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    You Can Make A Fortune On Ebay ...But Only If You Get Going


    There are a number of things you need to make money on the Internet, but the most important is targeted traffic. Think about it, having a good product won't make you money if nobody sees it, a good headline, good copywriting, nice website, none of these things will make you a dime if nobody sees them. Just knowing that targeted visitors are the most important part of making money will do us no good unless we take action. How are we going to take action? We get going, going to where the targeted traffic is, and the traffic is at Ebay. Would you be surprised if I told you over 12 million people visit Ebay a month. I haven't checked all the sites on the Internet, but I doubt there are many sites bringing in that much traffic. Ok we have solved one of the main problems with making money, we now know where we can get targeted visitors, but don't be fooled thinking it will be a piece of cake just because we overcame the main problem. You see we are not the only ones that know where the traffic is, so we are going to have a lot of competition. What can we do about the competition? I would just send them an email and ask them to stop selling so I could sell my products and make a lot of money. Now if that doesn't work there are a few more ways we can beat the competition. It might be easier if I just list them below. 1. Since most visitors use the search tool to find a product on Ebay we would want to make sure we were using the best keywords we could come up with that describes the product we are selling. 2. We would also want to take our time and make sure we list our product in the correct categories. 3. If we can find a unique product with little competition that would be great, but we will need to be careful with this, because if no body is selling it, it could be because there is little demand for it. 4. If we find a product that we can buy at a lower cost than our competition then we could sell it at a lower price than the competition. I think we have a good idea how to sell on Ebay, but we need a product to sell. If you are new to Ebay you could start by selling products you have around the house. That is how I started, I did a check on Ebay to see what products were selling and what they were selling for. If there was a high demand for it and I had one, I would take a picture of the product and offer it up for auction. You would be surprised at some of the objects people will buy. After you have sold all you have around the house you will need to get a tax number from your state tax office and sign up with a wholeseller. You can search the Internet to find a wholeseller, but there are lists you can buy that will save you a lot of time and will list the top wholesellers. You can find wholesellers that don't require a tax ID, but I would not use these, because I don't think you will get the best price or best products from them. Since there is so much competition you want to make sure you have the right product at the best price. There is no way I can cover the whole process of selling on Ebay in one article, but I hope this has been some help to you. Good Luck!


    Preventing Water Damage In The Attic


    Controlling the natural drying of your property must start at the attic as it is located at the top of the house, separating between the roof and the rest of the house. Read the following guide lines to prevent water damage caused by ceilings and flooring, common attic appliances, insulation, vents, and recessed lights canisters Perform thorough inspections every few months to assure that you attic is kept in good conditions Ceiling and Floor Be sure to look both up and down when inspecting the attic. Pay special attention to openings through the roof such as pipes, vents and the chimney. Take a look to confirm that all surfaces are dry and that there is no mold or rot. Also, check the bottom of the roof sheathing and roof rafters. It is recommended to inspect during the morning to make sure that the roof is sealed and that no daylight penetrates through roof cracks. Inspect the floor and make sure it is dry. Recessed Lights Canisters The presence of rust and corrosion indicates possible moisture invasion and a potential electrical hazard. Additional indicators for potential water damage are stains above or near the wood, or on the insulation around the canisters. Consider replacing old recessed lights canisters with newer, safer ones that include built in insulation. Vents Attic ventilation is important. Commonly, vents are installed along the peak of the roof. Moisture or surface discoloration near vents is a sign, locate the moisture source and fix the problem. When inspecting the roof, remove any bird nests and debris blocking the vents. Insulation When damaged by moisture and water, the insulation becomes thin and flat. Check the insulation frequently, especially after the rain season. Touch it. If it feels wet, find the moisture source and fix the problem right away. Remember: wet insulation is useless, but it will continue to hold water for a while and will create high moisture conditions. If the insulation is wet, replace it. Common Attic Appliances Periodically, check attic air conditioners, swamp coolers and HVAC systems. Look for wear and tear and loose connections. Inspect around and under these appliances. Remember that appliances failures may cause water damage to everything that lies below.


