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    Yesterday You Ate Something That Could Be Killing You


    YESTERDAY YOU ATE SOMETHING THAT COULD BE KILLING YOU CHRISTOPHER GUERRIERO YES MY FRIENDS, YESTERDAY YOU ATE SOMETHING THAT COULD BE KILLING YOU. WORSE YET, YOU’RE FEEDING IT TO YOUR FAMILY. YOU SEE PEOPLE EVERY DAY EATING MORE AND MORE OF IT. IT’S KILLING OUR NATION AND MAKING YOU FAT IN THE PROCESS STOP EATING IT TODAY, AND START LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER WITHIN 24 HOURS! For the first time ever, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) dietary guidelines has identified sugar as a part of our diet we should limit, prompted by an overwhelmingly amount of evidence that proves high sugar foods, such as cookies and soft drinks, not only lead to weight gain, but they often replace the foods that really need to be eaten each day to survive and thrive. If you eat a healthy diet and meet your nutritional needs on most days, you can still enjoy guilty pleasures like a sweet dessert or an occasional sugary soda. But, keep in mind, that no matter what form of sugar you eat from Gummi Bears to Wheaties carbohydrates (sugars) contain 4 calories per gram, they break down to simple sugars during digestion (except for fiber which is indigestible) and are either used for immediate energy, or stored as fat! While you need sugars in your body to keep it running, you should pick sugars that come in the form of nutrient rich starches like whole grains. You should also eat plenty of vegetables which do contain sugars, but do contain an abundance of valuable vitamins, minerals, and disease fighting chemicals. The kind of sugar that you should stay away from is added sugar (the sweeteners that are dumped into foods by manufacturers). Added sugar is causing increasing concern because consumption of this diet buster has risen more than 30 percent in the last two decades, with Americans now gobbling up a whopping 64 pounds of this fattening substance each year! According to the USDA, 20 percent or more of the daily calories for nearly one quarter of adult women come from sugar, making it the culprit of weight gain and diet disasters nationwide, not to mention that fact that it’s part of the cause of diseases like breast cancer. With this in mind, let’s look at some ways we can shave calories from sneaky sugar sources. These include: • Eliminate all soft drinks and fruit flavored beverages, which are considered one of the biggest sources of added sugar in the diet. Instead, regularly opt for water, seltzer flavored with lemon or lime, flavored waters, etc. • Check food labels of packaged food with claims of “low fat” or “fat free,” as they have as much, and oftentimes even more sugar, than the full fat version. Additional sugar is often used to replace the taste of fat, so when fat is decreased or eliminated, sugar is often substituted. Learn to spot this on food packages, and to avoid the contents! • Avoid all white flours, substituting whole grains that pack nutritional value. This means staying away from white pastas, breads, biscuits, cakes, cookies, etc. • Learn to spot sugar’s aliases. If dextrose, fructose, maltose, or malt syrup. If sucrose or corn syrup appears first or second in the ingredient list, the food is very high in sugar. • When eating out, order fresh fruit for dessert rather than that cake your friends are eating. • Pass up sweetened yogurts (they can contain as much as 7 teaspoons of added sugar). Instead, choose a no sugar variety. • Buy breakfast cereals with no more than 8 grams of sugar per serving. Pair these practices with drinking 8 10 glasses of water a day, eating 3 small meals and 2 snacks each day, eating a diet high in vegetables, medium in protein and with the right fats added to that … then you’re on your way to a new you! And, don’t forget to be active every day. These are all key to enhancing your metabolism, changing your lifestyle, and your improving body. And, perhaps more importantly, a healthy, balanced diet with daily exercise will help keep you feeling good, will help you live longer, and will turn back your body’s aging clock! Christopher Guerriero, is the founder of the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center and a best selling author, speaker, and coach to millions. He is creator of the award winning ‘Maximize Your Metabolism’ system. To learn more about this step by step program, and to sign up for FR*EE how to articles and FREE teleseminars, visit: . MaximizeYourMetabolism. com


