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    Wedding Cake It S Importance To Your Wedding


    Once the wedding is over then the partying begins, it is your reception and what happens there? You cut your cake. Many people order in cakes from large bakeries and wedding shops but they can be made just as nice at home or from a local baker. Many couples have tiered wedding cakes which usually consist of three tiers and a model bride and groom at the top. When choosing your Wedding Cake Designer you should give at least 6 months notice. Not only does this give time for your fruit cakes to be matured but good cake designers do get booked very quickly. Some take bookings a year or more in advance. Some people stick to the usual fruit cake but others like to be a little bit more experimental and have maybe a flavoured sponge or even more daring than that, a carrot cake!! The new trends in wedding cakes allow brides to have a cake that not only looks good it tastes good too! Brides don’t need to settle for the traditional white vanilla cake with the plastic bride and groom on top any more. So go all out and get cheesecake or crumpets! All that matters is that it tastes and looks good. Wedding cakes are a special part of the wedding, this is where the bride and groom do their first real action together as a married couple, they pull together and cut a cake, although it does not seem much to the ordinary person but its significance is highly relevant! The wedding cake is unique to all couples, they choose their own decorations, style and taste. Usually most of the planning is left to the women when it comes to wedding so the cake usually matches her tastes! Weddings are beautiful and wonderful places to be, they are full of happy thoughts and feelings. A wedding is a joyous time for family and friends to get together to celebrate the marriage of two people that they care for, so why not celebrate it with cake?! We celebrate everything else with cake!


    Strawberry Jamming Again


    More practical musings – hints and tips on making strawberry jam. Sunshine for the rest of the year So I’m preparing strawberries for jam, the third evening this week. It is the most productive week of the year as far as our strawberries are concerned. The best are already sold, fresh in punnets and the seconds, some with scarcely a blemish, others hideously deformed but still flavoursome, are piled in heaps waiting to be hulled, halved, weighed and jammed. Just taking part in this process, I feel a bond back through the centuries with all the women, who preserved, jammed, pickled, prolonging the goodness and abundance of the seasonal produce to last the whole year through. In the days before fridges, freezers, supermarkets, intercontinental fast transport, each household would have relied on itself to survive the winter without diseases caused by vitamin deficiency and lack of sunshine. Making jam wasn’t just a luxury sweet, it was a way of preserving the summer sunshine a little longer, of giving your children some vitamins to keep them strong, when the only things growing in the garden were cabbage or Brussels sprouts! I wonder if those children ate them without fuss? Your preserves would have been eked out to last until spring brought new fresh growth with it. Our jam supplies usually just last through until the next strawberry season. I’m generous to start with, giving it away as presents to friends, selling it at the market for our school, then, strawberry season over, I count the jars and begin to get more parsimonious. After all bought jam is now unheard of in the family, I’m the only one who eats marmalade, which fills the winter jam gap, so the strawberry and apricot jam has got to last, come what may. My strawberry jam recipe for success? ( and please note that this is just how I make it… I’m not an expert and don’t even have a jam thermometer, but I guess they didn’t in the old days either. These are just hints and tips gathered from making my own mistakes and from the advice of my sister in law.) Extremely simple ingredients, but results vary wildly from the runny (running right off your toast runny) to the thick (spoon stands up in it) for no apparent reason – well the length of time cooking together with the amount of pectin are the reasons but you can’t always tell about the pectin in advance. Strawberries are very low in pectin, which is what makes jam set and the riper they are the less there is. If they are wet that also dilutes the pectin (let them dry on kitchen towel or a dishcloth before preparing). So something needs to be added. I usually add lemon juice, which doesn’t affect the flavour, you can also buy pectin in packets. The more lemon juice you use , the more likely it is to set firm – I like mine a bit runny, so tend to juggle the lemon juice a bit. 1 kg prepared strawberries 750g sugar 25ml 50ml lemon juice or more if it doesn’t set! Use a large thick based pan. The strawberries should only come to about half way up or they will boil merrily over, coating your stove with sticky foam. Let the strawberries soak with the sugar overnight. This brings out the juice and keeps the fruit firmer so it doesn’t dissolve into a mush when cooked. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring occasionally to make sure the sugar dissolves before it boils. Then add the lemon juice. Boil at a moderate pace, without stirring, for at least half an hour before testing. The main thing is to keep your jam under observation after the first half hour of boiling and sniff( to make sure it’s not burning on the bottom of the pan), test every 5 minutes with a drop on a cold plate. Let it cool for a couple of minutes. If it starts feeling syrupy and makes a string to your finger when you dip it, then that’s a good runny, syrupy jam. If a skin forms and wrinkles when you push your finger through the drop of jam then it’s a firmer set. If after an hour it still doesn’t get to either of those stages you might have to add more lemon juice and boil it up again for another twenty minutes or so then start testing all over again. You can tell if it is getting there as the bubbles start looking more syrupy, a slower rolling boil. Have your jars ready. 1kg of fruit makes about three medium sized jars. I usually sterilise mine by pouring boiling water into clean, dry jars up to the top (they must be dry though, if there are drops of cold water in they can crack). Then when the jam is ready, pour out the hot water and ladle in the jam, right to the top, put on a circle of either waxed or baking paper and then the lid. Tighten the lid now while it’s hot for a good seal. The spills of jam are easier to wipe off while it’s still hot too, hold with a cloth though, hot is really HOT! If all this is sounding a bit laborious, you can always try waiting for the apricot season. Apricots are far less temperamental, have plenty of pectin and set more easily…. But hey.. strawberries are worth the effort and it’s mainly patience you need, not technique. There is a huge satisfaction from seeing the jars lined up on the shelf, to see you through the winter. Good luck! Copyright Kit Heathcock


