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    Motorcycle Windshields Do More Than Add Oomph To A Bike


    Motorcycle windshields do not just add oomph to a bike, they do much more. Among other things, they intercept discarded cigarette butts, bugs and other assorted highway missiles. They also conduct the all important task of redirecting airflow away from the rider’s head and torso thus saving him from wind fatigue on long hauls. Little wonder then that windshields are the most sought after accessory in the market. The demand has also spawned a whole range of windshields, each claiming its own USP. However, before buying one you must keep the following five points in mind: 1. The Fit: Try and get a windshield that’s made by your own bike manufacturer. They are more likely to fit your bike seamlessly. You can also try the universal shield. This type is lightweight, handlebar mounted and can be fitted on almost any bike. Universal windshields provide just a very basic shield between you and air. 2. The Plastic: It is important that the plastic has good optical properties. Distortion around the edges or near the curvature of a shield can be especially dangerous. 3. The Size: Bigger windshields do not always mean better protection. A high windshield might work well to block the icy wind but during the rains, it could become a wet wall that you can’t look over. Short windshields are good because they let the cool breeze fan your face in hot weather, but they can cause havoc to your helmet when the wind is sharp. Much depends on the kind of bike you have and how you sit on it. The best is to sit on a bike and then check how the windshield will work. 4. The Height: A windshield that sits just below your line of vision while seated comfortably is a good option. You should be able to see over it without straining and yet be comfortable dropping your head down to look through the glass. In any case the height at which you are most comfortable is probably the right height. Sit before several windshields and you’ll know which works for you. 5. The Mounting System: Check the mounting system before you buy the windshield. Mounting hardware can vary radically from shield to shield. While putting up your windshields make sure you don't bind cables or block either lighting or brake lines. Give controls and mirrors ample space. Make sure that nothing touches the windshield when the fork is fully compressed. Also make sure that the shield doesn't interfere with steering. Take a short test ride, but take it slow.


    Stag Weekend In Leeds A Must Before Your Wedding


    A bachelor party in Leeds will keep you rocking all night long Party hard at your stag weekend in Leeds – this town is booming with a raging night life fresh out of the oven so jump right in and join the good times. This is the party city of all party cities. Leeds is a great place for a stag weekend. New bars and clubs are cropping up overnight as this city’s party potential continues to grow at breakneck speed – with no signs of stopping. It’s impossible to sober up with a bar everywhere you look so don’t come here if you plan to take a break. Leeds stag nights won’t let you! Perfect for stellar stag nights, Leeds is a one stop destination for all your stag weekend and bachelor party requirements. Tons of people choose Leeds as a way to have a great time without the hefty price tag other places try to get away with. If you haven’t already heard, Leeds is the place to be if you need to practice your PhD in partying, so to speak. Trendier as the days fly by, Leeds stag nights are sure to fire you and the boys up and keep you going all night long. Great music, fashionable people, jumping clubs, cool restaurants and a large student population keep Leeds pumping to the party pulse – without missing a beat. Reach every hopping location by foot and you’ll see why Leeds is so popular. Known for wicked DJs and clubs, take in a massive load of modern culture and dance the night into oblivion. Visit the Corn Exchange area to drink in the local pub scene and see what modern Leeds has to offer the, uh – discerning – drinker. A colourful collection of locals won’t let you leave Leeds feeling disappointed and you and your mates won’t have trouble mixing in with Leeds’ diverse crowd of people. Leeds is the mother of all party centres but there are plenty of daytime activities to keep you entertained: try raft building, sailing, motor and field sports. Then you can head on back to the city centre for some more partying – if you have the manly stamina required for the feat (which you do of course!). You’re friends will have to drag you back home kicking and screaming.


