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    Kids Calcium Consumption Is Key Concern For Parents


    Parents play a key role in ensuring their children meet the daily requirements of calcium intake, according to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The report also states that most children and adolescents are at risk for bone fractures and osteoporosis later in life due to low calcium consumption when they're young. Three servings of low fat milk, cheese or yogurt, or up to 1,300 milligrams of calcium depending on age, are recommended each day to build strong bones. "Parents and caregivers often know the importance of calcium, but aren't sure how to incorporate it into their child's diet," said Andrea Garen, a registered dietitian at Dairy Council of California. "Since dairy foods provide 70 percent of calcium in the Western diet, finding ways to include more dairy can make a difference in a child's long term wellness and bone health." Garen's suggestions include: • Find ways to work more dairy into the diet: Offer a child yogurt or cereal with low fat milk for breakfast, and string cheese and flavored milk as a snack. • Serve as a child's role model: If good nutrition is important to parents, it will also be important to their children. • Insist on family meals: Eating together at home will help parents control what their children eat. Garen added that the Dairy Council of California's meal planning Web site (. mealsmat ter. org) contains hundreds of free and easy to make, calcium rich recipe ideas, including Chicken Crunchers. Parents can try this and other palate pleasing recipes to help their children meet their daily calcium requirements. Chicken Crunchers Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour Salt Pepper 4 Egg whites 1/2 cup milk 11/2 cups cornflakes 1 cup reduced fat, shredded cheddar cheese 6 Chicken breast fillets; cut into strips Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Set up three bowls with the following: 1) flour mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper; 2) an egg wash, made by beating the eggs and milk together; 3) cornflakes mixed with cheese. Coat a 13 x 9 inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray. Dip chicken pieces in flour, then into the egg wash, then roll in the cheesy flakes mixture. Bake for 25 minutes, turning halfway through to ensure even browning. Serve with ketchup, BBQ sauce or plain yogurt for dipping, if desired. Total Preparation Time: 15 to 30 minutes.


    An Overview Of Italy For Travelers


    Rome, the Winter Olympics, Wine, Ferrari, beautiful beaches – Italy has it all. If you are considering traveling to Italy, here are some things you should know. An Overview of Italy for Travelers From a European perspective, there is little doubt that Italy is the foundation of modern society in the West. This is conclusion is primarily due to two facts, the reign of the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church. In more modern times, Italy became a nation state in 1861 when the city states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor Emmanuel II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito Mussolini established a Fascist dictatorship. His disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany led to Italy's defeat in World War II. A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in 1946 and economic revival followed. Italy was a charter member of the European Economic Community. It has been at the forefront of European economic and political unification. Persistent problems include illegal immigration, organized crime, corruption, high unemployment, sluggish economic growth, and the low incomes and technical standards of southern Italy compared to the prosperous north. If you are going to Italy, here are some basic things you need to know. 1. Northern Italy is wealthy while the south is not. 2. Italy is slightly larger than the state of Arizona. 3. Italy's climate is predominantly Mediterranean with Alpine in far north and hot, dry areas in the south. 4. Vatican City in Rome is considered an independent country. 5. You cannot get into any area of the Vatican wearing shorts. 6. Rome had the first paved streets in the world in 170 B. C. Vehicles had to be banned because of traffic jams! 7. Roman gladiators were the first athletes to endorse products. 8. Considered one of the oddest Emperors, Caligula appointed his horse to a senate position among other more infamous actions. 9. Roman statutes were very utilitarian. The heads could be removed and replaced to reflect the changes in political climate. 10. When the Roman army lost a battle, they really took it hard. Commanders would kill every tenth soldier under their command. This act is the root of the word “decimate.” 11. Surprising to many is the fact there were significant time periods where ancient Rome had no Emperor. The senate would rule. In times of threat, the senate would elect a person as Emperor. He had absolute power, giving rise to the term dictator. 12. Vast percentages of Romans died from lead poisoning. They used is as a sweetener! 13. In the early 1900’s, Prince Piero Ginori Conti invented the geothermal pump. He is considered the father of modern geothermal power. 14. 20 Italians have won the Nobel Prize. 15. Michelangelo's real name is Michelangelo Buonarroti. 16. The population of Italy as of 2005 was 58,103,033 people. 17. The flag of Italy was inspired by the French flag brought in 1797 by Napoleon. 18. Lehman Brothers owns seven percent of Ferrari. 19. Italy trails only Brazil in World Cup wins. Italy is an amazing country with colorful, animated people. From ancient culture to a bustling modern country, a trip to Italy is hard to beat.