    Ebooks Categorically Speaking


    The categories associated with ebooks are incredibly large. Trying to pinpoint the exact type of material best suited for ebook development is a bit like trying to nail Jell O to the wall. What follows is a brief look at a few of the categories in which ebooks may fit. Arts Music Biographies General Business Management Marketing Education Essays Games Sports Health & Fitness Inspiration Medical History Military Religion Science Home & Garden Cooking Gardening News Philosophy Politics & Government Economics Government Law Politics Reference Social Issues Child Development Communication Environmental Issues Ethnic Studies Family Social Issues Travel Children Classics Fiction History Humor Science Fiction Seasonal Drama Fantasy You will notice I said brief because in each category there are several sub genres that may also contain ebooks for sale. The growth of ebooks is actually serving to displace traditional publishers to a certain degree. You will still find significant titles available at brick and mortar bookstores, but the very nature of ebook development has allowed many authors to bypass traditional publishers – and still find success. The next time you visit your favorite storefront bookstore be sure to look at the vast aisles filled with books on every conceivable topic. Now condense that to your PC screen and a few clicks. In the end you will likely find lower priced ebook downloads available that can be just as portable as a regular book. Perhaps the best news is the ebook download can be accomplished without leaving the comfort of home. The realm of ebook publishing is growing and populated with a maverick group of writers who have taken publishing into their own hands. This is not to say that traditional publishers haven’t seen the benefit of ebooks. In fact, many mainstream publishers are also offering some of their titles as ebook downloads. Most writers have a very vivid imagination so the use of that imagination is important to ebook development. The truth is there are no limitations to the topics that can be addressed in an ebook. Several ‘ebook only’ publishers can assist you in developing your book or you can research the skills needed to develop your own ebook. Incidentally, there are also a growing number of ebook publishers that will publish a full print edition of the book once a certain number of ebook downloads have been reached. In other words, for some writers the development of an ebook may be the means of breaking into traditional avenues of publishing.


    Ebooks Are Alive And Well And Living


    Have you been told that ebooks are dead? Have you bought into the lie that informational products no longer sell? DON’T! It’s 2006. The start of a new year with new goals, new aspirations and new hopes. Ebooks are not dead. In fact they are alive and well and living…… where? Well, that depends on you! Information has always sold. It sells off line at large bookstores in the form of non fiction how to books, financial success books, diet books, self improvement books, dog training books, and books for Dummies. Information sells online just as quickly and easily and with less hassle. The customer receives his product immediately. A few clicks and his book is sitting on his desktop. No traveling through bad weather to the bookstore. No traveling to the second bookstore because the book is so popular the first store ran out. No back orders. No gas prices (ok – couldn’t resist that one!) The author/publisher also has incredible benefits. No running out of product. No delivery cost. No duplication cost. Little to no overhead cost. An open world market available at your desktop. Produce your product once and sell it as long as the information remains current. Sell at auction. Sell it on a sales page. Sell it using affiliates. Sell it using viral techniques. Sell it while you sleep. Sell it overseas. Sell it with joint ventures. Give it away. Use ebook directories. Reformat it for hand held devices. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. For instance…. a new wave of video e mail is on the horizon. This is technology that will be available to all Internet users in just a few short years. Do you want to be on the forefront of this technological advancement? Write an informational product. Point people to different vendors. Use affiliate links in the book to increase your income. So the ebook is alive and well and living on YOUR desktop, ready to be published online and ready for you to collect an income. Information products have been around since books were first published and they are here to stay. Take advantage of the growth in our population and answer the questions that people have – then charge them for it. As long as you answer their questions, they will buy.


