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    The History Of The Venetian Mask


    The history of the Venetian Mask is one which sounds as though it stems from fairytale or legend but which goes to show that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Way back in the 13th Century, Venice was more than just a small city in Italy. It was a very important part of Italy and was known by the name of the Venetian Republic. This Republic was small, with a population in the region of 150,000 people. Nonetheless, the Republic had a very successful trade, which was ship building, and was able to produce one battleship in as little as thirty days. This was a very fast turnaround, made possible by the fact that the shipyards employed 15,000 of the local residents, a staggering ten per cent of the state's overall population. In addition to the shipyards, the Venetian Republic required workforces in all other aspects of daily life. The Republic was a well oiled machine which functioned smoothly and well and this meant that the citizens of the Venetian Republic were wealthy and successful. This wealth, luxury and extravagance, coupled with the beauty of the state, made the Republic very appealing to the rest of the world. It was this wealth that was to bring about the tradition of the Venetian mask. Over time, the citizens of the Venetian Republic began to realise that if they concealed their identity they became able to carry out their daily lives in secrecy and without fear of retribution. With so much personal wealth in the state, people often found themselves making deals and agreements with other citizens outside of the eyes of the law. With the population as small as it was, many wanted to carry out such deals as these without other people knowing their business, and so the wearing of a mask became popular. Once people began to see others wearing masks, it became apparent that they could hold additional benefits. When wearing a mask your identity is concealed and so your social status is not known to others. This allowed servants and business owners to be treated equally and prevented any form of inequality or prejudice. It also allowed all of the citizens of the Republic to have their say on matters which were important to them, allowing them to remain anonymous in the process. This was mutually beneficial to both the citizens and officials visiting the city, who were able to receive honest answers to their questions from the whole spectrum of residents. Soon, all of the city's residents were wearing masks to go about their daily lives. This mutual benefit for all of wearing masks was not to last long though. It did not take long for people to start to take advantage of the concealment of their identity and to benefit from their anonymity. Knowing that there were to be no repercussions of their actions, as no one could be identified, the society began to behave more lavishly and without fear. As a busy city with travellers and business visitors descending upon them daily, sexual promiscuity became common place and gambling was known to be occurring all through the day and the night, all over the city. In fact, gambling was even occurring in convents and was undertaken by men, women and even children. Homosexuality was starting to spread throughout the Republic and was not condemned there as it was in the rest of the country. Women were able to flaunt their sexuality in revealing clothing and engaged in promiscuous behaviour. Even those who had taken religious vows, such as monks and nuns, were undertaking the same activities as the rest of the population, wearing fashionable outfits, gambling and prostituting themselves. The capital of Italy, Rome, knew about the activities which were occurring in the Venetian Republic but for some time chose to ignore them as long as the Republic was continuing to make regular and substantial financial deposits. However, a decision was finally reached to ban the wearing of masks throughout the majority of the year, only permitting it in a three month period from the 26th December onwards. Over time this has been gradually lessened and is now more commonly associated with week long festivities known as Carnevale, or Mardi Gras.