    Website Content Is Still King


    So, you’ve developed a website for your small business. It has a clean design and uncluttered layout, accented by aesthetically pleasing graphics. Your web designer has ensured that it is accessible to all Internet users, no matter which browser or screen resolution they’re employing. As you browse the final product, you realize how easy it will be for your potential clients and customers to navigate to all of your website’s pages. You may think that you website is complete but it’s not. In fact, a website should never really be complete. It’s a fact that search engines such as Google give sites that are frequently updated higher rankings in the search results. What is the best way to update your website on a regular basis? The answer is content! Visitors don’t come to your website to admire it, they come seeking information. It’s content that gets them there, it’s content that persuades visitors to bookmark your website, and it’s content that entices them to return. Not only do human users like good content, but search engines do as well. In fact, they just can’t index enough of your text they love that stuff! So, why not give your visitors and search engines exactly what they want? The easiest way to accomplish this is by adding articles that are relevant to your website’s theme on a regular basis. Turn Prospects into Sales If your website contains enough informative content, your potential clients / customers will deem you as an expert in your field, see your website as an excellent resource, and most likely choose your firm to conduct business with. Good content converts prospects into sales – it’s that easy. Attain Top Search Engine Placement If you include lots of relevant content on your website, the search engines will also deem your website as an important resource, and in turn, give you a higher placement for all the keywords you are trying to target. If you were to add an article every week or month, the search engines will see that your website is updated frequently and index more of your content. After a few months, you should start to notice a steady increase in search engine traffic to all of your website’s pages. Receive Natural Links If you really want the search engines to know that your website is important, you must get other websites to link to your business. If you offer high quality informative articles, other websites are naturally going to link to you because your content is of value to the other website’s visitors. The best types of links to receive are one way, not reciprocal. Without paying other websites, adding good content is about the only way to entice them to link to you. Getting Good Content Nobody knows more your industry than you. After all, you’re the expert, right? So, it’s probably best if you were to write a few articles yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have the greatest writing skills because you can always get someone to revise your article for you. There are a ton of freelance writers available for hire over the Internet. You could also ask your office manager to review your article, or even hire a student from the local university on a contract basis. If you don’t have time, or don’t feel comfortable writing your own content, there are hundreds of article syndication websites on the Internet that allow you to use their articles on your website. The articles are free for you to use, but there’s a catch – you must provide a link back to the author’s website. This link is usually included at the bottom of the article in the author’s bio. To find some good sites, just do a search for “article directory” in Google. There is a drawback to using another author’s content, though. Google and the search engines generally give more weight to original written works. So, writing an original article is best, but adding someone else’s article to your site will still add value in the eyes of both humans and search engines. If you want original articles, but don’t want to write them, there are a ton of freelance writers available for hire across the Internet. Employing their service to write a decent sized article should run you about $50. Just do a Google search. Conclusion The key is to put yourself in the shoes of your website’s visitors. If you were looking to do business with your company, what kind of information would interest and entice you? You have to consider your target audience and their demographic, and then determine what their needs are. Most people assume that a cool, flashy, attractive website will generate business. That is not totally correct – you need to give people what they want – information! Therefore, it’s safe to assume that content is still king when it comes to web design.