    Will Riches Come From Your Invention Submission


    Copyright 2006 Stellar Force When you have an earth shaking idea, you want to protect it. The reason, of course, is you want to reap the financial rewards from the idea that you came up with. Money Barriers There are 4 barriers that you must get through to get to the money on the other side: 1. Is your idea original with you? Often, what you think is your original idea, was actually patented previously. To answer this question, you need to perform a patent search. A good patent search will define what has been patented, that is related to your invention. It can also help you decide how to position your patent between the patents already issued or pending in your subject area. 2. Can you afford the cost of a patent attorney to prepare the patent for you? If you can't afford the $10,000 $20,000 that a patent attorney will charge to do the whole job, you can do much of the process yourself and save money. However, there are parts of the patent that are essential for a patent attorney to perform. The most important of these are the claims. If the claims are not correctly done, then the patent will likely not be defendable. Strong patents are worth much more money! 3. You must pay the patent office fees for you invention submission. The government fees are something that you can't get around. Now the waiting begins. It may take up to 2 years before your patent is actually issued. Part of the delay, may be requirements for adjustments to the filed patent by some whimsical patent agent. You must be prepared to make the necessary adjustments that are requested by the patent office. If you don't respond to their requests in a timely manner, your patent application will be considered abandoned. At least you now have patent pending status. 4. Is your patent commercially feasible? What if you have spent your money and your time to get a patent, and no one feels it is valuable? A little market research before you begin the invention submission patent process is a very good idea. A few questions that you might want to ask are: "What is the demand for your product?" "Are the other products out there that can do the same thing?" "Can it be sold for a price that will yield a satisfactory profit after costs?" If you really have faith in your revolutionary idea, then it may be worth exploring whether it will be able to cross the above barriers. The cost that you incur to overcome each of these barriers is your bet that your patent will be a financial success. Your submission of your invention to the patent office may just be your ticket to financial security!


    Setting Up Your Own Home Based Catering Business


    Are you one of those people who love to cook? If you love cooking, you might want to put your talents to work and set up your own home based catering business. The good thing about setting up your business at home is that you get to earn money while keeping an eye on the kids. Formulating your business plan Before to start your business, be sure that you have a sound business plan. Always bear in mind that your business plan is very important if you want to succeed in your business. You don’t really need a complicated business. All you need is a list of things that you need to do to get things started, have a business goal, a timeframe and a budget. Now, don’t runaway yet, it’s not really as complicated as it sounds. You don’t need to have a PhD to write your business plan. To make a simplified business plan, just get a piece of paper and divide it into four columns. The first column should be allocated for particulars where you will write all the things that you will to do, the second column could be for time frame where you get to write the time and date when you will need to perform the task that you listed in your column for particulars, the third column will not be for your expected expenses and the fourth column will be for your expected output. When formulating your business plan, make sure that you list all the things that need to be done, preferably in a chronological order or in your order of priorities. For instance, since you are setting up a home based catering business, you will need to get cooking equipments. On your fist column, you may write there purchase of equipments and cooking utensils. Make sure that you identify all the equipments and utensils that you need. You may write then according to your priorities. On the second column, write when you will purchase these things. In case you are not planning to purchase all your equipments all at the same time, write the different target dates you have. For your third column, estimate how much money you need to get you equipments. You may also write in your business plan as to where you intend to get the money from. The fourth column of simplified business plan can be a bit tricky. Here you will make some business projections. If you are buying equipments, you will need to project how you will be able to recover the cost of your investment. Be realistic in your projections. Always bear in mind that it will not do your any good to be overly optimistic. Always be conservative when making projections. It is always better to exceed your projected income than to fall miserably below it.


