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    "I think everybody must unswervingly obey the law" (Socrates)
    In his utterance Socrates talks about the rule of law in society. I suppose, if citizens in society refuse to obey the law, it will lead to increased crime and violation of public order. For example, the default rules of the road will lead to an accident and number of car accidents. In the United States of America the number of deaths from road accidents is on the 3 place after cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
    I agree with this statement of Socrates. I think everyone wants to live in a legal state in which the main principle is law. Moreover, laws should be followed not only by citizens, but also by the state itself. People should know that if they obey the law, they will receive the same in return. If something happens to the citizen, he goes to the police and hopes to be helped. That’s why there should be no corruption and institutions of law and power should work for the better for the citizens of the country.
    Thanks God, we are living in the civilized well developed country, which cares about its citizens. I know, that I must follow the law because: first of all, it’s my duty as a citizen; secondly – it’s a social norm; and thirdly, I will be punished if I don’t do it. This is what should be realized by everybody.
    If you need to find free essays, you can look at our service and other ones. But remember that such essays won’t pass the simple plagiarism check. Order your personal essay and receive a free of plagiarism paper. Nowadays, it’s easy to be a good student. And we work in order to help you in that!

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    Our service has plenty of examples of free essays. Here is one more essay on political science. Please, don’t copy it to use for your essay, it won’t pass the plagiarism check as it is already published online. It is better to use some ideas and see the structure of the paper. If you can not write essay by yourself for some reasons, contact us and our professional writers will do that for you.
    "Democracy - the right to make the wrong choice " (J. Patrick)
    American journalist and political activist J. Patrick, author of “Death of the West” characterizes democracy as the right of free choice, even if sometimes it is wrong. I think I agree with the position of the quoted, although he does not point to the dignity of democracy but only one of its weaknesses. Indeed, democracy, like any other political system is not without drawbacks. Another English poet Oscar Wilde said: "Democracy is fooling the people by the people for the sake of the people." But people have not yet invented a better political regime than democracy.
    Democracy as a political regime, ie the system of relations between state and civil society is characterized primarily by the fact that the source of power lies in the people it dealt. And people have the right to make mistakes. People for various reasons (under the influence of the media, influenced by the charisma of a political leader) can make the wrong choice. But they themselves pay for their error.
    In my opinion, the Americans made a mistake by choosing President George W. Bush. He drew the U.S. into the war in Iraq, when it began the country was in the financial crisis. In November 2008, Americans chose a young and ambitious contender for the Democratic Party Barack Obama. For the first time in U.S. history, the president became black citizen. With it, Americans pin their hopes on the correction of errors committed by its predecessor.
    I believe that democracy is the true form of manifestation of political democracy. It assumes that every citizen is responsible for his choice, and therefore everyone must navigate the politics to be an active participant in public life.
    You can see more free essays on our site as we care about our customers. If you want a unique essay free of plagiarism make your order now and get a perfect paper.

    Great variety of online essays

    You are at the right place if you are looking for a big data base of online essays. You can find examples of free essays and download them to your computer. Also you can order a special essay for your topic and your requirements. Here is the example of an essay on the topic "Nature creates a human, but society develops and makes it a person"
    The man is a biological and social being. Throughout his life he is in the process of socialization, attached to traditional values, foundations of the world. This process is limited to two poles: the birth and death. From early childhood, a man is surrounded by the primary agents of socialization: family, kindergarten and school. The formation of character and worldviews - are the main tasks of the primary agents. Secondary agents of socialization, such as universities, professional institutions, the workplace, are in charge of forming a huge picture of the world and man's place in it. Thanks to the agents of socialization a human being becomes a person, showing his individual characteristics and abilities in interaction with people. A person can determine who he is, comparing himself with other people, listening to the opinions of others.
    According to Maslow's theory of a pyramid of human needs, the foundation of the pyramid is the biological needs (thirst, hunger, sleep, procreation) in the middle of the pyramid are the social need (work, self-actualization), and the topmost are the spiritual needs (knowledge, vision). All requirements are closely linked. Man can not live without food, water and air, then he can not live without communicating with other people. History know the facts when people went crazy without communication with people, and did not develop their intellectual abilities, he ceases to be a person and lives on the natural level to meet the biological needs.
    Thus, the fundamental basis of man is the biological essence, as the core foundation - social. I completely agree with the statement that nature creates a human, but society develops and makes it a person.
    Look through our base of online essays and if you don’t find what you need, contact us and order your personal essay. Our writers will create a great free of plagiarism essay for you with great pleasure. Don’t hesitate to contact us now and you will never regret it. Our writers are the best.

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