    Credit Unions Help Make Homes More Affordable


    For first time buyers of modest means, the goal of home ownership is more difficult to attain today. But a new initiative spearheaded by the nation's credit unions is helping more people qualify for home loans. "Real estate prices are still high all over the country," said Daniel A. Mica, president and chief executive officer of the Credit Union National Association. "Mortgage rates are headed upward as well. The gap between the incomes of average families and the affordability of a first home is widening every day." According to the National Association of Realtors, the median price of a single family home was $215,900 at the end of October, up 14.7 percent from the previous year. In contrast, median household income was only $44,389, according to the U. S. Census Bureau's figures for year end 2004. In order to afford their first home, most low to medium income level families need some extra help. The new initiative called the Home Loan Payment Relief program, or HLPR makes below market rate mortgage loans available to borrowers with household incomes at or below the median in their markets. With a HLPR loan, for example, a person would need an income of only $32,000 a year rather than $40,000 to qualify for a $115,000 mortgage. "Credit unions are voluntarily bearing the cost themselves of offering the loans below market as part of their mission to help people of modest means," Mica said. Participating credit unions will offer a three year adjustable rate mortgage at one percentage point below the national average to qualifying borrowers. After three years, the rate will adjust annually to market rates, with rate adjustments capped at 1 percent per year, and 5 percent over the life of the loan. Nearly 100 credit unions, including some of the nation's largest, are participating in the program. The Credit Union National Association expects hundreds more to come on board, with total commitments reaching $10 billion over five years. Credit unions will not increase fees, but rather be encouraged to seek reductions in closing costs. Down payments will be no more than 3 percent, and gifts or grants will be permitted.


    Wedding Speech Writing Tips


    The wedding speech, when well thought out, rehearsed and properly delivered, could bring a wedding reception or dinner to life. A good wedding speech will entertain and make the guests feel great about being present for the celebration. Here are a few tips for writing your own wedding speech if you don't have any idea what to say. Thank Anyone Important A wedding is an ideal occasion to thank many people. Name the people you want to give thanks to and why. For example, if you are the best man, you can thank the groom for being his best friend. If you are the bride, you can thank your parents for raising you to be independent and smart. Tell a Story People like to hear stories about other people. Say something you know about the person you will be talking about because you were also there when it happened, or even if you had only heard about it. For example, you and the groom went to the same college but attended lectures late, if at all in the mornings because you both played poker all night long. The groom won often and made enough to pay for one semester's tuition. Give a History Lesson This is very similar to telling a story. Go over the significant milestones, if you are familiar with them, about this person, the bride or groom. That would include the schools they attended, the jobs they had or the hobbies they are in to. Disclose a Secret Everyone likes to hear and tell secrets. Say something no one knows about the person you will be talking about but may be surprised to find out. For example, tell the guests that the bride once auditioned for a popular television show. Or, that the groom had a crush on his third grade school teacher, who by the way is a guest tonight. Say Something Funny Any occasion would be fun if humor were part of it. If you can make people laugh with a funny story, everyone will feel like they are having a good time and enjoy themselves. You can't force a laugh. However, the stories you tell or the situations you describe can end up getting a few guests chuckling without you trying to make it funny. Give Unsolicited Advice It's customary for someone to give the newlyweds some advice. The most common is anything on marriage. If you are making a speech and you are married, you can share your wisdom on how to be a good spouse. A common advice is to resolve your argument before you both go to sleep. Another would be that the wife is always right. Although these examples are important, admittedly they have been over used. What you can do, if you can't think of advice that no one else has ever told, is to make these original or unique by describing how the advice has helped you in your own marriage. Reveal Your Feelings You can express your feelings about the people you will be talking about in your speech. If you are the father of the bride, tell your daughter how proud you are of her and that you will always be there for her. In addition, you can tell your new son in law how happy you are to have him as a new member of the family. Get the Audience Involved This idea is a bit unconventional and almost crosses into the job of the MC, however you might consider getting the audience involved by asking questions about the couple. You can ask about the craziest thing the couple has ever done. Or, you can ask about why they would make a good couple. You can come up with any opened ended question that requires some explaining. Some would be glad to participate just to be the life of the party. By doing this, you'll loosen up the crowd and make the celebration all the more fun. You should consider it an honor and a privilege if asked to make a speech at a wedding reception. The newlywed's family asked you because they trust you and have respect in you. They know that they can count on you to do a good job. Your moment to shimmer in the spotlight is near. Good luck and have fun. Copyright © 2006 By Leroy Chan


