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    Buying Investment Property


    : First a little story about buying investment property. My wife and I stayed at a motel in Tucson for a week one winter. Our bill was for twice what it should have been, but since I already paid the correct amount in cash, I thought nothing of it. During our stay, we noticed that the lobby and swimming pool were unheated, and passed it off as frugality. A year later, however, when I read a news story about a new owner struggling to make the motel work, I realized what was really going on. To prepare the motel for sale, the owner had been using the two most basic ways to inflate the appraised value: decrease expenses and increase reported income. Stopping repairs, turning down the heat, and quietly adding $100 in income to the books every day, might have increased the net income for the year by $45,000 more. With a .08 capitalization rate, that means the appraisal would come in $562,000 higher than it should have. Imagine the the poor guy who overpaid! To avoid a mistake like this when buying investment property, you need to watch for tricks like these. You also need to understand the basics of appraising income property. Valuation of income properties start with the capitalization rate, or "cap rate." When investors in an area expect a return of 8% on assets, the cap rate is .08. The net income before debt service is divided by this to arrive at the value of a property. This is expleained further in another article, but the primary point to remember is that every dollar of extra income shown will increase the appraised value by $12.50 with a cap rate of .08 (Or, for example, by $10, if the cap rate is .10). Avoid Dirty Tricks When Buying Investment Property When sellers of income properties increase the net income by honest means, the property should sell for more. However, there are many dishonest ways, both legal and fraudulent, that are sometimes used. Sellers of houses may cover foundation cracks with plaster, but the tricks used by sellers of income properties aren't about appearance. These tricks are about income and expenses. One way income can be inflated, is by showing you the "pro forma," or projected income, instead of the actual rents collected. Demand the actual figures, and check to see that none of the apartments listed as occupied are actually vacant. See if any of the income is from one time events, like the sale of something. The income from vending machines is a gray area. Many smart investors subtract this from the net income before applying the cap rate, then add back the value of the machines themselves. For example, if laundry machines make $6,000, that would add $75,000 to the appraised value (.08 cap rate), if you included it. However, since they are easily replaceable, adding the $10,000 replacement cost instead makes more sense. The other important tricks sellers play involve hiding expenses. These can include paying for repairs off the books, or just avoiding necessary repairs for a year. This can dramatically increase the net income, meaning you pay more for the property. It also means you have less income than expected, and deferred maintenance to catch up on. Ask for an accounting of all expenditures. If a number in an expense category is suspicious, replace it with your own best guess. Then re figure the net income. Look at each of the following, verifying the figures as much as possible, and substituting your own guesses if they are too suspect: vacancy rates, advertising, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, management fees, supplies, taxes, insurance, utilities, commissions, legal fees and any other expenses. Do your homework, and avoid seller's tricks when buying investment property.


    Online Buying Investment Property
    What Inhibits Our Learning


    Our behavior is formed under two desires: to be rewarded or to avoid punishment. If you have a stimulus to learn your potential will endlessly grow. The process of learning involves a lot of other including habit development. There is a way to speed up this process and that is to create a situation for where you have no choice but to succeed. Don’t be afraid to go into details to get what you wish. Put yourself into the circumstances where victory is the only solution. We are learning only when we have desire to improve. To be successful in this you have to train our brains. All the distracting moments should be pout aside. Concentrate on the main goal and slowly but surely move forward. Eliminate irrelevant issues and forget about the volume of information. The quantity is not important the only thing that matters is the quality of knowledge acquired. Do not be afraid to go back to what you have learnt and go over it once more. While learning we seek facts that appear to be supportive to our statements. If there is a controversy, we seek for more details to eliminate it. We are young discoverers throughout life and nothing brings more pleasure than the fact that you have learnt more. But there are several obstacles one has to overcome. The first one is laziness. No human will be willing to do something unless he or she is provoked. The next barrier is fear. The volumes of information overwhelming a person makes him feel lost and confused. The unknown is likely to scare, create many more obstacles. The way out is will. Focus just on the task and break the barrier. The process will reduce fear and grow self confidence. No one is insured from making mistakes. This is what we learn from. This process is unavoidable and the fear is a barrier until it is ignored and bound by strong will. There are more complicated things to overcome. It is strange, but there is a false belief that the person may become all knowing. Knowledge is an abstract noun that can not be derived without thorough research. None knows the limits. It is a spiritual universe where everything is possible and there are no restrictions. Knowledge can not be assessed or counted. It is impossible to know everything when you are not even willing to know yourself. This is the truth expressed by most philosophers and the truth that has been washed with tears and blood. No further proof needed. Open your heart to knowledge and become wiser by admitting how little you know and how much more you are willing to.


