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    Search Engines And Affiliate Marketing


    The Importance of Search Engines for Affiliates! Search engines play a very important and central role in the field of affiliate marketing. These are considered to be your ultimate weapons. Search engines are responsible for the introduction of your website to hundreds and thousands of people. Most of the traffic that is hitting your website mainly comes from the search engines.

    Popular search engines are Google, Yahoo etc. When a person searches for any information, the search engine goes through all the indexed pages and presents the searcher with all the websites that match the written phrase. The pages that have high ranking come first. It is very obvious that visitor will click on the website that is coming at the top. It is very rare that someone will browse 5 or 10 pages of results and then visit the website listed there. So in order to maximize your web traffic your website must have a high ranking in the search engines. It is also noticed that most of the visitors search the top seven to eight search engines. The most important search engine is GOOGLE. Your website will be introduced to lots of users by these search engines. A search engine is a really big source to attract people and make a bring in traffic to your website. So in affiliate marketing you must learn how a search engine works. Keyword’s Importance Keywords have a great importance to carry traffic to your website. As we know, the majority of the users search their topics, through various search engines, using the keywords. Select the keywords for your website. Always try to select the keywords that have less competition and are hot. After selecting the keywords for your webpage try to get the higher page rank. If someone searches for your keywords on the search engines, then your website should come in on the first page to get the maximum benefit. How People Come to Your Website Researches have proved that if a consumer wishes to search a website to get any kind of information or to purchase any product or service, he searches websites through either of the ways which are given below: First method is the use of search engines. The most well known and used search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Someone can find the link of your website in an article, forum or another website. By hitting that link he may visit your website. Some others may find the link of your website in their email. There are many possible sources from which someone can find the link of your website. It is however observed that 90% of your website visitors are coming from the search engines. Only 10% traffic is generated by other sources like emails, forums and various miscellaneous websites. This means that you should concentrate on your page rank in the search engines to receive the high traffic. How Search Engine Works Every search engine uses an algorithm to calculate the page rank of a website. No one knows the exact algorithm. But it is a known fact that the websites that have high website content related to their keywords are ranked higher. Another important factor is the traffic coming from other high ranking website. For example if you have joined a forum which has high page rank, you should post your text there and at the end you can paste your website link. Now, whenever someone from that website clicks on your website, it will make your page rank higher. Another factor is how many websites have your websites link on their page. If such a website is greater in number and are highly ranked websites, then your ranking will also be increased. You can use the link exchange and banner exchange techniques to take this benefit. Conclusion About 90% of your web traffic is coming from the major search engines. So if you want to get more traffic and more sales in affiliate marketing then you should use different methods to increase your page rank in major search engines like GOOGLE, MSN and YAHOO. PPPPP Word Count 682


    Beware New Online Income Opportunity


    New Online Income Opportunity, how many emails have you seen with those words? If you are like me then you have seen plenty. Many times it is not the opportunity which is bad, it is just the person does not have the skills to make the opportunity grow. Many people jump from one online business to another. Switching businesses just because you see the words "New Online Income Opportunity", does not mean you will be anymore successful. The most important factor in any business you are apart of, is you. What skills do you have? Do those skills pertain to the current business you are involved in? When a person does not have the skills necessary to succeed in their given business, they will not succeed until they gain the necessary skills. I have never seen a business that does all the work for you but if you know of one let me know. Online businesses are just like any other businesses, they require work. Many people ask me which online opportunity they should join. My answer is to not focus on the business product but focus on the skills you can acquire from the business. Building your business skills is more important than the business itself. For instance, which would you rather have: 100 dollars right now or me teaching you how to earn 100 dollars? If you chose the first that is great but what are you going to do when the 100 dollars runs out. If you chose the second option you would never have to worry about your 100 dollars running out because you have the skills to earn another 100. Once you have the business skills you can sell anything. I have a little secret for you. There is no such thing as the perfect business or product. Every business has it's good points and it's bad points. Although, there are somethings to look for before joining a business, especially if you are new and do not have the necessary skills. First, get in touch with your sponsor. The key is to find a sponsor who knows what they are doing and cares enough to help you. If your sponsor is lost and you are lost, it may take a lot of trial and error before you see any results. Next , look for businesses that offer lots of training materials and tools to help you build your biz. Focus on building your business skills and before you know it you will begin to see those big checks rolling in. So the next time you see " New Online Income Opportunity", remember the opportunity doesn't matter, it is what you are able to do with the opportunity that does matter.


