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    Home Business Venture


    There is never anything easy about starting a home business. So many people are there to try to knock it down and get you disillusioned. But it has and can be done with effort and work. One has to know what they want and never let it waiver. Know what you are getting yourself into from the start and don't think success is over night. There are five keys ways to staying on track and getting into a successful position. Key 1: Obtaining Personal Focus You should focus on what your passion is and tap into that energy. Define your passion, drive, goal, and purpose for wanting to be in this business. This passion is the underlying emotional foundation to your business. Having an internal drive tells you what your main objective is for yourself and what it will do for you life. The external drive tells you what your business does to benefit others around you. It is highly likely that someone has already started a business like yours. It is your passion and drive that makes the biggest difference. Everyones goals are different. By knowing your true focus you will inspire others into joining your business with you. Key 2: Product Impact Message Most people think to themselves when they see a product “What will this do for me?” this question is answered in only a few seconds so there is no time to waste. You impact message should immediately tell people how valuable your product is and make them want it. Creating this power message is quite easy and doesn’t take long. Make sure that it clarifies your purpose and stays focused on your product. Use this statement on all your business ventures. Put it on all your business cards, web sites, and any other place you can think of. The more people who hear about and see your business, the more aware people will be about you and your products. Key 3: What Works best for you. You don’t need to spend tons of money to figure out what method works best. Go and research what others in your business field have used to succeed and see if this can apply to you as well. Check out what others have for article content and make sure you have better. Make sure that you are current with all your research and update regularly. Utilize the free tools out there first to gain more business experience before moving on to more expensive modes. Key 4: Positives and the negatives. As you begin your business you will uncover many hidden obstacles. Don’t let this distract you from pressing forward. Make sure you are in the land of reality in both the positives and the negatives. learn how you have succeeded thus far and what needs improving. Know what your unavoidable and avoidable problems are so you can better work around them to succeed in your business venture.


    Getting A Secured Loan For The Trip Of A Lifetime


    You may be creeping towards retirement, or even just retired and with the British weather being what it is, you just can’t get the thought of sun, sea and sangria out of your mind, or something to that effect. At this stage of life, many people, particularly couples whose families are grown and whose working life is coming to a close, like to do something to mark the occasion. Numbers of people start dreaming about their dream holiday long before they make any plans to go or start wondering where the money is going to come from. This may be the time to check out your options, just to see whether that dream holiday could become a reality. If you believed even half of what television advertisers tell you, you might think that every couple who were approaching retirement or had just retired, released the equity that was in their home to have enough money to just get away from it all for a while. An increasing number of home owners in the UK are thinking of taking out some kind of secured loan for whatever reason. Banks and building societies (and often other lenders) prefer home owners because if a borrower defaults on their loan, the lender can (with legal help) take their home instead – so you do need to be aware of what you are letting yourself in for. The key thing to bear in mind when thinking about secured loans is information. The more information that you have about the different loans available on the high street or online, the more likely you are to make a decision that is the best for you. If you do go for a secured loan, the amount you can borrow depends on the equity in your house – for example, if your house is worth a hundred and fifty thousand pounds, it is pointless asking the lender for two hundred thousand pounds. Before you make any concrete plans for your holiday, do some research into what's out there. Who has the best APR (annual percentage rate) and are you going to let them have the value of your home when you are gone, or are you going to make repayments on it now? It is always worth having a look on the internet when you are researching secured loans. Some of the businesses out there are offering good deals to people and what is more, they do most of the research as well! Once they have your details, they can do a search until they come up with a loan that best suits your needs. How good is that? You'll be able to bask in the glow of that feeling all the while you are basking in the sun.


    Hip Flask 04


    A lot of people take liquor flasks for granted. If you want to party on the cheap, or if you never know when you might need a drink, a hip flask is a practical thing. The stainless steel flask is a classic for many. It is an elegant design. Basically, nothing is left out and nothing is added.

    The whole flask has a low profile design, just adequate to take a pint of liquor with you. It makes it easy to smuggle booze into places that might not allow a hip flask, and it is comfortable to carry in all situations. There are many different varieties of hip flasks. There are, of course, the stainless steel flasks, and variations thereof. Not all of them are plain and unadorned.

    You can get one covered with leather or some kind of fake leather substitute. The first hip flask I ever owned, in fact, was basically stainless steel covered with leather covered with studs.

    It had a classy, tough kind of look to it. It had attitude. It was easy to hide, yet it was unashamed.

