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    Alaska Fishing Lodge Stoney River Lodge


    Sleetmute, Alaska is a little town of 100 or so people and is near one of the great fishing locations in Alaska, that being Stoney River Lodge. This Alaska Fishing Lodge is perfectly located near some great fishing that boasts such catch as Grayling, Artic Char, Salmon, Sheefish, Rainbow and Lake Trout. It even has some tremendous Northern Pike for anglers to catch. Stoney River Lodge is located 230 miles to the West of Anchorage, Alaska and access is strictly by bush aircraft. The flight is a short hour and forty five minutes to this family owned and operated establishment. The closet neighbor to this Alaska Fishing Lodge is about twenty miles. The remoteness of Stoney River Lodge should give you an idea of the unspoiled fishing that awaits you. The lodge has been around since 1972 and has a full service, professional guide available to help anglers bring home “the big one”. There are boats available and you have the option of bringing your own tackle or have them outfit you on arrival. If you enjoy fly fishing, then take note that this area is an outstanding choice for your Alaska fishing vacation. Log cabins that include daily housekeeping, full private baths, a spacious lounge deck with a wonderful lake view and a friendly staff make this stay enjoyable when you are not fishing. In fact, Stoney River Lodge offers Bed and Breakfast accommodations for those who wish to enjoy more of what Alaska has to offer. Make sure you schedule time for some sightseeing, by utilizing the “flight seeing” tours. Bear can often be seen and of course other tremendous sights of nature. You may even spot moose, caribou, or sheep. This combined with the Bed and Breakfast accommodations makes Stoney River Lodge a great retreat for the fisherman/woman and their non fishing spouse. If you would like to add this Alaska Fishing Lodge to your next fishing adventure, keep in mind the proper fishing times. Even numbered years for mid June through the end of June will be for Pink Salmon. June trough July are the months for Lake Trout and Sheefish. If you are into Northern Pike, then June through September are the months to visit. Mid June through mid September will find Artic Grayling, Artic Char. Alaska’s King Salmon will be found the first through the middle of July, with Tiger Salmon in July and August. Sockeye Salmon will be around the middle of July, followed by Rainbow Trout the later part of July through the middle of September. The season wraps up with Silver Salmon mid August.


    Can You Really Afford That Luxury Cruise


    These days we are all global travellers heading off in pursuit of even more exotic destinations to explore. One of the biggest growth sectors in holiday travel is that of luxury cruising. Up until a few years ago, most of us would have believed that cruising was an activity simply for the very rich but cruise companies have gone to great lengths to ensure that the experience is within reach of everybody these days with trips ranging from a 3 day long weekender to a 3 month cruise spanning multiple destinations. Cruises can virtually be as short or as long as you want them to be and the only limitations as to where you can cruise to these days is simply limited by whether or not the destination is accessible by water so you’ll find people heading off in the depths of winter to places like Alaska whilst, at the same time, others will be soaking up the sun in the likes of the Seychelles, Maldives or the Caribbean. Cheap loans are a popular method of funding a cruise ‘experience of a lifetime and you can be assured that it’s a unique way to spend a holiday. You don’t need to worry that you’ll be the ‘poor man’s son’ on a cruise trip. These days, cruises cater for people of all backgrounds and can be as formal or as informal as you want to make it. There’s no separation of ‘classes’ on board. Just one class and that’s top class! Some people worry that they’ll get bored or claustrophobic simply sailing the seas but unless you’ve been on board a luxury cruise liner, you’ll have no idea of what’s on offer. Some of these magnificent vessels are like floating cities and it can often take you several days to discover all the different areas of the cruiser and the multitude of activities that are on offer, from sports to dancing and live entertainment, nightclubs, casinos, shopping malls, yes – shopping malls not just the odd gift shop. The atmosphere is very relaxed and cordial and it’s really easy to make friends as cruises are popular with young and old alike, singles and couples, honeymooners and families too. Living quarters can also often be more luxurious than even the best 5 star hotel you may have experienced so there really is something for everybody on board a cruise liner. Depending on the type of cruise you choose, all food, drinks and entertainment is often ‘on the house’ so you barely have to put your hand in your pocket. And, contrary to popular belief, many cruisers today are so vast in size and have such stable mechanisms that seasickness is rarely a problem. A luxury cruise is an experience that you will never forget. Even if you take out a cheap loan to fund it, it will be well worthwhile – a magnificent holiday where not only do you get the 5 star experience and treatment but where each port you stop at seems to come to you, making it an even more enriching adventure.