    Is Your Uk Credit Card Doing You Credit


    With over 1,300 UK credit card providers, the credit card industry in the UK has mushroomed beyond all recognition in the last decade. Nonetheless, much like at any other time during which credit cards have been made available to us in Britain, once we select a credit card provider we rarely change. This does beg the question: “Is your UK credit card doing you credit?”. Competitive interest rates With the publication of the recent Office of Fair Trading report on excess interest and fess being charged by UK credit card issuer, many credit card providers in the UK are now having to re examine the interest rates they charge. Consequently, it is possible to obtain extremely competitive (for credit card use) interest rates at the moment. Do be left behind, make sure your card provider is offering you the best rate of interest available in the market place. Minimum fees Some credit card providers charge their members an annual membership fee. Others charges what are known as hidden fees if they fail to make repayments on time, use an ATM to withdraw money, conduct transactions overseas, etc. However, with the cut throat nature of the business at the moment, you should be able to make sure you get a provider willing to offer you a credit card without you having to incur these fees. Make your credit card loyalty program work for you 9 out of every 10 UK credit card users now chooses to have a credit card provider that also offers a loyalty program that we like. However, more than 1 in 5 of us neglects to redeem our loyalty points in a timely manner. This is estimated to be a net cost to credit card users of Ј50 per issued credit card. If you are not making maximum use of your loyalty program, then you are not making maximum use of your credit card and your credit card is not doing you credit! In need, transfer your credit card balance Credit card providers have caught on to the trick where credit card users transfer balances from one credit card provider to another in order to take advantage of special introductory promotions. However, if you’re on of the 6 out of every10 Britons’ who carries over a credit card balance each month, and are stuck with paying high credit card interest, and have not investigated whether or not you might be able to reduce this burden by transferring your balance to a promotional program with a lower rate of interest, then you are not making maximum use of your credit card. Be willing to look at the competition Finally, whether you are credit card user who like to pay off their balance in a timely manner at the end of each credit card statement payment day, or one who carries over a debt on your credit card each month, the most important thing about using credit cards in the UK today is that you educate yourself about what is going on in the UK credit card industry and that you be willing to swap and change provider to meet your individual credit card needs. In short, similar to staying with the same employer throughout your working life, the days of staying with the same credit card provider throughout your adult life is a thing of the past.


