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    Finding The Best Malaga Car Hire Company


    A Malaga car hire is a good idea, if you want to travel freely throughout the city and surrounding areas. It is more convenient than public transportation. You can see all the sites on your own time table, rather than having to plan all your outings according to the schedule of public transportation. Malaga airport is located about six kilometres west of the city. A car hire is a convenient service for tourists. Many car hire companies operate right at the airport for your convenience. Companies in the city will arrange to pick you up at the airport and drop you back off at the end of your vacation. Finding the Best Malaga Car Hire You can find car hire companies through a travel agent or search online. Compare prices both in person and on the internet to find the best deal on the car you want. Most companies employ bilingual people to make communication easier with tourists. Shop around when looking for a car. All companies advertise the lowest price, but there can be big differences. Some companies give a base price for the car and charge extra for things like unlimited mileage, insurance, airport taxes, roadside assistance and a second driver. Other companies include these things in one price. Be sure you know what is included. Don’t shop only by price, but compare styles and extras when choosing the best company. Some extras may not be necessary, but others are important. You will want a car with air conditioning, particularly if you are travelling in the summer. It gets very hot in Malaga and you won’t want to be stuck in a hot car. When possible, it’s easier to arrange to pick up and drop off the car at the airport. This is more convenient for you and in most cases; you won’t save money by using a company at your destination. You also won’t have to rely on the company to pick you up and drop you back off for your flight home. When you reserve your car, be sure to reserve a car seat, if you are travelling with small children. Child safety seats are the law in Spain. Just because you have a reservation for a car, doesn’t mean a seat will be available when you arrive at the airport. They can run out of seats, especially in the busier seasons. Be sure to reserve according to the age and weight of your child to ensure you will have the right seat. Save Money on a Malaga Car Hire Book early to get a better price on your car hire. In addition, reserving the car early will give you more choices in available cars. Waiting until just before your trip can result in limited availability. You may not get the size or accessories you want in a vehicle. Consider what you really need in terms of size and luxury. How many people will be travelling with you? If you are bringing the family, you will need a larger vehicle. A couple may be able to get by with a smaller, economy car. This can save you money. Since you won’t be spending much time in the car, you may not need all the extras and can save money. A compact car is also better on fuel, which can save you even more money. Check online for better deals. There is less chance of a mistake with your reservation when you reserve your car on the internet. Also, car hire companies have less overhead with online reservations. Less overhead can translate into savings for you.


    Stainless Steel Sinks 14


    Kitchen remodeling is fraught with decisions that have to be made. Everything from the material used to make the cabinets to what type of kitchen sink to use. Stainless steel sinks are really one of the best choices when it comes to kitchens as they not only look fantastic, they are durable and resistant to scratches as well. The main thing to consider when you are choosing a sink and taps is the size of the area you are working with. If you are having your countertop redone there is a chance that you may be able to choose stainless steel sinks that are slightly larger than the sink you had previously. The reason is that quite often builders initially place small stainless steel sinks in homes in an effort to curb costs.

    If you’ve lived with a single bowl sink for very long, you know that it can prove challenging. Double bowl models are really necessary for most families. This is especially true if you are going to be hand washing any dishes. With double bowl stainless steel sinks you can place the soapy water on one side of the sink and the other side will be used for rinsing.

    It makes the job much easier than it would be with a single bowl model. There are many different choices when you are considering a double bowl model though. The least expensive and most common are stainless steel sinks that have two bowls of the same size. Many people find this convenient and with the inexpensive price often attached to them, they are incredibly affordable as well.

    One larger bowl and then a smaller one is another option. If a person is accustomed to using a drying rack on their counter for dishes, these types of stainless steel sinks are a nice choice. They provide a different look than the standard sink and they allow for placement of larger items directly in the bigger bowl. In many cases there is also a cutting board that fits directly over the smaller bowl for ease in washing and preparing vegetables.

