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    Jobs Search 101 Finding Success Landing A New Career


    In addition to a printed resume, many who are involved in a jobs search find that posting their resume and portfolio on the internet are both very beneficial in helping them find and land a new career. Typically designed for potential employers to view, most resume posters are not concerned with search engine placement but rather a professional design to help with their jobs search. There are a number of online job banks, such as monster. com, which offer to help employment seekers in their jobs search. Individuals have the option of posting a resume with the job bank or sending their own copy to the potential employer. Most jobs that are posed online require computer and internet experience and individuals often find that having their own website portfolio may help in their jobs search. For those involved in a jobs search, the resume will provide potential employers with their first glimpse of your abilities. Previous educational experience, certifications and employment history are among the most important details to outline. One of the largest online certification websites, which is BrainBench. com, offers 3 year certifications upon successful completion of a virtual test. Open to all individuals, including those involved in a jobs search, each test will provide instant results and permission to include a certification on a resume. Each month, free tests are available for such subjects as computer fundamentals, typing, math, business, programming, medical and legal definitions, etc. Any type of additional certification, including those achieved at online certification centers, can only add credence to a resume and may even boost one’s potential in a jobs search. If an interview is granted, applicants should dress according to the jobs search and the position for which he/she is applying. Avoiding the temptation to be strictly business, individuals must be comfortable in being themselves while maintaining a friendly and yet personable demeanor. Rather than being overly flattering to your potential new boss, which is often an instant flag to many employers, jobs search applicants should act as they would when in the company of a friend or acquaintance. In almost any job, regardless of the industry, an employer would require positive people skills and be able to make others feel comfortable with them. During the interview, it is important that jobs search applicants let their potential employer see how personable they are and how they will be an asset to the team. Still looking for ways to find success with your jobs search? Consider browsing the classified ads in your local newspaper, contacting job service or attending a job fair.


    Free Flash Games


    Wanna play free games and online games? Come to visit Flash Game. net now! Here you can find more than 3000 free games, online games and flash games and more addicting games... Including action games, card games puzzle games, sport games, adventure games, moto games, kid games and more popular games for free!


    Insurance And Your Financial Retirement


    Insurance and your Financial Retirement When planning your financial retirement there are many things you should consider before taking the plunge and not all of them are overtly financial, though in some large way they are all very financial considerations, particularly if you don't take the time now to consider their importance later. Insurance is an important consideration when it comes to retirement. Depending on your age at retirement you may or may not qualify for Medicaid, which could leave you in a bit of a pickle when it comes to covering the high cost of insuring your health. If you have a spouse that will continue working for a year or two you may want to consider the cost of being added to his or her insurance coverage. Chances are it will be less expensive than striking out on your own for health insurance coverage, which tends to increase in cost with age and according to health. Dental insurance is another huge consideration among those approaching retirement age. The cost of actual dental insurance can be quite cost prohibitive but there are other options in the form of discount programs. There are quite a few programs that exist and all you really need to do is a quick Internet search in order to find more than a few good prospects. You will want to make sure that the plan you are considering has providers in your area before signing up. Some of these plans actually offer discounts on other services such as vision, prescription drugs, and even medical care. The costs typically vary according to the offerings of the plans in question. Medications are another important consideration when retiring, particularly if you are planning to retire early or prior to the traditional retirement age of 65 when Medicaid kicks in. Some of the plans mentioned above offer discounts on prescription drugs and there are other things you can do such as asking your doctor about generic options or less expensive methods for medication that might exist. Some drug companies are offering free medications to people who meet their qualifications. Long term care insurance is a relatively new concept and something that many of us do not wish to consider but is something that really should be considered when you are young enough to get reasonable rates. If you are in your 50's and early 60's you should be able to get this particular type of insurance for around $100 a month. Whether you want to acknowledge that this could be a need for you or not, the odds are that it will be a very real need in time. Unless you plan to leave significant amount of debt in your wake it is a good idea to make sure you invest in long term care insurance. Home and auto insurance typically go through a reduction in cost as you age. This is good news on many levels as it leaves you the option of picking up additional insurance coverage or at the very least filling in the gaps that some of your other insurance costs are leaving in your carefully planned budget. You should keep in mind however that once you reach a certain age they will begin to rise again. Save the pennies you save on the premiums during the good years in order to cover the costs during the lean years. Insurance is one of those costs that simply must be covered. It helps greatly if you plan for these costs when creating your retirement budget. PPPPP 587