    The Truth About Birth Trauma Every Mother Should Know


    Most people take birth trauma for granted, thinking it means the unavoidably compressive, difficult journey through the birth canal that we all wish could be easier. What is not generally known is that the pressures of birth and the interactions required of mother and child for delivery are fundamental to health. The development of the baby’s cranium is supported by the effort required for birth, and the newborn arrives with knowledge of what it means to partner with mom to win the race in the celebration of life. There are times, of course, when compressive obstacles during birth are not positive, resulting in difficulties and even injuries. Birth trauma can also mean many other things, including that which is avoidable. Not all birth trauma has to happen. There are standard birthing room procedures in place in many hospitals today that actually contribute to creating birth traumas that are completely unnecessary. Bright lights, loud noises, unfamiliar voices and cold temperatures are shocking for newborns that have lived in a warm, fluid environment where light and sound are diffused by a protective, maternal shield. The unborn child has spent nine months learning about mom and how to recognize her. To be separated from mother is the ultimate birth trauma. Indeed, this disappointment surpasses the definition of trauma and is more accurately labeled as shock. Another source of overwhelming trauma is cutting the umbilical cord before it stops pulsing. Dr. Frederick Leboyer, writing about the 25th edition of his book BIRTH WITHOUT VIOLENCE comments on this subject: “What should we do during these critical few minutes of the transition of the blood from the old route through the placenta to the newly working lungs? We must understand that Nature herself doesn’t take sudden leaps and has her own pace. She has left this time; these last few minutes, so that this changeover from one world to another can be made with ease.” Birth trauma is also created by what precedes it. “We are nine months old at birth,” says pediatrician Tony Lipson. We are born with the memory of our experiences in the womb, though that memory is thoroughly somatic. Prenatal history contains chapters of unacknowledged personal experiences that are formative for every aspect of health. Prenatal life is an epic tale of challenge and survival that includes struggle, loss and victory, as well as profound learning. The fetus learns primarily through movement, and through what can be perceived and heard from within the mother’s body. Long term studies conducted by American, Canadian and European researchers show that in utero behavior is replicated post natally. These memories are displayed in play, illness, sleep patterns, dreams, and, of course, relationships. It is now clear that what the prenate, and the neonate, learn promotes (or discourages) later bonding and attachment. The fetal nervous system evolves delicately and responsively during gestation, like ornate filigree on an elegant necklace. It is this finely wrought nervous system that sorts information and ultimately determines the time of birth. The final decision making process initiates at least three weeks prior to the onset of labor. The fetus evaluates, through its hormonal sensation, the optimal moment for launching postnatal life. It must assess the degree of its own physiological maturation to make this critical decision. Disregarding this decision contributes to birth trauma. Birth marks the end of gestational hibernation and the sighting of the springtime of a new world. The stress of labor invites an outpouring of adrenaline that, surprisingly, serves to stabilize and calm the baby. This catecholamine power surge lasts for hours after birth, protecting the baby from danger. Given the brilliance of this perfect design, why interfere with Mother Nature unless life is threatened? The hormonal arousal of birth promotes the parent infant bonding that, we now know, is essential for the unfolding of post gestational neurology. When we unnecessarily disrupt this process, we create birth traumas that play out for a lifetime of health and learning struggles. Immediately behind the ridge of the eyebrows lies the prefrontal cortex (the prefrontal lobes), the largest and most recent of brain additions. It plays a role in language development, interacting with the temporal lobes located on either side of the neocortex. The prefrontals evolve in two stages, the first of which is the immediate post natal period. The second stage is during adolescence, at about age fifteen. In the early period of prefrontal development, these lobes serve an integrative function, allowing the neonate to slowly absorb the powerful drama of birth. This lays the groundwork for later prefrontal development. However, further evolution is only possible if nurturing is received at birth through consistent eye contact with a primary caregiver and loving touch. Anything else is birth trauma. Human development occurs in stages that are windows of opportunity. Prenatal life is a house of windows, and the birth experience is a window to the world. These windows open on a predetermined schedule that assures a precise pattern of neurological maturation. When prenatal and birth trauma occur, these windows do not close completely. Rather they remain slightly or partially ajar. If unattended to, however, these windows become impossibly sticky and extremely difficult to open. What is needed to open such windows is the kind of stimulation that should have occurred originally. Touch, awareness and consistent, unwavering attention create an awakening of possibility. Love has to be infused through connective tissue that will communicate via the spinal cord to the basal ganglia, setting off a relay of responses throughout the brain. As brain structures respond, changes occur. Treatment for birth trauma is most effective when it is employed as soon as possible after the trauma occurs. The longer the wait, the more prolonged the recovery process. The TARA Approach, a subtle energy medicine system of healing, has specific designs for treating birth trauma in infants, children and adults. TARA treatment designs incorporate neurological and embryological awareness and use subtle touch along with other non invasive modalities. The emphasis is on self care. The TARA Approach is an empowerment based, non pharmaceutical healing system, oriented towards self pacing. It is one of the few treatment programs that focus on birth trauma, and can be extremely healing in a great variety of situations.


    Men S Leather Jackets How To Choose The One For You


    A leather jacket is a must for every man’s wardrobe and is also a great way to express his personal style. Leather jackets never go out of fashion and are warm, durable, timeless and always looks classic. Invesment in leather jackets is one time and can be used over the years without getting spoit. Always purchase a leather jacket that is of the right fit and quality as it is a one time investment. Here are the few basic things you should consider while purchasing a leather jacket. 1 Be prepared to spend at least $250.A good leather jacket costs around $500 or more. If you purchase it on sale it might cost you less. The price is not unreasonable considering the fact that how often you’ll wear it and for how long the jacket will last. 2 Buy one of the classic styles, which includes bomber, blazer and is also a zip up jacket. A medium length jacket, which is above your thigh. Waist or hip length jackets are versatile. A trench coat can be sleek and slimming on the right figure. 3 There is a wide range of colors to choose from but black is the most popular one, also you could consider shades of brown. The textures vary from buttery soft, thin leather to thicker, more durable jackets. Suede, which requires more care, is another option to choose from. 4 While purchasing the leather jacket make sure the jacket’s construction is right. Seams should be strong and perfect and the bottom hem should be straight. The collar and pockets should lie flat. Check the lining for strong seams, especially in the pockets where you can get a lot of wear and tear. Motorcycle jackets should have vents, a padded kidney panel, and tough leather. All crucial for safe and comfortable riding. Tips on how to keep the leather jacket Store your leather jacket either flat or on a wide, sturdy, padded hanger to prevent stretch marks. Make sure to never use a plastic cover. Take care of the stains pronto. When in doubt take the jacket to the dry cleaner. Leather is not meant to get wet, as that tends to deplete the natural oils, and it is advisable to wear a rain suit over your leathers in inclement weather. However if they do get wet, allow them to dry naturally away from extreme heat. If the leather seems to be losing its luster, it can be oiled to improve its appearance. This supplements the natural oils in the leather itself, which can be washed out through repeated exposure to water. Frequent oiling of leather with mink oil or other commercially available products will keep your leathers supple and improve their lifespan dramatically.