    Installation is a breeze and if you are a weekend handyman you shouldn’t have any trouble installing stainless steel sinks yourself. You really just need a rudimentary knowledge of plumbing and you will need a helper to hold the sink in place for you. Cutting the countertop can be tricky but you’ll notice that with the majority of stainless steel sinks sold, a template is included which can be cut out and placed directly on the countertop to make that job easier. This really helps to ensure fewer mistakes are made which can save a lot of money. Anyone who has cut too big a hole in their counter for their sink will attest to that.


    Is It Safe To Buy Steroids Online


    ‘It is safe to buy steroids online?’ is the question that most of the steroid buyers often ask, but don’t often get satisfactory answers. It’s not always safe to buy steroids online. There are a number of con sites that make steroid buyers to feel little insecure to buy steroids online. But this, it’s also wrong to say that it is unsafe to buy steroids online, as there are numerous well reputed sites that sell legal and real steroids online. It is absolutely safe to buy steroids online, if you are well aware of tips & tricks to buy steroids online. Internet certainly offers you an easy & convenient way to buy steroids online, but you need to take care of a few things while you go online to buy steroids online. First, you should do a little research on the site that you choose to buy steroids online to make sure if the site is genuine and well reputed. You should always choose a well reputed and genuine site to buy steroids online. Second, you mustn’t fall for lures, such as cheap steroids or discount steroids. The con sites often offer luring discounts to attract customers. Steroids are generally the expensive class of drugs, and there is always something fishy, when sites offer luring discounts on steroids. You should avoid buying steroids online from any of such sites. These sites often don’t deliver you steroids or they deliver you fake or poor quality steroids that can be rather dangerous to health. So, you should never buy steroids online from the sites offering high sounding discounts on steroids. Third, you must have complete info and knowledge about the steroid that you choose to buy online. You must know the packing style, color, and make of your steroids. You must also know the color of pills or capsules, if you are to buy oral steroids. You must check out the steroid profiles and steroid pictures of your steroid. You can check steroid profiles and steroid pictures of your steroid online. There are a number of sites that offer you free steroid profiles and steroid pictures. This will help you determine the genuineness of your steroid, and will help you buy steroids online that is real and genuine. And, last not least, you should always buy steroids online that are legal; legal means the steroids that are legal in your country. The steroids legal in other countries may not be legal in your own country. Thus don’t buy steroids online that are illegal in your country. The illegal steroids can get you in trouble. So, it is rather important to stay safe while you buy steroids online.


    The Long And Short Of Long Island Schools


    Want to know more about Long Island Schools? Long Island Schools consist of 125 public school districts, 416,093 students and 29,901 teachers. About 88.4 percent of high school students on Long Island go on to enter post secondary education. The biggest issue as a whole for Long Island Schools is determining the budget. A recent challenge to the state school funding system, by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, led the New York State Court of Appeals to require the state to adopt a special funding plan to make sure that all students are given access to a proper high school education within the public school system. The Court appears to be in conflict with Governor Pataki, who is trying to push through a $400 million voucher plan. Under this proposal, parents of 1.8 million school children throughout the state would be eligible for the new credit. State aid has increased 65 percent since 1995. Pataki believes that this education tax credit will give parents new resources and flexibility to meet the educational needs of their children, including the students of Long Island Schools. Pataki has many detractors, who don’t feel that vouchers are the way to go. Danny Donohue, president of the Civil Service Employees Association says that public schools still have too many unmet needs to spend $400 million on a voucher plan. Timothy G. Kremer, executive director of the NYS School Boards Association, says that the tax break is “a $400 million gift from taxpayers to families who don’t need it.” “The NYS PTA believes that every child deserves equal access to the same outcome, that is, an excellent education,” Donohue adds, “That means using our government’s resources to close gaps, not create them; to raise student achievement of all and not just for some; and to prepare students for a democratic society for which public schools remain the best forum.” How does all of this impact Long Island Schools as a whole? All the Long Island Schools reap benefits from additional funding, so help from the state would not be unwelcome. However, what each of the Long Island Schools spends their money on and what they need money for varies greatly. In the Baldwin District of Long Island Schools, taxpayers are actually getting a break, after representatives netted an additional $23.6 million in state aid. Since this district’s budget didn’t change this year, the extra state aid the district received lowers the amount that homeowners have to pay. Not every district in Long Island Schools is mired down in a budget quagmire. Consider these Long Island Schools. East Rockaway’s High School class of 2006 had one of the highest Regents diploma rates ever (91%), and 96% of students went on to college. The dropout rate at the school is ZERO, and students excel not only academically but in drama, music, and sports as well. Also seeing fantastic success within Long Island Schools is the Lynbrook School District. They have scored consistently high grades on the NY State Assessment tests: 100% of fifth graders passed the 2006 social studies exam. Nearly 90% of this Long Island Schools’ middle school students passed the English Language Arts test. Last year, just like the seniors at East Rockaway, 96% of Lynbrook High School seniors went to college. The district’s diverse academic programs have won many awards, and its Long Island Schools’ athletic teams continue to excel. In short, Long Island Schools have a lot to offer students and their families. Concern and involvement from families, community and political leaders over budget spending, and an impressive roster of successful schools are the tip of the iceberg in this area of our nation.