    Dealing With An Angry Person


    Everyone is periodically faced with an angry person, and can be challenging to deal with. I’d like to share a few ideas in how to react to another’s anger, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or even a stranger. Some of these will also apply if you are angry yourself, which of course is something to avoid in the first place. Listen Let the person vent a little, and get their words and feelings out. If you interrupt them too quickly to defend yourself, it’s going to just make things worse. Wait for them to finish or for a pause. Being a good listener is an important skill in many other situations also. A good technique for listening is to ask questions. It not only helps you understand them better, but shows them you truly care to understand. Stay Calm Don’t go into anger mode yourself, it just compounds the situation. Just remind yourself that anger is unlikely to accomplish anything good, so why do it. Validate Validate their anger, do not just dismiss their emotions just because you feel it’s unjustified. The fact is that they feel this way, and you will help the situation by accepting and acknowledging the way they feel. Let them know this with phrases such as “I see that you’re really upset with me and am sorry this had to happen”. Take Responsibility Don’t let you ego assume that you are totally without fault in their anger. You may not be fully aware of how you come across or what you did. Just accept that your actions could have been responsible, regardless of whether the actions were justified. Find things that you can freely admit you were in error about, and this may help resolve the other person’s anger. Time Out If possible, take a time out, and let the other person cool down. Trying to debate the situation immediately will often make it worse. Give ti some time to settle down, and then discuss it if necessary. People will require different amounts of time to release their initial anger, so be adaptive to their needs. Agree to Disagree Sometimes you’re not going to ever decide that someone was right or wrong, and the debate can go on endlessly with each party trying to convince the other. In these cases, it’s best to just acknowledge that you each have different options, and leave it at that. We don’t always have to agree on things. Just “Agree to Disagree” then change the subject and move on to something else quickly. If you can find a win/win solution to the issue that’s great, however it’s not always possible. Keep Perspective Keep things in perspective, and ask yourself how important the topic of the argument really is in the big picture. It’s so easy to get into a huge argument over what is a trivial thing, and the debate becomes more a personal issue of proving something which really doesn’t matter. Be willing to just let it go. Release the Anger If you’re holding a lot of anger yourself, find a good way to release it. What works best will be different for each of us, but some ideas include: talking a walk, go for a bike ride, play a video game, work in the garden, phone a friend, go shopping, take a bath, or anything that will take your mind off it. Time is a great healer. Avoid Violence Never use physical violence against another in anger, if you are doing this you should seek professional help before you hurt someone. If you are the recipient of violent anger, then you need to physically get away from that person, as quick as you can. With anyone you spend a lot of time with, you should work together towards ending anger. Make a pact to try to avoid this emotion which does your relationship no good. If you can both become better listeners, it will go a long ways towards reducing anger, because people will know they can count on you to listen to them. Anger will otherwise become their tool to get your attention.