    Looking back, I think I wasn't imaginative enough at that point. I have seen hip flasks that are much nicer than that. My favorite one is a pewter hip flask that i bought at a Renaissance fair a few years ago. It is only pewter on the outside, of course.

    You never want to drink out of anything made of pewter. Pewter contains lead, and lead is not good for you! But anyway, it has a fantastic appearance to it. There are faces carved into it of wizened wizards, great warriors, and fearsome dragons. It Is a great way to show off my fanciful side.

    Of course, there are glass flasks as well. They have some distinct advantages.

    For one thing, they don't give a metallic flavor to your liquor, and they never corrode. The disadvantage, of course, is that glass is breakable. Nonetheless, If you buy a high quality glass hip flask, you are almost guaranteed to not break it. They are made of pretty sturdy, high grade glass.

    They add a touch of class too, and you can easily see how much liquor you have left in the bottom. All in all, a flask is a great way to bring a little bit of booze with you when you are on the go. I would not go for a night out on the town without one!


    Searching For The Right Host


    : We have reviewed hosting services from all over the net, lets face it the best web hosting provider for you is going to be the one that meets your needs, not necessarily the cheapest. What is good for one user is not necessarily the best for another. What we have tried to do, and I hope have done successfully, is to tell you what difference there is between one hosting package and another. And believe me there are some differences in what is on offer Once you have identified what your needs are then finding the right hosting package is easier So ask yourself What am I going to do with my hosting account? If you are hosting an e commerce site then the most important feature is unlimited database and payment gateway and a secure socket layer for secure ordering and money transfer. Do you want MYSQL, ASP. net, CGI BIN Support, SSI Management, Perl Scripts SSL Secure Server What about unlimited domains how many domains do you want to hold onto or launch some offer free domains. After you’re free domains are used up and you want more how much are they? How much space you get for you domain? Do you need a huge amount of space, is your site likely to expand or remain static? Do you get sub domains? If you get multiple sub domains then you can expand or extend your site. Check these details before you buy. Do you want to host your sites on the same IP address or would you prefer multiple class C IP’s. The difference being, to get a better ranking for your multiple websites then they are better on separate IP’S. But if you only want to host one website /domain then you only need one IP address. The good thing about hosting each site on a different IP addresses is that if one site gets bogged down in the google sandbox it doesn’t include the other sites that are on separate IP’s We have found some sites make it easy to upload your web pages and files; some sites perform backups as a standard. How many times have files and information been lost because a backup was never done? It is easy to forget and if a hosting company provides a service that does it automatically then it scores high on the points. Do you have a design in mind or are you going to build it from scratch when you buy you domain then you will need Templates this ensures that you will have the style, colouring and presence you desire. Additionally changing the template to a different look and feel takes only seconds. And types include templates for Business, Family, Organization or Personal web sites. Most of the sites we reviewed offer templates but always check if this is important to you. Or can you use Microsoft FrontPage or other web building packages. Working through some of the offers always note the free to set up offers most domain hosting services do offer this so make sure before you buy that this is indeed included in the offer Unlimited email accounts? Is this an important feature or just a perk that is of no use to you? Or do you want to offer email accounts to your customers. Most important is the control panel and its ease of use. If you can get around the control panel and for the novice user find helpful hints and user guides. Some of these hosting sites give you a demonstration of what their control panel looks like to let you make the best decision. On this new website by u501 they tell you in the description of the host what type of panel you they offer. Some hosting control panels are complete with tutorials walk through and help centres Advertisement Credit most of the sites we have seen offer some kind of sweetener and free advertising will help launch your site AW Stats (Web Statistics) very important if you want to see who has been visiting your site. The stats can tell you where your visitor is from and at what page they landed and what page they left. Power Plugins allow you to automatically install powerful interactive features to your website like guest books, your own Blogger, community based message boards, hit counter, content management system, chat rooms Money Back Guarantee a very important part of the feel good factor about setting up well you can try it and see if it works for you secure in the knowledge that if it doesn’t then you haven’t thrown away your money. One thing to be aware of if the set up includes free domains then if you want your money back they will subtract the cost of the price for the domains you only get them free if you buy the whole package But don’t lets get caught up in the jargon and sometimes overwhelming information that is out there. When you are looking for a hosting site have a clear cut criteria and stick to it as a minimum and if you get a few extras thrown in so much the better. So to help you choose the package for you we have listed all the points on a table just click on the link to visit