    Managing Risk The Disaster Plan That You Will Need


    A very important factor in any business is how you manage risk – yet it is a factor that is often ignored by home businesses. You have to realise that any time you start a business, you are taking the risk that the business might fail. What experienced people do is shield themselves from risk at every opportunity, to make sure that they can keep a business going for months on the brink of disaster, and wind it down gracefully if it really has to go under. You need to have a plan for what you’re going to do if your business looks like it’s going bankrupt. Are you going to borrow more money, if you can? Sell your car? Raise prices? Get rid of staff? Done right, you should have a good package of ‘rescue measures’ that really do have a chance of rescuing the business. Borrowing. If you need to borrow more to keep your business afloat, take great pains to avoid looking desperate. Act like your business is moderately successful but needs more investment, and you’re far more likely to succeed in getting more funding. Bye Bye Staff. This is a bad idea, but not always a terrible one. In a home business, you presumably only take on staff because you have enough business to cover it, don’t you? So it makes perfect sense to get rid of the staff when things start to go wrong and go back to doing it all yourself. Price Hike. When your business is in trouble, there are few things guaranteed to destroy it faster than a price rise. Just don’t do it, however tempting it might be – cut costs instead. If you absolutely must raise prices, do it by scaling back what you get for your money in each of your price ranges, without actually raising the prices. I know of a struggling bus company that kept its fares the same for years but gradually started to run fewer buses and send them all over town, making journeys take longer. People reacted a little badly to the longer journeys, but it was nowhere near the scandal that there would have been if prices had risen. Keep Staff Pay Aside. Whatever you do, make sure to keep staff pay separate from the other business finances, and pay it out immediately if the business looks to be heading for trouble with its creditors. It is far better to be paying your staff on the last day than to be giving all that money to the creditors. Leaving staff unpaid will destroy your reputation, not to mention hurting a lot of innocent people. The ‘Closing Down’ Sale. If you plan it well, your last day in business might not be so bad. Just make sure everyone knows that you’re closing down for real, but still price everything ever so slightly above cost. In this way, you can avoid the drastic loss making ‘Everything Must Go!’ mentality, and come out of your business the same way as you would if you’d decided to shut it down that day for some other reason. Selling Your Business On. If you’re shrewd about it, you might be able to keep your business going long enough to sell it to someone who could turn it around. There’s nothing dishonest about this route – it’s the one most big companies take if things start to go wrong. You might even find that one of your competitors is willing to buy, even if only for your established customer base. It’s Up to You. Disaster plans are very personal, and they depend a lot on how much risk you’re willing to put on yourself. If you do things the sensible way, then you’ll go as far as you can to avoid selling or borrowing against any of your own assets just to keep a business afloat. On the other hand, if you’re really determined and a bit of a risk taker, putting some things of your own at stake might buy you enough time to recover from whatever hit your business. It’s a little like playing poker: are you going to be the guy who walks away and leaves his money on the table, or are you going to throw your car or house keys onto the table and raise the stakes? That’s risk management for you.


    Bwsd2 Scuba Diving Hawaii


    Lets go scuba diving in Hawaii! Aloha to everyone! First things first, scuba diving is one of the foremost fun things one could do in Hawaii.

    Believe it or not, there are various diving companies, diving sites in and around Hawaii. All you have to do is open yourself up to the possibilities of fun and diving adventure.