    Back To School Responsibilities Again


    It’s that time of year when mom and dad look for ways to improve their child’s academic standing during the upcoming scholastic year or, at least, they should be. There are many options to weigh in such as: new school clothes, school supplies, peer pressure, after school care, homework, league sports, and transportation. This is time of year for great changes, but here are two changes that will impact your child for life and require a bit of work and commitment on your part. Expose your child or children to some kind of faith: The faith of your parents, your faith, your spouse’s faith, or the faith that you left behind. Set an example and start attending a temple, mosque, shrine, or church right now. If your children have nothing to believe in, will they have a happy, productive, and successful life? You already know the answer to the question, and it requires work to teach children. Anybody can let years go by, and teach their children nothing. Find a hobby that suits your child and have them stick to it. Oh no, more work! Yes, it is, but your child will benefit immensely from this decision. It could be dance, Yoga, martial arts, music, gymnastics, boy scouts, girl scouts, or something else, but whatever it is, your child should initially like it. At that point have them make a commitment and don’t allow them to quit unless there is a solid reason. If a coach, teacher, or tutor is abusive, that’s an understandable reason to leave, but you can always find another coach. In truth, if you allow laziness, in your child, you will receive it. Children will usually follow the path of least resistance, but they crave structure. My experience has been: Children constantly turn their attitudes around, for the better, in martial arts and Yoga classes. Due to the fact, that there is a formal set of existing rules and a code of conduct. Don’t allow them to sit in a corner with a video game and a television, except for rare occasions. There are too many good things going on in the “real world” that need their attention. These two changes will instill fortitude, perseverance, and goal setting skills that last a lifetime. The rewards can be endless, for your whole family.


    Love Quiz How To Attract Love


    Who does not wish to attract love? All of us want to attract the best person to ourselves. Am I right? We all wish that the best specimen of the opposite sex became our mate. Let us quiz, if you can do that and find out how you can do that. Love quiz what attracts you? Let me ask you this what attracts you? That answer will give answer to our first question. A person who looks very smart, a person who looks very handsome/beautiful, a person who shows care and love for us, a person who is very intelligent, a person who is compassionate, a person who is well read, a person who is independent minded, a person who can make others laugh, a person who is not selfish, a person who is not greedy, a person who looks honest these are some qualities that will attract you. Am I on the right track? Quiz if you can develop these qualities all of us want many things in life. The question arises are we ready to work towards that? Most of us want to continue in our old way and want different results. Let me repeat almost of us want to continue in the old way but want different results than before. That will never happen. For getting different results than before we have to act differently. Develop the attributes you are looking for in others and you will attract the best from the opposite sex.