    Christian Message Boards Explained


    Probably you’ve heard about Christian message boards, or perhaps you have participated in one of the most well known Christian forums out there on the web. Well, on its most basic, the Christian message boards are by far the most active Christian discussion board on the internet these days. Its history dates back to the year 2001 when the said “first” Christian forum was developed. According to some resources, the first message board that carries the “Christian” label was developed by Erwin Loh, an Australian doctor and lawyer, on November 19, 2001. After two months of preparation and discussion, the Kings Tavern, which was created by a person named Ryan Swift, also known as Josephus, merged with Christian Forums for one particular purpose – to help establish it as the largest Christian message board community in the world. The new Christian Forums was then re launched on February 5, 2002, the day of the merger, to promote the unity of all Christians as one body. The first Christian forums developed by Loh and Swift continue to grow. It grows even after Swift stepped down as co admin. Along with its rise, the Christian message boards’ shared mission of promoting the unity of the Christian faith continues. Currently, the site has more than 130,000 registered users and serves members from almost every country in the world. This re launched Christian message board has more than a hundred administrators and moderators who are divided into staff teams that are named after the fruit of the Spirit of Galatians 5:22 23. This message board has been maintaining its motto, which is “Uniting All Christians as One Body”. Swift and Loh’s Christian Forums actually has an extensive organization of forums. As far as I know, there are more than 400 Christian message boards today, many of which have their own sub forums. It is further worth noting that some of these Christian message boards place limits on the users who can post on them. For instance, only teenagers have the chance to post in the Christian teen forum. It is important to note that many of these forums are only open to Christians. Another thing of interest is the large number of options available to the users. Typically, in most Christian message boards, there is a rather extensive profile that users can fill out for themselves. Some profile information, like the age and faith icon, is used to identify access to particular forums. It is also typical in most Christian message boards to have its own currency called “blessings”, which can be given by other users or earned from jobs. This currency is regularly earned by posting on the forums. Also, blessings are used to add features like avatars and pictures to profiles, as well as to purchase armor, pets and other features that can show up on the user’s post. Today, the Christian message boards developed by Swift and Loh are running a modified version of vBulletin. They also currently run on multiple separate web servers, a central database sever, a slave search server, a DNS server, a mail server, an IRC server and a static file server.


    Change In Capital Gains


    If you own a property which you are planning to sell, be sure to consult a tax advisor or get informed about tax law before doing so. Many real estate agents also know the subtleties of property selling and taxation. Several small points can make the difference between having to pay capital gains tax or not. Capital gains is something that not many of us worry about because we only have the one home which is often only sold in order to buy another property. Usually the next property will cost more money and will be a like kind property so the question of capital gains tax never arises. However, until now, there has been a little known tax clause which had taxed the most unsuspecting of people with capital gains. These people are newly widowed women, who suddenly find that they will now be taxed as a single woman. On top of losing a spouse, they also had to worry about losing a large chunk of their assets in the form of money from the sale of their family home. When a home is sold, it has usually been the property of joint owners (most commonly husband and wife) and each owner is allowed to claim $250,000. This means that, for tax purposes, the average couple can exclude up to $500,000 of gain provided that they have used the house as a principal residence for a cumulative two of the previous five years. In most cases, being able to 'write off' a $500,000 profit margin means most of us are not concerned with capital gains tax. But what happens when a spouse suddenly dies? The capital gains or the profit allowed on the sale of the house is now only one person's allowance of $250,000. If you and your husband were married in the 1940s and lived all your life in the same house, then death of one of the spouses would incur heavy taxes on the sale of the property. The IRS has just stepped in to change this situation, but with all the mortgage rate controversy, it has slipped by almost unnoticed. Until now, the only way to qualify for the full $500,000 capital gains allowance was to sell your home in the same year in which your spouse died. In other words, it would be the last year that you could file a tax return as a married person, so it would be the last year that any taxation could be applied to the married deceased spouse. Apart from the shock of losing a spouse and thinking about selling your home all in the same time period what happens if your spouse dies in November? You have one month to get your act together! Theoretically, most husbands or wives inherit their spouse's share of the property at what is called a 'stepped up' tax basis, but now that the IRS has introduced new legislation for the spousal death situation, everyone can breathe more easily. The new change in the law, introduced at the end of 2007, now gives surviving spouses a full two years to claim the "double" allowance of $500,00 on capital gains, even though, by law, they are now single.