    Why dive in Hawaii? The fact of the matter is that the chain of islands in Hawaii is basically made up of more than a hundred islands. The most famous of these islands are Kauai, Ni’ihau, Lanai, Molokai, Maui and Kahoolawe.

    Hawaii is surrounded by the ocean and is specifically located about more than two thousand miles from the nearest continent. It has been shown that more than twenty five percent of marine life is attributed to Hawaii. Of the islands mentioned, the four islands that tourists most flock to are Maui, Oahu, Kauai as well as Hawaii. These islands all have their own unique traits as well as diving locations.

    The islands of Molokai, Lanai, Ni’ihau are actually less frequently dived yet they offer unique marine life. These islands are recommended generally for divers that are advanced as well as intermediate levels.

    If interested in going to Kahoolawe for diving, a charter diving boat is needed. However, there are other fun options one could do when you're not under the waves. Skydiving is one, visiting a luau is another. You could also try going to one of the active volcano’s in the world.

    Or if you prefer, relaxing in a secluded and peaceful beach is also a good option. Diving sites in Hawaii Hawaii is a perfect place to go diving. Thanks to its warm and pristine waters. Oahu is a diving site in Hawaii that has lava offshore formations as well as grottoes, shipwrecks and plane. It also carries large colorful schools of sea green turtles and fish. Maui is another Hawaii scuba diving site that is located on the west coast and also offers excellent sites for diving for any level. Kauai is also known for the pristine and rugged diving sites. The winter season makes it quite inaccessible for diving, however that isn't the case when summer comes. Lanai is another diving site that is known for the lava formations it offers. The formations consist of nature made ridges, archways, tunnels and pinnacles. All in all, there are many Hawaii diving sites to choose from. It all depends on your preference and need. It is a guarantee though that scuba diving anywhere in Hawaii is an activity that is unforgettably fun.


    Southwest Airline Flights Fares


    : Recently, southwest airlines have announced their new flight schedule and fares from Philadelphia from May 9 2004. Now customers can easily purchase tickets for the new service with airfares starting from as low as $29 one way. Even the most expensive airfare offered by the Southwest airlines to and from Philadelphia is quite inexpensive. In the beginning these airfares started at a mere $49 one way to Providence and they top out at only $299 one way for cross country flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix and the west coast. You are not required for an advance purchase or overnight stay on these unrestricted fares. Southwest airlines is quite popular for its low fare leadership and the legacy carriers that serve Philadelphia are charging up to a whopping $497 one way for an unrestricted ticket to Providence (Boston area) as compared to southwest’s meager $49 one way unrestricted fare to Providence. In the same way, the walk up fare of the southwest between Philadelphia and Chicago midway is only $99 one way. In case you purchase at least 14 days in advance of your departure and within one day of making reservations, southwest offers a non refundable fare between Philadelphia and Chicago for only $79 one way as compared to its competitors who charge $123 each way. Therefore you can easily find a comparable savings across the board. For more information, visit southwest airlines guide. info


    How To Beat Depression


    In this article I write about my personal experiences with depression and about how I have learnt to cope and to even eradicate it. I am sure that I am not alone in the fact that I have regular periods of my life when I am depressed, but knowing this fact does not make it any easier for me. I hope you enjoy reading the article. I have recently spoken to my parents about the subject of my depression. My mother has said that she thinks we have some kind of depression gene as most of our family suffer from similar symptoms. I have as recently as last week suffered with a severe bout of this depression, however from it I learnt a valuable lesson. I had been having a bad period in my life where seemingly everything was going wrong. It was one kick in the teeth after each other. I had nothing to look forward to and decided that I needed a night out with my friends. There was one intention that I had in mind which was to get as drunk as possible. The next day I felt really ill and hungover after having a very late night and as planned a huge amount of alcohol. For the whole day I struggled to stay awake and as the day wore on I became more and more depressed. The negative side of my brain had taken over my whole head and it seemed like there was a whole bunch of negative chemicals running through my body. The lesson I have learnt is that is not a good idea to go out drinking alcohol if you are feeling low and depressed. When I was speaking to my parents about my latest period of anxiety and depression, they gave me some interesting and useful advice. They asked me to think about all of the things and aspects of my life that were getting me down. What I then needed to do was to talk about them and to think positive by attempting to find solutions to each of these problems. This is not at all easy to do but is something I now try. I have realised that it is good to talk about our fears and phobias and that there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are stressed and depressed. I hope I will not have to live with these regular bouts of depression for the rest of my life as I have to say I hate it, especially when it means I can not get any sleep during a night, which happens quite regularly for me. I will however look for more ways of beating my depression when it does occur. I now try to think positive in all situations, life is far too short to be always worrying about everything. I have also started to read a lot of self help books, these have taught me quite a lot of new things and have given me many new ideas.