    Low Carb Cooking 24


    low carb cooking Anyone following any of the low carb lifestyle changes will have to learn a new way of eating and cooking. Unlike the low fat kind of diets, these tend to offer more food choices that people love. These foods can be combined in hundreds of different ways. Though it might take some practice, anyone can learn low carb cooking for a better life all the way around. Though there are many who want to debunk this type of eating, the results speak for themselves. The problem is that eating higher portions of fat, as is recommended on a low carb diet, goes against everything anyone has ever learned. Low carb cooking can have a higher amount of fat, but that does not mean someone should take this to extremes. It is okay to cook with butter and oils, but the oils should be those that are heart healthy. Olive oil is a good choice, and some say canola is good for this as well. Low carb cooking should include proteins. However, one common misconception is that the proteins should be extremely high. It should be a nice balance of proteins and fats that make up most of low carb cooking and menus. When someone learns low carb cooking today, they have an advantage over those that tried it ten years ago. Though the Atkins diet has been around for decades, it enjoyed huge popularity in the early 1990s and throughout the rest of the decade. Though many are still on it, it is not as talked about as it use to be. It still works the same, but now, there are more recipes out there for those who want to learn low carb cooking. Because so many did and are still doing this lifestyle, there are many more recipes to be found. Another benefit of learning low carb cooking today is that foods now have more nutritional information listed on the packaging than every before. Carbs use to be lumped together, but now they are separated into fiber, sugars, and other carbs. This is something that is very important to those learning low carb cooking and the lower sugar way to life. Sugars are to be avoided, but the fibers are essential for those who are low carbing. The difference is the type of carbs, and we all need them. The trick is knowing which ones are good and which should be avoided.


    Automated Forex Trading


    Long gone is the time when only banks and private institutions could trade the Forex market. Now, individuals have access to trade their own money, and lots of it. The exchange of foreign currencies has since been open to private investors, central banks like Bank of America, and several countries. But now with the introduction of the Expert Advisor trading systems, the smaller trader can now automate their trades like the big companies do. The systems allow the user to set their own parameters and trading guidelines. The program consists of software that has been develeoped for a specific type of trading style, not everyone trades the same. Some spot trade, some trade big, some hedge and so on and so forth. The developers of these types of software take into consideration any nuances of Forex trading as well as being aware that the market is trading 24 hours a day, even during weekends. Without these types of systems in place, the trader would have to monitor the pair that is being trades on a constant basis along with monitoring opening and closing times which is almost impossible to keep up with. By using the Expert advisors a trader can setup trading signals to make life a bit easier such as a type of order, stop loss, trade entry, news tickers etc. Some of the key benefits of using an automated trading system is that it gives the trader full control, but cuts out the emotional bond a trader has with his money...making the temptation to trade on a whim a lot less likely. This takes the guesswork out of trading if the trader implements the right trading signals for this trading style. The EA is a mathematical algorythm and it performs solely on formulas, so if the EA doesnt perform like it should it can be changed, augmented and tweaked until the trader finds the recipe for success that they are looking for. Then, this process is repeated constantly to achieve a money making strategy. Trading also involves the trends of the market, be it long term or short term. These trends play a big role in the amount of trades that a trader is involved in. The EA, if setup correctly, will take these trends in stride and make the trades accordingly, minimizing the drawdown or losing trades. Using historical data, traders can analyze and test their trading theories and strategies, some EA's have a built in function to record such data. Almost every expert advisor system being developed now is made using the MetaTrader 4 platform since it provides reliable historical data that you can download from their site or any other, multilanguage support, solid and user friendly interface. Automated expert advisors are becoming the tool of choice for many traders and companies around the glode, most are free, but the ones that really rake in the money you have to pay for. You get what you pay for.


    Mens Underwear The Best You Can Buy


    : There was a time when guys didn't have many underwear options. There were briefs and boxers and neither came in styles that were all that satisfying. But, times have changed. In recent times, men have nearly as many underwear choices as women do and each style comes with its own little conventions. Perhaps the greatest change to mens underwear over the years has been in its fabrics. All of the styles such as briefs, boxer briefs and thongs can now be easily found in cotton, polyester or silk blends. The days of wool long undergarments are long gone. The mens underwear industry is experiencing an unexpected boom. Many leading manufacturers are involved in strong competition to achieve a major market share. For the benefit of international customers, the 1underwearstore. com offers a wide array of products ranging from sexy mens underwear, Boxer Briefs to Thongs, Trunks and many more. It's hard to believe, but thongs do exist for men and they're even smaller than bikini underwear. With a thong, the genitals sit in a small pouch, while a string serves as the waistband and another goes up between the butt cheeks. If you're going thong shopping, look for nylon and spandex blends and stick with solid, bright colors.