    Precision Engineering More Competitive Than Ever Before


    Precision engineering in the UK has taken some big hits in the last 30 years, but despite all the battering it has received from numerous sources, it remains one of the most important industries the country has to offer. The last few decades has seen the decimation and decline of some areas of engineering in this country, such as the automotive industry, shipbuilding and large scale manufacturing. Huge, important companies have disappeared from the map, and previously thriving areas of the country, such as the Midlands and the North East, have taken immense knocks as one large employer after another falls by the wayside. The employment holes that these closures have left have been very difficult for communities to recover from, but as people find other sources of income, the engineering skills and knowledge that are lost can never be recovered. However, precision engineering in the UK is nothing if not adaptable, and there are still enough companies working in this important sector to keep the country as one of the major players in the global engineering market. Indeed, because of the intense pressure that it has been under, the industry has become much more competitive and streamlined than it ever was before. Companies have had to become much more resourceful in order to survive, and any precision engineering company that remains profitable has to be very lean and mean in everything it does. All aspects of the business must be as competitive as possible. Manufacturers must carefully consider how to get the best out of every available resource, including labour, machinery, and floor space. Versatility and adaptability become much more important, and where in the past one engineer might expect to work on the same machine every day for many years doing the same job, nowadays he would have to be proficient in a number of disciplines. Training and re training throughout the working life has become the norm, and with the price of land becoming so high, engineering workshops have to carefully limit the amount of floor space they use. Prices have to be trimmed as close to the bone as possible, lead times become shorter and shorter, and consequently quality has improved greatly. With all of this constant monitoring of performance data, the whole industry has become much more focused than in previous decades. This can only be a good thing for the customer, because they know that the service that they will be getting is top notch. One such company that has gone from strength to strength during these times is Machined Precision Components Ltd, a precision engineering company in Watton, Norfolk. Director Nick Overton states: “We know from our customers that quality is most important, but in such a competitive market place all jobs have to be keenly priced or customers will go elsewhere. We have to make sure that we work as efficiently as possible, and this means our productivity has benefited greatly. The best way to cut waste is to make sure you get it right first time and every time.” This continued vibrancy is vitally important to the UK economy, because precision engineering not only generates a huge amount of income and employment on its own, but it also has many other sectors of business that feed off of it, and in some cases rely upon it. These include accountancy, haulage, power supply, tool suppliers, and office supplies. UK precision engineering is still a force to be reckoned with!


    Myspace To Go Mobile


    : You know what? Helio has just announced a partnership with MySpace to provide ”MySpace on Helio” which will be offered on this mobile device and offer things like messaging, MySpace layouts for your personal profiles and photo galleries. This is a smart move by MySpace. Other social networking sites have faded away as they became less popular because they were not introducing new features in their offering. More than 60 million teenagers have a cell phone today and that number is growing rapidly. What better way to expand the community? The key question is, will the MySpace community move to the new mobile device offering? Helios parent company, a partnership between Earthlink and SK Telecom have invested over $400 million in launching this new carrier. They project that they will need 3 million subscribers to recoup their investment. Many believe offering MySpace on this new mobile device will be just the ticket they need to attract many new teenage subscribers. I would like to hear from all of you out there. Can you see yourself using MySpace on a mobile device? What advantages do you see? But first, you need a good layout for your profile that will look good in your mobile phone. Get it here.