    Glasgow City Guide Including Glasgow Hotels


    Glasgow is already a top tourist destination for many travellers in Europe. If you were thinking about going on holiday to Glasgow, you may be excited to learn about Glasgow’s world famous art collections. Glasgow has some of the best shopping in Europe. There is a Lighthouse, the Gallery of Modern Art of Glasgow and plenty of museums and interesting entertainments. If you were thinking of taking a holiday in the UK, try visiting Glasgow. Places of Interest in Glasgow To get started, let’s look at some places of interest that are popular with Glasgow tourists. Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow Cathedral was built around the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. During the Reformation period in 1560, it survived the threat of being torn down and is considered to be the only still standing authentic cathedral from that era. Its gothic style structure makes for a wonderful architectural gem to discover on your travels. It is open for viewing through almost any time of the year. The Lighthouse The Lighthouse in Glasgow is a national centre for architecture and design. It was once a newspaper office for the Glasgow Herald. Over 700,000 people have already visited it since it opened its door. It now contains galleries, shopping, a couple of cafes and a miniaturized version of “Wee People’s City”. The Gallery of Modern Art The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow is one of the most popular modern art galleries in the UK. It houses contemporary artwork, most with the theme of addressing social issues. It is open nearly all year long and children are welcome. Ask for a free guided tour. Glasgow Tower For a unique architectural gem, try visiting the Glasgow Tower. It is the first tower ever created that revolved full circle, and not just the top. The entire tower can circle around from the base. There are displays inside about Glasgow’s past and displays plans for future developments. From the viewing platform at the top, visitors can see out as far as forty miles. Things to Do in Glasgow Shopping and activities in Glasgow make for an enjoyable time while visiting the city. Check out these can’t miss features. Merchant City Area The area called Merchant City contains all sorts of shops from clothing to books and antiques and more. Not to mention the various restaurants and cafes to stop by for a cuppa. Clubs in Glasgow If you are looking for a club for dancing or meeting the locals, try some of the more popular ones. Sub Club is located on Jamaica Street. The Arches is on Argyle Street. The Garage is on Sauchiehall Street. Each one of these clubs offers up unique fun and can be easily found. Pubs in Glasgow For a collection of authentic United Kingdom pubs, Glasgow offers a variety of them. Looking for real ale or live music? There are a variety of pubs to fit every preference. For example, if you want a more fashionable crowd, head for Bar Soba on Mitchell Lane. Where to Eat in Glasgow A holiday in Glasgow isn’t complete until you have a meal at one of the more famous restaurants. Try a few of these suggestions. Aurora Restaurant For food fashioned after Scottish cuisine, try Aurora Glasgow Restaurant on 2 Port Dundas Place. All dishes are cooked to order, including delectable delights like roast salsify with shellfish vinaigrette or Gressingham Duck breast. Dinner may cost only Ј30 per person. 16 Bryres Road For a Brasseire menu, you will want to try out 16 Bryres Road. You won’t have any trouble finding it, though it is a small restaurant. It is a favourite for locals in Glasgow and for good reason. It was listed as one of the best restaurants in Glasgow in a number of magazines. You can find Confit lamb shoulder, grilled fillet of halibut along with prune and almond chocolate brownies with clotted cream listed on the menu. Bluu Bluu in Glasgow offers a European menu for its patrons. Located on 60 Trongate Albion Street, Bluu’s menu consists of ravioli with spicy pineapple salsa and delicious Iced Malteser parfait with white chocolate sauce. Bluu’s tasty meals will range from Ј20 Ј40. Hotels and Accommodation in Glasgow After shopping and visiting museums and a nice meal, you’ll want to relax in a hotel that continues the Glasgow experience. Try these highly recommended Glasgow hotels. Carlton George Hotel Dreamhouse Serviced Apartments Express by Holiday Inn Glasgow City Riverside Alexander Thomson Best Western Fenwick Hotel Glasgow City Charing Cross Premier Travel Inn Rennie Mackintosh Hotel (Central Station) Quality Hotel Central Glasgow City Inn Glasgow Ramada Glasgow City Crowne Plaza Glasgow Victorian House Charing Cross House McLays Guest House Hampton Court Hotel Millennium Hotel Glasgow Buchanan Hotel Atlantic Hotel Townhouse Hotel Argyll Hotel Manor Park Hotel The Belhaven Hotel Albion Hotel Erskine Bridge Hotel Swallow Hotel Glasgow Brunswick Merchant City Hotel Merchant lodge Hotel Busby Hotel Dean Park Hotel The Normandy Hotel Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club Devoncove Hotel Glasgow Express By Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport Ambassador Hotel Menzies Glasgow Hotel Tulip Inn Glasgow Malmaison Glasgow Corus hotel Glasgow Campanile Hotel Glasgow Thistle Glasgow The Spires Serviced Suites Novotel Glasgow Centre Jurys Glasgow Hotel Jurys Inn Glasgow Radisson SAS Hotel Glasgow Fraser Suites Glasgow Best Western Ewington Hotel Dreamhouse City Centre Artto Hotel The A List Apartments, Glasgow Euro Hostel Ltd Crowwood House Hotel City Serviced Apartments and Lodges Rennie Mackintosh City Hotel City Apartments Express by Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland City Apartments Glasgow Entertainment in Glasgow There is no lack of entertainment for visitors to Glasgow. Check out these can’t miss events. IMAXв Theatre Located on 50 Pacific Quay in the Glasgow Science Centre, IMAXв Theatre offers entertainment for the entire family. Watch films that explore the world around you. With a huge screen and top of the line technology, the IMAXв theatre is open nearly all year. The King’s Theatre Located on Bath Street in Glasgow, the King’s Theatre opened in 1904. With its most clever design, the theatre plays host to professional and amateur play alike. Find musicals and pantomime and drama performances by visiting the King’s theatre. Glasgow plays host to thousands of visitors on holiday each and every year. Come join in the fun, food and flair that can be found in Glasgow.