    Is A Cleaning And Maintenance Franchise For You


    There is a slate of incredible franchise opportunities in the market today and one of the most exciting businesses prospects involves owning a cleaning franchise. The most important factor to keep in mind is that cleaning franchises offer all the profitable advantages of owning a franchise business in addition to benefits exclusive to the cleaning industry. Work from Home with a Cleaning Franchise There are several benefits for entrepreneurs interested in operating a cleaning franchise. The chance to earn a home based income is one of the most attractive aspects of this franchise opportunity. For many people, working from home sounds too good to be true. However, investing in a franchise business is the most sensible and lucrative ways to build a home based company. For example, when you become part of a franchise, you have the advantage of a well established brand name. Merry Maids, a cleaning franchise that has been in business for 25 years, has the highest name awareness in its industry. Rather than starting a home cleaning business on your own, why not purchase a Merry Maids cleaning franchise? Once you consider the name awareness, training and third party support, the modest capital investment just makes sense. Furthermore, there are many carpet cleaning franchises that allow franchisees to earn a home based income. For instance, the ServiceMaster Clean franchise business offers this kind of flexibility with a low cost investment. This company has been in the franchising business for over 50 years and they offer financing assistance to franchisees. Additionally, if you are would like to participate in a unique marketing opportunity, you may be interested in ChemDry Carpet Cleaning. This particular carpet cleaning franchise partners with Home Depot, which allows franchisees to set up displays in its stores. Most importantly, services like carpet cleaning will always be in demand. In fact, recent reports show that infants and young children frequently encounter high amounts of lead from dust in the floors of their homes. For reasons like these, families are willing to hire carpet cleaning professionals to make sure that their floors are clean and safe. Ultimately, when you become part of a great franchise business, you have an edge over your competition. The floor cleaning industry is booming and the sky really is the limit for this franchise opportunity. Even more appealing, when you own a franchise of any kind, whether home based or on location, you have the chance to be your own boss. This means choosing a franchise business based on the amount of time you would like to invest and the money you would like to earn. Cleaning Franchises Offer Training and Support Even though you have plenty of experience cleaning your own home, you will undoubtedly have questions about how to manage your house cleaning franchise. Perhaps you have shampooed your own carpets plenty of times. Still, you would most likely seek professional training before launching a carpet cleaning franchise. Moreover, even seemingly simple cleaning services like pet waste disposal and junk removal can become complicated when you consider the business aspects. That is where franchise businesses can be an especially wise investment. After all, your success contributes to their success. It should come as no surprise that most every franchise business provides training, ongoing support and even financing. This kind of assistance can only be found when working with experienced franchises rather than building a business alone. For example, most franchise businesses will help you implement a marketing plan, choose the best location for your store (if applicable) and other intricacies involved with their respective industries. In addition, many of these companies take training a step further by helping you recruit clients and even employees. One example of this is the Coverall Cleaning Company franchise. As a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, Coverall Cleaning Company will help you obtain a customer base. Furthermore, you receive assistance with billing and collection services. Additionally, dry cleaning franchise businesses like Lapel’s Dry Cleaning will help you negotiate with garment care specialists, which will allow you to focus on the details of operating a retail store. However, if you choose to run a plant in addition to your store, you receive all the necessary training to help you run a successful, environmentally friendly plant. How Cleaning Franchises are Especially Profitable The number of two income families continues to increase, which means that fewer families have someone available to assume full time roles as homemakers and caregivers. As you may know from your own personal experiences or from someone you love, there is little time left once a person returns home from a full day of work. Plus, not many people are willing to spend the entire weekend cleaning their homes or businesses. After all, so much hard work should afford them some leisure time! As you may have already determined, families are happy to hire cleaning professionals. As more and more professionals enter the workforce, their time becomes increasingly valuable. Most importantly house cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool sanitizing, garage organizing and junk removal services are sought after more and more. Thus, these services are more valuable than ever. Furthermore, people realize that purchasing the services offered by a cleaning franchise can actually improve the health of their families. In today’s world, people are acutely aware that their living environments have a direct affect on health. When you decide to take advantage of this incredible franchise opportunity, you tap into a growing market where people are willing to hire franchise businesses like 1 800 Water Damage, DUCTZ Duct Cleaning and The Duct Genie. After all, chemical pollutants and allergens in the air are not just nuisances anymore. People see them as a threat to the health and well being of their families. As the proud owner of a cleaning franchise, you have the opportunity to provide cleaner, healthier homes and businesses. Most of all, you enjoy the fruits of a profitable business franchise. Now is a great time to own a cleaning franchise and become part of a very lucrative and growing industry. One of the most important things to remember is to take the time to research all the options available to aspiring entrepreneurs like you. There is a variety of different cleaning franchises that can make your dreams of become a successful business owner a reality.