    Online What Inhibits Our Learning
    A Look At Personal Bankruptcy What To Expect


    One of the most difficult decisions that you can face is whether or not to file for bankruptcy. For individuals, there are basically two types of personal bankruptcy, which includes Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Designed to give the filer a fresh start in life by wiping out certain debts, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will rid the filer of credit card and other unsecured debt. A chapter 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, is a court approved payment plan in which the filer is required to repay a predetermined percentage of their debt. The determination of which chapter to file will be based on the filer’s disposable income, if any, after paying their necessary monthly bills. When many people file for bankruptcy, their first thoughts are of their assets and whether or not they may lose their home. In a Chapter 13 repayment plan, the majority of filers are allowed to keep their property in exchange for repaying a portion of their debts. A Chapter 7, however, is designed to be a liquidation process that often results in the sale of non exempt property. Which property is non exempt in a bankruptcy proceeding? Each state has it’s own laws pertaining to the amount of property that an individual or married couple can keep without having to worry about it being liquidated. The official bankruptcy process begins upon filing a petition with the local bankruptcy court. This can either be done individually, also known as pro se, or with the help of an attorney. For most, hiring an attorney is the best way to make sure that every form is completed accurately and in order to make sure their assets are protected as much as possible. Upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, the court will assign a trustee to the case and will set a date for a Meeting of the Creditors. Although creditors of the filer are invited to attend, they are not required to do so. The filer, however, is required to attend and will be questioned by the trustee, under oath, while having the meeting recorded. This meeting is typically the only appearance required of the filer unless special circumstances are present. Following the Meeting of the Creditors, often referred to as the 341 meeting, the creditors will have 30 days to object to the filers property exemptions and another 30 days to object to the discharge if the filing is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In a Chapter 13 proceeding, creditors may object to the payment plan but the discharge will not be granted until the payment plan is complete. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can last for up to 5 years before the payments are completed and a discharge is issued. Following the discharge, the bankruptcy case will be closed and the process will be complete. This article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional legal advice regarding bankruptcy. Anyone who is considering filing a petition for either personal or business bankruptcy should consult a licensed attorney in their area for additional information and/or legal advice.


    Online A Look At Personal Bankruptcy What To Expect
    The Flexibility Of A Criminal Justice Degree Online


    For as long as there has been crime, criminal justice has come into play. No other career combines the possibility of high speed car chases, criminal investigations and courtroom battles to make one fast paced work environment. The purpose of criminal justice is to maintain order, prevent crime and enforce laws. It entails all aspects of the judicial system, which includes law enforcement, the court system and correctional facilities. With the feasibility of the Internet, it makes it easy for an individual interested in these aspects of the judicial system to receive a criminal justice degree online. The great thing about receiving a degree in criminal justice is that it can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Many institutions offer a criminal justice degree online that affords students flexibility in learning. Completing a degree online, however, takes discipline and self motivation. Individuals must have excellent time management and organizational skills to assure they complete all the course work. It is also important for students to have good communications and computer skills. Most of the course work completed in an online program is completed via the Internet, so being comfortable with a computer and having knowledge of the Internet is essential. Online programs also make it easy for students to keep a full time or a part time job while completing course work. Many individuals cannot afford to take a few years off to complete a degree or do not have a college or university close enough that offers a program of interest. This is why a criminal justice degree online is a great alternative to more traditional programs. Because of the time commitment associated with a job, it is important for students to manage their time efficiently. While some individuals may not think online degree programs are for them, an online degree in criminal justice is versatile in that it offers three different programs to suit just about everyone's need. These programs include an Associates degree, Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in criminal justice. For those individuals who aspire to further their education after high school, an Associates degree is one option. Receiving a criminal justice degree online can take as little as two years by going through the Associates degree program. This particular degree program offers course work in criminology, security and law. Those who receive their Associates degree in criminal justice move on to a variety of different career fields. These careers include being a police officer, probation officer, courtroom administrator or a police detective among many other fields. Those who wish to pursue a criminal justice degree online may also be interested in a Bachelors degree program. The Bachelors degree is a four year program in criminal justice and consists of the same course work in the Associates degree program; however, it also includes classes in investigation, terrorism, administration and a number of other classes. Possible careers for those who obtain Bachelors degrees many include private security officer, Juvenile delinquency case manager and corrections officer. After receiving a Bachelors degree, students can also go on to receive a Masters degree as well. Receiving a criminal justice degree online is simple and affords students the flexibility of working at home by allowing them to make their own hours. It makes it easy for individuals already in the career field to advance their career by obtaining a degree. It also makes it possible for individuals with families to obtain a degree. A degree in criminal justice also offers a wide variety of career fields upon graduation. So whether an individual wants to investigate crime scenes or arrest criminals, the career possibilities are endless.