    Unique Faberge Eggs


    Unique Faberge Eggs Faberge Eggs have always been special to me. I’ve been searching them out at art auctions since I was in my early twenties. I did a term paper on the Faberge Company and their history of making eggs for the Russian Tsars between 1885 and 1917. The first Faberge Egg that I ever found at an art auction was actually quite by chance. The Faberge Egg was not one of the advertised items and was actually a bottle topper. I instantly fell in love with it and took it home from the art auction for one hundred dollars. I saw an advertisement for a tropical Faberge Egg from a collection St. Petersburg. It was set to be up for sale at an art auction in New York City. I knew that I was going to be unable to purchase it, but I wanted to see it in person and at least put in one of the lower bids. The tropical Faberge Egg at that art auction in New York City ended up selling for over six thousand dollars. That is out of my price range, but I was happy just to have been in the same room with this masterpiece. The eggs themselves are just exciting to be near. The first Faberge Egg was made in 1885. I know that it will never turn up in an art auction, but hopefully I will see it someday in an exhibit. The first one was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III and was given to his wife as an Easter present. The surprise inside the egg was a golden hen in a golden yolk. The hen was wearing a tiny crown with a ruby hanging inside. The antique Russian Faberge Egg that I found at an art auction recently was so detailed. The silver enamel egg has rubies and eagles and is marked with Faberge hallmarks. I was able to win this egg because I was bidding with someone else’s money. The best eggs always end up with the richest people. The piece that I want in my collection is a genuine Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg. I found one at an art auction I went to ten years ago. I was unable to buy the one I saw, because I didn’t have the money at the time. I’ve been saving for the time that I see another one. The Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg is covered with pearls and pale pink enamel. The egg is on a stand that has legs of matte green gold leaves with rose dewdrops. The gold stemmed lilies of the valley have green enamelled leaves and pearl flowers. I will look for this egg at every art auction I ever attend. This Faberge Egg is delightful. It is surmounted by an Imperial crown of rose crystals. There is a pearl knob that reveals the surprise of this egg. The surprise is portrait miniatures of Czar Nicholas II and his two oldest daughters. The portraits are framed in rose crystals and backed with gold panels. I have heard a rumor that one will be at an art auction next year in Miami. The last art auction I attended I purchased a Faberge Egg called the Imperial Clover Egg. It was for my personal collection and I won it for under a thousand dollars. I felt like it was quite a steal at that price. The Imperial Clover Faberge Egg was originally made with a four leaf clover inside of it that had portraits of the four daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra. The portraits went missing during the Russian Revolution. The egg that I bought at the art auction had a stem of clovers standing upright. Two clovers in green enamel and the third, a four leaf clover, was done in diamonds. The diamond four leaf clover is a pin that can be worn. PPPPP 645


