We are stuck! Hat!” “We are stuck! Hat!” Intensely cussing up a storm, I walked over to the door and banged it with my fist. It bounced open. My grandmother and I stared at each other and burst out laughing. I hoofed it to my parent’s room to tell them the story. Half way through the tale, my mother plugged in her hair dryer, flipped it on and blew out the electricity for the entire floor. We left very early the next morning.


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    Barbecue Party Tips For A Truly Amazing Event


    Barbecue party tips can help a host put together an extraordinary event for family and friends. Eating outdoors is a favorite pastime enjoyed by everyone and planning the event can help make it more memorable and stress free for the host. Big or small, a barbecue party requires an adequate amount of planning and preparation to ensure that everything is laid out properly. It is advisable to plan the event around a theme in order to create a focal point for the barbecue party. This way, all aspects of the party such as the food, games and decorations can be fashioned around a central theme. Favorite themes for barbecue parties include a Hawaiian motif, nostalgic seventies get together, or, if you are near the sea, opt for a beach bbq party! Planning the menu is perhaps the most important part of any get together especially for a barbecue party as most guests will be looking forward to an array of lip smacking roasted meats dripping in bbq sauce. Barbecue on the Beach Anyone? Ah, what can be better than a great barbecue on the beach? The beach is definitely one of the best locations to have a barbecue. After all, the nature of grilling and barbecuing as a cooking technique is that it's fun, exciting and very rewarding. Similarly, the beach pretty much exudes the same atmosphere. There are a lot of fun and exciting activities to do at the beach. It's a place where people can be themselves in their 'bare essentials' and the relaxation factor is definitely rewarding. Putting these two wonderful concepts together, a barbecue on the beach is pretty much a recipe for a great time! But before you pack your stuff, gear up your grill and hit the sand for one hell of a barbecue on the beach party, bear in mind that there are various safety procedures and other rules governing beach areas so it would be best to consult authorities and secure the proper permissions before you even think about organizing a beach barbecue party. Assuming you've done that and you've already picked a nice spot, next would be preparing for your barbecue on the beach. There are various grill types that you may use for barbecuing on the beach – you have the wood or charcoal grill, gas grill or you may also use a campfire tripod. Be sure to station your grill in a stable spot, away from any flammable material and safe from people possibly bumping into it. Bring your marinated meat, poultry or seafood in a cooler and take them out only when you're ready to start barbecuing to avoid spoilage. Further, the last seasoning you would want on your barbecue on the beach is sand right? So keep them covered! And of course, don't forget to pack those barbecue sauces and hot sauces to spice up your barbecue dishes. If you're looking for something insanely different to give your barbecue that extra punch, visit . InsaneChicken. com for their wide array of barbecue sauces, marinades and dry rubs. Treat yourself and your friends' taste buds to their line of extremely hot products; they would definitely go well with a good beer. Now that's what I call one unforgettable barbecue on the beach party!


    Online Barbecue Party Tips For A Truly Amazing Event
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