    Online The Flexibility Of A Criminal Justice Degree Online
    Voip Systems Just What Is An Ip Anyway


    IP stands for "internet protocol" and references a data protocol that is used for communication across a network. A protocol, then, is a standard that governs the connection of that contact between two points on a network. Protocol also references a set of guidelines or rules that govern the aspects of the communication across the network. IP, then, is what is known as a network layer protocol and is housed and governed in a data linkage known as Ethernet. Ethernet refers to what are essentially a family of computer properties and technologies used across local area networks or LANs. Ethernet tends to provide unique global internet protocol addresses or IP addresses to users on the networks. IP is basically the tools of communication and the identity of a particular computer or network's "global address." IP is entirely concerned with where the data ends up whereas Ethernet references and is concerned with the actual next device in the next chain of communication. To use the aforementioned example regarding a child's telephone, the Ethernet would be concerned with the two cans more than it would be with the string. The first version of IP to be used worldwide and widely deployed was IPv4. IPv4, as the name would suggest, was the fourth edition of internet protocol and is used on the internet along with IPv6. IPv6 and Ipv4 are actually the only forms of internet protocol to be utilized on the World Wide Web. IPv4 is what is known as a "best effort delivery" protocol; there are not many service guarantees within IPv4 or any other IP for that matter. In fact, best effort delivery contains a number of notions that do not guarantee a level of quality for service customers or a level of reliability in terms of connectivity to any network. The best comparison to this philosophy would be the post office. While no resources are left unused in the operation of delivering mail, there is no actualized guarantee as to when you mail will arrive. Along with a lack of data guarantee, IP may also deliver some data corruption, some lack of connectivity to the network, some double arrival in connectivity pings to the network, and even some loss of connection packets. For businesses using voice over ip phone connection or voip systems, this can cause a problem. The only thing IP actually can guarantee to its users is that the address will be correct in terms of connectivity. So the connection may be duplicated or may not arrive at any particular time and the data may be corrupted, but at least the connection knows the address and can deliver it to the address if the factors arrive as predicted. That sounds more and more like the postal service, doesn't it? IP, while seemingly complex, simply provides a set of rules and regulations in the world of technology that enables data the ability to transmit across a given network, going as far as to include voice over ip services. This happens because the computers in the network have IP addresses and can function within the network's regulations. IP governs these addresses and the involvement of the address with the regulations, transferring data around the network.


    Online Voip Systems Just What Is An Ip Anyway
    Creating An Index For Your Pdf Files