    Atkins Funds Teachers Union


    The National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union, has said "yes" to moulah made on diets that say "no" to many fruits and vegetables. Atkins announced that it was joining forces with the National Education Association to educate children about nutrition, in part by sponsoring a school health Web site. Or, as Greg Toppo put it so well in his USA Today account of the deal: "The folks who brought back three egg omelets and triple cheeseburgers want to teach your kids a thing or two about health, nutrition and exercise." When more than half of kids go without fruit on any given day, and childhood obesity has made this generation the first with a shorter life expectancy than their parents, what kids should be learning is that a diet low in saturated and trans fats and rich in fruits and vegetables is the foundation for preventing disease and maintaining a healthy weight. Instead, they'll receive a "nutrition" message bankrolled by dollars earned selling a high fat, low fruit diet. Atkins claims it only wants to provide the NEA with "the latest research and information available on controlled carbohydrate nutrition." Really? Do you suppose that will include the research just published in The Lancet regarding the battery of negative side effects headaches, muscle fatigue, foul breath, constipation suffered by Atkins dieters? What about the recent MIT research that suggests that low carb dieting can cause serotonin levels to plummet? Or the Mayo Clinic survey linking a marked increase in saturated fat intake over the past five years with the Atkins craze? I don't think so. If the Atkins folks thought that using educators to carry their low carb message would be easy, then they were in for a rude awakening. The Partnership for Essential Nutrition a coalition of consumer, nutrition and public health groups has launched a letter writing campaign to demand the immediate cancellation of the NEA Atkins deal. The partnership warned that "there are very real dangers to children if they were to adopt a low carb diet because the brain requires 130 grams of glucose a day for normal functioning, a quantity of carbohydrates that even the maintenance level of the Atkins diet does not deliver." Sad to say, the NEA gets a big fat "F" when it comes to taking a responsible stand on children's nutritional needs, though we'll give 'em a bright red "A" for Atkins when it comes to irresponsibly taking money made on diets that disregard such needs. But maybe the unions aren't so much irresponsible as indifferent. As Albert Shanker, the late, great crusader for teachers' labor rights once observed: "I'll start representing kids when kids start paying union dues." Which raises the question once again: Just whose interests is the NEA representing?


    Anniversary Gifts Following The Traditional Anniversary Gift List


    People love to celebrate anniversaries, being together another year shows that they truly love each other and they continue to strengthen the bonds and celebrate their union year after year. A lot of couples celebrate this special occasion by giving gifts to each other that symbolizes their anniversary, like "paper" for the 1st year and "leather" for the 5th year. Although following the "Traditional Anniversary Gift List" can sound easy at first, but it can be very difficult and frustrating trying to follow the list for some years. Sure the Silver, Golden and Diamond anniversaries are easy, its pretty well spelled out. But what about anniversaries like the "Paper" (1st) anniversary or "Steel" (11th) anniversary? These can be difficult for a woman and almost impossible for a man shopping for the perfect gift that will show their love and appreciation of their partner. So with the summer months which are the busy season for weddings and anniversaries approaching fast I thought this would be a good time to start covering each of the years and their symbolic gift. "Paper" is the traditional symbol of the first year wedding anniversary. Since the traditional symbol for the 1st wedding anniversary gift is paper, you'll need to start "thinking outside the box" if you're going to follow this list successfully. Some cheaper but very thoughtful gifts of paper would be homemade coupons good for a massage or breakfast in bed, poetry or love letters hand written on nice stationary, homemade greeting cards. In the moderate price range could be books that would be of interest to the recipient, photographs, you can order a copy of the newspaper from the wedding date that shows what was going on the day of your wedding, tickets to a show or sporting event, posters, board games, puzzles, gift certificates to their favorite stores, stationary, tickets to concerts, or my favorite paper roses. While gift cards and gift certificates are acceptable gifts for a couple, I would NOT recommend this as a gift to a spouse, this is your first anniversary together and you need to put a little more thought into it than giving something as impersonal as money. I personally think that "paper roses" are one of the best first year anniversary gifts available, for two reasons, one you have the romance and intimacy of roses, two your able to stay with the "traditional" list of anniversary gifts. A bonus to this idea is that unlike real roses this gift can last forever. I am not talking about artificial flowers here, these are paper roses that are hand made especially for first year anniversaries, you can even have them personalized. On the more expensive end would be airline tickets to a dream vacation, an oil painting from your wedding photograph, fine art prints. Just remember, you can express your love and feelings without giving expensive gifts, just put a little thought into it. Love is still the best gift, it is costless yet so pure and irrevocable. Next week I'll cover the 2nd/Cotton anniversary.