    My Cash Back Online Coupon Shopping Secret


    In my twenties, I had dreams of becoming a millionaire by the time I was 30 years old. In my thirties, I had dreams of being a millionaire by the time I was 40. I’m sure I will have many more dreams as I grow older, but reality has set in and I’ve realized that my destiny lies in other pursuits. To compensate for this, I have found ways to make the money I do have last longer and travel further. One of those ways is through the use of “online coupons.” Over the last 10 years, shoppers have figured out that they can avoid lines and traffic and get better prices on the internet than in the shopping malls. Since most online purchases are made across state lines, the cost for shipping is usually offset by not having to pay sales tax. When you drive to a brick and mortar store, park in the parking lot, and walk into the store, you are now trapped since there is no way you are leaving to visit other stores to comparison shop. On the other hand, the internet is located in your living room where thousands, if not millions, of stores compete against each other driving prices as low as possible. In addition, online stores pay much lower rent for warehousing their products compared to retail lease prices for brick and mortar stores. This allows them to lower their prices even further and keep much larger inventories on hand. Obtaining better prices online is quickly outweighing the impulsive need to have your purchase immediately upon checkout from a brick and mortar store. This is increasing the number of online shoppers every year as people across the country catch on to what others have already figured out. Now I’m not saying that the great prices found on the internet are anything to sneeze at, but that wasn’t enough for me. Since my first online purchase in the late 90’s, I have become addicted to saving even more money by utilizing online coupons, coupon codes / promo codes, and cash back shopping. Online coupons are just like normal coupons that you would use at the grocery store, but they are only for purchases made on the internet. Instead of cutting them out and providing them at the checkout counter, online coupons are redeemed during the online checkout process. There are two types of online coupons. The first is a “coupon code” which I’ve also seen called a promo code, promotion code, promotional code, and a discount code. The shopper just needs to enter the coupon code in the appropriate place during checkout and the discount is reflected immediately. The other online coupon I have encountered is usually provided by online coupon websites. Once you click on the coupon embedded link displayed on the online coupon website, you’re directed to the retailer’s website in a new browser window to shop as you normally would. The coupon discount is automatically factored into the price at checkout. I find this method easier than tracking down coupon codes (but maybe not as much fun). But when I discovered another method of saving money called Cash Back Shopping, online coupons alone weren’t enough for me. I’m going to share a secret with you that took me a number of years to uncover about how online shopping works. In order to generate sales, online stores use a method of marketing called Affiliate Network Marketing. The online store signs up with an affiliate network for a fee. The network then displays links to the retailer’s website for coupons, deals, promotions, and sales. Website owners copy these links and display them on their own websites in the hopes that their visitors will click on them and place an order. The website owner is paid a commission for each visitor who goes to an affiliate’s site and makes a purchase. Commissions on sales range from 3% to 10%. Hence, the birth of the online coupon website to earn commissions by bringing traffic to online retailers signed up with affiliate networks. Soon after, cash back shopping sites began to appear. These sites give back a percentage of the commission they earn, in the form of cash back, to the actual online shopper making the purchase. So now online shoppers could redeem valuable coupons, such as 15% off your entire order from the retailer and then earn another 2 5% cash back from the online coupon website. On most cash back shopping websites, money accumulates in an account and is then paid quarterly by check to the shopper. The fact that you can combine online coupons with cash back shopping makes cash back shopping websites that offer coupons a much better option than the plain old online coupon websites of the past. Now that we have a brief history of online shopping under our belts, let’s move onto my latest discovery. I recently found a website that has taken online coupons and cash back shopping to another level. Until now it was only possible for website owners to make commissions from affiliate networks by displaying coupon links on their websites. However, the site I found, CouponCactus. com, allows shoppers to earn money as well as save money. Coupon Cactus developed a program so its members can automatically display a link to their own “Cactus Page” in the signature line at the bottom of all of their emails. If a person reading your email clicks the link in your signature line and makes a purchase through your Cactus Page, you will earn a commission. Nearly every area of the online arena has been utilized for major profit, except for the real estate in our own personal emails. To demonstrate the power of marketing in personal e mails, here’s an example. Let’s assume the average person sends 10 emails per day, including both original emails and forwarded emails. If you send an email of interest to 10 