    Binoculars For Military Uses


    You do not need any license for military binoculars like you would for any other military supply. it does not matter if you get them foe a gift or for your own use you can make sure that you are getting a binocular set that will give you the features you want by what you intend to do with it. It is so important to know what you need to find that pair of binoculars. The use of binoculars will be something that the military or anyone who loves to work in secret conditions will need to consider. The more you pay for them, the better the binoculars you will get. If you are searching for a pair of binoculars that will bring everything right in to you so that you can see what is going on or for completing those military missions that require you to have tact and skill, you will need to understand what the numbers mean. If you will take a look at the titles that =re on the different binocular brands, you will notice that they all have numbers like 9x30 on them. The first number tells you what the magnification is. The nine would be nice times the magnification that it was before. The 30 would tell you that the lens is thirty millimeters across from one side to the other. It is a reminder of just what the pupil of a human eye does. The larger and wider it opens up to get lighter the better your vision will be in low to dark situations. Fujinon Binoculars For Marine And Military Use Fujinon offers many different types of models under the classifications of binoculars for military use: 7x50 BIF SX US Navy Marine Binocular ($250) model F1006B, 7x50 BIF/R SX US Navy Marine Binocular that have Retical ($300) model F1006C, 7x50 MTR SX Fujinon Poseidon Armored Marine Binocular ($480) model F1105). The Steiner Company Binoculars For Military Use Steiner gives you a large choice of military style binoculars for use in tactical operations and also other events you may be a part of. 7x50 Steiner 1001 Commander V Marine Binoculars model ST1001 can be bought in a deep blue color to be dark and stealthy and is the Steiner companies greatest binocular for any marine and military use you can throw at it. These binoculars have a great 3 D optical system that is able to coral the light, as well as a high definition optical coating for the clearest view. They give you a 30 year warranty and weighs about 3 pounds for about $800. The Steiner 1001A Commander V Marine Binocular with the added Compass model ST1001A gives you the best high definition stabilizer compass and an option of the Steiner's new 3 D optical system that givew you high tech ability with a CAT optical coating on them for the best clarity. These sets of binoculars are waterproof, fog proof and shockproof and have a 30 year warranty for $900. For more info see binoculars rating. com/ on Binoclars The next set is the Steiner 1001B Commander III with added Compass and Rangefinder in the model ST1001B and boasts heavy duty stabilizer compass and also a rangefinder. These binoculars are totally waterproof, fog proof, and made for protection from any drop. The ability of these binoculars to bring in light in low light situations is terrific. You can get a thirty year warranty on it and all for about $800. The Steiner Company B/ST® Tactical Military Binocular for $750 and model ST 1013 has a great ability for being used in situations where the light is low like surveillance projects, navigation, or sniper spotter. ST1013 can also be useful for the mil dot reticle systems. These binoculars are waterproof also and weight about three pounds.


    Scary Scars Know How To Treat It The Non Surgical Way


    : What are scars & why scars arise? Scars occur after healing of a wound caused by accident, burn, or surgery. Scars form on the human skin and look like fibrous tissues. Skin is a very sensitive and soft part in the human body. Scars naturally form on the wounded area when the healing process is complete. Skin problems like acne and infections like chicken pox will also leave scars on various areas of the body. Most of the wounds leave scars on the body, and the size of the scar is related to the size of the wound. The damaged area of the skin is repaired and collagen fibres are formed over the wound by the cells called fibroblasts. The fibrous tissue or scars resultant of wound do not possess the qualities of the skin. They are not resistant to ultra violet radiation and the hair follicles don’t grow on these spots. These scars cannot be removed completely from the body, but there are various treatment methods to enhance the appearance of the affected area. Types of Scars Keliod scars: These scars take a tumor like shape and bulge beyond the wounded area. These scars protrude beyond the wound, and are severe when the wounded area is around the joint. Hypertrophic scars: These are similar to keliod scars in shape, but do not protrude beyond the wounded area. Contracture scars: These type of scars form on wounds caused by burns. The skin gets tightened as a result of these scars, and one may experience difficulty to move.

    Acne scars: These scars are resultant of severe acne. The size and type of scars varies depending on the type of acne.

    Chicken pox scars: Chicken pox leaves scars on the skin after infection. These scars may be darker than the skin color and remains almost throughout life. Treatment of scars in the non surgical way Dressing the wound: The wounds must be given proper medical dressing to prevent infections.

    The wounds which are left open are at a higher risk of getting infected, and due to the delay in the healing process deep scars on the affected areas may occur. Pressure dressing: Pressure dressing causes a reduction in wound metabolism.

    It exerts pressure on the area covered and prevents accumulation of fluids in the underlying tissues. The use of pressure dressings on the affected areas has been effective in preventing scar formation.

    Creams and ointments in treating scars: There are various creams and ointments available to reduce scarring. These creams are applied on the wound and they help to reduce formation of scars on the affected areas.

    Consult a dermatologist to get the best suitable ointments according to the type of wound for treating scars. Calcium channel blockers: Calcium antagonists are used to decrease collagen synthesis. They are capable to induce changes in the fibroblast gene expression. They block the cellular communication pathways which are essential to regulate the behavior of the fibroblast.

    This method is useful in treatment of established scars. Laser treatment: This type of treatment is useful to flatten the scars which are raised above the level of the skin.

    The pink color of the scar can also be changed using laser treatment. Acne scar treatment: Most of the teens are affected by acne and recover without any permanent marks. But in some people acne leaves scars on their skin.