    Why Do We Need Some Good Old Fashion Advice


    Problems are part of life that come in different shapes and sizes minor inconveniences to crisis situations that no one can even outrun or wish away. There is no other way to escape these trials of faith and sanity other that to face them head on. Among the difficulties faced by people everyday, none is so distressing and painful as a relationship problem. Often, these relationship squabbles cause so much stress and depression. The fight between couples can become so overblown that the only way for the fight to end is for a mediator to come in. Sometimes, a mediator is needed as a third party “referee” or “peacemaker.” The mediator is also expected to provide the feuding parties the necessary guidance and counseling. Still, many who are involved in a tussle refuse to acknowledge the need for counseling. Whether it is a married or engaged couple, siblings, or very close friends who suddenly became bitter enemies – the thought of seeking professional help just does not come to mind. Many are held back from asking for counseling due to the following reasons: l State of Denial – Angry people sometimes deny the existence of a problem. With stubborn pride, an angry person can just fume away and dismiss the need to control anger and resolve a problem by saying that, “...this too shall pass.” People can also camouflage or mask their vulnerabilities by refusing to seek help. They see counseling as a situation that will expose themselves for who they are warts and all. That kind of vulnerability is avoided at all costs and, as a result, people who need help enter into a state of denial. l Social Stigma – Most people have a misconception that only “crazy” or “insane” people go to therapy. This mindset prevents a lot of people from getting the help they need because they value more “what others think” about them rather than what they need emotionally and psychologically. They fail to see the value of professional counseling which is expected to be objective, scientific, and results oriented. l Plain Fear – The fear of facing the truth and reliving painful experiences like sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug addiction, or trauma from violent incidents prevent people from coming to a counselor. Remembering painful memories are usually part of counseling sessions and therapy. These memories cause fear and anxiety on the part of the patient. But if a person in great stress or someone who is suffering from severe depression neglects to get proper therapy, it can be expected that the problem would get worse. Reopening a painful emotional wound is never pleasant but we will never be healed unless we learn to face and eventually cast away all painful memories of the past. Through counseling, people with serious problems can learn to adjust and cope with their present emotional and psychological struggles. l Religious Stigma Some associate counseling with religion or dogmatic beliefs, making the act of getting counseling uncomfortable for those who are not religious or are not into spirituality. While so many people have found comfort and refuge in church based counseling sessions, many are still wary of getting counseling there since they think they will have to become a member of the church. Some people are strong enough to face life's storms while others need to counseling to cope with problems. Either way, both take time and commitment so that one can see positive results, and hopefully, a resolution of problems that make life challenging.