    Headphones For Jogging 04


    When I go out for a jog, I am not only getting exercise. I am also participating in a fantasy. I think of myself as self willed, a go getter, someone willing to do anything to push the limits and succeed.

    The reality is always much different than this. If I'm having a bad day, if I am sore or achy, if I am under the weather, or even if I am distracted, it will be hard to do my jogging. That is why I always have headphones for jogging.

    Listening to music is a great way to psych yourself up. When I first started, I used my fancy noise canceling headphones for jogging. I already owned a nice set of headphones, after all, so why not put them to good use? This was a serious mistake. Not only would they not stay on my head, but I actually dropped them and damaged them. Although they still work, the headset is a little bit bent out of shape, and the left ear buzzes a bit. I realized that inexpensive ear bud headphones for jogging are a much better idea. You don't need noise cancellation headphones. All you need is something that will play the music and get you through the routine. Of course, the kind of earphones for jogging that you use, and the way you listen to music, depend on your workout and your environment. We all love to listen to headphones while jogging, but safety has to be the first concern. If you cannot hear what's going on around you while wearing your headphones for jogging, you should not be wearing them. That means that you should not have the kind of headphones that cancel out noise. Ear buds are the best way to go because they allow some sound to come through. Headphones for jogging are not the same kind that you use for your stereo at home. High quality headphones are actually dangerous because they block outside sounds out. This is another reason why it is such a good idea to get inexpensive headphones for jogging. Once you get your jogging headphones, you will have to face the question of what to listen to while you run. This can be difficult for people. My best advice is to get an MP3 player. Put different music on it, and see what you like. That way you can see what is the best music for jogging that you own.


    Hooray For Hoodia Diet Pills


    In the past people who wanted to lose weight did so for mostly cosmetic reasons. They simply wanted to look good in their tight jeans (men too). These day's not only do folks want to look good they want to also be healthy at the same time. Obesity has become a serious national problem. And the need to fix the growing trend is going to require a diet that fits our idle and spoon fed society. Yet there's a lot of skepticism over new fad diets. Simply because so many diet recipes have turned out to be failures. However, a new diet has appeared and actually seems to own up to all it's claims. Enter the Hoodia diet pills. Weight loss for all is here. The Hoodia diet has gained a lot of its popularity from national exposure on such television shows as Oprah, BBC, and 60 Minutes. Along with its social acceptance is clinical testing validating its usage safety. And the endless testimonials swearing their new allegiance to the hassle free way of losing weight. Taking Hoodia diet pills is certainly in the top ten for dieting solutions even if it is a new entry. Why not? It's the American dream. Easy weight loss One of the biggest obstacles in dieting is obviously being hungry. And that’s where the Hoodia diet pills have it's edge over other diet pills. The Hoodia diet pills work by naturally suppressing your appetite. It's natural components act directly on one's satiety center which is located in the hypothalamus. What it does is send a signal to the brain that the body has received enough nutrition. Now one still needs to use these diet pills responsibly. Yet the fact is it makes it so easy to eat less and not find yourself craving for more food. Counting those calories is so much easier. The active ingredient of Hoodia has been patented which provides the security of knowing that it has passed rigorous clinical testing before being opened to the public. Amazingly people lose as much as a pound in every three or four days when taking the Hoodia diet pills. The Hoodia diet pills main ingredient is from a plant which makes it 100% natural and safe. Which is unique in itself when it comes to diet pills. The majority of on the shelf diet pills these day's owe their so called aid from formulated chemicals. Chemicals like ephedrine and caffeine. Unlike let's say caffeine which causes one to shake and vibrate if one uses too much. Hoodia diet pills due to its positive natural source has no unpleasant side effects. People tested using the Hoodia diet pill were able to easily lower their calorie intake by as much as 900 calories a day. And in some cases by as much as 1,00 calories a day. One of the perks of dieting with Hoodia diet pills is the luxury of not having to go through the hassle of preparing special meals. Even better there are no specific regimens required. So you don't have to forever dread never eating those no no food items because there isn't any more maddening cravings. No counting calories. No special foods to eat. No cravings. For the obese Hoodia diet pills are manna from heaven itself. A word of caution to those who like buying online is to be considered because of its popularity the usual unscrupulous marketers have appeared selling fake Hoodia diet pills as the real thing. Make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing any Hoodia diet pills. If you see chemicals other than Hoodia Gordonii beware. If they do contain other ingredients it will not be effective. Now getting healthy along with weight loss requires a little common sense. Two apples is going to do you more good than eating only one dozen donuts versus ones usual two dozen. Thanks to Hoodia diet pills a lot of folks unable to succeed at self discipline have a real hope of looking and feeling good once again.