    Online The History Of The Venetian Mask
    Gone In 10 Seconds


    Introduction Ten seconds doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? But in ten seconds, you can dial a phone number, make a purchase, rinse out your coffee mug, or if you’re an Olympic athlete, run the 100 meter dash. And if you’re a web surfer, it takes 10 seconds or less to decide if you want to stay on a website or leave. The first 10 seconds provides them with a glimpse of what your website holds. It’s your moment to grab and hook the user’s attention with a great opening paragraph or a dynamic image to go with a catchy headline. Take a minute to load up your website and really look at what you see in the first 10 seconds. Good? Bad? Maybe it needs a little work. What will you do with it? How can you make sure they stay after the 10 seconds? Check out some sure fire ways to get them to stay. Content Ah, content. It’s much talked about and here we are again. But content is strongly emphasized because it’s so important. It needs to be exciting enough to grab the readers’ attention, but short enough to pull them in instead of having to read a novella before finding out what you’re all about. Want to test out your content? It takes approximately 10 seconds to read 30 40 words, so basically, a short paragraph. Mock up a couple of paragraphs and test them out on other people. See how they grab others and hold their attention. Or if you have the tools, monitor how long people stay on your page before clicking away from there. Use a lot of white space so the visitor is not confronted with a great wall of text. People scan rather than read, so provide some variation. Break up the text with some bolding or bulleted lists to draw attention to the most important information. Give it curb appeal In the real estate world, they call it curb appeal. For example, you’re driving down a residential street and you pass a house with aqua green doors and trim, and an army of garden gnomes dotting the dry yellow grass of the front lawn. I know my instinct is to cringe and step on the gas to pass this atrocity a little faster. It’s an instinct. We block things that are unpleasant by moving on quickly and looking for something better. Give your website some curb appeal. Pull your visitors in and make them want to see more. You don’t need to overload the page with graphics, but give the visitor something nice to look at, easy to navigate, and information that grabs their attention, and that’s 10 seconds well spent. Visual display Let’s talk visuals. What keeps the visitor engaged beyond the 10 second rule? Well for starters: • Display your logo in a prominent place, such as the top of the page, so the visitor knows where they’ve landed. • Place your navigation in a predictable place, like either across the top or down the side of the page. Predictable may be boring, but users have come to anticipate finding the navigation in a certain area of the page. Give it to them, or risk having them become lost and confused. • Give them something good to look at, but don’t bombard them with graphics and tons of high resolution images. If you’re going to use pictures, make sure they have a relationship with the page otherwise it’s just a window covering. • Keep the color palette to a minimum. Fuchsia may seem like a good idea to you, but consider that the average visitor doesn’t come to your site to be blinded by colors. By using two or three subtle colors they’re able to get to what they’ve really come for, fast. Navigation they can rely on Use navigation they can rely on. Clear and identifiable links such as home, about, contact us are stable constants on most websites. Recently, I was on a website looking to buy a bracelet. They had a link titled ‘accouterments.’ I mean really, accouterments? Yeah, I was confused too. I hit their site after a web search expecting to find a quick and easy way to view and buy the bracelet, but instead, I didn’t know where to look for it once I got there. Accouterments is just a fancy word for accessories, but I didn’t bother to stay and find that out. If the visitor has to fumble around looking for a way to contact you, they’ll give up and high tail it out of there. A few tips and you’ve succeeded. You’ve grabbed the visitor’s attention. You’ve met their expectations and made them comfortable. Now they want to settle in and dig a little deeper. Gone in 10 seconds? Not this time.


    Online Gone In 10 Seconds
    The Best And Worst Days To Market Online


    If you are in a sales position where you are soliciting a product or service, there is some advice that might be helpful when speaking to other businesses. There are times during a year that are good times and other times that might not be so good. As I always state in any advice I give, every market is different, so this is more of a generalized theory than anything else. Rather than get wordy and lengthy in my explanation and reasoning, I’ll give best and worst times: Best Times for B2B selling: * The months of January and February. (First of year numbers start over) * Between the dates of the 10th through 25th of any month except December. (Meat of month less bills) * Between the 5th and 20th of December. (moves up a bit due to holidays) * The last week in December. (Some companies like to dump excess funds to escape taxes) * First of January, April, July & October (Typically first of each quarter for quarterly companies) Worst Times for B2B selling: * Any holiday period. (companies may be closed) * The week leading up to the tax deadlines. (business owners stressed and sometimes facing big bills) * The last week in December. (This is either hit or miss. While it can be the best, it can also be the worst) * The end of March, June, September & December. (End of quarter for quarterly companies) * Weekends. (This one is obvious, but Saturday and Sunday are probably the worst) Again, these are generalized timeframes for business to business selling. If it’s business to customer, it’s a completely different ballgame because weekends are great for customers, along with holidays. You should always try to sell 365 days a year in some fashion, but put more emphasis towards the prime, or best selling times.