    The Benefits Of Online Shopping


    The Benefits of Online Shopping Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. There are certainly outside factors such as increasing gas prices, difficulty getting to traditional stores and the hassles often associated with shopping in malls and other traditional stores may contribute to the increased interest in online shopping. However, there are also many benefits which make online shopping an excellent option for many busy shoppers. Some of these benefits include convenience, comparison shopping capabilities and express shipping options and this article will discuss each of these benefits in further detail. The Convenience of Online Shopping One of the most obvious benefits of online shopping which cannot be overlooked is convenience. One of the most enjoyable conveniences of online shopping which is enjoyed by many is the ability to shop for products or services at a time which is convenient for the consumer. Online retailers accept orders twenty four hours a day while consumers who wish to shop at traditional stores have to be available to visit the store during normal business hours. This can be a major inconvenience especially for shoppers who work long hours or shoppers who work odd hours. Online shopping eliminates this concern because shoppers can simply access online stores from their computer whenever they have free time available. Another convenience of online shopping is the ability to order products from around the world. Shoppers are no longer limited to products offered by local retailers because the vast majority of online retailers offer shipping to many different locations. This can make it easy for online shoppers to acquire hard to find items or items which are a regional specialty of a particular area. Comparison Shopping when Online Shopping Another great benefit of online shopping is the ability to comparison shop easily. Instead of running around to several different traditional stores and trying to remember or write down details such as prices and features, the shopper can simply open two or more browsers to easily compare more than one item. Additionally, there are several websites and online retailers which make comparison shopping even easier. These websites may even provide charts which compare features for similar products to enable the online shopper to make an accurate comparison of two or more items before making a purchase. Another advantage to comparison shopping online is it gives the consumer the ability to compare items which may not be available in his location. This is important because some items may only be available in certain parts of the country. This can make comparing items difficult for traditional shoppers. However, online shoppers are easily able to make these comparisons and learn more about similar products which helps them to make the best possible decision. Using Express Shipping Options when Shopping Online One of the distinct advantages of online shopping is the shipping methods which are available. These options are especially beneficial to online shoppers who are guilty of often waiting until the last minute to purchase items as gifts or items that are necessary for other reasons. For these online shoppers express shipping is one of the most beneficial features. Although the shopper will pay significantly more for express shipping options the shopper will have the advantage of being able to purchase an item the day before it is necessary and have the item delivered directly to the necessary party. Other beneficial shipping options often include the inclusion of gift receipts as well as gift wrapping options. This is especially important for online shoppers who are interested in sending gifts to friends and family members. This can save the online shopper a great deal of time because they can have the gift shipped directly to the friend or family member as opposed to having the gift shipped to themselves first and then having to wrap the gift and re ship it to the recipient. The ability to send gift receipts are also important because it enables the recipient of the gift to return or exchange the item but does not divulge the price paid for the gift. PPPPP Word count 678