    Environmental Issue Wood Burning Fireplaces


    Environmental Psychology considers two issues with wood burning fireplaces. What's important to you? Your home environment for emotional support or saving the environment? If you plan to move to a new home or to build a home, you may draw a line through a fireplace as a necessity. Although people love the warmth, comforting crackling sounds, aromas, and moving light a wood burning fire provides, fireplaces can emit polluted air into your home and into your neighborhood. Most home shoppers request a fireplace. Home buyers desire a hearth, which symbolizes home. Families gather around the fireplace during holiday celebrations and quiet conversations. Book lovers enjoy curling up next to a fire on a cool afternoon. Many new homes feature fireplaces in the main bedroom. After all, what’s more romantic than a fire? According to the U. S. Department of Energy, wood burning fireplaces emit nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, organic gases, and particulate matter. These pollutants can cause serious health problems for children, pregnant women, and people with respiratory problems. Like cigarette smoke, some of these elements contain cancer causing properties. Some urban cities have considered banning wood burning fireplaces altogether to stem the flow of pollutants in the smog filled air. Some California cities and counties have enacted local ordinances to limit the growing wood smoke problem. Mammoth Lakes, Squaw Valley, Cloverdale, Fresno, and many cities and counties in the Bay Area permit installation of only U. S.EPA certified wood fired appliances in all new construction. Since 1991, the Bay Area AQMD has issued advisories for a voluntary no burn program on poor air quality nights, "Spare the Air Tonight." But wait! Solutions exist so you can enjoy your fire. To keep pollutants from entering your room air, you can install a certified clean burning fireplace insert and a glass screen. Buy a carbon monoxide monitor and an oxygen depletion sensor to ensure safe air. The new fireplace systems keep pollutants from leaving your chimney. Other considerations for you to ponder include the source of heating for your home. What happens when natural gas demand outpaces production? Prices skyrocket. And if your heat comes from a coal burning electrical plant, doesn't the burning coal produce toxins that pollute the air? If you're building a new home, consider installing a Pellet Stove, the most efficient and least polluting of the new stove designs. Pellet Stoves provide less than 1 gram per hour of particulate emissions. Most of these stoves s require electricity and burn compressed wood waste formed into pellets. Be kind to yourself and to the environment. Consider these environmental issues when you light up your fire. Copyright © Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.


    Hardwood Floors 101


    Hardwood floors can be installed anywhere in a home and can be prepared from several species of wood such as elm, ash, oak, amendoim, cypress, teak, cherry, walnut, rosewood, hickory, and maple. The hardness, stability, color, and alterations in color vary with wood type. Chestnut, Douglas fir, and North American Cherry offer low hardness whereas hardwood from Brazilian Walnut, Caribbean Cherry, and Bloodwood is extremely hard. The stability of hardwood flooring has an inverse relation with the moisture inherent in the wood and is independent of the engineering. The appearance of unfinished hardwood flooring plays an important role in the grading process. The commonly assigned grades to hardwood flooring include clear, select, common 1, common 2, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3. Hardwood flooring enhances the look of a room and when laid in harmony with the furniture and other elements in the interior design of a room, it bestows an elegance that synthetic flooring is unable to match. Hardwood flooring can be installed using the following methods: Nail Down: Nails are used to attach hardwood to the subfloor either on grade or above grade. Nails are usually used for hardwood with a thickness of 3/4”. Staple Down: Nails can be substituted with a pneumatic stapler for attaching the hardwood to the subfloor. Stapling is easier to accomplish as compared to nailing and is therefore favored by DIY enthusiasts. Glue Down: Patterned wood panels or parquets can be glued to the subfloor on, above, or below grade. The subfloor can be either wooden or concrete. Floating: Engineered and Longstrip floors can be installed using the floating process in which a pad of foam is placed between the floors and the subfloor. The hardwood boards are held in place by means of adhesive that is applied in the tongue and groove portion of each board. Floating enables the installation of hardwood on uneven surfaces. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and the following guidelines should help homeowners to ensure the beauty and longevity of their hardwood flooring. • The flooring must be swept and vacuumed regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust that may scratch the finish • Doormats and rugs at entrances prevent sand particles from abrading the hardwood flooring • Furniture and chairs should have padding on the legs in order to prevent scratching the floor while dragging/moving furniture • The dimensions of hardwood flooring are liable to change with humidity; a relative humidity of around 45% should be maintained all year round • A rug or mat should be placed in front of workstations, washbasins, kitchen sinks in order to prevent scratching and staining from utensils, detergents, and water • Hardwood flooring should be protected from direct light, whether natural or artificial. Intense direct light can lead to discoloration of the floor Hardwood floorings can be treated with surface finishes that lend it a gloss, increase resilience, and make it water resistant. The finishes consist of urethanes and polyurethanes. A hardwood floor with a surface finish does not require waxing. Wax finishes penetrate the cells of the wood and offer a low gloss finish. Periodic buffing helps to restore the sheen of wax finished floors. Hardwood flooring used in areas of high traffic such as stores and restaurants are impregnated with acrylic finishes that increase its hardness and durability.