    Company Helps You Brighten A Soldier S Day


    It is a time honored tradition to send care packages to soldiers overseas. But with increased security concerns and reams of red tape to go through, sending a package to military personnel can be a daunting task. However, one company is doing its best to make it easy for any American to send care packages year round to help boost the morale of thousands of U. S. military men and women. Treats for Troops, a Colorado based company, is the brainchild of Deborah Crane, a businesswoman, military mother and former military wife. Its Web site, provides a huge selection of themed care packages with names like 'Snack Attack" and "Crazy for Chocolate." The packages contain goodies and necessities, from sweet and salty snacks to games to Ziploc bags. Creative shoppers also can pick out items to create their own custom packages. The company then packs and ships the gifts on the senders' behalf and in accordance with military rules. "I'm proud that so many troops are receiving packages year round through Treats for Troops," Crane said. With Treats for Troops' unique Foster A Soldier program, you can choose to send a package to a soldier based on home state, military branch, gender and area of deployment. If you do not specify anything, the site will choose the soldier who has been waiting the longest to receive a package. Unsure of what to send? The site is filled with items that soldiers most want and need, with packages starting at less than $20. In addition, there is a "Top Ten" package featuring the most popular treats. Treats for Troops also has a group gift department that provides personal shopping services for those who do not have time to shop, or groups who wish to sponsor more than one soldier. You can create a personal message to go with your package. Treats for Troops also forwards notes and e mails from soldiers to the sponsor who sent the package. "It is nice to know that someone out there cares about us and understands that mail is one of the things that keeps us motivated," noted one recipient in a thank you letter. "Thanks for your part in helping us to keep the peace."


    Top Home Based Business


    In this article, we are going to look at a few of the top home based business opportunities that are available for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs. You may be surprised at what is available or you may gain new ideas from the other businesses that are in operation today. Remember that with all forms of advertisement that is available for home businesses do not forgot to utilize the Internet when trying to reach your customers. Antiques are a great way to make money from old treasures and you will have a great time as well. You can find antiques at garage and estate sales, as well as auctions and browsing through flea markets. You can sell everything from furniture to clothes and toys and everything in between. The financial investment of renting a space or setting up booths at fairs and such is minimal. Computer Tutor is another excellent way to utilize your skills and bring in money. It does not matter what part of computer experience you excel at you can use your knowledge to help someone learn more. Custom Jewelry and Accessories is fun for those who have a creative flair. There is always a market for jewelry and there are individuals who are always looking for unique and custom pieces. Espresso Cart is a great way to bring in a profit everyday that you set up. Having a variety of hot and cold coffees to provide to your patrons will have them coming back day after day. You can set up just about anywhere, of course look into local regulations before you do so, and enjoy a daily profit and a cup of coffee. Cleaning and Hauling Services is a handy way to make money if you are someone who loves to clean and clear things. Many people out there would willingly pay someone else to clean out their garage or attics and haul their junk away. Especially during the warmer seasons, this is a great way to make extra income. Obviously you cannot do this type of business with a car you will need a pick up of some type of vehicle that is capable of carrying away a variety of items. Handyman makes good money going to individuals who need someone to fix up minor things around their house. If you are good at fixing things, this is a great source of income and you will be doing something you love as well. Medical Transcription can be done at home with a bit of brush up on medical terminology or even through taking a quick course at your community college or other institute. This is a demand that will not slow down anytime soon. Doctor’s offices, dentists, and even veterinarians all need someone to transcribe their records. If you are good at typing and familiar with Word documents and formatting this is a good choice for you.