    Calvin Klein undergarments have a prominent presence at 1underwearstore. com. This brand is fairly well liked among modern men. They are made from finest and softest fabrics to give that comfort you desire for. Even though the products are of international quality, the company still assures you of 100% money back guarantee, in case they fail to live up to your expectations. It continuously tries to satisfy its customers fully, not even 1% less. The portal makes your online shopping experience fast and smooth as it contains all the detailed information like product price, size, color and description with genuine pictures of it. You can make use of credit cards to pay the amount, though it accepts payments only through PayPal.


    Father S Day Gift Ideas Anything But The Necktie


    Poor old Dad. Did you know that more collect calls are made on Father' Day than any other day of the year? Alright Mom's before you laugh too hard, Mother's Day is right behind at number 2. So maybe you've decided you're going to make up for all those bad neckties you gave dad when you were younger, and let's not forget the time you left the garage door open and it rained on all of his tools. Like most holiday's Father's Day gift giving ideas have gotten much more sophisticated in recent years, here are a couple of ideas to get you in the right frame of mind. Is your Dad a big golf fan, if he is, how about some personalized golf balls or club covers. That's something he can show off to all his buddies at the course. If your Dad's not the athletic type but more of grill master there are some other great gift ideas you may want to think about. Why not find some gourmet bar b que sauces flavors from Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia are starting to become very popular nowadays. If your Dad is more of a traditionalist how about a smoker box for his grill. Find some exotic flavors like apple or peach wood to make thing interesting. If money's no object look into one of the bar b que camps that are popping up across the country. Think of it as a spa vacation where dad gets cooking tips from a famous or celebrity chef. Let's say you're really ready to kick things up and money's no object, then why not consider race car school. They come in one or two day packages with professional race car drivers. Then Dad gets to take an actual stock car for a few laps around around the famous racetracks you see on TV. Some schools are now offering exotic cars like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's as well. But what if your Dad really has the need for speed, then you air combat. Retired military aircraft pilots take you up jets and through a series of white knuckle maneuvers and acrobatics, and throw in some simulated air to air combat. This one is sure to put a smile on Dad's face. © Copyright Holiday Central. net, All Rights Reserved.


    The Underlying Cause Of Nervous Breakdowns


    Life can offer us many challenges having to do with loss. When we are faced with relationship loss, financial loss, loss of health, loss of limb, loss of regard, or loss of love, we can feel overwhelmingly anxious, depressed and stressed. When the anxiety, depression and stress get too big, we may have a nervous breakdown – that is, we become incapable of functioning in our everyday life and incapable of coping with our daily challenges. What causes one person to have a nervous breakdown while another, with equally difficult or even more difficult challenges, is able to stay functioning and even optimistic? Imagine a seven year old child trying to cope with a big loss in his or her life, like the loss of a parent. What enables the seven year old to handle this loss? A seven year old can handle the loss only when there is a loving adult helping him or her with the loss. When there is no loving adult helping with the loss, the child may handle the loss by shutting down. The shutting down may lead to a loss of functioning, such as doing poorly in school. However, when the child does not feel alone with the loss – when there is love sustaining the child from an adult source – this child will be able to cope with the feelings of loss. The same is true for us as adults. We all have a very hard time with loss when we feel alone with it, but we can manage it when we are not alone. However, we cannot always rely on others to be here for us in times of loss, stress and overwhelm. Those people who have family and friends to always turn to for emotional and financial support during times of loss are fortunate indeed. But there are many people who are not so fortunate. Without others to turn to, we need to be able to turn to a reliable inner source of love to make it through and not feel alone. This reliable source needs to be our own inner spiritually connected loving Adult self. Those people who are able to manage loss without losing functioning are those people who do not feel alone inside because they have developed a strong loving Adult self. I define the loving Adult as the part of us that is open to learning from and connected with a spiritual source of love, wisdom and guidance. It is the part of us that takes loving action in our own behalf, nurtures us when we feel fear and grief, and operates from the truth from Spirit rather than from the lies of our wounded self – our ego. Just as children can manage loss when there is a loving adult to help them, the child in us can manage loss when we have a strong, spiritually connected loving Adult self to help us. As a loving Adult we know we are never alone. We know we are always being loved, sustained and guided by a spiritual Source. It is often not enough to have a strong religious or spiritual connection. If you have not been using that connection to develop your loving Adult self, then there is no part of you to bring love and comfort to yourself when you most need it, and no part of you that can take loving action for yourself, especially when things are overwhelming. People who have nervous breakdowns are people who are not operating from a loving Adult in their everyday lives. They are able to function as long as things go well, but when things fall apart, as they often do in life, these people may also fall apart. Without a loving Adult to bring the love and truth of Spirit to them, they end up feeling too alone to manage loss. The Inner Bonding process we teach is a very powerful process for developing a strong loving Adult self. When Inner Bonding is practiced consistently, the loving Adult naturally develops. We all can develop enough personal power and a deep enough spiritual connection to sustain us during the difficult times. We don’t have to be at the mercy of life’s challenges. Practicing the 6 Steps of Inner Bonding is like putting money in the bank for when it might be needed. The more you practice the process and develop the loving Adult, the easier it is to handle life’s big challenges as they arise.