    Get In Gear For Your Mountain Bike


    Necessary equipment for the casual bike rider consists of a helmet, and a headlight if there's a chance of biking at night, and that's about it. Anything else is gravy. The same can not be said for the mountain biker. To have a safe and enjoyable ride, the mountain biker needs quite a bit of gear. Even more so than for the casual biker, a helmet is a must. And take care about choosing a helmet. A poor fitting helmet is of no use, so make sure it fits your head securely. A good pair of gloves serve two purposes. You'll get a better grip on the handlebars with your gloves, and of course should you take a spill your hands won't get torn up. Clothing What to wear? Most people go mountain biking in the summer, so they wear shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes. If they're the hardy sort, they'll put on sweatshirts and pants for the colder months. But it's also a good idea to wear padding on knees and elbows. The thing about mountain biking is that it's not a question of if you'll fall, but when. So it's only common sense to wear padding and prevent a serious injury. If you're a dedicated rider you don't want to have to spend any time off the bike recuperating from a broken arm when with a little common sense you could avoid the problem. Shoes Don't forget the shoes! These days shoes are designed especially for every sport under the sun, and mountain biking is no different. As a mountain biker you want to make sure your feet stay on the pedals, and you want shoes that are comfortable to well as well. Accessories A new trend in mountain biking is riding at night. Well, if you're going to ride at night you've got to have a light! If you're going for long distances you'll want to have a hydropack of some kind, so that you can drink liquids on the go. It's possible to scour the web for your clothes and accessories, but to be sure of a good fit, it's always best to give as much business as possible to your local bike store. The Bike You've got the gear, now you need the bike. And these are not your granddaddy's bikes. Technology has improved the design of bicycles in every way, and quality bikes are offered at affordable prices but you've still got to pick the right one for you. The best thing to do when choosing a bike is talk to owners of various types of bikes maybe even borrow a ride on them, so you can compare the differences in saddle feel, shock absorbers, handling, and most importantly, weight. Don't just talk to one person, get a good cross section of opinions. If you're going to be a competitive mountain biker taking parts in races you'll need a more expensive kind of bike, of course, one with a titanium frame and all the bells and whistles. If you're just going to be going out to the trails on the weekends in your version of kicking back and relaxing, you won't need that much bang for your buck There are two main types of mountain bikes: the Hardtail, which has a frame with no rear suspension and the Softtail, which has a frame with a small amount of rear suspension. The most comfortable bike is perhaps one with full or "dual" suspension a front suspension fork and a rear shock. The type of bike you get also depends on the kind of riding you'll want to do: cross country, enduro, free ride, downhill, etc. Again, you'll want to talk to fellow riders to see which is the best kind of bike for the particular kind of riding you want to do.