friends, such as a funny joke or story, by tomorrow it will be in 100 inboxes and it will be in 1,000 inboxes by the day after. In the span of just two days, your one email with a link to your Cactus Page could reach 1,100 potential online shoppers. That’s not to mention the other nine emails you wrote that day. I personally send about 100 emails per day and have already begun to reap the benefits of Coupon Cactus membership. I’ve actually earned more than I’ve spent over the holidays! It was then that I was driven to seek out the owner of Coupon Cactus to find out more about how they came up with this idea and what was on the horizon. I had the chance to interview David Fitterman, President & CEO of Coupon Cactus, LLC, which hosts the CouponCactus. com website, an online coupon, coupon code, and cash back shopping website with a commission program for the average shopper. John: David, first I’d like to thank you for giving me the tools to make some cash this holiday season on top of some very cool coupons I used to buy presents. David: It’s our pleasure! You know, it’s not just a holiday thing though. Our members are pretty smart and they’ll be earning money year round. I knew the idea made sense, but I’m surprised at how fast it’s taken off. John: So how many members do you have, and what are the different ways the website is being used? David: Sorry John, I can’t reveal any specific details about our membership since privacy is of the utmost importance. But I can say that we’re very pleased and much further along than we’d imagined at this point. We already have some great success stories about the ingenious ways our members are using the website. John: That works for me. David: Well, you already know that each member gets their own Cactus Page but we are currently beta testing functionality where they can personalize the top banner with a welcome message and display a picture or a logo. We have one beta tester who placed a picture of his two year old son on his banner. His son is suffering from an illness and he’s raising money in his son’s name by sending out links to his Cactus Page explaining that all commissions on purchases will be used for his son’s medical treatment. John: Wow, that’s a great story. David: Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that one. I’m just glad that we’re able to offer him the tools to earn money for such a good cause. We have another member who’s using her Cactus Page so she gets commissions on all of the gifts purchased for her baby shower next month. There’s actually one other member doing the same thing, but for her wedding. It’s a cool idea. If their friends and relatives are going to be buying them presents anyway, they might as well earn cash back on all of the purchases to buy something extra for the baby or to use on their honeymoon. John: Man, I wish you guys were around when I got married! David: Sorry about that! At least you know about us now and can use Coupon Cactus for all the other events and ideas you come up with. We also have a few beta testing companies who are using corporate Cactus Pages as an employee benefit. It’s a win win situation. The employees use the coupons on the website to save money, and the company earns commissions on all the sales. One of the companies is using the earned commissions to pay for the annual holiday party for their employees. It turns out that the company is ending up using the coupons, more than the employees, to lower their business expenses and get cash back on top of the discounts. John: That sounds like a pretty smart company. Now I know you’re busy and I really appreciate the time you’re taking to talk with me, but can you tell me anything more about future plans for the website? David: Well, you know I can’t be too specific, but we do have a number of plans in the works. I can tell you that we recently implemented a new feature where if you refer someone to Coupon Cactus and they become a member, you’ll receive 25% of whatever they earn for as long as both of you are members. There are a number of sites out there that only give you just $5 for telling a friend. We looked at that model and it just didn’t work for us. This is the age of Web 2.0 and we figured our members should share in all of the profits. For example, if you refer a friend to Coupon Cactus and he earns $100 this quarter, he’ll receive a check for $100 and you’ll receive a check for an additional $25. Let’s say that the next quarter you refer nine more friends who each earn $50 and your first friend makes another $100… Hang on, let me get out my calculator… You’ll get a check for $137.50 for that quarter, just on the commissions made on your referral members. Not a bad deal for just referring some friends, and we have absolutely no limit to the number of referrals you can make. John: This feature was the reason I had to track you down and talk to you. It’s brilliant, and like I mentioned earlier, it paid for all the presents I bought this year and then some. David: You know, when this article comes out you should include your membership number so you can get referral commissions on anyone who signs up after reading it. John: In this case I am one step ahead of you. Thank you again for sitting down to talk with me, and I wish you great success with Coupon Cactus. David: Thanks for having me. Now that I have disclosed my secrets on how shopping can actually be profitable I will shamelessly ask that you return the favor by entering my Cactus membership number 100033 as the member who referred you to Coupon Cactus when you sign up for free membership at CouponCactus. com. Who knows, maybe my dreams will come true and I’ll get to be a millionaire one day.