    The Legal Procedure Of Wage Garnishment


    A legal procedure, in which some portion of a person’s earning is required to be withheld by an employee for the payment of the debt, is called as wage garnishment. Most of these garnishments are made by court orders. There are some other legal procedures also which include IRS levies or state tax collection agency levies. They levy for the taxes, which are unpaid. There are assignments in which the employees voluntarily agree that their employers will deposit a particular specified amount of their earnings to their creditor. But in the case of wage garnishment this voluntary assignment does not work. Title III of Consumer Credit Protection Act says that person has his pay garnished for only one debt then the Act limits the amount of that employee’s earning that may be garnished. It even protects the employee from being fired also. If any garnished controversy in wage garnishment is arises, then the query solution part has to be taken directly to the court or the agency initiating that withholds the action. In the case of wage garnishment, Wage and the House Division, which administers the Title III Act cannot do anything. The Garnishment law protects everyone from receiving their personal earnings like pensions, salaries, commissions, wages, bonus, etc. this law implies in all the 50 states. Wage garnishment is not prohibited if an employee’s earnings are garnished for or more debts. There are some restrictions also on wage garnishment. The amount of pay subject to wage garnishment is based on the employee’s disposable earnings which includes federal state and local taxes and the share of employee in State unemployment Insurance and social security. These disposable earnings for wage garnishment under the CCPA many deductions are not made from the employees gross earnings such as voluntary wage assignments, union dues, health and life insurance, savings bonds purchased, payments made for payroll advances, contributions to charitable causes. Only the retirement plan contributions are deducted and that too only those which are required by the law. For wage garnishment, the garnishment law sets the maximum amount that can be garnished from a person in a particular pay period. During the fixing of the amount, the law does not consider the member of garnishment orders received by the employer. In case of ordinary wage garnishment, which does not include bankruptcy etc., the amount of garnishment in a week may not exceed the lesser of the two figures. The garnishment amount maybe 25% of the disposable earning of the employee or the amount by which his disposable earnings are greater than 30 times the federal minimum wages. Of the pay period is weekly and the disposable earnings are lesser than the amount calculated through the federal minimum wage, then the garnishment cannot be done. A maximum of 25% can be garnished. The law for wage garnishment specifies that the restriction on garnishment does not apply to certain cases where the bankruptcy court order is issued or there are outstanding debts for the federal or state taxes. Wage garnishment is the last option that an employer goes for. When all the other options for settling the due debts exhaust, then the employer opts for wage garnishment. Most of the wage garnishment requires a court order and even in that they are required to notify the worker 20 days before the garnishment goes into the effect. If someone ignores the IRS, then wages are the first place that goes in for garnishment. It is not only the IRS but also the state government; private creditors or even an ex spouse seeking alimony can go in for garnishment. The government creditors can garnish more than the paychecks. But the Title III of the Credit Consumer Protection Act limits the amount of wage garnishment from the worker’s paycheck. This facility leaves an employee with some income and at the same time creditor also get paid up regularly also prevents the creditor to speed up the recovery procedure.