    5 Holiday Survival Tips For Retirees


    The holiday season can be exciting and fun, but it can also be exhausting or lonely for some. Retirees need to keep in mind some simple but helpful tips for making the season more enjoyable and less stressful. 1.Keep your focus on the reason for the season. The holiday season – no matter what your religious faith – is a time of celebration and spiritual refreshment. The beginning of a new year can be a time of new commitments, new beginnings and new opportunities. The season offers a reminder and a chance to reorder our priorities and make the most of each day. Adjusting our perspective in light of spiritual teachings can bring brightness and hope into our daily lives throughout the coming year. 2.Pace yourself. Many people arrive at the actual holiday too exhausted from preparations to actually enjoy the day. Many people find it helpful to limit the amount of time and energy spent on any part of the preparations for the holiday at a given time. Some people structure their days to shop for two hours, then rest for one hour, and then do another task. It is also important to pace yourself in terms of activities and events. Sometimes, what we need most is control over our time and activities. If you are becoming overwhelmed by the array of events and activities and you find that your schedule is filling rapidly, you might do well to make some choices. Limiting your activities to the most important events might help you pace yourself and prevent the exhaustion that can drain the fun from everything. 3.Don’t be alone unless you want to be. The holiday season can be very sad and depressing for those who find themselves alone. If you don’t have family or friends nearby with whom you plan to spend part of the holiday, you can still spend the day with others. Check in your community for gatherings of others who would otherwise be alone. Or – better yet – find a community opportunity to help others on the holiday. Most communities have programs that offer meals to the homeless and needy. You can be with others and feel wonderful about the way you spend the day by volunteering to help with preparation and serving of the meals. 4.Don’t lose sight of the budget. Overspending during the holidays is very easy. But it can create a lot of stress in January when the bills start to arrive. It is so much fun making purchases of gifts for children and grandchildren that the budget can easily be forgotten. Be honest and realistic about what you can afford to spend on gifts and entertaining. Then stick to the budget. Keep in mind that a modestly priced gift that fits the recipient can mean more than the most expensive new thing available. Some families manage spending by setting clear limits on the cost of gifts for the adults in the family. This allows them to spend more on the younger children. Be creative in thinking about holiday spending and try to keep your focus on the right gift for each individual rather than the most expensive. 5.Don’t lose sight of your dietary needs. Many of us have special dietary needs as we grow older. Whether we are just eating smart or we are watching sugars, fats and cholesterol, many of us need to maintain a healthy diet – even during the holidays. In most cases, it is okay to splurge a bit at a holiday dinner or party if we adjust our diets during the rest of the day to keep our overall diet within bounds. Remember that making yourself sick by ignoring your dietary needs will not make the holiday more enjoyable for you or those around you. I hope these very practical tips will help you get the greatest possible enjoyment and renewal from the holiday season. By keeping things in perspective and monitoring spending and diet, you will probably enjoy the holidays more. Pacing yourself and keeping a view to the meaning of the season in your belief system will help you avoid exhaustion and renew yourself as the New Year begins.


    Common Pneumonia Symptoms


    Pneumonia is inflammation and often infection of the lungs. Although some forms of pneumonia are mild and don’t require medical treatment, other forms of the disease can be severe and need prompt medical intervention. Statistics indicate that over 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with pneumonia each year, and many of them require hospitalization. When pneumonia is caused by infectious agents, the disease is very contagious and it can be easily transmitted through sneezing, cough or physical contact. Therefore, many patients are not hospitalized for the seriousness of their disease, but to prevent them from spreading pneumonia to other people. There are many forms of pneumonia and some are not caused by infection with microorganisms. Aspiration pneumonia is common in very small children and elderly people, but it can also occur in adults. This form of pneumonia is caused by inhalation of foreign matters: fluids, dust, chemicals or other irritants. This condition is mostly common in small children due to inhalation of vomit or food. Aspiration pneumonia symptoms are usually not very intense and they ameliorate within a few days. Aspiration pneumonia symptoms are: dry cough, chest soreness and pain, wheezing, difficult breathing. Although medical treatment is not required for overcoming this form of pneumonia, it is best to see a doctor as soon as you spot its symptoms. Infectious forms of pneumonia can be either caused by viruses, bacteria and mycoplasmas. Viral and mycoplasma pneumonia are usually milder than bacterial forms of the disease and they rarely require medical treatment. Viral pneumonia is very common in children, teenagers and elderly people and it can be mistaken for flu or cold. Viral pneumonia symptoms are: throat inflammation, cough, swelling of the lymph nodes, chest discomfort when breathing, headache and a generalized state of fatigue. The cough can sometimes produce small amounts of mucus. Mild fever and chills may accompany viral pneumonia symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Viral pneumonia symptoms usually ameliorate within a few days and the infection completely clears up on itself in a few weeks. Bacterial pneumonia can be severe and therefore, it can produce more intense symptoms. Bacterial forms of pneumonia are more common in adults and people with weak immune system. Bacterial pneumonia symptoms are: high fever, excessive sweating, mucus producing cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and soreness when breathing, abdominal pain, nausea, muscle pain, pronounced body weakness. Bacterial pneumonia symptoms can also include cyanosis (due to lack of blood oxygenation) and brown colored mucus producing cough. If the disease is severe, the cough may contain traces of blood. Mycoplasma pneumonia can be developed by anyone, regardless of health condition and age. However, this form of pneumonia is usually mild and doesn’t require any medical treatment. Mycoplasma pneumonia symptoms are: mucus producing cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing, headache, fatigue. Other mycoplasma pneumonia symptoms are: moderate fever, chills, abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea and vomiting. This form of pneumonia develops slowly and its symptoms may only be perceived after several weeks from catching the disease. Although mycoplasma pneumonia is not considered to be serious, it is advised to see a doctor as soon as you spot its first symptoms.