    The Beauty Within


    It’s not easy in today’s society to truly feel beautiful. We as women are bombarded everywhere we turn by images and voices telling us we are imperfect creatures. Millions of dollars are made by various companies and advertisers telling us WE can achieve perfection via the purchase of some “beauty” product; eating or NOT eating certain foods, exercising with this piece of equipment or that one, camouflaging or uncovering certain body parts…Lord, it never ends. Unfortunately, for a vast number of women we ‘buy’ into it, literally. We spend dollar after dollar on cosmetic products that one by one pile up in our “make up” drawer, exercise videos and exercise equipment by one ‘perfect’ physical specimen after another (who because of our hard earned money can now afford liposuction), chemical processes and extensions in our hair to achieve the most “flattering’ styles, we offer bodies up to the sacrificial alter of beauty to be plucked, waxed, shaved , exfoliated, nipped, tucked and for what? So we can continue to chase the always unattainable beauty ideal? Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to shave my legs, I wear nail polish and lipstick and make up (when I know I’m going somewhere groovier than the grocery store), and I don’t wear socks with sandals. But I’d like to think that if one day I awoke and couldn’t wear one cosmetic product, relax my ethnic hair or lose that extra 5 lbs; I would know that I was still a beautiful woman. And extraneous physical accouterment’s aside, I would not cease to be a lovely unique human being. This is what concerns me now that I have a daughter. I look into the future and dread the day when she will come home crying (as many kids do) because someone at school told her she was ugly. As we all know kids can be cruel and most times they are repeating the things they hear and learn at home. I would like to be able to not just tell her with my loving words but also show her by my life example that she is a beautiful girl. I want her to see that she is beautiful; not because of what she wears on her body, applies to her face or hair or by how much she weighs. I want my daughter to grow up with the knowledge that true beauty is what comes from inside and radiates outside in the acts of kindness and consideration you give to others, the way you love and respect yourself, the joy you take in sharing time with family and friends, and the sacrifices you make so that others can be happy. True beauty is loving yourself no matter what your shade, size, financial or educational situation. I hope as she grows up in this increasingly appearance obsessed world, that she can pass every reflection of herself with a smile of security and peace. I am only just reaching that place myself. It has taken me many years of spending and self doubt to finally realize that you cannot find in a bottle that which can only come from within. Written by Felica D. DLP


    Planning Your Own Fabulous Wedding


    Planning a wedding it not easy, and that is the simple truth. When planning your own wedding it seems like problems appear, and continue to appear. Sometimes this can be overwhelming to brides to be and the stress can be too much. There is always the option of hiring a wedding planner. You can just tell him or her exactly what your ideal wedding would be like and they will take care of everything. But if you want the satisfaction of planning your wedding yourself there are some things that you should know before taking on this big task. Planning a wedding can be made a lot easier with organization and a realistic plan and timetable. Organization is the most important aspect of planning a wedding. The amount of time it will take to plan this wedding will depend on what type of wedding you want to have. Also, how big of a wedding and the budget are factors into how long the period could be. Because problems could occur and unexpected delays could happen, it is wise to start the planning six to eight months before the wedding date. A good tool to use in organizing the wedding and staying on task is to create a check list. The most important things to be done should be on the top and then the small details and easier things to get done should be near the bottom. Some things you can put on your checklist would be things like establish budget, guest list, book a location for reception, talk to minister and church to see if the church is available for your wedding, decide menu, flowers and flower arrangements, and wedding dress and tux. Once you have taken care of the major details, you can move on to the smaller details. You should also get your family and friends involved in the planning. Sharing the tasks can make this process less stressful for the bride. The key to planning a wedding is to give yourself plenty of time, and do things in order. Keep lists and stay ahead of the game and your wedding will be what you always imagined, and you will have the added sense of accomplishment in planning it yourself.