    Mortgages In The Uk


    Mortgage refinancing and second mortgages have become popular as the market tightens and interest rates become volatile. Mortgage refinance provides an opportunity to the people to fulfill their obligations. Mortgages have two components: principal and interest. Mortgage rates generally rise and fall along with yields on Treasury securities, which reflect the overall direction of interest rates. A mortgage is a loan taken out to pay for the purchase of property, usually a house. You could start saving money by simply selecting to compare personal loans, compare secured loans, compare credit cards, compare insurance or compare mortgages. Before purchasing houses you need to seek all the relevant information about mortgage and loan that are offering by different companies so that you can easily find good mortgage deal. We recommend that you obtain exact figures from a specific lender before committing to any mortgage. Although this increase in mortgage types has added complexity, it has also introduced fierce competition, which has in turn resulted in the availability of some very attractive mortgage products for you the customer. Before obtaining a vacation home mortgage, prospective homeowners should carefully study their mortgage options and rates and determine how much they can afford. When choosing between fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, it is hard to decide which will ultimately cost less. The benefit of the mortgage refinancing is that the premium decreases and lowers the mortgage rates. With a rising housing market interest only mortgages have grown in popularity over the last few years, causing great concern among industry experts. Unfortunately what I found out was that this reluctance to ask for the mortgage we want is just a cultural hangover. In reality there is no such thing as an interest only mortgage, because eventually you will pay the principal, too. Get an overview of the basics, then do some research at the library, on the Internet, or ask questions of experts—your real estate agent, loan officer, or mortgage broker. Organising a mortgage will probably be your biggest financial decision if you don't get the best deal, it's bound to represent a costly mistake. Current national average rates and points on 30 and 15 year fixed, 1 year and 5/1 combined adjustable rate mortgages, the latest mortgage market news. Home loans are available from several types of lenders thrift institutions, commercial banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions. You can also get insurance to protect your income or just your mortgage payments if you become ill or disabled, or lose your job. Loan There are many companies that are providing homes loan to people who want to use this loan for personal benefit and for construction of their new homes. Find the best possible loan by getting all the information you need. Make all of your payments on time, and be an ideal borrower to start mending the score that determines your success at finding loans. This includes housing costs, and other debts such as car payments, personal loans, and credit card payments. On any given day, lenders and brokers may offer different prices for the same loan terms to different consumers, even if those consumers have the same loan qualifications.


    Is Genewize Life Sciences For Real Or Is Genewize A Scam


    This article is about the newly forming company called GeneWize, and in it you will learn everything I have learned thus far after my research into Genewize. Genewize is a newly formed division of a company called GeneLink. GeneLink has been a nutritional research and development company in the area of Genetics for the last 12 years straight. They have some of the most prestigious scientists, many who have won lots of rewards in the field of nutrition and genetics for the past many years. Genelink has spend an enormous amount of resources, time, and energy over the last several years developing processes of customizing nutrition to people’s actual genetic profiles. In fact, they can take 98 ingredients and create over 177,000 different combinations of product to customize to each person’s individual genes. They can do this by getting a saliva sample, and then assessing your DNA. Once this is done a genetic profile is formed…and nutrition can be customized to YOUR actual genes. In one fell swoop, ‘Shot gun’ nutrition was taken out of the ball game, and no longer will people be receiving products that do not work for their bodies. With GeneWize, each person gets a customized and personalized product for their GENES, and their lifestyle. I have seen many companies in my time as an entrepreneur, but seldom actually have as much credibility, or solid science behind them as GeneWize does. On top of that, the credibility of the leaders who support this company, and the management who runs it is exceptional. Some of the brightest and most successful network marketers of our time have all endorsed GeneWize, and many of them have already taken positions within the company. Genewize is DEFINITELY the type of company that a proud and honest person can stand behind, and know that they are delivering real value to the world and helping many people in the process.