    Search Engine Marketing The Full Package


    After conducting extensive research I have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding the subject of Search Engine Marketing. The greatest misunderstanding is in confusing the terms Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). One would think that those individuals claiming to be SEO experts should be knowledgeable about the subject and recognize the clear distinction. Apparently this is not the case; the internet is full of misguided information, from so called experts. Proving, I suppose that the industry is liberally spattered with cowboys. To start, let us first define the term “Search Engine Optimisation” (henceforth referred to as SEO). SEO SEO is the process of manipulating the structure and content of a website in such a way that it will perform better in the search engine’s organic listings. The techniques involved can be sub structured into several areas of activity, as detailed below. 1) Page readiness – Search engines expect to crawl clean HTML code. Every page of a website should be validated to eliminate errors and sloppy coding. 2) Site readiness – Search engine web bots follow the links on your web pages and thereby find new pages to index. If a web bot meets a broken link it cannot continue spidering your site. Make sure you have no broken links. Also, provide a site map. A tool for creating site maps is available at my website, . pro seo. co. uk. 3) Keyword selection – It is vitally important to select the right keywords for which a particular page is to be optimized. The most obvious keywords are not always the best choice, and are often mega competitive. Choose wisely. 4) Site structure – Your website should be structured in such a way that each page can be optimized for a maximum of two keywords. Do not try to optimize for a lot of keywords on one page. Remember, you have to write for your users. Writing copy is a balancing act that keeps both users and search engines happy, and is better achieved on a well structured site. 5) Copy writing – the visible text on your web pages should be structured to include the two most important keywords for that page’s content. Get the keywords into headers. Work the keywords into paragraph text, having your keywords appear near the beginning, near the middle, and near the end. Make some keywords bold, some italic and some underlined. 6) HTML tags – The most important of these is the Title tag. Get both keywords for that page into the Title tag, without repetition. For example, if your main key phrase is “diet plans”, and your second phrase is “diet supplements”, the Title tag should read “diet plans and supplements”. Do not repeat the word diet, to search engines it may look like spamming. If your main concern is to improve your Google ranking, you may have overlooked the Meta keywords and Meta description tags, don’t, there are more search engines than Google and they can all bring traffic. Also, get the keywords into H1 tags, H2 tags, alt attributes, and very important, your link text. And after doing all that for every page in your website you may be asking: so where does SEM come in? SEM SEM includes SEO plus all the other things you can do to boost your visibility in the search engines and increase targeted visitors to your website. A condensed list may be as follows: 1) SEO (see above). 2) A link building strategy 3) Pay per click (PPC) campaigns. 4) Banner exchanges. 5) Press releases. 6) And any other activity that will get your website noticed. SEM then, is the full package. Whereas SEO techniques are a vital, but not the only, component of that package.


    How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy


    If you're pregnant, you're very likely concerned about the amount of weight you're gaining, the effect it has on your body, even how difficult it will be to take off after your pregnancy. Your OB/GYN or midwife is your best source of advice about healthy weight gain during pregnancy, but there are general guidelines. Depending on your weight at the start of your pregnancy, your doctor may tell you that a healthy weight gain for you is anywhere between 15 and 40 pounds. If you're underweight to start (a BMI of less than 18.5), 25 to 40 pounds is a reasonable weight gain during pregnancy. If you're overweight, he or she may suggest you stick closer to 15 to 25 pounds. Of that weight, 6 to 8 pounds of it is the baby. The rest is amniotic fluid, extra tissue and blood to nourish the baby (including the placenta), and the increased size of your breasts and placenta. You'll lose as much as 15 pounds of it WITH the birth (amniotic fluid, placenta and baby). Any doctor will tell you that pregnancy is NOT the time to go on a diet. Your body AND your baby need the nutrients of an adequate, balanced diet to keep you both healthy. This doesn't mean that you should throw all your restraint to the winds and 'eat for two', though. Your body needs approximately an extra 300 calories a day to build a healthy baby. Those 300 calories should come from the same healthy variety of foods that your normal diet gives you. (You were eating a healthy, balanced diet, weren't you? If not, pregnancy is a great time to start.) You can expect to gain weight along a fairly predictable pattern. In the first three months, you'll gain 2 4 pounds altogether. During the second trimester, you can expect to gain between 3 4 pounds a month (about a pound per week). During the last three months, you'll gain an additional 8 10 pounds. Your doctor or midwife will weigh you regularly, and may express concern over a deviation from this pattern. A sudden sharp weight gain, for instance, can indicate pre eclampsia or gestational diabetes. If your doctor advises you to try to limit your weight gain during your pregnancy, be sure to choose a healthy diet that provides all the necessary daily requirements for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Remember that a 'diet' during pregnancy isn't meant to help you LOSE weight, but rather to limit the amount of weight gained. Regular exercise is also good for both you and your baby. You can maintain most of your daily activities, and if regular workouts were a part of your daily routine, then by all means keep them up. You'll feel better, and your body will be less likely to protest the extra weight with aches and pains. Do keep in mind that exercise during pregnancy shouldn't be overly strenuous, and that you should avoid activities with a risk of falling or injury. Also remember that your center of balance is different it may feel awkward to do the things you usually do while you're carrying your little bundle of joy. For specifics with regard to your own situation, speak with your doctor or midwife. If you're concerned about gaining weight, or feel that you're gaining too much, you can ask for a consultation with a nutritionist to help you design a healthy eating plan that will make sure the baby is well nourished, and your concerns about your weight are met.