    PDF or the Portable Document Format is widely used in the present time next to the Microsoft Document. Various presentations, electronic books and all sorts of files are now converted to PDF because of its viewing convenience. In addition, PDF is easy to manipulate by enlarging or minimizing the size of the page to better view illustrations and text. With these kinds of user friendly functions, you can possibly get tons of PDF files in your computer regardless of the information contained in them. Searching for the certain file is somewhat a little troublesome if you have hundreds of them in your hard disk. If you are in a rush to look for a file, maybe for your presentation or a file for your lesson, you will find yourself cramming by checking each of the files in your hard disk. It is probably because you could not remember the file name itself. This is now the advantage of creating an index for all of your files to a faster search without even memorizing the whole file name or the text of the file. It is like you're looking at the back of your textbook in the index page. But the best thing about indexing is that the search result can also show you a small peek on what the file actually contains. Just how can you create an index for your PDF files? What are the things considered for a better index or archive? Well, various applications offer this kind of functionality. One best thing about indexing is that you can have the dynamic re indexing function. It means that the application will be the one to update the stored information if there are changes made in the files. To begin with, you can choose an option for creating an index. You can choose a short index, which only contains the keywords from the text of your files or the full index, which contains the full text of the file. Next, is also to decide on the index type where you want the path of the file to be at. It is possible to make a full path of the file so you can save in anywhere, or if you desire to make relative path information by creating a searchable CD. After setting all this, choose where you wanted your index to be saved every time you create an index. Of course, towards the end of the process, specify which folders in your computer you would want to index and select the files you want to index. These files can include. txt,.pdf,.xls,.doc,.htm, and. html. Then after that, you are now ready to index! The application will now do the rest for you just like how you have set up the settings of your index format. Creating and index is not that too complicated because most applications that provide this kind of function are user friendly. Therefore, you would not spend endless time in trying to recall the file names and content of the things you want to search in your hard disk. Most especially if you have a several gigabytes in your hard disk. That is sure a head breaking task if you are a busy person. Create an archive for your index and ensure the fast locating of your PDF files.


    Online Creating An Index For Your Pdf Files
    The Low Down On Worms


    The Low Down On Worms We all know that plastic worms are one of the most productive lures there are, but did you know certain worms have special uses? I have a whole tackle box with nothing but plastic worms in it, hundreds of them! Here is what I use a certain worm for: Floating Worm...I use this worm in shallow water and mainly in the spring. I use no weight whatsoever and like to use it when the fish just start thinking about spawning. Stick Worm.....I use this worm in 60 70 degree water. If you use it whacky style it will vibrate on both ends. Paddle Tail.....This is one of my favorite shallow water lures. When I fish vegetation I use long casts and just reel it back in slowly. Gator Tail...This is also a shallow water worm that I use in the summer. It's also great on streams and rivers. Curly Tail....I use this worm in the summer around stumps, docks, timber, lily pads and it's one of my favorite when I fish deep water to 20 feet. Straight Tail...This is one of my favorites for docks, timber and brush. I have found it doesn't wrap around brush like most worms do. French Fry....I always carolina rig a french fry and use it in clearer water. The action of this is amazing when you move your line and the weight comes up the line. Ribbon Tail...I read about 30 years ago of people fishing with a 10 inch ribbontail at night. I'm here to tell you this works, I have caught some nice bass on a big ribbontail. I use a regular ribbontail when fishing 10 15 feet of water too. If you like to worm fish now, try some of the types of worms above for specific conditions. I think you'll like the results.


    Online The Low Down On Worms
    A Helping Hand To Online Success The Ebook


    : If, like me, you’ve tried – and failed – in the past to achieve success online with internet marketing, then rest assured that help is finally at hand. I certainly wish I had had access to such knowledge when I started out three years ago, and perhaps I wouldn’t have been so overwhelmed with the practicalities of website design, using autoresponders, joining affiliate programs, writing sales letters, and how to get traffic to my site. I know better now, but more of this in a moment. . . . The simple fact of the matter is, that to enter the world of internet marketing, you need something to promote and sell (well you want to make money at it don’t you?), whether a physical item, or – information. The very nature of the internet – where knowledge can be shared and exchanged at the click of a button – lends itself perfectly to . . . the eBook! The advantages of the eBook over selling physical items is that there is no need to buy or store stock, no time and effort incurred in packing anything up and shipping it off in the post – and your customer can pay their money for your product and get immediate access to it from a download page. In an age where demand is for instant gratification, an eBook is ideal – easy and effective! And once written, you can sell unlimited copies of it without having to produce each item – so it’s both time and cost effective too. When thinking of a subject to write about for your eBook, the secret to greater success, and finding your ‘niche market’, is very simple. Like they tell all first time budding authors – write about what you know. Whether it’s a few chapters on ‘How to Stop Smoking’ (if you’ve been successful at this), on the mechanics of owning a motorcycle, how to earn money online, or even ‘Tips on Flower Arranging’, you can bet that someone out there in ‘cyberspace’ wants to know about it. If the subject of your eBook is also your hobby, so much the better. If you’ve got passion for your subject, you’re going to convey that enthusiasm in what you write, and make that eBook even more interesting and useful. Of course, if you have knowledge or practical experience on a popular subject in which there is a large potential market to sell your eBook, perhaps health and fitness, or food and drink, you could be more likely of success, but remember you’ll also be competing with many others. So choose your subject carefully! However, in writing your eBook, don’t forget to give your customer value – and they could become customers for your future eBooks too! Make the content and quality of your eBook meaningful – whatever its length, it has to be good, or you’ll leave your customers feeling disenchanted. Give away a few free bonuses – an extra report perhaps, or some free training that they would have to pay for elsewhere. Aim for customer satisfaction!