    Online The Best And Worst Days To Market Online
    Computer Virus Protection


    Learning to use a computer is easy. Learning how to use a computer safely and securely, however, sometimes take a lesson in harsh reality. If your computer has never fallen victim to a virus, consider yourself very, very lucky. Take steps now to protect your investment against damage or even destruction. All computer users, particularly those who frequently use the Internet, are subjecting their computers to viruses. There is a constant threat of hackers, spam, spyware, phishing, adware, Trojans, scammers, and many more destructive viruses. Once you connect to the web, your computer and files are vulnerable and at serious risk. Without proper computer virus protection, your computer can be rendered virtually useless in just a few seconds. There is no single computer virus protection software that can guarantee total or lasting protection. New viruses and threats are continually emerging, so it's important to choose one reliable, anti virus software and have it updated regularly to keep your computer protected from new viruses. It is essential that you fortify your PC with the most recent early automatic virus protection available, and update it as frequently as possible. There are some easy ways to access computer virus protection software to safeguard your files and your help keep your hardware protected from damage. Anti virus software can be accessed easily through the Internet. Most online computer virus protection offers integrated firewall, anti virus and intrusion prevention against known and emerging threats. These programs ensure the protection of your irreplaceable files, such as important personal documents and family photos. Additionally, they identify adware and spyware before they can run to your computer, and they clean automatically clean viruses and virus threats. It can be difficult to decide on the right anti virus software at a local computer shop, but the Internet is still the best alternative offering the widest selection. You can find the best software at the best prices online. A simple search is all it takes to find countless sites with full product descriptions. There is no better place than the Internet to shop for computer virus protection. Here are some of the most highly recommended anti virus software providers that you can easily access online: * Norton AntiVirus Norton has been around for quite a while and is respected as an excellent virus protection. Norton has successfully developed its software to match up with emerging viruses. It will automatically scan and eliminate viruses from your computer, including instant message and e mail attachments * McAfee VirusScan This program detects, removes and blocks viruses and spyware that could cause irreversible damage to your computer and result in the loss of your irreplaceable documents, such as digital photos, family movies, and financial spreadsheets. These threats can also lead to identity theft and slower PC performance. Many of the things you value and need most are being stored right now on your PC. VirusScan protects the security of your valuable files and documents by automatically scanning and cleaning files, downloads and e mail messages, as well as instant message and e mail attachments. * eTrust EZ Antivirus This is a solid package from Computer Associates that has a relatively simple interface and works well with many computers. A two year subscription offers great protection at a good price. Your subscription to eTrust EZ Antivirus includes up to date protection that can be automatically downloaded when your computer is connected to the Internet. Because this program provides the latest information, you are less likely to become infected. There are countless other computer virus protection options on the market. You need to find the provider that's right for you. Be diligent in your research; take the time to learn the benefits and drawbacks of each one, and read blogs and forums to see product ratings from previous users. As with any product, your computer requires a certain amount of upkeep to run effectively, and protection to keep it from harm. It's a big investment, so spend the time and money to get the computer virus protection software you need.


    Online Computer Virus Protection
    Allergy Medications Which Ones Are The Best


    Allergy Medications: Which Ones Are the Best? Do you suffer from allergies? If you do, you may always be on the lookout for ways to seek relief. Although there are a number of natural ways that allergy sufferers are able to treat or manage their symptoms, many turn to medicine. Whether it be prescription medications or over the counter medications, many find themselves wondering which ones are the best.

    When it comes to determining which allergy medications are the best, there are a number of important points that must first be taken into consideration. One of those points is the type of allergies.

    For example, different individuals suffer from different allergies. Some suffer from pet allergies, some suffer from mold allergies, some suffer from food allergies, and so forth. Some medications are better for those with certain allergies, as more targeted treatment is provided.

    One of the best approaches to take is to speak with a professional healthcare provider or do the research online. Insurance is another factor that should be taken into consideration.

    Many individuals like to research and compare prescription medications and over the counter medications for allergies. With that being said, some individuals do not have the opportunity to try both. For example, if you do not have health insurance, you may be unable to afford the cost of a healthcare visit, as well as the cost of prescription medicine. If you are one of those individuals, you are encouraged to spend most of your time focusing on over the counter allergy medications.