    Unusual And Ethnic Instruments


    Learning to play unusual or ethnic musical instruments creates a special aura of drama around the musical instrument, especially for children. Having an exotic edge is becoming more common these days in part due to advanced media. You no longer have to experience something for it to influence your world. Exotic instruments are not hard to find, musical instruments of all kind are available right on the internet. All you do is place an order and something that you’ve never seen, heard, nor played before can be at your doorstep within days. For most people, having an unusual musical instrument simply isn’t enough. Most people like to learn to play the musical instruments they purchase. Finding a competent instructor for your exotic musical instrument may also require a little time in the multi media world. In my own local phone book, I found one instructor for exotic or ethnic musical instruments. However, they had not previously heard of the instrument that I had chosen as my test piece. The exotic and unusual instruments may not have local instructors, depending of course on the area you live in. If you opt for an unusual or ethnic musical instrument purchase, you may want to check out online classes. Online musical instruction classes for unusual or ethnic musical instruments may be run in lecture style, where you download the lesson for the week, or they may be done interactively via webcams. For adults, this is not a bad option for learning to play an unusual or ethnic musical instrument that you can’t obtain standard lessons for, but children may have great difficulty with learning this way. One mother I know solved this problem when her son wanted to play an unusual musical instrument. She started her own lessons online, and when she was sure that she was competently able to introduce lessons to her son, she handled them personally. The final result was that each of them learned to play an unusual musical instrument, and they were a huge hit a family gathering and social events. Unusual or ethnic musical instruments can open up a whole new world for both you and your family. Your children can become quite interested in learning about things that they never would have considered interesting before, as unusual and ethnic musical instruments typically have histories and cultures that are definitely worth learning about.