    The Biggest Internet Scam In Recent History


    Are you interested in hearing about the biggest internet scam in recent history? NO! Would you be interested if you discovered that it is possibly you that was scammed several months ago and did not even know it? In fact, if you were scammed back then you probably have had money removed from your bank account every month AND you may not even know you are losing your money. Now you are interested! This foundation for this breech of internet security started a couple of years ago as a gift from your caring politicians and bureaucrats in the form of bank funds electronic transfer legislation. Simple stated, if you owe anyone money they (whoever) can ‘electronically’ withdraw it from your account without your permission if they have a contract in place. A few weeks back a neighbor lady came to me venting her disapproval because some unknown and unnamed internet company had cleaned out her banking account. She was going to complain, bring legal suit and if she could find a real person she was going to do really mean things. It took 5 minutes and three questions to find out she was into a legal binding electronic contract she knew nothing about. Questions 1: Did you buy and download (very key) any information from the internet. Usually a CD or something similar. Answer YES. Question 2: Did you knowingly enter into a binding contract with these people. Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Real answer Yes Question 3: Did you read all the fine print including the “Terms and Services”. Answer: NO, BUT I KNOW THERE WAS NO CONTRACT OF ANY SORT. Real answer NO I did not read the fine print. After displaying the website it took the whole of about 15 20 milliseconds to see the scam. I had to explain it three times before the dear lady could see it. Then the next question: “What can I do? I have tried to stop it.” The result was she had to close out here bank account to kill the credit card. Here is how it works. Either through email or PPC or some other way you end up on a webpage that, for example, guarantees to make you $187,594.26 in 30 minutes while working at home 10 minutes a day. Maybe this is slightly exaggerated but you get the picture. They usually have a CD that will give you all the information you need to carry off this money making project. Normally this CD would cost $99 but if you act within the next 2 hours, being the good guy you are you get it for free. Now this is great deal. What is not to like? Wait there is one more thing. It only fair that since the CD is free that you should pay the shipping and handling. I think that is only fair don’t you. Stop and read the above paragraph carefully again. What is wrong with this scenario? Where is the big red flapping flag! DA!? This is the internet remember. The keywords are digital, electronic, and downloadable. If the information is electronically downloadable why send it by snail mail? What does this transaction yield to the creditor website? Your credit card information! Why is that a worry, the shipping cost is so small; only $7 8. Now Question 2 comes into focus. Somewhere on the website there is a free trail offer (usually 15 30 days) that comes with a ‘on line resident expert’ attached. If the CD doesn’t contain all the information you need the expert is on call to answer your questions. He/she might not speak English or have any relevant knowledge or experience on the subject but you get the free service for 15 30 days notwithstanding. Here comes the neat part. Look at question 3 again. Did you read the fine print included in the terms and conditions? Of course not, no one reads that stuff. I bet you do from now on. Somewhere in the fine print it will say something like. ‘You can unsubscribe from the normal service of the expert within the trial period (15 30 days) and there will be no penalty. However, if you do not unsubscribe we will take the normal amount (usually $20 40) out of your credit card account monthly.” But, you say, that does not a contract make. You are absolutely correct. Except! It is the little check box down where you enter you credit card information for the handling and shipping to get your ‘free’ CD that causes all the problems. “Buy checking this box you agree to all the terms and conditions” of the website – meaning the month to month withdrawal of your funds if you do not unsubscribe during the free trail period. That constitutes a legal contract under the electronic signature legislation. You have just agreed to send that company a monthly payment for services for the rest of you life or until you stop it. Hold on, it only gets better. How many people do you know that really check their credit card statements in detail every month? Apparently not enough. A $30 withdrawal might stay hidden in your 4+ page credit card statement for months. Then when you do find it try to get it stopped. I tracked down an internet company doing this very thing; it took about three days of intense research. I sent an email to the highest officer we could find demanding to stop, stating we had no contract. I got back an email with the following answer; “Oh yes you do.’ He was correct. The moral of this story is simple. You must prevent this scam before it begins. In writing or generating legal documents of any kind, especially electronically, there is one absolute generic rule. “READ THE MAIL, UNDERSTAND THE MAIL and ANSWER THE MAIL” In other words if you are reading and understanding every word on a website, conduct your business with confidence. If not my recommendation is “DO NOT ELECTRONCIALLY SIGN ANY THING, IT MAY CONTAIN A HIDDEN CONTRACT”. Read the fine print. Make sure you know exactly what you are electronically signing. Answer ever detail with personal knowledge as to what it means; even if you have to read the terms and conditions a dozen times. Reject them if there are any questions. Internet security is a serious matter that can only be controlled through knowledge by those people using the internet. Do not rely on a piece of software or a firewall entirely. Internet scams are perpetrated by very intelligent people that can think and work around most internet security devices. Remember what Smokey the Bear says; “Only you can prevent internet scams!” Well, if he didn’t say it he should have. P. T. Barnum did say. “There is a sucker born every minute.” I say on the internet there are one million suckers born every minute.