    Cheap Christmas Gift 24


    Spending money on gifts at Christmas time can be a trial for some. Each year we have a long list of people we wish to give to, but we often have to be realistic about how much we spend. If you have children, you often spend a majority of your budget on what you want to get for them, and that means cutting down when buying for others.

    For some, you might have to get them a cheap Christmas gift, which you probably think is better than getting them nothing at all. Luckily, cheap only has to apply to price, not quality. If you want to find a gift that is of quality, but might not be too expensive, you should start looking all throughout the year for ideas.

    This has worked well for me. I can find great stuff, but when you look at the price I paid, you might think I have gotten a cheap Christmas gift. In reality, I have just been smart about shopping.

    I always check through clearance aisles for things that have not sold, but that I know someone in my family would appreciate. I store them in my closet and then pull them out for the holidays.

    I save a lot of money on some great gifts this way. You can also search online for a cheap Christmas gift at any time of the year. All sites have specials and sales. If you have an idea of what you might like to get someone, keep an eye on a few different sites to see what they have going on. If they have an email list about sales and specials, this might be the time to sign up for them. When you find what you need on sale, you have saved money. And because you have shopped early, it will be something that doesn’t have to come out of what you have saved to buy gifts at the end of the year. You can also think about sites like eBay when thinking of a cheap Christmas gift. You can find new items at a great discount this way, and you can save money. Even though you probably have shipping costs to contend with, you also have saved time and gas because you didn’t have to search for the bargain in the stores. Be sure to look early so your things arrive on time, and do pay attention to the shipping costs. Some people inflate them to make up for the discounts they offer, and you won’t save if that is the case. There are great bargains all over the Internet, you just have to find them.


    Binoculars Made By Bushnell


    You may be looking for the best product for enlarging your items. You will need to add Bushnell products to you list of manufactured items because they will give you your moneys worth. The 4 x 21 XtraWide gives you a Bushnell product that will give you the range but in a small binocular. This product is great for taking along with you outside because it is very small and does not weigh much. it also works great for sporting events. This particular product has become very popular because of the ability to provide you with a view of the ground that will be two times bigger than others that are also one the market for sale. Being able to provide this to you is the way that you will be able to get what you are shooting for. This product runs in the neighborhood of about $100. The 10 x 50 Perma gives you the best focus out of any of the Bushnell products. They are perfect for getting the view fast. you will not have to adjust the focus on this yourself. The binoculars will do that for you. This feature is one of many that this product gives the user. You will only need to set the particular target you are looking for and it will find the focus for you. You will be able to have the perfect visibility for those far away items. You will be able to have the crispest and clear object and also the light will be bright for better viewing. The outside of these binoculars are made from a rubber that is safe for any wet situation. The price on these binoculars runs about $80. The 12 x 25 Power binocular is one of the best of the binoculars that Bushnell provides for you to have the ability to view the scenery wherever you are. this particular product is very popular with others that have a love for adventure and are on the road looking for it. People that love to go to concerts to see their favorite celebrity will also consider these. These binoculars will give you the best way to travel with them because they fold up. This is to provide you a light and compact way to transport them to each venue. You will also love the prism design in the top of the binoculars. You can get these for about $30. The 10 x 42 Fog is the Bushnell binoculars that will give you the best in water resistant design. You can take this product and completely cover them in water. This particular product has no limits. You can clean them easily without worrying about getting them wet. This is great for those muddy excursions through nature. this item will be waterproof not only from the outside but, the inside also. To find products that are on sale from the Bushnell company, you will want to look at the website of bonoculars. com. You will be able to choose from a large assortment of binoculars. you can also get in touch with their customer service department at (800) 246 6285. This number will give you the ability to get all your questions answered.