    Tips For Getting Traffic To Your Affiliate Website


    You have a website, you need people to go there, or you aren’t making money. That is the number one challenge that affiliate marketers have. How are affiliates to get traffic when there are so many sites out there competing for it? There are just as many ways as there are marketers, and there are new ways to build traffic all the time. The thing to remember when trying to build traffic is to build a name. Make a site that is memorable and branded, not just a site that tells you to buy something. Affiliates getting a high traffic flow have branded themselves and established trust in their sales area. This may be by having their picture on the site and writing a lot of content for it in a personal way. This can also be through targeted information sent to potential clients. So just spam people with your information? Not in a million years. Spamming, in addition to being illegal, is annoying and will do the opposite of establishing trust. You need to build a legitimate list as soon as possible that will accept your targeted marketing. These are people that you know are interested in your information, or in the product, or both. These are the ideal people to market to. Many affiliates send out informational newsletters, information reports, ebooks, or any other type of regular contact they can think of that will convey information the customer wants and keep reminding them about the products. Setting up a auto responder is the fastest and easiest way of keeping track of all of it and getting the information out to the customers. And if you can send them items that will keep their attention and establish your trustworthiness, they will likely come back to your site again as customers. Repeat customers are the cream of the crop, so once you have them, don’t let them go. Blogs are hot right now. You don’t have to discuss Paris Hilton in your blog (unless you want to), but you should keep some type of blog that will keep people interested enough to keep returning to read it. The content is up to you, but sites without a blog are quickly dying out. Starting up a blog is easy and is usually free as well. You can review the products you are selling, talk about the industry that the products pertain to, or you can talk about Paris Hilton if you really need to. But get the blog out there and get people hooked on it. Some people are now keeping several blogs going at once to promote different items or different categories of items. One of the best ways in the beginning for capitalizing on the free power of search engines is to make sure your site is search engine optimized. Get the appropriate keywords and keyword density on every page of your site, and let the search engines help get you traffic. Everyone uses search engines, so let that work for you to bring you interested searchers that may very well become customers.


    Eating To Conceive


    Eating to Conceive Almost every woman knows that it is important to eat well while you are pregnant. The benefit it provides you and your baby is invaluable. But, do you also know how important it is to eat well even before you get pregnant? If you are actively trying to get pregnant you have to make sure your body is prepared to accept the challenge. The first thing you should do before even beginning to try is to talk to your doctor to see how you measure up health wise. Does he think you need to lose a few pounds before getting pregnant or does he feel you need to gain a few? Your doctor may recommend that you change your eating habits and start exercising. As soon as you decide you want a baby, you should begin to get in the habit of eating healthier. Slowly begin to cut out caffeine. If you smoke, now is a good time to quit rather than waiting until you have that positive test. Smoking can decrease your fertility and increase your risk of a miscarriage if you are still smoking when you are pregnant. Another thing you can do is to start taking prenatals or at least a multivitamin supplement that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. You can also begin to add food into your diet that is rich in folic acid such as spinach and other green vegetables, peanuts, and orange juice. You can also start by taking a prenatal vitamin also. These vitamins contain iron, folic acid, and calcium along with vitamin C, D, B and vitamins B6 and B12 also. Reevaluated your diet. Start to eat foods that have plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Lay off the fat and excess sugar. You want to eat foods that have a high nutrient density. Eat at least five portions a day of fruits and vegetables along with protein and iron rich foods like dried fruit, and green vegetables. Try to steer clear of raw fish like sushi, and steer clear of undercook shellfish, meat or chicken. You also want to try to avoid fish that has high mercury content like swordfish, shark, or king mackerel. Cut out any food that has unpasteurized milk in it including cheeses such as brie, camembert, and some Mexican cheese. Also cut out foods that have raw egg in it including homemade cookie dough. Make sure you up your water intake. Water should always be your first beverage choice before, after and during your pregnancy. Water helps to flush your system of toxins. Once you've gotten your eight glasses in, you can drink fruit and vegetable juices also. Perhaps the most important thing you can do before you get pregnant is to cut out all alcohol. The American College of Obstetricians and gynecologists have stated that women who drink might have a harder time getting pregnant than women who do not drink. Another reason why you should give up alcohol is that most birth defects that are caused by alcohol exposure usually occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy, usually before you even know you are pregnant. Getting your body prepared for pregnancy is one of the best decisions you could make. Your body will be more prepared for the challenge of growing a baby and the experience will be a little easier on your body.