    All Inclusive Luxury In Mauritius


    Shandrani Hotel, Mauritius The Shandrani Hotel in Mauritius is one of the only fully all inclusive luxury hotels in Mauritius. The superb accommodation, restaurants and facilities ensure that whatever you are looking for in a holiday will be met and indeed exceeded. The uniqueness of the Shandrani All Inclusive experience is the sheer enormity of what is included in the price. Not only is there a range of wines and spirits, but also cocktails and champagne by the glass. On the activities side of things, there is a superb Bob Marlin Miniclub for children, sailing, waterskiing, pedaloes, sea kayaking, tennis, golf and even scuba diving for qualified divers included. You can even spoil yourself with a 45 minute massage during your stay. For fine dining, there are 4 restaurants you can choose from, all offering the All Inclusive menu. Le Grand Port is the main restaurant, situated overlooking one of the hotels two pools. Here you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The views over the Blue Bay shows off Mauritius to its best, with the Indian Ocean, and lush vegetation beyond the beaches. Here you are invited to relax and enjoy a buffet style dining, a really superb option for families with differing tastes and appetites! If Italian fare is your choice, then the Porto Vecchio will suit you perfectly. The restaurant also overlooks the main pool, but is more intimate in its design, with an excellent discrete service. Porto Vecchio opens for lunch and dinner, and is an idea spot to relax in while watching the waterskiing during the day! Le Sirius restaurant is in one of the most stunning spots of the hotel. Located next to the Wild Beach, you will hear the gentle lapping of the waves in the background. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has a superb a la carte menu in the evening. It’s located close to the hotels second pool, so you just need to wrap yourself in a sarong during the day for a lunch time snack. Le Boucanier is the final restaurant at the Shandrani. It is the most intimate restaurant which is restricted to adults only, and offers some of the Indian Ocean’s finest sea food. Le Boucanier is open for dinner only. The accommodation at Shandrani has all recently been refurbished, and offers some of the most spacious on the island. The leading room category, the Superior Rooms are a generous 50 square meters, and located close to the main facilities and reception. The split level rooms, with terrace or balconies, can accommodate up to 2 adults and a child. The Deluxe rooms are more spacious at 60 square meters, again with terrace or balconies. They are located along the beaches towards Le Sirius restaurant. Again they will accommodate up to 2 adults and a child. For families the Shandrani has some superb family apartments. There are 36 in total and each has 2 bedrooms. The main bedroom has an en suite bathroom, and the children’s room has bunk beds, which are ideal for younger children. For larger or bigger families, interconnecting Superior or Deluxe rooms may be more suitable. Finally if you are celebrating it may be worth considering a Senior Suite. The 2 senior suites are located on the ground and first floor, and offer 110 square meters of accommodation. They have direct access to the beach, and a beautiful bedroom, huge bathroom and dressing room, plus a lobby area with an additional sitting area. The terrace or balcony is twice the size of the other room categories, and located overlooking one of the hotels quietest beaches. A host of other activities are available at the Shandrani hotel, including a range of land and water sports, a spa, superb children’s club for children under 12, activities for teenagers or just lounging on one of the 3 beaches and dining amongst luxury hotels in Mauritius.