    5 Things To Do When You Visit Branson Mo


    Branson, Missouri is one of the Midwest's greatest tourist destinations. There are many attractions in Branson, and people of every age are sure to find several things to see and do while in town. While there are collectively hundreds of museums, variety shows, shops, parks, playgrounds, and other activities in Branson, following are five of the most highly recommended. 1. Branson Scenic Railway For a great scenic tour of the Ozarks and the area surrounding Branson, a ride on the Scenic Railway is a must. While on the railway tour, a guide provides riders with a lot of information and history about the Branson area. The scenery that can be viewed from the train is magnificent and the train cars, which are designed to be like they were in the old days, allow riders to feel like they are on a train ride from the past. 2. Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show This show is one of Branson’s most popular attractions. The characters on stage have great costumes, wonderful singing voices, and they are experts at riding the 32 horses that take part in the show. The dinner served is delicious and can be considered down home cooking. 3. America's Presidency One of the most highly recommended museums in Branson is America's Presidency Museum. This museum is anything but ordinary, and a visit is truly entertaining. The museum is home to several outfits originally owned and worn by several past First Ladies, and there are also several exhibits featuring some of the personal items from the estates of President Lincoln, President Roosevelt and President Kennedy. 4. Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum This museum is one of the most popular and exciting tourist destinations in the entire city. There are several hundred items in the museum that have entertained and surprised visitors for decades. The building that houses the museum was built to look like it was a victim of the earthquake that hit Missouri in 1812. 5. Silver Dollar City Silver Dollar City is a theme park that is a favorite among visitors of all ages. The park includes a crafter's village reminiscent of an 1880's town, amusement park rides, and a water park called, "White Water." Silver Dollar City also commonly hosts various music festivals and celebrations. The park has a nightly display of fireworks in addition to a laser show and music. There are several places to eat dinner in and around Silver Dollar City, but a trip on the Showboat Branson Belle a cruise ship is a truly memorable experience as it includes a meal as well as a dinner show.


    A Quick Guide To Hypnotherapy


    Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. From ancient Egyptian times even through today, hypnotism has been used in religion, medicine, mental therapy, and even entertainment. Patients often undergo hypnosis to help release stress or to overcome certain challenges in their lives such as smoking habits, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, insomnia, depression, and other conditions. Hypnotherapy is similar to psychotherapy except it is undertaken when the patient is in a state of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is meant to help modify the patient's behavior, attitude, and emotional state for positive life changes. Hypnotherapy is usually performed by a professional hypnotherapist. In many cases, the hypnotherapist will train the patient in self hypnosis so the patient can benefit from hypnotherapy at any time when needed. What Happens During Hypnosis? Before the actual hypnosis begins, both the patient and the trained hypnotherapist agree to the process. Hypnosis cannot be forced on the patient. There will usually be an informal talk between the two with questions and answers as well as an explanation of what is about to take place. Next is the actual hypnosis. The hypnotherapist leads with his or her voice to gently guide the patient into a state of relaxation in mind and body. The patient may appear to be asleep, but is awake enough to be aware of what's going on especially in the parts of the mind that can effect beneficial changes. The patient is led into comforting, pleasant thoughts and begins to daydream about happy times or hopes for the future. When under hypnosis, the patient often feels very relaxed. It's similar to the warm comfort of a bed when one is very sleepy. The patient can terminate the session at any time if he or she begins to feel uncomfortable. When the session ends, the patient is able to ask questions and discuss the experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis Today Today, there are many different ways people can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy. They don't even have to leave their homes to take advantage of hypnosis. There are Internet sites that offer guides and tips on hypnosis, along with hypnosis training for those who want to become a trained hypnotist. For self hypnosis, there are great products available online, such as hypnosis MP3s and hypnosis CDs. With these tools, a person is able to enjoy the long term benefits of hypnosis without paying high costs to visit a trained hypnotherapist. These products are very helpful when times of stress arise or when you just needs a boost of self confidence. They are fast, easy, safe and effective tools to help you tackle common life situations. On hypnosis MP3s and hypnosis CDs, the messages are positive and subliminal, offering exact trance inducing frequencies. The hypnosis MP3 files are downloadable onto an iPod or MP3 player so you can take it with you wherever they go. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not cure all solutions, but they can be helpful in renewing your positive outlook on life and learning to overcome obstacles.


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