    The good news, however, is that many medicines that were once only available with a prescription are now available without a prescription. As for what allergy medications are the best, you will find that it all depends, as previously stated. A great way to get started is to speak with a healthcare provider.

    If you have health insurance, you are advised to schedule a visit with your doctor. In addition to getting a prescription, your doctor may be able to help you with other ways to manage or treat your allergy symptoms. Chances are if your doctor prescribes an allergy medication to you, that medicine is likely to work.

    If medicine is not prescribed, it is still a good idea to ask your doctor about over the counter products, namely which ones work the best. If you must rely on over the counter allergy medicines or if you choose to do so, you may want to do a little bit of research first.

    There are a number of websites online that allow internet users to rate and review products. Walgreen’s and DrugStore. com are just a few of the online pharmacy websites that allow the rating and reviewing of products. You are encouraged to review these ratings, as well as read any reviews that accompany them.

    Of course, individuals respond differently to different over the counter products, but you can get a good idea as to whether you should buy the allergy relief product that you wanted to buy or if you should just save your money. In addition to speaking with a healthcare provider or using the internet to research allergy medications, it is also a good idea to speak to those that you know. You may be surprised just how many individuals there are that suffer from allergies.

    There is a good chance that some of your friends, family members, neighbors, or coworkers suffer from allergies. If they do, inquire as to how they treat those symptoms. If they have tried multiple prescriptions or multiple over the counter allergy relief medications, which ones did they like or dislike and why? Were there side effects?

    These are all important questions that you will want to ask. As a recap, there are a number of prescription medications and over the counter products that are known for their great results. With that being said, everyone reacts different to medications, especially where side effects are concerned. For that reason, you should develop a treatment plan with a professional healthcare provider or rely on trial and error with over the counter products. PPPPP Word Count 659


    Online Allergy Medications Which Ones Are The Best
    What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue


    What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue You need to be careful when you are planning an event of any type. There are so much to do and so many different mistakes that you can make at the same time. You will find that it is easy to get lost and lose your sense of great ideas early in the event planning process. You want to try and make the most of the ideas that you have so that you can make this type of event the most successful and memorable for everyone. You must make sure that your event is taking on the personality that you want. You do not want to shock anyone with a totally different venue that they are not going to love. Your biggest feat is to make sure that everyone is going to have a great time so that this can be the best party of the year. Doing this does not have to be hard. In fact, you can have the most talked about party of the year if you really set your mind to it. You need to look out for certain things when it comes to choosing your event venue. You need to be sure that you are planning fun for everyone. You need to have the event jam packed with fun and excitement so that anyone that attends is going to have something great to do. They will be excited to be there and afterwards, they will be glad that they came. Another thing to look out for when you are planning a great event is the food. You need to make sure that you are able to find a menu that everyone is going to love. You will want to meet the needs of all the different types of guests to ensure that they have the best dinner that they have ever had. If you are having children at your party, you will want to accommodate their needs as well. You will certainly want something great for them to munch on. You should also make sure that the area that you have the event is going to be best for the occasion. You need to find somewhere that will fit all of your guests comfortably so that no one is uncomfortable and feeling like they are cramped together. The most room that you have will mean that the more people you can invite. Remember that you want to make sure that you are using a place that will keep your guests in one area and allow them to mingle, as they should be. You will see that your guests will have a better time if they are all meeting and chatting along in the same area. You do not want them to be scattered around or separated. Getting what you want from your event is not going to be easy. You will have to make sacrifices and use a lot of your resources. You may also have to hire someone to help you along and get you through this difficult time. When you are able to find some help with your event, you will feel a lot better and you may also see that your event goes a lot smoother as well. This is something that you can be proud of and excited about at the same time. Planning a great event that has minimal flaws is not easy, but it something that you will be proud of at the same time. Getting there to the perfect party is something that will be grueling and of course you are going to make mistakes, however you will learn from it and do better the next time you are planning the perfect party.