    Garment Bags 24


    Garment Bag I don’t have a lot of use for the garment bag, but when I do need one, I want to make sure I’m not getting something that is going to tear. When my wedding dress was being brought from the house to the church, the bag ripped and my dress got grease on it. The grease came out, luckily, but it never would have happened if the bridal store that sold me the dress would have given me a good bag rather than the cheap one they threw on there at the last minute. I bought my dress at a deep discount, but that doesn’t mean they should have given me a good garment bag to go over it. It should be something they do for anyone who buys a dress. Even a good disposable garment bag does not cost that much, and I would have even paid more for a better one if I had thought about it. I didn’t though, as I was in the middle of planning my wedding, and the state of the bag around my dress didn’t come up in my mind as something that I had to worry about. I thought it would be fine. If you have something like a wedding or perhaps a prom dress, make sure you get a good garment bag to protect it, even if you have to buy it separately. It might be the best thing you can do to save your dress from a stain or a rip at the wrong moment. A good garment bag should also be put over a suit or tuxedo, even if you think you are only going ten miles with it to wear it right away. If you are renting something, it is even more important that you keep it safe and clean. If you can find an acid free type of garment bag, it might be something that you can safely keep a special item in for a while, though I wouldn’t rely on it for long term storage. This type of garment bag will keep your stuff in good shape until you can get it somewhere to be properly preserved, if this is what you are going to do. Many brides like to save their wedding dresses just incase they someday have a daughter who might like to wear it, and a good garment bag will help keep it in good shape.


    Look Younger As You Get Old


    Everyone wants to get youthful and attractive appearance. Do you know that just by following some simple skin care techniques you can look younger? Here are those techniques. Just follow these and see the results. Avoid over makeup Many women use more cosmetics when their skin starts showing signs of age. It is advisable to use fewer amounts of cosmetics because as you get older your skin starts losing its firmness. If you apply more makeup it tends to slide into and accentuate lines and furrows. Avoid all over foundation Don’t apply all over foundation. Instead dot an opaque concealer or stick foundation over brown spots and broken capillaries. After that use a sheer concealer to eliminate shadows under eyes and in and around skin folds. It is better to avoid glossy lipsticks because they can slide into vertical lip lines. It is better to stick to matte or pencil types instead. Make your face look attractive Use a soft cream to powder blush for cheeks. It won't get caught in nearby crow's feet. Rim eyes with a brown powder liner, applied with a dampened brush, for softer definition. Harsh lines may exaggerate wrinkles and sagging. Stay away from round or scoop necks, which repeat the curve of a drooping bust. Instead use V necks to direct the eye upward. To hide a sagging neck, avoid the classic turtleneck because it pinches loose skin. Use a scrunch neck or loose fitting mock turtleneck. And look for jackets with small shoulder pads to square off slumping shoulders and balance out widening hips. Tips for jewelry As for jewelry, stay away from chokers, because they draw attention to crepey neck skin. Instead, try a pendant necklace with that flattering V line. Don't use dangly earrings that accentuate jowls. Delicate stud, button, and small hoop earrings are all classic looks that enhance but don't overpower your face. Use retinoids Skin care experts recommend adding a prescription retinoid to your skin care regimen. It helps to smooth UV induced wrinkles, clear up brown spots, and reduce other visible signs of aging. Retinoids are the most documented and scientifically proven de agers. These potent creams and gels are acid derivatives of vitamin A. Over time, retinoids can stimulate collagen production and increase the skin's water content. This helps prevent sagging. It is also important to use sunscreens, which should be used every day, at any age, in any weather.