    Learn Forex Trading Online Tips


    Forex trading, often called "FX," is the practice of trading currencies for profit. A forex trader buys one currency and simultaneously sells another, hoping to realize a profit from any variance in valuation between the two currencies. Because currencies are the largest market in the world, there are many opportunities to profit. So, how do you learn to trade currencies? Fortunately, there are many excellent free resources that can help you learn forex trading online. Learning To Trade Currencies Online In the past, if you wanted to trade currencies, you were forced to buy expensive courses, attend high priced seminars that often required traveling to other states and purchasing cost prohibitive computer programs that allowed you to tap into the trading activities of more experienced traders. Today, all of that has changed. You can learn forex trading from the comfort of your home without spending outrageous amounts of money on courses and seminars. There are several resources online that will not only teach you the fundamentals of trading currencies, but will share basic, intermediate and advanced strategies of trading while showing graphical examples of such strategies to ensure clarity. Further, this information is often offered free. Watching Other Forex Traders Many websites that offer free tips and even entire courses on forex trading principles and techniques are run by experienced currency traders. These are men and women who often have years of trading experience and can offer their insights regarding the best forex trading techniques to use in various markets. Some of these experienced traders even conduct free online workshops which allow you to virtually look over their shoulder and watch as they trade in particular markets. Watching these advanced traders is one of the best ways to learn real trading techniques that work in today's currency markets. Preparing To Trade Currencies Live Learning in a classroom setting is not the same as conducting live trades. Once you learn the basics of forex trading strategy, you should prepare to do a few live trades. After watching over the shoulders of experienced traders, you should have a good feel of what to expect. Part of learning how to trade currencies involves knowing what signals to watch for in your particular market and staying on top of those signals. If you know these things, you are likely ready to trade forex live. How To Get Started Trading Forex Online You only need a few things to begin conducting live currency trades. First, you obviously need a computer with access to the Internet. Second, you need access to an information source that can provide you with real time signals so you can keep on top of your market. Third, you need a small amount of cash to begin trading. Lastly, you need calm nerves. Though forex trading is potentially very profitable, some people do lose money. Once you have decided to learn forex trading online, you need to begin learning the basic strategies of trading currencies. After you have mastered the basics, begin learning some of the advanced techniques of forex trading. You can often access this type of information for free online along with clear examples that will help you understand the currency markets. Remember, although there is a high potential for profit, there are significant risks to trading currencies. Try to learn from the best traders in the world by attending online forex trading workshops. After doing the above, you will likely be ready to start making your first few trades live.