    Online What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue
    Avoid Wedding Rip Offs


    Planning a wedding can be a stressful event. The last thing you need is to be ripped off by an unscrupulous wedding vendor or planner. Here are a few tips to help avoid this problem. Make Your Wedding Arrangements and Bookings As Far In Advance As Possible Most facilities, vendors, and planners can be booked more than a year in advance. If possible, take advantage of this window of opportunity. Should something go wrong, it will provide you with more time to make alternate arrangements. Also, be aware that some vendors will actually charge you more if you order or book things at the last minute. Shop Around and Deal With Trustworthy People Before booking anything you should shop around and get an idea of current prices for each category of your wedding. Don't just hire the first caterer you meet with. Ask around with family, friends, co workers, etc. and get their recommendations about services they may have used. If you want to be extra safe in this regard, you could also call your local Better Business Bureau. They can provide you with any problem information they may have received regarding a particular company. Get Everything in Writing It would seem obvious to do this, but a lot of couples tend to go on "faith" of what a vendor says, then are shocked with the vendor doesn't follow through. Get everything, down to the smallest detail, in writing and be sure both you and the vendor agree on all points before signing any contract. Include exact descriptions, such as if you are ordering flowers: how may bouquets, the exact type and color of the flowers, etc. Be Aware of The Fine Print Read any contracts over very carefully. Pay particular attention to their cancellation policy. You want to make sure it includes a provision for a refund of the deposit if you cancel or change your wedding date by a certain time period before your wedding. Of course, reasonably, you would not get a deposit back if you cancelled two days before the wedding. Be sure to also include a written statement on the contract that you will not pay for services and will expect a complete refund on any deposits if the company does not deliver exactly as specified in the contract. A reputable company will respect this clause. Regarding Photographers and DJ's When booking these services with a company, often you may wish to have a particular photographer/videographer and DJ for your wedding because you have seen their work or heard their play style and really like it. Make sure this is detailed on the contract with the person's name. Again, also include the clause that if that particular person is substituted, you will not pay for the service and will receive a refund on all deposits. This happened at our wedding with the DJ. The one we were told was coming and who knew how our ceremony music was laid out did not show up, and the substitute DJ that showed had no idea how the wedding service was to proceed with the music. There was a mess up with some songs during the ceremony and we had no recourse, as we didn't include that provision in the contract. So be aware of this. Don't pay for a last minute substitute (unless you were thoroughly happy with their service).


    Online Avoid Wedding Rip Offs
    Home Insurance Tips For Tenants


    Until recently, finding home insurance if you are a tenant was extremely hard and even if you did find it you were expected to pay way over the odds for it. However, with the rise in the number of people choosing to rent rather than buy, home insurance for the tenant is now much easier to find and also fairer. Certain companies have taken to specialising in insurance for those who rent and it can be a worthwhile investment when renting. Taking out a policy can insure you for the deposit you paid the landlord and also for any unforeseen events which could occur while you are a tenant. It is imperative to shop around when looking for insurance and go to a specialist in tenant policies. If you don’t, then while you could get insurance, you may find yourself paying way over the odds. The area in which you are renting will be taken into account when taking out a policy so be sure to ask that your area is covered. All companies will ask you how much you need to be insured for and when asked this you should remember that it is the contents of the home, not the property itself, that you will want to insure. So when taking this into account, tot up the value of everything in your home and don’t overlook anything. Other considerations you should take into account when purchasing tenant insurance is for items such as the contents of your freezer. Expensive items like digital cameras, bicycles and a laptop computer should also be thought about. However these might not be included in a standard tenant’s policy so you should enquire as to exactly what and what is not covered in the policy. However if you are taking such items as a laptop computer out of the home this will require separate cover if stolen while off the property. Usually a standard tenant’s policy will insure your possessions between Ј3,000 and Ј40,000. Up to 6 people living in one apartment will be covered under the same policy and coverage for items that are left in outbuildings and garages will usually be included in the premium, provided it can be proved reasonable force was used if they are stolen.