    Making Your Money Grow In The Stock Market


    One way of making your money grow is investing in the stock market. Stocks are how companies grow without securing bank loans. The investor buys the company stock (shares) and receives interest in the form of stock dividends. Share holders can affect the operation of a company. Each year, there is a share holders meeting and different issues are presented for the share holders to vote on. The greater the number of shares that an investor has, the greater the number of votes the stock holder can exercise. There are several categories of stocks. Income stocks provide revenue to the stock holders in the form of dividends. Growth stocks are shares sold by companies that reinvest their profits to increase the size of the company. You can invest in stocks online, through stock market investors or directly, as in the case of Coca Cola and a number of other companies. Some companies provide their employees with stock options allowing them to purchase stocks at a given price for a particular period of time. There are also Over the Counter Stocks. These are not listed on any exchange and are sold by smaller, riskier companies that do not meet the requirements of the exchanges. There are a number of reasons why stocks rise and fall in value. If a company is doing well, the value of a stock will increase. Conversely, if a company is not doing well, its stock prices may fall. Other factors affect the market value of shares. The price of crude oil will affect the market value. Disasters or wars will force prices downward. The introduction of new federal regulations for an industry will have an impact, depending on how the legislation affects production. Changes in company management also have an affect on stock prices. Stock brokers buy and sell stocks on behalf of investors. They also provide information to their clients regarding the best times to buy and sell based on the market value of the stocks and whether they are rising or falling in value. Today anyone can be a stock broker thanks to the internet. Investment companies permit their clients to use their services to research a stock or give advice on buying and selling. The investor is then able to purchase or sell stocks online at a cost of so much per “trade.” Everyday the stock averages are compiled and made public. The Dow Jones Industrial Average provides details on 30 large industrial stocks, including General Motors, Goodyear, IBM and Exxon. The Standard and Poor 500 Index provides averages for 500 large companies. There are three major stock exchanges in the United States. These include NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), Amex (American Stock Exchange) and the New York Stock Exchange. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) protect investors; maintains fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitates capital formation. It mandates that companies provide financial information to individuals before they buy stock and to continue providing relevant financial information as long as the investor holds the stock. The SEC also oversees securities exchanges, securities brokers and dealers, investment advisors and mutual funds. The SEC has an obligation to enforce the nation’s securities laws. Each year hundreds of actions are taken against individuals and companies for insider trading, accounting fraud, and providing false or misleading information about securities and the companies that issue them. The SEC works closely with Congress, other federal departments and agencies, the stock exchanges, state securities regulators, and various private sector organizations.


    Blogging Generates Traffic And Helps With Seo


    Blogging has become an increasingly popular method of generating traffic towards websites over the last few years. The word ‘blogging’ was derived from the term ‘web log’, and originated and evolved form people’s personal online diaries. They are personalized web pages containing links to other sites, but more than that they are a place for users to leave their comments, opinions and witty statements concerning many issues, including sports, politics, current news, TV and internet. The reason they have become so popular and well used is that they offer people the opportunity to express themselves and get their points of view across freely, without restrictions of age, gender, sexuality or social class. To post to a blog site you must have a (often free) login membership, but these sites can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world, which goes to show its worldwide appeal and reach. Blogging sites are not particularly technically difficult to create, and contain images, audio and video content, which can be updated and made instantaneously available to a global audience. As blogging has become an increasingly well used form of media, many people, including politicians, TV broadcasters, and of course businesses have begun to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. It is a great way to reach people they otherwise would not be able to get hold of, especially with the younger generation. The internet is becoming a hugely important tool within marketing and this free, simple and effective method is therefore ideal to help organizations move forward with the times. Such is the vast array of blogs out there; blog search engines have started to appear, to help surfers to move between all of the different topics and types of blogs that are available, such as legal, fashion, travel etc. Issues have also been raised with the idea of freedom of speech do people have the right to their own opinions, however farfetched and potentially explosive? Should they be able to hide behind fake personas? Or do those the blogs are aimed at have a right to legal proceedings due to defamatory of character? The legal side of blogging is unclear, and legislation may need to be brought in to help clarify what is and isn’t acceptable. Blogging is a great way to increase Search Engine popularity, and using this technique enables the likes of Google and Yahoo to pick up on links and refer browsers to your sites more effectively.