    Tips For Toilet Training Your Pet Dog


    Toilet training your pet dog as early as possible is always a better idea. It always feels good to see your dog well trained and behaved; however this can only achieved with a fair amount of persistence and patience. Although dogs are supposed to be very clean animals; their animal instincts can drive them to relieve themselves wherever they find it convenient. This can be very frustrating for the dog owner and we know how it feels like to your have your floors and carpets soiled and messed when least expected. With a fair amount of training; your dog can be perfectly potty trained. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to toilet train your pet dog and in all probability you would no longer need that carpet cleaner. Patience and Persistence It is important to take note of the fact that the younger the puppy; the longer he may take to learn and get into the mode of habits that is being taught to him/her. Therefore; it is important to be patient and with a fair amount of persistence; your dog will gradually learn the rules and form toilet habits when trained on a daily basis. Remember, that every dog has his own individual learning curve. So, spanking your dog every time he makes a mistake is not going to solve the problem. Get the pet dog into a mode of habit Many animal behaviorists believe that by getting the dog into a habit mode is the key to perfectly toilet train your pet dog. It is therefore recommended that the dog owner takes the dog out every few hours as well as 30 minutes after he eats his meal. Choose a specific spot outside where you would be taking him on an everyday basis. Also, praise the pet now and then or when he obeys well. If however, he refuses to go outside; try again in 15 minutes. Gradually, he will understand that going out is a sign of going to the bathroom. Also, pay attention to the dog’s body language. If he/she starts to sniff or circle around; it is a sign that they need to relieve themselves. Select a designated spot each time you notice that your pet dog needs to relieve himself and take him/her to that spot every time. Learn how to react to accidents Like mentioned above; every dog has its own individual learning curve. This learning curve is greatly affected by the pet owner’s reaction to the accidents caused by their pets. Each time the pet dog displays symptoms of relieving himself; call out his name or clap in order to distract his attention. Constant control on his activities will help you determine his/her behavioral patterns as well. Make sure that you don’t vent out your anger or frustration on the pet dog if he does cause an accident. Carefully clean up the mess and ignore the dog completely while doing so. If he/she does try and approach the accident area; make sure you don’t yell at the dog. Simply ignore the pet or he may not be able to bond with you. The key is to train the dog and not instill fear in him. Confining the Pet Dog At times confining your pet dog is the best approach towards their toilet training. Large crates or cages are used to confine the pet dog. A dog usually refrains from reliving himself at the spot where he sleeps or sits as they are essentially sanitary creatures. So whenever, Mother Nature calls; a dog would instinctively move out of the cage or crate in order to relieve himself. This gradually would become a mode of habit for him. However, it is important to ensure that the pet owner gets large sized crates and cages to confine the pet dog so that he/she has enough room to move about. This helps in creating a pattern that the dog will follow even after he is no longer confined to a crate or cage. Use of repetitive Commands The home owner would need to use a certain set of words for the dog repeatedly till the dog understands what exactly it is a sign for. So for example; if you take him outside; you could say “go potty”. Dogs have a keen ear and a sharp learning curve. They would gradually understand what exactly the owner is signaling at. Use of these commands on a regular basis is important so that your pet dog becomes familiar with it and would gradually start to follow them. Keeping your pet dog happy It is important for your pet dog to develop a bonding with the owner. This only comes with love, affection and care. Treat your dog to a feast once in a while and praise him every time he obeys your command or responds well to the training.