    The Art Of Fast Money Making


    In the immortal words of the great Zig Ziglar, "Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale" I am going to, in this article, refine your understanding about money. One of my greatest insights and valuable observations is to accept that money is not all the same. There are different species of money, you can divide money into 3 groups. Fast money, hourly money and credit money. The first is not based or connected to time, the other two are completely based around time. Immediately we can observe when looking at these three species of money that one is very desire able and the other two are worse and much worse. One stands head and shoulders above the other two and is the key to wealth. The other two lead to a life of daily roil and the poor house respectively. Credit money, money you borrow to buy certain pleasures in life is the worst kind of money. Not surprisingly it is very closely connected to "hourly money" because to get credit money you must prove that you have hourly money....a job. Then you can have access to credit money. The point of credit money is to exchange time for the interest you pay. In other words, you can buy that car today and pay for it later. For a compounded interest rate of 10% to 20% you buy tomorrow's savings today. For people that prefer "hourly money" this type of transaction can seem highly desire able. You don't have to wait 5 years to save for that car because you can have it now. The problem with "credit money" is the same problem that one gets with "hourly money" but much worse. Not only are we selling our precious time for money, but now we are selling and committing tomorrow's time for money today. Hourly Money is the most obvious way to make money for people. Hourly labor for hourly money. 90% of the worlds population gets their money this way. A very inefficient way to get your money but you get it for sure. Security of a pay check is the number one reason why people strive to get hourly money. Before reading this article, you may have never even thought about the three species of money. You may have not even considered that there is another type of money but hourly money and credit money. But there is. Fast money is what the 10% wealthy people strive for. The financial owners of planet Earth, the 10% cream of financial circles create money they dont work for it. Fast Money The art of authentic creation The art of fast money can be boiled down to one specific and it's that it's not connected to time. In this strange world, $100,000 in 10 minutes is nothing unusual. A million dollars in an afternoon is typical. $30,000 in 2 days is nothing special. You may balk at these time frames and amounts but that is the point of this species of money. The TIME component is totally irrelevant. So if hourly money and credit money are instrinsicaly centered around time...what is fast money centered around? SOLUTIONS Fast money is not made by mindless time counting. Fast money is made by delivering solutions. An example of this can be found in the old dentists joke. A guy goes in to have a tooth removed and the dentist tells the fellow it will cost $1200 to remove. The fellow replies, well how long will it take? The dentist replies 2 minutes. The poor guy is incredulous, you mean to tell me that you want $1200 for 2 minutes work? The dentist replies, well sir, if u want me to take an hour doing it I can do that too. You see the old fellow needed a solution to his problem. The dentist had that solution and had the tools to achieve the solution in 2 minutes. The fellow wanted a solution to his problem and THAT is what he was paying for, not the time spent, as his dentist adeptly pointed out. Fast money and the art of finding and getting fast money can be found by finding people with urgent and pressing problems. To get involved in this amazing fast money world, you must seek out these types of people. Find these types situations and begin providing your own unique and authentic solutions to get paid fast. If you want to find thouands of Million Dollar Corporations with problems that need your help right now.