    10 Ways To Overclock Brain Activity


    1. Physical exercise. Physical exercise strengthens your brain. Exercise benefitsyour brain cells. The blood vessels inside your brain dilate and increase blood flow when you engage in regular exercise. Exercise helps to elimin toxins and allows oxygen and other nutrients to flow into your brain strengthening your brain cells. 2. Mind exercises. Concentration and clear thinking are more or less automatic once you remove distractions. Learn to stop and watch your busy mind. As you notice things that are subtly bothering you, deal with them. This might mean making a phone call you need to make, or putting things on a list so you can forget them for now. With practice, this becomes easier, and your thinking becomes more powerful. 3. Healthy breakfast. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast affects your brainpower and performance at home, school or work. Minimize your eating during the day to mostly live raw fruits and veggies and their juices. This will help you detoxify and nourish your brain with essential nutrients and antioxidants to protect your brain from daily free radicals assaults. 4. Increase Water Intake. Given that your brain is about 80 percent water, the first rule of brain nutrition is adequate water to hydrate your brain. Even slight dehydration can raise stress hormones, which can damage your brain over time. Drink at least 84 ounces of water a day. It is best to have your liquids unpolluted with artificial sweeteners, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. You can use herbal, non caffeinated tea bags, such as raspberry or strawberry flavored, and make unsweetened iced tea. Green tea is also good for brain function as it contains chemicals that enhance mental relaxation and alertness. 5. Keep journals and notebooks. All the smart people write down their ideas, thoughts and observations. Writing things down lets, your brain know that you value “it’s” ideas. How does it reward you? By providing more ideas and better ideas. Writing things down creates a feedback loop that makes you smarter. You objectify your thoughts onto paper and that helps you think about them in a more powerful way. This is a great way to improve your brainpower. 6. Think positively. Thinking positively enables you to access your higherthinking abilities. When you are positive and feeling good, your mind functions smoothly. Ask yourself emotion leading questions like, “What am I grateful for right now?” and “Who do I love and who loves me?” 7. Make sure you sleep enough. Your brain is rejuvenate during those sleeping hours. Research from the University of California suggests that if you have been awake for 21 hours straight, your abilities are equivalent to someone who is legally drunk. Sleep allows your brain to process new memories, practice new skills and solve problems. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is essential to boost your brainpower. How many hours sleep constitutes a good night’s sleep will vary between individuals, but between 6 – 8 hours, sleep is normally considered sufficient. 8. Creative Visualization. Use the power of Creative Visualization. Creative Visualization is a technique that involves the use of mental energy to transform and improve the life of the individual who uses the technique. You can use your brain’s mental energy to improve your life because your imagination is incredibly powerful and, when used correctly, can enhance your life by creating what you really want. Creative visualisation can be used to accelerate learning, improve memory and motivation, and of course, improve brainpower! 9. Develop your creativity and your intuition. Creativity gives power to your thinking. Raw computation can be done by computers now, but humans provide the creative thought that shapes our world. Intuition can be an important part of brainpower. Einstein and others have relied heavily on their intuitive hunches. 10. Make a brainpower plan. It takes about twenty to thirty days of repetition to establish new habits, many psychologists will tell you. This means that when you create your plan for improved brainpower, be sure you plan to use that new problem solving technique, or eat those new brain foods for at least three weeks. You can use many of the brain boosters here and get immediate results, but it is creating new habits that will give you the most brainpower.


    Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas 03


    There comes a time in everyone's life when growing up is unavoidable. Sure, many of us try to draw out those childhood years so that we can continue to avoid responsibility. At least I think that is the main reason. I know it was for me. But, once we hit that 16 year mark, many things begin to change. Obviously the driver's license comes.