    Having Fun With Thought Crimes


    Becomeing a thought criminal means thinking your own thoughts and going after what you and deciding to get it no matter what. Patience for the operator comes from having a clear outcomes. “Outcomes” are defined as goals that are under the control of the operator. Anything that is not under the control of the operator falls into the category of wishes and hopes and the operator is advised to ignore them. With an understanding of outcomes, the rest is a matter of time hence the need for patience. The operator has an understanding that while the end outcome has value the next most recent outcome is the most important outcome. This mindset prevents the hurried rush of urgency that is often accompanies unrestrained youth. The Mystery of Silence Silence, as you'll learn, creates a unique sense of mystery. The operator does well to apply the following rules when considering his outcomes: Conceal your intentions. Being open with your intentions invites people who will obstruct, steal and hijack what you've intended. Demonstrate through actions never through argument. Telling people what you do will invite the thought that you are a braggart and you risk boring others with stories of your accomplishments. If these stories are remembered they are likely to be retold with scepticizm. People remember what is done and build stories and mythologies around your actions by combining their story with their own emotions. Use this to your advantage and let other people speak of your actions. Always say less than necessary. There is a mystery that comes from the “strong silent” type. Saying something outright can be forgotten but if you allude to something, even something you know will happen, when it occurs the mystery will be confirmed. This does not mean that you are unemotional or cold. Instead you behave as if you know something that most people don't know or something that they shouldn't know. Make what is difficult seem easy. This again adds to the mystery of the operator. There are several ways that this can be done, one such way is guile like slight of hand or prestidigitation. One method using guile is to allude to an unforeseen incidence as if you did knew about it before hand but this should be done sparingly. Another such way to make the difficult seem easy is skill and experience and has the strongest impact. With this strong emphasis on mystery it does not mean that you act completely unaccessible. Instead, what you teach should be treated as a mystery. What you know is for few to discover and only those rare individuals who are ready can learn it. This will allow you to mix in any social circle, tease, laugh, flirt and cajole while the mystery of your knowledge and understanding follows you like compelling lover. Conviction Conviction is a fairly simple concept. It means that you are certain of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Conviction means that you are so convinced that what you are doing it right, justified and good that it compels you act. Strong conviction will compel you so powerfully to face any opposition without fear or hesitation. Conviction will also cause you to ignore any personal fears or anxieties. With that as a definition of conviction ask yourself if there is anything you feel that strongly about? If there is the dive into it and use it as a resource. If you don't yet have something that motivates you to that level of conviction it's not too late. Think about the things that you love to do and be active in. remember times when committed yourself to do something simply because you knew it was right and felt good. If you ever want to watch two people empowered by their conviction speaking to the public just watch any old videos of Rev. Billy Graham or Adolf Hilter. Ignore the message and turn off the sound. Just watch them. Both are compelling speakers that are hard to ignore. That is the level of conviction you might want to aspire. Focus If you have a strong conviction that what you are doing is right. You won't need too much help to build your focus. But let's assume you have no idea what focus really is. First, your sense of focus is to be used and demonstrated whenever you are with someone who could be a prospect, recruit or initiate. When you are in their presence there should be nothing more than them on your mind. Your goal it create an experience for them (you're a guru remember?) that they are the most important person in the world to them at that moment in time. In order to do this let's take a look at how most of our lives are like. First, there is no secret to the fact that no matter who you are shit is going to happen. You are going to have to pay bill, feed your belly and think about where the next dollar is coming from... this is just a part of life. Your ability to focus and get what you want with a prospect, recruit or initiate can be directly effected by all of these things if you let them. Even if they never come up in conversation. If those distracting details are on your mind during a conversation you will not impact anyone to the degree that you could. What you have to do at those moment is intentionally put aside everything that could distract you from paying attention to that person. When you do that nothing else is important and it will affect them in a very powerful way. Winning no matter the outcome; The God Complex The God Complex is my favorite subject and so I hope I do it justice. The God Complex has absolutely nothing to do with a growing sense of infallibility and megalomanical behaviors. What makes up the God Complex is really a perspective that is far more distant than your next outcome. Let's face it. With every goal you have a possibility of failure. That's just life. It does happen and it will happen. But if you incorporate any possible failure into your “big picture” and find a way so that you can benefit from it there will never be a disappointment or surprise. Most people “fail” only because they invest too much of themselves in their success so that when it falls short they are devastated. Some never recover. However if they realize failure is possible and incorporate it... should it happen all they do is continue on with their business. They have a bigger picture of themselves, Life, and their goals. The result is they are more flexible to respond to what life throws them. Nothing surprises them except 1) when someone truly “gets it” or 2) when someone who should get doesn't. They are kinder to themselves and to the people around them because they feel in control no matter what the situation.


    Digging Into Spam And Filtering Services


    If you talk to anyone who uses email, spam is something that is frequently on there mind. How often is it that you open your inbox checking for an email from your mom, and you end up with emails with subjective titles involving animals, and foreign objects. There are ways to fight back against Spam, and one of the most popular is through the use of a spam filtering service. There is all different types of spam, and surprisingly not all of them involve email. Most spamming involves the advertising or otherwise promotion of a product, however this is not true in some cases. Most common types of spamming include: Email spam, Link spam and search engine spam. Email Spam is the simple act of sending out massive amounts of 'junk email' to anyone and everyone, in order to promote a product. Often times spamming has been exploited by more 'undergorund' industries such as the adult industry, but it would be unfair to say that other industries haven't used it as well. Link Spam is a form of spamming or spamdexing that recently became publicized most often when targeting the increasingly popular weblogs. Weblogs is one of the biggest problems, however link spam also affects guestbooks, and online discussion boards. The purpose behind spamming these various places, is to display hyperlinks to a various page or product, which helps both with user exposure and search engine popularity. Search engine spam is usually closely related with the above "link spam", as it is the process of creating countless numbers of pages, that populate search engines. Often times these pages will be full of garbage text and have no real value on there own. When a user visits them, they will either be re directed to a completely different page, often times on another domain, or show prominent advertising. Everyone can take their part in removing spam. The easiest way for a general user to not encourage spam, is not to use it. Spammers only spam, because it must be effective, otherwise they would find something better to do with their time. It is also recommended to get various levels of personal spam protection, which is often times included with anti virus software. 3rd party solutions such as Hotmail, have very good spam detection, however often times spam will leak in, and in that case you can help hotmail out by notifying them of the occurence, so that they can better help protect you next time.


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