    The areas affected with acne must not be exposed to the skin, as it may delay the healing process. The use of topical skin care products can be helpful to reduce scars at early stage. A good moisturizer can be applied over the skin to protect it from the sun rays. The use of chemical peels improves the skin tone, but it is less effective on scars.

    Scars are formed due to various reasons and can be found almost on everyone’s body. Most people think that surgery is the only way to remove scars, and so they choose to live with scars, instead of surgery. The non surgical methods described above are also effective to reduce the impact of scars.


    Why Do You Need Raw Juice Therapy


    When I was a kid, my mom used to make me different kinds of juices like orange, tomato, and carrot juices. I always like them until now as they do increase the appetite. But, I wasn’t sure about the benefits until one day, when I got older; I saw my aunt consumed so many juices everyday. I noticed that this was part of her cancer treatment. She got better after an intensive course of consuming 13 glasses of juices each day. An example of her juice combinations is orange, carrot, and dark leafy greens. Thanks to the juice therapy she is still with us until now. Today, there are more and more people consuming fruit and vegetable juices as part of their lifestyle to increase healthy life. They think it is the simplest form of prevention and cure. Most sicknesses are the direct result of the lack or deficiency of vitamins, minerals and salts needed by the body to function properly. It’s important for us to make sure we have enough of those substances. Raw juice therapy can be the answer. Raw juice therapy is a way of healing and preventing sickness through an exclusive diet of fruits and vegetables juices. It is also the most effective way to bring back health and restore the body. Based on the healthlibrary. com, here are some juices needed to cure some ailments: 1. Sore Throat – apricot, grapes, lemon, pineapple, prune, tomato, carrot and parsley. 2. Headache grapes, lemon, carrot, lettuce and spinach. 3. Colds – lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion, celery and spinach. 4. Influenza – apricot, orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion and spinach. 5. Allergies – apricot, grapes, carrot, beet and spinach. 6. Eye Disorders: apricot, tomato, carrot, celery, parsley and spinach. 7. Constipation apple, pear, grapes, lemon, carrot, beet, spinach and watercress. 8. Diabetes – citrus fruits, carrot, celery, lettuce and spinach. 9. Acne – grapes, pear, plum, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato and spinach. 10. Asthma – apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, carrot, radish and celery. You may drink the juice every three hours or take five to six times a day until you feel better. The quantity of juice on each occasion may be 250 ml on the first day and increased by 50 ml each succeeding day ‘till you can take 600 ml on each occasion. If you want to do raw juice therapy, here are things you must consider to give the best juice for your body: • Drink the juice immediately after you make it. • Use only fresh ripe fruits and vegetables. • Extract fruits and vegetables only as much as you need for immediate consumption. • Oxidation happens rapidly in fruit and vegetables after you make them into juice. If you store them too long they might lose the medicinal value. For example, apples turn brown so quickly. • Add water if the juice is too sweet, especially for diabetics. Enjoy your favorite juice…


    The Basics Of Ball Position And Golf Swing


    If you want to make a great shot, you have to have it all set up just right. The alignment of your shot is just as important as the power of your swing. The ball position is a really important part of getting set up to make your shot. The basics of ball position in your golf swing are as follows: Short irons: If you're going to use a wedge, 9 iron or 8 iron, you should put the ball right in front of you, as close to halfway between your feet as possible. The idea is that, in order to make a good clean shot with a shorter iron, you need to hit it at a steep angle. It's always best to put a divot in front of the ball if you're shooting with one of these clubs. Medium irons: For the 7, 6 or 5, you should put the ball a little forward. With a short iron, you are placing the ball directly in front of you, halfway between; take this position and move the ball one balls length forward. Here, you should use a shallower divot. Long irons and fairways: Take that original position (for the short irons), and move the ball 2 ball lengths forward. You want to hit the ball with a very slight divot, and get it right on the bottom of your swing arc. If you want to hit the ball on an upswing, put it 3 ball lengths ahead of the short iron position. You should have the ball about three quarters of an arms length ahead of you. Different people will tell you different things, so experiment to find the most comfortable distance for you. This is something you'll get the hang of and adjust according to your own swinging style eventually. Visit getgoodatgolf. com to get more golf tips and instructions. These are just the basics, but experiment with the ball position and different irons and see what works best for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that, as you get tired, you'll hit the shots shorter. This will result in hooks or slices. To make up for this, move the ball further back toward your right foot (for right handed players). As you notice your shots getting shorter due to fatigue, inch that ball back a little and see if it's more comfortable that way. Some golfers find that they have one ball position that works for every iron. They claim that moving the ball position for different irons destroys your consistency. Advocates of one position for all shots say that changing the ball positions means you have to change your golf swing. If you use the clubs correctly, you should narrow your stance accordingly; you should never have to change the ball position. Golfers don't see eye to eye on much, and this is one of the big controversies about golf technique. This is why it's important to personalize your swing and your technique, and pay close attention to what happens when you try different things.