    If you don’t know how to go about creating an eBook (you could always write an eBook explaining how to do it!), then it brings me to the ‘more of this in a moment . . .’ that I mentioned above – the launch of a FREE course in all aspects of internet marketing, including creating eBooks. Visit the website below for what you need to get started online.

    Good luck! Penelope Housden.


    Online A Helping Hand To Online Success The Ebook
    February In Europe Sounds Good


    From Venice Carnival to Nice Carnival, from Arco Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid to the Pancakes Race in London, or from the Chinese New Year in London to the Berlin Film Festival in Berlin you can take your pick! With a passion for Cinema we suggest you include Berlin in your trip and be there for one of the film industry’s most prestigious annual events: the Berlinale! The Berlin International Film Festival was started in 1951 as an effort to bring back some of the vibe and culture of the city during the Golden Twenties. Bringing buzz to town for two weeks in February, the Berlinale is today Berlin’s largest cultural event. With a record of 150,000 tickets sold, 16,000 film professionals rocking up and around, 350 movies screened running for the coveted ‘Golden Bear’ award, this festival features the biggest audience of any film festival in the world! Superb cinemas across the city, including the Arsenal, CinemaxX and CineStar host the films. Berlin is covered with the official poster series of graphic designer Antonia Neubacher. For this 58th Berlin International Film Festival the responsible for the artwork said that the poster series is a reduced variation of the necessary and the apparently random. One can see the series as a programmatic statement, in which the Berlinale Bear as a visual representative of the festival is in constant motion. The are all over Berlin since January 22, 2008. If you wish to be on theme and get to know something about Berlin from your own tv screen here a small not exhaustive list of good movies you can deciede to see before you go. Run Lola Run (1998) by T. Tykwer The Sky Over Berlin (1987) by W. Wender Bourne Supremacy (2004)by P. Greengrass Schlinders list (1993) by S. Spielberg Faraway so close (1993) by W. Wenders Around the world in 80 days (2004) by F. Coraci Beyond the Sea (2004) by K. Spacey For more information on the Film Festival, with programme and the latest news, check out the Berlinale official website. To get a simple central accommodation in Berlin, there is an apposite section in the Berlinale website but no possibilities to book directly online. For other Berlin accommodation listings please see online: there are various bookers. A valid alternative are the Berlin apartments usually very cool and stylish at very affordable prices or consider the cheapest youth hostels.


    Online February In Europe Sounds Good
    The Art Of Adsense Advertisement Blending


    Adsense advertisement blending is somewhat of an art. Many successful Adsense publishers will tell you that their websites and blogs generated more income when they took the time to blend their units into their pages. Today, it seems that the vast majority of Web surfers have conditioned themselves not to click on anything that resembles blatant Adsense advertising. By blending your advertisement units in your web pages, you are increasing the chances that your visitors will click on them believing that they are part of the content. In the past, some of the most common Adsense locations have been, either the top or bottom of a page or at one side . They are so common; in fact, statistics show that even when these advertisement units display very relevant ads, visitors will not click through. This is commonly known as ‘ad blindness’. Many webmasters have found some degree of success by placing advertisement units directly before the first paragraph, of each article or page. The theory behind this success is that readers will notice relevant ads, while they are searching for the beginning of your text. Another blending method that has proved to be successful is placing the largest rectangular unit between paragraphs. These spaced out units give readers the opportunity to pause between each thought that the article or page is trying to convey. This is actually the same method used in television advertising. No doubt, you are familiar with the success of commercials. Just as television advertisers sell their products during program pauses, your goal is to generate Adsense income because of a pause, with your text. Probably the most obvious way to blend your ad units is to change the background and border color of your advertisement to the same color as the location where the ad unit will be placed. Doing so, makes it seem more like the advertisements are part of your actual content You may even want to experiment using these methods together. Like any other type of advertising with a lot of the success, is due to experimenting and trial and error. You can begin by testing out certain format for two weeks and see how it goes before further tweaks are implemented. It is important to remember that success with Adsense program will not happen overnight. Take the time to try several methods of advertisement blending, because in the long run it is definitely worth the effort and dedication.