    Review Of Ford Trucks


    The best selling car in America returns with an original engine design and a blue collar transmission from the motor city. Ford's F 150 pickup comes in regular, extended, and crew cab styles. All cabs have four doors. The standard minicab mimics the SuperCab extended minicab with average rear hinged "partly doors." The SuperCrew crew minicab has four straight doors. Extended's and crews have a bring up work surface seat for 6 passenger capacity. Crews have a 5.5 ft long consignment single bed. Other F 150s use beds of 5.5, 6.5, and 8 ft, depending on options. All come in flat side Styleside outward appearance; the 6.5 ft single bed in addition comes as a flare fender Flareside. The 4.2 liter V6 engine has 202 horse power. Two V8 engines are available: a 4.6 liter with 231 hp and a 5.4 with 300. A 5 speed transmission now comes as a standard option. Taking turns on redesigning its bread and butter pickups, Ford rolled out a brand new version of the F 150 pickup in 2004 and then focused its thought on a makeover of its big bubba Super Duty in 2005. This year, Ford is sleeping from its labors, with little changes of memorandum: The F 150 procession is toughened up with a Harley Davidson trim pack up highlighted by a monotone black outdoor; 22 inch polished, sham aluminum wheels; and bags of eagle logos. Later in the representation year. And there are some chrome selection packages and other negligible doodads to expend change on. We were disenchanted that Ford chose not to fetch out a original version of its defunct Lightning, which was rumored to revisit in 2006 with a supercharged V 8 cranking out 500 horsepower and 500 pound feet of torque. The Ford Lightning has been a huge draw for the company. Even appearing in popular movies like the fast and furious to boost it's popularity.


    Home Theater System 19


    My husband and I decided to remodel our home. I should say my husband and I talked about remodeling our home. He took it the next step by tearing the ceiling panels out of the kitchen to see what was underneath. He did this on Easter Sunday after my family left.

    That was the beginning of a project that lasted for seven months. The day after we put the finishing touches on the kitchen we had my family over for Christmas. It was a lot of hard work, especially when you are trying to live and keep a regular work schedule.

    Every evening when we came home from work we were painting, striping, staining and sweeping up sheet rock dust. We knew the effort was worth it when we saw the looks on my family’s faces when they walked through the door. We were very proud that we had done all the work except the electrical ourselves. It gave us a real feeling of pride and accomplishment.

    After my family left we were talking about how well the day had gone. We had decided that we were not going to exchange gifts because of the amount of money we had put into the house.

    When we sat down to watch television my husband mentioned that the only thing left to make the room perfect was a home theater system. I knew where this conversation was going. He had wanted a home theater system since he saw the one that his brother installed. His brother put in a screen, theater seating and mega speakers, but this was in a room designed as a home theater, not a living room.

    When I mentioned this he quickly clarified that he was talking about the speaker system only, not the seating and the large screen. He went on to suggest that this would be a perfect gift for the house and us to complete the work we had done. I do not watch a great deal of television, but I knew he really wanted this and he had given up a great deal of golf and fishing over the summer and fall to work on the house. I thought the home theater system would be nice for him to have for the winter.

    We went out the next day and looked at the home theater systems. They were running great holiday sales so we got one for a great price. I have to admit it is much more enjoyable watching television and movies with this new system. It does add a finishing touch to our new room.


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