    5 Recommended Medication Remedies To Treat Cystic Acne


    It is very hard to find an effective cure to treat cystic acne. Cystic acne is an advanced form of acne, hence early treatment of your skin condition is a must. The pimples in this case will give you so much pain as the swelling is bacteria laden mixed with dead skin cells and white blood cells. Cystic acne affects not only the superficial skin but attacks the tissues within. This could lead to permanent damage to your skin in the form of scars. Acne is bad enough but carrying the scars that go with can really hurt your confidence in yourself. There are numerous suggested cures to treat cystic acne although you ought not to wait for cysts to show before becoming concerned with the pimples on your face. You need to identify the level of your acne condition so that the appropriate remedy could be resorted. There are three identified stages of acne with the corresponding names for each form. Acne during the initial stage appears in the form of blackheads and whiteheads. It then graduates to what you refer to a pimples or zits. The final stage with the severest form is the cysts or nodules. This is the reason why you need to find a way to treat cystic acne. 1. According to some health experts, one highly advised medication on treating cystic acne is via oral antibiotics. Antibiotics attack the bacteria that are present in the cysts to reduce the inflammation within. You should purchase medicines such as doxycycline or tetracycline capsules or pills, among others. 2. Female contraceptives taken orally are likewise claimed to be helpful on treating cystic acne. The production of a high level of sebum triggers acne thus this over release of sebaceous fluids needs to be controlled by the contraceptives. The downside is that this treatment may be taken only when approved and under the supervision of your doctor. 3. A third option would be corticosteroid injections. The cysts are injected with steroids that are targeted to diminish the swelling after a few days. A skilled medical practitioner should be the one to perform this method as this is a delicate procedure. One of the benefits of this particular process to treat cystic acne is preventing the scarring as the cysts or nodules should dry up and disappear naturally. 4. The last 2 recommended remedies involve particular drugs – Accutane and Isotretinoin. The former is a drug to be taken orally for a period of at least 4 to 5 months on a daily basis. It is said to be quite efficient in preventing the incidence of scarring on your skin. However, it ha numerous side effects, which you should try to understand before buying this medicine. 5. The latter is actually a Vitamin A pill that addresses the main causes of acne like the development of clogged pores, production of excess oils, swelling of the skin and the presence of bacteria. Isotretinoin likewise has side effects especially of you are a pregnant. The 5 discussed solutions can provide you with a cure to treat cystic acne.


    Memories Of Mother S Day Past


    Yes, I remember well the cold tinned prawns on my plate with a lone crunchy potato that had been zapped in the microwave, for breakfast. Once there was even a rollmop (German description of a pickled herring fillet) on my plate and a side dish of dill cucumbers. I love German food, except for breakfast. Years ago I loathed pancakes, as a matter of fact they would make me gag, a left over from my childhood when I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until everything was eaten, including a soup broth made with pancake pieces – ugh! The thought of it still makes me feel squeamish. On this particular Mother’s Day my very young daughter decided to make me pancakes for breakfast. The breakfast arrived with great fanfare and I did indeed feel very special. I looked down at the plate and saw the pancake. The pancake was char grilled on one side and soft and runny on the other. It was at this where I felt like a bad mum. I knew this was put together with much love; I simply couldn’t eat it. Several Mother’s Days later a cake was lovingly baked for me. This cake was so bad it was totally inedible and had to be smuggled into the rubbish bin because not even the dog would eat it. Many years later and a younger brother added, I am pleased to see that nothing has changed in regards to her culinary skills, some things shall always remain constant. Fortunately these days her younger brother bakes delicious cakes. On Mother’s Day I have a very patient family. With clenched teeth and drooped shoulders they smile at me when I say “How about we go somewhere to eat? What about driving up to the mountains?” Sometimes I swear I hear muffled words hissed like pointless, aimless, stress, and be nice to your mother! In recent years, we’ve driven around the Gold Coast hinterland in Queensland Australia in the futile search for food on Mother’s Day. You would think we would have learned our lesson. We walk then drive around for ages to find somewhere or something to eat. Once we discovered a small restaurant hidden away (I know why) so we paid for our buffet lunch only to discover there was next to nothing left. The following Mother’s Day we again drove to the Gold Coast without booking a table and so we found ourselves going from restaurant to restaurant in a futile search for somewhere to eat. We settled for takeaway instead. There have also been many Mother’s Days spent with breakfasts or lunches along our coastal regions, spending time wandering through art and craft markets, shopping, the movies, or simply spending time hanging out with the family. Sadly these days we are not often together as a family. It will still be a wonderful day spent with my husband and son however my daughter and grandson both live far away in another city in a different State. So today I find myself reflecting on Mother’s Days Past and it makes me smile. There are so many fond memories; there has been so much laughter and so much love. Mother’s Days are special to me because of the children in my life; they are the tops, I love them and I know they love me.


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