    Considering that you don't screw up and flunk the test. Your parents start to expect more from you. This is always a blast. That chore list just continues to grow. However, there are also great things about turning sixteen.

    For example, got any sweet sixteen birthday party ideas? Yeah, it's about time for that massive blowout! Bring on the cake, balloons and brand new cars.

    Have you ever seen that MTV television series entitled "Sweet Sixteen?" This has got to be one of the lamest shows I've ever encountered.

    These are some the most spoiled 16 year olds ever to exist. It will probably annoy you to say the least. Just listen to some of their sweet sixteen birthday party ideas. They want their folks to fork out hundreds of thousands on their sweet sixteen parties.

    The best part is how pretentious and narcissistic these youths are. They honestly believe that they deserve the world on a silver platter. In fact, you will hear many of them say "I deserve this!

    " Now, I can't seem to understand why they deserve all these extravagant amenities, foods, cars, performers, gifts and riches. What exactly did they do to earn such expensive things? None of them ever have jobs.

    Heck, they barely even turn in their school work. Their spoiled brats and that's that!

    Their parents need to ditch their sweet sixteen birthday party ideas and make them earn something for once in their lives. Otherwise they will always be arrogant, spoiled and immature.

    Folks need to realize something about sweet sixteen birthday party ideas and coming of age. Just because you're turning 16, doesn't mean you deserve to be a king. Ponder what you actually contribute to this world. How do you make it a better place to live in? If you can't come up with anything, then you may want to make some changes in your life.


    Home Mortgage Loan Mistakes Most Homebuyers Make


    : MISTAKE #1: Over shopping your loan Your credit score is based on the perceived risk associated with extending you credit. Over the years, the credit reporting agencies have determined that a borrower who seeks credit from many different lenders is riskier than others. Therefore, they decrease your credit score each time a lender pulls your credit report. Each time you call a lender seeking the best possible rate and terms for your home mortgage, he has to pull your credit report. This is factored into your credit score, and a lower score decreases your likelihood of getting the best rate and terms. While some consumers are ONLY focused on rates, you should seek the guidance of a National Association of Responsible Loan Officers member that is willing to speak with you about your loan options. There are literally hundreds of loan products available and every borrower has a different financial situation and financial goal. We highly recommend having a consultation with your loan officer so they can tailor a program to meet your individual needs instead of focusing exclusively on rates and points. You may likely find a better product than the one you were shopping for. MISTAKE #2: Trying to hide past financial difficulties One of the important services a responsible loan officer offers is helping you overcome past financial difficulties that may hinder your ability to have your loan approved. Your loan officer is on your side. Supply the information that will help your loan officer provide you with the best possible rate and terms and minimize the impact of your past credit history. The fact that you have recovered from past financial problems makes you a better risk than others who haven’t yet faced challenges. Overcoming past financial difficulty proves that you honor your commitments and don’t give up. MISTAKE #3: Allowing a loan officer to put misleading or untruthful information about your income, expense or cash available for down payments on a loan application in order to get a loan Providing untruthful information on a loan application is fraud. Mortgage fraud is prosecuted by federal authorities, and they will find out about the fraudulent information. Do not allow yourself to become an accomplice of a loan officer’s fraudulent loan application. Even if a loan officer fills in the information for you, if you do not believe the loan application is 100% truthful, you should refuse to sign it until the loan officer corrects the application. While many loan officers try to “help” borrowers by misstating the facts, the truth is that they are simply getting themselves and their borrowers into a lot of trouble. MISTAKE #4: Borrowing more than you can repay All of us understand that we may have to stretch our monthly budgets a bit to afford the homes we want. However, you will put your entire financial health in jeopardy by buying a home you simply cannot afford. If you buy an expensive home and find you cannot make the monthly payments, you could face a huge loss when you have to sell that home quickly to get out from under your mortgage. Or worse, you could be forced into foreclosure or bankruptcy. It is much better to be patient, buy a home you can comfortably afford, make payments, build equity and then transition into a larger home after a couple of years. Yes, the larger home will cost more then, but the home you purchased will also have appreciated during that time. Most importantly, you will have built a successful financial foundation that allows you to experience all of your dreams, including that dream home. MISTAKE #5: Relying on interest rate advertising Some loan officers use interest rates to get your attention; however, they may actually end up costing you more. Such rates are often derived by using a 30 year mortgage coupled with an accelerated payment plan. You may decide you like that option, but you cannot directly compare the interest rate on that mortgage to other opportunities. This loan could cost more than other mortgages with seemingly higher interest rates. It is critical to find a loan officer you can trust to review the options available to you and the best possible rates for your financial situation. Only a responsible loan officer can give you all of your options in an understandable way.