    Online Home Insurance Tips For Tenants
    Personal Loans And How Cash Flows Like Information In 2006


    We take a dynamic approach to our lives, but it’s rare that this dynamism extends to our personal finances. Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast but, at least in the UK, personal finance is a topic that is off limits in conversation and pushed to the back of the closet whenever possible. It is almost a taboo. And it shouldn’t be this way. We live in a financial world, commercialism rules and free markets dominate global finance. We are a generation defined by our relationship to money – so why do we then get so embarrassed when talk of money gets closer to home? Fortunately, this trend can only improve given that allied with our adoption of finance as our god we have also embraced technology and, along with it, the internet. Banking has never looked back. Internet banking had a rocky start, but it has now been widely adopted and with consumer confidence has come increased usability and an explosion in the range of, and accessibility to, financial services of all kinds and not just personal loan choices. Often the only way to keep track of all the choice available to us is to use a financial database site dedicated to providing relevant, up to date information on new and updated personal finance packages. Moneynet personal finance is one such site, and even a cursory glance around its pages show there is a vast range of choice and some surprising offers available. Naturally you will want to be sure of the legitimacy of a provider that catches your eye – this is cash money we are talking about after all! – and it’s well worth investigating their reputation with the aid of our old friend Google. Obviously, with high street names such as Barclays Bank this stage could be skipped, and it’s worth bearing in mind that there are certain personal loans that can only be provided by a large, blue chip company because of the risk involved. However there are almost as many types of personal loan as there are providers. Gaining popularity are a new breed of short term loans, with fixed rates depending on the quantity of cash borrowed. Once the preserve of the seriously hard up, short term personal loans are now reaching into society (particularly in heavily consumer based societies such as the UK) to extents barely considered possible even five years ago. As people try to maintain cash fluidity in the face of consumer culture, concepts like the Payday Loan are presenting attractive financial options to an emerging, finance savvy generation. I wonder if one day they will be looking back at our generation and wonder why we were all so uptight about money talk. After all: if you don’t talk about it, how do you know you’ve got all the facts? Disclaimer: All information contained in this article is for general information purpose only and should not be construed as advice under the financial Services act 1986. You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts. Useful resources: Personal finance loans Moneynet ( moneynet. co. uk/loans/index. shtml ) Barclays Bank ( barclayloanapplication. co. uk/landing. html ) My Payday Loan ( mypaydayloan. co. uk )


    Online Personal Loans And How Cash Flows Like Information In 2006
    Be Persuasive When You Sell


    When you are selling your products to clients, you don’t want to be pushy about it, you want to be persuasive. Have you ever been around a sales person who seems to have everything going for him? He has no problem talking to people, people like him, he seems to meet all of his sales goals so effortlessly. This is not because he is lucky, or he was born with a natural gift when it came to selling. It is because he took the time and effort to make sure he went into the field well trained with the appropriate sales skills and product knowledge to make his sales seem as though they come without any effort. This sales person, through hard work and sales training, has given himself the power of persuasion because he has the ability to find out what it is that his customers need. When a sales person is being pushy with their product, it is a turn off to the customer. The last thing a customer wants, is somebody they just met up in their face who won’t stop talking. Pushy sales people come off rude, unprofessional and unknowledgeable. From a customers point of view, a pushy sales person comes off as someone who just arrived from a one day sales training course on one particular product. Who is then sent out into the world to sell that product to anyone that will listen. Most consumers can see right through this. Persuasion takes subtlety. In fact, it is much easier to persuade someone to buy your product than to actually sell it. Persuasion involves getting your customer to “buy in” to your product, or to see things from your point of view. You must first get to know your customer. Take some time to ask a few personal questions. Such as where they live, what their occupation is, do they have any pets, etc. People love to talk about themselves, so ask questions. Once you get to know your customer, find out what their needs are. You can than match up your products to their needs. Explain the benefits of your product, and give them a visual in their mind of themselves using your product. If you are selling baseball bats, give them the visual of using the bat to hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth too win the ball game. Don’t do all the talking, listen to your customer. Listening is perhaps one of the most important sales skills you can posses. You can find out so much about your customer just by listening. To persuade your customer to buy your product is to find a common ground with your customer. Smile, be courteous, answer their questions, learn what their needs are, listen to their concerns and try to alleviate them. Once you have established what their needs are, tell them about the products you have that could satisfy their needs. Remember, don’t sell the product, tell them about the product, and what it can do for them. Don’t think of it as selling, think of it as a normal conversation that you would have with one of your friends. Your sales will become more enjoyable, and they will also increase. Good luck. This article may be reproduced by anyone at any time, as long as the authors name and reference links are kept in tact and active. Jay Conners has more than fifteen years of experience in the banking and Mortgage Industry, He is the owner of jconners. com, a mortgage resource site, he is also the owner of callprospect. com, a mortgage lead company.