    Your Friendly Guide To Photo Shop Tutorials


    Adobe photo shop is absolutely one of the most important, useful, popular programs in the world today. It is the leading software for graphics design and photography. Because of this, knowing how to use photo shop is considered a requirement these days if you want to venture in the field of visual arts. This is also why there are hundreds of photo shop tutorials that have been released catering to different needs and to different facets of this remarkable program. With so many choices it can indeed be so confusing to choose the right photo shop tutorial for you. Perhaps knowing what kinds of tutorials out there can help you decide for yourself what would fit you depending on your needs. You may also take multiple photo shop tutorials to cover different areas of interest, you may find things useful in one type of tutorial even if your main concern is something else. Here are some of the general types of photo shop tutorials you would be able to find in many of the photo shop resources everywhere. 1. Basic Tutorials – these are photo shop tutorials for the unengaged. If you are not really familiar with photo shop and you would just want to learn how to work your way around the software then you would greatly benefit from basic tutorials. A basic tutorial should teach you what tools there are in photo shop and the capabilities you would be endowed by using them. Some basic tutorials also provide you with some useful advanced lessons that can come in handy some time in the future. 2. Color Tutorials – obviously, these tutorials teach you all about colors and how to manipulate them in photo shop. This is very useful if you want to create certain effects by changing hues and tints or turning photos into black and white. A lot of digital photographers make use of this to enhance their photos. 3. Photo Editing and Scanning – this is again a photographer’s realm, both for amateurs and professionals. Such tutorials can help you know how to rehash pictures you have taken to make them better (or worse if you want to play pranks on your friends). These tutorials also instruct you how to best scan your paper photos so that they would turn out well when they become digitized. 4. Text Effects – Photo shop allows you to do a lot with texts, this can be helpful in creating ads and teasers. These tutorials can help you make the most of text, incorporating them into pictures or just adorning them as the main focus of the graphics. 5. Effects Tutorial – these tutorials would teach you how to come up with impressive effects that can make your graphics astonishing. You would be amazed at how much photo shop can do and this would indeed be very useful if you want to go beyond showing off pictures. 6. Backgrounds and Textures – another great thing about photo shop is that it can make pictures appear even more lifelike by playing on different visual textures. These tutorials teach you how to make wonderful visual surfaces that can be quite appealing for viewers. There are many other types of photo shop tutorials and they can definitely help you take advantage of this powerful software. Try them out for yourself and see how much you can do with the photo shop.


    How Your Business Can Save Time And Money With High Tech Digital Signage


    Simply put 'digital signage' is an electronic display device which is used in and outdoors to present constantly changing, computer generated information with full motion video, text, and animations. Digital signage is considered to be a dynamic billboard or poster. You can call it captive audience networks, digital signage, electronic display networks, digital dynamic signage, narrowcasting, data casting, digital in store merchandising, employee TV, captive audience networks, out of home media networks, retail TV, digital media networks, electronic billboards plus other terms one things is true, it's here to stay. The display devices used in digital signage systems include Plasma Display Panels (PDPs), liquid crystal display monitors (LCDs), cathode ray tube Monitors (CRTs), normal televisions, projection display screens, scrolling led message boards and stand alone kiosks with touch screens for interactivity. How Digital Signage Can Save Your Business Both Time And Money: As stated earlier, digital signs are used to display a variety of applications and technologies that extensively help in the advertising and promotion of a business. You've probably seen digital screens showing up in many places such as super markets, public transportation, etc. In general it can be said that digital signage completely refers to an electronically controlled screen or sets of screens which can be remotely updated over the internet without any cost or expense of changing the physical posters. Therefore it is very easy and cost effective to change your targeted message and can be updated on hundreds or thousands of displays at a time. This new industry has led to product innovations to project images and video directly on the store windows using a reverse image screen. It is very important to use the right digital signage software package to ensure that the correct message should appear at the right time. Here are a Few More Benefits of Digital Signage The main advantage: A digital sign has the ability to update content and deliver your specific message to specific audiences at specific geographical locations every time and on time! Cost and Time Savings: Your message goes out in minutes rather than weeks and you save HUGE on not having to print. Making Money for a Change: If your location has a viable market for advertising you can now sell ad space to recoup your cost of installation. Additional revenue streams are SMART! Command Customers Attention: A digital sign has the power to stop and get your customers attention through motion and sound just like a regular TV but the location of the screen is at a more opportune moment. For example: let's say you have a business selling a variety of paint from different manufactures all on one shelf. Customer 'A' walks in and needs paint but not sure which manufacturer to go with and would like more information. With a digital screen over that isle providing more information to your client while they wait for you to finish up and greet them, they can be watching a short paid advertising presentation from one of your manufacturers. Studies are proving this form of advertising influences purchasing decisions exponentially! Quick and easy update of content: The content of a digital signage system can be changed at various locations and on a predetermined schedule from one central design station by utilizing the internet. Further information can be found by looking for digital signage online to find companies offering different products and digital signage software packages. As the price of computer hardware continues to fall rapidly I think you'll continue to see more and more digital screens popping up in unexpected places!