    Search Engine Optimisation For Joomla Websites


    My name is Chris Diprose and I am the Manager of Web Design Australia firm Kanga Internet. I have been an active member of the Joomla Community for several years and have an established business based upon Joomla Development in Melbourne, Australia. My main focus is Search Engine Optimization for Joomla Content Management System. This article focuses on the first few steps in the Web Development and Design of a decent search optimized website in Joomla. Okay let’s get into it. Once I have setup the standard Joomla installation there are a few component types that are mandatory to install and I believe these to be: a sitemap component and a SEF URL changing component. These are by far the most important components to have on any Joomla Installation. What is a SEF URL changing component and how does it relate to Web Design in Joomla? SEF stands for Search Engine Friendly and a normal installation of Joomla has a URL like this: index. php? option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=6 When it comes to search engines they are really smart in many ways but the normal Joomla URL describes nothing about the web page and its contents and so they really do dislike it in many ways. It is what I call, Search Optimization Stunted (SOS). I like this term because it describes exactly what it needs; some help! This is where a SEF URL changing component comes into play. These types of components take the normal Joomla URL and change it into something more meaningful to both us and the search engines. e. g.: buy blue widgets here. html From my Web Design & Development experience this is the single most important component installation you can make on a Joomla Website. I want to detail my personal best picks. There are a few available to us but I believe the JoomSEF component to be the best of the best when it comes to Search Engine Friendly URL's. There is only one drawback to choosing this component and that is a hidden advert in the code from the original makers. If you search on Google for "Joomsef patch" then you should be able to find a decent article on how to get around this problem. Looking at the "best of the rest" of the SEF components we find a new component (May 2007) called sh404SEF which is ad free, if you search on the Joomla extensions website you will find this one. I believe it to be strongly based on JoomSEF; in look, feel and functionality I have noticed this. Another SEF friendly component for Joomla is OpenSEF. When OpenSEF was released about a year ago it was great but since that time there has been no updates and the project has lagged way behind Joomla development. Having said though, it still does a reasonable job of converting Joomla URL's to search engine friendly but I found in my testing that it proved to be duplicating too many URL's. Which ever one you choose, download the component and then using the Joomla Administration interface install the component. Then go to Site >Global Configuration >SEO (tab) and ensure “Search Engine Friendly URL's" is set to yes. Ensure your htaccess. txt file in the root directory of the Joomla installation is changed to. htaccess and follow the directives in the file in how to turn on "mod_rewrite" this is straight forward. Then just go to the JoomSEF component and configuration and turn it on. Once this is done you should be generating friendly URL's on the front end interface so you should go and check. It's as easy as that!! Okay so lets move on to what I consider the next most important thing to do to your Joomla installation once the SEF component is installed and working a Sitemap. In my books there is really only one legitimate and decent sitemap component and it is called Joomap. The standard version of this component does not output a decent XML file for Google so I also suggest searching on Google for "joomap patch" and you should be able to find an article to lead you through editing the Joomap component also. The installation of this component is the same as before, we do it through the Joomla Administration interface. With no other configuration after installation we can just go straight to the component and select it. Now we just choose the menu's we want to include in our sitemap. Generally these are main menu and top menu. Now we just create a new menu item and select the component to link to it, being Joomap and the rest takes care of itself. Easy!! One other advantage of Joomap is that it allows you to hook in to Google Sitemaps. On the admin interface these is a Google Sitemap URL given. All we need to do to generate a dynamic Google sitemap is to copy paste this URL into Google webmaster interface and now whenever Google wants to download your whole website sitemap it gets a dynamic version which is significantly better than just hoping Google will find all of your pages! With this sitemap it tells Google all of your pages and where they are so it can scan them more affectively. Okay now I have covered off the first two steps in Search Engine Optimization for the Joomla Content Management System. These are the first two steps every Web Designer and Developer should take when they want to Search Optimize Joomla.


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