    Actions Of Love


    Myrna, 38 and a successful physician, sought my help because she often felt inadequate. While she really valued herself as a doctor, she did not value herself in her important relationships with friends and family. In addition, she said she wanted to be in a loving relationship but she took no actions to meet available men. In the course of our work together, it became apparent that Myrna rarely took loving action in her own behalf with her friends and family. For example, Jessica, one of Myrna’s friends, would often get angry and blame Myrna when Myrna was not available for dinner with Jessica. Myrna would feel guilty and responsible for Jessica’s feelings and meet her for dinner even when she was exhausted from work. Myrna would feel drained after these dinners and depressed for a few days after, never realizing it was because she had not taken loving care of herself. Myrna realized that the reason she was afraid to be in a relationship was because she had no idea how to take care of herself around others. She was terrified of completely losing herself in an important relationship. She realized that if she could not speak up for herself with Jessica, how could she ever speak up and take loving action for herself with a man she was in love with? She realized that she would continue to feel lonely, anxious, inadequate and depressed until she learned to take loving action for herself. Many people suffer daily from anxiety, depression, stress, and anger as well as from feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy. The major cause of these feelings is a lack of loving action in their own behalf. Loving actions fall into two categories: Loving actions for yourself and loving actions in relationship to others. LOVING ACTIONS FOR YOURSELF Loving actions for yourself are those actions that attend to your own needs. When you take loving action in your own behalf, you are letting yourself know that you matter, you are important, you count. When you fail to take loving action, you give yourself the message that you are not important, which leads to feelings of depression and inadequacy. Loving actions for yourself might include: * Eating nutritious foods, avoiding junk food and sugar, eating when hungry and stopping when full. * Getting enough exercise. * Keeping your work and home environments clean and organized. * Getting enough sleep. * Creating a balance between work and play. Making sure you have time to get your work done, as well as time to do nothing, reflect, learn, play and create. * Creating a good support system of people who love and care about you. * Being organized with your time, getting places on time, paying bills on time, and so on. * Choosing to be compassionate with yourself rather than judgmental toward yourself. * Creating a balance between time for yourself and time with others. * Making sure you are physically safe by wearing a seat belt in a car, a helmet on a motorcycle, scooter, or bike, goggles when necessary, and so on. LOVING ACTIONS IN RELATIONSHIP TO OTHERS Loving actions in relationship to others might include: * Being kind and compassionate toward others without compromising your own integrity or ignoring your own needs and feelings. * Saying no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes, rather than giving yourself up and going along with something you don’t want to do, or automatically resisting what another wants from you. * Taking care of your own needs instead of trying to change and control others. Accepting your lack of control over others and either accepting them as they are or not being around them. * Speaking your truth about what is acceptable to you and what is unacceptable and then taking action for yourself based on your truth. * Taking personal responsibility for your own feelings and needs, instead of being a victim and making others responsible for your feelings and needs. * Creating a balance between giving and receiving, rather than a one way street with another person. As a result of learning to take better care of herself alone and with others, Myrna no longer felt depressed and inadequate. She gradually lost her fears of being in a relationship, and is delighted to be meeting available men.