    Break Out Of The Teaching Rut And Teach English In Hong Kong


    Speaking English is a major priority for the people of Hong Kong. The business world is always moving quickly, and global communication is vitally important. In order to compete effectively, Hong Kong emphasizes English education for everyone from childhood on up. Combine those factors with the fact that there's currently a shortage of native English speaking teachers in the country, and it seems Hong Kong might be the ideal location if you're considering teaching abroad. Qualifications If you've chosen to teach English in Hong Kong, there are a few basic requirements that you absolutely must have. In some countries, you can get away with some form of college degree and not much else. Hong Kong, however, has high expectations for their foreign teachers. First of all, in order to teach English in Hong Kong you must apply for an employment visa. The only exceptions to this rule are Australian and New Zealand citizens, who can technically teach in Hong Kong under the "Working Holiday Scheme." All others must have a visa in hand. Getting a visa to teach in Hong Kong may be a bit of a struggle, because there is a great deal of paperwork involved, so you'll want to start early. The Internet can be extremely helpful if you're at this point. Check out Hong Kong's government websites for more information. Before you begin applying for jobs, it's best to have TEFL certification under your belt. While not strictly a requirement, TEFL will open the doors to the best schools and give you a much wider range of job options as well as a higher pay rate at the job you eventually take. TEFL certification is easy. Many colleges and learning centers offer a month long certification program that teaches you how to handle yourself in a classroom setting. Aside from the job advantages, TEFL gives you confidence that can be invaluable, especially if you've never taught before. Finding a Job Hong Kong is one of several countries that have excellent online resources when it comes to finding jobs teaching English. Many positions are available through various online job boards which list the teaching positions by country, as well as through the Hong Kong government's website. With a little searching, you should be able to find numerous jobs for which to apply. Ask your school or TEFL certification program for job hunting assistance. Finding a Home One of the main drawbacks when you choose to teach English in Hong Kong is the fact that it may be difficult to find affordable housing. In many countries, the school that hires you will supply you with free teacher's housing; however, in Hong Kong this is not necessarily the case. Luckily, most teaching jobs in Hong Kong do include a "housing allowance" along with your regular paycheck, which is designed to help cover rent. Again, there are many online resources available to help. Check out Hong Kong housing websites for an idea of price ranges and areas available to you. If you've been hired, your school should be able to point you in the right direction as well. If you've decided to teach English in Hong Kong, you should prepare yourself for a challenging and completely new experience. The ability to spend large amounts of time away from your home country, as well as a sense of adventure and adaptability to new surroundings, will help make the experience a pleasurable and enlightening one.


    Dancing Through History


    Dancing Through History Through history we have seen many evolutions of dance. Some of these ancient dances and rituals are still practiced today by those who honor their religious or cultural histories while many have sadly been lost throughout the ages. One thing however remains constant. Dance has always played an important role in the societies, great and small, of the world. Dating back to the beginning of recorded history dancing has been a vital part of society. Dance was involved in celebrations and preparations for war. Dance was part of rituals and ceremonies of worship. Dance was part of life and we live in a society today that seems to increasingly label dance as a form of entertainment more than a way of life. Perhaps that is part of the reason we have a growing awareness when it comes to depression because fewer people are experiencing the joy of dance. Did you know that the Spartan warriors used dance in their preparations for battle? They incorporated a 'weapons dance' that was designed not only to familiarize themselves with their weaponry but also to help them be more agile when using them. Believe me when I say that very few ever dared question the masculinity of Spartans on the battlefield. These soldiers were prepared for war and a large degree of that is the result of their weapon dances as mental and physical preparation for the art of waging war. With the Spartans war was most definitely an art form. Oriental Dance was common during what has become known as Biblical times and remains today a very noteworthy form of dance. In fact, Oriental Dances, also referred to as Belly Dancing, seems to be experiencing a rebirth of sorts as its popularity has spread around the globe in recent years. This style of dance has been used as part of religious ceremonies as well as to entice lovers and incite lust and in some cases to represent fertility. Oriental Dance has a long and intriguing history that is well worth further study if you are of the mind to do so. In Medieval times dance was a social requirement by those of means or holding status. In fact, what we know as ballroom dancing today began during this period and has evolved a little over the years while holding true to its original form to some degree. The church at the time however frowned on dancing though many members of the church not only tolerated dancing but also participated in these dances. After a great deal of pressure from the populace the church did eventually accept and embrace dance. The movements for the medieval dance steps were said to be rather simple and repetitive. While some of the dances of the day were performed by couples there were many processional or line dances that were popular during this period as well. Who knew the line dancing had such a long and distinguished history? As times have evolved so has dance. In today's society dance is often limited to competitions, festivals, and parties rather than the prominence it once held in society. The good news in all this is that dance is no longer for some in society an activity that is solely reserved for the wealthiest among us. Though access to dance lessons, classes, videos, etc. is by no means solid proof that they will be utilized the fact remains that very few cities in the United States do not offer dance classes that are at least marginally affordable for those who participate. Competitive dance is another matter all together however and can bring a significant price tag to those who are unaware or caught off guard. Recreational dance however, often costs little more than the music required with which to dance and the will to dance deep inside. We live in a nation of opportunity, do not squander the opportunity we have to incorporate the simple pleasure of dancing into our daily lives. PPPPP 664