    Online The Art Of Adsense Advertisement Blending


    As every flyer knows, the standard economy class on long haul airlines seems to be getting worse. Whilst airlines vary slightly in the available seat pitch most would say that the "sardine" class is only just acceptable. Economy class provides precious little leg room and there is not much chance of being comfortable, especially if the passenger in front reclines their seat. Passengers over 6ft tall will have to beg at checkin in the hope of getting an emergency exit seat. Recently, airlines have been concentrating on bringing the more expensive classes to the masses. Airplanes have increased number of "premium economy" seats and the competition between airlines has meant that the fare costs are coming down and at the same time the comfort improving. Another new focus in the airline industry is the addition of carriers that specialize in just one class of seat on the entire aircraft business class. These business class airlines are a new threat to traditional carriers and serve to keep the level of comfort up and the ticket prices down. Airlines such as MaxJet, Eos Airlines and the new SilverJet offer trans atlantic business class seats with benefits such as large pitches, wide comfortable seats that recline into flat beds, fine gourmet dining, superior entertainment systems, plenty of space, superior onboard service, private terminals, executive lounges and even chauffeur transfers at a very reasonable cost. Business class on these new airlines is perfect not only for business travelers but also for honeymooners, leisure trips and for those flying to join a cruise. If you are to fly transatlantic soon and you fancy paying a little more to elevate yourself out of economy, you should definitely get quotes for flying premium economy on the traditional airlines and then get quotes for business travel on these new business only carriers. You will be surprised to find that they are are often not much more expensive.


    Online Silverjet
    Credit Card Interest Rates 101


    So you just opened an envelope that contained a shiny piece of plastic with your name on it. Awesome … a bank or financial institution just gave you a line of credit! Before you start joyously swiping it on just about any cash register, take the time to read this article to understand the credit card interest rates. A credit card is an authority to spend the money of the company that issued it, in return for a promise that you will repay them in the future, called payment due date. This date is written on your card’s monthly billing statement together with the total cost of the items you purchased for that month (outstanding balance). Smart credit card users pay for the total outstanding balance on the payment due date. However, there maybe instances that you will not be able to. During these times, the card company let’s you borrow the money longer, until the next month’s payment due date, for a fee. This fee is calculated based on the credit card’s interest rate. Usually, credit card companies quote the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as the “interest rate” for using their card. But, this is not entirely true. When you do not pay the total outstanding balance, interest is applied to it, called the monthly periodic rate (equals APR/12). This is added on to the unpaid amount and becomes next month’s outstanding balance. Every month, the periodic rate is applied to whatever outstanding balance is unpaid. This process is called compounding interest. So, the total of the compounding interest is the Effective Annual Rate (EAR), which is in fact bigger than the APR. This is the TRUE interest rate of the credit card. Consult abcguides. com/creditcards/cci_faq. htm#interest for an illustrated example of the discussion above. An introductory rate is an interest rate that is offered by a card company for a limited period (say 1st year of using the card). This is usually very low, sometimes 0% to attract you to apply. After the limited time, the EAR will be the on going interest rate. Be sure to check this before signing up. Also, ask whether your rate is fixed or variable. Fixed interest rate does not change from month to month. A variable interest rate changes monthly, based on some industry rate (for example, Fed Rate or Prime Rate) from which your rate is calculated (your rate is 5%+ Fed Rate). It may be smarter in the long run to choose a fixed rate card. Now that you have a better understanding on credit card interest rates, it is still wise to settle the total outstanding balance monthly. Else, pay only for what you can afford, as if you did not have the credit card.


    Online Credit Card Interest Rates 101
    Essay Service
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