    Online Be Persuasive When You Sell
    The Answering Service Advantage


    While many businesses field their incoming calls comfortably from their own office, others find this workload overwhelming, and choose to outsource this task to an answering service. This can be a wise investment if you are receiving more calls than your staff can handle, but how do you know what to look for, to ensure your calls are answered as professionally as possible? For many clients, both existing and potential, the person answering their call will be their first point of contact with your company, and for this reason, you want this call to go as well as possible. But if you are already operating a busy office, or don’t have the admin staff to respond to all the calls incoming, then an answer service is the ideal way to make a good impression. There is nothing more likely to drive clients away then having their calls repeatedly unanswered, or receiving only short answers to their queries. An answering service can provide your clients with the personal attention they deserve, and secure for you their long term commitment to your company. It is of the utmost importance that you bear in mind the needs of your clients when choosing the right answering service for your company. Many answering services field calls from multiple businesses, meaning that the staff at these services talk to many different clients during the space of one day. If your business is particularly specialized, or if precise information needs to be conveyed to clients when they call, you would do well to seek out an answering service that allows you a team of call answerers dedicated solely to your business. This means that they can learn about your company’s products or services in great depth, without the distraction of calls from other companies’ clients, ensuring the greater satisfaction of your clients and increased business for you. Answering services are an extremely useful tool in today’s business world, where a variety of products and services offered mean that people can operate from their home or even while they are on the move. An answering service helps you maintain a professional appearance for your company, dealing with your all important client calls allowing you to get on with what you do best.


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    Climbing Plants 24


    Adding Climbing Plants To Your Garden There are many different aspects to having a pleasing garden. When it comes to choosing plants and different types of additions to any garden, personal taste is something that usually comes into play first. Some like to keep it simple and striking, and some like to keep it intricate and textured. When you are one of the latter, you may decide that something like climbing plants can help you fill in some of the spaces that don’t feel quite right. When plants can climb, they add a whole new dimension to a garden and the accessories that you have added. One of the most common places you find climbing plants is along the side of some houses. They certainly add a interesting touch to any home. However, they can be used in a garden in the same way if you have a brick wall, or even a wooden wall. When the climbing plants grow along such structures, they add a new look and can fill in some area that might be lacking in color. You can always trim them down if you feel they are taking up too much of any wall or surface so that you don’t have an entirely green fence or wall if that is not what you want. Climbing plants also work well if you have any other type of structure. If you have something with any height or width, you can get plants that climb to give them a new look. A trellis is often very nice in any garden, but adding climbing plants will give them a whole new look. You can go with something that is entirely green, or so with something that blooms such as the very beautiful Morning Glory plant that comes with blooms in a few different shades. You can even add this touch to an old wheelbarrow for a new garden piece, or have the plants climbing up the side of your supply shed if you wish. Once you have decided that climbing plants would make a great addition to your garden, you do have to think about the right type for your climate. There are usually some that work no matter where you live or what your weather might be, but you do want something that will thrive rather than just survive. This is when it pays to do some research online, and then to go to your local garden store to ask someone what they would recommend and what sells the best. You can find something that will match the look you want while remaining healthy and beautiful no matter what mother nature might decide to throw at your throughout the year.


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