    Flowers In The Arts


    The delicate beauty of flowers has long inspired the works of writers, musicians, and artists alike. One such example of this is the series of paintings created by famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, titled “Sunflowers”. Among this collection are three nearly identical paintings of fifteen sunflowers, followed by two equally identical paintings of twelve sunflowers. These five paintings were done while he was living in Arles, a city located in the south of France, in August of 1888. The later similar paintings were done early in the following year. The first of the paintings was created to serve as decoration in his friend Paul Gauguin’s home. Thus began the Sunflower series. The paintings depict sunflowers in all stages of life, from early bloom to nearly the end of the flower’s existence, where the petals are depicted as wilting away. These paintings were unique at the time because of their vivid yellow color. New pigments had just been invented which made the coloring possible. The brightness of the flowers was something that people hadn’t seen, and thus made the paintings immediately valuable. Van Gogh, in a letter he wrote to his brother, explained, “The sunflower is mine in a way.” He was speaking of the true uniqueness and innovation of the appearance of the painting relative to other paintings he and his contemporaries had done. In March 1987, the true worth of these paintings was displayed when Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid nearly $40 million for one of the paintings in the series. This was a new record for Van Gogh paintings. At the time, he may have made the purchase for himself or for the company he owned, which was called the Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Japan. Either way, the painting now rests in the Seiji Togo Yasuda Memorial Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Following the purchase was a brief scandal in which the painting was suspected to be a forgery; however, it was concluded to be genuine. Van Gogh was struck by the inherent beauty in these simple flowers. He was inspired by their hope in the first bloom and their honesty in their wilting death. He was not alone in that opinion; his work was followed by many similar paintings. Even in modern contemporary art, we find a vast majority of still life paintings to be inspired by flowers in various stages of life and death.


    Face Plates For The Latest Cell Phone Models Sanyo M1


    New York, NY Jul 24,2007 Looking for Cell Phone Faceplates? Then 101cells online cellphone accessory store is the right place for you. 101cells has the lowest prices and best quality products. 101cells is a total source for just about any cell phone accessory. Little changes can make your cellphone look like new. 101cells. com has just added new faceplates for Sanyo M1 cellphones. .101cells. com is an online cell phone accessories store featuring accessories like Faceplates, Chargers, Batteries, Data Cables, Flashing Accessories, Antennas, Car Kits of all popular phone models from Audiovox, Sony Ecrisson, Motorola, Nokia, Nextel, Qualcomm Koycera, Samsung, Kyocera and Siemens. The store also has unique collection of iPod accessories. Changing Cell Phone Faceplate is a great way to change the look of your cellular phone. Go & Individualize your cell phone with a cell phone with just a unique faceplate. Personalize and protect your phone with these plastic molded faceplates which are designed to fit securely onto your phone. Different colors, styles and shapes faceplates of almost every cell phone to choose from. .101cells. com has added new wide range of Face Plates for Sanyo M1 These faceplates include various solid & transparent colors, colorful pattern designs, dragons, different animals & smiley design faceplates. Some of the famous faceplates are Blackberry Faceplates HTC Faceplates Kyocera Faceplates LG Faceplates Motorola Faceplates Nextel Face Plates Nokia Faceplates Panasonic Face Plates etc They're very easy to put on and take off. And they give the freedom to change the look of your phone whenever you want. Grab the faceplates of your personality and choice at 101cells. com


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