    What Is The Status Of Steroids In Baseball


    The use of steroids officially stands banned by Major League Baseball (MLB), but the MLB has never been strict in its policies of steroids in baseball. The use of steroids in baseball has always been hotly debatable since 1990s. The influence of steroids in baseball is clearly evident from the stunning rise in home runs since 1995. The use and distribution of anabolic steroids for non therapeutic purposes has been banned since 1988, but MLB did not bother to conduct tests for steroids in baseball until 2003. The post 1994 period is often referred to as the “era of steroids in baseball.” There were many cases of the use of steroids in baseball during that time. Mark McGwire’s case was probably the first instance of steroids in baseball; he was found with a bottle containing Androstendione, a prohormone in his locker. Ken Caminiti disclosed the stunning facts of steroids in baseball in Sports Illustrated. He admitted that he was using steroids in baseball, and he won the 1996 NL MVP award using steroids. He also disclosed that 50% of the players in the league were using steroids. Jose Canseco, in a book published on steroids in baseball imbroglio, admitted that he was using steroids and 85% of all players in MLB were using steroids in baseball. The use of steroids in baseball was further uncovered when two Journalists, Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru Wada exposed the nutrition center BALCO distributing steroids to many star players, like Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Benito Santiago, Jeremy Giambi, Bobby Estalella, and Armando Rios. Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds were suspected of using anabolic steroids in baseball. Giambi admitted the use of steroids in baseball, and also admitted that his personal trainer Greg Anderson was providing him the drugs during the 2003 season. Barry Bonds also admitted that his trainer provided him the drugs saying that they were nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a pain relieving balm for his arthritis. In 2003, random testing of steroids in baseball was conducted by the Major League Baseball. However, the League didn’t tighten the screw of its policies on steroids in baseball. Often, it has been suspending for a few days, but not penalizing them strictly. The players, such as Ryan Franklin and others were suspended for ten days, but a Congressional panel argued that the penalties were not tough enough and demanded action. So, on March 17, 2005, several top players including Rafael Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa, Canseco and Curt Schilling were scrutinized in front of Congress. Thus, Congress has always been pressing MLB to follow strict policies on steroids in baseball.


    Oil Painting Book Learn The Art Of Painting


    Most of us like to draw and paint. Some of us are born artist while some of us are just fun painters. Now days one can find different types of painting books in the market. These painting books provide you with steps by steps guidelines to improve your drawing and painting skills. One of such types of painting book is Oil painting book. If you wish to learn or polish the art of oil painting why not try an Oil Painting book. Today one can find different types of painting books in the market. Some of these painting books are more instructional while some are very informative. Any of these oil painting books is going to be a super score and will only help your cause to learn the art. Oil Painting books are of different types. If you are a beginner then you need to purchase an oil painting book for beginners. This book can help you with step by step guidance on painting. There are lessons on color and basic techniques. Each lesson is different and explains you different unconventional painting approaches. Also, there are many demonstrations and instructions given in the painting book that should be followed while creating beautiful and original painting. Not only that, you will be exploring more new methods and, thus will automatically learn to paint still life, landscapes, and many more artistic things. Many books come with advice that will help you choose appropriate tools and equipment's, like a proper kind of brush, knife, canvas, pigments, etc. These painting books serve as a complete guide that will fully help you understand the whole process involved in oil painting. The book will make you learn most of the dark secrets of oil painting. You will learn how to start your painting, proper preparation, proper timings of pauses and breaks, when to let dry, why so much time is taken, and many such important things. Additionally, oil painting book also provides knowledge about money wasters, what brush should be used, etc. It also provides useful tips on your palettes, tube oil paints, medium effects, panels, canvas, etc.


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