    Learning Photoshop Through Video Tutorials


    If the thought of learning Photoshop through textual tutorials make you snore, you might find tutorial videos more interesting. There are lots of tutorials available on CD ROM and DVD formats and thousands of single lesson video clips you can view online or download to watch later. Many of these videos are taught by a human trainer and while the videos are designed to guide you step by step, you can always skip lessons and jump from one clip to the next. Here are a few you might want to take home: PhotoshopSecrets for Wacom Tablets & Photoshop This is a great Photoshop video tutorial if you are a tablet user. Currently, this is probably the most comprehensive, allowing you to learn how to use all the tools and features available with Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial video is authored and taught by Colin Smith and Weston Maggio of Photoshopcafe and Wacom Technology, respectively. Both are experienced trainers so you'll find the lessons well paced and relevant. This DVD ROM tutorial has more than 120 minutes of 800x600 video. It's easy to navigate and you can click on any lesson you like without any trouble while still controlling the playback. If you prefer to learn on your own, just click on the lesson files and play the video clip of your choice on your own free time. PhotoshopSecrets Special FX This tutorial video contains 19 lessons packed in approximately 2 hours of fast loading CD ROM. If 'cool!' is the one word that you want to hear to feel validated for your Photoshop efforts, this video tutorial will teach you exactly how to use special effects like the pros. Learn about 3D lathing, liquid splashes, CS branding, pixel stretching, thermal vision, toxic waste and lots more. These are cutting edge effects, the kind you find in more advanced Photoshop users' works so you might want to try it out for yourself. Photoshopsupport. com This site features some of the best and latest Photoshop tutorials, including those in video. Use Photoshop confidently in no time with the free video tutorials. You can even click on the links provided to find out about Photoshop products for more detailed tutorials. If you're using Photoshop to come up with a cooler, meaner website, you'll like the short tutorials on SiteGrinder 2, an Adobe Photoshop Plugin. Graphicsoft. about. com If you like free online tutorials, check out this site. All tutorial video clips are taught by Deke McClelland, who is also the trainer for several Adobe Photoshop CS2 training CDs. He's offering a free sample of his lessons on this site – you won't have everything you need, but the tutorials are enough to teach you some very important things and get you started. Included in the tutorial video clips are: learning about Vanishing Point, Camera Raw, Image Warp, Smart Sharpen Filter, Smart Objects, Adobe Bridge, Match Color and Shadow Highlight Filter. If you want to buy his tutorial videos, you'll get an exclusive 20% discount if you use the promotion code. PhotoshopSecrets – CS2 for Digital Photographers If you want to learn how to maximize your digital photos with the use of CS2, this video tutorial is for you. Learn how professional photographers produce better looking photographs and use their tricks to turn your photos from blah to blast. This tutorial video is a CD ROM format, has 43 lessons and runs approximately 3.5 hours. Lessons include: using Camera Raw, image adjustment, red eye removal, grain and color noise reduction, changing perspective, using image sharpening techniques, using vanishing point, image extraction and many more. If those lessons aren’t enough to get you interested, here are two of the most popular tools you absolutely must learn: face swapping and image retouching.


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