    Video Game Addiction


    For most of us, video games represent a pleasant break in the day and a source of some entertainment. However a consumer concern group is seeking to raise the understanding in the general public that computer games misuse posses a significant and growing source of addiction in our society. This addiction is real and threatens the lives of many adults and children. It is not limited to children and young adults but affects members of the population at all levels of society and many occupations. However, the biggest threat is to children because they are vulnerable and they may be unable to recover from a serious addition formed at a young age. People with true video game addictions substitute playing them for normal interaction with friends and family, and the time spent playing them is excessive to the point of interfering with work or school. The time spent at this activity steadily increases as the addiction grows and ending play can bring about withdrawal symptoms of irritability and moodiness. Addictive individuals can spend and average of 70 or 80 hours a week playing these games, reserving little time for work, social life, school or even sleep. The signs of an addiction in children are easy for a responsible parent to spot. The biggest symptom is the time spent on the computer playing games. Video game time should be monitored just like television watching and the parent must make certain that both activities take place after the normal activities such as family socializing, homework and chores have been satisfied. If a child falls asleep at school often, it may mean that he or she is using sleep time to pay computer games. The child may then lie about the cause of tiredness. The child may also be irritable when not on the computer playing games. If these symptoms are spotted, it is time for the parent to enlist the child’s teachers, friend’s parent and a professional to help the child overcome this problem. Adults are harder to monitor but a boss who notices an employee asleep at work or failing performance will certainly discuss the reasons with the employee. It is unlikely that the employee will admit his activity since video game use is usually characterized by feelings of guilt. Friends who notice a person dropping out of activities and becoming irritable or sullen should become involved and discuss the possibility of this problem frankly with afflicted person. It is not acceptable to sit by and wait for the problem to pass. Video game addiction can advance to physical addiction and symptoms such as Carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleep problems, back and neck aches, dry eyes and an increasing failure to maintain personal hygiene. The video game addict has replaced his or her real world with the virtual reality of the game. This person needs all the interest and help friends and family can give him and probably a healthcare professional and support group as well to surmount this problem.


    The Right Equipment For A New Baseball Player


    If you are serious about your young person playing the baseball and really appreciating it, then you need the right equipment. Nothing There more frustrating with a child that to make the study with the field with a glove it is difficult like rock and difficult to break that inside. You want to obtain a glove which the child can immediately use with success. If the child cannot correctly operate the glove and catch the ball, they can become discouraged and give up the sport before they obtain really started. There are gloves on the market particularly designed for these kids who take their baseball seriously. You will want a glove made starting from flexible leather, thus it is easy to break the glove inside. Another flexible leather advantage is the ball will remain in the glove, with the difference of the gloves made starting from plastic fabric which make it possible the ball to too easily escape all. Two innovations in the design of glove are incorporated in several of these gloves on the market. There is a design of three fingers per hall of shortstop Ozzie Smith of fame. The other single design is a mitten of gloves of baseball of youth by hall of glove of baseball Gary Charretier of fame. The design of three fingers allows the rosвtre, ring and the average fingers with being in the same large finger fix. This arrangement makes it possible balls to be easily bailed out and facilitates closing the glove. The mitten of the single catcher is an hybrid of a first mitten of basemans and traditional mitten of gloves of baseball. With more surface to catch the ball plus the additional filling where you need it, the young attrapeurs will find this glove very easy to employ. The hand of young people will be protected and they will test less 'sting '. moreover incorporated in this design is a well defined pocket which makes it possible the ball to easily remain in the glove once that it was caught. The measurement of quality in a glove is the material which it is made leave and the design for the serious players of ball of youth and is detail of age. Gloves of high quality are made with the steerhide or a combination of the steerhide and leather flexable thin used on the back of the glove which marks it light, durable and easy to break inside. These types of gloves are typically wrought hand for high quality the serious request players. Many gloves of good quality also incorporate a system of belt of wrist of Velcro, making it possible to the player to adjust the belt of wrist on Juste the good size. The gloves of youth come in various faces, for example, and glove of 11.5 inches. This measurement is supposed to indicate the overall length of the glove. However, there in aucuns standard and you can note that a glove of 11.5 inches of a manufacturer is different from the different one. The typical sizes are 10.5 inches, 11 inches, 11.25 inches and 11.5 inches. There'of S much really not of difference in the gloves. A good guiding principle is for the word that the six years old a glove of 10.5 inches would be good while the 11 years old of the 11.25 or 11.5 would be good. There are gloves of adult which are 11.5 inches length, however, the difference if the glove of adult will be much wider to adapt to larger hands. You ensure that you obtain a glove of youth, because the size of adult will be too large distance. Intend to spend approximately $35 $70 for a glove of the youth of good quality less and you can be disappointed, more and you probably went over edge.