    10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs


    Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. Marketing is simply about getting new customers and keeping them. If you’re not doing something everyday to market and promote your business, your competitors are. Here are ten easy to implement tips to effectively market and grow your business: 1. Partner with large email database list owners and offer to cross promote each oher. The list owner will advertise your event, product, or service to their email database and you’ll offer to do the same to your list. 2. Create your own blog which is an online journal with frequently updated posts to entertain and excite existing and potential customers. It’s more personal and immediate then a website and keeps people engaged and hopefully coming back for more. You can even create one for free at blogger. com. 3. If you want to increase word of mouth fast, do something beyond normal industry expectations. For example, Mr. Lube offers fast and affordable tune up service to customers right on the spot, without having to leave the car, while offering coffee, cappuccino, and a fresh newspaper. 4. Always ask happy clients for endorsements or testimonials and put them on your website and other marketing collateral. They’re worth their weight in gold. Try to get some recognizable names in your community for additional cachet. 5. Put a special offer or product advertorial on every invoice and statement you send out. Likewise, you can also negotiate a deal with another company to advertise your product or service on all their invoices for a percentage of revenues from placed orders. 6. Make your business cards stand out and be natural keepers. Offer important information on the back such as emergency phone numbers, a map, or special dates to remember. Have a slogan that offers a powerful benefit statement to your prospective customer. 7. Offer special bonus packages with your product or service offering. Get corporate sponsors to give away products as part of the bonus package in exchange for free exposure. 8. Align your business with a cause or charity. Give back to your community. Customers appreciate doing business with companies that are bettering their communities and the environment and being good corporate citizens. 9. Find an angle that makes your work controversial. The banning of Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, reviewed as "trashy and vicious," was a blessing in disguise. Twain made a poster advertising the ban, which significantly increased sales. 10. Post frequently in online message boards/forums relevant to your business or expertise. Include your signature and offer tips and valuable advice. Eventually you will begin gaining word of mouth exposure as a leader in your field. Posting messages with your company information also helps to increase your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your site. [Excerpted from Sharif Khan’s new ebooklet: "101 Ways to Market Your Business," tinyurl. com/m2nsf ].


    Conquer Your Fear Learn To Be Confident In Public Speech


    In public speaking, fear maybe viewed as negative leading to ineffective communication. This is the tendency if you predict bad situations. Fear can be easily seen through physical manifestations: hands cold and clammy, rumbling speech, slouching and unwanted movements. In public speaking, fear comes from the “fear of the unknown.” Most people are afraid of not being liked, offending someone, forgetting everything, of stumbling and falling or ruining the effort. But fear can be seen in a positive aspect as well. According to Kenneth McFarland, “it is not necessary to banish fear in order to gain confidence. A wholesome fear of failure is one of the best guarantees of success.” Fear can be a motivating force for the public speaker that adds strength, energy and conviction to otherwise lifeless ideas. Your courage is the ability to see fear in a realistic perspective. The way to curb your fear is to prepare thoroughly. But fear cannot be eliminated fully. It is meant to be conquered. In any public speaking experience, stage fright and anxiety are hindrances to building your self confidence. Stage fright is an emotional state that affects people the minute they stand before an audience. Having positive thoughts greatly help in managing stage fright. Believing that you are going to succeed, that you are effective as a speaker and that your audience will trust you and gain respect for you are sure winners to combat fear. Furthermore, being aware that nobody is perfect and everybody is prone to mistakes are effective thoughts to calm you down. Best of all, think that the audience is your friend. If you need to know more on how to build your self confidence, here are some practical tips: 1. Share your personal experience to begin your talk. Why? Because no one knows better than you do. 2. The most effective way out, if fear attacks you, is to do it. Conquer your fear. Do not hesitate just because you think that someone can do better that you do. 3. Accept that you know. Be confident to share about it. 4. As a public speaker, you ought to assume the delivery man role and that you carry an important message that you need to get across. 5. Apologizing in public speaking is a sin. Do not apologize for your material or even your lack of experience. 6. Be yourself and be confident. Do not imitate government officials in the way they speak. Speak in your own “official capacity”. 7. Prepare for the occasion by dressing appropriately and then forget how you look. Confidence is a key element in achieving success. But remember, be on guard against overconfidence.


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