    Selling Your Own Home Pet Issues


    If you are selling you own home, you need to consider the effect of pets. People who are working with a real estate broker are sure to get coached about the potential negative effect of pets. If you aren’t working with a broker, this article discusses the pet issue. When You Show Your Home If you are selling you own home, you must realize a lovable pet might cause the following problems: 1. The potential buyer may be so nervous about dogs that she doesn’t picture herself living in the home, 2. The potential buyer doesn’t like pets and thus doesn’t see her furniture in the home in her mind’s eye, 3. She doesn’t picture the route she’d drive to and from work, and doesn’t imagine where she’d stop for errands or fun along the way home. In short, the presence of pets makes it difficult for the potential buyer to see the house as their own. Is a potential buyer in that frame of mind likely to buy that home? No. Defense Against Pet Damage If you have pets and you’re selling your home as a FSBO, take heed. Board your pet or pets while your property is on the market. You can visit it, and take it for walks and to the park, but don’t take it home. Have carpets shampooed. If they’re really holding odors, you might even replace all or some of the carpet. Get any damage the pet has done repaired. Store or get rid of furniture you do not want to repair. Reseed the lawn and repair any damage to plantings. You’ll find this is money and labor well spent. Pets are an integral part of many people’s lives and rightly so. While you may love your pet, keep in mind potential buyers may not.


    Quilting Fabric The Personality Of A Quilt


    A handmade quilt is a thing of beauty; not just for the technical skill that it so clearly requires, but also for the passion required by the quilter to produce such a beautiful result. In all ways, a quilt reflects the love and personality of its maker; and nowhere is that more evident than in the choice of quilting fabric. The choosing of quilting fabric is by far the most important element of quilting. The quilting fabric is largely chosen based on the ultimate use for the quilt. For a quilt being designed as a baby gift, often pastel fabrics are chosen; bolder quilting fabric is often chosen for the design of a decorative quilt that will be hung to complement a room; themed quilting fabric can be chosen for a specialty quilt designed to commemorate a special event. The texture of the quilting fabric is also important – soft and supple, boldly textured, warm and cozy, or smooth and sophisticated. The texture of the quilting fabric speaks of the quilt’s personality and the way it will be used in its lifetime. Most quilters prefer to use 100% cotton quilting fabric because of its ease of care. Just as important, however, is the quality of the quilting fabric. To ensure that you produce a quilt that can be enjoyed for years – and even kept for generations – you must be sure that the craftsmanship of the fabric is superior. While you can easily order quilting fabric online, you may not be getting the highest quality quilting fabric. Give Internet companies a trial run by ordering swatches of fabric so you can examine the quality up close. Once you establish a relationship with a reputable online company you can comfortably continue to order from them. Fabric stores are a more traditional way to shop for quilting fabric and you can easily choose quality materials with the help of a knowledgeable store employee. Don’t neglect the quilting thread when shopping for quality materials. The role of the quilting thread, after all, is to hold the quilt together. Quality quilting fabric will ultimately mean very little if the thread binding it is of poor quality. The quilting fabric you choose will determine your final product. If you choose wisely, your quilt will reflect all the care and attention you put in to choosing the appropriate materials.


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